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Michael Harris

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Michael Harris

Post by Michael Harris on March 19th 2013, 3:45 pm

* Wrestler Name: Michael Harris

* Nickname:
- The Untouchable One
- Greatest Wrestler Alive Today
- The Best to Ever Exist
- The King of Professional Wrestling
- The Most Controversial Man in Sports Entertainment
- The God of Hardcore
- The Legendary

* Age: 32

* Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Chicago, Illinois

* Weight: 225lbs

* Height: 6'4

* Favorite Specialty Match: I Quit Matches

* Entrance Music: "No One Cares" by Atreyu

* Alignment (face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling: 12

* Quote: Optional: "Because I was BORN better than you!"

* Finisher:
- The Harris Effect
- The Brooklyn Knockout
- Sadistic Torture

* Finisher Description:
- Axe Guillotine Driver
- Gore
- Rolling Kneebar

* Bio/Backround: Long story short Michael Harris set out on a journey to become a professional wrestler 12 years ago. When he originally set out on that journey he never dreamed that things would become what they did. He has been all over the world, competed in main event after main event, and happens to have championship gold attracted to him as he's held a championship in nearly every single promotion he's ever worked for. After 12 years one would assume that the hunger and the desire to be one of the best - let alone be a professional wrestler would have faded out. That's not the case for Harris. He has stepped away a few times but that desire and that itch always returns. Cue to the return of the Untouchable One!

* Attire: It varies from time to time for the most part though Harris is known for wearing all black tights with barbwire design all around them. His logo on his back side and his last name running down the right leg in all blood red. He is known for wearing either black or blood red elbow pads. He tapes his wrists with black tape. He is also wears all black wrestling boots with blood red shoe laces.

* Fighting style: Hybrid

* Move List:

1. Simply Untouchable [Spinning Unprettier]
2. Bow Before Your King [Pepsi Plunge]
3. Contact Kill [Superkick to the Throat]
4. Welcome To My World [TKO]
5. The Greatest Elbow Drop In History [Macho Man Elbow Drop]
6. Submissions
- Figure Four Leglock
- Crippler Crossface
- Sharpshooter
- One Legged Boston Crab
- Ankle Lock w/ Grapevine
7. Suplexes
- Release German Suplex
- Dragon Suplex
- Half Nelson Suplex
- Stalling Suplex
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Snap Suplex
- Tiger Suplex
8. Stikes
- Roaring Elbow
- Right Handed Punches
- Short Arm Clothesline
- European Uppercut [after launching said opponent in the air]
- Low Blow [for either an intentional DQ or to cheat to win]
9. Strikes
- Standing Dropkick
- Yakuza Kick
- Spinning Roundhouse Kick
- Running Big Boot
- Running Knee Strike
- Enzurgri Kick
- Low Dropkick [to the knees of said opponent]
10. Diving
- SwanDive DDT
- Frog Splash
- Springboard Blockbuster
- Springboard DDT
- Guillotine Leg Drop
- 450 Splash
- Crossbody
- 540 Leg Drop [Rare / Big PPV Matches]
- Corkscrew Shooting Star Press [Rare / Big PPV Matches]
11. Snap Powerbomb
12. Flatliner
13. Back Body Drop
14. Cutthroat Neckbreaker
15. One Handed Bulldog
16. Even Flow DDT
17. Hurricanrana [ Rare ]
18. Reverse DDT
19. Flapjack [usually launching said opponent throat first over the top rope]
20. Double Hammerlock Spike Piledriver

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature: Edge

Career Accomplishments:

- BB2 World Heavyweight Champion [3x]
- BBR World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
- WGEF Global Heavyweight Champion [1x] -- First Ever
- WGEF World Heavyweight Champion [1x] -- Last Ever
- WGEF Champion [1x] -- Last Ever
- WGEF Undisputed Champion [1x]
- UPW Legends Champion [1x] -- First & Last Ever
- XCW Undisputed Champion [1x]
- WWER World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
- UWR World Heavyweight Champion [2x]
- THTXW Champion [1x]
- DWA World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
- GGW World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
- SWA World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
- CNA World Heavyweight Champion [1x] -- First & Last Ever
- uXw Legends Champion -- First & Last Ever
- AMW Legends Champion [1x]
- WWOW Apex Champion [1x] -- Became the Last Ever after quitting WWoW and burning the title.

- WWE United States Champion [1x]
- WGEF United States Champion [2x]
- BB2 United States Champion [1x]
- XCWA X-Division Champion [1x] -- First Ever
- XCW Extreme Champion [2x]
- THTXW Intercontinental Champion [1x]
- BUD Franchise Champion [1x]
- IWE Intercontinental Champion [1x]
- IWF Intercontinental Champion [1x]

- WGEF Tag Team Champions w/ Jason James [1x]
- BB2 Tag Team Champions w/ Brian Stylez [1x] & Razor Rob [1x]
- UPW Tag Team Champions w/ Randy Orton [1x]
- XCW Tag Team Champions w/ Jason Carter [1x]
- DWA Tag Team Champions w/ Phoenix Winterborn [2x]
- IWE Tag Team Champions w/ Kendrick Renton [1x]
- PWT Tag Team Champions w/ Phoenix Winterborn [1x]

- XCWA Hardcore Champion [1x] -- Last Ever
- WWER Hardcore Champion [1x]
- EWF Hardcore Champion [3x]
- FMM Hardcore Champion [2x]

- XCWA 2007 Royal Rumble Winner

- BB2 Money in the Bank Winner [1x] -- Successful Cash In
- WWER Money in the Bank Winner [1x] -- Successful Cash In
- XCW Money in the Bank Winner [1x] -- Successful Cash In
- THTXW Money in the Bank Winner [1x] -- Successful Cash In

- BB2 Hall of Fame Member.
- WGEF Hall of Fame Member.
- UPW Hall of Fame Member.
- SWA Hall of Fame Member.

- WGEF Scandal of the Year [2008]
- WGEF Superstar of the Year [2008]
- UPW's Tag Team of the Year w/ Randy Orton [2007]
- UPW's Punt of the Year w/ Randy Orton [2007]
- XCWA Most Controversial Superstar [2005]

Entrance:In the arena the fans are enjoying their night and the show that has been unfolding before their eyes. All of the sudden though the arena lights began to dim down and a dark red tint filled the lights making the entire arena a dark red. Up on the stage there was a single spotlight shining down as the tron featured the following statement.

“12 years ago a man set out to achieve one goal and that goal was to be the greatest professional wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. 12 years later, 21 World Titles Later, Several Main Events later, and Legacy built that will never be forgotten – that very goal has been accomplished. Yet the hunger to continue to be the best is still there. Tonight the greatest wrestler alive today feasts once again…HE IS HERE!”

Upon that following message being made “No One Cares” by Atreyu begins to play over the arena speakers and nearly instantly the crowd began to boo with everything they had within them for they knew who was about to make their presence known. Sure enough a couple seconds later Michael Harris walked out on stage in his wrestling gear and a huge smirk on his face. With the boos increasing Harris just smirked a little bit more soaking in the hatred as it was something he thrived on. Moments later he started to make his way down the ramp.

RING ANNOUNCER: “Introducing at this time from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds. The Untouchable One, The Greatest Wrestler Alive Today, and the King of Wrestling: Michael Harris!”

By now Harris had reached the ringside area and he wasted no time at all walking up the steps making his way across the apron. He stopped to look out at the crowd with that arrogant smirk featured before stepping through the ropes and getting into the ring. Once he was in the ring he wasted no time at all going to the nearest turnbuckle and climbing it. Harris then tossed his arms out to the sides and titled his head back while shouting out “Bow Before Me” which obviously got an even bigger negative reaction from the crowd. On that note Harris jumped down and the lights started to go back to normal. He made his way to the corner and leaned against it awaiting the arrival of his opponent for the evening.

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Re: Michael Harris

Post by Brenton Cyrus on March 19th 2013, 4:23 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
..:Contract Type:..

..:Length of Contract:..
600 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
60 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$500,000 + $1,000,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..
Guaranteed Championship Match

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..


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