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Women HATE James Shark

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Women HATE James Shark

Post by THE FEDERATION INSIDER on March 11th 2013, 1:00 pm


Reporting March 11th 2013
FEDERATION INSIDER is reporting live, and just like the title says, Women HATE James Shark. Over the past few days, James Shark has managed to find himself in his usual twitter wars, only the majority of them, have been against Divas and not Superstars. In only a few days, James has managed to attack IWF Diva Molly Reid, NLWF Divas Sheyanne Successful and Tiami Tyler along with PWX Diva Harmony Love. Just before all this started, he even attempted to break up the relationship with Damien Kingston and Amber Walker. Tweeting Amber and telling her that she had just gotten "Ryan Hall'd" (cheated on).

And who could forget his "out of nowhere" decision when he kicked Brooklyn Carter off of his team? Since doing so Brooklyn has unfollowed him and tweeted to her followers, telling them all about James Shark. In interviews James has always said that he was this misunderstood person and that Brooklyn Carter was the only girl who knew the real him. Well it seems as though the "real" him is nothing but who we see on camera and on twitter, because Brooklyn Carter said that she had dated "A Liar, Backstabber and a Cheater". During Shark's twitter beef with Tiami Tyler, Brooklyn tweeted him saying "Leave her the fuck alone. Go fight with some men instead of fighting females all your life".

Well now the vast majority of female wrestling fans HATE James Shark. We checked into twitter to see his mentions filled with angry and upset women from all over the world. Tweeting him and telling him how much of a piece of shit he is!

It is Monday and James Shark has still failed to play the role of "Team Captain". Not only has he been calling his own team "#TeamShit" on Twitter, but he has not found a replacement for Brooklyn Carter yet. Leaving his team short of one person and at the disadvantage. Battle Lines is only a few days away and as the days go by, it will only get tougher for James Shark to find a person willing to step up to the plate, especially if it becomes a last minute thing. Then again... is there still a women out there that is willing to help James Shark?

Based on our own team that was on Twitter just last night, we can report that the insults and threats from the female fans dropped when James Shark had his twitter war with Damien Kingston. Damien Kingston, NLWF's biggest prospect to date was having a twitter war of his own with both Brooklyn Carter and Sheyanne Successful, after a few minutes of that, it was James Shark who stepped in. To the defense of Brooklyn Carter? Well that's what the fans think. Brooklyn even retweeted and tweeted her ex boyfriend and even called Kingston Shark Bait, however leave it to James Shark to fuck things up when we learned that he had "abducted" IWF Diva Jaci Sovereign and stuffed her into a closet! James tweeted saying that Jaci was going to have some assault charges put on her and she called it self defense. When he called it excuses, she replied with :

Although it seemed like a joke at first and Jaci even called herself to be on "Team Shark" we did reach the IWF Diva and she confirmed that James did in fact abduct her. She told us that it was for Battle Lines and he wanted to know if she was willing to be on his team. Nice going Shark. You never fail to screw things up, just look what happened with you and Brooklyn!

At this point, it seems that the only girl willing to help Shark out is former NLWF Diva and long time friend of Shark, Anna Stone. It seemed like Anna was set to make her NLWF return at Battle Lines but sources tell us that she was not allowed. The reasons for her not being allowed have not yet been confirmed yet. We don't know if NLWF is not allowing her or if someone from her own side is not allowing her.

With the clock ticking down, Team Undisputed will be in some serious trouble at Battle Lines if James Shark does not start acting like a professional and a Team Captain. Despite clearing out the IWF Tag Team Division and holding the IWF Tag Team Title until there were no more challengers, he is being looked at as one of the worst Team Captains in the history of wrestling as well as one of the worst Team Players/Teammates.

However with most women at this point hating Shark's guts. Will acting like a professional be enough?


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