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NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

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REiGN of the CHAMPiONS: BREAKiNG of the THRONE: 4/26

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REiGN of the CHAMPiONS: BREAKiNG of the THRONE: 4/26

Post by Brenton Cyrus on April 28th 2013, 2:04 pm

NLWF Presents:

Live from the ME Express Arena in London, England

Brenton Cyrus is standing in the center of the Reign of the Champions ring wearing a suit, a clipboard in one hand a microphone in the other.

■■Brenton Cyrus■■

I wanted to come out here, the first show following Warrior Games, as the World Heavyweight Champion and the owner of the No Limit Wrestling Federation to give the rundown of the Era of Respect... Fate though, would have other plans for me and I came up just short in my match against Psycho.

Brenton Cyrus goes to say something else but he’s interrupted by the sound of "King for a Day" by Pierce the Veil playing throughout the Express Arena. He looks to the stage to see Psycho with the cracked World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship around his waist, making his way to the ring.

Tommy Cornell: Tommy Cornell and John Greed here to call tonights action, but the show is starting off with the two who stole the show at Warrior Games.

John Greed: Not only that, but after the ultimate show of disrespect from Psycho following the match, this will be the first time they’ve been in the ring together!

Psycho casually walks up the ring steps shifting the World Heavyweight title up to his shoulder as he makes his way into the ring, not taking his eyes off of Brenton Cyrus. Psycho has his own ME microphone in hand.

Cyrus, I know you think the Reign of Chaos is going to bring the Federation down, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Reign of Chaos is here to make NLWF better than ever before! The people want to see the Blood Sport of Pro Wrestling, No Limits! They don’t want everyone faking respect for each other! Respect is earned and it will be earned by surviving the Reign of Chaos! The weak will be terminated, the strong will strive, as it should be!

■■Brenton Cyrus■■
Is that so? If that’s the case, why smash the World Heavyweight title?

I was making a point that as ruler of the World, I can do whatever I please! I would much rather seek forgiveness, than ever ask permission! I smashed your preconceived intentions for this era and I changed fate!

■■Brenton Cyrus■■
Then allow me to do the same here tonight! I’m using my World title rematch, here, in the main event! So you had better prepare to defend that title, because just like the first time, I’ll be the one who ends your reign!

Psycho and Brenton Cyrus stand face to face in the center of the ring.

Damien Kingston
I hope I’m not interrupting anything!

Damien Kingston makes his way down the ramp with his Respect of Wrestling Championship.

Damien Kingston

Actually, I know that I am!

Damien Kingston rolls into the ring and stands between Psycho and Brenton Cyrus, neither man taking eyes off the other.

Damien Kingston

I was under the impression this era would be all about respect and what I witnessed from you Psycho was a classless act of a man who is not a true champion of the World! If Brenton Cyrus fails to get this era of Respect on track, I’ll be more than happy to step up and take back the era myself!

Finally both Psycho and Brenton Cyrus break their stare to look at Damien Kingston.

Adriana Rivera


Adriana Rivera and Miguel St-Claire make their way down to the ring.

Adriana Rivera

Poor naive little Kingston, thinking he can just jump to the front of the meal line! Allow me to introduce to you the number one contender for that Respect Championship you’ve got, Miguel St-Claire! So instead of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, how about you prepare to fight!

Brenton Cyrus and Psycho exit the ring leaving Damien Kingston and Miguel St-Claire. A referee makes his way out. Brenton Cyrus and Psycho remain ringside to watch the match.

Tommy Cornell: This is awesome, two of the fastest rising stars in the Federation are set to fight one on one!

John Greed: MSC could earn himself a shot at Respect with a win against the champion! Lets start the show off in style!

The referee calls for both men to meet at the center of the ring and orders a handshake. Damien Kingston extends his hand and Miguel St-Claire shakes hands with a confident smirk on his face. They back to their corners and the referee calls for the bell.

RESPECT of Wrestling Rules

Damien Kingston [vs] Miguel St-Claire


[Ding Ding]

Damien Kingston and Miguel St-Claire run across the ring meeting in the center. Damien Kingston side steps out of the way of a high knee from Miguel St-Claire, then he counters back with a slashing elbow to the side of his head. Damien Kingston lands a calf kick then locks up with Miguel St-Claire controlling him away from the center of the ring to land an elbow. He releases and connects a spinning back fist following up with a running forearm to the chest knocking Miguel St-Claire back into the corner.

Tommy Cornell: Spinning back fist not illegal because he kept his hand open, not a closed fist.

John Greed: The Respect of Wrestling rules are much different to keep matches fair and easier for people transitioning into NLWF!

Damien Kingston steps in with a knee to the chin of Miguel St-Claire as he swings wildly out of the corner. Damien Kingston shoots in with a spear into the ribs of Miguel St-Claire as he once again swings his fists trapped in the corner still.

Tommy Cornell: MSC trying to land that KO shot but Kingston able to change levels brilliantly!

John Greed: This is the first round, a ten minute round, out of three rounds in this non title match! So far the champ is looking great!

Damien Kingston rises up with another knee but Miguel St-Claire is able to escape from the corner and turn around ready to strike. Damien Kingston steps up the turnbuckles and leaps off with a diving spear, Miguel St-Claire barely ducking to avoid it. Damien Kingston rolls through with a sunset flip taking Miguel St-Claire over for a pinfall.


Miguel St-Claire is able to get his shoulder up and both men rush to their feet. Miguel St-Claire lands a left hook that staggers Damien Kingston as he attempted to move in. The referee warns Miguel St-Claire of close fist usage and fines him one of his rope breaks.

Tommy Cornell: These two are so closely ranked, both men did tremendous in the month of March!

John Greed: Pay per view quality matches here tonight on the debut of Reign of Champions!

Miguel St-Claire lands a left hook to the body of Damien Kingston keeling him over with the vicious shot. The referee steps in to stop Miguel St-Claire from continuing his attack to count the knockdown.

Tommy Cornell: Closed fists to the face are illegal, but fists to the body are fine!

John Greed: Damien Kingston has a ten count to get to a knee following the fierce liver shot!

“1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8!”

Damien Kingston is able to get to his feet and the referee rules he’s able to continue. Miguel St-Claire steps in with a knee into the solar plexus of Damien Kingston before he locks in a muay thai clinch. He drives a knee into the body of Damien Kingston, then Miguel St-Claire uses a trip takedown to land in the guard.

Tommy Cornell: A great takedown from the challenger on the champion who is still trying to recover from that body shot.

John Greed: A shot to the liver can drain even the toughest fighters, Kingston needs to hold on and survive the round!

Miguel St-Claire postures up and comes down with a right elbow, then a close range short left elbow from the top position. Damien Kingston struggles to avoid the elbows turning over to give up his back to Miguel St-Claire. Damien Kingston is able to stand up but Miguel St-Claire moves onto his back with a standing rear naked choke applied.

Tommy Cornell: He’s got the choke! He’s only got three minutes to force a tap out or blackout with that submission.

John Greed: Submission are limited to three minutes to keep the flow of the match continuous and nonstop!

Damien Kingston walks from the center of the ring with Miguel St-Claire on his back. He reaches out and he grabs the top rope, costing him a rope break, but forcing Miguel St-Claire to release the hold. Miguel St-Claire takes a belly to back position on Damien Kingston and goes for a German suplex. He grabs the ropes blocking the throw to deliver back elbows until he’s forced to release his grip. The referee calls a rope break on the reversal.

Tommy Cornell: The referee calling two rope breaks by Kingston, just in the first round!

John Greed: But it prevented the submission, then the suplex and he’s ready to fight back!

Miguel St-Claire throws a short arm clothesline at the head of Damien Kingston but he ducks and turns the corner. Damien Kingston takes Miguel St-Claire belly to back and lifts him overhead with the German suplex. Miguel St-Claire hurries back up off the canvas to take a knee lift to the face from Damien Kingston sending him into a snap suplex.

Tommy Cornell: The champion not letting that rope break go to waste!

John Greed: Kingston is all over MSC as we draw close to the end of the first round!

Damien Kingston takes Miguel St-Claire up for another suplex then he rotates to lift him up again. Damien Kingston lifts Miguel St-Claire up and holds him high overhead letting the blood rush to his head. Miguel St-Claire drives a knee down into the face of Damien Kingston but then gets dropped with the suplex. Damien Kingston floats over for a pinfall.


Miguel St-Claire kicks out and the bell rings. Damien Kingston stands up with his hands raised proudly overhead.


The referee tells Damien Kingston the round ended and that he didn’t win the match, much to his surprise. Damien Kingston moves to his corner shaking his head as Miguel St-Claire takes his corner where Adriana Rivera is waiting to give him water and scream instructions.

Tommy Cornell: That was a great round of action, now these guys will get one minute to recuperate, change strategy if needed, then continue with two more five minute rounds!

John Greed: Such an evenly matched first round, I would give the advantage to the champion though based on what we’ve seen!

Replays from the first round are shown. Damien Kingston stands in his corner as the referee takes the center of the ring. Miguel St-Claire rises and motions across the ring for him to bring it on. The referee calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding]

Damien Kingston charges across the ring with a roaring elbow but falls right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Miguel St-Claire who then shifts to take a mount position. He drives an elbow down into the face of Damien Kingston then Miguel St-Claire turns for an armbar.

Tommy Cornell: Over aggression from the champion leads to the counter from the challenger!

John Greed: MSC has been a heavy striker since day one in the Federation, tonight he has to use other tools.

Miguel St-Claire gets the armbar applied laying back as he hyper extends the arm of Damien Kingston on the mat. He fights against the hold trying his best to keep his arm from being broken as he kicks with his feet in the canvas. He sprawls out and manages to get his foot over the bottom rope forcing the referee to step in and break the submission hold.

Tommy Cornell: That’s ropebreak number three, Damien Kingston is all out!

John Greed: That means a few things, no rope breaks and any action that would cost him a rope break will now cost him a Disqualification!

Both men stand up and Damien Kingston steps into a dropkick from Miguel St-Claire. He follows up with a pinfall, driving his forearm across his face.


Damien Kingston kicks out but gives up his arm. Miguel St-Claire locks him in a crossface hold near the corner. Damien Kingston is able to get his feet on the ropes but the referee ignores them and warns of no more rope breaks. Damien Kingston gets to his knees with Miguel St-Claire pulling back on his head.

Tommy Cornell: Without rope breaks he has to survive the hold or escape!

John Greed: I am loving the Respect of Wrestling Rules!

Damien Kingston gets to his feet and lifts Miguel St-Claire with the hold still locked in. He drives him down into his knee with a backbreaker then lifts him up to drop him down for another. Miguel St-Claire releases the crossface and is lifted again for a backbreaker, this time Damien Kingston is able to combo it with a Russian legsweep. He floats over for a pinfall.


Miguel St-Claire kicks out shooting his shoulder off the mat. Damien Kingston quickly lifts Miguel St-Claire up off the mat into a powerbomb. He takes him up and shifts him around sending him into a backbreaker. Damien Kingston follows up with time with an STO dropping Miguel St-Claire hard into the canvas. Both men fight up to their feet and Damien Kingston connects a headbutt on Miguel St-Claire but sends him staggering back to throw a headkick that lands. Both men drop down to the canvas.

Tommy Cornell: Both men go down!

John Greed: Double knockdown to finish off the round!

The referee begins to count both men down. Damien Kingston laid out, Miguel St-Claire down on his ass.

“1! 2! 3! 4!”

The referee has his count killed by the end of the round.


Tommy Cornell: What a finish to Round 2! We’re going to the third round of this non title match!

John Greed: Last round, both these guys need to push for a finish or accept a draw!

Damien Kingston moves to his corner shaking off the big shot. Miguel St-Claire moves to his corner with a confident smirk. Replays show from Round 2 highlighting the action.

Tommy Cornell: These two fighting like main eventers, opening this Reign of Champions show by living up to the NLWF standard!

John Greed: This could very well be a match between the World Champion and Undisputed Champion, after King of the Throne of course.

The referee calls out to each men telling them it’s the third and final round. He tells them to go for it then calls for the bell and moves out of the way.


[Ding Ding]

Damien Kingston comes out using constant motion and head movement to keep Miguel St-Claire from landing on him as he comes out throwing open handed strikes. Damien Kingston steps in after a missed shot to land a yakuza kick into his chest pushing him back into the ropes.

Tommy Cornell: Kingston no longer fighting on emotion, these two are now into the battle fighting smart.

John Greed: Neither man has been able to get going against the other in this back and forth.

Miguel St-Claire steps in taking another yakuza kick, this time taking foot to face. Damien Kingston follows up with a one handed bulldog taking Miguel St-Claire face first down into the canvas. Both men get up and it’s Damien Kingston who springs off the ropes coming at Miguel St-Claire to land a tornado kick that drops him again.

Tommy Cornell: The champion is fighting his kind of fight now!

John Greed: As soon as we say it hasn’t happened, suddenly Kingston begins to build momentum!

Damien Kingston hooks the arm of Miguel St-Claire as he stands and attempts the clothesline sending him over with a hip toss, into a neckbreaker drop. Damien Kingston quickly follows with a pinfall.


Miguel St-Claire is able to kick out, then kick Damien Kingston away from him creating enough space to stand up.

Tommy Cornell: MSC is great at getting up off his back, he’s got great defensive ground skills.

John Greed: So that he can get up and land the big right hand, a weapon he doesn’t have because of the rules of this division!

Miguel St-Claire throws a headkick as Damien Kingston steps up catching his leg up on his shoulder. He lifts him up and spins around with him before jumping with a sit down powerbomb.


Miguel St-Claire is able to kick out and Damien Kingston moves to the corner climbing to the top turnbuckle.

Tommy Cornell: Spiral bomb from Kingston off the counter!

John Greed: He’s got the challenger right where he wants him, can he finish as the round nears an end?

Damien Kingston leaps from the top turnbuckle with a frog splash coming down onto the lifted knees of Miguel St-Claire. Damien Kingston bounces up to his feet holding his ribs and Miguel St-Claire snakes up his leg tripping him down as he locks in a heel hook.

Tommy Cornell: MSC with the submission! Kingston has no rope breaks!

John Greed: He either has to escape or survive!

[Ding Ding]

The referee drops down and breaks the submission hold. Miguel St-Claire rises to his feet raising his arms up. The referee shakes his head no and lowers down to give the Respect of Wrestling title to Damien Kingston.

Tommy Cornell: MSC thinks he won, but it was the end of the third round!

John Greed: Twenty minutes, three rounds, neither of these guys could finish the other!

Chante Rich: After three rounds this match has been declared a DRAW! Miguel St-Claire earns himself a Respect of Wrestling Championship match at the next available Reign of Champions!

Tommy Cornell: Two of the hottest fastest rising stars battle to a draw which will set up a title match perfectly between the two!

John Greed: Five rounds for Respect the next time these two fight, until then both of them were impressive here tonight!

Damien Kingston brings the Respect of Wrestling title to his shoulder as he joins Miguel St-Claire and Adriana Rivera in the center of the ring. Damien Kingston extends his hand out and Miguel St-Claire shakes it. He points at the Respect of Wrestling title as the show fades.

Reign of Champions resumes with Brooklyn and London Carter inside the ring.

Brooklyn Carter
MAFIA was set to be one of the greatest groups in NLWF history until Anthony King let his ego tear him apart! At one point we nearly had it all, it’s time to take it back!

London Carter
That’s right, so the two remaining MAFIA members are putting out an open challenge here for Reign of Champions! I’m just hoping King takes my challenge and doesn’t back out like he did at Warrior Games!

Steven Angel makes his way out and down the ramp. London Carter smirks and drops his microphone as Steven Angel slides into the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

MAFIA Open Challenge

London Carter [vs] Steven Angel

[Ding Ding]

Steven Angel charges London Carter who dips in and takes off to the ropes. He rebounds as Steven Angel turns around and London Carter spears him down to the mat. London Carter lifts Steven Angel up trapping his head under his arm.

Tommy Cornell: Angel took the Freedom title from London, this is a chance at payback one on one!

John Greed: Steven Angel has been on a downward spiral since!

London Carter lifts Steven Angel up for a suplex and takes him down with a jackhammer. London Carter covers Steven Angel.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: London Carter with an impressive win!

John Greed: He needs to get back to the way he was when he first came into NLWF! He was violent, determined, motivated, he wanted to make noise in NLWF!

Brooklyn Carter raises the arm of her brother as Steven Angel rolls out of the ring. Anthony King steps out onto the stage.

Anthony King
The biggest Free Agent in the sport today is here! Former NLWF Champion, the one true king who unified the Undisputed title, the best not signed to this Federation! NLWF wasn’t willing to pay me like an Icon, like an Immortal, the same way MAFIA wasn’t willing to recognize me as the leader!

Tommy Cornell: King playing the negotiation game, but he has no bargaining chips anymore!

John Greed: He had a shot at becoming the biggest star in the world, but couldn’t get it done against Shark or Ridicule!

Anthony King
London, you want our Warrior Games match? You want to rip me to shreds in Barbwire Massacre? Earn it! You’re about to fall from the ranks, while I am still a top ten contender even without a contract! You break into the top ten, I’ll sign a temp contract and we’ll have the match! Until then, I would rather fight your sister! But it’s cool, I found someone for her to fight tonight!

Sloane Chazen makes her way out and down the ramp staring at Brooklyn Carter. London Carter moves to the outside of the ring and takes a can of spray paint putting the MAFIA “M” on the back of Steven Angel. Sloane Chazen enters the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

MAFIA Open Challenge

Brooklyn Carter [vs] Sloane Chazen

[Ding Ding]

Brooklyn Carter steps out of the way of a Nick Kick from Sloane Chazen. They circle around each other, Brooklyn Carter keeping her back as she pops a jab out continuously snapping her head back. Brooklyn Carter throws a roundhouse kick that hits Sloane Chazen to the side of the head sending her off to the ropes. She rebounds into a hurricanrana from Brooklyn Carter.

Tommy Cornell: Womens World Champion looking fresh inside that ring.

John Greed: She’s still technically undefeated, hasn’t even been touched in the womens division it seems like!

Brooklyn Carter springboards off the ropes and catches Sloane Chazen with another hurricanrana this time packaging her for a pin.


Sloane Chazen kicks out and they both stand up. Brooklyn Carter jumps over Sloane Chazen and spins her around into a twist of fate down into the canvas.

Tommy Cornell: Very slick!

John Greed: She goes from one technique to the next so easily!

Brooklyn Carter climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a swanton bomb landing on Sloane Chazen. She leans back casually covering her.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: Impressive! Dominant! Brooklyn Carter!

John Greed: She’s on route to becoming Queen of the Throne, the first ever!

London Carter enters the ring handing Brooklyn Carter the Womens World Championship and the spray paint can. She shakes it a few times and drops down rolling Sloane Chazen over.

Tommy Cornell: The Carter MAFIA showing just what they are capable of on any given night!

John Greed: Soon she’ll be Carter-Shark, if they could get Shark to be a part of this MAFIA squad they could take over!

Robbie Hart and Hostyle Jones run out shoving Anthony King down before making their way down the ramp. Brooklyn and London Carter exit the ring as they slide in taking the sides of Sloane Chazen.

Tommy Cornell: World Crowned Tag Team Champions make the save!

John Greed: No one came to save poor Steven Angel, he lost his only friend Dave Zombie!

Brooklyn Carter
Put up or shut up! Those Tag Team titles belong to MAFIA who showed it’s the greatest team of all at Battle Lines! We want our shot at those belts! ONE WORLD NATION! NEW YORK! TABLES, LADDERS, CHAIRS! As many teams willing to step up to an NLWF tag team tradition!

The Human Highlight Reels look at each other, then toward the stage, then at each other again, then at the World Crowned Tag Team titles smiling and nodding. Anthony King stands up on the stage looking pissed. He turns around into a Nick Kick to the face from Nick Ridicule who keeps on walking down the ramp passing by MAFIA.

Tommy Cornell: Tag Team TLC at OWN! We’ve seen some of the greatest TLC matches ever in NLWF!

John Greed: OWN will be no different, TLC is coming back in the tag team division following King of the Throne!

Anthony King
Yo... Maybe I spoke too soon.. MAFIA was some of the best times of my career... nah, my life! I think I should team with you at OWN, we can take those belts in TLC!

Brooklyn and London Carter stare at Anthony King in disbelief. They look at each other and start to laugh before walking past him.

Anthony King

So... We good?

The show returns ringside with the three tag teams inside the ring. Nick Ridicule starts off the match with Robbie and Frank Hart. The referee calls for the bell.

15 TV Time Limit

Human Highlight Reels [vs] The Hart Breaker Brothers
Like Father, Like Son
Robbie Hart + Hostyle Jones
[vs] Frank + Caleb Hart
Johnny Stylez + Nick Ridicule

[Ding Ding]

Nick Ridicule connects a spinning heel kick to the face of Frank Hart knocking him through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Nick Ridicule turns around and motions for Robbie Hart to bring it on continuing his ominous walk around the ring. Robbie Hart steps in faking a slap before shooting in to spinebuster Nick Ridicule down before spinning around his leg to set up a figure four leglock.

Tommy Cornell: Hart with a nice switch, getting him thinking he’ll do what he did at Warrior Games.

John Greed: They slapped each other so many times their kids are going to come out slapped!

Nick Ridicule stands up from the figure four leglock and reaches down to grab the throat of Robbie Hart with both hands. He breaks the leglock and is lifted off the mat up high above. Robbie Hart breaks away from the grip of Nick Ridicule and dropkicks him to the chest, sending him into a school boy roll up from Frank Hart who grabs his shorts for extra leverage.


Robbie Hart school boy rolls up his father grabbing a handful of his tights.


Nick Ridicule grabs Robbie Hart and lifts him out of the school boy up for a powerbomb. He drives him down into the mat then lifts him up for another one, this time down onto Frank Hart. Nick Ridicule powers Robbie Hart up again but shifts sideways to catch him with a Death Valley Driver.

Tommy Cornell: Powerbombs into the DVD!

John Greed: Ridicule loves that Death Valley Driver, a technique becoming very popular.

Nick Ridicule pins Robbie Hart.


Hostyle Jones grabs the foot of Nick Ridicule and drags him off the cover. Nick Ridicule stands up and tags Johnny Stylez who starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Nick Ridicule lifts himself to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and Johnny Stylez steps up to his shoulders to leap off with a splash coming down on Frank Hart.


Caleb Hart enters and delivers a boot to the back of the head of Johnny Stylez. He grabs the arm of Frank Hart and drags him over to their corner to step out and make a tag. Johnny Stylez stands and delivers a super kick to the face of Caleb Hart knocking him off the ring apron back first into the guardrail.

Tommy Cornell: He makes the save but pays for it!

John Greed: We’ve got a great tag match on our hands here, everyone seems inspired by the TLC announcement.

Robbie Hart slips his arm around the throat of Johnny Stylez pulling him back to the corner. Hostyle Jones tags the shoulder of Robbie Hart and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Robbie Hart double kicks Johnny Stylez to the back out of the corner as Hostyle Jones leaps with a missile dropkick to the back of his head.

Tommy Cornell: Tag Team Champions showing why they are undefeated in the division!

John Greed: Damn, we’ve got some dominant champions in the NLWF now, yet the newest champion seems to have taken over the era!

Hostyle Jones pins Johnny Stylez.


Nick Ridicule comes flying in with a diving headbutt to the back of the head of Hostyle Jones. He exits the ring and runs across the ring apron to deliver a Nick Kick to Robbie Hart but he ducks. Nick Ridicule topples over as his foot flies over the turnbuckle and he falls to the ringside floor.

Tommy Cornell: Ridicule way too aggressive and Hart lets him take himself out!

John Greed: The champs are in a good spot now!

Hostyle Jones and Johnny Stylez trade punches back and forth in the center of the ring. Hostyle Jones ducks under a shot and waits for Johnny Stylez to turn around to connect a diamond cutter on him.

Tommy Cornell: Great counter from Hostyle, leader of the Ape Shit army!

John Greed: Which apparently has no members in Canada.. or here in England it would seem..

Caleb Hart enters the ring and goes for a super kick on Hostyle Jones but he ducks under it. Hostyle Jones jumps grabbing the head of Caleb Hart to pull him back into double knees to the back of his skull.

Tommy Cornell: LOBOTOMY!

John Greed: That was devastating!

Hostyle Jones hurries to the top turnbuckle as Robbie Hart climbs to the top on the other side of the ring. Robbie Hart leaps with a 450 splash coming down on Johnny Stylez. Hostyle Jones leaps connecting a dropkick into the face of Frank Hart knocking him off the ring apron. Hostyle Jones is able to springboard off the top rope and come down with a moonsault on Caleb Hart pinning him.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: Best tag team in the entire world today!

John Greed: Totally unstoppably since PRIDE! They are the longest reigning champions in the Federation!

Hostyle Jones and Robbie Hart celebrate with all their belts. Sloane Chazen enters the ring and raises their arms as Nick Ridicule watches from the bottom of the ramp. He slowly backs away nodding his head.

Tommy Cornell: Ridicule watched his family come back together, just so they could go against him!

John Greed: It’s rough being Ridicule, but look for him to use this and Warrior Games as motivation for King of the Throne, an accomplishment he’s yet to gain!

Robbie Hart puts his Crowned Tag Team title on his shoulder, then places the NLWF Championship over it so he can flip Nick Ridicule off. Hostyle Jones joins him showing double fingers.

Tommy Cornell: They may regret that. A wise man once said never poke a sleeping dog, especially when that dog is Ridicule!

John Greed: As a winner of Tag Team TLC’s in the past, you know he’s going to find a partner for OWN!

Angel Kash is inside the ring showing off her Dominating Goddess Trillion Dollar Championship. She looks across the ring at Alice Wright taking in an ovation from the hometown crowd.

Angel Kash
You love me! You really love me! We may be in a ME owned arena, but everyone knows Kash Inc. is running the show!

Angel Kash looks toward the stage where Nick Ridicule is standing, watching.

Angel Kash
I asked you to watch my match tonight, because once I defeat someone who was trained by you, I think you’ll realize you belong to Kash Inc! Nick F’N Ridicule back to the number one position where he rightfully belongs! Ahead of Shark, ahead of that Bitch Brooklyn! I fully expect you to sign on at King of the Throne Nicky, do not keep me waiting.

Angel Kash looks across the ring.

Angel Kash
As for you? Well you have a shot at the Dominating Goddess Trillion Dollar Championship! The chance of a lifetime here in front of your hometown little girl! You have five minutes to make your entire life count, do not disappoint Mr. Ridicule!

Angel Kash places her Dominating Goddess Trillion Dollar Championship in the corner and kisses her picture on the side plates. The referee calls for the bell and she turns around in a low stance.

5 Minute TV Time Limit

Angel Kash [vs] Alice Wright

[Ding Ding]

Angel Kash paws her hands out into the face of Alice Wright as she moves in to attack. Alice Wright throws a leg kick but it’s caught by Angel Kash who connects a bitch slap across her face before tripping her other leg to take her down. Angel Kash pushes back up to her feet into the face of Alice Wright, clawing her eyes as she does.

Tommy Cornell: Kash is dirty, but.. I love it!

John Greed: Of course you do.. She has a vicious style though, very street fighting like.

Angel Kash grabs the hair of Alice Wright using it to pull her up to her feet into a knee to the face. Angel Kash whips Alice Wright around by her hair and drives her down into the canvas with a facebuster.

Tommy Cornell: The Face Blower! I’ll sign with Kash Inc. right now if it means she’s my boss!

John Greed: I’m sure you would.

Angel Kash lifts Alice Wright up into DDT position.

Angel Kash
Nicky, don’t be mad at me for hurting her!

Angel Kash lifts Alice Wright up and drives her straight down on top of her head with a implant brainbuster DDT. Angel Kash lifts her legs around the neck and arm of Alice Wright locking her in a triangle choke. She grabs her arm adding the armbar variation to the hold.

Tommy Cornell: Wow! She’s got killer moves too!

John Greed: Buyout following up with Liquidation!

Alice Wright taps out but it’s already too late as she blacks out from the triangle choke while having her arm nearly broken in the armbar. The referee forces Angel Kash to break the hold then he calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: Dominant victory from the Dominating Goddess!

John Greed: Her ASWA show was a success and here tonight she comes to enemy territory and impresses!

Angel Kash
That’s good! It’s good you’re not even bothering coming down to check on her! Why waste your time on some British chippy! I want you Nick! I, just like everyone else who matters, wants Nick Ridicule! You have to be called out, well I’m calling you out and telling you that I can uplift you! We can be a great team, a force, a duo! King and Queen of the Federation!

Tommy Cornell: Uh oh... She probably shouldn’t have said duo...

John Greed: Maybe she hasn’t heard, he was part of a Duo of Destruction once upon a time..

Tommy Cornell: or maybe she does know and she’s trying to get to Ashley Matthews.

John Greed: It seems like since she can’t have Shark, she’s going after the nect best thing, a Shark killer!

Ashley Matthews is face to face with Angel Kash backstage.

Ashley Matthews
What kind of game are you playing?

Angel Kash
I could ask you the same thing! We both know ME is plummeting as fast as your value on the dating scene. Kash Inc. however is as powerful as it’s ever been and is in the process of creating a No Limit Network that will exclusively air NLWF material! ME is just a temporary solution, Kash Inc. is the future!

Ashley Matthews

Well let me make one suggestion to you then. Stay away from Nick Ridicule and stay the fuck away from ME!

Ashley Matthews walks away as Angel Kash rolls her eyes.

Angel Kash
That was two suggestions moron.

Reign of the Champions moves to ringside where the ring is surrounded by a steel cage. Michael Harris sits up at the corner of the cage looking around at all the people booing him. Chris Matthews makes his way out with a confident swagger to his walk.

Chris Matthews
Bravo! You ended my brothers streak at Warrior Games! Sure he was too tough to call it quits, but no one can deny what you were able to do against him. You broke him. You ended his career. Bravo!

Chris Matthews makes it to the outside of the cage where the referee opens the door for him.

Chris Matthews
I on the other hand, wont go down without making you pay!

Chris Matthews enters the steel cage looking at Michael Harris as he climbs down onto the top turnbuckle having a seat.

Chris Matthews
Chuck may be done, but his family is going to make sure justice is served! Starting with you, Public EneME number one! So you like ending streaks? I have a streak going! Before NLWF ended in 2011 because of the poor leadership skills of Nick Ridicule, I had a winning streak going that reached twelve! Twelve in a row and you get to be unlucky number thirteen!

Tommy Cornell: EneME, enemy, I like that.

John Greed: It’s true, Chris Matthews had a great streak going, he was trying for the win streak record but didn’t have time.

The referee calls for the bell.Steel Cage

Michael Harris [vs] Chris Matthews

[Ding Ding]

Michael Harris drops down from the corner and holds his arms out to the side taking it the loud roar of boos from the crowd.

Tommy Cornell: We are in the ME Express arena one of the homes of King of the Throne!

John Greed: Michael Harris has turned himself into a major star in one event, he’s been greatness for year but hasn’t had the NLWF platform to give him that massive push to the moon!

Chris Matthew steps in with a fierce flurry of strikes missing each one as Michael Harris uses movement to avoid each one stepping around him to take the center of the ring. He backs up with a smirk on his face. Chris Matthews charges in again using his punches to get in and throw a high knee. Michael Harris side steps and slaps him to the back of the head then walks back to his corner casually.

Tommy Cornell: The Untouchable One showing Warrior Games was no fluke!

John Greed: For some reason the guy is nearly impossible to hit any moves or strikes on!

Chris Matthews stomps his foot and hits the top turnbuckle. He turns around and watches as Michael Harris turns his back on him holding his arms out. Chris Matthews charges across the ring and Michael Harris spins around to lift him up by one leg for a flapjack into the corner of the cage walls. He leaves him standing on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him.

Tommy Cornell: Harris with the flapjack he utilizes so well!

John Greed: It brings forth the question again, what if NLWF had Harris instead of Matthews from the beginning?

Michael Harris avoids a back elbow from Chris Matthews on the top turnbuckle then lifts him off with a super back suplex down hard into the center of the ring. Michael Harris rolls over and pins Chris Matthews.


Chris Matthews kicks out and Michael Harris sits him up to drop punches down into the top of his head.

Tommy Cornell: I’m not ashamed to say I tried to fight Harris and he whooped my ass at Warrior Games...

John Greed: Three in a row he won because of you, looking to make it four here tonight and end another streak in the process!

Michael Harris rips Chris Matthews up off the canvas and runs with him throwing him face first into the cage wall. He lets him fall down to the ropes as he turns walking away with a smile. Chris Matthews stands up on the ring apron between the ropes and cage wall. Michael Harris runs and delivers a running knee strike to the back of his head sending it into the cage wall again, drawing blood.

Tommy Cornell: Harris having fun out there, probably not the best idea for Chris to return to the ring after several years to take on the best..

John Greed: This isn’t about ranks, or title shots, this is about defending his family honor against this Harris! Something no Matthews can do so far!

Michael Harris grabs the back of the head of Chris Matthews and begins to shove it into the cage moving it back and forth.

Tommy Cornell: Steel cage cheese grater! That cage is cutting him up bad!

John Greed: Smearing the blood of Matthews across the cage wall!

Michael Harris wipes the blood of Chris Matthews across his chest.

Tommy Cornell: It’s starting to get ugly!

John Greed: Harris has a chip on his shoulder and he’s taking it out on the Matthews family!

Michael Harris pulls Chris Matthews through the ropes and DDT’s him into the canvas. Michael Harris stands lifting Chris Matthews to his feet again this time taking him up for an axe guillotine driver in the center of the ring.

Tommy Cornell: That is a sick reverse tombstone!

John Greed: The Harris Effect, that’s what we are all witnessing!

Michael Harris climbs to the corner and begins to climb up the cage wall.

Tommy Cornell: He’s going to escape!

John Greed: I don’t think so!

ME Security comes down to the ring and Michael Harris looks down at them being led by Ashley Matthews. He stands up and fakes to jump off the cage at them but then looks down into the ring at Chris Matthews laid out in the center. Michael Harris jumps with a flying elbow down into the chest of Chris Matthews from the top of the cage.



Michael Harris stands up and climbs to the corner again. He climbs up the cage wall and looks down at ME Security. They hold position and Michael Harris stands again. He leaps with another diving elbow dropping it into the face of Chris Matthews down on the mat.

Tommy Cornell: He’s killing him! Enough is enough!

John Greed: The Matthews Killer! In a couple weeks he’s done what no one could do in years!

Michael Harris lifts Chris Matthews peeling him off the mat. He lifts him for a back suplex then runs with him sending him knee first into the cage wall then down into a knee breaker. He hooks both his legs and leans back sending Chris Matthews into the cage wall with the slingshot.

Tommy Cornell: Ashley and ME security forced to watch Chris get sent into that wall!

John Greed: Not only that but Harris has picked him apart completely!

Michael Harris catches Chris Matthews with a rolling knee bar as he bounces off the cage wall. He rolls to the center of the ring ripping, twisting, pulling the leg of Chris Matthews forcing him to pass out.

Tommy Cornell: He’s out! He’s done!

John Greed: Harris has done it again!

Michael Harris continues to hold the submission even though Chris Matthews is out and not defending it anymore. Ashley Matthews tosses a towel over the cage wall into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: The white flag of forfeit! I think being saved like that is worse than even tapping out..

John Greed: True, they had to be rescued from Harris!

Michael Harris breaks the hold and walks to the cage wall looking to the outside. Ashley Matthews stares at him and begins to back up through the ME Security. They turn and follow her as she backs up the stage.

Tommy Cornell: I get the feeling this isn’t over.

John Greed: Not by a long shot. ME is funding this era of NLWF, that’s several months.

Michael Harris raises his arms up and exits out the cage door.

Tommy Cornell: He’s got a shot at the NLWF Championship at King of the Throne, going in with a ton of momentum.

John Greed: and considering he’s already beaten the partner of the champion he has to be confident going in!

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Re: REiGN of the CHAMPiONS: BREAKiNG of the THRONE: 4/26

Post by Brenton Cyrus on April 29th 2013, 1:40 am

Michael Harris steps backstage as the show returns and he’s greeted by Warren Bates holding his ASWA XXX Championship.

Warren Bates
Mr. Harris, I just wanted to tell you that you’re a hero of mine! It’s because of you that I decided to become a wrestler.

Michael Harris
That a fact?

Warren Bates
Yes sir and your Warrior Games performance is what inspired me to join the NLWF! If you’re ever looking for a tag team partner, or need someone to watch your back, I’m your guy! I’m sure Angel Kash would love to sign you to Kash Inc. as well!

Michael Harris
I’ll keep it in mind. For now my only focus is on being the NLWF Champion!

Michael Harris moves past Warren Bates as he nods his head. We move to ringside where Hell in a Cell is set up with Aaron O’Shea inside and Crimson Skull entering the ring.

Tommy Cornell: These two put on what would have been a main event match anywhere else at Warrior Games!

John Greed: True, had the card not been so stacked they would have stolen the show! Instead they’ve ignited one of the hottest rivalries in wrestling!

Tommy Cornell: Years ago Aaron O’Shea was part of the reason Crimson Skull retired. Now Crimson Skull is the one who took the Warrior Games moment from Aaron O’Shea!

John Greed: He said he wanted his Warrior Games moment more than anything, yet it was Crimson Skull victorious at the big show!

The referee calls for the bell.

Hell in a Cell

Crimson Skull [vs] Aaron O’Shea

[Ding Ding]

Aaron O’Shea charges across the ring attacking Crimson Skull with big overhead right hands to his face knocking him back into the corner. Aaron O’Shea steps in kicking into Crimson Skull before moonsaulting out of the corner dropkicking him to his face.

Tommy Cornell: O’Shea has been like a man possessed since he lost to Skull!

John Greed: For him it was nothing personal until Skull stole his Warrior Games moment!

Aaron O’Shea ducks as Crimson Skull comes out of the corner with a power clothesline. Aaron O’Shea runs up the turnbuckles leaps off with whisper in the wind only to be caught by Crimson Skull for a crucifix powerbomb over the ropes to the outside of the ring. Aaron O’Shea hits the Hell in a Cell wall thrown violently by Crimson Skull.

Tommy Cornell: Great counter! Catches him in mid air and sends him on his way!

John Greed: That was wicked and reckless!

Crimson Skull watches as Aaron O’Shea uses the cell wall to pull himself up to his feet. Crimson Skull runs to the ropes and rebounds charging across the ring as fast as he can to leap over the ropes. Aaron O’Shea dives out of the way and lets Crimson Skull collide with the Hell in a Cell wall.

Tommy Cornell: No one home!

John Greed: These guys are both throwing caution out the window, they are going for it!

Aaron O’Shea climbs up to the ring apron and jumps off with a double kick to the chest of Crimson Skull sending him back first into the ringsteps. Aaron O’Shea climbs up to the ring apron again and runs before jumping off to come down with a dropkick into the face of Crimson Skull against the steps.

Tommy Cornell: We witnessed a cage match, now Hell in a Cell, at King of the Throne these matches will be combined into one!

John Greed: All the King of the Throne ingredients on display tonight.

Aaron O’Shea walks up the ring steps and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, followed by Crimson Skull who connects a throat thrust as he stands. Crimson Skull climbs up to the top turnbuckle grabbing Aaron O’Shea by his throat. He lifts him up and choke slams him from the top turnbuckle sending him into the hell in a cell wall.

Tommy Cornell: Top rope choke slam from Crimson Skull!

John Greed: You have to wonder if either of these men will even make it to King of the Throne!

Crimson Skull leaps from the top turnbuckle and comes down with a double axe handle into the back of Aaron O’Shea against the cell. He grabs Aaron O’Shea by the back of his head and smashes it into the cell wall. He shifts Aaron O’Shea to his shoulder and runs with him spiking him head first into the cell wall, busting him open.

Tommy Cornell: Skull has drawn blood!

John Greed: Skull could very well take both O’Shea title shots and show up at all three venues!

Crimson Skull jolts forward smashing the head of Aaron O’Shea into the cell again before turning around with a tombstone piledriver down onto the ring steps. He lets Aaron O’Shea fall limp to the ringside floor with a sick smile on his face.

Tommy Cornell: We are witnessing a changing of the guard here in the Federation!

John Greed: Reign of Chaos has brought back the violent Crimson Skull of old!

Crimson Skull reaches under the ring pulling out two chairs tossing them into the ring. He walks over to the ring steps shoving the top portion off onto Aaron O’Shea. Crimson Skull grabs the larger bottom portion of the ring steps lifting them and sliding them into the ring. He grabs Aaron O’Shea and slides him into the ring as well pulling him out to hang over the ring apron. He drives an elbow down across his face.

Tommy Cornell: Here comes so old school Crimson Skull!

John Greed: How many times have we seen this?

Crimson Skull moves to the ring apron and jumps with a leg drop across the chest of Aaron O’Shea. He pulls himself back up using the ropes, then he backs up and leans against the ring post. He pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle and reaches up grabbing the roof of the cell. He pulls himself walking tightrope style across the top rope before bouncing once to come down delivering massive leg drop to the ring apron as Aaron O’Shea uses the bottom rope to pull himself into the ring, out of harms way.

Tommy Cornell: O’Shea saves himself!

John Greed: Skull trying to kill but O’Shea is still alive!

Aaron O’Shea pulls Crimson Skull up to his feet on the ring apron then over the top rope to bounce off the bottom rope coming up with a knee to his face. He leaves Crimson Skull hung over the top rope then moves to the top turnbuckle. Aaron O’Shea jumps with a leg drop to the back of the head of Crimson Skull flipping him into the ring.

Tommy Cornell: Fighting back hard now!

John Greed: Never say die O’Shea!

Aaron O’Shea springboards off the ropes into the ring at Crimson Skull who spins around swinging a chair swatting him out of mid air to come down on the base of the ring steps. Crimson Skull laughs maniacally then jumps with a leg drop, moving the chair under his leg as he drives it down into the face of Aaron O’Shea on the steps.

Tommy Cornell: FLY SWATTER! Skull bothered by O’Shea whacks him right out of nowhere!

John Greed: That’s the risk you take going for those moves!

Crimson Skull shoves Aaron O’Shea off the steps then sets the chair up. He grabs the other chair and sits it up as well so the chairs are seat to seat. Crimson Skull lifts Aaron O’Shea up to his feet, then up for a suplex holding him in position before stepping up to the base of the ring steps with the chairs in front of him.

Tommy Cornell: Skull has him up, and what goes up must come down!

John Greed: O’Shea needs to escape out the back!

Crimson Skull spins Aaron O’Shea dropping him down into a tombstone piledriver down into the seats of the chairs splitting through them to come down into the base of the ring steps. Crimson Skull cross the arms of Aaron O’Shea over his chest pinning him.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: Wow! Crimson Skull repeats his Warrior Games performance and enters the Reign of Chaos looking better than ever!

John Greed: What a stunning display of violence here at Reign of Champions, you have to wonder if Skull has broken O’Shea!

Crimson Skull stands over Aaron O’Shea on the base of the ring steps. He mockingly puts his arms up doing the God Pose. Lightning strikes the Hell in a Cell structure and the lights shut off. When the lights turn on again Crimson Skull and Aaron O’Shea are gone.

Tommy Cornell: He just sent a message to Brenton Cyrus, things are not yet done between them.

John Greed: What a wild show this is!

Reign of Champions returns with the Hell in a Cell structure coming back down to surround the ring surrounded by a cage. James Shark and Shadow Demon are already inside the ring.

Tommy Cornell: Shadow Demon an NLWF Immortal who was the first ever Undisputed Champion and has the records as champion!

John Greed: James Shark the current Undisputed Champion getting closer each event to breaking those records!

Tommy Cornell: Old School versus New School here in the co main event of the debut Reign of Champions!

John Greed: Lets get it going!

The referee calls for the bell.

Double Cage Horror

James Shark [vs] Shadow Demon

[Ding Ding]

James Shark moves forward in the Shark Shell form as Shadow Demon runs at him full blast jumping at him with a flying knee. James Shark jumps with a superman punch blasting him to the face dropping him. James Shark slams Shadow Demon down into the canvas with a spinebuster then smashes him with a right hook across the face.

Tommy Cornell: He nearly knocked the face paint off of him onto the mat with that one!

John Greed: No grown man should wear makeup anyway!

James Shark grabs Shadow Demon by his throat with his left hand holding his head against the canvas to smash him with straight right hands.


John Greed: These shots are ruthless!

Shadow Demon struggles but James Shark shifts to mount him still holding him by his throat. He lands a right hook down into his face then an elbow smash before standing up walking away leaving him there.

Tommy Cornell: Shark may have knocked him out!

John Greed: I think he did, Shadow didn’t even see it coming but I think that initial Swag Out had him delirious!

James Shark lifts Shadow Demon off the mat into a guillotine choke. He drives knees into his face as he holds him in position. James Shark lifts another knee into his face then smashes him with an uppercut letting him faceplant down into the canvas.

Tommy Cornell: If he wasn’t out before, he is now!

John Greed: Who is this clown? Shadow Demon would have at least put up a fight.

James Shark stares down at Shadow Demon then reaches down to pull off his wig.

Tommy Cornell: Eric Steel? Really?

John Greed: This douche just doesn’t get it! Shark whooped him at ASWA now he’s dressing like Shadow Demon!

James Shark lifts fakes Shadow Demon off the mat and throws him into the cage wall catching him with a superman punch as he bounces off.

Tommy Cornell: SWAG OUT!

John Greed: Eric Steel you’re done son!

James Shark places his foot on the face of Eric Steel and the referee makes the count.


Referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: We didn’t get the match we wanted or thought we would get, but what we do get is another Shark victory!

John Greed: Number one in the Federation, but every time he has reached that status he’s slipped up. King of the Throne he’s in the biggest defense of his career!

James Shark takes his Undisputed Championship and escapes Double Cage Horror.

Reign of Champions comes back with James Shark standing with Angel Kash.

Angel Kash

You can’t just get out of your contract with Kash Inc. just because you want! You signed papers and i’m not just going to let you go!

Brooklyn Carter steps between them going face to face with Angel Kash.

Brooklyn Carter

Step off bitch! I’m voiding your contract right now and when I beat your ass at Queen of the Throne, you’ll be going to same spot as that contract, the trash!

James Shark

Angel Kash
I see how it is. Fine. If you prevail and become Queen of the Throne I’ll stop my pursuit. But WHEN I win, you sign on for Kash Inc. as well! Not only that, but you call off this bogus engagement you got going! Those are the terms, take them or leave them, I’ve got the upperhand!

Angel Kash turns her back leaving the Undisputed Champion James Shark and the Womens World Champion Brooklyn Carter standing by. The show returns ringside where ladders of different sizes are set up. Psycho hands off his World Heavyweight Wrestling Title to the referee then watches as it’s lifted high above the ring. Brenton Cyrus paces back and forth in his corner not taking his eyes off of the champion.

Tommy Cornell: A Ladder Match Main Event between Psycho and Cyrus here at Reign of Champions on MEN TV!

John Greed: Cyrus refusing to wait to a major event, he’s using his rematch clause right here, right now, he has a chance to stop the Reign of Chaos!

Tommy Cornell: Not only that but with ME funding Reign of Chaos, that means Cyrus is here in enemy territory and will be at King of the Throne as well!

John Greed: These two are pulling away when it comes to rivalry of the year, here comes another epic clash! Psycho versus Cyrus!

Tommy Cornell: We are well into overtime here on the debut of Reign of Champions but MEN TV staying here for the Main Event no matter how long it goes!

John Greed: With Psycho versus Cyrus we could be here a couple more hours!

The referee watches the belt go up and he calls for the bell.


Warrior Games Rematch Clause
Ladder Match
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship

Psycho [vs] Brenton Cyrus

[Ding Ding]

Brenton Cyrus moves across the ring and dives at Psycho with a high knee that takes them both over the ropes tumbling down to the ringside floor. Psycho stands up first and runs at Brenton Cyrus spearing him down into the ring steps. Brenton Cyrus hooks the head of Psycho standing up with him to fall back with a DDT down into the steps sending them flipping over them to the ringside floor.

Tommy Cornell: Picking right up where they left off at Warrior Games!

John Greed: The war is not yet over between God and the Devil! Psycho still has to retain against Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus and Psycho get up and trade punches to the face, not bothering to block, instead throwing more shots at the other. Psycho throws a clothesline but Brenton Cyrus ducks under it. Psycho steps up one of the ladders and ascends fast to moonsault off catching Brenton Cyrus as he turns around.

Tommy Cornell: Psychosault!

John Greed: It’s like these two are impervious to having a bad match!

Psycho takes a ladder and places it on the bottom turnbuckle so the bottom of it is hanging to the outside of the ring. He lifts Brenton Cyrus and rolls him into the ring, then grabs another ladder. Psycho places the ladder above the other on the middle turnbuckle letting it float over the other ladder.

Tommy Cornell: What in the hell has Psycho got going here?

John Greed: I’ve never seen anything like this, he’s not going to be able to get the belt like that unless he grows wings!

Psycho enters the ring and grabs Brenton Cyrus who springs up and catches him with a cutter taking him down.

Tommy Cornell: Epiphany out of nowhere! Psycho may have taken too long!

John Greed: Clearly he did, Cyrus takes advantage!

Brenton Cyrus lifts Psycho to his and sends him back into the corner following him in to land a knee into his face. Brenton Cyrus lifts Psycho to sit on the top turnbuckle then he turns around to hook his head for a cutter. Psycho locks Brenton Cyrus in a hangman sleeperhold lifting him to the top turnbuckle with him.

Tommy Cornell: Dangerous spot to be in, especially with those ladders set up sticking out of the corner!

John Greed: If either of them get knocked off they will crash through!

Psycho turns Brenton Cyrus around and jumps from the top turnbuckle with him taking him to the outside of the ring with a neckbreaker. They both hit the ladder and send it crashing down into the other ladder before sending them to the ringside floor.

Tommy Cornell: Psycho putting those ladders to good use!

John Greed: Vicious use! That was wicked!

Psycho and Brenton Cyrus are left reeling on the ringside floor from the impact. Psycho sits up against the guardrail and points to the World Heavyweight Championship hanging high above the ring. Psycho stands against the guardrail and stomps Brenton Cyrus before grabbing a ladder to send it into the ring. He follows it in.

Tommy Cornell: Psycho has the Reign of Chaos going exactly as planned!

John Greed: No one thrived in Anarchy the way Psycho was able to, now his Reign of Chaos rules the federation!

Psycho lifts and sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. He starts to climb up while Brenton Cyrus pulls himself up to the ring apron, then starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Psycho reaches the top of the ladder and lifts his arm touching the World Heavyweight title as Brenton Cyrus leaps from the top turnbuckle to deliver a picture perfect missile dropkick to the back of his head. Psycho hunches over the top of the ladder.

Tommy Cornell: Cyrus stops him from retaining!

John Greed: But he’s still up there, still so close to his World title!

Brenton Cyrus stands and starts to climb up the ladder. Brenton Cyrus double underhooks the arms of Psych hunched over the top of the ladder. Brenton Cyrus steps up and flips off the ladder taking Psycho over and down to the mat with a flip pepsi plunge pedigree.


John Greed: This is the third match between these two, the rubber match so to speak and it’s already another classic!

Both men lay motionless on the canvas until Brenton Cyrus starts to sit up.

Tommy Cornell: He’s got a shot to go for the belt, but that took a lot out of both men!

John Greed: Psycho changed fate at Warrior Games, Cyrus looking to set things right here tonight!

Brenton Cyrus begins to climb the ladder but steps off with a stomp into the head of Psycho as he starts to get back up. Brenton Cyrus climbs up the ladder but Psycho follows pulling himself up the rungs to climb up behind him. Brenton Cyrus delivers a kick down into the face of Psycho the reaches up and touches the World title with his fingertips.

Tommy Cornell: He’s so close, keep climbing!

John Greed: Psycho has his foot though!

Psycho steps up the ladder and turns around to set Brenton Cyrus up for a powerbomb. He shoves his legs out and sends the both of them falling down to the mat. Psycho locks in a crippler crossface as he lands on top of Brenton Cyrus.

Tommy Cornell: Escape from Reality off the ladder!

John Greed: Cyrus was so close, yet so far!

Psycho pulls back with the crippler crossface on Brenton Cyrus. Psycho puts his feet on the first rung of the ladder as he bridges up adding addition pressure to the hold. Brenton Cyrus begins to get up getting to his knees, then to his feet only to be taken back down with a twist of fate into a stunner from Psycho.

Tommy Cornell: Twizted Dreams, brilliant transition from the submission!

John Greed: He is very good at that, one of the best in fact!

Psycho begins to climb up the ladder leaving Brenton Cyrus down on the canvas.

Tommy Cornell: He’s got a clear climb to the belt now!

John Greed: Cyrus trying to get back up already but he’s clearly stunned!

Psycho makes it to the top of the ladder looking at the World Championship.


Psycho leapfrogs over the top of the ladder and comes crashing down with a leg drop across the face of Brenton Cyrus.

Tommy Cornell: Psycho passes on what could have been his chance at pulling the World title down!

John Greed: Fuck the World he says, he would rather keep this ladder match going!

Psycho rolls out of the ring grabbing another ladder tossing it inside. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer.

Tommy Cornell: UH OH! He’s got that sledgehammer, the weapon made famous in NLWF by BC!

John Greed: The weapon that was used to damage the World title at Warrior Games!

Psycho goes to enter the ring but Brenton Cyrus baseball slide dropkicks the ladder into him sending him back into the guardrail.

Tommy Cornell: That ladder Psycho tossed in comes back to be used on him!

John Greed: Cyrus kicks it into him, now he needs to go for the belt while he’s on the outside!

Brenton Cyrus grabs the top rope and uses it to pull himself over with a body vault. Psycho swings the sledgehammer hitting him to the body with it but is taken down over the guardrail into the front row of the audience.

Tommy Cornell: This is amazing! Cyrus takes a vicious shot but still gets the body press!

John Greed: These two wont have anything left for King of the Throne if they have it their way!

Brenton Cyrus leans over the guardrail but only because he’s lifted by Psycho who moves over it. He climbs up to the ring apron and jumps off with a spinning wheel kick across the back of Brenton Cyrus knocking him off the guardrail.

Tommy Cornell: We’ve seen Psycho utilize that move before, using the environment to his advantage!

John Greed: He uses everything he’s got to use!

Psycho rolls Brenton Cyrus into the ring and reaches over the guardrail to grab the sledgehammer. He turns and slides into the ring grabbing the other ladder to set it up side by side in the center of the ring.

Tommy Cornell: Two ladders now set under that belt!

John Greed: We’ve seen how innovative he can be, who knows what could happen with this set up!

Psycho raises the sledgehammer overhead and Brenton Cyrus rises to lift him up to his shoulders. Brenton Cyrus cyclones Psycho around with an F-5 sending him into a knee to the side of the head sending him staggering around to start climbing the ladder as Brenton Cyrus falls from the impact.

Tommy Cornell: Psycho takes a vicious betrayal knee to the head and uses the momentum to climb the ladder!

John Greed: Amazing! Cyrus has to chase him now even though he landed the huge move!

Brenton Cyrus climbs the ladder next to Psycho making his way up to go side by side with him. He connects a back elbow to his face then avoids a sledgehammer swing.

Tommy Cornell: Whoever wins this battle could very well win the match!

John Greed: No doubt!

Brenton Cyrus snatches the sledgehammer from the hands of Psycho and swings it at him only to be lifted off his ladder onto his shoulders. Psycho throws Brenton Cyrus overhead letting him fall stomach first over the top of the other ladder.

Tommy Cornell: OH! Gut buster on top of the ladder!

John Greed: Psycho tossed him off like a bullet ride but let the ladder do the true damage!



Psycho places his foot against the ladder and kicks off of it sending it tipping down. Brenton Cyrus is launched from the top of the ladder to the outside of the ring where he hits the announcers table.

Tommy Cornell: Cyrus lands in front of us!

John Greed: The Execution from Psycho prevails again! This time on top of a ladder, once again when he least expects it!

Psycho reaches up grabbing hold of the World Heavyweight Championship pulling it into his hands with a smile. The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell: Psycho has just retained the World Championship, he does the one of the only things he could not do during the first era!

John Greed: This era belongs to him, it belongs to the Reign of Chaos! He rules on top of the World

Psycho raises the World Heavyweight title taking in the roar of the crowd. The lights in the arena shut off as Psycho begins climbing down. When they turn back on Crimson Skull is inside the ring with Aaron O’Shea at his feet, while Psycho stands with Brenton Cyrus now at his feet as well inside the ring.

Tommy Cornell: Two of the best ever have been decimated by the Reign of Chaos here at Reign of the Champions!

John Greed: I get the feeling it’s not over either!

Psycho and Crimson Skull lifted Aaron O’Shea up and hook his arms on both ladders letting his feet dangle. They move around to lift Brenton Cyrus into the same position on the other side. Psycho raises the World Heavyweight Championship while Crimson Skull drops to a knee sending the lights in the arena red.

Tommy Cornell: They have crucified the Immortals using those ladders!

John Greed: What a message sent throughout the entire NLWF, Reign of Chaos rules over all!

Reign of Champions fades away to nothing but the end logo.


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