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Damien Kingston

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Damien Kingston

Post by Damien Kingston on February 12th 2013, 5:48 am

* Wrestler Name: Damien Kingston

* Nickname: Man of Liberty

* Age: 28

* Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): New York City, New York

* Weight: 238lbs

* Height: 6'1''

* Favorite Specialty Match: I Quit Matches

* Entrance Music: This Is My Life by Downstait

* Alignment (face/heel): Face with heel antics.

* Years Wrestling: 12 years

* Quote: Optional: I'll bring you liberty, or I'll die trying.

* Finisher:
1. Falling From The Empire
2. Oh Hail Liberty

* Finisher Description:
1. Omega Tombstone Piledriver
2. Horns of Aries

* Bio/Backround: Long story short Damien Kingston got into wrestling when he was in high school. It started off as just a hobby and a fun thing to do in the back yard on the weekends with his friends. As he got older though it increased his interest and he decided that he wanted to be a professional wrestler for the rest of his life. That's where the ever so cliche statement, and the rest is history comes into play.

About five years into the business Damien decided after all wrestling wasn't what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and at the age of 23 retired. Fast forward about another five years later Damien is catching up on the 'wrestling world' and that's when he witnessed that things had changed. That's when he had witnessed that the business he once knew and loved as losing it's respect. Losing it's honor and losing everything it should stand for.

December of 2012, Damien laces up the wrestling boots as he joins East Coast Wrestler Federation. His decision to come back to wrestling was to restore honor and respect back into wrestling. He was a man of liberty and believed that there is a code to follow. It didn't take long at all for Damien to begin making a statement in ECWF, and in a very short time managed to land himelf in a Fatal Four Way match where the winner would get a shot at Nate Daniels's Heavyweight Championship.

It would be on that night Kingston would come up short against Isaac Bongratz or as many referred to him as 'The Mute' or the 'Helen Keller of ECWF' and following that lost Kingston took his leave from ECWF. He has stated several times the company was tainted. It had no respect. It had no value. It had no honor and basically because he wasn't a 'cliq' guy and because he didn't 'fit' their mold he was getting screwed. So he left the company and left it at that.

Here we just a month and half removed from his departure from ECWF only to have Damien Kingston sign his name on the dotted line to NLWF contract. It's time to see if Kingston can truly make something out of his quest to restore honor, respect, and even liberty back into the business of professional wrestling.

* Attire: Click here

* Fighting style: An Orthodox

* Move List:

1. Multiple kick variations
Enzurgri Kick
Yakuza Kick
Springboard Tornado Kick
One Legged Dropkick
Calf Kick
Curb Stomp
2. Multiple strike variations
Left Handed Punches
Running Forearm
Roaring Elbow
Spinning Back Fist
Knee Lift
3. Multiple dive variations
Suicide Dive
Elbow Drop
Diving Headbutt
Guillotine Leg Drop
Diving Spear
Frog Splash
4. Multiple suplex variations
Tiger Suplex
Three Amigos
Northern Lights Suplex
Release German Suplex
Snap Suplex
5. One Handed Bulldog
6. Death Valley Driver
7. Powerbomb Into A Backcracker
8. Corkscrew Neckbreaker
9. Backbreaker into STO
10. Backbreaker into Russian Leg Sweep
11. Double Hammerlock DDT
12. Spike Piledriver [off the second rope]
13. Hurricanrana [done as a counter to throw the opponent into the turnbuckle post]
14. Hip Toss Neckbreaker
15. Spiral Bomb

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - CM Punk

Career Accomplishments - N/A

Entrance - In a jam packed arena fans were enjoying another some of the best wrestling that could be provided. All of the sudden the arena lights began to flash colors of white, black, and silver as the opening gutair rifs to "This Is My Life" by Downstait began to fill the arena's speakers. Instantly there was a reaction from the fans in attendance and for the most part it was mostly positive with a few boos in the mix. Moments later Damien Kingston stepped out onto the stage with a half cocked smirk looking out at the fans.

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing to you at this time from New York City, New York. Weighing in at 238 pounds and is known as the self-proclaimed Man of Liberty, DAAAMMMIIIIENNN KIIIIINGGGSTON!"

By now Damien had started making his way down the ramp. At the very bottom of it he stopped and looked around at the fans there in attendance once again. That smirk of his seemed to grow just a little bit as he nodded his head seemingly okay with the reaction he was getting from them. That's when he took a couple steps forward and pulled himself up onto the ring apron. He stepped through the ring ropes and quickly climbed the turnbuckle to the second rope. He threw his hands up into the air and shouted at the top of his lungs getting the crowd behind him a little more. A few seconds later he got down and walked to the opposite corner leaning against it waiting for his opponent to make their way out next with his music slowly fading out.
Damien Kingston
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Re: Damien Kingston

Post by Brenton Cyrus on February 12th 2013, 12:27 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
..:Contract Type:..
Pro Contract/Pay Per Appearance

..:Length of Contract:..
150 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
15 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$50,000 + $50,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..


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