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Mercer Snow

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Mercer Snow

Post by Uprising on April 7th 2013, 3:33 am


"You Had a Choice, Man. You Had a Choice."
"So you found God, huh? That's awesome. See, Mom kept calling out for him but he wasn't around. I guess Jesus was down at the mill forgiving all the drunks. Who knew?"

Tom Hardy.

Wrestler Name:
Mercer Snow.
Augusta, Maine.
90 kg.
Favorite Specialty Match:
Last Man Standing.
Entrance Music:
For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica.
Snow is hard to align, he’s liked by most, but he’s a dirty fighter. However, he would probably be categorized as a Face.
Years Wrestling:
Only wrestling professionally for about six years, but he’s been doing mixed martial arts since he was ten, using wrestling maneuvers while doing so.


The Iceman’s Hand.
A very hard hitting right handed punch, usually followed up by another on the ground, sometimes repeatedly.

The Ice Breaker.
Called one of the hardest hitting and devastating moves in sports entertainment, it is a running, flying knee straight to the face. However, sometimes it’s just a flying knee. Sometimes followed up by several punches.

The Icicle.
Rarely used, a German Suplex performed with one arm reaching over the opponent’s right shoulder and one arm under the opponent’s left arm. Usually in succession.

The Spear. For accurate representation of this move, click this link


The Blizzard.
A devastating spinning Heel Kick.

The Ice Pick.
A springboard roundhouse kick. Usually done off the turnbuckle, rather than the ropes. (Much less flashy than the gif below)

Mercer was born in Augusta to an upper middle-class family. He had a pretty easy, normal early life. At the age of ten, his mother had gotten him into some mixed martial arts lessons for him to start doing some sports and quickly grew a liking to it, training more and more. In his early teens, he was made fun of and bullied because of his sister being a special-needs child. This caused him to get into a lot of different fights and secretly used these fights as a way to train in real life. But this was also a very hard time in his life and he wanted to get away from it all.
At the age of seventeen, Mercer enlisted into the United States Military and went through basic training for the marine core in 26 weeks, going off on his first and only tour in Afghanistan in his 28th week in the Marines. He finished his tour three months after his 28th week and continued his time with the Marines until the age of 20, when he finished his two-year service and went home to Maine, where he continued his MMA training and started his studies at the University of New England. In a mere six months, he was scouted by the UFC to join their reality TV show, the Ultimate Fighter.
Winning the Ultimate Fighter and becoming a UFC Heavyweight Competitor, he quickly rose through the leaderboards, known as Snow (named because of his last name and for how he “iced” people in matches), before becoming the number one contender for his weight division’s title. After winning the title, he was awarded the Match of the Year Award in 2005 for the title match. He vacated the title shortly afterward, deciding to go into the Light Heavyweight division. Again, he quickly rose through the ranks and won the Light Heavyweight Championship a year after his last title, winning that year’s Match of the Year award as well. He held that title for a couple of years, before retiring from the UFC.
After his impressive run in UFC, Mercer thought he would be done with fighting, continuing studying medicine to one day become a medical doctor. And even while he did continue his studies, he had gotten more and more into wrestling after his run in UFC, he started to wrestle in professional leagues, the first one in his University, where he won another championship yet again during that time. And, at the year 2008, he won the Gold Medal for Wrestling in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
He continued to wrestle professionally for a time, until finally being scouted by the NLWF, early 2013.

Wearing white wraps across his forearms, hands, and fingers, as well as boots, he switches from wearing MMA shorts and black tights.

Fighting style:
MMA Fighter – Is very skilled in mixed martial arts, being a good grappler as well as an amazing striker.
Fast, Strong, and Durable – Learning this from his years of MMA, Snow is quick with his attacks, agile, strong, and can take many hits and punishment.
Not Technical – Rarely having his grapples and attacks by the books, he doesn’t have much finesse, seeming clumsy at times, while others can move seamlessly from a punch to a grapple.
Dirty – Snow will do whatever it takes to win.
Reliant – Snow relies too much on his striking skills, even though he has grappling skills under his belt. This allows for capitalization and his ultimate defeat.
Emotional – Snow gets very angry during matches at times, sometimes relentlessly beating his opponents to a pulp, but this also makes him clumsy and even less technical than he already is, allowing for, again, capitalization and his ultimate defeat.
A Bit too Humble – When hearing of people such as Brenton Cyrus and James Shark, who have amazing charisma, Snow is known to shrink away, thinking his accomplishments are too little compared to his or anyone else’s.

Move List:

1. Boxing Body Rush.
2. Roundhouse Kick.
3. Boxing Punches.
4. Judo Flip.
5. Boston Crab.
6. Crossface.
7. Triangle Hold.
8. Kimura.
9. Suplex.
10. German Suplex.
11. Tiger Suplex.
12. Belly to Belly Suplex.
13. Hurricanrana.
14. Body Splash.
15. Flying Elbow.
16. Back Suplex.
17. Spear.
18. Bicycle Kick.
19. Calf Kick.
20. Spinning Jumping Kick.
21. Right Hook, Left Hook.
22. Jumping-Off-Turnbuckle-Kick.
23. Axehandle.
24. Bulldog.
25. Flying Elbow Smash.

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -
Tom Hardy.

Career Accomplishments –

UFC Heavyweight Champion.
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.
The Ultimate Fighter Winner.
United States College Division Wrestling Champion.

Gold Medal:
Gold Medal in the Olympics for Wrestling.

2005 UFC Fight of the Year Award.
2006 UFC Fight of the Year Award.

Entrance –
Ding… Dong… Ding… Dong…

The bells of the song For Whom the Bell Tolls ring and the electric guitar comes in, there, Snow walks out, a towel around his shoulders. He looks around for a moment before walking to mid-way down the ramp, then ripping the towel off his shoulders, tossing it to a nearby fan.

He then gets into a boxing position, jabbing once with a right hand, uppercutting once with a left hand, and then throwing a right hook, a firework shooting off at the stage each time a punch is thrown. He walks quickly to the ring, where he gets onto the apron, slides in through the second rope, and starts shadow boxing, waiting for his opponent.

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Re: Mercer Snow

Post by Brenton Cyrus on April 7th 2013, 9:51 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
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300 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
30 Appearances

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$250,000 + $250,000

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..:PPV Bonus:..

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..:Contract Promises:..
Guaranteed Championship Match

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..

Brenton Cyrus

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Re: Mercer Snow

Post by Uprising on May 15th 2013, 12:39 am

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Birthday : 1994-10-30
Age : 24
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Re: Mercer Snow

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