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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

Post by DreamKiller227 on June 16th 2013, 11:13 pm


{Just outside the Las Vegas area, Rye Payne is sitting in his Mustang GT, car turned off and his head down, thinking about his life and what to do after his recent failure.}

[In the Car on the radio]

Radio: It is a lovely day in the city of Las Vegas, its a nice 92 degrees today so make sure you get some of this beautiful sun. Just remember people, keep that smile and make every day, your day!

[Rye Payne in his car, folding his arms then turns to the window.]

Radio: Also if we have any wrestling fans tuned in.....

[Rye Payne sits up and turns off the radio, knowing where this is going]

Rye: That's station is shit anyway.

[After a few minutes of sitting staring at all the cars passing by Payne's phone rings]

Rye: I don't care.....

[Phone Rings.]

Rye: I don't care....

[Phone Rings]

Rye: FUCK!!!!

[Rye Payne yells hello into the phone, upon answering]

Linn Washington(Rye's agent): Whoa! Man. What's pissed you off?

Rye: Well where the fuck do I start? I just been canned, I have no where to go, and i'm on the verge of leaving wrestling behind! Pick one!

Linn: Well before you take your car and drive off a cliff, you may want to hear me out real quick.

Rye: What could you possible have to say to me Linn? What could possible lift my spirits and make me say: "Gee that's swell"

Linn: First, who says that and secondly I have a contract for you to sign!

Rye: You what?

Linn: You can still hear right? I got you a contract with No Limit Wrestling Federation baby! Am I great or what?

Rye: That's debatable but that is great news!....... But I'm still thinking....Do I still got it?

Linn: Come on man.....You just hit a wall but you can bounce.....

Rye: That's what i thought but with these recent events, it got me thinking.Maybe I should hang it up.

Linn: You can't man....How would i get paid*laughs* But seriously just give it one more try, this contract is just for 90 days, about 3 appearances. So try one more time, if it doesn't work then you can hang it up. I still believe you can do great things in that ring! I'm speaking as a agent and friend.

[Rye Payne rubbing his chin, then picks the phone back up]

Rye: Ha Gay!!!!!!

[They both exchange laughs]

Rye: Okay! You convinced me, I'll try this out. I have nothing to lose, If they don't like me then fuck them but if this works out then at least I have my answer. So where is NLWF?

Linn:Well first if you didn't leave Vegas its there and LA.

Rye: I didn't try to skip town or sell my apartment or anything crazy like that. Totally non related but I may need to go apartment hunting again.

Linn: You are something else. You have a place to stay now?

Rye: Yeah I'll just crash at my friend's place for the time being.

Linn: Okay, well i'll be over there tomorrow for you to sign and we can take it from there.

Rye: Sounds good. See ya then.

Linn: Alright Man.

[Rye hangs up his phone, starts his car and heads back into Vegas ready to start his new career path with NLWF, with a smile on his face.]

off: And that was my 1st RP for you guys

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