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Steel Angel

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Steel Angel

Post by JHstuff on May 14th 2013, 4:52 pm

* Wrestler Name: Steel Angel

* Nickname: The hot one.

* Age: 27

* Hometown: Currently lives in Hollywood CA.

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): A big ass mansion.

* Weight: 268 pounds

* Height: 6, 3

* Favorite Specialty Match: Dosen't matter, he's versitile in all forms of matches.

* Entrance Music: I'm too sexy by Right Said Fred (Only Jay actually sings the lyrics himself.)

* Alignment: Heel

* Years Wrestling: 9 (took a brief hiatus for a year or so)

* Quote: "I'm hot and you're not!"

* Finisher: Glimpse of Perfection. Red Hot Driver.

* Finisher Description: GOP (Modified Scorpion Death lock) RHD (Package Piledriver)

* Bio/Backround: Work on later

* Attire: Wears long fancy pants that often glitters, also wears a short sleave vest and no shirt, he removes the vest during the match. Also wears sport shoes.

* Fighting style: Power mixed in with some Tech and lots of dirty moves.(eye pokes, low blows, etc)

* Move List:

1. Northen lights suplex
2. armlock (all versions.)
3. leglock (all versions)
4. stinger splash.
5. gutwrench powerbomb
6. flatliner
7. STO
8. Running neckbreaker
9. Running dropkick
10. air raid siren
11. emerald fuzion
12. samoan drop
13. jawbreaker
14. belly to belly
15. release belly to belly
16. sleeper hold
17. choke hold
18. dragon sleeper
19. standing dragon sleeper

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Fandango

Career Accomplishments - Will list things another time

Entrance -Will work on later.

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