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Johnny Stylez

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Johnny Stylez

Post by SBK on January 15th 2009, 9:57 am

- SBK -

† AGE †
- 49 -

- Boston, Ma -

- Miami, FL -

- 225 -

- 6'4 -

- Muscular and Cut. His career has kept him in almost perfect shape, not counting the injuries over the years -

- He has long dirty blond hair, facial hair depends on his mood but for the most part keeps it clean cut. He has baby blue eyes like one of his favorite singers of all time, Frank Sinatra. He has a scar on the back of his neck from a previous neck surgery as well as a ugly scar on his arm from an injury he suffered in japan -

- Heel -

- Hybrid/MMA/Old school -

- Hard Target feat. Fred Durst – ‘Look Out’ -

There not a day goes by that I don’t try
To never think about the old times when you were thinkin’ that it’s over
I told you don’t cry but then it slows down
‘Cause when it rains you know that the sun’s gon shine
But it’s so hard to pick up all the pieces
Lord know that I’m innocent, now you got me fearless
It’s on now, I know that you see it
Hopeless in beneath it and I will never leave
Now I start thinkin’ that I was merely dreamin’
Hopin’ that your lies didn’t come off so decievin’
‘Cause maybe I was wrong and maybe I just misread ‘em
You wanted everything but not then you really need it
But now I’ve had enough ‘cause what we had is done
Thought I could walk away but no, I had to run
And what you thought was sweet just ended up bein’ bitter
I think I need a minute, lookin’ back you’ll never get it
No, you will never get it

The Lights in the arena cutoff and a single spot light shins over the NLWF entrance ramp
Standing there with the spotlight shinning is Johnny Styles wearing a black trench coat and matching cowboy style hat. Smoke begins to engulf the ramp, as Johnny slowly begins his march towards the ring his jacket dragging behind him, his every step matching the beat.

Look out ‘cause I gave you all I had but this is all you’ll get from me
Look out ‘cause what we had is gone, I lost you and I’m out of it
Look out ‘cause I gave you all I had but this is all you’ll get from me
Look out ‘cause what we had is gone, I lost you and I’m out of it

The crowd gets up on there feet and boo’s the wrestling legend but he doesn’t seem fazed by it. He looks around slowly before making his way down the smoky ramp. Styles reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks around. Fans boo him and shout things at him but Johnny Styles eyes glare at all of them

Here we go, I’m climbin’ out just to wait
No doubt, I got this pain in my waist
All I can feel is anger inside
Don’t try to pretend you don’t know why
It’s easy when you’re suicidal
Chasin’ love inside a bottle
Nothing I can do will keep your demons away
All this need and stupid reasons
Not sure you even believe ‘em
Nothing I can do to fight your demons today

Styles begins his walk up the steel steps and on to the apron, he ducks between the ropes to enter the ring. He marches to the center of the ring, before he tips his hat forward, taking it off along with the jacket. Sending white flames from each of the turnbuckles -

- 27 Years -

- Never Loooked sOoOoOoOoOoOo GoOoOoOoOod -

- The End Result -
- The Long Nap -
- The Round Lottery -

- SBK places the opponent on his shoulders, VIA Death Valley Driver position. Begins to drop him as if its a DVD but at the last possible second he potions his foe into a Powerdriver like position and drops you head first into the mat -

- Modified Dragon Sleeper -

- Death Valley Driver spinning and as the foe is being drop, SB kicks him in the face -

- During his entrance to the ring, Johnny wears a Black trench Jacket and matching cowboy/Grave digger's hat. Inside the ring Styles rocks some white tights, with a air brushed logo picture of himself on his right leg (think Buff Bagwell) On the left leg is a version of the Superman 'S' that is a bit stretch out and has a few drips of silver falling down onto his boots, which are white and have the letters 'JS' on the right foot, and the letters 'SBK' on the other foot. On his right elbow is a White elbow pad, nothing on it just a solid color white. Styles also tapes up both his wrist -

- Styles backstage Attire changes from day to day, Most of the time it's pretty simple with some acid wash jeans and a stylish tee to match, along with a top hat or a baseball cap. On colder days SB rocks a beat up leather jacket. Other times you can catch Styles wearing the most flashy and expensive suits there are, along with a matching top hat. During big sporting events, such as if any of the Boston sports teams are playing in the playoffs or a championship game, Styles well rock that sports jersey to show support for the hometown teams -

- Sharpshooter
- Half Boston Crab
- Dragon Sleeper
- Figure Four Leg lock

- Shooting Star Press
- Frog Splash
- Reverse Moonsault

- Powerbomb (On smaller of equal sized foes)
- Powerdriver
- Pedigree
- Famasser
- Rolling Thunder
- Reverse DDT
- Buldog
- Reverse neck breaker
- Impaler
- Spear
- Tornado DDT

Since the year 1984, the name Johnny Styles has captivated audiences the world over. Taught the craft by his father, the legendary trainer/wrestler/promoter "Manchester Madman" Ace Carter. The first few years of this wrestling icon's career is the stuff of legend. Being the son of a reputed hard nosed wrestling vet gave him an advantage over other upstarts but he appreciated his good fortunes and did not get power hungry in the early part of his career

- Styles first big break came in a small promotion called CWF, Styles quickly took the promotion by storm as he quickly won his three bouts. It was in CWF that Johnny first faced a cat named Chris Blue. Chris became a pain in the ass of Styles as he would attack Styles backstage every chance he got. Styles demanded a match against Blue, but management kept protecting Chris. It wasn't until Johnny Styles defeated the CWF World Champion in a Non-Title match, that Danny Frog gave Johnny the match against Chris for the CWF International Championship. The match wasn't your standard match as Danny made the match in hopes of aiding Chris Blue, and he put the two inside a Hell in a cell match. The match was a epic brawl with Chris doing everything to keep his championship, but in the end it was Styles dropping Chris through the cell with the End Result, giving Styles his first ever Wrestling title as he became the CWF International Champion. Bbut the very next week Danny Frog sold the promotion to Joe Santiago, ending whatever hopes Johnny had of a CWF World Championship shot -

- Johnny didn't have to wait very long for his taste at Championship gold in JWF, as he debut match he was booked in a fatal four-way against other former CWF Superstars including Chris Blue. Johnny wasted no time and really went after the other three men in the match, and even embarrassed Chris Blue by giving him the name Chris BlueBALLS. The match itself was a one sided affair as Johnny breezed right through Chris, Frank, and Rage to become the JWF US Champion. A championship Johnny held for a recorded five months! Johnny went on a undefeated tear in those five months beating every challenge that was placed in front of him. He even signed himself up for the Freddy Bluefinger Tournament, with hopes of becoming the tournament's fits and only winner.

The tournament also housed a undefeated foe in the name of the Beast. The Beast calmed to have never lost a wrestling match going into the first round match with Johnny, Johnny quickly verbally assaulted The Beast in a week of on air promos, and felt he had the first round match in the bag, but it wasn't so after Johnny dropped The Beast with a 2nd End Result and looked for a cover the ref just happened to be out of place and couldn't get down quick enough to make the count. Styles was pissed to say the least, He and Jaden was yelling in the face of the ref which allowed Beast to School boy cover Johnny for the victory. It's a lose Styles feels should have never happened. But he kept his emotions and feelings about a screw job to himself as he then dropped the US Championship for a shot at the JWF World Champion Joe Santiago. It was a epic brawl that even saw Joe Santiago's uncle tossing Johnny Styles off a bridge. But in the end it was Johnny Styles turn to shine as he defeated Joe Santiago for the JWF World Championship. Johnny held the JWF World championship for only a brief stint of a month and a half as he finally lost to Crimson Skull. It took the Crimson king three shots at Johnny before finally pulling off the unthinkable and became JWF World Champion. After the lost to Skull, Johnny was held at high standereds in JWF as he feuded with Skull for months both sharing championship victories, Johnny defeated Crimson Skull with the help of Joe Santiago to become a two-time JWF Champion

After the Championship victory Johnny and Joe Santiago formed a Tag-team together called the New Age DX, the two quickly become JWF Tag-team champions, and seemed to rule JWF with a iron fist. But the Stable would be short lived as they lost there championship to the team of the Heart Attacks. Joe and Styles stable the new age DX was also on shacky ground. As the two begun to hate each other and they quickly went there different ways. Johnny defended his championship on three more accounts before he and Joe teamed up again to form the Stable "The Powers to Be" but Johnny quickly realized Joe was just using Styles to get himself a shot at the championship and quickly used the other members of PTB to steal the championship away from Johnny. Johnny and Joe Santiago meet in a best of seven series for the JWF Championship. Johnny quickly started the war of words against Joe, in what some were calling Styles best lines of work. But Joe used his ownership power to gain a quick series lead of 2-1. In the forth match of the series, both Joe and Johnny put up there ring valets as a prize, Johnny was quick to the draw again, leaving Joe in a heap of dust in the battle of promos, but again Joe used his powers to defeat Johnny and win the services of Jaden. In the process Joe shattered Johnny's ankle and looked to be running away with the series. But the JWF lockeroom was in a uproar of what took place at Boston Beat down, and JWF was quickly falling apart. In the fifth match of the series Johnny again defeated Joe in the war of words and took not one victory over Joe but three straight pin falls declaring Johnny Styles the winner and allowing Styles to become a three time world champion.

It look like Johnny was on a fast track of being JWF's best Champion, but it was a epic showdown to Crimson Skull that ended that dream. At Over the Edge The Crimson Skull took Johnny’s World Championship, and leaving Styles with a sour taste in his mouth. Styles then went on to become the Anarchy Tournament winner and Anarchy Champion, but after a week of holding the championship, Johnny opt not to enter the second Anarchy tournament dropping the Anarchy Championship. But Styles also opt of his JWF contract at the same time. Signing a contract with TEWF, a rival company of JWF -

- Johnny was a BIG pick up for the TEWF and he quickly ran through the roster there, earning himself a shot at Dynamite for the TEWF World Championship. Styles was looking forward for a epic showdown, but it was at the end of Dynamite's stay in TEWF and he earned himself a easy victory and the TEWF Championship. He was quickly on top of the world being a four-Time World champion Styles was quickly growing a name for himself, so much so that Joe Santiago couldn't stand it, Joe also signed a contract with TEWF bragging about the best of seven series he and Johnny were apart of in JWF, Calming that he allowed Johnny to win the series and the championship. Johnny quickly throw out a challenge of epic proportion. He challenge Joe Santiago to a retirement match for the TEWF World championship. The Loser would be forced to retire and never wrestle again. Johnny could taste the revenge and it showed on his attack on Joe. The two finally faced off, Johnny was ready to end Joe once and for all. Johnny took the match to Joe and after the epic cage match Johnny dropped Joe Santiago with the Thriller getting the cover on Joe forcing Joe into retirement. But the sneaky son of a bitch didn't stay true to his word. And he even gave Johnny a kings ransom to drop the TEWF on a live JWF show and not only drop the championship but to also piss on the TEWF Building. Johnny found this to be easy, not only would he leave TEWF undefeated, he would become a rich man and get to show the fuck face Steve Norman a thing or two. Johnny left in the Myst of a epic showdown with Scorpio, but the two would never meet for the championship as Johnny left TEWF closed. Making Johnny the last ever TEWF Champion -

- Johnny returned to JWF and picked up where he left off, facing Crimson Skull for the JWF world championship, The two damn near killed each other, holding nothing back, and in the end Crimson Skull defeated Johnny to keep his Championship around his waist. Johnny then went through the roster facing the likes of Kaos, Hallow Wicked, and each member of the Invasion. Johnny was on top or the world and happy with not being a champion. Joe quickly feel back on his word to stay retired and again became a tag-team with Johnny Styles. The two once again became the JWF Tag-Team champions but the two were growing father apart, and during a championship defense Joe walked out on Johnny leaving him to face the Royal Flush on his own. Johnny did what he could but he couldn't fight the odds and the Royal Flush became the new JWF Tag-Team champions.

This, once again sparked a feud of the century between SBK and Joe Santiago. Johnny challenged Joe to a match at The People's Choice, saying he would “end Joe once and for all”. Joe accepted, and continued to tease Styles, even bragging about have an affair with Jaden. Johnny, however, had a surprise for Joe and the world. These two had there match before JWF closed it doors and It was Johnny who defeated Joe once again with the End Result. Joe then went MIA for three months, when he returned JWF was closed. Styles hung up the boots and used his money he made from Joe and the former roster to start his own promotion called SCW. The promotion looked to be doomed from the start as Johnny wasn't ready to run his own promotion and the presence of Joe Santiago made it to much for Johnny to hold together. Johnny merged SCW with TWF, and became a roster member of JWF v2.

In V2 Johnny was still on his winning ways, but the big money challenges would pass Johnny by, as if Joe wouldn't give Johnny the matches that mattered. Styles was forced to fight show openers and Joe used Johnny to help build up a new character Joe was becoming by the name of Cyber Punk. Johnny was game, he saw promise in Cyber Punk. Maybe even a future champion. But as Cyber Punk was growing Styles was looking for other options, which took Johnny out of JWF once again -

Johnny quickly joined a growing promotion called BLWA, He knew the owner very well and Johnny Hall already had a ton of guys Johnny wanted to work against since JWF. It was at Halloween Massacre that Johnny made his debut as he cut Barelai Von'Vicious championship celebration short, as he brought the whole Halloween Massacre stage down on Barelai Von'Vicious seeming to have killed the monster Barelai. Johnny was quick to toss his name into the BLWA Championship Tournament, but was bounced in the first round after a tuff lose to Rising star and now ex-girlfriend Jaden Lee. Johnny was still wrestling in BLWA, helping to get the younger talents notice and experience. There were even talks about Johnny teaming up with BLWA Superstar Stoner, but Stoner left BLWA for personal reasons and Johnny was left without a match. Until Barelai made his return from the dead! For weeks Barelai played a shit load of mind games on Johnny, that really had Johnny freaking out. Johnny put a ton of effort into the battle of minds with Barelai, and announced that weather win or lose the match with Barelai would be Johnny's last professional wrestling match. The two entered the ring at BLWA's New Year's Hangover, And gave the people what they paid for, the two damn near killed each other. The two went back and forth dropping each other with every move they had. It was Barelai who dropped Johnny with the Requiem and earned Barelai the revenge victory he was looking for, and in the process giving Styles a hell of a ending -

- It was a total of a year before Johnny Styles made a return to action. He signed on to UWF, under a different name. Johnny Mara. New name same attitude. Johnny quickly ran up the ladder going undefeated and earning himself his first UWF Championship. He held the championship for months, he feud with Brad Starr. A feud that got so personal that Johnny had an affair with Brad's ex Angelica. That move by Johnny allowed him to get inside Brad's head and it allowed Johnny to retain his World Championship. Johnny left Brad with a sour taste in his mouth and it was Tonya Winters who came to the aid of Brad. She quickly came on the scene at the time Johnny was faced to deal with a member of his past. As Aurora came into UWF with a secret. A secret that she was carrying Johnny's child. The world was stunned at the news. Johnny couldn't shake it, and he did what he could to get back into the life and pants of Aurora. At the same time Tonya was making her moves to become the World Champion. The two meet in a non-title match and Tonay was able to defeat Johnny and end his undefeated streak. Johnny was in a bad place, and a night with Aurora wasn't what he needed but its what he got. Only to have Aurora to leave him and the UWF the morning after. Johnny was down and out, and it was a bad time to be at rock bottom as he had to defend his championship against Tonya in a rematch. Tonya quickly took advantage of Johnny and pushed him to his limits, but even then it looked like Johnny would pull out a victory, but Sean "Pitbull" Holems had another plan and he cost Johnny the match and the UWF Championship. Johnny had one thing on his mind and that was revenge on Holmes, the two were set to meet inside a octagon. Pitbulls favorite match, a Match Pitbull never lost. But Johnny felt he had what it took to defeat Holmes with his MMA background. But it wasn't to be, as Sean got the victory after Johnny passed out when Sean locked in his trademark Sleeper. Johnny didn't feel like he lost because he didn't tap, or was he covered. Johnny quickly moved on from Sean and cashed in his rematch clause for the UWF World championship against then champion Brad Starr. Brad was out to revenge the heart breaking lost to Johnny months before. But Johnny had other plans as he brought in Angelica and became a Two-Time UWF World Champion. The Rematch against Sean "Pitbull" Holmes was next in the cards. But the match never happened, as the owner of the UWF claimed that Johnny was a thief and that he cheated his way to the top of the UWF. Johnny was hurt by the comments and didn't know what to do. He then went about clearing his name. Which after about a month of back and forth talks between Maddy the owner of UWF and Johnny, the charges were cleared after Johnny showed proof that he didn't cheat his way to the top. The two went there different ways, Johnny vowing to never work for Maddy or her boyfriend Sean Holmes-

- Johnny signed a contract with GCW a month after the fallout of UWF. He wasn't sure if he wanted to return to the ring, but his wife Samantha Mark talked him into it. He embarked on GCW with the goal of having fun, something he hasn't had in a long time. Johnny went on a tear winning match after match and he quickly found himself in a feud with former JWF Superstar Violator. The two never meet in JWF, but Styles made it a known fact that he felt Violator was always ducking him in JWF. The two were set to meet at Retribution the weekly show of GCW. It was a epic battle and in the end Johnny Styles defeated Violator, proving to everyone that he was a force in GCW, and the victory also earned Johnny a spot inside the Breif case madness match, where Johnny went against 10 other GCW superstars with the hopes of becoming GCW number one contender. The match it's self was a epic battle that saw Johnny upsetting everyone and becoming the number on contender for Violators championship. Before the rematch, Johnny formed a deal with GCW owner Chris Wall. The two went out to the ring and it looked like Johnny was in trouble until Chris got involved allowing Styles to get the cover on Violator via School boy, crowning Styles the new GCW World Champion and forming what became the greatest stable in GCW, Sex and Violence. They continued to rule the GCW until Troy Daniels returned to action. Troy and Johnny meet in what has to be one of the greatest feuds in the history of GCW. Troy ended up defeating Johnny and taking the GCW World Championship from him.

Johnny did whatever he could to get it back and even saw Johnny run through each member of Mastema to earn himself a spot at Summerslam in the Chamber of doom match. Before the event Johnny ended up having an effair with GCW superstar Kandi Washington. Kandi wasn't only sleeping with Johnny as she was also sleeping with Randye Payne another name that was inside the chamber. Kandi got Johnny the last entrery spot in the chamber but also got Randye the spot ahead of Johnny. Inside the chamber it was a blood bath and the ending had Johnny paired against Randye Payne. The two held nothing back as they put there bodies through hell and back, the two ended up fighting outside the chamber and on the top of the chamber, Johnny looked to have the match in the bag as he looked to drop Randye with the End Result but Payne reverse the move driving Styles and himself through the top of the cage crashing down in the center of the ring. Both men seemed to be dead, and for the first couple of minutes seemed true to that fact. But the two got back to there feet and gave it one last push, Payne got the upper hand and pinned Johnny crowning himself the new GCW World Champion. Johnny left the match without Kandi and Without the Championship. A few short weeks later the GCW closed leaving Johnny without a job -

- Johnny wasn't out of a job to long as he signed with HIW a month after GCW tanked. Now a member of High Impact Wrestling, Johnny got himself the title of Number one contender and faced off against Eric Young for the HIW Elite Championship at Return to the Roots Pay per View. A match where Johnny won without much of a fight from Young. The Next Vital Signs begun a new era in High Impact Wrestling, but for Styles it was a losing era as he was upsetting by Matt Marvel for the Elite Championship. A match that sparked one of the best feuds Styles has ever had.

Both Matt Marvel and Johnny Styles went back and forth for weeks, Styles snapping Matt’s undefeated streak and in the same breath injured Matt which had the Elite Champion forced to watch Styles climb back to the top from his home in Boston. During that time Styles went through former co-worker in BLWA Bobby Azula, a match Styles walked away the victor. After Azula, Styles took on Dari Wheeler who turned out to be the man Matt picked to watch his back. Styles also defeated Dari, but Matt Marvel went into No Exit with the edge as he surprised SBK with a sneak attack attacking Samantha. At No Exit both Johnny Styles and Matt Marvel stole the show giving everyone at home a match to remember, and hands down the match of the year for HIW in 08’. The Steel City match was a bloody bout as will, with Johnny Styles defeating Matt Marvel with a barbwire laced Lockout, becoming a two time Elite Champion! But his regin as Elite Champion ended at Enigma when Bobby Azula aided Matt Marvel in a upset victory over SBK awarding Matt the Elite Championship. The fallout created a Stable war between Scorpio, Styles and Purcell (DOA) vs. Azula, Marvel, and Dragon (Modern Marvels) which became the headline event of the HIW two year supershow. The Modern Marvels walked away with a Big victory afer Deka came out and aided Matt to a victory. After the lose Styles had a few harsh words about managemnet and his status in DOA. He made it clear that he didn't want to wave the DOA flag anymore. And was ready to start at the bottom leaving a trail of broken bodues until he once again became Elite Champion-

- While in HIW, Styles signed with NLWF, with hopes of helping a new promotion become a main stream player. And he can honestly say that mission accomplished! NLWF has blew up and has Styles in the main run. In a dream match between Styles and Cyber Punk, a match that was two years in the making. The two icons meet and blew the roof off the stadium as the world watch Cyber Punk defeat Johnny Styles. The two quickly buried the hatred and formed The New Design. It wasn't long before Punk and Styles were the odds favorite to become NLWF Tag Team champions, and when they faced off against The Asylum for the championships, it was a screw job by NLWF Owner Silva that kept the Asylum as tag-team champions.

Cyber Punk and Johnny Styles quickly got a rematch the following month, with a chance to become Universal Tag-Team champions, which were vacant at the time. The New Design was set to take on One World Nation in what should have been a classic battle. But a surprise car accident sidelined Cyber Punk and hopes of becoming a tag-team champion were slim and none. That was until Styles reached out to a old friend. Joe Santiago replaced Cyber Punk in the Tag-Team match, and the former DX Affliction members became Universal Tag Team Champions. But the lost sent a sour taste in the mouth of Brenton Cyrus, who when looking for revenge punt kicked Johnny's former Manager and ex-wife Jada. When he didn't get the reaction he was looking for from Styles he took it to another level and kidnapped Styles adopted son Alex. Cyrus then forced Styles in accepting a War Games 'Live or Die' match for the very 1st NLWF War Games. A match that calls for Johnny to take a dive if he wants to see his son alive.

The Match was one big set-up as Brenton Cyrus and Alex Mark had it all planned, Alex turned on his father and soon dropped the name Alex Mark to become Nick Ridicule. But the fun didn't stop there as Nick was hell bent on killing SBK's legacy, even to go as far as trying to kill him. It was the last blow as SBK retired for three years -

- Money troubles, and bad investments has forced the icon back into wrestling. He signed with the company that was born from the death of a corrupt NLWF in hopes on having one last run to remember. But of course that never happened as Corey treated him as a poster boy rather then a wrestler. He agreed to have one last match against his biggest rival Crimson Skull, on the biggest events of IWF ‘From the Ashes’. The two veterans went to war, and SBK showed the world that this old dog still had some life left in the tank. But of course with SBK contract expiring at the end of the event, Corey wrote Johnny out with a lose. And SBK walked away from the Insurgency, and re-signed with NLWF for a chance to FINALLY give himself one last run he could be proud of and to revenge a dark moment that some say killed the career of SB –

- SBK resigned with the NLWF after reconnecting with his son, creating and joining what some are calling a wrestling family dynasty! But it wasn’t SB’s career move that left the world stunned, it was the bold move he made by kidnapping Clair (Brenton Cyrus’) daughter, and coming clean with it at NLWF’s return to PPV ‘City of Evil’ where SBK took advantage of a beaten and battered Cyrus to walk out of City of Evil as the World Heavyweight Championship. The move also set up a long awaited rematch between Johnny Stylez and Brenton Cyrus at Ultimate Glory -

- CWF International Champion (1x)
JWF US Champion (1x)
JWF World Champion (3x)
JWF Tag-team champions W/Joe Santiago (2x)
TEWF World Champion (1x)
UWF Championship (Under the name Mara) (2x)
GCW World Champion(1x)
HIW Elite Champion (2x)
NLWF Universal Tag-Team Champion W/Joe Santiago (1x)
Current NLWF World Heavyweight Champion (1x)

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Re: Johnny Stylez

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Re: Johnny Stylez

Post by Ramirez Silva on December 6th 2012, 12:20 pm

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Re: Johnny Stylez

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