NLWF Presents:
The Federation that promises to blow your mind as we lead the golden age of Pro Wrestling into the future! The No Limit Wrestling Federation is like no other, where you will be given limitless opportunities to excel fast as you compete in the Land of No Limits, fighting in the best Blood Sport on Earth!

NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!


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♠It's okay. I'm here now.♠

Post by Warren Bates on April 17th 2013, 11:32 am

♦-♠-ʡΩ|CHAPTER ONE|Ωʢ-♠-♦
NLWF Contract Signing.

It is strange to me, sitting here in this office. I haven't been in a office like this in a long time.
But the time has come for me to show the world what I have to offer inside that squared circle. So
I sit here and I wait. I just want to get this over with. My beautiful lady is waiting for me
at home, and I haven't seen her in days.

"So you want to come to the land of No Limits?" Brenton Cyrus walks into his office and sits down. He looks at me, I know he is evaluating me on the way that I am dressed. Business suit, only wait to go. Got to suit up. "Yes, Mr. Cyrus. I think I have what it takes to make a name for myself here." I respond to his question diligently.

"Are you always dressed to impress like this?" He asks me. I smirk, how should I answer this question? I tell him the truth. Of course I am always dressed to impress. I am Warren Bates for crying out loud. You want respect? You have to look sharp. "Yes, sir. I believe in order to feel that you are the best, you have to look like you are the best. I come from a family of business men and mobsters. If I didn't dress like this outside of the ring or the gym, I am pretty sure I'd be dead." How is that for a answer. Bet he wasn't expecting that. Brenton Cyrus sits there, a smile appears on his face. I knew he would like that answer. But the question still I accepted into the No Limits Wrestling Federation? "Well," Brenton Cyrus speaks up "welcome to the land of No Limits my friend!" Cyrus exclaims as he signs the dotted line and pushes the contract papers across the desk over to me.

I look down at the papers, this is it. My chance, finally. I sign the dotted line where Brenton Cyrus points out. "Thank you Mr. Cyrus. You won't regret this." I say to him as we both stand up. I extend my hand out as he does the same and we shake hands.

♦-♠-ʡΩ|ONE DAY LATER|Ωʢ-♠-♦
Chicago, Illinois

"Baby, is that you?" I heard her say from the kitchen. My love. Chloe Rourke. "Yes babe, it's me." I say to her as I walk into the kitchen to join her. "How did it go Warren?" She seemed so excited for her question, or maybe she was anticipating the question. "Well, you are looking at the newest member of the No Limits Wrestling Federation roster!" As I said this, she screamed for joy and jumped up, wrapping her wonderful arms around me. Oh the feeling of her body pressed against mine. "I'm so happy for you Warren! You are going to do great things, I can feel it!" Her words are always reassuring to me.

I have no doubt that I will do great things in the NLWF. I know I will. Because I have to. Because I am the best. I am better. At everything. "Thank you Chloe. I have no doubt that I will. So, how was your day yesterday while I was gone?" She looks at me and smiles. "Well, I bought some wine to celebrate..and I little outfit to wear for you tonight in the bedroom." She gave me a seductive smile like none other I've seen. I immediately wished that is was night time already. Damn it. "Oh yeah, is that so? Well, what are you making then?" I say to her as she turns around back to the stove. "Well, I am making a steak dinner with garlic bread, potatoes, and some green beans." She knows how much I love her cooking. "That sounds absolutely perfect baby." I say to her. "I am going to go upstairs and take a shower." I tell her as I walk to her and kiss her on the lips before making my way to the stairs and going up.

After dinner, laying in bed.

We are laying in bed, Chloe and I. I can't sleep, feeling restless. She sure showed me how excited she was about me being signed to the NLWF. Such a wonderful woman she is. "Chloe?" I say out loud. "Are you awake babe?" She rolls over and puts her head on my shoulder as I posed the question to her. She looks up at me with a smile on her face. "Yeah sweetie. I am. What is on your mind?" She asks me.

What is on my mind? Such a simple question but yet always requires a deep answer. I say to her "I am wondering something, when I go out on the road for the NLWF, would you like to go with me? Be my ring valet?" She sits sits straight up, her eyes wide. She holds the covers over her chest and looks at me. "YES! Yes Warren I would love to!" She practically yells this to me, barely able to contain her excitement. "Good. I was hoping you'd say yes. Amazing. Now I really can't wait to make my debut. This will be perfect. Better than Japan and better than Mexico." I exclaim as she lays back down, laying her head on my chest and running her finger tips up and down my abs.

"When do you get to make your debut Mr. Bates?" She asks as she continues to play with my abs. Perfect, aren't they? Is what I want to say to her. Ha. "Well, you keep doing that, someone else is going to come back for another match." She laughs as I smirk at what I just said. The blanket starts to raise, she looks at me with one of her eyebrows raised. "Oh my, you weren't kidding where you?" She says as she starts to lower herself. Nope, I wasn't kidding. Her head disappears below the covers, I feel her mouth go down around my dick. She starts to suck and lick like it is a lollipop. "Mmmm, you know exactly what I like baby." I say to her as I throw the covers back and grab her hair to help her out a little bit, and to get a better view of her mouth around my cock. I pull her hair and make her come back up to my level. "Let us fuck!" I say to her.

Chloe straddles me. She teases me with her wet pussy, rubbing it on my dick but not letting me enter her. Pure torture! Just when she thinks she has me, I slip inside her and take her breath away. Such a beautiful noise. She rides me so well. I let her ride me until she starts to shiver and shake from her orgasm. Now it is my turn. I throw her off of me and flip her over to her hands and knees. I get behind her and enter with force. She screams out in pleasure as I start thrusting her pussy, each time going deeper, each time going harder. I look to my side and see us in our mirror wall. God damn, we are sexy. "Oh God yes! YES!" She yells out. I look at myself in the mirror and I point to myself. You are a fucking beast. You are a God! Warren Bates. You are better than anyone else! I flex my arms and move my hair back. I look back down at her in front of me, I slap her ass and wrap her hair around my hand and pull. She comes up and I whisper in her ear. "You ready for it baby?" I ask Chloe, referring to my cum. "YES! YES WARREN! Give it to me!" She yells out. I continue to thrust, one more thrust and I bust inside her.

She rolls over to her back and lays there, I let myself fall next to her. She looks at me and smiles. I watch her as she gets up and walks to the bathroom. That is how you fuck, Warren Bates. Better than anyone.

♦-♠-ʡΩ|THE SHOOT|Ωʢ-♠-♦

♦-♠-ʡΩ|WARREN BATES|Ωʢ-♠-♦
"So I am coming to the Land of No Limits. The land where Immortals battle. Where it appears from the look of things, that Chaos reigns supreme. I didn't make it in time to debut at Warrior Games. That is okay though, I will let you have your little pay-per-view greatness without me. That is perfectly fine, I should have capitalized on signing this contract a lot sooner. But a lass, I didn't. I am here now though, and that is all that matters."

"I've wrestled all over the world. From the United States to the United Kingdom. From Mexico to Japan. From Russia to Canada. I've been all over the world, but I have yet to see a federation as pristine, a federation as perfect as the NLWF. I've seen you guys on pay-per-view. I've been to some of them in person. I have been itching to step foot inside a NLWF ring, and what better time to do that than now, with the new era being brought in and what not. So I gave up the indie scene. I gave up the indie fame to come into the big leagues. I came to play with the wrestlers in the NLWF."

"Make no mistake, if you think for one second that I am some little chump bitch from the little leagues, you will be taken by storm. You will be shown that not only that you were wrong, but that I am simply, better than you!"

OOC: Just a little introductory role play. Trying something new, hopefully it works out. And hopefully you enjoyed it!

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