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The Resurrection of Evil

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The Resurrection of Evil

Post by Crimson Skull on January 30th 2013, 5:58 pm

Get the
Jaws! We’ve got to cut her out of here,

All I could do, was
sit there and helplessly watch. Just
moments ago, my life was normal. We were
on our way to another show in Detroit.

What the hell was the
other driver thinking? A busy
intersection, and running a red light?

losing a lot of blood here! Looks like
the dash has crumpled onto her legs, we may have to cut around her to get her

Sir, can
you look at me, please? I need you to
follow my pen, I’m checking for a concussion or brain trauma. Sir?

I completely forgot
about the lady holding the cold compress to my forehead. She’s already stitched me up twice. Both times, I couldn’t even tell if she was
doing anything. Either I’m in that bad
of shock, or I’m just used to it after all these years.


I held a shaky arm
up, pointing towards the car that now lay crumpled in a gnarled heap of metal
next to the flipped SUV. They’ve got a
body bag out next to the SUV, I guess the other driver didn’t make it.

your wife is going to be just fine. I
need you to look this way, please.

I could feel my legs
again. I guess the adrenaline numbed all
my extremities to the point that I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t tell that I was standing up.


wife…she…she….she needs me.

To anyone around, I
must look like Frankenstein’s monster, wobbling as I walk trying to regain my
bearings. These paramedics rushing by
try holding me back, but I brush them away with ease.

I can hear someone
sputtering for breath.

Clamp down
here! We’re going to remove the dash
now! Easy, remember we can’t see her
legs to know where we’re cutting!

Then what fucking
sense does it make to start cutting?
What if you cut her legs off?

So many thoughts race
through my mind, but none of them can find their way to make it to my tongue to

I can see through the
window now.

HOLD! That relieved the pressure, we can pull her
out now. Ready the gourney!

She’s going to be
alright. I just know it. But why is there so much blood coming from
her mouth?

Steady! Steady!
Clear us a path to the bus!

Where are they taking
her? They want me to follow.

Her eyes are darting
back and forth wildly, but what is she looking for? Is she looking for me?

sir, we’re going to transport her now.
Are you feeling well enough to ride with us? We can check you out on the way there as

I’ll be
fine. I’ve been through worse bumps than
this. Just focus on her, make sure that
she’s alright.

Why is he pulling me
to the side? We need to be going?

Sir, I
just need you to know. She’s got some
massive hemorrhaging, and some internal bleeding. We’re going to do everything we can for her,
but at this point we don’t know the extent of her injuries. Is she allergic to any type of medication,
that you are aware of?

What? Oh…uh…penicillin, and that’s it. Is she going to be ok?

doing everything we can at this point, sir.
Just remain calm and if you’re ready to go we are.

Things go by so much
slower with so much adrenaline and blood rushing to your head. 7 minute drive to the hospital, and only 4
have went by. Seems like hours have

coding! She’s coding!

No. Not now.


The machine beeps and
whirs, her body does a single convulsion from head to toe, but still flatlines.


Still nothing. Please, God.
Don’t let this happen.


Nothing. I’m begging you, please don’t take her from
me. It’s me you want! I’m the one who’s lived a life of hell and
damnation, she’s innocent to my evil….PLEASE?!


Beep. Beep

Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Her eyes open up and
she looks to me. I take her hand, her
frail grasp barely tightens around my hand.

is dropping, we’re going to lose her again if we don’t stop this

She’s trying to say
something. I lean in closer so I can
hear her.


baby. Don’t try to talk, just rest,


Oh God, please don’t
say that. I can only stay strong for her
for so long.

I can feel the tears
streaming down my face.

Don’t you
dare say that….You’re going to be fine baby, just hang in there!


NO, no, no…

I love you
too, but please don’t say that….You’ll be fine, I promise!

me one…last…thing…

You’re not
going anywhere, stop saying that!

stats are dropping fast! She’s going to
code again!



Who? Make them remember what?


No, baby,
please! Please don’t go…hang in there,
please, just hang on we’re almost at the hospital!

fear you, my….love..

My heart sank into my

coding again! Get me the paddles! Sir, you have to let go of her! Sir!

But why….why would


Why would she even
say that.


Why do you want to
take her from me?


Damn you, bring her


God damn you! She doesn’t deserve this!


Why are you doing
this to me?!

calling it. Time of death, 2:14.

I have that same
nightmare every single night. The very
worst day of my life, and I am damned to relive it with each passing day.

I pray for Death to
find me, so that I can go on and be with her in another life, but I know that
would be too easy for Him. He wants to
punish me, just as he always has.

For everything there is a season. And a time for every matter under
heaven. A time to be born, and a time to
die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to
break down, and a time to build up; a
time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance. Ecclesiastes 3:1-5

I specifically asked
for no scripture. But that’s just the
way it goes isn’t it? They just want to
talk about Him everywhere they go. I’m
sure that He intended for them to read exactly that passage, just to rub it in.

Times like these, it
makes you glad that sometimes time flies by.
The services go by with what seems like mere seconds. Strangers come and go, speak their
condolences. Friends linger, express
their concerns and love. Those closest
to me worry because I’ve not spoken but a few words since the accident

But I’m alright…I’ll
get my revenge soon. That’s why I’ve
been so quiet to those around me. If I
speak I waste precious time thinking of what precise steps I need to take. If I speak, they’ll start figuring it out
what I’m planning. And if they do, then
I’ll never get it done.

God wants me to live,
to suffer every day of the rest of my existence for all the things that I have
done in the past. Like some karmic Greek
tragedy, as soon as I am in my moment of true happiness, it must be taken away
from me. He will pay for what he has
done to me this time. This time I’m not
going to let it go.

You see what all
these fools don’t understand is, I don’t need their sympathy. I don’t need their kind words….I’m going to
take care of my needs. I’m going to see
her very, very soon indeed.

Tonight, my life is
ends. This cruel joke that God has
played on me for 47 years will finally be over.

I’m back where it all
began. The Waverly Hills
Sanatorium. The place where my pathetic
existence was spent as a child into a young teenager.

The place where my
cruel father tortured me and made me undergo procedures that he wanted to use
on his patients in this establishment. I
was his guinea pig.

Just like Mother was
before me.

I killed my father,
after a while. It only took me 15 years
before I finally snapped. I strapped him
down to his surgical table and used some of his own techniques against him for
testing the human mind’s capacity for torture.
Then, once I drove him to madness I slaughtered him. I slaughtered him along with every single one
of his damned patients.

But that’s when you
started hating me and forsaking me, wasn’t it?

You know, to be our
Father you sure have a unusual sense of parental guidance. And to be a God, you’re quite the cruel one.

What kind of Father
would put his child through such torment as I had to endure all my life?

A pathetic excuse of
a father that’s for sure.

The only true father
figure that I had ever known in my life was the king of Hell himself. He hand picked me to succeed him one day,
until that day I was to carry on his bidding.
But I grew tired of that, and that’s when you finally stepped in.

You didn’t come to me
yourself, but you sent your messengers.
You wanted to turn the devil’s best weapon against him, and you
convinced me that I would have a life of peace and prosperity if I would
denounce all evil and fight for the guardians of heaven.

Look at me now.

You’ve taken
everything that I’ve ever cared or loved away from me. And now, I’m done in this thing you give us
called life. I want it all to end, I
want to be able not to feel this hurt inside.

Where I’m going, I
know it’s the lowest level of Hell. But
at least I know that it would be nothing compared to the personal hell I’ve had
to live through here on Earth.

I’ve broken every
bone in my body, been in countless car crashes, I’ve even drank enough to turn
my blood into a distillery. Yet, I still
can’t die.

Until now.

Here I stand, the
highest point of Waverly Hills. From the
roof to the ground it’s 270 feet.
There’s no way I can live through that, and there’s no way you can stop
me from doing it either.

At least once I die,
I’ll be with a father who cares for his children. And most of all, I’ll be reunited.

I’m coming to see you
my love. I know this is not what you
would want me to do, but I cannot handle this any longer.

Its time.

Did I do it?

Come and See

What was that?

I can obviously hear
now. Also, I can smell sulfur. Let’s see if I can open my eyes.

When I open my eyes,
I can see that I truly am in Hell. Pools
of lava and fire everywhere that I can see, piles of smoldering bones as far as
the eye can see. There’s no mistaking
the screams in the distance either.

Now, only to find

Not so
fast, boy.

I know that voice.


yet. I know why you’ve done this. But I regret to tell you it was all in

What do
you mean?

jumped from that building so that you would take your own life, so that you
could see your beloved. Believe me when
I say this, but you have come to the wrong place.

it! You’re lying! You’re the King of Deceivers! If you’re not going to face me, then leave me
be so that I can find her.

I will
let you go looking for her, but eventually you will realize that she is not
here and that I have never lied to you, boy.

wasn’t a believer in Christ! She didn’t
even believe in God or you for that matter?!
Why is she not here?!

she was pure of heart, Victor. He just
has those words written for a guideline, those aren’t his only
expectations. But that’s not the only
reason He has done this. I believe you
know why He has.

now, I can never truly see her again. No
matter what good deed I could have accomplished in the world above, I would
never have been granted to walk the heavens.

Oh, but
you speak too rash. I wouldn’t say that
you will never see her again, you forget just how powerful that I am.

Anything. I know there’s a price for you to make a
deal, but it doesn’t matter. I have
nothing without her.

I should
warn you. You won’t be able to see her
automatically, it may not even be soon, but eventually you will earn the right
to see her….if you serve me one more time.
Only this time, I will bind you to me for eternity. You will drink of my blood, for my blood is
the life.

I didn’t
picture you to be one to quote Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Funny you
should say that. He got that quote from
me. He made a deal with me as well, to
be remembered forever for his writing.

I’m done
talking! Just do it already and let me
go get this started!

is moody. I should warn you, your
changes to your body won’t be physically obvious. You will be devoid of all human
emotions. Your heart shall become black

What do
you want me to do first?

Nothing. You already know what to do. All I’m doing is taking away anything that is
holding you back. Like all this whining
and crying that you’ve been doing for days, it’s going to stop. You’ll finally be back to your old

I’m binded
to you for eternity, yet I have free will?

You got
it, kid. But I won’t leave you
completely alone, I’ll drop in from time to time. Just to check on my scholar. See, I’m an even better father than the big
guy upstairs!

An eternity of cheesy

going to wake up in a hospital bed, and you’re probably going to be put in the
loony bin…But things will perk up for you pretty soon, just believe me.

With the snap of his
fingers, I woke back up in the hospital bed.

Now, you can see the story for your own eyes.

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Re: The Resurrection of Evil

Post by Crimson Skull on January 30th 2013, 6:00 pm

The camera fades in
on a massive figure inside of a full body cast inside a hospital room. A nurse is checking vitals off of a clipboard

Voice: Room Service!

The nurse spins her
around, and so does the camera. We see a
familiar face in the doorway.

Johnny Stylez walks into the hospital room
holding a bouquet of flowers.

Nurse: Can I help you?

Stylez: Yeah, this is Skully’s room,

Nurse: I’m sorry, who?

Stylez: Oh yeah…Uhm…uh…Victor! Yeah, that’s it…Victor Hale?

Nurse: Yes, this is Mr. Hale’s room. Are you a member of the family?

Stylez: Uh, extended family, I guess? Anyways.
How bad is it?

Nurse: Well, nobody saw what happened. They just found him lying on the ground in a
pool of blood. When they checked him, every
bone in his body was broken. He’s almost
healed though, he’s been in this hospital for several months. I believe you’re the first visitor that he’s

Stylez: Yeah, that’s surprising!

The nurse cocks her
head at Stylez’s sarcasm and then shakes her head in dismay. She finishes checking off the charts and
begins to exit the room.

Styles: Wait…before you go, here you go

Stylez hands the
nurse the flowers.

Nurse: Ok, I’ll get a vase with some water and bring
it back to the room for you.

Stylez looks at the
nurse then at Skull lying on the bed, then at the flowers, back at Skull, back
at the flowers, back at Skull, then back to the nurse.

Stylez: OH!
No, Lady. Those aren’t for
him! They’re for me. You see, I’m a famous professional wrestler,
I got the flowers to hide my face to avoid the paparazzi. Now, you can have them…I’m done. And yeah, they’re really not for him.

The nurse looks at
Stylez with confusion before turning to walk away.

Nurse: Oh, and one last thing. His jaw is wired shut for the time
being. We can take it out next week. So
try not to get him to talk.

Stylez nods as if he
understands, then looks to Skull lying on the hospital bed. Stylez walks over to the bedside and notices
that Skull is awake. Skull grunts at
Stylez, but it means next to nothing.

Stylez: Skully my boy, long time no see! What, when was the last time I saw ya? From the Ashes? Yeah, what a PROUD day that was for both of
us! Sheesh!

Stylez looks back to
Skull, a lone tear has formed on the corner of Skull’s eye. Stylez’s arrogant smile fades as he realizes
what Skull is thinking.

Stylez: Yeah, I remember. Amber’s funeral. I was trying to help you forget.

Skull’s eyes look
away from Stylez.

Stylez: But boy, you sure have done a fucking number
on yourself this time, eh? Look at
you! Full body cast! What did you do jump off of a building? Oh…you did…oops. You know, I’ve kicked your ass from Tokyo to
Honolulu and I still never did a job like this as you have to yourself.

Now, I know I know,
you were trying to off yourself and whatnot, but I don’t see why. You’re the big bad evil! You can do anything you want! Snap your fingers and she’s back!

If Skull hadn’t
literally been completely subdued by casts, Stylez would have been forced to be
quiet at that point. So all Skull could
do is muster grunts at this point, and Stylez would keep going.

Stylez: It sucks that you were released from your IWF
contract due to…injuries. But I mean,
come on…that’s actually a good thing.
You’re a free agent again, and you’re not a legendary jobber
anymore! Now, hear me out before you
grunt angrily at me again. I’m not
saying you’re a jobber, you and me are the best in the whole damn world. But over there at IWF we were used as
Legendary Jobbers. Anybody they wanted
to push, we had to put them over. You know
its true Skully boy! Now, no hard
feelings towards Chuckles or anything, he’s not been running things in quite a
while. But that other guy, come on! It’s like this: “Hey Casey, I got an idea
that would really help boost the ratings and get some of these kids over!” then
he responds: “Yeah that’s a great idea,
but here’s what you’re going to do to make me look good instead, because this
show is about me and only me!” Well,
that may be a little exaggerated, but you catch my drift, right?

Skull just stares
blankly at SBK.

Stylez: Ok, how about one grunt means yes, two means

Skull still stares
blankly at SBK.

Stylez: Sheesh, tough crowd tonight, huh? Now, I know you’ve missed me and want to
catch up and all that, but I think it’s time we got down to business. I really think you’re going to like what I
have to say.

Skulls eyes squint as
if he is concentrating.

Stylez: I thought so.
I hate to bring up a sore subject again, but I’ve got news on the
accident that you really want to hear. So
the driver of the car that hit you, what if I told you that he didn’t run the
light on accident?

A low growl comes
from deep within Skull’s body. His eyes
appear to have been set ablaze with rage.

Stylez: Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. But you want to know the kicker? That driver was on a mission from a man that I
know you hate more than anything, so my source says at least.

Skull’s eyes widen as
if he knows exactly who Stylez is talking about.

Stylez: Now, let me just clarify one thing before you
go killing the wrong person. It’s not
our good buddy Joe Santiago.

Skull’s eyes show a
look of confusion.

Stylez: Here’s your hint. The last federation you were in before
IWF. Why did your career jump off of a
building---maybe that one is too soon….Oh, why did your career suddenly nose
dive and nobody hear from you for years?
Because of our buddy Brenton Cyrus, right?

Skull’s entire body
begins to shake with rage. The monitors
started beeping like crazy as his heart rate is spiking.

Stylez: Calm down, buddy. There’ll be plenty of time to take care of
him. First we got to get you out of
here. I’ve hired some personal nurses,
pretty damn good looking ones at that too, to come in and take extra good care
of you while you’re staying here. Then,
when you’re released we’re going to have a meeting with my source and figure
out where we’re going from there. Until
then, you just sit tight, buddy.

Stylez gives Skull a
high five on his arm that is hoisted up in a sling, which Skull groans angrily
at him. Stylez flashes his cheesy smile
then darts out of the hospital room.


The camera fades in
upon Waverly Hill Sanitarium.

A limo pulls up in
front of the building. The driver steps
out and takes a long gaze at the building before making his way to the rear of
the car. The driver opens the door and a
man in a suit gets out of the limo. The
camera zooms in and we can see that it is Johnny Stylez. He dusts himself off before taking a long
look at the building himself. Stylez
turns around and looks back into the car.

Stylez: Uh…You stay here for a few until I talk to
him. I don’t know what frame of mind he
is in these days, so it would be best not to surprise him too much. Ya know?

Stylez closes the
door to the limo and turns around, taking another long look at the
building. He shudders and then walks to
the front door.

Stylez takes a deep
breath and exhales. He rears his fist
back to knock on the door, but the door opens on its own.

Stylez: FUCK!

Stylez turns around
making sure no one saw him get startled by the door. He takes another breath and enters the

Cobwebs hang
everywhere in this building, chairs and tables are overturned. No maintenance or upkeep has been done to
this building in decades. There are
several paths to take, Stylez is unsure which direction he should go.

Stylez: A fucking map would have been nice. Or how bout, take two lefts and a right and
you’re there. But nooooo, gotta be Mr.
Creepy Man and be all mysterious—

Voice: Keep to your right.

The voice thunders
from down one of the hallways, and it cuts Stylez off. Stylez is still frozen in midsentence before
he steps off to his right.

He follows as the
voice tells him before finally he sees a room with light pouring from it. He peeks around the corner of the room and
sees Crimson Skull.

Stylez: You’re feeling much better I see. And hey, don’t you think you could afford a
maid or something? This place could use
some elbow—

Skull: We’re not here for small talk, John. We’re for business, remember?

Stylez: And you’re as chipper as ever too! Well!
Uh, where to start? Ok, so that
source I told you about a few months ago, well, he’s out in the limo. He’ll be here in a few minutes, but before he
gets here I need to explain some things.
Since I was let go from IWF, I went out and did some soul
searching. Got into contact with a few
people from my past, settled some old scores, buried a few hatchets…you know,
the usual. But I came across this guy
unexpectedly, and even though we used to hate it each other, it was like for
some reason, we were destined to run into each other that day. We did some small talk, got caught up, and
came to find out we had some similar interests.
Well, I joined up with NLWF shortly afterwards, and yes Brenton Cyrus is
still there. Well, this old enemy and
new friend I had made had some similar disdains about Mr. Cyrus. So we struck up a pretty good team. Then all your tragic mess happened, and he informed
me of a few things. But I’ll let him
tell you, speaking of the devil I think I hear him.

The camera turns to
Skull’s face of stone. Whenever the next
voice speaks, Skull’s eyes widen with rage.
The camera pans around to show who the mystery man is.

Santiago: Long time no see,

Skull is to his feet
before the camera can turn around. He grabs
Santiago by the throat and turns to Stylez.

Skull: What the hell is HE doing here?

Stylez tries to pull
Skull off of Santiago.

Stylez: He’s the third man! He’s the source, so calm down and let him the
fuck down.

Skull stares angrily
at Santiago for a moment before letting him go.
Santiago rubs his throat for a second.

Santiago: Can’t say I didn’t deserve that for something
in the past. But that’s why it’s in the
past. I’m here to put everything aside
and bury the hatchet.

Santiago extends his
hand to Skull. Skull stares at it for a
long time before speaking.

Skull: I’ll hear what you have to say before I make
anything official.

Santiago nods his
head as if he understands and puts his hand down. He sighs before walking over to a chair that
has been overturned. He dusts it off and
sets it upright before sitting in it.

Stylez: You’re going to sit on that? This place is filthy!

Skull shoots Stylez
an angry look.

Stylez: The cobwebs are a nice touch though!

Skull turns around
and walks back to the chair he was sitting in before and faces Santiago.

Santiago: I’m sure that Stylez has filled you in on the
part about the driver being under the payroll of Brenton Cyrus. But I believe I should explain a little bit
further on that.

You see, you had made
some disparaging remarks a few months before the accident about the NLWF and
Brenton Cyrus in particular. Apparently,
the things you had to say made the ratings in NLWF take a big hit. Cyrus took it personally, and decided that he
was going to pay you back for screwing with him.

The event in Detroit
where the accident happened was supposed to be a big one for IWF. You were main eventing that night, I do
believe. You might have even been challenging
the title. Cyrus saw this as an
opportunity for IWF to take the same kind of hit that NLWF suffered, so he
ordered someone to ensure that you didn’t make it to your obligation at the IWF

Granted, he didn’t
know your wife was going with you, but the result was the same, to keep you out
of action and to bury the IWF.

The camera pans back
over to Skull who’s hands are gripping the edges of his chair. His knuckles are ghostly white his grip is so
strong on the chair. His fingers begin
to bleed, his nostrils are flaring, his eyes are on fire with rage. The camera pans back to Santiago.

Santiago: I can imagine your rage. Each one of us in this room have been
affected negatively by Brenton Cyrus, as he tried to ruin each of our careers,
if not our lives. This is the level
ground Stylez and I came to. Its what I am
hoping that we can do as well Skull.

Individually it would
be tough to take out Cyrus, you have to admit.
But the three of us together, there’s no way he could defeat us. We’re the 3 very best of all time in this
business. We all know it. Now it’s time for us to remind that arrogant
little prick of that fact.

Skull takes a moment
to center himself and take in all of the new information. He sits upon his chair for what seems like an
eternity before he rises up. He slowly
walks over to Santiago and stares at him with a concerned look upon his voice.

Skull: On the matter of your apology, I accept
it. I agree to let the past be the

Santiago looks
surprised and stands up. The two shake

Skull pulls Santiago
close, till they’re chest to chest.

Skull: But as far as joining the two of you in your
crusade against Brenton Cyrus…..I have not reached a decision yet.

Stylez: COME ON?!
What he just told you should have you going out looking for him right
now! The old Crimson Skull would just
vanish and then reappear and BOOGITY BOO, kick the shit out of Cyrus while he’s
not looking! What gives?

Skull shoots a cold,
hard glance at Stylez which makes Stylez reconsider what he said.

Skull: You’re right…The old Crimson Skull would
shoot first, ask questions later. But
the Crimson Skull standing before you today is one who makes a plan and follows
it thoroughly. There’ve been far too
many mistakes made on my part in recent years.
I plan to change that, starting now.
Which is why I am asking the two of you to leave right now.

I appreciate what you
have informed me of today, and you will know my decision come Tournament To The

Skull turns around
and goes back to his seat. Stylez and
Santiago exchange nervous glances.

Santiago: That’s understandable. I respect your decision, and I hope that we
can turn this into a partnership that protects all of our careers. Thank you for your time, Skull. One day soon, we will catch up. And one last thing, I am deeply sorry for
your loss.

Skull nods his head
in appreciation to Santiago.

Stylez turns back
around before he exits the room he puts his hand in his pocket.

Stylez: One last thing. I don’t think you’ve been the same since it
happened, and I apologize for doing it. But
I do feel pretty shitty about taking your mask off of you’re a year ago. So, I had a tailor make up something new and
improved for ya…I hope you like it.

Stylez tosses
something to Skull. Skull examines it
before sitting it in his lap.

Stylez: And do something about that hair, it’s
getting out of control, dude.

The camera zooms in
upon the mask that is lying in Skull’s lap.

It fades away and
then switches to a black screen.

The flickering of a
lighter can be heard.

The screen is
illuminated by a light that goes to a candle, once the candle is lit we see a
haunting figure before the camera.

Skull: ‘Tis the dawning of a new era upon us. One that will see a great many thing change.

You have witnessed
many changes to the life of Crimson Skull.
Some of them for the worse, some of them for the best.

However, one thing is
for sure. A great injustice has been
done upon me, and I will have my vengeance.
Whether it be exacting the revenge for my beloved wife upon Brenton
Cyrus, or whether it be retaliating against Johnny Stylez and Joe Santiago in
the case that they are scheming to betray me.

There is a lot that I
need to consider before I make a decision.
I could do as I have done in the past and work on my own. But this is a different world that we find
ourselves in at this present time. 10
years ago, I wouldn’t have had this problem in this business, but as I said
that was 10 years ago.

Do not mistake me for
an old has been in this federation for you might have been mistaken by my less
than stellar performance in IWF. But such
is the case when it comes to locker room politics and slights of hand behind
one’s back.

I haven’t come here
to join the legend’s graveyard that many think will happen. I haven’t come here to end my career
either. But I guarantee that there will
be some careers to end along the way.

Anyone who has
followed my career knows that to stand in the way of Crimson Skull is a foolish
mistake to make indeed.

I made a vow to my
wife, when she used her very last breath to say “Make them Remember. Make them Fear the Reaper once more.” That is a vow that I intend to keep.

That statement is one
that culminates my entire career. For
Fear has always been a predecessor in the opponents in Crimson Skull’s
wake. There is no calm before the
storm. There is only that empty feeling
of Fear before and after they have come into contact with me.

I don’t intend to
just make a few individuals remember what it is to Fear the Reaper. I intend to captivate the entire world and
begin my reign of terror anew. There was
once a day when all knew the name of Crimson Skull, and once it rolled off of
their tongues it sent a chill down their spines. Because to speak of Crimson Skull is to speak
of Death himself.

I haven’t returned
for the sake of the glory of holding a title.
I’ve held more World Championships than most in this federation have had
years in this life. There isn’t anything
that I haven’t accomplished in this industry.

There is only one
final task to complete: To rule the
wrestling world yet again.

I’ve noticed that
there is a lot of talk of a Hall of Immortals in this federation. Especially by Brenton Cyrus. Our paths will cross eventually, Cyrus. It is inevitable. Probably sooner than you would like it to
be. You call yourself Immortal? I would like to put that to the test.

This Hall of
Immortals, from what I have witnessed, is far from impressive.

Maybe if there
actually were some prestige added to this Hall, then it might mean
something. Until then, it is just a
corridor filled with egotistical narcissists.

You all might
consider yourselves and think yourselves to be Immortal. But I have proven time and time again just
why it is that they call me a Living Legend.

I won’t succumb to
the egomaniacal belief that I too am Immortal.
But I will state that I am Everlasting.

But I do not wish for
Brenton Cyrus to be my only focus in this.
If it is true from what I have heard, that it was indeed you that caused
my wife to be taken away from me, then you will have every ounce of Hell
pouring out upon you in a flood of fury whenever I do get my hands upon

However, if I am being
deceived by Joe Santiago and Johnny Stylez, then it is you two who will be left
to feel my wrath. And both of you know
what it is to cross me all too well.

A dark cloud is
hovering over NLWF on this day. A new
era is about to begin. Some have claimed
the current time to be the Anarchy Era. After
I make my presence known, then all will know that this is the Time of the

My chariot awaits to
lead away the souls that are about to be harvested. Some can feel it even know, they feel that
ice creeping around their hearts. That,
my friends, is the cold grasp of Death.

I am the Harvester of
Souls, and this federation is my field, ripe for reaping. But before I get too far ahead of myself, I must
go into solitude and make a decision upon what my first course of action will

Until then, may you
all heed my warning. You may not
understand it yet, but soon you will all feel the repercussions, and soon each
and every one of you will be left cowering in fear.

The Fear that is

The Fear that is
Crimson Skull.

The Fear….of the

Skull slowly fades
away into the darkness away from the flame of the candle. The camera tilts slightly down and we can see
a photograph of Amber, the late wife of Crimson Skull.
Crimson Skull
Crimson Skull

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