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Voss Handerson

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Voss Handerson

Post by Voss Handerson on October 13th 2010, 11:02 pm

* Wrestler Name: Voss Handerson

* Nickname: The Voss

* Age: 26 (January 8th 1984)

* Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Toronto, Ontario, Canada

* Weight: 183 lbs

* Height: 6'0"

* Favorite Specialty Match: Any kind of match that benefits The Voss

* Entrance Music: "All The Right Moves" by One Republic

* Alignment (face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling: None

* Quote: Optional: "Don't Cross The Voss"

* Finisher: N/A

* Finisher Description: N/A

* Bio/Backround:

Voss Handerson! Born into a wealthy, conservative family from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, he is the youngest of three sons. In the mid 70's his dad Stan Handerson started out with the Calgary Flames, in the 1985-1986 NHL Season, his dad were part of the team that brought home it's first Division and Conference Championship, the Calgary Flames fell short of the Stanley Cup that year. During the 1986-1987 season Stan Handerson suffered a knee injury that put him on the shelf and shortly after forcing him into retirement. The Calgary Flames won it's first Stanley Cup one year later. While his dad was an star athlete, Voss never really saw his dad's stardom, but he knew a whole lot about it. Voss was one of those rebellious rich teenagers and although he had the potential to become just like his father, maybe even better, Voss Handerson vowed not to walk in his father's footsteps. Although his brothers Stan Jr. and Cross went on to have careers as athletes, although he enjoyed sports just as much , Voss, took a different direction avoiding Stan's (his dad) footsteps. Voss Handerson took more of a business route into sports. At the young age of twenty-two Voss Handerson found himself behind the announcers desk, announcing Monday Night Football on ESPN. ESPN management receive a number of criticism for hiring Voss, a twenty-two year old, post-College graduate. While it's always good to see the future taking over, this was a case of favoritism. Stan Handerson has good friends in high places in the sports, commercial and television network world and this pretty much gives the boy with the silver spoon in his mouth easy benefits and opportunities. It was no different when he was easily voted to become a member of the Executive Board for an Canadian base Mixed Martial Arts company. Voss has had a near to perfect career in the business aspect of sports and today he looks to focus on professional wrestling. At age 21, Voss Handerson got engage to Nia Corella, a super model from Phoenix, Arizona. Two weeks before the planned wedding, there was rumors that the two young love birds broke up. One week later Nia confirmed what the reports and rumors were saying for a week long, however they broke up four weeks earlier. Voss is not the one girl, good guy type, after breaking up with Nia, Voss showed his other side, his bad boy side. Nia knew exactly what kind of guy Voss was, yet she found herself in a relationship with the guy. One has to wonder if she like many other women are attracted to his good looks, bad boy attitude or it's all about the money. Not as if Voss give a damn, he believe has enough money to use them (get laid), make them happy (buy something expensive) and then move on (break their heart). In 2009 after an interview talking about his most recent break up with a Tennis Player, The Woman's Rights Organization label Voss as a playboy and a womanizer. Voss reply to the Women's Organization harsh remarks was "I'm single and I'm available."

* Wrestling Attire: 1st outfit;

Shirtless or a NLWF merchandise shirt, blue or black jeans and white or black Nike Air-Shox and taped left wrist and hand.
2nd outfit; Black or white sweater with hoodie, black, or gray sweat pants and Nike Air-Shox, with taped left wrist and hand.

* Street Attire:

T-shirt, jeans leather jacket and hoodies for casual attire. Usually wear personal tailored made suits and on different occasions, he mix it up, with tailored made jackets, t-shirt and jeans.

* Fighting style:


* Move List:

Not Available At The Moment


Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Chris Pine

Career Accomplishments -

Entrance -

A red carpet is rolled down the ramp. As "All The Right Moves" by One Republic hits, the lights dim and the green and blue lights begins to flicker while a bright white spot light shines on the stage area.

"All the right friends in all the right places
So yeah, we're going down"

Voss Handerson makes his way out on stage to a mix reaction, dominated with the roaring sound of boos from the crowd.

"They got all the right moves in all the right faces
So yeah, we're going down"

Voss Handerson heads down the ramp as he makes his way to the squared circle. Voss heads up the steel steps as the lights dim down even more, while the spot light shines brighter than ever. As he enters the squared circle, the camera flashes from the crowd gives an even cooler effect, with the lights being dim. The lights slowly return to normal and his theme song "All The Right Moves" slowly begins to fade.

Friends: N/A

Enemies: N/A


Voss Handerson
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