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Loca Rocsi

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Loca Rocsi

Post by Loca Rocsi on December 11th 2010, 11:09 am

Loca Rocsi
- The Fatal Attraction -

Birth Name
Vanessa Rocsi



Date Of Birth

Newark, New Jersey

Las Vegas, NV

Wrestling Profile


Loca is the token 'good girl gone bad'...well not so good, but not that bad either. She's the girl you dont wanna fuck with, and after the embarrassing year with the Insurgency where she was easily forgotten about, she is also hell bent on getting her career back to the level it was before it was ripped from her hands

Wrestling Style
Loca is a high-flyer and a risk taker, two traits that usually go hand in hand. She could somewhat be compared to Jeff Hardy, but with a bit of a twist; other than being female, Loca throws in some submissions that make her a bit more versatile.

Entrance Theme
"How Many Licks" By Lil Kim


The arena lights lower to a dim light, and then a sudden purple hue begins to fill the arena. After that a strong female voice blasts over the PA. An eruption of pyro now goes off all across the stage as "How Many Licks" by Lil Kim makes its way through the audience. Not long after, a slender figure known as Loca Rocsi comes through the curtain, head held high.

She now seductively walks down the ramp as she blows a few kisses, and smirks as the men of the crowed go wild, and the ladies boo and curse at her, She stops at the bottom of the ramp, just as the song drops the beat and Lil Kim begins moaning over the PA. Loca playfully tease everyone running her hand all over her body before she holds up her hand sending the fans in a boo storm. Loca then begins to slowly walk up the steel steps and across the ring apron while keeping a sultry smile on her face, grabs the ropes and does a slow backward roll into the ring, sticking her ass out, and giving it a little shake to get the crowed amped.

Loca then leans over the top rope on each side of the ring playfully sucking her finger before she turns her attention to her challenger

Ring Attire

Upper body
White and Blue low-cut tanktop, that shows off her cleavage

When the pressure is on, Loca loves feeling unrestricted and would wrestle in a Double Bra style top almost something like Velvet Sky in TNA would wear, the colors would mostly be a Black and Pink get up

Lower body

Low cut skirt, with a pair of boy shorts under it, both matching the color of her Tanktop
Three silver chain-belts
The Skirt would be a Blue with white star-patterned skirt
Blue high socks (school girl uniform style)

Again she switches up her attire when the spotlight is on her, she'll wear the boy shorts that cover enough to keep it a family style show, but also leaving nothing to the imagination. The Boy shorts would be match the top as if it was a outfit)

Signature golden anklet around right ankle (Reads Make History)

Entrance only
A short hoodie with a Sexy vixen on the back (Hood would be up)

Everyday Attire
When not in the ring, Loca pretty much wears jeans and a low cut top, unless she is attending a lavish party; that is when the gorgeous and not to mention, expensive clothes come out. At parties, Loca is usually seen wearing a designer evening gown, which is made especially for her. This is also the only time that Loca is seen wearing high heels; normally when not attending parties, Loca wears flip flop sandals to feel comfortable. When she dresses for a normal day, the only thing on her mind is comfort and sexiness


Finishing Moves
Only In Your Dreams
Yoshi Tonic

Pleasure and Pain
Kondo Clutch

Signature Moves
Double Dip
Royal Butterfly

Taste This!
Bronco Buster

Strictly Business
Underhook Brainbuster Suplex (Michinoku Driver I)

Basic Moves
Hanging Figure Four Necklock
Modified Standing Bulldog
Handspring Back Elbow
Swinging Neckbreaker
Sitout Facebuster
Forward Russian Legsweep
Diving Hurracanrana
Suicide Dive
Swinging Snap DDT
Top Rope Sunset Flip
Texas Cloverleaf
Standing inverted Fujiwara Armbar
Diving Crossbody

Picture Base

Jesikah Maximus


Vanessa Christine Rocsi was born on a cold night in the city of Newark New Jersey, to her parents Christian and Hector Rocsi. What should have been a joyous day for the married couple turned out to be the beginning of the end of Loca's parents as Christian died in childbirth due to complications- leaving Hector to raise the little baby girl on his own. Losing Chris was hard on Hector so he distanced himself from his daughter by bringing in an Au Pair to take care of her from the second she came home from the hospital. The nature of Loca and Hector's relationship was a strained one that continued to stay that way for many years. Loca as a young child and teenager could never understand why it was that her father spent so little time with her. He said it was his business as he was one of New Jersey's best plastic surgeons; but Vanessa knew it was more than this and this all proved to be true by the time Vanessa turned sixteen.

When Loca was fourteen her father married one of New Jersey's socialites, a woman named Corrine Cutler. The woman despised Loca and talked Hector into sending her away to live with her mother's family in Puerto Rico. Hector didn't hesitate in doing so as he secretly had always blamed Vanessa for Chris' death. Loca was only too happy to go and it was in Puerto Rico that she was to meet her future within five years, that future being Flex Rogers

The two meet while Flex was visiting family on the island. There relationship blew up and the two quickly found themselves in love. But it turned out to be more Lust then love. Loca found herself unhappy with Flex, and even had an affair while Flex trained to be a MMA fighter. She fled away from Flex, days after Flex completed his training.

It's been almost two years since she hared anything from Flex. The first year it seemed like she would never escape Flex. A year later and Vanessa was board without the attention. She was working as a dancer in one of Miami's most hottest strip clubs. It was there she saw Flex on the TV screen above the bar. He was a mainstream wrestler, working for FTW. She saw how the crowed cheered for Flex, and she was quickly turned on. She worked the pole like a seasoned pro that night. It was also that same night she discovered what she really wanted to do in life

Become a Wrestling DIVA!

It was better then doing porn which was her next option. Loca reached out to the owner of the Miami Club, he was rumored to have a connection with some of the big wigs of NLWF. Within a month Loca signed her first contract with her first Wrestling company. No Limit Wrestling Federation, she quickly took it by storm even made history when she became the first (and only) female to ever hold the Heavyweight Championship. It was on that same night that she not only became champion but also became the first (and only) female to win Ultimate Glory, and she did both on the same night!

But the good time's didn't last, NLWF ended up shutting down, and Loca signed with Insurgency Wrestling Federation, where she was hoping to ride the success she had in NLWF but that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when she was hurt after a run in with James Shark.

After months of rehab, Loca found herself back at the Miami Strip club. Loca was feeling like her time in the spotlight was running out until the club was sold to an unnamed investor. Little did she know that investor was her ticket back into the wrestling game, and not just that it was her opening to get back into IWF. An Offer she couldn't refuse

Robbie Hart was the man behind the buying of the strip club; the two quickly became a couple and a powerful one at that. Loca aided Robbie in becoming the Insurgency’s greatest High Impact champion in the promotions history. The two quickly became engage, and was expecting there first child. But the good times seemed to be doomed as Corey Casey grew jealous of the pair and put in motion a Storyline that called for Loca to miscarry her unborn children.

Loca quickly left the company, and Robbie soon followed. The couple reunited a few months later and they both signed multi-year contracts with the returning No Limit Wrestling Federation. Brining Loca back to where it all started for her career.


Career Record

Single Record

Tag-Team Record


9/11/10 - Signed with NLWF
10/31/10 - Became the First female NLWF Heavyweight Champion (company closed after this show)
10/31/10 - Won Ultimate Glory 2010 (company closed after this show)
3/1/11 - Signed with IWF
9/10/12 - Opt out of her contract with IWF
11/2/12 - Signed back with NLWF

Loca Rocsi
Loca Rocsi
No Limit Warrior
No Limit Warrior

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Re: Loca Rocsi

Post by Ramirez Silva on January 27th 2013, 2:18 pm

No Limit Wrestling Federation
..:Contract Type:..

..:Length of Contract:..
300 Days

..:Contract will be Limited to:..
30 Appearances

..:Contract will Pay:..
$250,000 + $250,000

..:Signing Bonus:..

..:PPV Bonus:..

..:Title Defense Bonus:..

..:Contract Promises:..
Guaranteed Championship Match

..:Contracts Calls for Pay of:..
Ramirez Silva
Ramirez Silva

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