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Legacy 19: Pulp Fiction Legion: 11/14/12

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Legacy 19: Pulp Fiction Legion: 11/14/12

Post by Bert Hales on November 17th 2012, 4:02 pm

Bert Hales sits behind a large desk. On his walls are pictures from his past, former Legacy events, his partner J.J. Wilson. He spins around in his chair and looks into the camera.

Bert Hales
WELCOME, to motherf-----g LEGACY! Oh shit, almost forgot, FX doesn’t want me to curse. I’ll do my best, but be SURE, to keep those censors on my ass! I can’t EVEN begin to tell you how excited I am to be back, running the show.

Bert Hales holds up a contract in his hand.

Bert Hales
This contract STATES and I quote: “If no general manager is named for a show, one can be named by BERT HALES!” That’s ME! So that’s exactly what I did! I PROMISE you a show a show that will kick the shit out of Direct Hit! That’s NOT the only contract I used tonight.

Bert Hales holds up another contract in his hand.

Bert Hales
I signed another match for ULTIMATE GLORY! Johnny Stylez will defend the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship against Brenton Cyrus. I didn’t use any contracts to sign that match, as Brenton Cyrus has a rematch clause. What I did do, was add a match stipulation, making this match the first ever Ultimate Glory Ironman Match!

Tommy Cornell: This should be interesting..

John Greed: It really should, I’m a fan of all these contracts Bert Hales has. It’ll prevent Ramirez Silva from throwing his power around!

Bert Hales
Ninety minutes these two men will fight. The first thirty minutes will be contested in a NO HOLDS BARRED match! The second thirty minutes of the match will be in a STEEL CAGE match! The final thirty minutes, a Hell in a Cell will suround the ring and cage, creating NLWF’s Steel Asylum: THE DOUBLE CAGE HORROR!

Tommy Cornell: Bloody hell! That’s going to be the greatest match the two of them have ever had!

John Greed: It’s going to be several matches in one that will surely steal the show at Ultimate Glory!

Bert Hales
I want each and everyone here to ENJOY the show I’ve got in store for you! Tonight will be a showcase of Team Ridicule the same way you saw a showcase of Team Hawk on Direct Hit. I still have nearly three hundred of these contracts, so believe me when I say, YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF BERT HALES, BITCH!

Bert Hales holds up a gun, pointing it directly at the camera. He fires it and Legacy cuts to the opening video with the sound of a gunshot echoing.

The Legacy stage is show and sparks shoot up then rain back down. The crowd is shown, then the announcers.

Tommy Cornell: Welcome to another addition of Legacy, I’m Tommy Cornell as always with my tag team partner and commentary colleague, John Greed!

John Greed: A bombshell to start things off tonight, as Bert Hales strikes again with another contract!

Tommy Cornell: Years of waiting, he’s putting those things to use fast now!

John Greed: Big things happening in the Federation that require Bert Hales divine contract intervention!

Tommy Cornell: Pulp Fiction Legacy has returned with a vengeance!

John Greed: Lets start the show!

Legacy moves to the back where The Notorious K.I.D and Shadow Demon stand with several of the other Australians on the roster. They two Immortals look at each other, then choose MC Steel, pointing at him.

Shadow Demon
I think MC Steel here will be able to put that smug Max Adamson in his place!

The Notorious K.I.D
FUCK YEAH! Go out there and show everyone you deserve to be on NLWF Pay Per View!

MC Steel rushes out of the locker room as the show moves to ringside.

Max Adamson waits in the ring as his fellow Australian hand picked opponent makes his way out. He hurries down the ramp and enters the ring leaning back in his corner.

Max Adamson
[vs] MC Steel

Official Rocky Mason signals for the bell and MC Steel erupts from his corner to meet Max Adamson in a collar-elbow tie up, but instead meets Adamson’s boot to his solar plexus, doubling over. Adamson wastes no time in following up with a solid Spike DDT! The fans in attendance jeer the maneuver, but Adamson retorts by pointing at his cranium to signal he’s more intelligent than to engage in a fair fight. Before Steel can recover, Adamson delivers a hard stomp to his opponent’s face, causing the referee to cringe at the up-and-comer’s brutality.

The Incredible Hunk lifts his opponent up, setting him up for a suplex, but when he arches to fling MC Steel over his head, he finds nothing happens. Steel, whom had wrapped a leg around Adamson’s, rolls backward, tying Adamson into a small package and picks up a two count the crowd erupts in excitement over. Steel is the first up, still favoring his face, and irish whips Adamson to the ropes. On his opponent’s return, Steel leaps in the air split-legged, forcing Adamson to duck under him, then drops to the mat, forcing Adamson to hop over him. On Adamson’s third rebound Steel hooks his opponent’s arm and sends Mr. Australia over his head, bumping with a solid thwump from a very well executed Hip Toss. Steel looks down at his opponent before bounding back against the ropes, looking for a running attack, but is stopped by an intimidating shoulder check from Adamson!

Adamson looks for a standing moonsault, but his abdomen is met by Steel’s knees! He backpedals until he’s leaning against the ropes. Sensing this is the opportunity he needed, Steel charges his opponent, looking for a wheeling kick, but Adamson’s not there! He stepped out of the way! Steel comes up from his attack, his momentum carrying him into the ropes chest first. He backs up, holding his chest, and is crumpled in half by Adamson with a GORE!!! NO!!! Steel gets in the air, landing a double stomp to Adamson’s spine, but Adamson won’t go down! He bounds off the ropes, but catches a shuffle side kick to the face and collapses over backward, stiff as a board! Mason scrambles into position as Steel rushes for the pin and the crowd chants with each slap of the referee’s palm.


Adamson shrugs a shoulder off the mat just in the nick of time! With a disappointed shake of his head, Steel raises Adamson back to his feet. Adamson is wobbly on his feet from the last kick and Steel looks to finish the job with the Hymn For The Shameless, but Adamson rolls over with sunset flip, picks the leg, and flips Steel over into his own finisher, the Boomerang! Steel struggles for the ropes, or some sort of escape, but inevitably screams to Mason to grant him mercy.

Winner via Submission - Max Adamson @ 12:13

The Notorious K.I.D and Shadow Demon watch from the top of the stage. Max Adamson looks to the stage at them, then he motions for them to bring it on, inviting them into the ring. Shadow Demon moves to go down the ramp but The Notorious K.I.D places his hand in his chest and they go to the back instead.

Steven Angel walks out onto the stage with a bag of popcorn and a glass of wine. He approaches a steel chair set up at the center of the stage and he has a seat as he looks to the ring where Jimbo Slice and Dean Diamond are waiting.

Jimbo Slice [vs] Dean Diamond

Jimbo Slice and Dean Diamond, both being from professional fighting backgrounds, forgo the usual match warm-up grapple or test of strength, and instead circle the ring testing one another’s reach with feint kicks and punches which both easily parry away until Diamond over-extends with a straight right hand. Jimbo slice capitalizes with a hard left roundhouse to the side of his opponent’s head, knocking him off balance and then moves in with a series of heavy lefts and rights, pumbling his opponent to the canvas. Official Rocky Mason attempts to separate the two, but sheepishly retreats at the demand of Jimbo.

The distraction is enough for Diamond. He retaliates with a solid blow to Jimbo’s midsection and battles back to his feet with several quick rights to the side of Jimbo’s head. Once on his feet, Diamond looks for a huge right hand knockout, but Jimbo ducks the blow and responds with a falling reverse neck breaker. Jimbo rolls over into a pin but Diamond sinks in a triangle choke!

Jimbo fights for his feet, but he seems to be fading quickly. The official, Mason, checks his free arm as Diamond cinches the hold in deeper, counting with each drop of the arm. On the third, anticipation packed check of the arm, Jimbo’s arm falls limp, but not to the mat! He clutches the exposed thigh of Diamond and in an impressive show of power and determination, finds his feet and lands a killer Power Bomb on his opponent, who has no choice but to drop the hold to instead favor the back of his skull. Jimbo, exhausted from the hold, falls back against the ropes to catch his breath and shake out his arm.

The men are slow to reach their feet and gain their bearings, but when they do, it’s like the second round of their bout is starting. Jimbo reaches for a test of strength, which Diamond accepts. The two push against one another, but either can gain an upper-hand. Diamond ducks his head under Jimbo’s arm looking for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Jimbo catches him in a front face lock, sprawls to the mat, swings to behind Diamond, and hooks in a rear naked choke! Almost! Diamond scrambles out from under Jimbo and swings to take Jimbo’s back. He lifts Jimbo into the air and brings him down with a Belly to Back Suplex, bridging into a pin. Before he can pick up the three count, however, Jimbo breaks his opponent’s grasp around his midsection and rolls away.

Diamond reaches his feet and turns to face his opponent just in time to catch a boot to the midsection and receive another devastating power bomb, this one enough to put him away for the three count.

Winner via Pinfall - Jimbo Slice @ 8:51

Jimbo Slice motions for Steven Angel to go down to the ring. Steven Angel finishes his wine as he stands up. He jolts to run down the ramp, then he spins around and walks to the back. Jimbo Slice notices a fan with a “Jimbo Slice can’t whoop my ass” sign in the front row. Jimbo Slice exits the ring and walks over to the fan, snatching his sign. The fan removes his baseball cap and removes a barbwire baseball bat from the inside of his coat.

Tommy Cornell: IT’S LONDON CARTER!

John Greed: HE’S DONE IT AGAIN! The master of the violent surprise!

Jimbo Slice rips up the sign and turns around to throw it up. London Carter swing through the sign pieces and collides his barbwire baseball bat into the head of Jimbo Slice. London Carter jumps the guardrail then holds up the barbwire baseball bat and Freedom Championship over a laid out and bleeding Jimbo Slice.

Legacy returns where London Carter is seen walking down a hall. He stops as Bert Hales stands at the other end of the hall. The two men have a mexican standoff in the hall way, London Carter gripping the barbwire baseball bat while Bert Hales holds his gun. Then begin to move toward each other but stop as a tumbleweed passes by.

London Carter
We need to talk.

Bert Hales
You’re GOD DAMN right we need to talk!

The stop about five feet away from each other.

Bert Hales
I can’t have you going around laying people out with that weapon! You were only brought to Hawaii to enjoy yourself and take a week off.

London Carter
I don’t want a week of, I want James Shark locked inside Barbwire Massacre with me! He may have been afraid to put the NLWF title he couldn’t even win on the line, but I have no fear when it comes to putting this Freedom Championship on the line!

Bert Hales
I do have a contract for booking the Freedom Championship.

London Carter
I have already done what James Shark has never done, I’m a champion in the NLWF. Book the match, give me what I deserve, you do this and I’ll remain exclusive to the Legacy brand.

Bert Hales
Now we seem to have ourselves an arrangement. Ultimate Glory, if you’re still in the Freedom Champion following Legends of the Fall, you got your match with James Shark!

Bert Hales lifts his gun and takes a shot at London Carter, squirting him with a red liquid.

Bert Hales

Bert Hales walks away laughing, leaving London Carter behind with a smile on his face. London Carter pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

London Carter
I got the match. It worked just like you thought it would.

Legacy fades away to ringside.

Jason Hawk leads his team down to the ring as The Asylum waits.

Jason Hawk, Alison Williams, Brenton Cyrus, Mark Zout & Anthony King
Havoc, Dwayne Onslaught, Nightsoul, Cipher, & Hell Raiser

Anthony King is eager to start the match off against Nightsoul. The two circle up and Nightsoul goes high for a grapple, but King dips low, taking the bigger man down easily with a single leg takedown and drops an effective elbow to his knee. He grasps the same leg and drags Nightsoul to his corner, where Zout slaps his free hand and springboards into the ring, coming down with a knee drop to the same leg. Nightsoul struggles to get up and swings at Zout, but Zout rolls out of the way, tagging in Jason Hawk.

Nightsoul has tagged in Cipher, who rushes at Zout, missing the tag that was made, but is intercepted by Hawk off the top rope with a flying spinning back elbow followed by a kip-up and then a stiff kick to the spine after Cipher sits up. Hawk bounds off the ropes and returns with a dropkick to the face. He rolls back to his corner, tagging in Allison Williams.

Williams slaps Cipher across the face a few times at he struggles to find his bearings and then swings high with a spinning round house, but Cipher dodges the attack and tags in Hell Raiser, who rushes Williams with her back turned, but she connects with his skull anyway with a Pele kick! Hell Raiser stumbles backward and Onslaught takes the opportunity to tag himself in.

He stalks up to Williams slowly, half expecting her to run to her corner to tag in one of the men. Instead, she grits her teeth and plants the side of her foot into his! The big man rubs his mouth, as if he’d bit his lip, and grabs Williams by the shoulders, shoving her back toward her corner. She huffs and turns to tag in another member of her team.

Zout accepts the tag, being the closest to her, and springboards in, looking for a cross body, but he’s caught by Onslaught and punished with a power slam! Zout favors his back from the mat, but is given no time to recover. Onslaught lifts his opponent up and drops him back to the mat with a hellish clothesline, looking straight at Zout’s allies as he did so. Zout covers the back of his head, leaving his ribs exposed, which are quickly stomped on. Onslaught again lifts Zout and throws him into his own turnbuckle, tagging in Havoc, who holds Zout in place while Onslaught lands a boot to his midsection. King begins to enter the ring to come to Zout’s rescue from the double team, but Havoc points it out to Official Edwin Dale, who moves to stop King from entering the ring. The Asylum takes the opportunity to stomp at Zout, who is downed in their corner. The team of Cyrus, Hawk, King, and Williams plead with him to turn around and witness the underhanded tactics occurring on the other side of the ring, but Dale refuses to turn until King is all the way back on the apron, granting the Asylum more time for their five man assault on Zout!

Finally Dale turns, but is too late to catch the heels in the act as Havoc enters the ring. Havoc lands a heavy fist to Zout’s midsection before snapmaring him to the mat and stomping on the back of his head. Zout falls to the side looking similar to a rag doll. Havoc then drags Zout out to the center of the ring and covers him for a quick two count. Looking upset their tactics hadn’t been enough to put the match away, Havoc lifts Zout and connects with a huge choke slam, going for another cover!



Alison Williams breaks up the pin just in the nick of time with a double axe handle, saving the match for her team! She is quickly forced out of the ring by the official, Dale, and Havoc takes the opportunity to lift Zout up in a double underhook power bomb, but Zout manages to squirm free and dives into his corner, connecting with Brenton Cyrus’ hand!

BC storms the ring with a fresh head full of steam and levels an unprepared Havoc with a running clothesline, then assaults Havoc’s corner, nailing a double drop kick to Onslaught and Ciphor! King follows him into the ring, hitting Nightsoul and Hell Raiser off the apron with a double clothesline! Following the two of them, Hawk sprints through the ring and launches himself with the assistance of the top rope, hitting all four men on the outside with a Springboard Perfect Soar! Havoc assumes to attack BC from behind, but Williams kicks him in the back of the head with a punishing roundhouse! King turns and nails Havoc with The Finale! BC Turns, connecting with the Epiphany! Zout flies into the center of the ring with the Pacific Plunge, and Cyrus makes the cover for an easy win. Hawk rolls back into the ring to celebrate with the other four. For a moment it seems The Asylum may make an attempt to storm the ring in retaliation, but seeing all five members on their feet and prepared for a fight, they skirt around the ring, having no choice but to leave their leader’s body behind.

Winners via Pinfall: Brenton Cyrus, Jason Hawk, Alison Williams, Anthony King, and Mark Zout @ 24:37

Legacy returns to show Nick Ridicule looking at the original No Limit Wrestling Federation championship in his hands.

Brandon Macdonald
You know you don’t deserve that belt..

Nick Ridicule turns around, but no one is around just a mirror. Nick Ridicule walks to the reflection of himself looking at it. A masked man appears over his left shoulder in the mirror.

Brandon Macdonald
You never beat me.

Nick Ridicule spins around, the camera following at his back, but no one is behind him. Slowly he looks to the mirror and over his right shoulder stands the man in a different mask.

Brandon Macdonald
You can’t beat me.

Nick Ridicule turns around quickly again, the NLWF Championship dropping from his hands, but no one is around. Nick Ridicule drops down to pick up the NLWF Championship. He stays crouched down, inhales deep and exhales slowly, then stands up to reveal Brandon Macdonald standing behind him.

Brandon Macdonald
All you did was rob me of Immortality.

Nick Ridicule turns slowly but as he makes it around Brandon Macdonald is gone. Nick Ridicule’s eyes dart to the left and right. He turns around pissed off and is kicked directly to the balls.

?Sexy Question Marks ?
I’ll see you tonight, Princess Ridicule. You had better protect your balls! Gunther has returned to take the No Limit Wrestling Federation championship from you!

Gunther walks away as Nick Ridicule tries to get back to his feet, favoring his balls.

Showcase of the Rook
Robbie Hart
[vs] [Undead Vampire Apocalypse: Darius Wrath, Jasper Rayne, & Saint]

Jasper Rayne starts the match against Robbie Hart. Hart extends his hand for a shake, which Jasper hesitantly moves to greet, but instead is met by a BITCH SLAP and a middle finger! Rayne angrily throws a huge right haymaker, but Hart loops his arm through the punch, floats over Ryane’s back, and hit’s a flowing DDT! As Rayne rises Hart lands another sickening slap across his opponent’s face, followed by a crude knee to the face. Rayne pops up on wobbly legs and is thrown head first into his own partner, Saint, which Official Rocky Mason counts as a tag, even though both men tumble out of the ring. On his way off the apron, however, Darius tags himself in on Saint’s shoulder with a blind tag and rushes Hart in the inside of the ring. Hart is too quick, though, and sends Darius flying with a Belly to Belly Release Suplex, following up with an elbow drop to the chest.

Hart attempts to drag Darius to his feet but is caught by a rake to the eyes and wanders into the wrong corner, where Saint grabs him by the back of the head and pulls his throat across the top rope as he drops to the apron below. Rayne hops off the turnbuckle as well, Darius distracting the referee by faking an injury and demanding the official examine it.

With the official pre-disposed, the two on the outside begin picking Hart apart, going as far as to use the ring post and steel steps on the outside in their assault before rolling a weakened Hart back into the ring. Darius assures the official whatever had been ailing him must had been a passing thing and tags Saint in. Saint takes his time picking Hart apart and holds him in a guillotine choke along the bottom rope while Rayne and Darius untie the turnbuckle pad in the corner just north of theirs.

Saint maneuvers Hart back to his team’s corner and Rayne holds Hart’s arms behind his back while Saint spins, looking to take Hart’s head off with a spinning elbow, but Hart slips free and Rayne is knocked out by his own partner! Hart decks Darius off the apron and turns to strike at Saint, but Saint sends Hart to the corner with the unprotected turnbuckle!

Hart pops up into a hand-stand and flings himself backward, though, winding up behind the charging Saint, and slaps him across the back of the head, carrying the strike through so that Saint’s face is driven hard into the exposed turnbuckle. Hart then situates Saint up on the top rope and hit’s A LONG LOOK on the exposed buckle!

Robbie Hart celebrates but stops as he looks up at the big screen where his Dad and Uncle are shown laid out in the parking lot, both men busted open. The camera is lifted in the hands of Anthony King brought up to show his face.

Anthony King
Yo BITCH! You hear me? I’m finishing my match with these two, the way it should have gone on Direct Hit. If you have a sack, how about you try and take me out now. Unless you’re scared homie. If you don’t give a shit about these two has beens, maybe I’ll have to pay Loca Rocsi a visit. Show your bitch how a real man works it!

Robbie Hart grabs at his sack and shakes his head.

Robbie Hart
You are dead!

Robbie Hart leaves the ring and jumps the guardrail exiting through the crowd. The referee begins his ten count, counting Robbie Hart out as he leaves the arena.

Winner: Darius Wraith, Saint, and Jasper Rayne via Count Out @ 14:00

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Re: Legacy 19: Pulp Fiction Legion: 11/14/12

Post by Bert Hales on November 17th 2012, 4:18 pm

Legacy returns on Anthony King in the parking lot. He holds his arms out as Frank and Caleb Hart crawl on the parking lot floor. Robbie Hart emerges from the arena in a full sprint at Anthony King.

Anthony King
That’s my bitch!

Before Robbie Hart can even get close to Anthony King he’s hit by a car. Robbie Hart rolls onto the hood and gets stuck in the windshield as he shatters into it. The car stops. Madison Monroe Fenty gets out of the car.

Anthony King
Tell your buddy Silva that blood is so much thicker than water!

Anthony King and Madison Monroe Fenty high five each other.

Anthony King
Sorry about your rental car..

Madison Monroe Fenty
It was Robbie’s, I stole his keys!

Anthony King
Well played! I underestimated you!

Anthony King and Madison Monroe Fenty walk over the the fully repaired Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and get in. They do a few donuts, then they speed off.

Legacy moves to ringside.

Tommy Cornell: King pulls a fast one on Hart, this is shaping up into a must see rivalry.

John Greed: Anthony King is insured for life by Ferrari, I hope Robbie Hart got insurance on his rental car!

The Crown Jewels of England surround the ring.

Showcase of the Knight

Matt Gray
[vs] Ash Nemesis

Matt Grey and Ash Nemesis square for a lock-up, meeting in a collar-elbow tie up. Grey pops Nemesis’ arm off his own and spins between Nemesis’ body and arm, torquing his countryman’s extremity into a standing wrist wringer. Nemesis leans forward in pain and struggles to power out of the hold, but Grey keeps control by quickly yanking down on Nemesis’ arm. It takes a moment and a bit of damage to his limb, but Nemesis is able to counter the wrist wringer, chaining directly into a hammer lock and buries his head into Grey’s shoulder blade to avoid any elbows that may attack his face.

The hammer lock must not have been synched in deep enough, though, because after a few long seconds Grey is able to slip his free arm behind his back and drag Nemesis forward into a headlock. He holds here a moment, cutting off the blood flow to his opponent’s skull, before popping his hip and taking Nemesis to the mat with a headlock takeover, sprawling his legs out in a wide base. The official is able to count to one and even two a couple times as Nemesis struggles to keep his shoulder blades off the canvas before he is able to throw his legs up and peel Grey off with a head scissors, which he holds his opponent in, hoping to take as much of the fight out of Grey as Grey had taken from him.

Grey, however, is able to kip up, escaping the head scissors in the process. Nemesis scrambles to reach his feet, but as he reaches his knees, Grey is quick enough with his footwork to land multiple alternating kicks to Nemesis’ chest and back, lighting up his countryman’s skin with a thick red imprint from each contact his boot makes. Nemesis’ face twists into pain and he attempts to block the final kick to the face, but Grey finishes with two kicks to the back, instead.

Grey taunts to the crowd as Nemesis lays face down on the canvas, kicking his feet against the mat in pain, but isn’t pleased with the chant they retort with, led by Mark Zout at the top of the entrance ramp with a prompt sign…


Cornell: That Mark Zout is a cheer leader now, too? What’s he doing interfering in a man with talent’s match, anyway?

Greed: Look at that! Matt Grey just can’t live down the fizzy shower he got at City of Evil this past weekend! By the way, you really think Nemesis is all that?

Cornell: Oh, you’re a funny guy, aren’t you, Greedy?

Grey’s face contorts into anger as he shouts at them to shut up, along with an array of less tactful responses before he gives up, returning his focus to the spot on the mat where he last left Nemesis, but Nemesis isn’t there. Grey turns to look for his opponent, and is caught by a kick in the gut.

Nemesis sends Grey to the ropes and as Grey comes bounding back Nemesis sends him flying overhead with a high altitude hip toss, but no! Grey is able to counter the maneuver into a high velocity arm drag, sending Nemesis half way across the ring. He charges Nemesis as he rises and nails him with a running Big Boot to the face, sending Nemesis’s limp body to the canvas, but refuses to go for the pin, instead strapping his opponent into The Killer Instinct.

As he sits bridged, he stares directly at Zout, as if calling him out then and there, ignoring the officials pleas for him to release the hold, even after the bell has rang, until Zout shakes his head and leaves the stage. Grey finally releases his hold, only after causing more damage than necessary, and mounts the turnbuckle in the face of an arena full of jeers to his soundtrack as medics check on Nemesis.

Winner: Matt Grey via Decision @ 9:28

Brenton Cyrus and Alison Williams are walking hand in hand backstage.

Brenton Cyrus
You just have to trust me, this will work.

Alison Williams
I don’t want our daughter put in any danger.

Brenton Cyrus
Everything is going to be just fine. Look there they are.

Brenton Cyrus and Alison Williams approach Justin WINgate and the Rollins Sisters.

Brenton Cyrus
You all understand what needs to happen here tonight?

Everyone nods at Brenton Cyrus.

Brenton Cyrus
Good. Ladies, leave us alone, go talk strategy.

Alison Williams leads the Rollins Sisters away, leaving Brenton Cyrus with Justin WINgate.

Brenton Cyrus
Make it look good.

Justin WINgate nods his head as Brenton Cyrus pats him on the shoulder. He turns and walks away.

Legacy moves ringside where Johnny Stylez taunts fans from the apron, letting the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship dangle from his pants between his legs.

Tommy Cornell: When I interviewed Stylez it was as if I got into a time machine and got to visit the man in his prime. He’s refocused himself and in the process recaptured himself!

John Greed: So you think taking out a man after he’s fought an hour in Triple Cell is refocused and recaptured Stylez?

Tommy Cornell: STRIKE BACK KID! The original twist in the NLWF was when Brenton Cyrus got his own son to turn against him at War Games in Live or Die! Cyrus is just lucky he hasn’t taken things that far! Yet.. He’s back to gaining greatness by any means necessary!

Justin WINgate makes his way out to the ring, then he enters to be attacked by Johnny Stylez.

Showcase of the Bishop
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship

Johnny Stylez
[vs] [Justin WINgate]

Johnny Stylez lands boot after boot down into the back of Justin WINgate. Johnny Stylez dominates and forces the referee to ring the bell.

Tommy Cornell: Shades of City of Evil, Stylez forces an uncomfortable official to call for the bell.

John Greed: He’s got the do whatever I want attitude back!

Johnny Stylez stomps Justin WINgate in the corner and lifts him to his feet, then up for a fireman’s carry. Johnny Stylez smiles and throws Justin WINgate over his head, landing him face first into a knee.

Tommy Cornell: Vicious betrayal!

John Greed: He uses one of Brenton’s favorite moves!

Johnny Stylez doesn’t let Justin WINgate collapse, instead pulling him by his arm back into fireman’s carry position. Johnny Stylez drops Justin WINgate with a death valley driver into a tombstone. Johnny Stylez gets the pin hooking just one leg as he leans back and talks to the camera.

Winner: Johnny Stylez via Pin Fall @ 3:03

Johnny Stylez celebrates with the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, holding it up with both hands for one side of the audience to see. Brenton Cyrus slides into the ring behind him and begins to stalk. Johnny Stylez turns around into a cutter from Brenton Cyrus.

Tommy Cornell: Epiphany! BC just dropped Stylez!


Brenton Cyrus grabs a microphone.

Brenton Cyrus
WINgate wasn’t the pick to fight you, he was simply coming down to tell you that tonight your showcase match is against Brenton Cyrus!

Tommy Cornell: OH! Brenton Cyrus has just pulled a fast one on Johnny Stylez!

John Greed: I guess he figures if he can get the World Title back he can use it as a bargaining piece to get his daughter..

The referee calls for the bell.

Showcase of the Bishop
World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship

Johnny Stylez
[vs] [Brenton Cyrus]

Brenton Cyrus pins Johnny Stylez.


Tommy Cornell: HE GOT HIM!

John Greed: BC PREVAILS!

The referee holds up a two as Johnny Stylez just barely got his shoulder up in time.

Tommy Cornell: Wow, doesn’t get much closer to a three count than that!

John Greed: We get to see Johnny Stylez versus Brenton Cyrus here on Legacy!

Brenton Cyrus hooks the arm of Johnny Stylez and rolls back with him, locking in the Koji Clutch Submission.

Tommy Cornell: God lock!

John Greed: He almost got the pin, now he’s looking for the submission!

Johnny Stylez fights crawling toward the microphone. Brenton Cyrus breaks the hold, pulling Johnny Stylez up to his feet still locked in the hold. Brenton Cyrus spins down and around with Johnny Stylez, driving him down into the middle of the ring.

Tommy Cornell: A NEW DAY!

John Greed: Could this new day lead to a new champion!?

Brenton Cyrus pins Johnny Stylez hooking the leg.


Tommy Cornell: HE GOT... KICKED OUT AGAIN!

John Greed: So close, this trick from BC so close to working!

Brenton Cyrus lifts Johnny Stylez up to his feet but is lifted up for a fireman’s carry. Brenton Cyrus rakes the eyes of Johnny Stylez and falls behind him. Brenton Cyrus springs up and dropkicks Johnny Stylez to the back of his head sending him staggering and falling through the ropes.

Tommy Cornell: Stylez looked for the End Result, but BC was on it!

John Greed: A shocking twist here on legacy, seems as though City of Evil is rubbing off on the weekly shows!

Brenton Cyrus pulls Johnny Stylez over the top rope, onto his shoulders in fireman’s carry position.

Tommy Cornell: Vicious Betrayal coming!

John Greed: Johnny Stylez isn’t kicking out of this!

Brenton Cyrus throws Johnny Stylez over and jumps throwing up his knee. Johnny Stylez catches the leg of Brenton Cyrus and lands on his feet. He spins around the leg and drops down with a figure four leglock.

Tommy Cornell: What a counter!

John Greed: What a match!

Johnny Stylez pulls back on the figure four leglock, then reaches up as he lays back, for the microphone.

Tommy Cornell: These guys are going to go at it for ninety minutes at Ultimate Glory!

John Greed: In three different matches all in one! That’s going to be the ultimate test of endurance, the older Stylez at a disadvantage.

Johnny Stylez manages to grabs the microphone.

Johnny Stylez

Brenton Cyrus breaks one of his legs out of the figure four leglock and he kicks Johnny Stylez to the face, knocking the microphone out of the ring. Johnny Stylez rolls out to the ring apron.

Tommy Cornell: Stylez as shocked as we are.

John Greed: He probably thought having the mans daughter would prevent something like this from happening!

Brenton Cyrus runs and spears Johnny Stylez off the ring apron down to the ringside floor.

Tommy Cornell: HOLLYWOOD IMPACT! Wow.. that actually makes sense when Brenton Cyrus does it.


Brenton Cyrus stands up and unleashes a roar of a scream. The fans


Brenton Cyrus backs to the ring steps, holding his head. He begins to thump the back of his head into the ring post behind him as he leans back watching Johnny Stylez start to get up.

Tommy Cornell: Here it comes, the punt kick that ends this Johnny Stylez comeback!

John Greed: What a treat here on Legacy! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NLWF!

Brenton Cyrus begins to stomp, then back kick the ringsteps, getting the fans in attendance to stomp with him.

Johnny Stylez
Brenton Cyrus aint killing shit! Not if he wants his daughter back at Legends..

Brenton Cyrus stops stomping, a sickened look on his face as he goes pale.

Tommy Cornell: This is what I thought!

John Greed: Johnny Stylez has the same power Brenton Cyrus used on him for months when the NLWF fire began! The irony is killing me!

Johnny Stylez
I thought your bitch told you the deal! Maybe I should smack her around with my dick again, let her know who the boss is!

Brenton Cyrus puts his hands to his head, pressing his palms against his temples.

Tommy Cornell: Stylez is taking things up a level!

John Greed: This is one of the greatest rivalries in the history of this industry!

Johnny Stylez
I guess the dick magnet didn’t tell you about that either?

Johnny Stylez begins to laugh hysterically.

Johnny Stylez
I’ll do my best impression of Alison Williams, during my City of Evil celebration party with her.

Johnny Stylez moves from the ringside floor, up on all fours, moving to his hands and knees as he looks over at Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus bites down viciously, his neck protruding as he does all he can to control himself.

Johnny Stylez
You gonna kick me kid?

Tommy Cornell: Death-Angel is said to be the master of mind games... Johnny Stylez just took that title from him!

John Greed: I can’t tell if he’s telling the truth or lying!

Johnny Stylez stands up and rolls into the ring.

Johnny Stylez
You aren’t going to do anything to me bitch! I’m a grown ass man! What you are going to do, for this minor setback, is you’re going to get into this ring and lay down!

Tommy Cornell: Wow!

John Greed: He’s going to force him to lay down!

Johnny Stylez
I said get in here boy!

Brenton Cyrus turns around and begins to slowly stomp up the ring steps. He enters the ring and Johnny Stylez pie faces him down to the mat.

Tommy Cornell: This place is stunned silent!

John Greed: I can’t believe what I’m seeing either.. If it wasn’t my job, I too would be silent.

Johnny Stylez removes his belt and smacks Brenton Cyrus across the back with it. Brenton Cyrus stands up and goes chest to chest with Johnny Stylez.

Johnny Stylez
Do something! I dare you! I DARE YOU!

Johnny Stylez laughs in the face of Brenton Cyrus who can only stare at him, a psychotic look on his face. Johnny Stylez slaps Brenton Cyrus across his face, then smacks him across the back again with his belt.

Johnny Stylez
I’ll tell you exactly what I told Ali, GET DOWN ON YOU BACK BITCH!

Brenton Cyrus drops down to a single knee.

Tommy Cornell: No way...

John Greed: Now I have seen it all...

Johnny Stylez lashes Brenton Cyrus across the back again.

Tommy Cornell: Each of those shots leaving a reminder mark.

John Greed: He’s going to lay down, fold his plan.

Brenton Cyrus drops to the mat on his back, looking up at the lights. Johnny Stylez walks over and places his foot on the face of Brenton Cyrus, striking a pose. Brenton Cyrus pushes the foot of Johnny Stylez off his face, but pays for it as he whips him across the face with the belt.

Tommy Cornell: Worse than a slap to the face!

John Greed: Just end it already!

Johnny Stylez puts his foot on the chest of Brenton Cyrus.


The referee calls for the bell.

Tommy Cornell: Never in my life did I think I would see that!

John Greed: He had no other choice, but he’ll have his shot at redemption at Ultimate Glory!

Johnny Stylez is given the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and he holds it overhead with one arm as he points his other hand like a gun at the head of Brenton Cyrus.

Legacy returns with Brenton Cyrus walking with his head down. He is approached by Alison Williams.

Alison Williams
What were you thinking? You could have gotten our daughter hurt!

Brenton Cyrus
Is it true what he said out there?

Alison Williams
No! Duh! He was getting under your skin! You think I would sleep with his old ass?

Brenton Cyrus
I think you would sleep with just about anyone.

Alison Williams slaps Brenton Cyrus across the face.

Alison Williams
Boo Bear, when you pull your head out of your ass, give me a call, k?

Alison Williams walks away rolling her eyes. Brenton Cyrus puts his face in his hands, he removes them and Johnny Stylez is standing in front of him with a smile.

Johnny Stylez
A wise man once said, don't ask questions you don't want the answers to! Go ahead and hit me BC.

Brenton Cyrus
Why are you trying to ruin my life?

Johnny Stylez laughs.

Johnny Stylez
This isn’t about ruining your life. This is about taking my life back! Taking back all the things you stole from me! Go back to Hollywood where you belong. I’m taking my torch back, the game is mine!

Johnny Stylez goes to walk away then stops side by side with Brenton Cyrus.

Johnny Stylez
I’m a man of my word, you’ll get Claire at Legends of the Fall and I’ll beat you man to man at Ultimate Glory. It’s not my intention to hurt your daughter, simply to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Johnny Stylez walks away.

Brenton Cyrus
You wont make it out of Legends of the Fall alive...

Legacy fades from Brenton Cyrus to the stage.

Alison Williams emerges from backstage with a microphone. Alice Wright stands in the ring across from The Sinister Rollins Sisters: Trinity Kate Rollins & Kate Trinity Rollins.

Alison Williams
At City of Evil, my love for wrestling returned when I saw your little match Alice. I thought, “Look at these two girls fighting so hard for what is mine!”

Alison Williams holds the Women’s World Wrestling Championship up.

Alison Williams
This is a belt I have held four times, yet I’ve never lost it! I am remotivated to dominate this division just like I used to! But tonight, I’ll watch as those sick bitches the Rollins sisters take you out!

Showcase of the Queen
Alice Wright
[vs] [The Sinister Rollins Sisters: Trinity Kate Rollins & Kate Trinity Rollins]

The Sinister Rollins Sisters attack viciously when they can’t decide who should start the match. Alice Wright tries to defend herself, but the two on one at once attack is too much for her. Trinity Kate Rollins connects a suplex on Alice Wright down across the knee of Kate Trinity Rollins.

The referee tries her best to restore order, but The Sinister Rollins Sisters lay her out as well. The Sinister Rollins Sisters bitch at each other until one of them goes to get a steel chair. The Sinister Rollins Sisters set up the chair, then double chokeslam Alice Wright on it.

The referee calls for the bell disqualifying The Sinister Rollins Sisters.

Winner: Alice Wright via Disqulification @ 6:30

The Sinister Rollins Sisters continue the attack. Trinity Kate Rollins lifts Alice Wright for a piledriver over the seated chair as Kate Trinity Rollins comes down to push her feet down into it. Nick Ridicule rushes to the ring with Cameron Morgan and Tess Harter as The Sinister Rollins Sisters escape.

Nick Ridicule carries Alice Wright to the back followed by Cameron Morgan and Tess Harter.

Ramirez Silva is backstage, cigar in mouth. He takes a puff and brings it between his fingers, showing off his NLWF Founder ring.

Ramirez Silva
I brought you back, and you did perfect! That’s why I flew you here again and I’ll bring you back home to California next week, where we’ll top things off at Legends of the Fall!

The man he’s talking to can’t be seen as he’s being blocked by a vending machine.

Ramirez Silva
You’ll be the enforcereferee that is able to combat anything that refereenforcer Brandon Macdonald has in store! He was a fair deal at City of Evil, but the way Nick got his shots in, I’m not so sure this time around.

Ramirez Silva looks at the man, taking a puff, not getting any kind of response.

Ramirez Silva
Yo, you gonna acknowledge what I’m saying to you!?

The Mexican Samurai steps out from leaning on the vending machine.

The Mexican Samurai
Whatever you say.

The Mexican Samurai connects a back kick into the vending machine getting it to drop a can of soda. He grabs it and cracks it open, then takes a drink.

Ramirez Silva
I’ve got your contract right here!

The Mexican Samurai snatches the contract out of his hand before he can do anything. He walks away leaving Ramirez Silva with his arms out.

Ramirez Silva
Have we got a deal?

Legacy returns ringside for the Main Event.

Showcase of the King
No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship
Nick Ridicule [vs]

The match begins with Gunter attempting a low blow. Nick Ridicule backs away and connects a Nick Kick to the face of Gunther.

Tommy Cornell: NO SELL!

John Greed: It’s the magical mustache of Gunther, blocking shots!

Gunther waves his finger at Nick Ridicule, but he moves in with a knee to his gut. Nick Ridicule lifts Gunther up and powerbombs him down to the mat before shooting off to the ropes. Gunther sits up from the impact and Nick Ridicule rebounds with a soccer kick across his face and chest.

Tommy Cornell: Does a mustache block kicks to the chest.

John Greed: Don’t start that with me again!

Nick Ridicule lifts Gunter to his feet, but takes a low blow, the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Nick Ridicule via DQ @ 7:11

Gunther attempts a DDT but he’s lifted to the shoulders of Nick Ridicule who brings him down with tombstone piledriver.

Tommy Cornell: The End Result!

John Greed: The move of champions!

Nick Ridicule stands up holding his balls. He lifts Gunther up for a crucifix powerbomb, then runs and throws him over the ropes, sending him crashing down into the guardrail ringside. Nick Ridicule leaves the ring and walks to the announcers table, having a seat, putting on his headset.

Nick Ridicule
I HATE Legacy. If you never see me on this show again, it’ll be too soon! That’s why I talked to Carmine Vestieri and I signed exclusive to Direct Hit, the show where it all began!

Tommy Cornell: Nick Ridicule refuses to be a part of the Bert Hales Legacy!

John Greed: Can you blame him, it’s been nothing but bad luck since he got here!

Nick Ridicule stands up with a microphone.

Nick Ridicule
As for Ultimate Glory, I have the contract right in front of me.

Nick Ridicule brings a pen down to the contract and signs it.

Nick Ridicule
Jason Hawk the two of us will do battle once again, this time in the biggest fight of either of our lives! I will Ridicule you Birdman! I will lay you out in the middle of the ring just like I did to James Shark!

Tommy Cornell: It’s official! Another massive match added to Ultimate Glory!

John Greed: Ultimate Glory is shaping into the biggest Pay Per View of all time!

Before Nick Ridicule can say anything else, Stillborn by Black Label Society plays. Nick Ridicule enters the ring and watches as Ramirez Silva brings out Mexican Samurai. They enter the ring and both men stare at Nick Ridicule, as he stares at Mexican Samurai.

Ramirez Silva
You two play nice! Nick, I have brought Mexican Samurai to be the Enforcereferee in the Chess Match at Legends of the Fall! He’s going..

Before Ramirez Silva can say anything, The Mexican Samurai nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. The Mexican Samurai looks at Nick Ridicule who doesn’t move. Nick Ridicule drops down and exits the ring, taking the original No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship to his shoulder.

Tommy Cornell: Ramirez Silva added the unpredictable element of the Mexican Samurai to that already stacked match!

John Greed: That match will be hell on earth!

Bert Hales makes his way out onto the stage.

Bert Hales
WOW! What an AMAZING night we just witnessed here on Legacy! But Ramirez Silva made a mistake. Because it was I who brought The Mexican Samurai back! I even used one of my contracts to officially sign him to the roster!

Tommy Cornell: Ramirez Silva did that too..

John Greed: Did Samurai get two contracts?

Bert Hales
THANK YOU for adding him to the match at Legends of the Fall, I’m out of contracts that would allow me to do that.

The Mexican Samurai leaves the ring walking up the ramp.

Bert Hales
PLEASE, give a warm welcome to the newest member of the NLWF, The Mexican...

The Mexican Samurai levels Bert Hales with a clothesline as he makes it to the top of the stage. The Mexican Samurai lifts Bert Hales to his feet, then he lifts him up for a suplex, spinning around to bring him down with a brainbuster on the stage.

Tommy Cornell: The Mexican Samurai can’t be trusted by anyone!

John Greed: He’s a man out for justice, his own justice!

The Mexican Samurai casually walks away as Legacy ends.

No Limit Wrestling Federation
Copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved

Bert Hales
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