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Post by Guest on January 26th 2013, 11:44 pm

Name: Parker Wayde
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Height: 6' 2"
Billed Weight: 272
Nicknames: The Instant Impact
Alignment: Heel Leaning
Wrestling Style: Technical and Submission
Birthdate: September 14th 1988 (24 years old)

Parker comes from a wrestling background having wrestled throughout all four years of high school, and then at the collegiate level for Wake Forest University in his hometown. Having graduated with a degree from Wake Forest's Department of Health and Exercise Science the first thing he wanted to do was become a personal trainer for athletes, but found little luck finding a job. It was by mere chance that he met XWA superstar JHalc and helped him work towards an in ring return in 2012. During strength training, Parker started to pick up on the basics of professional wrestling from The Main Event, and continued his training with JHalc even after the star was back in ring-form. Using the connections of his partner he managed to get a foot in the door in XWA, PRW and IWF where he looked to make an Instant Impact. Parker won his first title in PRW, with three reigns as the Cyanide Champion. It was IWF where he really made an impact though, becoming a Grand Slam champion in less than a year. After cutting ties with PRW, Parker moved on to PDW and NLWF with limited success, as well as staying in XWA in an attempt to win a second set of tag team titles.

Entrance Description

All the lights in the arena go out, save one green spotlight aimed down at the middle of the stage.

So I'm outside of da club and you think I'm a punk
So I go to my loaded tech nine that's off in the trunk
I told that motherfucker, I ain't never scared (Eastside)
I ain't never scared (Westside)
I ain't never scared (Southside)[/color][/b]

Parker rips the curtain to the side and steps out on to the stage. He stops for a moment in the spotlight and surveys the audience and their reaction to his presence.

[b][color=green]I ain't never scared(Northside)
I ain't never scared(Southside)
I ain't never scared(Eastside)
I ain't never scared(Westside)[/color][/b]

The shade of green that had painted the stage lights the sides of the entrance ramp as Parker starts to head down to the ring. Some of the fans taunt him as he walks down the ramp, while others hold out their hands for Parker to slap. Both groups of people get ignored as Parker has only the ring in his sight.

[b][color=green]Who am I? Bone Crusher, motherfucker
AttenCHUN! Where my soldiers motherfucker?
I guess the fight is on, me and you nigga
And you, wha? And you, wha? And you, wha? Nigga

As he reaches ringside Parker turns towards the ring steps to his left and heads up them at a brisk pace. Upon reaching the apron he stops and looks out into the crowd again, possibly reading all of the signs being waved around by the fans.

[b][color=green]I ain't scared of you bitches, I'll put yo' brain in stitches
This remix for real niggaz who get money to trenches
Check my resume nigga, I got that one hitta quitta
And yo' boys ready to flee like, why'd you fuck with that nigga?[/color][/b]

Parker steps over the middle rope and ducks under the top rope, stepping into the ring. As he steps to the center of the ring he tilts his head to the side and cracks his neck before staring up the entrance ramp waiting for tonight's victim.[/center]


Match Records [26-16-1]
3x PRW Cyanide Champion
1x IWF Full Throttle Champion
1x IWF High Impact Champion
1x IWF World Heavyweight Champion
1x IWF Tag Team Champion w/Steel Angel[current]

No Limit Wrestling Federation[2-1]
Def Steel Angel at Valentine's Day Inferno
Lost to Hostyle Jones at Dangerous by Design
Def Team Undisputed, Team NLWF, and Team World as part of Team Mafia at Battle Lines

Insurgency Wrestling Federation [15-10-1]
Def Beno [&] Ashten Cross [&] Dean Daniels @ Battlegrounds: Gathering Storm
Def Dean Daniels [&] Tayshaun Davis @ Heroes Also Die II
Def Human Highlight Reels (Steel Angel & Rosalie Knight) as part of Natural Law (w/Ruby Winters) @ Battlegrounds: Heroes Ressurected
Def Britanie Simone @ Battlegrounds: Burning To Ash
Lost to Rosalie Knight @ Battlegrounds: Demons & Dragons
Def Jinx @ Battlegrounds: Legendary Dragons
Def Chris Cane [&] Matt Rydell [&] Jinx @ From The Ashes II to win the IWF Full Throttle Championship
Lost Full Throttle Championship to Vanessa Cade @ Battlegrounds: Battle [4] the Briefcase
Def IWF Champion Robbie Hart @ Battlegrounds: Ladies Night
Lost to Stygian @ Battlegrounds: High Impact Hustle
Def Cody Taylor [&] Hostyle Jones [&] Silas Romero @ Fallout to win IWF High Impact Championship
Drew with Vanessa Cade @ Battlegrounds: The Empire
Lost to Stygian @ Battlegrounds: Empire Reigns via Disqualification
Lost to Griffin Hawkins @ Battlegrounds: Bad Company (three way involving Ethan Cage)
Lost High Impact title to Steel Angel @ Violent Impulse II
Def Silas Romero @ Battlegrounds: Conflict of Interest
Lost to Steel Angel @ Battlegrounds: Legendary Lumberjacks
Lost to Griffin Hawkins and Alex Remington @ Battlegrounds Poisonous Returns
Def Stygian @ Pick Your Poison II to win IWF World Championship
Def Steel Angel @ Battlegrounds: Kryptonite
Def Hawkington (Hawkins and Remington) as pat of The Empire (w/Baron Tomson) @ Battlegrounds: Diamond Anniversary
Def Hostyle Jones @ Battlegrounds: B-Mac Hall of Fame Show
Lost to Remington @ New Year's Evil to lose IWF World Title
Def Axle Vengeance @ Battlegrounds: Double Cage Horror
Lost to Remington @ Rising Monarchy in IWF World Title match also including Axle Vengeance
Def Axle Vengeance and Ace Static @ Ascension to becoming IWF Tag Team Champion with Steel Angel

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling[2-3]
Def Chaotica and James Magnum via pinfall on Disclosure
Lost to TJ Jones on Disclosure
Lost to Aidan Collins on Disclosure
Def Timothy Hunt for #1 Contendership to Bloodshed Title
Lost to Aaron Weston on Disclosure in Platinum Chamber Qualifier

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance[5-2]
Def Xtreme Icon via submission on Vendetta 45
Lost to Thomas Barnez at Xtrememania
Def Dante Cross via pinfall on Vendetta 46
Def Kenny Kasual and Jared Jerusalem on Vendetta 47 in Money in Hell Qualifier
Def Geno and Riley Williamson as part of tag w/Ryan Hall on Vendetta 48
Lost to Jack Valentine at Chain Reaction in Money in Hell Chamber
Def TK and Thomas Barnez as part of tag w/JHalc on Vendetta 49

Professional RPG Wrestling [4-0]
Def T.K. in backstage battle to win Cyanide Championship
Def Mr. Turner @ Revolution 2012 to retain Cyanide Championship
Def Jason Morton for Cyanide Championship (second reign)
Def Alex Mesa, Mr. Bojangles, and Mr. Turner to get back Cyanide Championship (third reign)

Important Grapples/Throws
Snap Fisherman Suplex
Leg Trap T-Bone Suplex
Release German Suplex
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Release Dragon Suplex
Alabama Slam

Common Submissions
Drop Toe Hold Into STF
Anaconda Vice
Fugiwara Armbar
Triangle Choke
Arm Trap Crossface


Parker's Wake

Instant Impact

JTO (Just Tap Out)

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Re: Parker

Post by Hostyle Jones on January 27th 2013, 11:50 am

welcome family... Im glad 2 see ppl are really seein who the asshole is...


Have fun brah



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Re: Parker

Post by Ramirez Silva on January 27th 2013, 1:59 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
..:Contract Type:..
Pro Contract/Pay Per Appearance

..:Length of Contract:..
150 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
15 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$50,000 + $50,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..
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Re: Parker

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