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Xander Avery

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Xander Avery

Post by Xander Avery on June 27th 2013, 4:59 am

* Wrestler Name: Xander Avery

* Nickname:  The Archangel

* Age:24

* Hometown: Los Angeles, California


* Weight: 235ILBS

* Height: 6'0

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hardcore

* Entrance Music: Angel by Massive Attack

* Alignment (face/heel) Face

* Years Wrestling: 6

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher: Drop from Heaven

* Finisher Description: Reversed fireman's carry dropped into a sitdown powerbomb

* Bio/Backround: Xander Avery grew up in Los Angeles, California, where his father Michael Avery was also a wrestler who was signed with a large independent federation named the EPW (Extreme Pro Wrestling). His father taught Xander every move he knows. When Xander turned 18 he finally made his debut at the EPW, teaming up with his father in a tag team match. A few years later, Xander won the EPW World Championship from his arch rival, Kenny Kenyon. But EPW folded and now Xander is looking for a new challenge.  

* Attire: In rings its usually black sweat pants with white nike sneakers.
Out side of the ring, jeans with white sneakers and a white shirt with a black hoodie.

* Fighting style: Highflyer/Technical

* Move List:

3.Top rope leg drop
4.Head scissors take down
5.Diving cross body
6.Lifting DDT
7.Running enziguri
9.Inverted DDT
11.Reverse STO
12.Jumping reverse STO
17.Elbow drop
19.Scissors kick
21.Swinging Neckbreaker
24.Electric Chair

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -

Milo Ventimiglia
Career Accomplishments -
EPW World Champion

Entrance -
Angel by Massive Attack blasts through the speakers, the crowd cheers as Xander walks through the entrance curtains, as he stands on the stage he raises his hands up and poses for the crowd, he then walks down the ramp and gives some of the fans some high fives, he then enters the ring through the bottom rope, he jumps onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the fans, he jumps off and waits for his opponent in the middle of the ring.

Xander Avery
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