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Axle Vengeance

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Axle Vengeance

Post by Guest on February 16th 2013, 10:58 pm

|-Real Name-|
Alex Vincent Dillinger
|-Wrestler Name-|
Axle Vengeance
|-Wrestler Nickname(s)-|
The Mother Fu*king Greatest
The Methodical Mastermind
The Butcher
|-Date of Birth-|
November 5th 1979
Los Angeles, CA
|-Currently Residing-|
Hollywood, CA
|-Favorite Match-|
Ladder Match
|-Entrance Music-|

GNF by Like Moths to Flames
|-Years Wrestling-|
16 years


Axle rocks skinny jeans, v-necks, tank tops, TOMS, Vans and various other borderline hipster clothes outside of the ring.

Inside the ring he wears black tights with three zombie green diamonds on the crotch and Vengeance written in zombie green on the backside. Zombie green kick pads over his black boots, black tape covering his left hand, zombie green bicep bands, and a black neoprene sleeve over his right arm.

|-Picture Base-|
Ronnie Radke

|-Fighting Style-|
Technical/Indy-High Risk

a. The Lobotomy

b. The Breakthrough

|-Finisher Description-|
a. Swinging Sideslam to a Reverse STO
b. Powerbomb to a double underhook facecrusher

|-Standing Moveset (Strikes)-|
1.) European Uppercut
2.) Asian Spike
3.)Japanese Insiguri kick
4.) (Running or Step-up) Enziguri
5.) R-15 (vicious kick)
6.) Knife edge strikes
7.) Series of stiff knee strikes.
8.) Savat Kick
9.) Side Salto
10.) Enzui Lariat

|-Standing Moveset (Grapple)-|
1.) Airplane Spin Drop
2.) Cradle Pile Driver
3.) Double Underhook DDT
4.) Michinoku Driver
5.) Japanesse Arm Whip
6.) Lateral Press into a Jaw Breaker
7.) Kitao Driver
8.) Mexican Arm Drag
9.) Nodawa Bomb
10.) Chono Corner Kick

|-Ground Moveset (Strike)-|
1.) Orihara Moonsault
2.) Double Foot Stomp
3.) Reverse Grape Vine
4.) Side Salto
5.) Side Kick
6.) Somersault Senton
7.) Fist Drop
8.) Yoshiro Tajiri Round House
9.) Double Kick to the face
10.) Abise Guiri (rolling kick to the head)

|-Ground Moveset (Grapple)-|
1.) Surfboard Chin Lock
2.) Jujigatamae
3.) Wakigatamae
4.) Upside Down Indian Leg-Lock
5.) Carotid Choke Technique
6.) Chin Lock w/ Body Vice
7.) Triangle Choke

|-High Risk Moveset-|
1.) Asai Moonsault
2.) Corkscrew Moonsault
3.) Corkscrew Plancha
4.) Flying Hurracanrana
5.) Missle Dropkick
6.) Monkey Flip
7.) Somersault Plancha
8.) Somersault Senton
9.) Springboard Splash
10.) Springboard Plancha
11.) Springboard Spin Kick
12.) Springboard Dropkick

|-Career Accomplishments-|
VWF Champion
VWF US Champion
RWF Heavyweight Champion (3x)
RWF Intercontinental Champion
RWF Tag Team Champion (4x)
RWF 2006 Hall of Fame
RWF Wrestler of the Year (back to back)
RWF Feud of the Year 2004
RWF Rumble Winner 2003
IWX Pure Champion
HFW Champion
HFW TV Champion (3x)
HFW Tag Team Champion (2x)
EVW Champion (2x)
EVW King of the Ring 2006
EVW Best Tag Team
EVW Tag Team Champion (3x)
SCW Tag Team Champion
SCW Champion
EW Pure Champion
PWSR Intercontinental Champion
PWSR Tag Team Champion
UECW Tag Team Champion
UECW No Limits Champion
UECW PURE Champion
UECW World Champion (3x)
UECW Xtreme Rumble Winner (1st Ever)
UECW King of UECW 2008
UECW Hall of Famer
Roughkut Hall of Famer

The lights in the arena, one by one slowly fade off until the entire arena sits pitch black. Tonight’s turn out is great, the arena is nearly jam packed with maybe the greatest wrestling fans ever seen to date. A buzz falls over the crowd as we sit there...waiting. Finally the lights along the tron pulsate as static begins to flow from the speakers. The static is quickly ended by the pulsating intro of music.

“How did it come to this?
A bitter taste is all I’m left with
I’m losing all of my patience.”

“GNF” by Like Moths to Flames blares with every pulse of the song's intro, a series of bright blinding white lights flash in time. Violently, the song’s pulsating intro kicks into the hammering of guitars as wind and smoke chaotically collect, swirl and clash on the entrance stage until it engulfs the entire stage whole. Every light in the arena slowly fade off except the red “exit” signs.

“I just can't bring myself
To care about you
You're somebody else now
I'll make it through to live another day
Don't tell me I'm wrong
You don't know what you have 'til it's gone.”

The energy of the crowd is amazing. The lights flicker off, as the strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the arena. Just when the music DROPS extra fucking HEAVY and the chorus smashes through the crowd boos loudly.

“I don't give a fuck
About the way you're feeling
Your mind is dead and empty
There's nothing I can do
Who will you be when the world gives up on you?”

Axle Vengeance rips through the curtain...he stands on stage before he looks left and right and stalks down to the ring in a VERY confident manner. He stares into the distance. The fans in the front row reach out and touch Axle until he slides under the bottom rope. The flashing bulbs of cameras surround and overtake the ring as Axle Vengeance rises up from the mat and climbs up on the ring ropes, balancing on the center of the middle rope. Facing the hard camera, Axle pounds his chest like a BEAST. Hopping down off the rope he heads to his corner cracking his wrists and knuckles getting loose before the match begins.


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Re: Axle Vengeance

Post by Brenton Cyrus on February 16th 2013, 11:07 pm

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15 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
2 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$500,000 + $1,000,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..

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