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Christopher Matthews

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Christopher Matthews

Post by Chris Matthews on November 17th 2010, 11:45 am

Christopher Matthews
“The Definition of Discipline”

Age: 29
Born August 23, 1981

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

6’0, 245 lbs.

Favorite Specialty Match

Street Fight

Entrance Music

“Shallow” - Porcupine Tree

Alignment: Neutral.

Can show characteristics of either.

Years Wrestling: 1

Quote: “Without order, everything is lost.”

"It's all about Mind over Matter, darlin. I don't mind, that you don't matter."

Finisher 1. Canonized (Inverted Overdrive)
Finisher 2. Iron Cross (Cobra Clutch)

[Coming Soon. See Notes for Info]


Prefers formal wear outside the ring. Wears basic wrestling trunks in the ring.

Fighting style

Uses a wide mix, but favors savate and judo

Move List
1. Savate kicks
2. Savate punches
3. Boston crab
4. Armbar
5. Neckbreaker
6. DDT
7. Hiptoss
8. Tackle
9. Top-rope ddt
10. Fireman’s carry
11. Suplex
12. Spinebuster
13. Low kicks
14. Middle kicks
15. German suplex
16. Half or full nelson
17. Triangle choke
18. STO
19. Dropkick
20. Running kick
21. Punches
22. Stomping
23. Enzuigiri
24. Powerbomb
25. Legsweep

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Ted Dibiase Jr.

Career Accomplishments -

Legends Champion
DREAM Champion
No Limit Champion
NLWF Tag Team Champion (w/Brandon Macdonald)
ASWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Kendrick Dylan)

-NLWF: 6-2-0

-FTW: 4-0-0

-ASWA: 9-4-1
-CZW: 2-2-0


I don’t remember
Did something in my past create a hole?
Don’t use your gender
To drive a stake right through my soul.

Chris Matthews walks out onto the stage and looks around at the crowd. He takes a deep breath and begins walking down the ramp.

I live to function
On my own is all I know
No friends to mention
No distraction, nowhere to go.

Chris walks slowly, looking out to the crowd. People reach out over the barricade, screaming and trying to slap him on the back as he passes. Chris reaches the ring and climbs up onto the apron.

Shallow, shallow
Give it to me, give it to me
Scissors cutting out your anger
Shallow, shallow
No good to me, not if you bleed
Bite your tongue, ignore the splinter

Chris climbs between the ropes, looking at his opponents. He jumps up and down a couple times, warming up before the bell rings.

-Chris has a very cool demeanor. He rarely, if ever, loses his temper. However, there are certain buttons that are sure to set him off immediately.
-He isn’t one to feel “entitled” to things. Though he will often accept what’s given to him, most of the time, he won’t appreciate it fully unless he feels he’s earned it. However, this also plays the other way. He is irritated by people who willingly accept things they haven’t earned.
-Chris does, however, pride himself on his discipline. This in part, helps him remain level-headed. He’s not usually one to improvise.
-Chris joined the US Marines following high school, but was discharged after two years of service. He’s still a bit bitter about it.
-After recovering, Chris spent years traveling the globe, taking on a “self-teaching” approach. During his travels, he learned about the world around him. Chris is fluent in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian


The Countdown
Brandon’s Record: 18-0
Current Streak: 6-0
Remaining: 12
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews
Proving Ground
Proving Ground

Birthday : 1981-08-23
Age : 37
Zodiac : Virgo
Chinese Zodiac : Rooster
Location Location : Knoxville, Tennessee
Number of posts : 42

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