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Jackson Bio

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Jackson Bio

Post by Guest on January 15th 2009, 12:00 pm

The Basics:
Wrestling Name: Jackson
Real Name: Bradley Thomas Jackson
Nickname(s): The Dark Horse, The Anarchist Machine
Gender: Male
DOB: 4/13/1971
Age: 37
Birthplace: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275 lbs
Hair: Black/Grey
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Blood Type: O Negative
Past Injuries: knee surgery, concussion (multiple), gunshot (chest), broken nose (multiple), stitches (too many to count)

Physical: Jackson is a man of steel, rock hard, with a personality to match. With his strange blue eyes that flash with fierce intelligence, balanced on a jawline as sharp as razorblades, he looks like your stereotypical tough guy. Permanent five o'clock shadow peppers his cheeks and chin while his arms, chest and back are covered in a myriad of tattoos.

Ring Attire: No flash, no nonsense. Jackson usually dresses in a pair of black leather pants (or black jeans) and his usual black wrestling boots. On occasion, a black leather duster is worn open over his bare, powerful chest. He also wears a silver St Jude's pendant, which he always removes prior to getting in the ring.

Out of Ring Attire: Jackson doesn't really care about his appearance, despite portraying a vain, egocentric asshole on camera. He wears what he wants, and unlike some others in the industry, doesn't feel the need to flash or flaunt his money. He earned it the hard way, and never forgets where he came from. Normally found in a worn out black tee and faded jeans and never without his jackboots or a mangled pack of Camel cigarettes.


Gimmick and Wrestling Stats:
Years Wrestling: Professionally: 11 (started in independent promotions in 1993)
Current Alignment: Super Heel (Jax’s law)
Entrance Music: "Lies" by Evanescence (Jax Remix) (click here to download the remix)
Primary Style: Powerhouse/Technical
Secondary Style: Submission
Favorite Match: Barbed Wire Cage
Taunts: Raises a hand and slowly points thumb down prior to executing finisher. Laughs at weak offense in opponents.

Strengths: methodical, dedicated, obsessive (OCD), charismatic
Weaknesses: moody, sociopathic, egocentric, unstable
Strategy: Jackson is a wily veteran, one of the most ruthless and cunning in the business. He has broken more bones, and ended more careers on a whim than he cares to count. Cerebral, able to think on his feet under even the most grueling pressure, Jackson is one of the best innovators in the business. A win is a win, and if it's dirty… even better.

Ego Trip - legsweep faceslam
Memory Lapse- Suplex, Belly to Back Half Nelson and Chicken Wing
Choke on This (mandible claw chokeslam)
Therapy- Michinoku Driver


SOMETHING WICKED - Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster (Unprettier).
WELCOME TO THE MACHINE - Suplex, Chickenwing and Facelock (Machine Suplex) - often bridged into a pin

Most Used Moves:
gorilla press slam, DDT, swinging DDT, low blows, foot stomp, sucker punch, swinging neckbreaker, back drop driver, haymaker punch, scorpion death drop, missile drop kick, double axe handle smash, elbow smash clothesline, Russian leg sweep, stomach breaker, powerbomb, jawbreaker, piledriver, rope rake, football tackle, gorilla press slam, springboard DDT, brainbuster, European uppercut, Thesz press, Beel throw


Northern lights suplex, Fisherman Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Release German, T-Bone, belly to back, millennium suplex


STF, iron cross, Mexican surfboard, crossface, kneelock submission, full nelson, sleeper, Indian deathlock, triangle choke, scorpion deathlock, camel clutch, figure four, Texas cloverleaf

double axehandle smash, senton off top rope, top rope leg drop, flying fistdrop, top rope suicide DDT (to the outside), Banzai drop


Titles and Accolades:
Past Title History: SAWF Hall of Famer, WCWF Grandslam Title Holder and Hall of Famer, ESW World Heavyweight Champion (283 days), PWX World Heavyweight Champion, HiWF World Heavyweight Champion, NLW Anarchy X Champion, AWF Justice Champion.

Other Achievements: X-Net Tournament of Champions 2006 WINNER, GTTOC finalist (w/ Caleb Andrews), King of Ultraviolence Tournament WINNER, WWCXII finalist


Entrance: The lights dim, heavy mist filling the ramp as strobe lights begin to pulse slowly. A steady bass throb begins, growing in volume, sounding much like a heartbeat. A single gunshot shatters the silence, followed by mocking laughter and Jackson's voice hurling insults before the music skips, and then the sounds of 'Lies' by Evanescence filters through the speakers. Dark red strobes pulsate on the entranceway, and a dark figure moves among them, stepping forward as indigo fountains of pyrotechnic spark either side of him. He strides forwards, ignoring the crowd reaction. He circles the ring once, his eyes steady, a look of angry concentration on his face, before ascending the ring steps and climbing between the ropes. Jackson stands in the middle of the ring, his head thrown back in a triumphant roar as the music comes to a grinding halt, cut off with a squeal of feedback.


Other Stuff:
Pic Base: Henry Rollins


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Re: Jackson Bio

Post by Francesco Rossi on January 16th 2009, 3:52 pm

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Re: Jackson Bio

Post by Carmine on April 3rd 2009, 12:58 pm

...Quit because he wasn't getting any fish...

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Re: Jackson Bio

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