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Robbie Hart

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Robbie Hart

Post by Robbie Hart on October 6th 2012, 8:21 pm

'The Degenerate King ... The Pretty Boy Assassin ... The Decepticon'

Age: 20
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 166 lbs
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Alignment: Face/Tweener
Style: Daredevil, Submission, Adaptive, MMA
Trained By: Frank Hart, and Johnny Styles

Light to dirty brown hair, usually kept short. He usually keeps some chin
fuzz, and compliments it with a set of sideburns. His left arm is
decorated with various tattoo designs that make up an entire half selve
that covers his left bicep. On his upper left arm he has another decent
size tattoo of and angel flying towards Earth ready to cause the entire
planet to be leveled. He also has a 'Laugh now ... Cry Later' mask on
his chest.

Ring Attire
Roman style Boxing shorts with slights cut all around (Think Petey
Williams trunks). His Blue RH logo is visible from the front side inside
an emblem style shield, with a Blue and Black Bleeding Hart on the
back. White and Blue Jordan style boxing boots, one Blue elbow pad, and
white fist/wrist tape.

Special/PPV Attire
style of shorts (Petey Williams style) but the base color is Baby Blue
(NC Tare-heel color), with the DVR logo looking like its breaking
through the front and Robbie's trademark Bleeding Hart on the back both
logo's are out lined in red with there respected color. For the special
events he'll wear a custom Jordan boxing boots designed after Micheal
Jordan's NC Shoes. A White elbow pad with his RH logo on it on his left
and on the right elbow pad is the DVR logo on it with the elbow pad
being Baby Blue

Entrance Theme: I wish you would - Kanye West

Entrance To The Ring
lights in the jarring anticipating arena, switch instantly to black.
And the beat drops to Kanye West's I wish you would, followed by a count

"One ... Two ... There coming for you ... Three ... Four ...Better lock your door ... Five ... Six ... Hide your bitch"

beat picks up and a black and white strobe light takes over the entire
arena. A highlight package of Robbie Hart begins to play on the screen,
in a pulse-sating way. The motion in the crowd resembles that of a
"wave" but its hard to make it out with the strobe light ... as the
crowd all rise to their feet, directing all eyes to the entry way.

"They said, thou shall not be Ill"
"Thou shall not feel"
"Thou should not be trill, not be drill, not be real"
"Niggas selling packs, niggas flipping pills"
"They got heron and crack, man"
"These niggas high for real"
"Every year gon be our year"
"Every year gon be my year"

figure comes shooting up from the bottom of the stage, as "The
Decepticon" stomps his way onto the entrance ramp the lights have him as
dark as a shadow figure with the only thing shining is the IWF World
Championship, causing a huge hurl of a mix reaction from the audience in
attendance. The crowd stand in shock, trying desperatly to get a view
of The son of a legend.

"I've been popping shit for to long"
"But still reppin' where I came from"
"I guess it's how I came up"
"I wish you would try to play us"

Hart stands there his entire body still blacked out from the light
effect, he stands there taking in the reaction of the crowd. An evil
grin begins to spread itself from ear to ear, as he stedily begins to
make his way down the entrance ramp, the strobe light pulsing with the
bass from the song. Strutting himself with ozing confidence, Robbie does
a slow spin for the IWF cameras to take in his dark out figure with the
flash bulbs bouncing off the World Championship.

"I wish you would nigga"
"I wish you would nigga"
"You see you got a couple cases, still look good nigga"
"You see these niggas'll try to play yea"
"Know how you feel nigga"
"Eh yup, That'd be the day you wanna kill a nigga"

pauses halfway down the aisle, as White trails of pyro blasts
themselves into the rafters of the errupting arena. Robbie lightly
bounces on his feet still looking like a dark shadow, boasting the
cheers from the fans

"But you gon chill nigga"
"Just for your kids nigga"
"Cause now there's kids"
"Doin grown man biz nigga"
"You just got home nigga"
"You tryin to leave nigga"
"Me I don't wanna do another five years nigga"

into the ring, Robbie rushes himself to the corner of the ring,
mounting the turnbuckle as he does so, before raising the IWF World
Championship up in the air. Camera flashes light up the dark arena, as
it is now hard to seperate the screams of his fans.

Announcer: Introducing next... from Las Vegas NV... standing six feet
tall, weighing in at One hundred and seventy three pounds ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Robbie... HAAARRRTTTT!!!!!

leaps from the turnbuckle, and now begins to circle the ring, ready for
a war... looking to all parts of the rattling arena. A laugh of
pleasantry escapes him, as he hits the ropes, loosening himself up.

"The boss is testing yo ass"
"The fed'll question yo ass"
"They be drug testing yo ass"
"And they pry you don't pass"
"And then you look in the sky"
"You got questions to ask"

now moves himself to the edge of the ring, where he begins to eye down
his pray. Slithering through the ring like a snake, he stands in the
center of the ring, as a single spotlight beams down onto his frame,
spotlighting and for the first time showing his full figure

the song fades out, it is replaced by a mix reaction. The lights in the
arena kick back on, as the smoke from Robbie's pyro clouds up the arena
entrance, and ring. Robbie backs himself to the nearest corner of the
ring, and leaning back, props his arms onto the ropes, and places a look
of arrogance on his face with a sly smile towards his foe. The fans
chant hard for him, but Robbie pays no mind, and moves his focus towards
his opponent in the ring.

Robbie's History:
was born pretty much into wrestling with his father being Frank Hart,
and his mother Jada who herself was no stranger to the game. His mother
once was the manager of Johnny Styles in the highlight of his career.
And has since been the agent of her husband Frank. But it wasn't just
wrestling that the Hart family was apart of. Robbie's grandfather was
the godfather of the Philadelphia Crime Family.

Robbie became
the acting boss of the Family when his grandfather passed away. A title
that should have went to his father, but Frank faked his own death and
started a new career in Tokyo leaving a young Robbie to control a
powerful crime family. But it wasn't long before Robbie threw the title
back to his father when he returned from the 'Dead'. And in return Jada
talked Frank into giving Robbie his spot against Lemongrass Gogulope for
the number one contendership at IWF's Fallout

The Pretty Boy
assassin not only stole the show against Lemongrass Gogulope but he also
walked out as the next in line for the IWF World Championship, in only
his first match as a professional wrestler. Robbie quickly built an ego
after beating someone his father and uncle both failed to do so weeks
before, and he was more then ready to become World Champion.

weeks before his showdown with then Champion VVR, Robbie meet Brenton
Cyrus who at first seemed to be all about helping Robbie reach the next
level. Brenton created the 'Succession' a stable that was gonna be made
up of the youngest and best superstars the game had. The two then
brainstormed a masterplan to stun everyone! For the better part of three
weeks the two seemed to be at each others throats. Brenton even
kidnapped Frank Hart forcing Robbie into a 'Live or Die' match for
Robbie's shot at VVR.

But It was all an act, and when IWF's
Battle Grounds XXIII came around and it was time for Robbie to save his
father. To bad Robbie was about to put a fine definition of Heartless on
display as Brenton took a dive allowing Robbie to pin him and
sentencing his own father to death which was the entire plan the whole
time. Robbie was always apart of Brenton's Succession and showed the
world just what they were capable of doing.

As IWF's Violent
Impulse came closer and closer Brenton Cyrus slowly faded away from the
scene, but it didn't stop Robbie from going out to the ring and making
quick work out of VVR, forcing the Champion to submit making Robbie Hart
the fastest rising champion in the history of IWF. But his run as
champion was a short lived one, as Brandon MacDonald and his wife Ashley
stormed the ring immobilizing Robbie allowing BMac to cash in his
Championship briefcase. Robbie hurting from the attack couldn't do
anything to stop it from happening and in the same night of winning the
IWF World Championship, he lost it.

Robbie went on to face
Brandon for the IWF Championship, but Robbie found himself distracted
with the news of his girlfriend former IWF Diva Loca Rocsi was pregnant
with his child! Robbie lost the match and walked away from pro
wrestling. He decided to become a MMA fighter. His MMA career got off on
the right foot as he went 3 - 0 in his first three fights. But it
wasn't long that Robbie's love for IWF and Pro wrestling would come
creeping back.

In mid January of 2012, Robbie Hart made his
return to IWF, and in a shocking move aligned himself with Corey Casey,
James Shark, BMac, and RRL becoming a member of The Upper Limit. Robbie
quickly got himself back into the championship light, just not the world
championship. At Rising Monarchy, Robbie Hart squared off against James
Shark, RRL, and Rosa for the High Impact championship. It was a match
for the ages as all four of them went to war. Robbie did everything he
could to win the match, but in the end it was James Shark who had his
arm raised.

But in a stunning turn of events, James Shark handed
the High Impact Championship to Robbie. The Surprises didn't stop there
as James Shark announced that Robbie and Shark would challenge for the
IWF Tag-Team championship at 'No Where to Run' Forming what some are
calling a dangerous team. A match they won, when RRL turned on his
partner awarding Robbie his 3rd Championship since signing to IWF

Shark decided he was bigger then the Upper Limit and decided he didn't
need a crew to back him. Shark's choice quickly sparked a feud with
Corey Casey, and Corey and Robbie found themselves fighting for the
tag-team championship against Shark and Taylor. Robbie came up short and
lost his half of the IWF Tag-Team championship.

The heat grew
between Cody Taylor and Robbie Hart and the two found themselves at
Bloody Sunday II, in a match to unified the TIW US championship and IWF
High Impact Championship. The two gave it there all in a match some
called the match of the night, and in the end it was Robbie who managed
to walk out the winner. But Cody didn't take the lose well and did the
unthinkable as he drove a steel chair into the stomach of Loca Rocsi
causing her to miscarriage.

The unexplainable move by Cody
Taylor set up a rematch against the two for Robbie's Unified High Impact
championship at Isolation. Days before Isolation, a shocking turn of
events was leaked as it became known Robbie was the mastermind behind
the plot to kill his unborn children. At Isolation, Robbie Hart once
again defeated Cody Taylor marking his 4th HI championship defense,
making him the greatest HI Champion in IWF History!

But there was
no rest after the two epic battles for the High Impact Championship, as
a very hungry Hostyle Jones stepped up to the plate. A rivalry sprouted
between the two and after a month long of Hostyle getting the better of
Robbie Hart, Robbie defeated Hostyle in controversy at Heroes Also Die
II in a Hardcore Hart Match, making Robbie the longest running champion
in any division of the Insurgency. Hostyle quickly got himself a
rematch, the following Battle Grounds Hostyle Jones managed to upset the
world when he defeated Robbie Hart for the High Impact championship,
ending Robbie remarkable run as champion

Three weeks later,
Robbie Hart found himself in line for another championship, this time
the World Heavyweight Championship. Robbie cemented his rightful claim
at Chad Mason when he stunned everyone defeating Stygian. After Anna
Stone made the announcement to use her From The Ashes contract to face
Stygian instead of Chad Mason, Robbie was named the challenger for the
WHC and punched his ticket to the biggest match on the IWF's biggest

That same night, Robbie had another surprise for the
entire world. Robbie was the quest referee for the main event of Battle
Grounds, and just when everyone thought Robbie would be the newest
member of Natural Law Robbie dropped Chad Mason and shocked the world
again by announcing he was joining The Human Highlight Reels, and
officially dropping any heat between Hostyle and himself.

went on to From the Ashes II and after a hard fought battle against
Chad Mason, Robbie nailed the Solution and became the IWF World
Heavyweight Champion for a second time. His win looked to have set up a
date with fellow Human Highlight Reels member Steel Angel who became the
number one contender.

But management changed the Fallout main event to a six pack Double Cage of Horror stacking the odds against Robbie. Weeks leading up to the Fallout PPV Robbie made it clear he wasn't happy about the direction the Insurgency was heading and was really losing the love of the game.

A week after losing the World Title to Stygian, Robbie decided to opt out of his Insurgency contract and quickly found himself a Free Agent. But the former two time world Champion was quickly picked up and decided to sign with the NLWF, a place his father once called home in attempt to bring respect back to the Hart name.

Career Accomplishments
NLWF Champion (Current)
NLWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Hostyle Jones (Current)
PRIDE of Philadelphia Tag Tournament Winner (2013)
IWF World Champion (2x)

IWF Tag - Team Champion w/ James Shark (1x)
IWF Unified High Impact Champion/Longest reigning (1x)
TIW United States Champion (1x)
First Ever Unified High Impact Champion

Trademark Moves
“Broken” Double Underhook DDT
“Blurred Reality” Shooting Star Press
“One Bad Dream” TazMission
“The Deed” Leg drop to midsection, then wrapping his opponents legs around his, Robbie applies a Figure Four Leg Lock

Top/Favorite Moves
Power Moves

DDT/Inverted DDT
Sidewalk Slam
Neck Breaker
Cradle Neck Breaker
Fall Away Slam
Tiltawhirl Slam
Side Russian Leg Sweep
Hangman’s Clothesline
Set Down Powerbomb
Snap Suplex


Belly to Belly Suplex
Full Nelson Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Inside Cradle Suplex
Vertical Delayed Suplex
German Suplex
Release German Suplex
Gutwrench Suplex
Sleepwalker Suplex
Tiger Suplex


Sharp Shooter
Boston Crab
Bow and Arrow
Figure Four Leg Lock
Abdominal Stretch
Triangle Choke
Bridging Double Armbar
Cross Knee Chinlock
Step Over Face Lock

Set-Up Move
"Forget Me Not" Cradle Piledriver


"The Solution" After
planting the opposition onto the mat, Robbie immediately springs up to
his feet and runs to the nearby turnbuckle. After climbing the
turnbuckle, Robbie throws himself backwards, performing a corkscrew 450,
but instead of landing in the traditional splash, Robbie lands knees
first upon his opponents chest.

"A Long Look" Robbie
locks in an inverted facelock with one arm while the other secures his
foe?s belt/tights. From there, he lifts the man completely vertical
before twisting in a full circle and jumping slightly, his own body
going horizontal as he drops. Thus, his opponent is left to drop to the
ground with no place for the impact to go but to the back of their head
and neck, which is further traumatized by their own body weight crushing
down upon their spine

"Deadicator" Robbie
will slip an arm under his opponent’s chin against the throat, Robbie
then grabs the wrist with his free hand and begin pulling upward,
cutting into the opponent’s throat. The Deadicator can be executed any

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NLWF Superstar Contract

Post by Brenton Cyrus on October 6th 2012, 9:20 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
..:Contract Type:..

..:Length of Contract:..
300 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
30 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$250,000 + $250,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..
Guaranteed Championship Match

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..

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