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"The Devil King" Psycho

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"The Devil King" Psycho

Post by Psycho on November 19th 2012, 1:01 am

◄◄◄╬::†WRESTLER NAME†::╬►►►

"Hardcore Psychopath"
"Reign of Chaos"
"The Devil King"

Wichita, Kansas

◄◄◄╬::†HEiGHT / WEiGHT†::╬►►►
6'5'' / 285 lbs.

◄◄◄╬::†SPECiALTY MATCH†::╬►►►
Hardcore Rules

◄◄◄╬::†ENTRANCE MUSiC†::╬►►►
"King for a Day" by Pierce the Veil


◄◄◄╬::†YEARS WRESTLiNG†::╬►►►
15 Years

"Don't be so humble. You're not that great."
"I'm the Hardcore Psychopath, I'm too fucking hardcore."
"Memento Mori."

◄◄◄╬::†SiGNiTURE MOVESET†::╬►►►
Escape from Reality - Psycho brings his opponent up for a power bomb, he throws their legs for a face buster but instead he grabs their arm forcing them face first to the ground and immediately locks in the Crippler Cross Face.

Twizted Dreams - Twist of Fate turned into Stone Cold Stunner.

Psychosault - No look moonsault off of anything.

◄◄◄╬::†FiNiSHiNG MOVE†::╬►►►
Livid Atrocity - Psycho brings his opponent up for a Death Valley Driver, when he tosses them he drops down with them moving his arm to drop his elbow into their chest/throat.

The Execution - Psycho takes opponent up on his shoulders for the Go To Sleep and tosses them up over his head, bringing his knee into their stomach. When they hit the ground they are upright on their knees holding their stomach. Psycho points his hand at their head in the shape of a gun and looks at the crowd. He yells "BANG!" and instantly kicks the opponent in the side of the head.

We All Fall Down - Powerbomb into lay down back breaker (Chris Jericho's "Code Breaker" essentially).

◄◄◄╬::†FiGHTiNG STYLE†::╬►►►
Psycho is a well balanced wrestler as he was classically trained in the art of professional wrestling. He later developed the skills for the Hardcore Style as well. He is a risk taker, hardcore wrestler.

◄◄◄╬::†MiSC. MOVESET†::╬►►►
1. Powerbomb
2. Spinebuster (all sorts of variations)
3. DDT
4. Suplex (all sorts of variations)
5. Swinging Neck Breaker
6. Clotheslines
7. Psychopathic Hatchet (Triple H's 'pedigree' only sit-out style instead of landing on knees)
8. FTW Leg Drop (leg drop off pretty much anything where he yells 'fuck the world' before jumping)
9. Insanity Drop (shooting star press into leg drop)
10. Holy Diver (Jeff Hardy's 'swanton bomb' inverted)
11. Frog Splash
12. Crippler Cross Face
13. Sharpshooter
14. Triangle Hold
15. Rear Naked Choke
16. Bullet Ride (CM Punk's 'Go To Sleep')
17. Spear
18. Chokeslam
19. Flatliner (flying elbow drop off pretty much anything)
20. A New Level (HBK's 'sweet chin music')
21. CFH (hardcore only or during attacks, two chairs set up with florescent light bulbs across them like a table, and then Psycho powerbombs the person through the light bulbs)
22. Spinebuster (all sorts of variations)
23. Piledriver (all sorts of variations)
24. Dropkicks
25. Chaos Theory (Psycho brings his opponent up for a power bomb, he throws their legs out and catches them on the fall down, slamming them down into a brutal choke slam.)

◄◄◄╬::†WRESTLiNG ATTiRE†::╬►►►
When inside the ring, Psycho usually wears some Dickie's shorts and a paid of wrestling boots. He wears thin elbow pads on each elbow as well as a black band on his right shoulder. His hands and wrists are tapped up.

◄◄◄╬::†NON-WRESTLiNG ATTiRE†::╬►►►
Usually just whatever he finds to wear. Bootcut jeans and DC Shoes. Shorts. Always has DC Shoes on while out in public, even when having to wear a suit and tie. Random shirts about comic book characters or Star Wars. Funny shirts.

◄◄◄╬::†PiCTURE BASE†::╬►►►
Tim Lambesis.

◄◄◄╬::†CAREER TiTLES WON†::╬►►►
NHB Hardcore Champion
NHB Tag Team Champion
NHB Hardcore Tag Team Champion
NHB Television Champion
NHB World Champion

HWF Hardcore Champion
HWF Tag Team Champion
HWF Hardcore Tag Team Champion
HWF World Champion

DCW Chaos Champion
DCW Hardcore Champion
DCW Hardcore Tag Team Champion
DCW World Champion
DCW Blood Champion

PWSF Hardcore Champion (6 years straight)
PWSF Tag Team Champion
PWSF World Champion (2 years straight)
PWSF Platinum Champion

HWA World Champion
HWA Hardcore Champion

HWO Hardcore Champion
WWW Hardcore Champion
WWW Tag Team Champion
WWW Internet Champion
WWW World Champion

EWF Hardcore Champion
EWF US Champion
EWF World Champion

NLWF World Champion

◄◄◄╬::†CAREER AWARDS WON†::╬►►►
Leader of the biggest, longest running stable in NHB, HWF, DCW, and PWSF.
DCW Hall of Famer
DCW King of Hardcore
PWSF Hardcore Icon
PWSF Hall of Famer
Record hold for longest title rung in PWSF
WWW Hardcore Icon
WWW Hall of Famer

◄◄◄╬::†BiO / BACKROUND†::╬►►►
As a young child, Psycho's parents were murdered in front of him. He grew up on the streets, no family to turn to he had to fend for himself. He had always been a fan or professional wrestling. Once he turned 17 Psycho started to train for wrestling. He was classically trained in old school wrestling, the days of Ric Flair and others.

His big break came when a scout for the No Holds Barred wrestling promotion was at a show Psycho was wrestling at. He was signed to NHB later that night and a few weeks later made his debut match in a Junkyard Match against Arch Angel for the NHB Hardcore Championship. Psycho floored the NHB universe when he won the title that night. His legacy was just beginning.

After that title win, Psycho went on to form alliances with other wrestlers in the back, where he formed his greatest friendship with Minion. He put together a stable of NHB's toughest wrestlers calling it the Crazy World Order. He captured the NHB World Title months later and the cWo was to take over the No Hold Barred wrestling promotion. Wrestlers fought back trying to keep NHB afloat, but cWo had strength in numbers and was out of control. cWo and Psycho would go on to destroy the NHB and leave them with nothing. They joined Hardcore Wrestling Federation where they took all of the NHB titles and burned them to nothing. NHB was done and closed, a new chapter in Psycho's story was being written.

Psycho proved how dominant of a force he is inside and outside of the ring. When he and Minion joined Dark Championship Wrestling, they showed the owner, Joe Storm, what it means to be chaotic and hardcore. This is where Psycho spent most of his career, DCW. He would go on to find out that Joe Storm was his biological brother. Psycho also met his wife, JJ, in the DCW. They wrestled together in Tag Team matches as well as supported each other through everything. JJ got pregnant and she took time off from the ring. Once she gave birth, Psycho seemed like a changed man.

That was until a wrestler got a hold of JJ. Johnny Sinclair was that wrestler. He ended up burying JJ in a tomb of cement, or at least trying to. Psycho showed up just in time to stop the whole thing from happening. Johnny Sinclair and Psycho would go on to have a heated rivalry for the DCW Blood Championship that Psycho held. The rivalry ended with Psycho burying Sinclair alive and leaving him for dead in the middle of a dessert. No one knows to this day where the grave is located except for Psycho himself.

A year down the road, Psychos son was older and Psycho's wife JJ was pretty much retired from wrestling. Psycho was now wrestling for Professional Wrestling Supreme Federation. He had made a name for himself there and would go on to hold their Hardcore Title for six years straight. The last two of those years he spent as a double champion with the World Title around his waist as well. The PWSF ended up inducting him into their Hall of Fame and then they were forced to close their doors due to the death of the owner.

In search for another federation, he found World Wide Wrestling. After a few months of moving up the ladder, he captured their World Title as well. Psycho was only in WWW for a limited time as he was still wrestling for DCW as well. Joe Storm had started growing tired of Psycho never being around like he used to be and started to mess with Psycho and his family. Psycho left the WWW to go back to DCW full time.

Joe Storm became jealous of what Psycho had obtained in his career thus far. He became jealous of the family Psycho had. He told everyone that Psycho stole JJ from him and he wanted her back. There was a rivalry beginning and at first, it was harmless. Joe Storm snapped and started putting Psycho in ridicules matches every night, defending the Blood Championship nonstop. Joe would then have Psychos wife and son murdered and video tapped to send to Psycho. This drove Psycho over the edge. He snapped. Psycho went into the DCW event and destroyed the entire set trying to find answers. Joe Storm finally put Psycho in a Three Stages of Hell match for the Blood Championship against his own career long best friend, Minion at the end of the year pay-per-view Hardcore Animosity.

The Three Stages of Hell match, three cells stacked ontop of each other. Weapons scattered everywhere. Psycho and Minion battled for what seemed like hours. In the end Psycho was able to retain his Blood Championship. As he was walking back up the ramp way to head to the back, Joe Storm came out and stopped him. Psycho looked at him and shook his head. Joe laughed as he made a motion with his hand, the entire DCW roster came storming out and ambushed Psycho. As Psycho laid motionless on the floor of the arena, fans booing, Joe Storm took the Blood Championship from the champion and fired him from the DCW and awarded Minion with the title.

Joe Storm put Psycho in River Valley Mental Institution where Psycho would spend three years going through painful torture at the hands of his brother. Psycho escaped the institution, leaving behind a bloody mess. He went back to the DCW and tore apart the corporate offices. He went to the DCW live event they were holding and picked apart the roster one by one. He single handed shut down the DCW promotion for good within a month.

Now Psycho is in the No Limits Wrestling Federation. Since being here he has made such an impact that the Reign of Chaos he is leading through the federation has found himself a World Champion already, and fighting for it again.

Every federation Psycho has been a part of, he has held their World Titles. Their Hardcore Titles. Psycho is a man of action, a man of chaos. A man of wrestling. He is a warrior of the ring, an immortal in the business. He is willing to do anything and everything to win a match, and he has proved that time and time again. He is the Reign of Chaos. He is, hardcore.

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NLWF RECORD 08-03-00
"You're not that great. Memento Mori."


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Re: "The Devil King" Psycho

Post by Ramirez Silva on November 19th 2012, 9:20 am

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