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Tournament to the Title 1/31/09

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Tournament to the Title 1/31/09

Post by Ramirez Silva on January 25th 2009, 2:20 pm

Live from the No Limit Wrestling Federation Arena in Sacramento, California

Main Event
Tournament to the Title Finals
Cyber Punk [vs] Johnny Styles
A match that is 2 Years in the making, and it will happen at Tournament to the Title. It has been called The King of Old School versus The King of New School, the best possible way to end the JWF. Cyber Punk who has beaten every single JWF Legend there is except Johnny Styles. Only one can win and one can lose, and I just got word that there will be NO INTERFERENCE and if anyone comes out to interrupt this dream match they would be fired on the spot. We will have a winner of the Tournament to the Title.

Grudge Match
NLWF World Tag Team Titles
The Heart Attacks [vs] The Straight Edge Gunners
The Heart Attacks against the Straight Edge Gunners has been built up since day 1 and now it will happen for the first ever crowning of NLWF Tag Team Champions. But what condition will The Straight Edge Gunners be in when the day comes? Bart Bloodstone seemed to be holding his knee pretty bad at the end of the Street Fight.

NLWF North American Championship
Jackson [vs] Keith Cunningham
After two very impressive Debuts Ramirez Silva has decided to bump up the North American Title Division by placing two undefeateds in the Title Match. What better way to draw attention to the North American Championship then to have two premiere bad asses fighting for it?

Havoc [vs] Cipher
There rivalry has been talked about since the beginning, and now they meet again. Can Cipher redeem his one loss in the NLWF or does Havoc and The Asylum have his number.

Career or North American Title
Brad Goodman [vs] Boomer
Boomer could have his legendary career ended or revitalized in this one match. If Brad Goodman wins he will become number 1 contender for the North American Championship and end the career of Boomer. If Boomer can win he will only get a North American Title shot, and Brad Goodman will not be fired. This could be the final stage of Boomers wrestling career.

NC-17 [vs] Crazerage
Well, Crazerage is an enormous flop, but what better way to debut then to beat up a giant? NC-17 will make his NLWF debut, please don't let the kids watch.

Additional Info
Best 2 RP's are Counted
RP Deadline is Friday 1/30/08 at 11:59:59 PM
As long as you try, you will succeed in this fed



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