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John "The Eighth Deadly Sin" Greed

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John "The Eighth Deadly Sin" Greed

Post by John Greed on January 9th 2013, 12:46 am

  • Wrestler Name: John Greed

    Nickname: The Eighth Deadly Sin

    * Age: 35

    * Hometown:
    Sin City, Nevada

    * House (WHERE HE LIVES): In A House

    Weight: 203

    * Height: 5'11

    * Favorite Specialty Match:
    No Rules

    * Entrance Music: Greed by: Godsmack (Tag-Team)-
    Farewell Ride by: Beck

    * Alignment (face/heel): Heel... Heal
    as in my boot to your face.

    * Years Wrestling: 17 Years

    Quote: Optional: “You're all greedy little babies, no one likes
    greedy little babies.”

    * Finisher: Death By Greed, Sin City

    * Finisher Description: Running STO, Yakuza Kick

    Bio/Backround: To be revealed...

    * Attire: Classy

    Fighting style: Rough

    * Move List:

    1. Choke Slam Back
    2. Choke Slam
    3. Grounded Choke w/ Punches
    4. Rabid
    Greed Stomps
    5. Corner Whip w/ Double Knee Follow
    6. Greed
    Kick in Corner
    7. Corner Foot Face Washes
    8. Throw Shoulder to
    Ring Post
    9. DDT from Apron to Ring Side Floor
    10. Greed Kick
    to Guardrail
    11. Stalling Suplex
    12. Triple GreeDDT
    The High Knee (From Anywhere)
    14. Side Greed Kick
    15. Flying
    Greed Kick
    16. Suicide Dive
    17. Corner Clothesline Flurry
    I am Not a Fisherman Suplex
    19. Spike Pile Driver
    20. Forearm
    21. Forearm Flurry
    22. Hi, my name is John Greed. Would
    you like to meet my foot? (Used in Segments)
    23. The Greedy
    Little Combo
    24. Biker Chain
    25. Se7en (Chemical Imbalance

    Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature –
    Michael C. Hall

    Entrance- *Grunt* RAAAAA!
    Greed by
    Godsmack begins to play throughout the arena sending it black. Green
    GREED logos shine on the audience as the song blares.

    faced! I feel you crawling under my skin. Sickened by your face. By
    the way, to think that you're so fucking kind? You ain't!”

Greed steps out onto the stage and smirks.

      to find, how I feel, oh especially when you're smothering me. Hard
      to find, how I feel. Please someone help me.”

      fans go wild as John Greed walks down the ramp, taking his sweet

      knew when an angel whispered into my ear, you gotta get him away,
      yeah. Hey little bitch! Be glad you finally walked away or you may
      have not lived another day.

      Greed jumps onto the mat and looks around at the audience, he
      enters the ring and taunts at each ring post.

John Greed
John Greed
John Greed
Proving Ground
Proving Ground

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