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Majority Rules: Quick Results

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Majority Rules: Quick Results

Post by Nick Ridicule on January 19th 2011, 8:29 pm

The show began with a video showing highlights from 2010 in the NLWF and FTW. As soon as the highlights ended, the shot cut to Ashley Matthews and Nick Ridicule entering the building together. They are greeted by Anna Macdonald who questions the motives of Nick Ridicule being there. He tells her that he’s nominated for just about every award available, and since it’s a PPV event, the show is run by NLWF and not just FTW. With the Duo of Destruction being the owners of NLWF, they tell Anna Macdonald that New OWN isn’t going to be in charge of the award show, they are.

Fireworks erupt from the stage and the fans are shown, leading into the opening match of the night. ZIF came out with Alison Williams and they waited for Matt Biggars and Ashtyn Sky. The vote was brought up on the big screen, revealing the match would be a Losers Leave Match.

Intergender Tag Team Tournament
[Losers Leaves]
ZIF and Alison Williams [vs] Matt Biggars and Ashtyn Sky

Matt Biggars didn’t take ZIF seriously at all, laughing at him as the match began. His laughing was silenced quickly as ZIF took control of the match, dropkicking Matt Biggars to the face. ZIF dominated the early going of the match, almost pinning Matt Biggars several times. ZIF climbed to the top rope with a laid out Matt Biggars in the ring, then jumped off with a super elbow drop. The referee didn’t make the count, because Alison Williams had tagged the foot of ZIF.

Alison Williams and ZIF argued, ending with ZIF demanding she suck his dick. The arguing gave Matt Biggars a chance to recover and tag Ashtyn Sky. She came in and shoved ZIF into Alison Williams, sending her staggering to the ropes. Ashtyn Sky connected a drop toehold on Alison Williams, sending her face first into the balls of ZIF.

Ashtyn Sky dominated Alison Williams until ZIF smacked her shoulder as she was whipped to the ropes. Ashtyn Sky connected a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Alison Williams, but was immediately hit with a kick to the stomach, followed by ZIF throwing her into Matt Biggars on the apron.

The referee called it a tag and ZIF stepped out onto the apron, then shoved Matt Biggars into the ring post. ZIF then lifted him to the top turnbuckle and climbed up with him. He threw Matt Biggars off the top rope, into the ring, then he taunted him from up above. ZIF came down with a diving elbow, dropped into the heart of Matt Biggars, then pinned him for the win.

Winners: ZIF and Alison Williams

Following the match, New OWN came out onto the stage and went to the side stage, where the awards and podium were set up. After making several jokes, New OWN announced that they would be stepping away from the ring for awhile to start a weekly review and ranking wrestling show for MEN TV. Following the hyping of there new venture, New OWN went on to announce they would be naming the match of the year. After some build up, and a Johnny Electric drum roll, it was announced that Nick Ridicule versus Chuck Matthews from Resurrection of Respect was named match of the year.

Nick Ridicule came out to accept the award on the behalf of himself and Chuck Matthews. Nick Ridicule went on to say it was a dream match, that at the time was a nightmare. Throughout his career in wrestling, he had only looked up to three men, Johnny Styles, Brenton Cyrus, and Chuck Matthews. Until ROR, he had only beaten two of them. But that match wasn’t about beating Chuck Matthews, it wasn’t about the titles involved, or the fans in attendance. That was the most selfish match of his career, because it was the beginning of the plan that would culminate with the death of NLWF. He ended the speech, by calling the match the biggest in wrestling history, because it’s the match that started the death of wrestling.

Before the match it was announced that the fans had voted for a Iron Boot on a Pole match, putting a slight smile on Gunther’s face. A smile that would soon be removed.

Intergender Tag Team Tournament
[Iron boot] On a Pole Match
Gunther and the Sunshine Girls [vs] Flex Rogers and Loca Rocsi

Flex Rogers and Loca Rocsi dominated the match from start to finish. Flex Rogers dealt with Gunther, as Loca Rocsi took out the Sunshine Girls. Once she had thrown one into the crowd, and the other into the steps, she entered the ring to help her partner.

Flex Rogers and Loca Rocsi double teamed Gunther, making it impossible for him to get any kind of advantage. Flex Rogers went up to get the Iron Boot, but Gunther attempted to stop him, climbing up with him. Loca Rocsi would pull Gunther’s legs out from under him, letting him fall to the ropes, where he would be nutted.

Flex Rogers pulled down the Iron Boot and put it on, then watched as Loca Rocsi pulled Gunther off the ropes. Flex Rogers jumped down from the top turnbuckle, and viciously stomped Gunther to the balls. Flex Rogers waited for Loca Rocsi to pick up Gunther, then he delivered several swift kicks to his balls.

Winners: Flex Rogers and Loca Rocsi

Following the match, Flex Rogers said that not only did he feel that he deserves a shot at the FTW Tag Team Titles, after they beat ZIF and Alison, but that he also feels he’s in the hunt for singles gold, having just beat the former XXX Champion.

ZIF came out onto the stage and talked about how much more awesome his win was, and how he was far more BAD ASS than Flex Rogers could ever hope or dream to be. ZIF did agree that once he won next week, he should get a FTW tag team title match and a singles title shot, but that it wont be Flex getting those things, it’ll be ZIF.

Flex Rogers had enough and left the ring, then ran up the ramp to chase ZIF. They both went backstage and the camera followed them. Flex Rogers looked around for ZIF, then turned the corner where he was hit by a rolling crate pushed by ZIF and Alison Williams. They pushed the crate and released it into a closet, sending Flex Rogers crashing into it with the crate.

Alison Williams shut the door of the closet with a smirk on her face, then gave ZIF a kiss on his cheek before walking away. ZIF held his arms up looking at the closet door, then gave a head move.

Before walking away.

Nick Ridicule came out and walked over to the awards stage, then stood behind the podium. He waited for the cheering to stop before announcing No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion of the Year. Nick Ridicule talked about how the NLWF Title meant you were the guy who represented the company 24/7, and how he won the award last year. He opened the envelope and announced Brandon Macdonald as NLWF Champion of the Year.

Brandon Macdonald came out and gave his speech, saying he never thought he would be where he is today. He went on to thanks everyone who made it possible, then held up the award, getting a great reaction from the fans. Brandon Macdonald turned and extended his hand to Nick Ridicule, who looked at it, then shook his head.

Nick Ridicule turned his back on Brandon Macdonald, then walked backstage, leaving him with his hand extended. Brandon Macdonald put his hand down, then went back stage with his award in hand.

Knife to Know you came out with the RTC Army of the Abyss, the newest act of the now traveling Red Triangle Circus. He said that the RTC would be bigger and better than ever, but first he would have to defend the Red Triangle Circus Championship to start the tour off right.

The match was announced as a Three Ring Slaughter Match following Knife to Know you’s speech, putting a huge smile on his and every clowns face.

Red Triangle Circus Championship
[Three Ring Slaughter Match]
Knife to Know you [vs] Hank Henry

Knife to Know you made quick work of the former Hollywood action star, hitting him with a Lobotomy tilt-a-whirl tombstone piledriver in the opening seconds. Knife to Know you didn’t end the match though, letting Hank Henry up after a two count, by lifting his arm.

Knife to Know you threw Hank Henry through the standing cage walls, letting the fall back into the Cell, then he splashed Hank Henry on through them. Knife to Know you rolled Hank Henry into the ring, then pinned him, getting the three count.

Winner: Knife to Know you

The RTC Army of the Abyss entered the ring, attacking Hank Henry. Knife to Know you held up the Red Triangle Circus Championship, circling the ring as his clowns beat up on Hank Henry. Knife to Know you put a steel chair around the head and neck of Hank Henry and backed up to the corner.

Before Knife to Know you could attack, a man in a trench coat slid into the ring and began to attack the RTC. Knife to Know you tried to attack the man from behind, but was hit by a cutter. The man in the trench coat stood up revealing Brenton Cyrus. He backed into the corner, staring at Knife to Know you, gripping the top rope with his foot back.

Knife to Know you looked at Brenton Cyrus into the corner, grabbed his belt and quickly rolled out of the ring. He backed up the ramp and watched as Brenton Cyrus punt kicked one of his clowns to the skull. Knife to Know you stopped at the top of the ramp and watched as Brenton Cyrus helped Hank Henry up.

Rob Langdon slowly stepped out onto the stage, then walked down to the awards stage, standing behind the podium. He stared out at the crowd, eyes watery, then announced that he would be giving out the award for Undisputed Champion of the Year. He talked about how he was the first Undisputed Champion and still has the record for title defenses and days as champion. He opened the envelope and announced the first ever tie, between Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey for Undisputed Champion of the year.

Nick Ridicule came out and accepted on the behalf of himself and Corey Casey. He said that his favorite fight, his favorite rivalry, his best times, were fighting Corey Casey. A hatred, that really had no reason behind it. Nick Ridicule, versus the anti Ridicule. Corey Casey, versus the anti Casey. Two guys brought up to believe the same thing, but go completely different ways about achieving it.

Nick Ridicule reminds everyone of Corey Casey’s King of the Throne win, then talks about how he un-unified the Undisputed title. He tells everyone about Revolution XXX, how he re-unified the Undisputed Title. Nick Ridicule calls the Undisputed Championship the championship of the year. The best of all the belts. Undisputed.

Tim Patrick came out, bumping shoulder to shoulder with Nick Ridicule. He walked down to the ring and took the microphone, then began to call out Corey Casey. He called Corey Casey ignorant, then began to bring up his track record. Tim Patrick starts to name people crucified by Corey Casey, then reminds everyone that Corey Casey threatened Ashley Matthews.

Tim Patrick is interrupted by the announcement that the match will be a double cage horror. Tim Patrick tells everyone he can’t wait to beat Corey Casey in his own match, for the XXX Championship. Tim Patrick thanks all the fans who believed in him throughout his career, but is interrupted by the RTC Army of the Abyss.

[Double Cage Horror]
XXX Championship
Tim Patrick [vs] Corey Casey

Carnival music plays as the cages were lowered down to the ring, covered with clowns, clinging to the walls. Knife to Know you came out and announced Corey Casey wouldn’t be there. He called Tim Patrick an idiot for thinking otherwise, considering Corey Casey is on injured reserve, and no one officially booked a match between the two guys. All Tim Patrick did was challenge Corey Casey, and clearly he can’t accept, so Knife to Know you says he’ll have to accept instead. But instead of just a Double Cage horror, it’s a Double Cage Horror Three Ring Slaughter Match.

[Double Cage Horror Three Ring Slaughter Match]
Tim Patrick [vs] Knife to Know you

An infuriated Tim Patrick started attacking clowns as Knife to Know you made his way to the ring. Knife to Know you entered the cell, then climbed up into the steel cage, entering the ring, where he was attacked by Tim Patrick.

The two brawled between the cages, with Tim Patrick throwing Knife to Know you into anything he could. Tim Patrick threw Knife to Know you into a clown as he jumped from the cell wall at them, then he reached under the ring, pulling out a kendo stick. Tim Patrick attacked Knife to Know you, leaving welts on his back, while whacking any clown who got close to them.

Tim Patrick sent Knife to Know you into the ring, then entered, but had the cage door closes on his leg by one of the clowns. Knife to Know you got up and capitalized on it, attacking Tim Patrick with stomps to the back of his head. Knife to Know you lifted Tim Patrick and began throwing him face first from cage wall to cage wall.

Knife to Know you stopped as he noticed Tim Patrick bleeding heavily. Knife to Know you attacked the wound, stomping and punching it. Knife to Know you lifted Tim Patrick to his feet, then threw him as hard as he could into the cage wall, breaking it off, sending him falling into the cell.

Knife to Know you watched as the clowns attacked Tim Patrick before sending him back into the ring. Knife to Know you watched as Tim Patrick got up slowly, then he hit him with the Lobotomy. Knife to Know you pinned Tim Patrick, getting the victory.

Winner: Knife to Know you

Before Knife to Know you had a chance to even flinch, Brenton Cyrus entered the ring and hit him with a vicious punt kick to the skull. Brenton Cyrus watched as Tim Patrick slowly started to get up, but he punt kicked him to the head too. Brenton left the ring and walked up the ramp, then went to the awards stage.

Brenton Cyrus talked about the World Championship, the first major title in NLWF history. He says he’s proud of the evolution of the title, and some of the amazing matches and champions since his legendary title reign. Brenton opened the envelope and announced Nick Ridicule as World Champion of the year.

Nick Ridicule came out and accepted the award. He said that being World Champion meant so much to him, because it reminded him of Salvation. At the mention of Salvation, the fans went wild with cheers. Brenton Cyrus smiled behind Nick Ridicule, who continued his speech.

He said that without Salvation to protect it, to fight for the greater good, NLWF couldn’t survive. Without the NLWF, the original members of Salvation couldn’t survive.

Backstage Tim Patrick was talking with Anna Macdonald. She assured him that his XXX Title match wasn’t in jeopardy and that he would still get a shot at Corey Casey next week, this time if Corey doesn’t show up he’ll be stripped of the title. She goes on to tell him that his match against Knife to Know you was not sanctioned, and therefore didn’t count.

Ashley Matthews approaches and stands face to face with Anna Macdonald. She tells Anna that her uncle Chris should be the one getting a XXX Title match, since he’s the number one contender. Anna tells her that Chris will have to wait, and that she’s compensated for Chris waiting, by giving him a shot at Death-Angel’s titles.

Ashley Matthews tells Anna MacDonald that after Chris Matthews wins, he’ll be next in line for the XXX champion next week.

The match was announced as a Hawk’s next and soon after the structure was lowered around the ring. Death-Angel came out with all three of the belts, then gave them to the referee. He climbed a ladder and placed the belts inside the Hawk box in the center of the structure. Chris Matthews and Jason Hawk came out and the match was started.

DREAM Championship
Legends Championship
No Limit Championship
[Hawk’s Nest]
Death-Angel [vs] Chris Matthews [vs] Jason Hawk

Jason Hawk slid out of the ring and watched as Death-Angel attacked Chris Matthews. Death-Angel landed some heavy blows, then lifted Chris Matthews and threw him out of the ring to the outside, where he was immediately attacked by Jason Hawk. Hawk laid down a few stomps, then tossed him into the ring steps, before rolling him back inside.

Death-Angel attacked Chris Matthews again, then lifted him up to his shoulders. Jason Hawk jumped up to the apron and spring boarded into the ring where he dropkicked Chris Matthews off of Death-Angel. Unfortunately when Hawk got up, he was choke slammed by Death-Angel.

The match continued until Jason Hawk took the advantaged by tasering Death-Angel, then Chris Matthews. Jason Hawk landed some big high flying moves on both men, but Death-Angel no sold and got up. Death-Angel managed to hit Jason Hawk with a flip piledriver, sending him flying out of the ring from the impact.

Death-Angel turned his focus to Chris Matthews, hitting a big clothesline on him that sent him out of the ring. Death-Angel looked up at the Hawk box, only a few feet away from his head. He reached up and was almost able to touch the monkey bars from a standing position.

Death-Angel jumped, grabbing onto the structure, but his weight was so much it began to bend. Jason Hawk jumped up to the apron and quickly spring boarded into the ring with a missile dropkick on Death-Angel, forcing him to let go.

Jason Hawk tasered Death-Angel to the throat, but he no sold and grabbed Jason by his. Jason Hawk began waving his arm for help and soon Marcus Allen and a black masked man were in the ring attacking Death-Angel.

The black masked man removed his mask to reveal Havoc. Havoc removed his mask after that to reveal Dwayne Onslaught. Jason Hawk tazed Death-Angel again, right into a HavocBomb, putting Death-Angel through the ring mat. Before they could celebrate Chris Matthews entered the ring with a chair.

Chris Matthews blasted Marcus Allen, knocking him out of the ring. He turned around and hit Dwayne Onslaught with the chair, then threw it at him. As Dwayne Onslaught staggered back, Chris Matthews ran and speared him.

Chris Matthews stood up and was kicked to the back of the skull by Jason Hawk. Jason quickly rushed over to the tazer and grabbed it. Jason Hawk held up the tazer, getting booed by the crowd. Jason flipped all the fans off, then moved in on Chris Matthews.

Chris Matthews quickly stood up and hit the top rope with the steel chair, letting it bounce back as he fell backwards, blasting Jason Hawk with the chair over his shoulder. Chris Matthews crawled to the corner, then climbed it to the top turnbuckle.

Chris Matthews began climbing the leg of the structure, while Jason Hawk made it to the top turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. Chris Matthews began to monkeybar across the structure, making it to the middle. Jason Hawk leaped from the turnbuckle, missing the monkeybars with his hands. He luckily landed on the shoulders of Dwayne Onslaught as he was starting to stand up, then jumped up to the monkeybars.

Chris Matthews kicked Jason Hawk to the stomach, trying to force him to fall. Dwayne Onslaught stood up and took a kick to the face from Chris Matthews. Death-Angel emerged from the hole in the ring and grabbed Dwayne Onslaught, pulling him down into the hole.

Jason Hawk let go of the monkeybars with one arm and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the tazer and began shocking Chris Matthews to the ribs. Chris Matthews somehow held on, even though Jason Hawk continued shocking him.

Death-Angel emerged from the hole and climbed into the ring. He grabbed Marcus Allen by his face and threw him out of the ring, then walked over and looked up at Jason Hawk and Chris Matthews. Jason Hawk pulled the tazer out of Chris Matthews ribs, then put it into his neck and began shocking him again.

Death-Angel grabbed the legs of Jason Hawk, then kicked him to the face as he landed in the ring. Death-Angel quickly locked in the darkness choke, an anaconda STF on Jason Hawk. Death-Angel then forced Jason Hawk to tazer himself to the face. Chris Matthews hung above them for awhile, then fully recovered.

Chris Matthews broke the Hawk Box and pulled out the belts, then fell down to the ring. The referee called for the bell.

Winner: Chris Matthews.

Death-Angel broke the hold on Jason Hawk, then helped Chris Matthews to his feet. Death-Angel raised the arm of Chris Matthews, who in return raised the arm of Death-Angel.

Jason Hawk crawled out of the ring and slowly made his way up the ramp. He went backstage and the camera followed him. Jason Hawk continued crawling, until he stopped at the feet of Nick Ridicule. Jason Hawk grabbed onto him and used him to stand up, then stood face to face with him.

Jason Hawk just continued saying, “I hate you.” Nick Ridicule smiled and Jason Hawk told him that he would ruin him. That he would be the end of Nick Ridicule. He then said that he knows the secret, the truth about Nick and Ashley.

Jason Hawk walked past Nick Ridicule and the shot cut to the awards stage.

New OWN and Brenton Cyrus stood together to announce the Wrestler of the Year for 2010. They announced that Nick Ridicule had won the award. Nick Ridicule came out and accepted the award, but he shook his head. He said that wrestling had changed so much in a year. He continued his speech, ending it by saying the only thing wrestling needs now, is Salvation.

After Nick Ridicule left, Brenton Cyrus took the podium and said he had one more award to give out. He pointed at Death-Angel who was still walking up the ramp. Brenton announced Comeback of the Year and the Pro Wrestling Lifetime Achievement award, to the winner, Death-Angel.

Death-Angel took the podium after shaking hands with Brenton Cyrus, then took the awards in his hands, staring at them. His eyes got teary and he told everyone thanks. He said that he was considering retirement, but wasn’t sure what he would do.

Chris Matthews hurried to the podium and said that he hoped Death-Angel would reconsider retirement. Death-Angel told him he wasn’t sure yet and Chris Matthews looked at the No Limit Title. He said that it was Death-Angel who was the first No Limit Champion, and that he wanted to forfeit the belt to him. That way if he retired, he could do it with the belt he loves.

Knife to Know you walked out onto the stage as Death-Angel took hold of the No Limit Title. Knife to Know you said it was disgraceful to give away titles, especially to a has been, washed up loser like Death-Angel. Death-Angel got on the microphone and said it was Knife who was washed up, and was a never was in this business.

Knife agreed with Death-Angel, but said that he won twice in one night, while Death-Angel couldn’t even win once. Chris Matthews told Knife to stop clowning around and get lost. Knife laughed and told Chris Matthews that he had just talked to Anna. Knife said that he would be the first in line for a shot at Chris’ titles.

As Chris Matthews said he welcomed the challenge, he was interrupted by Jason Hawk on the big screen. Jason said that he would be retiring and the fans cheered. The screen went black and everyone on the awards stage clapped.

Jason Hawk reappeared on the screen with a smile on his face. He said psych and the award stage exploded from the bottom, taking down everyone on it. New OWN, Brenton, Chris, and Death-Angel were all laid out on the wreckage of the stage.

Hawk laughed and laughed, then said that next week he would be fighting Death-Angel for the No Limit title. He said that Death-Angel could pick the match, but it would be a title versus career stipulation. Hawk said that if he can’t beat Death-Angel, he doesn’t deserve to be a wrestler.

The match was announced as The End Game. Brandon Macdonald came out first, entering the Cell with all his titles. Ashley Matthews came out next, accompanied by Nick Ridicule. Ruben Ricardo León came out last and joined his two opponents in the center of the ring.

[The End Game]
Brandon Macdonald [vs] Ashley Matthews [vs] Ruben Ricardo León

The ring apron was lit on fire and the match begun with Brandon Macdonald going after Ruben Ricardo León, ignoring Ashley Matthews. She stood back in the corner and watched as Brandon Macdonald and Ruben Ricardo León fought.

Brandon attacked Ruben with a barrage of strikes, then began to pick apart his legs with low kicks. Brandon ran Ruben Ricardo León to the ropes and caught him with a vicious knee to the stomach. Brandon then tossed Ruben threw the ropes over the flames, sending him face first into the cell wall.

Brandon turned to look at Ashley and was caught by a kick to the face. Ashley ran to the ropes, but Brandon was quick to stop her with a back breaker. Brandon connected a few moves to Ashley, then looked to the outside of the ring at Nick Ridicule outside the cell.

Brandon was ready to put Ashley in an ankle lock, when Ruben jumped off the cell wall clearing the ropes and took him down with a cross body block. Ruben only got a two count on the cover, but he was able to take advantage.

Ruben dodged several attacks from Brandon, then hit him with a legsweep. Ruben quickly ran to the ropes and consulted off the middle rope onto him. Ashley Matthews tried to break up the pin, but Ruben moved out of the way, letting her land on Brandon.

Ruben connected a dragonrana on Ashley Matthews for a pin, but she managed to kick out. Ruben landed some big moves on both Ashley and Brandon, getting several near falls in the process. Ruben managed to connect the tequila slammer on Ashley, trying to force a submission.

Ruben was hit with a click click boom flip piledriver from Brandon. Ruben stayed on his feet following the impact of the move, then caught Brandon with a hurricanrana as he charged in, sending him over the flames to the outside of the ring.

Ruben crawled and pinned Ashley, but before he could get the three count, he was pulled out of the ring by Brandon. Ruben was shoved back, then speared into the cage wall. Brandon lifted Ruben and threw him face first into the ringpost, then he rolled him into the ring.

Brandon entered the ring and locked in a crippler crossface on Ruben, then an ankle lock on Ashley at the same time. Both writhed in pain but Ashley managed to roll out of it. She ran to the ropes and rebounded with a kick to the face of Brandon, breaking the crossface.

Ashley Matthews lifted Brandon, but he quickly connected the shock factor on her. Ashley barely kicked out from the move. Brandon stood up and was Nick Kicked to the face. Nick Ridicule quickly left the ring and grabbed the steps, then tossed then in, letting them land on Ruben. Nick Ridicule reached under the ring and grabbed a table and a gas tank, then entered the ring.

Nick Ridicule set up the table and put the stairs on it. Before he could open the gas tank, he was spun around by Brandon Macdonald. Nick Ridicule punched him to the face, then connected several muay thai knees. Brandon shoved Nick off, but was then low blowed by Ashley.

Nick Ridicule hit Brandon with a Nick Kick, then watched as Ashley poured the gasoline on the table and stairs. Ashley lit the table on fire as Nick Ridicule lifted Brandon up for a crucifix power bomb. Nick Ridicule ran across the ring, but Ruben pulled Brandon out the back.

Nick Ridicule spun around with a Nick Kick to Ruben who was sent staggering to the ropes. Nick Ridicule lifted Ruben up for a crucifix power bomb instead and put him through the stairway to hell. Nick Ridicule pulled Ruben off of it, allowing Ashley to pin him.

The lights went off as she did though. When they came back on, Nick Ridicule was hit to the back of the head by a sledgehammer. Jake Stunner held up the hammer, but was kicked to the balls by Ashley Matthews. She took hold of the hammer and bashed him to the head with it.

Ashley Matthews turned around and was hit by a sudden shock factor from Brandon Macdonald. They land so that Brandon pins both her and Ruben at the same time, getting the victory.

Winner: Brandon Macdonald

Confetti began to rain down from the rafters as Brandon Macdonald won the Grand Prix. He was given his trophy and two briefcases by his wife Anna Macdonald. Brandon and his wife posed with all the belts and the trophy, until he was hit to the back and back of the head by the ring steps.

Nick Ridicule walks over to the motionless Brandon Macdonald, then lifts him up for a crucifix power bomb. Ashley Matthews attacks Anna Macdonald from behind. Brandon watches from a raised position as Ashley Matthews bashes Anna Macdonald to the head with one of the briefcases.

Nick Ridicule power bombs Brandon Macdonald down onto the other briefcase, then he grabs a microphone. He says that while things didn’t go entirely according to plan, thanks to Jake Stunner, they went close enough to plan.

Nick Ridicule says that next week, the Connection of Perfection would defend the tag team titles against the Duo of Destruction. But not just that, it would be FTW versus NLWF in a winner take all tag team match. Nick Ridicule announces that the next show will be Revolution 41: Battle Behind Bars live from Alcatraz Island.

Nick Ridicule and Ashley Matthews leave the ring together and the show ends.

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