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A new side of light (Closed RP)

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A new side of light (Closed RP)

Post by Stefan Raab on October 16th 2012, 2:53 pm

Stefan hadn't really been heard that much about in NLWF as of late because of him being really busy wrestling in APW as of late. Since he had a week's break from wrestling there. It was about time for him to get himself the feel for the place that he may wrestle on in the future. Luckily for him he wasn't wrestling on the first PPV card because he knows he will be so banged up from the deathmatch battle royal that he was going to be in two weeks time along with the five title shots match against Romeo Valentine in ASWF.

Stefan has been very quiet but it was about time that he would make a name for himself elsewhere apart from APW. Unlike there he wasn't going to be pissing people off. He was going to be a man that was going to be respecting the wrestling business as a whole along with the other wrestlers themselves. He hears names like James Shark, Cody Taylor and Sheyanne Successful that he's already heard of from various of companies that he was in with them. He was visiting his locker room that he could very well be in the future amongst the big names that are already known in NLWF.

He couldn't wait to get started in NLWF which would be a nice break away from being in APW where he was currently wrestling in most of the time lately and lots of hype about him becoming champion for the first time in his career although he had came close twice before on being the North American champion and Tag Team champion in APW. His confidence was very low because he hasn't had a win for a while in wrestling now and it was about time for him to show himself on camera.

Stefan Raab: Where am I going wrong in wrestling? There must be something that isn't there for me because every time I go into a wrestling match. I end up losing. I really don't know but I need to get some wins to my name again. Maybe even try to survive in this deathmatch battle royal I got coming up against Knuckles, my backstabbing scum former tag partner Yarmouth and people that are on the Meltdown roster in Action Packed Wrestling. Anyway I am not going to talk about APW or ASWF because they aren't relevant here. Just here to talk about the company No Limits Wrestling Federation that I am going to be wrestling in the future.

Stefan just has no clue when he will be wrestling in NLWF as it was going to be sometime yet because he had things to deal with in APW but of course he had to put that behind him for now as he hears the cheers from the crowd which to Stefan was very unusual as he was always getting boos from the crowd all the time in wrestling but he was being a nicer person than usual because he had to gain respect from other wrestlers and that's what he wanted to do when he was going to wrestle for NLWF and of course he hasn't had that much achievements in wrestling but that was to be decided in the future.

Stefan Raab: This company has achieved a lot already like hyping up the next PPV which isn't far away and the fact a lot of people have walked in here and became successful wrestlers and that's the main reason why I am here to put my name against the greatest wrestlers that have been here already. I really admire a lot of people except James Shark but other than him. I generally get along with everyone in this company. I don't think many people would achieve much elsewhere if it wasn't for this place.

Stefan even wanted to wrestle on this PPV right now but he really would need to heal up a lot from the brutal match he was going to be apart of in a few weeks time and also that he was going to go on a three week course to see if people in the StarrDome the place where he was training at the moment feel if Stefan was ready to wrestle on the Monday Night StarrDom show that Stefan has watched a few shows of but not recently due to the long distance travel of APW lately. He was mainly just showing off his face making an appearance like everybody else was doing.

Stefan Raab: I may not be the most successful wrestler around NLWF in terms of the skill I have but I have done things that not many wrestlers have done in the months that I have been a full time wrestler already and now I need to achieve more success in other companies apart from just the one but my hard work is going to come sooner rather than later and I will be one of the best rookies to come out of from NLWF and rise myself to the top of the ladder rather than staying at the bottom where I am right now but I understand that because not many people have heard of me apart from the three names I have said above. I am looking forward to know who my first opponent is going to be and I will be ready when the time comes of me wrestling here.

That was all Stefan had to say as he had such low esteem on himself but of course he didn't want people in APW to know otherwise he would be a weak person to which he wasn't over there but he had to build his confidence up again as he left his locker room and just looked around the NLWF arena where the City Of Evil PPV was going to happen and he stands in the middle of the ring feeling what it will be like when he wrestles in front of the fans when it happens and then he goes and leaves Las Vegas to go to California to train at the StarrDome.

Closed RP. It's only practice for me to get the feeling of working Stefan as face again that's all I was doing in this General RP.

Stefan Raab

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