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Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!


Archer Lee

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Archer Lee

Post by Uprising on June 7th 2013, 6:40 pm


“The Monsoon is coming with a vengeance!”

Mike Chang of Six-Pack Shortcuts.

Archer Lee
The Monsoon
Archer the Sharpshooter
Birth Date:
June Sixth
Birth Place:
Provo, Utah.
Currently Living In:
Park City, Utah.
Religion / Beliefs:
No religion or beliefs



230 lbs
Frame / Build:
Muscular and athletic
Hair length:
Short to medium length
Hair color:
Eye color:
Face size:
Voice type:
Foot size:
On the top of his back, there is a tattoo of the outline of a bird with its wings stretched out, colored in black
On his side, there is the Japanese Katakana writing for the name ‘Archer’



In Between.
Years Wrestling:
Fighting style:
Hardcore High-Flyer.
Favorite Specialty Match:
Extreme Rules Match.
Entrance Music:
Sum 41 – Open Your Eyes.
Black shorts that go past the knees, black wraps around the wrists and hands, usually a bandana (but is often taken off before the match starts), and black boots.
Career Accomplishments:
CZW World Heavyweight Championship.
CZW World Tag-Team Championship.
CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship.
XPW World Heavyweight Championship.
XPW World Tag-Team Championship.
XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship.
UCW Zero Championship.
UCW Zero Tag-Team Championship.


Random Act of Violence (RAV).
Butterfly DDT/Double Underhook DDT.

Rollback Driver.

Falling Sun.
Shooting Star Legdrop.

Tag-Team Finisher(s):

His partner will hold the opponent by the legs on the top rope, Lee will bounce off the turnbuckle, leapfrog over the partner, and land on the opponent.

The Rebellion in Motion.
The partner will throw a sprinting Lee up into the air and Lee will hurricanrana the opponent.


540 Roundhouse Kick, that can be chained into more tricks and kicks. Used to hype up the crowd and gain momentum.

One handed codebreaker.

Move List:

1. Snap Suplex.
2. Back Suplex.
3. DDT.
4. Tornado DDT.
5. Float Over DDT.
6. Hurricanrana.
7. Frankensteiner
8. Reverse Frankensteiner.
9. Belly to Belly Suplex.
10. Bulldog.
11. Arm Drag.
12. Neckbreaker.
13. Float Over Neckbreaker.
14. Crucifix.
15. Crucifix Head Scissor.
16. Headscissors Takedown.
17. Headscissors Whip.
18. Snapmare.
19. Jumping Snapmare.
20. Monkey Flip.
21. Leg Drop Bulldog.
22. Tilt-A-Whirl Arm Drag.
23. Tilt-A-Whirl Hurricanrana.
24. Back Stabber.
25. Back Suplex Neckbreaker.
26. Chop Block.
27. Muay Thai Kicks.
28. Lou Thesz Press.
29. Various Brawling Methods.
30. Rolling Savate.
31. Cobra Clutch Legsweep.
32. Cobra Clutch Backbreaker.
33. Dropkick.
34. Dragon Suplex.
35. Overcastle.
36. Diving Arm Drag.
37. Diving Brain Chop.
38. Diving Clothesline.
39. Diving Fame Asser.
40. Diving Heel Kick.
41. Diving Hurricanrana.
42. Diving Moonsault.
43. Diving Leg Lariat.
44. Diving Reverse Elbow.
45. Diving Flip Dropkick.
46. Running Calf Kick.
47. Running Clothesline.
48. Jumping Heel Kick.
49. Running Super Kick.
50. Running Forearm Smash.
51. Springboard Rolling Savate.
52. Springboard Bulldog.
53. Springboard Clothesline.
54. Springboard Moonsault.
55. Springboard Body Splash.
56. Con-Chair-To.
57. Springboard Chair Attack.
58. Leaping-Off-Chair-Into-Flying-Leg-Lariat.
59. Chair DDT.
60. Barbed Wire Clothesline.


Entrance Time – 0:50.

Guitar Riff.


Archer Lee bursts from the ground, shooting him and smoke into the air where he thrusts both fists downward and he does a split in the air. As this happens, two fireworks shoot off on either side of him.

I’m Not Quiet Myself!

Lee lands on the ground and then shoots to his feet, putting his arms into an X shape while his hands give a rock-on symbol.


Another two fireworks shoot off, followed by more of the same until the next verse ends.

I do need some help.
Just my confusion…
Trust my delusion!

Archer Lee ends this firework barrage by bringing his hands apart and into the air, first the right and then the left, each time a firework going off. He throws a hard punch into the air where he spins around and then starts sprinting toward the ring.

Regret you met me…
These Steps to Get Me…

Lee sprints and uses his very powerful legs to leap up into the air, over the top rope, and land in a roll into the ring, falling on his back.

Back to where we Start…
‘Fore I fall apart…

Lee does a spinaroonie to get to his feet, where he leaps into the air, shoots both fists down, and does a split in the air where another two fireworks shoot off from behind the ring in an X shape.

If I could black out,
It’d become so clear!
Standing face to face with everything I fear!

As Archer Lee lands, he puts his arms up into the air, in an X fashion, where he does a rock-on symbol, the taunt of Uprising., allowing the crowd, his fans, and the fans of Uprising to do the same for a bit with him.

Watch so closely but still I don’t see…
As bad as it seems, a piece of mind I steal!
An ordinary life, but the consequences real.
Past the point of Re-al-ity…

‘WOO!’ He yells, punching the air with excitement. He walks around the ring for a little bit, waiting for his opponent to come down to the ring and/or waiting for the match to start.

This isn’t me, this isn’t you.
But it’s just everything we do.
Till you open up your eyes, and understand this isn’t real.


Good Qualities / Trait(s):

Excited, passionate, and a people-pleaser.
Vices / Negative Trait(s):
No regard for his own self, vengeful, and spends too much time pandering to the fans.
Habits / Idiosyncrasies / Quirks:
Refers to himself as ‘The Monsoon’ often.
Extreme and Hardcore Wrestling.
Supernatural Dickery.


Archer Lee grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and was childhood friends with Sam Rosen from the time he was six and he was one. He had a fairly normal life until he joined up with the UCW Zero training center at the age of fourteen. Several years later, Sam Rosen joined up as well. They both quickly rose to the top of the center and became indie performers, where they became a tag team and won the tag team titles. After Sam Rosen won the UCW Zero Championship Title, Archer Lee won it from him, and that’s when Sam Rosen had left for college.

Archer Lee, now having no purpose in UCW Zero at the age of twenty four, he joined up with XPW and rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a fan favorite from his tendency to take high risks and come out fine. After staying with them for one year and winning three of their most prestigious titles, he was scouted by Combat Zone Wrestling and became one of their top superstars in no time. In two years, he won most of their titles and then became bored with his job, as he wasn’t involved in many hardcore matches. At this time, he looked up to Mercer Snow, a marine turned UFC fighter turned Olympic wrestler.

Soon after he made his decision to quit, the NLWF scouted him and took him in as one of their own around the same time as Sam Rosen did. Archer Lee and Sam Rosen reunited and met with Mercer Snow, forming Uprising.

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Re: Archer Lee

Post by Brenton Cyrus on June 7th 2013, 8:19 pm

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