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The Federation that promises to blow your mind as we lead the golden age of Pro Wrestling into the future! The No Limit Wrestling Federation is like no other, where you will be given limitless opportunities to excel fast as you compete in the Land of No Limits, fighting in the best Blood Sport on Earth!

NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!


7 Days Till King of the Throne

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7 Days Till King of the Throne

Post by Tommy Cornell on April 26th 2013, 2:40 pm

NLWF Presents:


The show begins fading in on the front double doors of a mansion. The doors swing open and you’re greeted by a butler who extends his arm and bows as we move inside. The main entrance of the mansion is shown, pictures of Tommy Cornell back in his wrestling prime hang up, framed on the walls all around.

Tommy Cornell: In here you bloody wankers!

The shot turns to the left where a butler is prepared to open the door, leading into the dining room where Tommy Cornell and John Greed sit at the heads of the extended table.


The shot zooms in on the smiling face of Tommy Cornell.

Tommy Cornell: Welcome to 7 Days Till King of the Throne, right here from where I grew up, London, England!


Tommy Cornell ignores John Greed as his yells echo in the large dining room. He takes a sip of his tea slurping it before placing back on the dining room table.

Tommy Cornell: This is a brand new series set to take place before each of the major pay per view events that will grace the next era, the Reign of Chaos era, that will add hype to each of the matches as well as give a rundown of the things that lead to these epic King of the Throne matches from three different venues on one epic night!

John Greed: Enough of this, why do you have such a huge dining room table? You compensating for things?

Tommy Cornell: With King of the Throne just a week away, do you really want to be discussing my dining room table choice?

John Greed: I’m just saying, you haven’t really been social since the nineties.. seems like a waste, especially to sit me at the other end of the table when we are supposed to be talking about the talent!

Tommy Cornell: That’s why I sat you over there! I’m trying to get through the blood intro of the show and you’re already causing problems! I thought sitting you at the other side of the room, separated by this “GIANT TABLE” I would be able to finally opening a show in peace for once.. But I guess this era is starting just like the last one!

John Greed: You walked me right into that..

Tommy Cornell: Literally! But all jokes aside, we’ve got a lot to go over in a short amount of time as we return home to MEN TV, the Matthews Enterprises Network!

Highlights from Warrior Games begin to show starting off as still images before coming to life with the live action from the epic event. The shows opening video movie is shown before fading into the actual matches from the night. Damien Kingston capturing the Respect of Wrestling title, Johnny Stylez putting on a showman performance, Crimson Skull and Aaron O’Shea elevating their rivalry to a new level in a Warrior Games classic.

Michael Harris shoving Chuck Matthews off the Matthews Enterprises building is shown before it transitions into the No Limit Invitation match, showing Hostyle Jones battling the surprise invite Michael Harris. The sounds of Warrior Games come to life again.


Michael Harris

You’re nothing Matthews! Less than nothing!




Michael Harris has the leg hooked under his arm as he uses his hips to apply as much pressure as he can on the hold. A towel comes flying into the ring landing in front of the referee. The shot fades to black on Michael Harris with his arms raised, Chuck Matthews being stretchered out.
The voice of the No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion Robbie Hart is heard calling out

From the sounds of his voice it fades into the arena, into the NLWF Championship match, brother versus brother. The many different slaps exchanged are shown as well as the ending with Nick Ridicule driving Robbie Hart through the staircase to hell with a running crucifix powerbomb sending things to black.
The NLWF roster emerges out onto the stage for the World Heavyweight Championship match and what follows is a montage of the classic match between the defending champion Brenton Cyrus and the top contender Psycho. The hard hitting match for leadership of the era is shown with both men waging war against the other in the back and forth beginning. Psycho is shown dishing out a beating on Brenton Cyrus, his major moves slowed down right before impact to show the force of every landed shot. Brenton Cyrus fighting back against Psycho is shown culminating in a punt kick that he’s able to kick out of.

Brenton Cyrus runs and delivers the punt kick as Psycho stands lifting him up to his shoulders in the firemans carry position. Psycho throws Brenton Cyrus over for a death valley driver but he flips through and lands on his feet, jumping for a cutter counter. Psycho reverse back body drops Brenton Cyrus out of the cutter onto his shoulders in the firemans carry position again. Brenton Cyrus locks the right arm of Psycho in a kimura behind his back up on his shoulders.


John Greed: Cyrus with the arm of Psycho to stop Livid Atrocity!

Psycho tosses Brenton Cyrus overhead and he covers his face but takes a vicious knee into the body making him keel over. Psycho forms his hand like a gun pointing it at the head of Brenton Cyrus.



Brenton Cyrus looks at Psycho from his knees, holding his ribs and takes a buzzsaw style kick to the side of the head. Psycho drops down pinning Brenton Cyrus.


Flashes of Psycho taking the World Heavyweight Championship are shown, followed by random flashes of shocked faces, including those of the roster watching from the stage. The final flash shows Psycho lifting the trademark sledgehammer high above before bringing it down to smash the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship ending the video package.

The show resumes back inside the mansion of Tommy Cornell, now in the living area of the house. The two men sit on large La-Z-Boy recliners, sitting back with cups of rum in their hands a fireplace with a massive flat screen TV hanging above it at the front of the room.

John Greed: Warrior Games was a tremendous display and perfect way to finish off an era that was all about Anarchy!

Tommy Cornell: Welcome back to 7 Days Till King of the Throne. As many of you know, King of the Throne is probably the biggest international event in the NLWF, it was the first ever show done outside of America back in 2009 when the company was first on the rise!

John Greed: It features the King of the Throne match! The ringside area is surrounded by a Hell in a Cell without a roof! Ladders and all kinds of other surprises wait ringside, while the ring is surrounded by a steel cage, double cage horror style!

Tommy Cornell: The object of the match is to pull down the major championship hanging above the ring, then you must escape the cages with the gold to be crowned the champion!

John Greed: Very similar to how we started the year at Ultimate Glory with that Freedom Title match, but King of the Throne is so much more than that!

Tommy Cornell: Four King of the Throne matches, the most this pay per view has ever featured and for the first time ever an event will take place from three venues at once!

John Greed: Well the company is being sponsored and invested in by several different outlets, but with these companies not seeing eye to eye with the direction of NLWF, we’re sure to have many combustible elements to come in the dawning of the Reign of Chaos era!

Tommy Cornell: We only have half an hour to rundown the show, as we do our best to further build these already built up superfights that stack this card!

John Greed: I think it’s only fair we begin the show talking about the number one man in the Federation, a guy who took that number one pound for pound spot a couple of times during the first era.

Tommy Cornell: You’re talking about none other than the Undisputed Champion, Warrior Games Main Eventer, James “The Great Black” Shark!

John Greed: Exactly! it was James Shark and Nick Ridicule who were able to create enough buzz with their epic third encounter at City of Evil, which really put NLWF back on the map, back at the top where it belongs!

Tommy Cornell: A truly amazing fight that stole fight of the year right at the end of it for 2012! James Shark would come up just short against Nick Ridicule, but he would realize his dream at Ultimate Glory when he was finally able to become the No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion!

John Greed: It was another major moment in the career of James Shark, the first thing he said was how winning the NLWF title meant more to him than all of his other accomplishments combined! Unfortunately his reign as the NLWF Champion would be short lived, that would not stop James Shark from capturing another major championship, the Undisputed title which he has held since Tournament to the Title!

Tommy Cornell: It’s amazing to win one major title in the NLWF, even if your reign is a short one. But to win two different major titles in the first few months of the year is remarkable!

John Greed: Shark has done that and has been one of the greatest Undisputed Champions in Federation history. Has he represented the NLWF the way an Undisputed Champion should? That remains to be seen, but he has stepped up as the champion able to defend the belt now on two occasions!

Tommy Cornell: You know he’s going to be looking to become NLWF Champion again to have a rightful reign as champion, as well as going after the World Title in hopes of becoming a Triple Crown Golden Champion!

John Greed: Only a handful of men over the years have ever held all three major titles and most of those men are in the Hall of Immortals now because of it. Other men have been a Triple Crown Golden Champion but the title reigns they have are so lackluster it’s hard to consider it the same accomplishment as it would if James Shark could do it!

NLWF Undisputed Championship
King of the Throne Match
[#1] James Shark [vs] Aaron O’Shea [#13]
[#9] Hostyle Jones [vs] Parker [#11] [vs] Miguel St-Claire [#15]

Tommy Cornell: As you can see he’s going to have his hands full at King of the Throne, it’s a match that plays against the strengths of James Shark, cause he doesn’t have to be beaten to lose the gold! Also, Shark can’t retain with a knock out, pinfall, or submission! He’ll have to escape with his Undisputed title to keep it!

John Greed: Shark is right on the verge of a record breaking run as Undisputed Champion, chasing Shadow Demon who was the first man to unify belts making the Undisputed title. But like you said, he’s got a tough set of challenger. Shark has history will all the men in this match, I have a feeling all of them are going to be Shark hunting!

Tommy Cornell: Immortal Aaron O’Shea who hasn’t been able to capture the O’Shea of old seems more determined than ever after his loss at Warrior Games and will have two title matches to change his fate. Not only that but another champion will be in this match, as well as a perennial top ten guy in the Federation, talking about Hostyle Jones of course!

John Greed: Then you have two guys who have been on the verge of top ten stature in NLWF for over a month now. Parker who has had his ass kissed by the world of wrestling everywhere he has been, except for the NLWF and Miguel St-Claire who has only been set back by James Shark!

Tommy Cornell: Right you are! Parker has all the potential in the world, he’s been fed opportunities he hasn’t received elsewhere, yet the prima donna bitch is set to terminate his contract and run for his life! That’s the rumor of the week anyway.

John Greed: Parker is the perfect example of talent refusing to work hard! Hard work always defeats talent, when talent refuses to work hard! That’s just the fact. If Parker is really trying to get out of this match that’s been booked since Warrior Games, then he doesn’t belong in the Land of No Limits anyway! Miguel St-Claire on the other hand seems made for the NLWF! He’s really starting to come into his own and I can’t wait to see him get pushed against the best the Federation has to offer over the next era!

Tommy Cornell: James Shark
John Greed: James Shark

Tommy Cornell: Smart money always bets on Shark! This is his year, he set an intention and that is what he fights for! 2013 is the year of the Shark and at the end of it James Shark wants to be recognized as Wrestler of the Year!

John Greed: He’s just on a different level than everyone else in this match. We’ve seen him evolve more in six months back with NLWF than we have seen him evolve in two years growing outside of it. He grew from his debut, dominated elsewhere, returned as one of the best and keeps on getting better! James Shark to retain and break records as Undisputed Champion!

Tommy Cornell: That brings up to the #2 ranked pound 4 pound, the guy who has been just one step behind James Shark on the scale of greatness throughout this opening era, he is the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion now for a second time, with the Reign of Chaos moving at full force, Psycho!

John Greed: He’s got the best move set in all of wrestling and is just so balanced that he’s a mismatch for anyone he goes against! Psycho could easily be undefeated, #1, the best in the Federation, but his set backs have come at the hands of the truly great and elite. Shark barely took a few wins from Psycho that could have changed the fate and direction of the opening era drastically! Instead, Psycho did everything he had to do, win or loss he kept fighting harder and harder, getting stronger with each battle instead of breaking down!

Tommy Cornell: We witnessed Psycho avenge his lone loss to Brenton Cyrus at Warrior Games, taking back the World Championship that was taken from him as well as adding a whole new level onto the now rivalry between the two!

John Greed: It was all about respect between the two of them for three and a half months, until Psycho came to the realization that respecting Brenton Cyrus too much was only holding him back from taking his spot! Psycho swung the hammer down, literally and figuratively, ending the respect the two men have for each other outside the ring, while only increasing it inside the ring!

Tommy Cornell: So far I would give the two of them rivalry of the year honors, it’s been an epic tale they’ve created in battle for World Championship dominance!

John Greed: At Warrior Games Psycho and his Reign of Chaos ended the biggest active singles streak in the NLWF held by Brenton Cyrus until that match at eight wins in a row! Psycho now has more momentum going into chapter 2 as the leader of the Reign of Chaos era!

World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
King of the Throne Match
[#2] Psycho [vs] Brenton Cyrus [#5]
[#12] Crimson Skull [vs] Damien Kingston [#14] [vs] Johnny Stylez [#10]

Tommy Cornell: Psycho and the Reign of Chaos rained all over the Respect parade being thrown by Brenton Cyrus. Many believed he would lead an era of Respect into the future for the Federation, but Psycho has other plans!

John Greed: Psycho is a man who has always done whatever he wants! He realized a Respect era would only hold him back so he did what no one else had the balls to do, he stepped up, he brought the fight, he made it his own! Psycho shifted the era in the direction he wants and now at King of the Throne he defends that and the entire World along with it!

Tommy Cornell: Three men here in the top ten, but all of these men know each other very well. Psycho originally took the title from Stylez who was holding onto it for dear life having an impressive run as champion none the less. He was stopped then by Brenton Cyrus in the finals of Tournament to the Title, forced to watch as his major moment was taken, nearly ruined.

John Greed: Brenton Cyrus went on to battle Stylez and Skull in one of the greatest End Game matches of all time, but it still wasn’t enough to put an end to either rivalry it would seem. Crimson Skull took that loss like a slap to the face and since that End Game he has shown the Reaper like dominance that made him an icon in the sport! If the Reaper Crimson Skull we know shows up, King of the Throne is going to have one of the greatest World title matches ever!

Tommy Cornell: It was King of the Throne where Brenton Cyrus won his first World Championship in the King of the Throne match, will Damien Kingston share the same destiny? He has a chance to become a double champion, remain undefeated, as well as solidify himself as one of the best in the entire World the way he has claimed since his arrival! Damien Kingston is without a doubt the dark horse in this match so to speak, he’s the lowest ranked in the match, yet could very well be the most dangerous threat to take the World Championship away!

John Greed: I completely agree with you! Damien Kingston has had it easy though in comparison to the other men in this match. While the four others have been battle tested time and time again in the Federation, Damien Kingston has dominated since his debut having one of the best months of March than anyone!

Tommy Cornell: Damien Kingston
John Greed: Psycho

Tommy Cornell: I’m going with the upset of the night on this pick! I’m going with Damien Kingston to walk away with two championship belts as well as shifting the era back from the Reign of Chaos, into an Era of Respect! Damien Kingston has everything it takes and so much more to be the very best, this is his greatest opportunity!

John Greed: Nicely put, but once again I’m going with the champion. I know the champion has no advantages in this match, but Psycho is an exception to that. Everyone is forgetting that this is Hardcore Psychopath! The same maniac who drove a semi truck into an arena! Matches such as King of the Throne are matches Psycho excels in and makes his own! I expect to see some of the greatest and most brilliant innovations of violence we’ve ever witnessed in the King of the Throne match!

Tommy Cornell: That’s a tremendous point! But we’ve seen what Psycho can do, we haven’t seen yet what Damien Kingston is willing to do! He’s certainly the wildcard in this match!

John Greed: Speaking of wildcard, how about the uncensored reign of the No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion? Robbie Hart is another guy who has really hit a strive inside the ring and has finally lived up to the potential and hype that has followed him throughout his life!

Tommy Cornell: No one ever did to Nick Ridicule what Robbie Hart did, the two of them put on a sibling slug and slap fest that will be remembered for years to come. I only wish that match at Warrior Games would have been no disqualification, we’re going to have to settle for King of the Throne!

John Greed: He asked for Nick Ridicule and he got him! Pass of Judgment down the Stairway to Hell, but it cost him the match! Regardless of how he did it, Robbie Hart retained the NLWF title against the greatest NLWF champion in then history of the Federation!

Tommy Cornell: He took the title from him at Dangerous by Design, defended the title against him at Warrior Games, Robbie Hart is the only double champion currently in the NLWF and he’s looking dominant with both belts, in the tag team and singles divisions!

John Greed: Robbie Hart lost his Insurgency title in a match that was ripped off from King of the Throne, although that company did everything it could to make sure he lost that match out of fear he would bring the belt to NLWF when he jumped ship! Robbie Hart has been on a mission to avenge the bullshit of the place that tried to ruin him, this would be a perfect culmination of all he’s been through!

No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship
King of the Throne Match
[#3] Robbie Hart [vs] Nick Ridicule [#6]
[#13] Aaron O’Shea [vs] Michael Harris [#8] [vs] Blood

Tommy Cornell: But you look at the match and you have to think it could be the most dangerous of all. I’m still thinking the World Title match will steal the show, but in this match you have some very closely ranked top ten guys! Robbie Hart is going to be taking on some of the best! Nick Ridicule in an NLWF title match is always dangerous and determined!

John Greed: But you’re forgetting the man who did the unthinkable already in his NLWF debut! The man who beat an NLWF champion, beat a streak, and beat it into all the doubters faces! I’m talking about the Untouchable One of course, Michael Harris!

Tommy Cornell: Fastest rising star in recent memory, Michael Harris has done this a long time and many are now saying that had Chuck Matthews not been a part of NLWF all those years, Michael Harris would have come in a lot sooner to make his presence known!

John Greed: Imagine how much history that would have changed? Instead, Michael Harris changed the now, the present, he defeated the best and most impressive major pay per view streak I’ve ever seen in this sport and he did it by beating the fight out of one of the toughest men we have ever seen step foot in the NLWF!

Tommy Cornell: Now Harris will have a chance to beat another original Salvation member in Nick Ridicule, another tag team champion in Robbie Hart, as well as the Immortal Aaron O’Shea and returning Blood out for vengeance! Harris could become the NLWF Champion and no one would argue that he deserves it after what we’ve seen him do.. whether we like it or not..

John Greed: You don’t have to like it, but you should get used to it! Michael Harris is here to stay and if Warrior Games was an indication of what he will do in the NLWF than he’s going to be a force in the Federation!

Tommy Cornell: Nick Ridicule
John Greed: Michael Harris

Tommy Cornell: I’m going with ol’ reliable! Nick Ridicule to become an 8 time NLWF Champion finishing what he got started at Warrior Games in route to taking his belt back! Nick Ridicule hasn’t had the year we thought we would see from him, but considering he’s only fought the best event after event, he’s on the verge of capturing that original fire that took him so far!

John Greed: Michael Harris! That’s all you had to say following Warrior Games and it would send a chill down the spine of any true wrestling fan. Sure the streak was a padded record of nobody gives a fucks, but everyone believed in it so heavily that when the streak crashed no one knew what to do. Michael Harris told you so! Michael Harris against the odds ripped and tore at Chuck Matthews all throughout the build of Warrior Games, then he backed it up in the ring! Do not doubt Michael Harris! He’s going to do it again at King of the Throne!

Tommy Cornell: Since her arrival, Brooklyn Carter has cleared the womens division now to the point where you have to wonder if a separate division is even needed anymore. Sure she failed horribly in the Main Event of Warrior Games, but the fact is it was a spot she didn’t truly earn in the first place. Now she’s got a shot to earn it.

John Greed: For the first time ever, Queen of the Throne will be held to determine the Womens World Champion, with the winner set to unify the belts against the Undisputed Champion in the main event.

Tommy Cornell: I believe it is best for NLWF to be intergender. We’ve seen what women can do against men, Megan O’Day who was the reason the womens division exists even said one day she wanted to see the girls fight the guys.

John Greed: Now is that time. Brooklyn Carter is close to completely wiping out all the competition in the division for a second or third time now.

Tommy Cornell: She either needs to step away or step it up! She’s ranked #4 and therefore should be fighting against the major title holders, not trying to keep an unneeded division going!

John Greed: But you saw the fear on her face when she had her shot against Shark! What about against Psycho? Or Robbie Hart? Nick Ridicule for that matter... Brooklyn Carter is the best womens wrestler in the world, but against names like that I don’t see her standing any chance!

Womens World Wrestling Championship
Queen of the Throne Match
[#4] Brooklyn Carter [vs] Alison Williams
[#20] Angel Kash [vs] Rhiannon Leblanc [vs] Sheyanne Successful

Tommy Cornell: As you can see, Brooklyn really the only ranked with Angel Kash just getting going. Alison Williams is going to be returning from her short retirement, but she didn’t do well against Brooklyn Carter in their one on one match anyway.

John Greed: Seems she tried to rope a dope her, letting her get tired before fighting back. It just didn’t work the way she wanted and she get beat because of it!

Tommy Cornell: Rhiannon Leblanc really is the only hope to stop Brooklyn Carter in my eyes, because she represents the unknown. All we know is that she’s approaching 300 days as champion elsewhere, but as we’ve seen the competition in NLWF isn’t that easy.

John Greed: Amazing accomplishment, but taking the belt from Brooklyn Carter would mean more than all 300 of those days combined! How can you be a champion that long and not get treated with the respect deserved to you, I have no idea, but Rhiannon Leblanc has a chance to make herself a major champion main eventer in the NLWF all in one night! All these girls have that chance!

Tommy Cornell: Brooklyn Carter has put the fear of Boss Bitch in each of them though! I expect her to destroy all four of them and meet up with James Shark as the King and Queen of the Throne!

John Greed: I agree with you, but that means we may have another Warrior Games awkward match between the two, especially with Angel Kash in charge of the venue, I’ve heard she can be vindictive!

Tommy Cornell: Brooklyn Carter
John Greed: Brooklyn Carter

Tommy Cornell: Brooklyn Carter in unstoppable in a division where she’s leaps and bounds better than everyone else. I want to see her branch out for something more than just womens wrestling dominance!

John Greed: She could dominate wrestling, why settle for just womens wrestling?

Tommy Cornell: The division is set to end at King of the Throne, but with as many shifts we’ve seen lately that could change just as fast!

John Greed: Brooklyn Carter isn’t going to lose to anyone in the womens division. She’ll dominate forever if the Federation can keep finding feeders for her!

Tommy Cornell: At what point does she get called the greatest Womens World champion of all time?

John Greed: Not yet, Alison Williams still has that honor, Megan O’Day was a tremendous champion and pioneer, Ashley Matthews even had some great moments as the champion. Brooklyn Carter is on the verge, when it’s all said and done I do believe she’ll be the best of the bunch!

Tommy Cornell: Zubaz
John Greed: Zubaz

Tommy Cornell: We saw the will of Dan Alexander get broken by Johnny Stylez at Warrior Games. Zubaz is a mountain of a man who i’m looking forward to seeing officially debut.

John Greed: The Baz has stepped foot in the greatest Federation on earth, he’s in the Land of No Limits and now he just needs to see if he belongs!

Tommy Cornell: Warren Bates
John Greed: Mercer Snow

Tommy Cornell: Greatest double debut in the history of the NLWF? On paper anyway it is, one of these guys is going to start off strong while the other will take the road less traveled as they begin their rise in the Federation.

John Greed: I’m loving this match. Warren Bates believes he’s better than you and everyone else. Mercer Snow has shown he’s better than most winning UFC gold, Olympic gold, yet he’s one of the most humble gentlemen you’ll ever meet. Clash of styles at it’s vert finest, double debut, someone is starting strong and someone is starting soft!

Tommy Cornell: London Carter
John Greed: London Carter

Tommy Cornell: Mitch Mcclure was set to be one of the guys who would lead Respect, which makes sense since the Reign of Chaos has now killed respect, much like Mcclures career!

John Greed: Both of these guys are former champions of the mid card who just haven’t gotten it going like many believed. Both have competed in big time matches coming up short, now they are going to go at it one on one, loser falls from the ranks I would imagine.

Tommy Cornell: King of the Throne is stacked, but that’s not all! NLWF returns to your TV with Reign of the Champion a brand new show that will feature a blend of NLWF Talent as well as ASWA talent on the rise.


Tommy Cornell: That’s worth watching the show just with that, but the King of the Throne match gets broken down into four different matches, a Ladder Match, a Double Cage Horror, a Hell in a Cell, and Steel cage match to take place at Reign of the Champions!

John Greed: It’s such a stacked card it should be a pay per view event! We’ve gone well over our time spot though here, thanks to our friends at NLWF and MEN TV for putting us on air. 7 Days Till King of the Throne! ORDER IT ON PAY PER VIEW!
Tommy Cornell
Tommy Cornell
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