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It Ain't Over

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It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 4th 2013, 11:15 pm

James Shark: Hey Brooklyn… listen, we’ve all been through some fucked up shit and I think…

I slammed my hands onto the steering wheel in anger. Here I was in my car right outside of Brooklyn’s home in L.A, I had been sitting here in the driver’s seat stationed up in front of her place for what felt like an hour.

Creepy, I know.

I just didn’t know how to approach her. Our match was a few days ago and I knew a “few” days is what she and I both needed to just sit back and chill without all the drama that we had been going through for the past few months.

Sitting here in my car, I had been saying a bunch of lines to myself that I just didn’t like.

James Shark: Brooklyn, let’s face it, facing each other in a match was like the worst possible thing we…. Nah… actually you hitting me in the face with a fucking barbed wire ste-…. Motherfuck this shit man…

I angrily got out of my car, opening up the door and slamming it shut behind me. I was tired of just sitting around, if this was meant to be it was meant to be. I was going to go in there and just say what I had to say, do what I had to do, and if it didn’t work out? At least I tried.

Truth was, I was nervous. I tried to come off as that dude with that “I don’t give a fuck” type attitude but as I came closer to her door step, my stomach felt like it was eating me up inside and I actually began to shake a little as if it was cold out.

It was hot out and here I was shivering, this wasn’t right. This was probably not even the right place, I had to just chill out. I had never been to Brooklyn’s home here in L.A, she even had that house warming without me because by the time she moved over here we were already broken up.

As I reached the door step, I began to knock on the door. I waited for about a minute or two until the door opened, I didn’t hesitate.

James Shark: I love you Brookl-the fuck are you?

I stood in front of a short old chubby woman.

Woman: Ah… ok yes

James Shark: Brooklyn Carter, where she at?? Am I in the right place?

The woman stared up at me with a confused look on her face. I face palmed myself and stomped my foot on the floor in anger before banging my open hand onto a small mail box beside me that was hanging on the wall.

James Shark: I cannot believe this shit! I was out there for like a good hour like a pussy ass nigga rehearsing what I wanted to say…. All for nothing, why? Because it turns out I was rehearsing it for some dumbass woman who don’t even know how to say “Hello”, you probably don’t even know the hell I’m talking about right now do you?

All she did was just continue to look up at me, she slowly tilted her head to the side showing off her confusion even more.

James Shark: NEVER MIND! God damn, and the hunt for Brooklyn Carter begins… I wonder where she’s at, probably getting her fart hole licked by Madison right? Why am I even wasting my time?

I shook my head and turned around, walking down the steps.

Woman: ahh… Booklan Carker?

I stopped and turned around.

James Shark: What you say?

Woman: You for looking.. Booklan? To find?

I slowly nodded my head now, walking back up the steps.

James Shark: You know her?

The woman smiled at me and nodded her head. Now I frowned my face and raised my eyebrows, I was lost.

Woman: I can… to clean for her place if is a mess, and then to do help.

James Shark: You a maid or something? Cleaning lady? Slave? All of the above?

She opened her mouth to speak but hesitated to come up with an answer so just nodded her head.

James Shark: Well damn, why didn’t you say so then!? Brooklyn in there?

I began to pop my head over her shoulders trying to take a look inside the house.

Woman: No, Booklan go now, she far away for today.

James Shark: Well damn…

I looked down at my watch, it read “6:08”

Woman: She to find clothing for parky

James Shark: Neon’s party?

The woman nodded her head. That was a party I was expected to be at also, Neon was some chick from PDW and she had invited both me and Brooklyn to her birthday party.

James Shark: She finding clothes to wear for the party? That’s what you said right? So she’ll be coming back here to like get ready and stuff right?

Again I got a nod, I smiled. At least now I got the right place and I wasn’t so nervous anymore.

James Shark: So yo, I’m going to wait inside for her…

I took a step forward and the short woman quickly pushed me back. She caught me off guard with the strength of her push that I almost fell down onto the stairs. I used my balance to stay on my two feet.

James Shark: What the fuck!?

Woman: Not to enter! I no know who you to be!!

James Shark: Yo it’s cool, James Shark, she knows me, I’m… kind of a big deal to her so…

This time I thought she would let me in, but instead she quickly slammed the door right in my face. As soon as the door slammed I could hear her lock it from the inside.

James Shark: Are you for real right now?

I banged on the door but got no answer, after a few seconds I could hear her through the door.


James Shark: Man get the fuck out of here with that shit, now you making stuff up from the top of your head. She ain’t say that, don’t lie.


James Shark: Okay… that I knew but-


James Shark: Small wan?


James Shark: Okay now you pissing me off cause if you talking about my dick, I’ll show you my fucking dick right now and you can look through the damn peep hole on the door.


I shook my head in anger.

James Shark: Okay, stupid lil whore.

I turned around and walked down the steps, quickly jogging around the house, heading over to the backyard area. I jumped over the fence and got to the backyard, being surrounded by a lot of open space, a patio and a swimming pool.

As I saw the door to the house, I could see that there was a screen door apart from the actual door. The actual door was opened, and the screen door was closed. A smile grew across my face as I ran towards the screen, I opened it and made my way inside the house.

That lady must’ve been expecting me because she came at me swinging wildy at me with a frying pan. Dodging the pan and looking at it like punches, I was able to move out of the way and trip her, causing her to fall right down onto her belly, dropping the frying pan.

She quickly tried to scramble up onto her feet but I grabbed her up and pushed her right down to the floor, pinning her with my body. I transitioned over to control her back and grabbed her two arms, locking them together behind them.

James Shark: Make your funny ass jokes now, make em.

All I heard out of her mouth were a few cries, cries of pain. I wasn’t hurting her though, not at all, all I was doing was restraining her.

James Shark: Rope, where you got the rope?

She didn’t answer me.

James Shark: You gonna co-operate with me or we gon have some problems.

Slowly, she looked into my eyes and told me where the rope was.



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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 5th 2013, 11:24 pm

An Hour later ...

The scene opens up with Brooklyn arriving to her loft, she pulled up to the gate and the guard allowed her to drive in, as she made her way up the long drive way, she finally reached her loft and noticed the car outside her gate, she shook her head as she drive in through the main entrance and parked in front of her door. Brooklyn reaches in the back seat, grabbing her two bags from Dior and she makes her way to the front door, inside she notices pieces of rope on the floor.


Brooklyn walks through the dining room area and then into the kitchen, screaming Maria’s name, she makes her way down the long hallway where she notices a pair of Jordans sitting by the door.

Fucking Shark, I know this nigga is not in my fucking house.

Brooklyn turns, making her way towards the staircase, she kicks her heels off and sprints up the stairs until she reaches the master bedroom. She opens the door and still no Maria or a sign of Shark, she turns and heads into the other bedrooms and then the bath.


Brooklyn stands there for a minute.


Brooklyn runs back down the stairs and heads for the basement door located in the kitchen, she opens the door and sprints down the carpeted staircase that leads into the basement, finally she finds Maria who was tied up in the middle of the living room area, and on the couch was Shark who had a bucket of KFC that Brooklyn had earlier, sitting with his feet cocked up on the table, she holds up a piece of chicken and salutes to Brooklyn.


Brooklyn rushes over to Maria and quickly unties her, Maria stands there for a minute yelling in spanish. Brooklyn tries to calm her down, but Mafia brushes pass Brooklyn and runs up the stairs, Brooklyn stood there for a minute trying to scream for Maria to come back. Shark starts to get up from the couch but Brooklyn pushes him down forcing.

No you wait here fuckface, I’m not done with you.

Brooklyn rushes back up the stairs taking with Maria still trying to calm her down, Maria continues to yell in spanish, Maria turns and walks out of the side kitchen door leaving Brooklyn standing there, Brooklyn shakes her head in disgust making her way back down the stairs and into the basement where Shark was still sitting and eating.

Like that’s not fucking okay Shark, and you’re over there stuffing your fucking face acting like you don’t care that MY MAID was just tied to a fucking chair, against her will and probably scared out of her mind, you know what whatever, what the hell are you doing here James and why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

Brooklyn walks over to where the bar was set up, she reaches behind it pulling out one of her many weed boxes and pulls out a bag, she starts to roll a blunt up waiting to hear what James has to say for herself.


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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 6th 2013, 1:31 am

I smirked, sitting there looking up at Brooklyn. Before putting the bucket of chicken down I took out a drumstick and sat back on the chair with my legs crossed getting all comfortable. She rolled her eyes as she watched me do so, I just shrugged my shoulders.

JAMES SHARK: Have you noticed that literally every single spanish maid is named Maria? Weird...don't worry about her tho, she'll be fine. I tried to tell her that but I don't think she understood me, all she kept sayin to me was "Negro De Meirda"

Again I shrugged my shoulders as I took a bite out of the drum stick.

JAMES SHARK: Whatever the fuck that means right?

Brooklyn gave me a look on her face that told me she just wanted to know what was going on and she wanted me to cut right to the point. She began to roll up her weed as she looked up at me from time to time. I tossed the drumstick bone over to a near by trash can, and balled my fist up in accomplishment due to the bone landing inside the trash.

Since she was standing up, I stood up also, if we were going to talk we had to do it properly. I walked over to where she was and leaned over onto the bar as i watched her finish rolling her blunt. She put it into her mouth and then blew out all the marijuana smoke, most of it towards me. I nodded my head rapidly.

JAMES SHARK: Cuz thats necessary right? For real tho, I came here to talk to you. I didn't tell you I was coming cause you'd probably tell me to fuck off or something. I know that because had you been the one calling me to tell me you were coming over... I probably woulda said the same thing. We can be stubborn as fuck sometimes you know?

She just stared back at me.

JAMES SHARK: Okay... well... I guess we can start by talking about what led me to kick you off the team at Battle Lines anyways right? Starting from the David Zombie thang would be pointless, that's over and done with. So with that being said, what's up with you and Madison?


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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 6th 2013, 6:23 pm

Brooklyn walks from around the bar and over to where Shark was sitting, she started to sit down next to him on the couch, but she hesitated as she made herself comfortable in the lounge chair beside the couch. She took another hit of the blunt and blew the smoke out in the air, forcing her face to look at Shark again.

And as you can see that was the biggest mistake of your life, seeing as TEAM MAFIA destroyed all y’all niggas.

Brooklyn chuckled to herself as she watch James put his head down shaking it, she reached over and rubbed the top of his head laughing.

It’s okay, I know you’ll probably never admit that we were the better team that night even though you lost and I’m fine with that. But I just don’t understand your reasoning for being here today, and in my house.

James starts to talk, but Brooklyn places her finger against his lips It was weird to her because she was angry, she was still a little upset with Shark, but him being there kind of took that anger away, all she wanted to do was just touch him, and the flirtatious touching wasn’t helping the situation at all, she could tell Shark was confused by what was going on. She snatched her hand away and lean back into her chair, she takes another hit of the blunt and stares out into the open living room.

You always do this Shark, we fight, we argue, we say mean things and then we always end up getting back together, you promised me last time that we wouldn’t do this again, we wouldn’t go at each others throats and really hurt each other, I mean yes the whole Zombie thing was rude as fuck but at that time I was only thinking about myself, I didn’t really think about how you would feel and I do apologize.

Brooklyn hops up from the chair and walks back over to the counter, she reaches for her drink she made earlier and takes a quick shot. This was too much for her, she was nervous and the weed and alcohol was calming her down a bit, Brooklyn turned and leaned against the bar table.

And then that bitch, I won’t say her name but you know who I’m talking about, I mean so much happened these past few months that was just so damaging Shark, like I don’t know how to handle this whole situation, I mean you’re lucky I didn't fucking cut your balls off when I walked in this house and saw you.

A smile grows across her face.


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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 6th 2013, 7:20 pm

I sighed and shook my head getting a bit on the defensive.

JAMES SHARK: Don't put all the blame on me. Don't do that Brooklyn, to say "I" always do "this" is offending on the real. I mean yes, I guess you can pin the blame on most of the drama we had on me but there were a few things that were caused by you and a few things where I just turned the shoulder. I think "We" always do this, I think that'd be pretty fair to say no?

I shrugged my shoulders now

JAMES SHARK: At least I'm here right? When have you called me to fix things Brooklyn? When have you shown up at my house to try and fix things? It's always been me that's been reaching out and because of that a lot of people looking in from the outside would point at you and say that you just don't care. I know you though, I know you care... I'm not going to turn this whole thing into the blame game cause just like you said, you don't know why I'm here.... and I'm NOT here to do that. I'm here for us... People may look at us and say that we're not perfect... just like every other couple or person, but I gotta disagree, I think we're 100% perfect...

Nodding my head I just looked up at her as she let out a small smile, I got up and shook my head as I watched her smoke her blunt.

JAMES SHARK: But damn girl, before we get to that actual legit reason, you just going to be smoking without me? Here we are in your basement... why don't we make it like old times?

I walked over to where Brooklyn had her weed in the bar and grabbed some, rolling one up myself as I spoke to her with my back turned.

JAMES SHARK: You.... me.... your basement.... mary jane.... shit, all we're missing now is that music.

Shrugging my shoulders, I turned around.

JAMES SHARK: But we don't need that, we're here to talk. You brought up "that bitch" and I know who you're talking about. I also know that you too smart to know that there's nothing going on between me and her, that's old news, that's a 2010 thing. Maybe she still has feelings but shit... I'm your property right? I got my name on you, just like you're my property, London showed me that picture of you with that tattoo, you got my name on you too.

I walked over towards her now taking a hit off of my own blunt.

JAMES SHARK: So don't bring her up again, you know what's up with that just like I know what's up with you and Kai. Both of those situations have the same answer, "nothing" as in nothing is going on. The one thing I don't know is what's up with you and Madi, you didn't even answer my question the first time so what's up with you and homegirl?


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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 7th 2013, 11:21 pm

Brooklyn stood against the wall for a second, she put her head down and shook it as she listened to Shark go on and on, especially about Madison.

I’m young James, I should be able to have fun and party with my friends without you feeling a certain way about it. Madison and I are friends, close friends but nothing more than kissing happened, we were at the club, both fucked up and we just kissed and laughed about it.

Brooklyn breaks down and finally hands James the blunt, he takes a couple puffs before passing it back to Brooklyn.

As for me blaming “only” you, I wouldn’t do that because I know I added fuel to the fire, but I gave you so many opportunities to just leave the bullshit in the past and focus on our future, I mean we made plans, we wanted to build this empire and shit just got in the way.

Brooklyn walks over to James and sits down beside him, she places her hand on his and she grips it, holding onto it tight.

We should be so much further in our relationship by now, but sadly we suffer because we both are letting these ridiculous issues hold us back, so damn Shark what are we going to do?


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Re: It Ain't Over

Post by Guest on April 8th 2013, 12:04 am

I shook my head. I knew that it was all "fun" and that they were "fucked up" I could tell from the pictures. They weren't even together at the time but when it all happened, it bugged me how she used the pictures to try and anger me.

I had to let it go though, I did some things out in public to try and anger her too. I knew what I came here to do and I had never been so sure about anything in my whole life.

JAMES SHARK: I know exactly what we're going to do Brooklyn.

Smiling at her I walked closer towards her.

JAMES SHARK: Any other "couple" wouldn't have survived what we went through. I mean we literally been through it all Brookz. Through the good and the bad. These whole two months were fucking crazy and they were up and down, I really do believe that we already been through the "worst". Everything we did the media just twisted things up and gave us more problems. They made you and Kai out to be a couple, they made me and Chante out to be a couple. Chante had those rumors about us, Kai with his tweets, the whole you and Madison thing, me kicking you off the team, the interviews we both did saying those nasty things about each other, all those issues we had filming the movie, our match... there's so much... so much that happened in those two months. We went through so much drama to the point where there's literally NOTHING else that can happen that can be as bad as those two months were, and look where we are now...

I put my hands out.

JAMES SHARK: Here we are in your basement talking it out. Even though we may not be together I still see us as a "couple", it doesn't feel like we broke up cause you've never left my mind and there was not a day in those two months where I went without missing you, even when It seemed like I hated you. I know that same thing happened with you.

Looking away from her for a second I reached into my back pocket and took a deep breathe, I closed my fist with the item in my hand as I looked into her eyes and let out a small smile.

JAMES SHARK: I don't care what any of my friends or fans say about you. I know you got people in your ear saying negative things about me too, but you don't care either. We both don't care because all we care about is each other.

I motioned for her to pass me the blunt, as she did, instead of putting it in my mouth I put it away. With the other item still in my hand, I got my free hand to grab her hand gently.

JAMES SHARK: Being with you, I have never ever expeirenced so much drama in a relationship but at the same time I ain't ever loved anyone as much as I loved and still love you.

Gently I began to rub her hand with my thumb as I spoke.

JAMES SHARK: Brooklyn... Marie Carter, you're the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with.... but that can only happen if you want to take this roller coaster ride with me and do the same thing through the ups and downs.

I nodded my head slowly as I took my other hand with the item in it, revealing it to be a small box. I flicked it open with the same hand to reveal a ring, still holding her hand.

JAMES SHARK: Yes I am asking you to be my "forever" Wink


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Re: It Ain't Over

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