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More Drama From Sharklyn

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More Drama From Sharklyn

Post by THE FEDERATION INSIDER on March 18th 2013, 2:26 am


Reporting March 16th 2013
FEDERATION INSIDER reporting live just before NLWF gives us another action packed PPV filled with surprises in Battle Lines. As each person on the card has set focus on this match, we can't say the same for James Shark and Brooklyn Carter. The two team captains for Team Undisputed and Team Womens. The two of them have just been eating each other up on Twitter lately and seeing other people.

Last night, both Brooklyn Carter and Jair Hopkins were spotted in Brooklyn's housewarming in L.A

What buisness does Brooklyn Carter have moving to L.A.... isn't that where James Shark lives? IT IS! Sources from the party held in Brooklyn's new home tell us that both her and Jair were seen together the whole night. Many of Brooklyn's friends even approached her multiple times to ask the two of they were dating. The two of them even reportedly went upstairs alone and did not come back down until an hour. Another source from the housewarming confirms that the two were making love to each other.

After they came back down, the two of them were apparently closer than ever. With Brooklyn sitting on Jair's lap and making out with him! Yet when confronted, both of them still claimed to be "Just Friends". When Brooklyn tweeted the picture of the two, James Shark tweeted "Friends with Benefits" which just caused them to go back and forth again to the entertainment of the fans.

The two of them clearly do not want each other as Brooklyn is fucking Jair and Shark is fucking Kash, but it should be reported that James Shark was spotted with Sharon Carter earlier this morning.

WHO IS SHARON CARTER YOU ASK!? Well none other than the mother of Brooklyn Carter!

Is James Shark fucking Brooklyn Carter's mom too!? Is Brooklyn Carter's mom fucking James Shark?

While the idea is funny and makes for a great story to "twist" up as James has accused us for doing mutliple times in the past, we will prove you all wrong by saying that they are not. We report nothing but truth and facts. Although they seem to be pictured rather close together in the above photo, our photographer tells us that the picture was taken after the two of them embraced in a hug.

Sharon had met up with James at a Bistro Restaurant near the arena. The two reportedly met up and chatted for no less than three minutes before James Shark got off of his seat and waked out the door with Sharon following him out. Whatever was said by her obviously had James wanting to cut the meeting short. Our on location crew also spotted Sharon giving James her business card but as soon as she turned around, James Shark tossed the card in a trash can.

At least he didn't litter right?
Rolling Eyes

We have not been able to contact Sharon about this mysterious meeting but fans are speculating that the meeting was made in hopes to bring the two back together. When we tried to contact Shark and ask him for questionings he told us to quote on quote "get off my dick". We have not been able to reach out to Brooklyn Carter or Jair Hopkins but if we do, be sure to check us out for the latest on this story as we will definetly have some answers.

Battle Lines will be Live tonight on Pay Per View as it will be the last stop before Warrior Games, the biggest Pay Per View of the year!


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