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TOURNAMENT to the TITLE: February 2nd 2013

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TOURNAMENT to the TITLE: February 2nd 2013

Post by Ramirez Silva on February 7th 2013, 7:47 pm

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-Tournament to the Title-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Show began with hooded men delivering a body bag to the ramp as James Betterman watched from inside the ring. James Betterman fearing the worst slowly made his way to check out the body bag.

Psycho emerged from inside the body bag, grabbing James Betterman by his throat. He brought him down to the ring where the opening round match began.

Tournament to the Title
Opening Round
Psycho [vs] James Betterman

Psycho was able to finish James Betterman with a super fallaway slam from the top turnbuckle, but instead of releasing him, he tosses him up to his shoulders and brought him down into the middle of the ring with Livid Atrocity for the victory.

WINNER: Psycho

Following the match Psycho made his way up the ramp as Ms. Melons was shown on screen, tied up. Psycho made a challenge to James Betterman for Valentines Day Inferno, a Two out of Three tables Live or Die Match for Ms. Melons.

Psycho then told the world he wants James Betterman to win, he wants him to prove himself and back up all the talk from the last several months. Psycho decides this Live or Die match will be different from all the rest, as James Betterman has to win in order to save Ms. Melons, instead of losing. Every time Psycho starts to win at Inferno, Ms. Melons will be buried in a cement filled plexi glass tomb.

James Betterman has no choice but tot accept the terms of the challenge from inside the ring.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Backstage Psycho was confronted by Mitch Mcclure who couldn’t believe he would disgrace himself by teaming with someone like him at PRIDE. Psycho told him the feeling was mutual, which is why he laid him out with Livid Atrocity. Mitch Mcclure tells Psycho that he thinks he’s nothing but a bully, picking on James Betterman because he knows he can. Psycho returns by saying maybe it’s time he picked on someone his own size. Mitch Mcclure tells Psycho he’ll be the one who eliminates him from Tournament to the Title. Psycho and Mcclure have a staredown before he leaves for his match.

Tournament to the Title
Opening Round
Brenton Cyrus [vs] Mitch Mcclure

In the match of the night classic, Mitch Mcclure and Brenton Cyrus went for it all in their match against each other. The match came to a finish though when Mitch Mcclure attempted a anaconda choke, only to have Brenton Cyrus escape via gator roll to stand up and connect a punt kick.

WINNER: Brenton Cyrus

Following the match Brenton Cyrus held his hand out as Mitch Mcclure recovered from the kick to his head. Instead of shaking hands with the Immortal though, he shook his head and turned his back, walking out.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Psycho stands waiting, a confident smirk on his face as Mitch Mcclure walks through the back. Psycho questions how Mitch Mcclure will eliminate him from TTTT, considering he himself was just eliminated. Mitch Mcclure snaps and tells Psycho that he’s going to make his life a living hell, even moreso than it already is and has been. Mcclure says he’ll be at Inferno to make sure Ms. Melons isn’t killed. He walks away and Brenton Cyrus steps up to go face to face with Psycho. The two men nod at each other slightly, then go their separate ways.

Steven Angel made his entrance wearing a “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MASK?” T-Shirt. He looked out into the crowd at fans taunting him wearing replica Dave Zombie masks, but none of them were stained in Blood.

Tournament to the Title
Opening Round
Steven Angel [vs] Nick Ridicule

Ridicule didn’t seem like himself, throwing one shot at a time trying to land a knock out. Steven Angel was able to take advantage of the one dimensional aggression and managed to knock Nick Ridicule out of the ring. Nick Ridicule considered going back to fight but instead walked on the match, getting counted out.

WINNER: Steven Angel

Steven Angel celebrated his victory, then watched as wanted posters fell from the rafters with the Dave Zombie mask on it an a reward offer of $100,000!

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Steven Angel made his way to the back only to be greeted by the NLWF and Undisputed Champion, Anthony King. King told Angel he knows who has the mask and was even willing to help him get it back.

Aaron O’Shea was making his entrance down to the ring when things started to change. Lights flickered and smoke began to take over the stage and ramp. Aaron O’Shea was struck by lightning, dropping him down on the ramp.

A spotlight hit the stage where Crimson Skull stood perched, overlooking things. Stylez left the ring and grabbed a fallen O’Shea to toss him in and start the match.

Tournament to the Title
Opening Round
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
Johnny Stylez [vs] Aaron O’Shea

Stylez took advantage of the Crimson Lightning strike, but always resilient, the Immortal O’Shea fought back hard and nearly finished the fight several times. Stylez being fresh would prove too much though and the end result would lead to a title defense.

WINNER: Johnny Stylez

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Justin Pilgrim came out to a cloud of smoke with a microphone in hand. He says his challenge wasn’t answered but that wouldn’t stop him from drowning another crossover to jump ship.

Eric Steel [vs] Justin Pilgrim

Justin Pilgrim dominated with high flying like never before witnessed. Even his standing and regular moves turned into high flying moves as he managed to leave the crowd mezmorized before putting Eric Steel away with a flawless victory, going unharmed.

WINNER: Justin Pilgrim

Following the match Justin Pilgrim once again made a challenge to fight Jason Hawk. He even was kind enough to give Jason Hawk a massive amount of time to train, making the challenge for Warrior Games!

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

James Shark was interviewed and he didn’t have much to say. Just that Anthony King took something that meant everything to him, tonight he returns the favor.

Max Adamson [vs] Blood

In a grudge match, Max Adamson and Blood went to battle. Max Adamson put up a good fight, but it was the debut of Blood which was successful.


Blood choked Max Adamson with a chain while James Betterman made his way to the ring. James Betterman made a promise he would save Ms. Melons by beating Psycho at Inferno. Steven Angel came out in his “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MASK?” T-Shirt. He tells them he remembers that it was them who took the mask in the first place and that he will make them pay for it. Angel attacked Betterman and Blood, sending them out of the ring on their way up the ramp. Blood tries to go back and fight but is stopped by Betterman who announces Blood will fight Steven Angel at Inferno instead.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Backstage James Shark is joined by Camila Martinez who gossips on and on about how they should team up and align in the NLWF to watch each others backs. James Shark tells her no as Brooklyn Carter sneaks up. She grabs Camila Martinez and throws him into some trash before grabbing Shark by his hand to lead him away.

Loca Rocsi and Sheyanne Successful [vs] Sloane Chazen and Camila Martinez

The overconfidence of Sloane and Camila got them their asses kicked. Former world champion Loca Rocsi laid down a beating, then let Sheyanne get in on the onlaught. Loca managed to tap out Camila for the win.

WINNERS: Loca Rocsi and Sheyanne Successful

Following the match and emotional Loca Rocsi and Sheyanne Successful announced to the fans that they would be retiring from the ring in order to promote NLWF in different ways. The fans gave them a great ovation of cheers as they left.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Shark is with Brooklyn and London talking about their matches coming up. Steven Angel is seen spying on them from around the corner. Brooklyn and London walk away and Steven Angel comes out to confront James Shark about the mask. Shark tells him he’s an idiot, as he was the last one in the Glory Battle against Fake Zombie. Steven Angel realizes he’s right and Shark walks away.

London Carter [vs] Damien Young

Damien Young caught London Carter off guard to start off the match. It seemed as though he would win easily until London Carter began to fight back and dominate the entire rest of the match, finishing him off with a jackhammer.

WINNER: London Carter

London Carter didn’t get a chance to celebrate as he was viciously attacked from behind by Anthony King with the barbwire baseball bat that was taken by Fake Zombie, in hand. He proceeds to put a beating down on London Carter, then escapes with him as James Shark comes out. King used the bat to drag London Carter up the ramp. Shark managed to stop him, grabbing King by his throat as the barbwire bat dug into the head of London Carter. King let go of the bat and Shark let go of King to help out London Carter, a laid out bloody mess.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

James Shark assists the medical staff in helping London Carter to the back. He promises London Carter than he’ll lay King out and take his belt as they load him into an ambulance. Nearby Brenton Cyrus is confronted by Johnny Stylez who tells him Silva has mixed up the brackets but he hopes to see him in the finals. Cyrus tells Stylez that he’s going to need all the help he can get against Psycho.

Tournament to the Title
Semi-Final Round
Brenton Cyrus [vs] Steven Angel

Steven Angel started strong against Brenton Cyrus in a fight years in the making, that just never had a chance to happen. After a good battle, it was Brenton Cyrus who was able to connect with a Fall From Grace II Pepsi Plunge Pedigree from the top turnbuckle.

WINNER: Brenton Cyrus

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Human Highlight Reels arrived in the Highlight Express. They exit the bus and make their way into the arena talking about how they’ll steal the show and how maybe all three of them could win and each could fight for a major title.

Psycho made his way to the ring and dives out of the way as lightning strikes. Crimson Skull made his way on onto the stage.

Psycho and Crimson Skull exchanged blows. It was Crimson Skull though that managed to land the big shot on Psycho before sending him into the ring.

Tournament to the Title
Semi-Final Round
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
Johnny Stylez [vs] Psycho

Stylez pushed for a fall off the Crimson Skull ambush but Psycho would not be denied. Psycho would fight back and reverse The End Result into Livid Atrocity for the win and the World Heavyweight Title.


Psycho celebrates up the ramp as Crimson Skull joins Johnny Stylez inside the ring. Fireworks explode behind Psycho as he’s handed the World title.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Psycho makes it to the back where Nick Ridicule is waiting to congratulate him. He tells Psycho not to get comfortable yet though as Brenton Cyrus will be the toughest challenge of the tournament for him. Psycho and Ridicule shake hands and Psycho leaves with the belt to go and prepare for the main event. Nick Ridicule is attacked from behind by Anthony King, still wielding the barbwire baseball bat. King manages to lay out Ridicule standing over him with the NLWF title on his shoulder.

Human Highlight Reel Ladder Match
Championship #1 Contender
Robbie Hart [vs] Hostyle Jones [vs] Steel Angel

Formerly known as Hawk’s Nest, The Human Highlight Reel Ladder Match took the match to new heights. The three Highlights made good uses of the ropes hung above the ring overhead like an X. They moved to the structure above and each man got close to climbing a ladder on the elevated platform to grab the briefcase contract. With two ladders set in the middle, all three men climbed to the top to grab the briefcase together. They wouldn’t be able to pull the fast one on Silva however, as Parker made his grand NLWF debut, shoving the ladders, sending Robbie Hart and Hostyle Jones falling all the way to the announcers tables. Steel Angel was the only one to hang on though and managed to remove the case, still hanging high above on the belt loop. Parker yelled angrily at him and even tried to knock him off with a ladder, but Steel Angel pulled himself up to stand in the belt loop, holding tight to the case with the contract. He gives a few pulls and is lifted up to the rafters on the belt loop, waving goodbye to Parker and the fans.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Backstage King confronts Brooklyn, telling her that he’s decided to kick her and her brother out of MAFIA. He then tells Brooklyn that he knows her secret as he lifts the barbwire baseball bat to threaten her with it. King backs Brooklyn into a wall and grabs her face, then he kisses her passionately, forcing himself on her before pulling away to smash her head into the wall laying her out.

From inside the ring, James Shark is forced to watch as the referee doesn’t allow him to leave the ring. King makes his entrance and Shark brings the fight going at him on the ramp, mounting him to land big punches. King escaped and made it to the ring followed by Shark.

NLWF Undisputed Championship
Anthony King [vs] James Shark

James Shark pushed to knock King out early but he was able to avoid the shots while landing shots of his own. King managed to let Shark throw himself off with the aggression, but it wasn’t long before Shark was fighting back. The two men continued to do battle, leaving the ring to the outside. Shark mounted King on the announcers table and landed punches. He tried to get back into the ring but King clinched and held his leg, not allowing him to get away. The referee counts both men out.

WINNER: Double Count Out Draw

King grabbed his belts and did his best to escape.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Shark goes ballistic and chases King up the ramp to the stage, then to the back.. The shot shifts to Ramirez Silva and Carmine Vestieri leaving the arena to walk toward their limousine. They enter and shut the door to the back, not realizing the limousine is chained to the back of the Highlight Express. The bus takes off with Robbie Hart and Hostyle Jones inside, dragging the limousine with them to take the owners of NLWF.

Brenton Cyrus and Psycho teamed up to take out Crimson Skull, making sure he wouldn’t be a factor in the match.

Tournament to the Title
Final Round
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
Psycho [vs] Brenton Cyrus

Psycho and Cyrus put on a World Championship Tournament finals classic. The new champion Psycho fought hard but Brenton Cyrus fought back harder. Both men pushed each other, then rose to the occasion pushing back harder. Psycho would lift Brenton Cyrus up though and drop him with Livid Atrocity, only to have it countered into a cutter, then punt kick to the head.


Alison Williams comes down to celebrate with her husband as he holds the World Title up proudly.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

The celebration would end though as Crimson Skull and Johnny Stylez came in to attack the new World Champion. Psycho would not allow this and he helped fight back against the two men until they are removed from the ring. Cyrus raises the hand of Psycho and they watch as Crimson Skull and Johnny Stylez retreat. The two men turn around and are dropped by Mitch Mcclure. He grabs the World Title and stares at it, an angry expression on his face. He hits Brenton Cyrus with the belt knocking him out of the ring dropping the belt down on him. Psycho stands up and is lifted up to the shoulders of Mitch Mcclure who drops him with Livid Atrocity before kicking him, rolling him out of the ring. Mitch Mcclure stands in the center of the ring, arms crossed as the people boo.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Mitch Mcclure exits the ring and walks up the ramp as James Shark emerges with Anthony King. The move down to the ring and Shark tosses him in. Bert Hales comes out with a contract in hand and books an Undisputed title match.

NLWF Undisputed Championship
Anthony King [vs] James Shark

The epic match continued where it left off. Both men battled hard but in the end it was Anthony King with a super kick only to get countered into a standing arm triangle choke. James Shark used the submission to toss Anthony King up with a T-Bone suplex into a stalling verticle suplex. James Shark brought Anthony King down with a jackhammer, landing a massive left hammerfist and right hook down into his face against the mat following impact.


James Shark is given the title and he celebrates. Media and photographers fill the ring. People lift James Shark up as he takes in all the cheers.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Anthony King begins to clear the ring, attacking wildly with the barbwire baseball bat. He lays James Shark out with a shot, then he lifts him up and connects a super kick to his face. King lifts Shark again and connects a second super kick to the face of James Shark, laying him out in the center of the ring. King leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as Steel Angel is lowered down from the rafters on the belt loop down into the ring. He holds the briefcase with a smile on his face as he pulls out the contract and forces James Shark to sign it in his blood.

NLWF Undisputed Championship
James Shark [vs] Steel Angel

Steel Angel capitalized on the super kicks and pinned James Shark. Not to win however as somehow James Shark kicked out. The match would continue on and turn into a contested bought as James Shark fought back on the surprising Steel Angel. The Divine Cutter changed everything though as Steel Angel lifted James Shark for a military press, dropping him down into a cutter. James Shark would counter, falling with a superman punch landing a right hand that drops Steel Angel and a left hand as they land into the cutter. James Shark lays on top of Steel Angel for the pinfall.


James Shark left the ring battered, beaten up, but as Undisputed Champion.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

Steel Angel congratulated James Shark as he made his way up the ramp. But he vowed that one day he would be Undisputed Champion. Not only that, Steel Angel made the bold claim that he would also win the World and NLWF titles all in this one year!

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-NLWF.COM UPDATE-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

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