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Hostyle Jones

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Hostyle Jones

Post by Hostyle Jones on December 31st 2012, 1:10 am


Name - Christian Jones

Ring Name - Hostyle Jones

Alias - Hostyle, The Hostyle One, The Surgeon, Dr. Kavorkian, Mr. Hostility, The Human Highlight Reel, The Verbal Grenade

Age - 27

Hometown - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Height - 6’3

Weight - 232 lbs

Theme Music - Messiah - Dead Celebrity Status

Dominant Hand - Left

Wrestling Style - Highflyer/Technical

Alignment - In between

Favorite Weapon - All Weapons

Favorite Match - Hostyle Death Match

Quote - “Going Apeshit”

Hostyle's Entorouge

Marley Jones - Hostyle’s Sister
Chalida Morris - Hostyle’s Ex-Girlfriend
Damien Jones - Hostyles Son
Robbie Hart - NLWF Superstar

Hostyle’s Rivals


Stray Jacket - Modified Camel Clutch(grabbing opponents wrists and crosses them around neck with extension, causing them to choke themselves)

Lobotomy - Reverse Codebreaker (Knee To Back Of Cranium)

Go Fuck Urself(GFU) - Sit-out Package Tombstone Piledriver


Thanatron - Musclebuster

Lethal Injection - Backstabber

Aggravated Assaut - Springboard Moonsault Dropkick





Spinning Heel Kick

Flying Knee

Spinning Back Elbow

Body Chop

Boot To Face

Quick Jab combo(x3)


Running Knee Lift

Atomic Drop



Swinging Neckbreaker


Diamond Cutter

Russian Leg Sweep

Scoop Slam

Down Low

Death Valley Driver

Stump Pulling Piledrive

Flip Piledriver

Double Underhook Flip Piledriver

Cradle Piledriver

Electric Chair Drop

Nail In The Coffin


Sit Out Powerbomb

Double Underhook Powerbomb

Drop Toe Hold

Tornado DDT


Single Arm DDT

Double Arm DDT

Eat De-feet



Belly To Belly Suplex

German Suplex

Sleeperhold Slam

Northen Lights Suplex

Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker

Twist Of Fate

Oska Street Cutter

Whisper In The Wind


Springboard Moonsault

Swanton Bomb

Springboard Dropkick

Springboard DDT


Shooting Star Press

Vaulting Body Press

Baseball Slide

Originator Of The Hostyle Death Match(Basic like a Japanese death match... ropes replaced with barb-wire, only differance is a hell in a cell around the ring with barbwire wrapped around various parts of the cell, all corner paddings are removed and the outside of the ring is layered with double stacked tables with beds of nails, thumbtacs and glass underneath)

--World Wrestling Xistance Era--

Hoztyle Jones came to WWX as a loner in 2010 dawning the makeup of a wicked clown and dreadlocks. Winning his first singles match with ease, he had began his career attempting to burn WWX Television Champion Mark Woodbridge alive. This was because "The voices told him too". Hoztyle Jones never got close enough to Mark Woodbridge to make this happen, but it was a goal.

After a few more wins in the WWX, Hoztyle Jones had planned to call out Ellis X Sille the evil doctor. Ellis X Sille was fueding with Mark Woodbridge at the time, but it was answered by Silles stable-mate Erik Killings. The fued between Killings and Hoztyle didn't last long, in fact the two formed an unlikely team. With this, the two conquered the WWX Legends Tag Team Championship. Defending them in a few defenses.

==== UNIFIED ====

After three successful tag defenses, the WWX had set up a unification match between the group "Illegal Hoztility" (Hoztyle Jones and Erik "E Legal" Killings), and the WWX Tag Champions Zack Riley and James Storm.

With that said it was tag champions vs. tag champions. The result however seen that neither tag team left with the gold that night, when James Storm turned his back on his partner. Nate Rogers the WWX commisioner had came out and screwed Illegal Hoztility out of the tag titles and taken them for his own. With the championship belts he had also taken James Storm under his wing as his tag-team partner.

The next month Hostyle Jones was set in the tournament to decide the number one contender for the Television title. However, due to personal issues of his unstable mental health, Hostyle Jones withdrew from the tournament, and left the WWX


Hoztyle Jones had once again found his way into the wrestling business. This time after being dormant for about a year, Hoztyle Jones entered the WEW. Hoztyle entered the WEW as the leader of the trio known as The Era Of Revelations. The other two members were Show No Mercy and his girl-friend Chalida, "The Immortal Goddess". The Era Of Revelations started off their WEW career by taking on the team of "The" Brian James, and Cody Taylor. The duo of SNM and Hoztyle Jones pulled a victory.

The Era's career in the WEW didn't last long due to various disagreements, and after the Era Of Revelations pulled a second victory in the WEW over the Femme Fatales, they left the Organization.


Hostyle Jones came into the IWF with a lot more maturity. He began a faction with Steel Angel called the Human Highlight Reels. The IWF crowd embraced Hostyle with love, as he began a battle with Syco-Angel after Syco abducted Hostyles little sister, Marley. The rivalry had ended at Isolation '12, where Hostyle and Syco met face to face in a Strap Match. The strap match had another stipulation however, and it was to determine weither Marley Jones would Live Or Die. The two battled, and Hostyle fought with all he had to save Marley's life. In the end Hostyle Jones was victorious, but it was his partner Steel Angel saving Marley Jones, by breaking the concrete chamber with a sledgehammer just as she had been buried to the face in concrete...

During the Road To Ragnarok, Hostyle Jones was set to face the defending High Impact Champion, Robbie Hart. Hart put Hostyle down with his words. From being under pressure Hostyle snapped, and remembered the incident six years ago after Chalida gave birth to their son Damien. The incident six years ago began when Hostyle was in a fatal car accident with his former partner Erik Killings. Hostyle had sold his soul in the accident and his first born sons soul for a second chance at life. Hostyle began to see things, including the devil in the form of Jack Nicholson, but later came to realize he was off his meds, and had split personalities and alter egos.

Hostyle had relapsed on cocaine before Ragnarok, causing Robbie Hart to slander his image more. When the two met at Ragnarok in a Hardcore Hart match.In the end, Robbie Hart had came out on top in a controservial ending. This controversy surrounding the match caused Brandon Macdonald to schedule a rematch the next week at Battlegrounds. Hostyle entered The Path To Valhalla match where he was the last one eliminated by Anna Stone who would go onto face the IWF champion in the main event at From The Ashes.

The week after Ragnarok, Hostyle went searching for information on his ancestor Raymond Hagbar. His mental status got worse, so before the rematch with Robbie Hart, Chalida insisted that Hostyle see Dr. Livingston, who had treated Hostyle six years ago. Hostyle did not remember being treated, but went to see Dr. Livingston anyway. When Chalida and Hostyle got to Dr. Livingstons office, Hostyle had found out that Dr. Livingston was Chalida's father, and that six years ago Hostyle was in an illegal experiment conducted by Dr. Livingston to control brain patterns, waves, and thoughts. He had also found out that Dr. Livingston had Chalida get close to Hostyle for his well being because his research had shown that the experiment made Hostyle's brain even more unstable. Hostyle called Chalida a liar, and accused their son Damien of not being his. Chalida insisted that Damien was his, and that she had actually fell in love with Hostyle during the time she watched over him...

Hostyle was successful in his rematch with Robbie Hart capturing his first IWF title. Through this time, Hostyle defended his High Impact Championship against Bad Boy Marcus Silverstone, as the IWF era of the Natural Law came into play. Hostyle Jones and Steel Angel then seeked out help from Ryan Apollos, Rosalie Knight, and Kit O'Connor. Hostyle Jones even dropped his previous feud, and the two united, turning the Human Highlight Reels into a faction. However, Hostyles personal life got worse.

Going into FTA 2, Hostyle Jones had set out to end the Chuck Matthews win streak. With all the stakes on the line, It was Chalida, who screwed Hostyle Jones over in his moment of glory, shocking the world, by having an affair with the new GM Chuck Matthews. This rivalry got tense as Chuck Matthews and Chalida did everything they could to end Hostyle's wrestling career in which they thought they did. Chuck Matthews had thrown Hostyle Jones into a match with Parker Wayde and Cody Taylor for his High Impact Championship, in which Hostyle Jones lost to Parker Wayde, and was sidelined due to injury.


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Hostyle Jones
No Limit Warrior
No Limit Warrior

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Re: Hostyle Jones

Post by Ramirez Silva on January 27th 2013, 1:57 pm

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Re: Hostyle Jones

Post by Hostyle Jones on January 27th 2013, 10:36 pm




Hostyle Jones
No Limit Warrior
No Limit Warrior

Birthday : 1986-07-01
Age : 32
Zodiac : Cancer
Chinese Zodiac : Tiger
Location Location : Jersey
Number of posts : 92

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NLWF Record: 03-00-00
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Re: Hostyle Jones

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