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Revolution 36: The One Year Anniversary Show: 9/14/10

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Revolution 36: The One Year Anniversary Show: 9/14/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on September 16th 2010, 5:22 pm

= 1 Year of Anniversary of Revolution =

The show fades in on Tommy Cornell in the center of the ring. The ring mat has a red carpet over it and a table stands in the center. Tommy Cornell brings a microphone to his mouth, then smirks as he listens to the sellout New York City crowd.


Feet continuously stomp throughout almost the entire arena.

Greed - People in New York are morons!

Tommy Cornell
Nick… Ridicule?

Tommy Cornell laughs, shaking his head.

Tommy Cornell
He’s old news! If you cheer for Nick Ridicule, than you are cheering against the entire NLWF! You see, he refuses to join us! He is a rebel, an outlaw, a lost cause!

Tommy Cornell holds up his hand, trying to hush the crowd. The chants begin to die down slightly and the stomping comes to a stop.

Tommy Cornell
That‘s more like it. I’m out here right now to announce the huge main event for Seven Sins at the end of the month! A show that will feature the end of any rebellion against Bad Company or Syndicate. Because for the rest of September, we’re cleaning out the filter! If you are not a member of Bad Company or a member of Syndicate going into October, you wont be here to see next month, or the month after, or ever again!

Greed - If you aren’t a part of the NLWF, you don’t deserve to be in the NLWF!

Tommy Cornell
That’s a lesson the men in the main event of Seven Sins will have to learn the hard way! Introducing first in this match, he is the current World Heavyweight and NLWF Undisputed Champion, but not for long, NICK RIDICULE!

Nick Ridicule and Katrina Costick walk out onto the stage, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. They walk down the ramp together, then Nick Ridicule runs up the ring steps and enters the ring. He looks at Tommy Cornell and flips him off, then pulls out his chair and sits down. He places the World and NLWF Undisputed Titles on the table, then puts his feet up and sits back.

Tommy Cornell
Don’t start that middle finger shit!

Greed - PLEASE don’t!

Tommy Cornell
His opponent had his winning streak ended last week but is still the number one contender and top ranked fighter in the Federation. COREY CASEY!

The lights in the arena go out and a video begins rolling on the big screen. It shows a man sitting in a padded room rocking back and forth. The man is strapped into a straitjacket and you can hear him laughing to himself. He suddenly lifts his head and you can see Corey Casey's face as he flashes the camera a wicked smile. Suddenly, the opening of "My Own Hell" blasts out of the house PA system and blue fireworks erupt from either side of the stage

Twisting and turning unable to sleep
My thoughts speak louder the more I resist

Inside I'm a danger to myself
Inside I'm a prisoner of my own hell

The camera shows Corey Casey standing on top of the stage, his arms out to either side. As the verse continues Corey turns around, a smirk on his face, as he looks out at the crowd who greet him with boo's.

Losing the battle I've waged on myself
Toys in the attic it's all getting worse

Inside I'm a danger to myself
Inside I'm a prisoner of my own hell

Corey confidently walks down the entrance ramp as fans continue to rain boo's down on him. He walks up the ring steps and steps in between the middle and top rope.


Inside I'm a danger to myself
Inside I'm a prisoner of my own hell

Greed - Corey Casey is my all-time favorite NLWF wrestler, but when he didn’t choose to join Bad Company he made the biggest mistake of his entire life! The one time he chooses not to pick sides with someone, is the time he needs too!

Corey Casey walks around the table, staring at Nick Ridicule. He sits down, then looks at Tommy Cornell.

Greed - At least these fools dressed nice for the anniversary show.

Tommy Cornell
You two will fight in the first ever Se7en Sins match. Let me explain, it will be seven of the sickest matches NLWF has to offer. Not taking away from the NLWF Title match, which will be announced later tonight. The first match, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs! The World and Undisputed Title, hung high above the ring.

Greed - In one night we’ll get to see Nick Ridicule versus Corey Casey potentially seven times, in seven different matches!

Tommy Cornell
The second match will be contested, in a Dog Collar Match! Where you two DOGS, because that’s exactly what you are if you aren’t part of the Federation, will be chained together, with a dog collar around your throat! You two will fight like the animals you are! You will beat each other until you are both bleeding! You will beat each other until one of you…

Tommy Cornell smiles looking at both men sitting at the table in front of him.

Tommy Cornell
CAN’T STAND ANYMORE! Because the match after the Dog Collar match.. Guess what it is guys!

Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey look away from each other at Tommy Cornell, who has a crazy look on his face.

Tommy Cornell
LAST MAN STANDING! You two dogs will be unleashed, free to ROAM! Beating the life out of each other in only match THREE! That means one more match is guaranteed after one of you keeps the other down for a count of ten! You’ll have to get your beaten carcass up off the mat, or the ringside floor, or on the ramp, on the stage, or the audience, or backstage, or in the street, or on the announce table, or ANYWHERE IN BOSTON!

The fans inside the Empire Arena begin to boo. Tommy Cornell smirks, then he points at Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell

Tommy Cornell looks out at the audience. He points at a kid who’s holding his drink, ready to throw it.

Tommy Cornell
That’s right, I caught you!

Greed - Busted!

Tommy Cornell looks back at both men, he touches the contract between them on the table.

Tommy Cornell
In match number four, after one of you two dogs has laid the other down for a ten count, you have to make that doggy speak! I don’t care if you’ve wandered a mile away from The Revenge and Retribution Arena, you must bring your opponent back ringside, or at least inside the arena, and make them say I QUIT! I WANT TO HEAR ONE OF YOU SAY YOU QUIT! I WANT TO SEE ONE OF YOU REALIZE YOU CAN’T FIGHT ANYMORE!

Tommy Cornell stops screaming, he inhales trying to calm himself down, then he chuckles.

Tommy Cornell
You know, the I Quit Match will be the real breaking point in this one. It’s the match in the middle. It kind of mocks the two of you. Because one of you is going to end the career of the other. Not only are the titles on the line, but the loser will be forced to leave the NLWF.

The fans inside the arena go silent and Tommy Cornell has the full attention of both Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
No coming back. No last chance. No shot at redemption. One of you, will end the other! You’ll quit! You’ll be broken! You may never be able to walk again! One of you will survive, but for how long? Even the man who survives this match, wont really have survived a damn thing! The loser will be gone, and the clock will begin to tick and tock down on the winner! Because without Bad Company or Syndicate, you wont last in the NLWF!

Tommy Cornell stares at each man one last time, then turns and looks out at the crowd, pointing at all of them.

Tommy Cornell
That goes to everyone in the back, that goes to everyone in the front, every fan in this arena! If you are not a part of Bad Company or Syndicate, you are a loser! You are an outlaw! You need to leave, or ME Security will toss you out! Because you don’t belong here! Because you….

Nick Ridicule stands up, taking the microphone away from Tommy Cornell, who backs into the corner. Nick Ridicule brings the microphone up to his mouth while Tommy Cornell stares at him, a look of fear on his face.

Nick Ridicule
Can you please shut the fuck up? Are you going to talk this entire show or……

Nick Ridicule continues talking, but he can’t be heard.

Greed - They cut his mic! Classic! You talk when we say that you can!

Tommy Cornell laughs in the corner, then steps out. He goes face to face with Nick Ridicule, then reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out a new microphone.

Tommy Cornell
No, YOU’RE going to shut the fuck up!

Nick Ridicule throws the microphone out of the ring towards the stage. The microphone hit’s the stage and breaks. Nick Ridicule sits down and Tommy Cornell laughs again.

Tommy Cornell
We are the Kings, you are nothing but peasants who we will watch kill each other for our own enjoyment! The next match, if necessary, is God’s Graveyard! The chain link electric dome returns! After four matches against each other, you will be trapped like the prisoners you are! You’ll be locked up with no escape, forced to finish each other if you want to live!

Greed - I don’t even think either of these guys will be able to fight if they make it to match five.

Tommy Cornell turns his focus to only Nick Ridicule. Looking at the belts in front of him, then at his face.

Tommy Cornell
If one of you hasn’t finished off the other guy. If neither of you have reached four victories. Then we’ll move on to match number six. It’s a match you’re familiar with Nick, because you’ve been in more than anyone and have only lost once. This time, losing in your favorite match could mean the end of your NLWF career. Think about that for a second, the end of Nick Ridicule, at the hands of Corey Casey, inside The End Game! You two will be locked away inside the massive Cell, with the ring mat lit on fire.

Tommy Cornell looks to his right at Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
Finally, match seven. Corey Casey, if you guys go seven matches, you’ll have the last match advantage. It’s going to be a Double Cage Horror match! The NLWF Asylum! Two cages, the regular steel cage surrounded by the cell!

Tommy Cornell touches the contract, then slides it to Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
So that’s it. That’s what awaits the two of you at Seven Sins II on September 28th!

Tommy Cornell points at the contract in front of Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
Sign the contract.

Corey Casey slides the contract away, not looking at Tommy Cornell.

Tommy Cornell
Oh, I get it. The two of you aren’t going to sign? Clever. You think that if you don’t sign the contract, we wont get the match we want. HOW WRONG YOU ARE!

Tommy Cornell slides the contract to Nick Ridicule, then points at it.

Tommy Cornell
Sign the contract.

Tommy Cornell looks at Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
Once he signs the contract and you refuse, you’ll forfeit the match and your NLWF career will be all over! Nick, sign the contract!

Nick Ridicule pushes the contract away, then puts his feet up on the table and his hands behind his head.

Tommy Cornell
The two of you are making a huge mistake. I’m warning you, if you don’t sign this contract, tonight is going to be the worst night of your lives!

Corey Casey stands up. Tommy Cornell backs away and Nick Ridicule stands up.

Greed - I don’t like where this seems to be headed!

Tommy Cornell

Tommy Cornell tries to escape through the ropes but Corey Casey grabs him and whips him towards Nick Ridicule who boots him to the face. Tommy Cornell staggers and turns around into a spear from Corey Casey.


ME Security rushes down the ramp as Nick Ridicule is lifting Tommy Cornell into power bomb position. Corey Casey runs and dives over the ropes, then takes the ME security team down all at once.

Greed - Suicide dive from Corey Casey, he takes down the ME Security team! Tommy is in trouble!

Nick Ridicule lifts Tommy Cornell up, then steps forward and crucifix power bombs him through the table. Nick Ridicule holds up the World and Undisputed Titles, then leaves the ring as ME security enters. Corey Casey backs up the stages, then throws his arms out to the side and smirks. Nick Ridicule jumps the railing and walks through the crowd.

“That was Awesome!” “That was Awesome!” “That was Awesome!” “That was Awesome!”

The shot fades away on Tommy Cornell on the broken table to the opening of the show.

Live from the Empire Arena in New York

Fireworks shoot out of the stage, then continue down the ramp. The crowd goes wild and the ring posts shoot fire. The shot shows the crowd, searching for the best signs of the night.

“WHUR IS DEF ANGLE?!” “AOS snorted my sugar!” “Brenton Cyrus stole my mask!”
“Biggie Mac stole my cheeseburger” “CHUCK MATTHEWS STOLE MY VIRGINITY!!!” “> she wins”
“TEAM REBEL FTW!” “>he clearly snorted AOS' "sugar"“
“AOS= The Phenomenal Irish...lap dog?” “CC RODE MY COATTAILS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!”
“Nick Ridicule, my dad needs his insulin needle back…” “Jason Hawk has a spinal cord of steel!”

The shot cuts to the announcers table, where Tommy Cornell is holding the back of his neck, looking down at the table. John Greed smiles, then shrugs his shoulders.

Greed - Welcome to the special one year birthday show of Revolution! Happy birthday to the best show on earth! Tonight is sure to be remembered as we have a big card scheduled, but how about that opening?

Cornell - …

Greed - We thought we would see the contract signing for the Seven Sins main event, instead we saw an all out mutiny!

Cornell - What we saw was a cowardly attack from two men who know that they are at the end of their rope! These guys know the end is coming for one of them at Seven Sins, then the other after that! Tonight we’re going to force them to sign that contract, even if we make them sign it in blood!

Greed - Tonight has a huge main event…

Cornell - You have no idea! We’ve added on to the main event, we’ve stacked the odds against the guys who don’t deserve a fair shot in our company, we’re going to make them wish they had joined us!

Greed - I can’t wait!

Cornell - Then next week, Corey Casey will pick Nick Ridicule’s opponent and Nick Ridicule will pick Corey Casey’s opponent! The pick of destruction!

Greed - What if Corey or Nick picks you?

Cornell - Then we’ll have a plan ready!

Inside the ring, Lindsey Calaway and EJ Styles wait for the bell. The referee looks at both of them, making sure they are ready, then he calls for the bell.
[ Lindsey Calaway [vs] EJ Styles ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

Lindsey Calaway and EJ Styles circle each other.

Cornell - Thanks to Ashley Matthews, women are getting a fair chance in the NLWF to compete against anyone.

Greed - We’ll see tonight if it’s a really good idea, or a really stupid one.

Lindsey Calaway kicks EJ Styles to the leg, then turns around and runs. EJ Styles looks confused at the referee, who turns around and throws himself over the ropes. EJ Styles scratches his head, then turns around and has his throat grabbed by Cotton the Clown.

Cornell - Twenty bucks says EJ Styles just shat himself.

Greed - I’m not taking that bet, I KNOW he just shat himself.

Cotton the Clown lifts EJ Styles up above his head, then he brings him down onto his knee with the backbreaker. Cotton the Clown holds EJ Styles on his knee, then begins to grind him back and forth. EJ Styles screams out, then begins choking and spitting up blood.

Cornell - COOL! He’s all broke in half.

Greed - Cotton doesn’t fuck around!

Cotton the Clown lifts EJ Styles up off his knee, then throws him over the top rope, letting him crash down to the ringside floor. Cotton the Clown looks around wildly as Revolution fades to commercials.

Revolution returns backstage on Nick Ridicule walking with both the titles on his shoulders. He’s approached by Corey Casey who nods in approval with a smile on his face.

Corey Casey

I think now they’ll realize things aren’t going to be as easy as they planned.

Nick Ridicule doesn’t react, he just shakes his head no.

Nick Ridicule
We survived the opening portion of this show, we have nothing to celebrate. We’re not a team, we’re not an alliance, we’re nothing. Just two guys hell bent on trying to survive, trying to bring down Bad Company and Syndicate. You have your motives, I have mine, tonight you’re all I’ve got and vice versa.

Corey Casey
I know the deal, I wouldn’t be caught dead teaming up with you, unless I absolutely had too. Such as tonight. About the pick of destruction match next week, I have an idea if you’re interested.

Nick Ridicule smiles.

Nick Ridicule
Sure, what have you got?

Corey Casey

Two ideas, actually. We should talk somewhere more private.

Corey Casey looks at the camera. Nick Ridicule smiles, then walks over and grabs the camera away from the camera man. He holds it in front of his face, so that it’s all the can be seen on the screen.

Nick Ridicule
Hey Bad Company, take a look at this.

Nick FU

Nick Ridicule flips off the camera, then throws the camera at the wall. Upon contact with the wall, everything goes back, and we cut to ringside.

Cornell - I’d say he’s going to pay for that, but he’s broke like MC Hammer!

Greed - They might have a plan Tommy.

Cornell - They will rue the day they ambushed me and put me through a table!

Greed - I rued the day once, didn’t get a lot else done.

Inside the ring, Ruben Ricardo León and MC Steel, are waiting for the match to begin.

Cornell - Last week, we witnessed Ruben debut and claim that he would beat MC Steel more impressively and more dominantly than Biggie Mac defeated him last week.

Greed - Then he said he would be going after Mac!

The referee calls for the bell.

[ Ruben Ricardo León [vs] MC Steel ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

MC Steel runs across the ring at Ruben Ricardo León, but is dropkicked to the face. Ruben Ricardo León is up quickly, pulling MC Steel up. Ruben Ricardo León sends MC Steel off to the ropes, then jumps over him on the rebound. MC Steel hit’s the ropes again and Ruben Ricardo León drop toeholds him, sending him falling through the ropes.

Cornell - So far, so good. He’s keeping true on his word.

Greed - Last week it took a little under fifteen minutes for Biggie Mac to beat MC Steel, in a great back and forth contest.

Ruben Ricardo León runs to the turnbuckle, then steps up them and jumps off. He connects a shining wizard to the face of MC Steel, knocking him off the apron. Ruben Ricardo León lands on the apron, then jumps and springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault to the outside of the ring, landing on MC Steel.

Cornell - Asai Moonsault!

Greed - We’ve seen some great high flyers in the history of the NLWF, but not many Lucha Libre style fighters, Ruben Ricardo León is exciting.

Ruben Ricardo León lifts MC Steel on the outside of the ring, then hip tosses him into the guardrail. The referee begins to count the two men out.

“1” “2”

Ruben Ricardo León slides into the ring, then grabs the top rope, waiting for MC Steel.

“3” “4”

Cornell - I get the feeling talented León is about to fly!

Greed - Not to be mistaken with Shithead Leon.

MC Steel stands up, using the guardrail for support. Ruben Ricardo León runs to the ropes, then charges across the ring and flips over the ropes at MC Steel. He takes him down hard, somehow managing to land on his feet. Ruben Ricardo León lifts MC Steel and rolls him into the ring, then climbs up to the apron.

Cornell - I’m impressed, Ruben Ricardo León has won me over here tonight.

Greed - It’s not often a guy in a mask does well, but I see great things in the future of Ruben, as long as he makes the right choices!

MC Steel stands up inside the ring. Ruben Ricardo León springboards into the ring. MC Steel jumps for a dropkick, trying to catch him in mid air. Ruben Ricardo León grabs the legs of MC Steel and they land in the ring. Ruben Ricardo León locks in the Boston Crab on MC Steel in the middle of the ring.

Cornell - He calls that the tequila slammer, he was able to adjust in mid air!

Greed - We’re seeing an extremely impressive prospect here tonight!

MC Steel taps out in a hurry as Ruben Ricardo León sits down on his lower back, adding pressure to the hold. The referee calls for the bell, then tries to pull Ruben Ricardo León off of him.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Ruben Ricardo León finally breaks the hold and has his arm lifted by the official.

Cornell - Way to go Ruben, if he makes the right choices, joins the right group, he’ll have a bright future in this company!

Greed - But right now, he’s one of the many who are on the outside looking in! If you aren’t Syndicate, if you aren’t Bad Company, you aren’t part of the Federation!

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, Ruben Ricardo León!

Ruben Ricardo León lifts MC Steel up, then dumps him over the ropes. Ruben Ricardo León leaves the ring and walks over to the timekeepers table. He grabs a steel chair, then unfolds it and puts it down. He has a seat next to the announcers table and looks towards the ring.

Cornell - What is he doing?

Greed - I don’t know, he’s starting to creep me out..

Cornell - Wait a second, the next match! Ashley Matthews defends the Golden Crown Championship against Biggie Mac!

Greed - You figured it out Tommy, he’s here because he wants to scout potential competition.

The shot fades to commercials on Ruben Ricardo León adjusting his mask, sitting next to the announcers table.

Revolution returns backstage on Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey stepping out of a locker room. They are both laughing.

Nick Ridicule
That’s how you make a plan!

Corey Casey

Pretty good right?

Nick Ridicule
I’ve never been a fan of “Master Plans” But this should be fun.

The shot cuts back to ringside where Ruben Ricardo León is still seated near the announcers table. Inside the ring Ashley Matthews and Biggie Mac stand in their corners.

Cornell - This is the first intergender title defense of the Golden Crown Championship. Former MMA superstar Biggie Mac earned this shot after a great debut last week.

Greed - I hope he isn’t underestimating Ashley Matthews, I can see that being a huge problem for a lot of people who fight against her.

Christa Dudley - The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Golden Crown Championship! Introducing first, from Miami, Florida. Standing 5’8” and weighing in at 110 pounds. She is the reigning and defending Golden Crown Champion, ASHLEY MATTHEWS!

Ashley Matthews climbs the turnbuckle and raises her hands up. She climbs down and looks across the ring at Biggie Mac again.

Christa Dudley -Her opponent, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Standing 6’0” and weighing in at 205 pounds. BIGGIE MAC!

Cornell - Biggie Mac has a big weight advantage, but Ashley has been doing this a long time, she’s trained with the best NLWF has ever had, we’re in for one hell of a match up.

Greed - This should be great, I’ve been looking forward to it.

The referee holds up the Golden Crown Championship, then hands it to Christa Dudley as she leaves. The referee checks with both competitors, then he calls for the bell.Golden Crown Championship

[ Ashley Matthews [vs] Biggie Mac ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

Ashley Matthews and Biggie Mac meet in the center of the ring, both with their hands up. Biggie Mac throws a few jabs, then backs away avoiding a leg kick. Ashley Matthews steps in with a push kick to his stomach, but Biggie Mac grabs her foot and trips her down to the mat. Biggie Mac goes for an ankle lock, but Ashley Matthews kicks her foot free and pulls herself to the apron, grabbing the bottom rope.

Cornell - Little bit awkward early on. No man wants to beat a woman, some are forced into it by women with big mouths, or in this case a Golden Crown Championship.

Greed - Things are only getting started, as soon as they get use to the water, this thing will heat up.

Ashley Matthews stands up on the apron, then enters the ring. Ashley Matthews tries to kick Biggie Mac to the ribs but he catches her foot and puts her down with a big right hand counter punch. Biggie Mac drops down and pins Ashley Matthews.


Ashley Matthews kicks out.

Cornell - Here we go, the first major advantage goes to Biggie.

Greed - Ashley is tough, this should be a great contest.

Biggie Mac lifts Ashley Matthews to her feet and is punched to the stomach by her. Biggie Mac uppercuts Ashley Matthews, then he runs in and clotheslines her. Ashley Matthews quickly gets back to her feet and is scoop slammed by Biggie Mac. Ashley Matthews quickly stands up again and is spinebustered by Biggie Mac.

Cornell - Ashley refuses to stay down!

Greed - That was a great spine buster though.

Ashley Matthews up kicks Biggie Mac to the face from her back, then she kips up to her feet. Ashley Matthews runs at Biggie Mac and attempts a clothesline. Biggie Mac ducks under it and puts Ashley Matthews in a full nelson.

Cornell - He’s got her arms trapped and he’s pushing down on her head, this is a submission move.

Greed - It is, but it’s one that’s easy to survive if you remain calm and continuously work to escape from it.

Ashley Matthews drops down to the mat, slipping out of the full nelson. She lifts her legs up and locks them under the arms of Biggie Mac, then rolls him forward for a victory roll pin.


Biggie Mac kicks out.

Cornell - Ashley Matthews almost wins with a pin counter to the full nelson.

Greed - That was slick.

Both Ashley Matthews and Biggie Mac quickly stand up. Ashley Matthews tries a forward thrust kick but Biggie Mac catches it and spins her around. Biggie Mac puts Ashley Matthews in the full nelson again, but this time he lifts her up and slams her down.

Cornell - Full nelson slam on Ashley Matthews!

Greed - I think I’m really going to enjoy these Golden Crown title matches, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a competitive, back and forth match!

Biggie Mac lifts Ashley Matthews to her feet. Biggie Mac runs Ashley Matthews to the ropes, but she holds on to his arm and pulls him into an elbow to the face. Biggie Mac pulls Ashley Matthews in and clotheslines her down.

Cornell - Ashley hit him with a nice sharp elbow strike to the eyebrow, but Biggie Mac stops her from stopping him with a clothesline.

Greed - What we’re seeing is the difference between a match and fight! A match is between two highly trained competitors, who have no problems with each other, they are going out to do their job, defended or become champion, entertain the crowd. A fight takes place between people with personal differences, who usually hate each other.

Biggie Mac lifts Ashley Matthews up off the mat. Ashley Matthews throws her legs up and tries to lock in and armbar on Biggie Mac. He lifts her up off the mat, then runs and power bomb throws her down into the corner. Biggie Mac attacks with punching combinations to the head and body while Ashley Matthews is trapped in the corner. Ashley Matthews swings wildly at Biggie Mac who steps back and throws a head kick, knocking her down and out.

Cornell - What a tremendous head kick!

Greed - She’s out cold! We’re going to have a new Golden Crown Champion! Ruben is sitting next to us, practically drooling! If Biggie Mac can win, he may be next in line for a title match!

Biggie Mac drops down and pins Ashley Matthews.


The referee stops his count as he notices the foot of Ashley Matthews on the bottom rope. He waves his hands and points at her foot.

Cornell - Ashley Matthews somehow gets her foot on the rope after what we thought was a knock out kick!

Greed - That just shows her heart, amazing!

Biggie Mac lifts Ashley Matthews to her feet. Biggie Mac quickly Russian legsweeps Ashley Matthews down to the mat, then locks in a kneebar.

Cornell - I haven’t seen a kneebar used, maybe EVER, in my time calling NLWF matches.

Greed - Will Ashley be able to escape before he hyperextends her leg and forces the tap out.

Ashley Matthews screams out in pain reaching for the ropes. She uses her other foot to kick down at the face of Biggie Mac, connecting a few kick. Ashley Matthews pushes with her free leg, to slide her other leg out of the submission.

Cornell - Nicely done!

Greed - Ashley is a submission expert herself.

Ashley Matthews stands up while Biggie Mac stays down on the mat. Ashley Matthews throws an axe kick up, then down into the body of Biggie Mac, knocking the wind out of him. Ashley Matthews dives with a superwoman punch at Biggie Mac and connects right on his jaw.

Cornell - Amazing kick, followed by a diving punch to his face!

Greed - When you attempt a submission you risk giving up the match advantage, that’s what we just witnessed with that kneebar attempt.

Ashley Matthews punches Biggie Mac two more times, then jumps past his legs into side control. She grabs his left arm, then applies the armbar.

Cornell - She’s gonna snap his arm!

Greed - That’s in tight!

Biggie Mac struggles to his feet but Ashley Matthews still has his arm locked, hyper extending it at the elbow. Biggie Mac holds his wrist, not allowing her to get him back down to the mat. Ashley Matthews breaks the submission attempt and kicks Biggie Mac to the face with each foot from her back.

Cornell - Ashley is dangerous!

Greed - She has an all around fight game, great striking, great moves, great submissions.

Ashley Matthews quickly stands up and runs at Biggie Mac. She’s lifted up for a spine buster, but manages to put a leg over his shoulder and lock in a triangle choke. Biggie Mac falls down to the mat, slamming Ashley Matthews, but she keeps the submission locked on.

Cornell - Triangle choke is locked on Biggie Mac, the luckiest man on earth right now! He should lick his way out, that will get her to break, I’m sure of it!

Greed - You’re a sick man Tommy! Ha ha.

Ashley Matthews begins hitting Biggie Mac with left and right elbow strikes to the top of his head while he’s trapped between her legs. Biggie Mac tries to cover up.

Cornell - These elbow strikes are vicious, she could easily bust him open with one of these.

Greed - He has to try to escape that hold, but he also has to avoid these elbows. Ashley is putting him in a lot of danger.

Ashley Matthews hits Biggie Mac with another elbow and he manages to squeeze his head out of the triangle hold. Ashley Matthews grabs his arm and uses her legs to bring him down to the mat. Ashley Matthews fully locks in an armbar.


Greed - As soon as she realized he escaped the Triangle she moved on to plan B!

Biggie Mac scrambles from his back as Ashley Matthews pulls back trying to break his arm. Ashley Matthews starts kicking Biggie Back to the face and body, still holding his arm. Biggie Mac pulls his arm away and crawls towards the corner.

Cornell - Ashley hit him with everything, he’s delirious right now!

Greed - Elbows, kicks, submission attempts, Ashley is not just some girl who decided she wants to fight guys. Ashley is a highly trained fighter who knows what she’s doing in that ring!

Ashley Matthews stands up and runs towards Biggie Mac who pulls himself up in the corner. He hits Ashley Matthews with a back elbow to the face as she comes in. Ashley Matthews staggers to the center of the ring and Biggie Mac charges at her. Ashley Matthews super kicks Biggie Mac to the face.

Cornell - Caught him right under the chin with a super kick!

Greed - Can she get the win?

Ashley Matthews runs to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. She looks through her legs, then stands up and moonsaults off, landing on Biggie Mac in the center of the ring. Ashley Matthews pins Biggie Mac.


Biggie Mac kicks out.

Cornell - I’m impressed with both of these competitors. What a match they’re putting on for the Golden Crown title!

Greed - This is really great, Ruben is watching in amazement.

Ashley Matthews stands up and tries to walk to the corner, but Biggie Mac grabs her foot and tries to lock in an ankle lock. Ashley Matthews tries to pull away but Biggie Mac trips her down and locks in the ankle lock. Before he can get in a leg vice, Ashley Matthews is quickly back to one foot. Biggie Mac stands up trying to tripe her down, still holding her ankle.

Cornell - What a battle! Ashley refuses to let him get this submission in.

Greed - She knows that if he can lock something in, she may not be able to escape.

Ashley Matthews jumps up and hits Biggie Mac with a knee to the face. He holds onto her foot still and she jumps and enziguri kicks him to the side of the head, knocking him down. Ashley Matthews pins Biggie Mac.


Biggie Mac kicks out.

Cornell - This has been one of the best technical matches I’ve ever seen, if this is what the Golden Crown title is all about, I can’t wait to see more!

Greed - Ruben can’t wait to see more either, he’s still watching this thing, probably hoping to fight the winner.

Ashley Matthews stands up then drops down and tries to lock in a cross face on Biggie Mac. He rolls her off of his back and both of them stand up. Biggie Mac connects a straight left punch to the face of Ashley Matthews, then hooks her arm over his head and lifts her up for a spinning back suplex.

Cornell - Biggie Mac calls that move Sonic Boom!

Greed - That was a great move, will it be enough to make him champion?

Biggie Mac scoots back and lays back on Ashley Matthews.


Ashley Matthews locks Biggie Mac in the crucifix position, wrapping her legs around his far arm and holding his close arm with her hands. Ashley Matthews drives five elbows into the face of Biggie Mac, then rotates over into a crucifix pin.


The referee calls for the bell and Ashley Matthews releases the crucifix.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Cornell - That match was amazing!

Greed - They showed all these fans that you don’t have to hate someone in order to put on a great match. Bravo!

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, and STILL the Golden Crown Champion, Ashley Matthews!

The referee enters the ring and hands Ashley Matthews the Golden Crown Championship.

Cornell - Ruben is getting up.

Ruben Ricardo León
Biggie, you just got beat by a girl! Amigo, that’s sad! I said last week I would beat MC Steel faster than you, and I made good on my word. But when I challenged you to a match last week, I thought for sure you would be able to beat a girl leading to a Golden Crown title match between us. Now I’m going to have to challenge Ashley instead!

Cornell - Ruben wants a shot at the Golden Crown title and after his debut, I think he deserves it.

Greed - It’s a match I would love to see.

The referee gives Ashley Matthews a microphone.

Ashley Matthews
You got the match Ruben! I’ll defend the Golden Crown title against anyone! So next week, you and I, one on one!

Cornell - It’s official, our General Manager Golden Crown Champion has spoken!

Greed - Next week Ashley Matthews versus Ruben Ricardo León for the Golden Crown Championship!

Ruben Ricardo León
Thank you, Ashley. When I am Golden Crown Champion, with an undefeated record still, I may be kind enough to give you a rematch.

Ruben Ricardo León walks around the ring, staring at Ashley Matthews on the inside.

Cornell - He’s confident, but after seeing Ashley’s first match against a man, I like her chances to be champion a long time.

Greed - I’m genuinely thrilled about this division in NLWF.

Ashley Matthews
Next week when I beat you! Don’t go leaving the NLWF crying because you got beat by a girl!

The shot fades to commercials on Ashley Matthews with the Golden Crown Title on her shoulder, watching as Ruben Ricardo León makes his way up the ramp. Ashley Matthews watches as Biggie Mac approaches her. They shake hands in the middle of the ring, Biggie Mac lifting her arm up after.

Revolution returns backstage on Ashley Matthews walking proudly with the Golden Crown Championship around her waist. She approaches Biggie Mac, who’s sitting down, having a bottle of water.

Ashley Matthews
Great match out there.

Biggie Mac
Thanks, you too. I just wish I could have beaten you to become Champion.

Ashley Matthews
One day you will, as long as you make the right choices, join the right team of people.

Ashley Matthews grins.

Ashley Matthews
If you join Bad Company, I have no doubt in my mind you’ll be back in the title picture sooner than later. Not only that, but if you join the Matthews Enterprises wrestling talent agency, the sky wont even be the limit for you! Think about it, you have until after Seven Sins to join us in one or both ways.

Biggie Mac
What happens after Seven Sins? To the people who don’t join.

Ashley Matthews
They’ll be removed once and for all from the NLWF.

Ashley Matthews walks away, leaving Biggie Mac to think. She doesn’t get far as Curt Wall walks up with a microphone in hand.

Curt Wall
A word?

Ashley Matthews

Curt Wall
How are you feeling after your second title defense of the Golden Crown Championship, the first here on Revolution against a man.

Ashley Matthews
I feel fantastic. We had one of the best show opening matches in recent memory, and we did it without the use of weapons or cheating. We took his skills and put them against my skills, tonight I came out as the victor, my NLWF experience played a big part in my win tonight.

Curt Wall
What about next week, you accepted a match against…

Ashley Matthews
I can’t focus on next week, because I still have work to do here tonight. What wasn’t revealed is that these matches tonight, are all qualifying matches. For what you ask? For the main event of tonight’s show! If you win, you’re in! That means I’ll be a part of that tag team main event, standing alongside my father, godfather, Tommy Cornell and his fail of a son Ryan. I wonder who else will qualify for the main event.

Ashley Matthews grins evilly, then walks away. The shot cuts to ringside where TJ Tilli and Jake Hawk are in the ring waiting.

Cornell - This is the first round of the Hawk Cup tournament to crown a new Junior Champion.

Greed - I’m excited about this. Jake Hawk is confident he can win this match, TJ Tilli has looked better than ever since joining Bad Company, I expect this to be another great match tonight.

The referee checks with both men then goes to call for the bell, but is interrupted the sound of music. Break by Three Days Grace plays and Jason Hawk is wheeled out onto the stage in a wheelchair by Taylor O’Day.

Cornell - Jason was originally going to be in tonight’s main event, taking my spot, but injuries are preventing him from competing.

Greed - But those injuries wont stop him from refereeing tonight or watching the first round of the Hawk Cup!

Jason Hawk holds up the Junior Championship and Hawk Cup trophy as Taylor O’Day rolls him down the ramp. She rolls him around ringside and brings him over to the announcers table.

Hawk - Hey guys, I bet you’re excited for Hawk Cup 2!

Cornell - We are very excited, one of these lucky four men will become the Junior Champion and cup holder.

Hawk - Luck is for losers! The most skilled man in this tournament will win!

Greed - I agree, Hawk.

Jake Hawk gives Jason Hawk a thumbs up. The referee calls for the bell.Hawk Cup Invitational 2: Semi Finals

TJ Tilli [vs] Jake Hawk ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

TJ Tilli hits Jake Hawk with a right hand, then another, then he shoots him off to the ropes. Jake Hawk runs at top speed, then jumps and springboard moonsaults at TI Tilli, who ducks down. Jake Hawk lands on his feet, then runs and is dropkicked to the face by TJ Tilli.

Cornell - He tried that high risk move early and it almost cost him.

Hawk - Hawk, much like cats, always land on their feet!

Greed - He was still taken down, regardless.

TJ Tilli lifts Jake Hawk up to his feet in gut wrench position. TJ Tilli lifts Jake Hawk easily up for the gut wrench power bomb, then drives him down into the center of the ring. TJ Tilli stands up and runs to the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope and moonsaults onto Jake Hawk, hooking his leg for the pin.


Jake Hawk crawls out from underneath TJ Tilli, to the outside of the ring.

Cornell - TJ Tilli hit the appetite for destruction power bomb, then The Phenomesault!

Hawk - I’ll give TJ his due, he’s been extremely impressive lately, that’s why I put him in the Hawk Cup. But he’s been known to choke when he starts to get going really good, that’s why he’s still not a major champion, like me!

Greed - So far he’s handling your brother with ease.

TJ Tilli climbs up to the ring apron. Jake Hawk does a couple of dance moves ringside, then turns around and is hit with a double ax handle from TJ Tilli. Jake Hawk staggers back to the guardrail. TJ Tilli runs and connects a swinging neck breaker on Jake Hawk, laying him out. The referee begins to count.

“1” “2”

TJ Tilli lifts Jake Hawk and rolls him into the ring.

Cornell - What if your bro can’t win the Hawk Cup?

Hawk - He will win, it’s destiny for him to win the Hawk Cup, for me to hand my little brother the Junior Title!

Greed - He’s starting to get beat up! If TJ Tilli wins this, he’ll go to the finals, you may have to give the belt to the man who beat your brother.

Hawk - Shut up.. That’ll never happen!

TJ Tilli jumps up to the arpon, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He looks at Jake Hawk laid out in the ring, then jumps off the top turnbuckle with a shooting star press. Jake Hawk gets to his feet instantly and jumps up catching TJ Tilli with a code breaker as he lands with the shooting star press.

Cornell - What an amazing reversal!

Hawk - BEAT THAT! I told you! Jake was just waiting for his chance to strike!

Greed - I’m not so sure, that looked like a desperate scramble from little Hawk.

Jake Hawk pins TJ Tilli.


TJ Tilli grabs the bottom rope with his hand. Jake Hawk stands up and kicks the hand of TJ Tilli off the ropes, then pins him again.


TJ Tilli kicks out.

Cornell - The little fella is getting frustrated, how cute.

Hawk - He’s not getting frustrated, he’s getting angry! That anger will be dished out on TJ!

Jake Hawk climbs to the top turnbuckle, then jumps off and double foot stomps TJ Tilli to the stomach. TJ Tilli coughs and is pined by Jake Hawk.


TJ Tilli kicks out. Jake Hawk stands up and puts his foot on the chest of TJ Tilli, then poses with his arms crossed.


TJ Tilli pushes his foot off.

Cornell - Ego must run in the family.

Hawk - When you know you’re one of the best and most talented athletes on earth, you can have an ego!

Greed - Jake Hawk hasn’t done anything in NLWF, he should try winning some matches before building up his ego.

Jake Hawk leaves the ring to the apron and motions for TJ Tilli to get up. TJ Tilli slowly gets to his feet and as he does Jake Hawk springboards up to the top rope, then jumps at TJ Tilli, flying high into the air and coming down with a cross body. Jake Hawk hooks his leg for the pin.


TJ Tilli kicks out.

Cornell - That was a massive cross body, that brother of yours sure can get some air!

Hawk - High elevation cross body takes TJ Tilli down and blows his mind at the same time!

Greed - But still, it’s not enough to win the match!

Jake Hawk stands up and kicks TJ Tilli to the ribs, then to his face. Jake Hawk runs to the ropes, jumping over TJ Tilli, and he’s tripped. Jake Hawk stumbles and falls through the ropes to the apron. TJ Tilli fights to his feet and runs at Jake Hawk who springboards over him with a sunset flip. The referee counts the shoulders of TJ Tilli down.


TJ Tilli kicks out.

Cornell - Another near fall, he keeps getting these close pins, but he’s not doing much damage.

Hawk - That’s because TJ Tilli is a wimp, he figured TJ Tilli would give up after the first five minutes and he was right!

Greed - It does look like TJ Tilli has gassed himself out already.

Jake Hawk gets up and dropkicks TJ Tilli to his face as he gets to his knees. Jake Hawk runs to the corner, then runs towards TJ Tilli. He slides across the mat, then jumps and leg drops TJ Tilli to the face.

Cornell - Where did your bro learn those crazy dance moves?

Hawk - He didn’t learn them, he made them up himself! It’s his dream to one day out dance The Notorious K.I.D, a dream I know he’ll someday achieve!

Greed - Maybe, last I heard, K.I.D was living on the streets, not asking for money, but for ideas to do with the rest of his life! Ha ha!

Jake Hawk jumps and double stomps TJ Tilli to the face down on the mat. Jake Hawk stands up and walks to the corner. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle, then points to Jason Hawk.

Cornell - I just remembered this match is also a qualifying match, one of these guys is going to join Bad Company and Syndicate in the main event!

Hawk - It’s going to be Jake, he’s set for one of the sickest high flying moves in the NLWF!

Greed - He’s taking a lot of time!

Jake Hawk jumps off the top turnbuckle, spiraling through the air before landing on TJ Tilli in the middle of the ring.


Cornell - What a move!

Greed - Holy shit, Jason wasn’t lying, Jake Hawk is about to win!

Jake Hawk pins TJ Tilli, hooking both his legs.


TJ Tilli kicks out.

Cornell - NO WAY! This match continues!

Hawk - THAT’S BULLSHIT! I saw the referees hand touch!

Greed - That was as close as it gets, but the referee makes the final call, he says it wasn’t enough, this match goes on!

Jake Hawk stands up, he pushes the referee who doesn’t budge at all. Jake Hawk shrugs his shoulders and steps out to the ring apron. He motions for the crowd to get into it and they begin to cheer. Ashley Matthews runs down the ramp and stops ringside, then bangs on the mat. Jake Hawk looks at her.

Cornell - The Golden Crown Champion and General Manager is here to support TJ Tilli!


Greed - She hasn’t even done anything Jason, she’s watching the match, just like you!

Jake Hawk screams at Ashley Matthews to leave. He points to the stage, but she shakes her head no. Jake Hawk jumps off the apron and hurricanrana’s Ashley Matthews. He stands up and laughs, then climbs back up to the apron.

Cornell - Jake Hawk just attacked Ashley!

Hawk - That’s right, you show her what happens when she turns her back on Syndicate!

Greed - I have a bad feeling about all of this.

Jake Hawk springboards to the top rope, then jumps towards TJ Tilli with a 450 splash. TJ Tilli puts his knees up and Jake Hawk hits them and bounces off, holding his stomach.

Cornell - TJ Tilli had enough time to recover!

Hawk - THAT BITCH! THAT LITTLE BITCH! I’m not talking about Ashley, I’m talking about TJ Tilli! He needs a woman to win matches for him!

TJ Tilli stands up, using the referee for support. Jake Hawk backs up to the ropes, holding his stomach. He lays over the middle rope coughing, then is hit by the Golden Crown Championship.


Ashley Matthews ducks down and Jake Hawk staggers backwards towards the center of the ring. TJ Tilli lets go of the referee, then grabs the arms of Jake Hawk and spins him around, then drops him on his face.


Greed - I can smell and hear the shit hitting the fan now!

TJ Tilli pins Jake Hawk.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]


Jason Hawk orders Taylor O’Day to rolls him away.

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, advancing to the finals of…

Jason Hawk snatches the microphone out of her hand as he’s wheeled by.

Jason Hawk
NOPE! JAKE WON THAT MATCH! He was dominating TJ “No Talent” Tilli! He was making TJ “I depend on luck, because I‘m a loser” Tilli his BITCH! Until you cheated and bashed him in the back of the head with your belt!

Jason Hawk points towards the ring as Taylor O’Day pulls him up the ramp.

Jason Hawk

I didn’t join the Syndicate to join a team of people who have to cheat to beat little kids! That’s pathetic! You’re pathetic TJ! You’re pathetic for helping him Ashley! Chuck is pathetic for lying to everyone, saying we’re fighting for the greater good, when I have to sit and watch things like that!

They stop at the top of the stage.

Jason Hawk
As the leader of The Syndicate, as the leader of the NLWF, as a man who truly believes in fighting for the greater good, I can’t allow this! JAKE HAWK IS IN THE FINALS OF THE HAWK CUP! NOT YOU TILLI! HA HA! BEAT THAT!

Ashley Matthews is given a microphone. She walks to the ropes and looks towards the stage at Jason Hawk.

Ashley Matthews
Are you done? TJ won the match, you can’t do anything about that! The decision wont be reversed, you can’t pull him from your tournament, you can’t do anything!

Ashley Matthews laughs.

Jason Hawk

Not true, I can add my brother to the finals next week! It’ll be a triple threat match! BEAT THAT! Also, it’ll be Hawk’s NEST! That way you can’t cheat! BEAT THAT TOO!

Ashley Matthews looks angry.

Ashley Matthews
TJ WILL BEAT THAT! He’s going to be Junior Heavyweight Champion and you can’t stop him Jason!

Jason Hawk
We’ll see about that!

Jake Hawk hits TJ Tilli to the back with a steel chair, knocking him down. He laughs and hits him to the back again, then leaves the ring as Ashley Matthews turns around. The shot fades to commercials, Jake Hawk laughing as he runs up the ramp to join his brother and Taylor O’Day, as Ashley Matthews checks on TJ Tilli.

Revolution returns backstage with Curt Wall. He has the hand of Corey Casey around his throat. The shot backs up to reveal Corey Casey and Nick Ridicule standing at each side of him. Corey Casey releases his throat.

Curt Wall
You.. DEMANDED… this interview time?

Corey Casey

That’s right, we’ve decided the matches for next week.

Cornell - This should be good.

Greed - I wonder what they decided.

Corey Casey

The two of us.. TEAMING, to fight against Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus for the Tag Team Titles!

Tommy Cornell stands up at the announcers table, microphone in hand.

Tommy Cornell
Not going to happen. First, the two of you don’t deserve a shot at the tag team titles. Second, you must pick separate matches! Third, until the two of you sign the contract to fight at Seven Sins, you don’t have any say or pull to do anything!

Corey Casey

Tommy, I thought you might say something like that. Something to protect Chuck and Brenton. So we made backup matches. Next week, Nick Ridicule will fight Chuck Matthews…

Tommy Cornell
Good match, I guess now would be the perfect time for me to reveal the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be on the line in that match!

Corey Casey


Greed - Oh fuck…

Corey Casey hands the microphone to Nick Ridicule who smiles.

Nick Ridicule
That’s not going to be a match. That’s going to be a one sided pounding, and I’m swinging the hammer! Corey Casey will fight Brenton Cyrus, this time to prevent a disqualification, it’ll be inside God’s Graveyard, where Corey Casey is unbeaten!

Greed - Oh fuck again…

Tommy Cornell
The two of you think you’re really clever don’t you. You think you’ve pulled one over on us? Next week the two of you will be beaten in matches you hold so dear, just one week before the end of one of your careers! You’ve only made things harder on yourselves!

Nick Ridicule
No, next week when we defeat the poster boys of Bad Company, we’ll show how weak of a team you all truly are!

The shot cuts to black, the last thing seen is the fist of Corey Casey hitting the camera. The shot cuts to ringside where Matt Biggars and Knife to Know you are waiting in the ring.

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Re: Revolution 36: The One Year Anniversary Show: 9/14/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on September 17th 2010, 5:36 am

Cornell - That Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey are infuriating! I can’t wait until they kill each other at Seven Sins.

Greed - …if it happens…


Greed - Wow.. Next match is for the Rising Star Championship, it’s also to see who will fight TJ Tilli and Jason Hawk in Hawk’s Nest for the Junior Championship next week!

Christa Dudley - The following match is a Hawk’s Cup match, where the winner will go to the finals next week. It is also for the Rising Star Championship! Introducing first, from Aurora, Illinois. Standing 6’4” and weighing 222 pounds. He is the reigning and defending Rising Star Champion, MATT BIGGARS!

Matt Biggars holds up the Rising Star Championship, then hands it to the official. He backs up to his corner, not taking his eyes off Knife to Know you.

Christa Dudley - His opponent, standing 6’8” and weighing 390 pounds. KNIFE TO KNOW YOU!

Knife to Know you points across the ring at Matt Biggars, then does a cut throat motion. Matt Biggars laughs, then kisses his hand and smacks his ass. Knife to Know you looks on angered.

Cornell - Knife to Know you was one of NLWF’s fastest rising stars until last week he lost the Rising Star Title in a triple threat match.

Greed - Right, a match where Matt Biggars and TJ Tilli teamed up to beat him down. That’s why this match was booked, can Matt Biggars beat him one on one?

The referee calls for the bell.

Rising Star Championship
Hawk Cup Invitational 2: Semi Finals

[ Matt Biggars [vs] Knife to Know you ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

Knife to Know you runs across the ring and jumps for a splash. Matt Biggars moves out of the way and he hit’s the turnbuckles and spins around. Matt Biggars hits Knife to Know you with a spinning back fist, then a straight left punch to the heart. Matt Biggars spins around and hits Knife to Know you with a back elbow to the stomach. Matt Biggars jumps and hits Knife to Know you with a flying knee to the face, sending him down into the corner of the ring.

Cornell - He’s dropped him! I think Knife to Know you is out cold!

Greed - Biggars is all over him!

Matt Biggars attacks Knife to Know you in the corner with stomps and punches to the face. Knife to Know you rolls out of the ring and is dropkicked by Matt Biggars, sending him falling to the ringside floor.

Cornell - Knife to Know you manages to escape the onslaught.

Greed - For now!

Matt Biggars leaves the ring, grabbing Knife to Know you. He lifts him to his feet and whips him towards the steps. Knife to Know you hit’s the ring steps shoulder first, sending them rolling away towards the announce table.


Cornell - When this match was booked, I figured Knife to Know you would shot that last week was a fluke!

Greed - Maybe it wasn’t a fluke, maybe Matt Biggars is the next big star of NLWF!

“2” “3”

Knife to Know you is lifted to his feet by Matt Biggars who walks up the steps, then hooks his arm around his head. Matt Biggars lifts Knife to Know you up for a suplex and drops him down on the announcers table, off the ring steps. The table doesn’t break and Knife to Know is laid out on top of it.

“4” “5”

Cornell - Matt Biggars with a suplex from the steps down onto our table!

Greed - I’m shocked Knife to Know you didn’t go through!

Mat Biggars jumps from the ring steps to the apron, not looking away from Knife to Know you. Matt Biggars enters the ring, then grabs the top rope.

Cornell - He’s got something crazy planned, get out of the way!

Greed - SHIT!

The announcers dive away from the announcers table. Matt Biggars jumps to the top rope, then jumps off with the 420 splash. He lands a leg drop on Knife to Know you, on the announcers table, after rotating 420 degrees. The table doesn’t break.

Cornell - 420 Splash destroys Knife to Know you, but does nothing to our table!

Greed - That was insane!

Matt Biggars rolls off the table holding his ass.

“1” “2” “3”

Cornell - Matt is hurt bad from his own move and Knife is motionless on our table still!

Greed - I hope Matt doesn’t screw himself over and let this end in a count out.

Matt Biggars crawls towards the ring, then stands up and dives in.

“4” “5” “6”

Cornell - Matt can take a count out victory, it will be a title defense.

Greed - Four more and he’ll get a shot at the Undisputed Championship!

Matt Biggars rolls out of the ring.

Cornell - Why the hell did he break the referees count? IS HE HIGH?

Greed - He must be.

Matt Biggars grabs Knife to Know you and pulls him off the announcers table. Matt Biggars runs and tosses him into the ring, then climbs up to the apron.

Cornell - He wants to finish him, he may have just made a huge mistake.

Greed - He’ll either beat Knife, or he’ll lose because of this!

Matt Biggars dives over the ropes from the apron and head butts Knife to Know you inside the ring. Matt Biggars stands up, lifting Knife to Know you to his feet. Matt Biggars snap suplexes Knife to Know you, then stands up with him again. Matt Biggars lifts Knife to Know you up for a vertical suplex, then brings him down into the mat.

Cornell - We’ve seen him hit this before, last week, what amazing power.

Greed - He calls it the Six String symphony, what a tremendous combination of moves!

Matt Biggars lifts Knife to Know you up to his feet, then up for another suplex, holding him up. Matt Biggars holds Knife to Know you in position, then takes a few steps with him.

Cornell - Amazing!

Greed - When is he going to drop him?

Matt Biggars continues to hold Knife to Know you up for the suplex, then brings one arm to the side and motions for the crowd to cheer. The fans go wild as Matt Biggars keeps Knife to Know you up, then brings him straight down with a brain buster.

Cornell - Knife is getting demolished!

Greed - It’s starting to get really ugly.

Matt Biggars stands up with Knife to Know you, still holding him in suplex set up.

Cornell - That was what, four parts of the Symphony?

Greed - Yeah, this things is just getting started!

Matt Biggars lifts Knife to Know you up for a suplex, then tosses him forward, sending him stomach and face first down into the mat. Matt Biggars stands up with Knife to Know you and stunners him. Matt Biggars stands up and pulls Knife to Know you in for a DDT, then holds him in position.

Cornell - No fucking way, can he hit the sickest move in all of wrestling?

Greed - Knife to Know you is WAY too big!

Matt Biggars jumps, flipping over the back of Knife to Know you, then back flips him around into a DDT. The momentum stands both men up and Matt Biggars falls backwards, hitting a regular DDT on Knife to Know you.


Greed - No one will ever kick out of that move!

Matt Biggars stands up and looks around the arena. He holds his arms up, then puts his foot on the chest of Knife to Know you.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner and STILL the Rising Star Champion, Matt Biggars!

Matt Biggars points at the camera.

Matt Biggars

He’s handed his Rising Star Championship and he holds his high above his head.

Cornell - This guy is a star! Tonight he has proven he deserves to be the Rising Star Champion!

Greed - Best performance of any Rising Star Champion we’ve seen.

Candy the Clown walks down the ramp, followed by four clowns. They enter the ring and surround Matt Biggars. He looks at all of them, then watches as Candy the Clown checks on Knife to Know you.

Cornell - Biggars is about to get a Red Triangle beat down!

Greed - He’s surrounded by clowns, I bet your son would piss himself!

Cornell - HEY! Yeah you’re right…

Cotton the Clown emerges from the center of the ring, breaking through. He stands next to Matt Biggars, who stares at him with his mouth and eyes wide open.

Matt Biggars

Cornell - Cotton has joined Matt!

Greed - Those clowns don’t look like they want to fight anymore.

The clowns try to escape but Matt Biggars and Cotton the Clown attack them. Matt Biggars hit’s a flip DDT on two of the clowns at once while Cotton the Clown throws one of the clowns with one arm, sending him flying through the air, clearing the ropes and falling to the outside. Cotton the Clown lifts the last clown up and brings him down over his knee.



Cotton the Clown tosses the clown away from him. He turns around and looks at Matt Biggars, then growls at him.

Cotton the Clown

Matt Biggars stares at Cotton the Clown, completely amazed. He clears his throat, puts his arms up and growls at Cotton the Clown.

Matt Biggars

Cornell - They say when you come face to face with a bear you are supposed to hold your ground, but Matt should have probably ran for his life after beating Knife to Know you.

Greed - I don’t think the old bear trick works on giant clowns.

Cotton the Clown stares at Matt Biggars, then looks at Candy the Clown with Knife to Know you in her arms. Cotton the Clown walks over and grabs Candy the Clown by the face, then drags her across the ring. Cotton the Clown leaves the ring, then tosses Candy the Clown up to his shoulder and carries her up the ramp. Candy the Clown screams for help but Cotton the Clown takes her to the back.

Cornell - Seven Sins, Knife to Know you versus Cotton the Clown!

Greed - I want to see it just like everyone else, because I know one of them wont survive and we’ll be free of one of them for good.

Cornell -Just like the main event!

Greed - You still have to get the contract signed.

Cornell - I will!

Revolution fades to commercials on Matt Biggars leaving the ring with the Rising Star Championship. He stops and smiles, then slides back into the ring.

Revolution returns with a steel cage surrounding the ring. Matt Biggars is inside along with Chuck Matthews, Brenton Cyrus, Ashley Matthews, Tommy Cornell, Ryan Cornell, and TJ Till. Jason Hawk is being wheeled around the ring by Taylor O’Day, he has a referee shirt on.

Greed - Let the massacre begin!

[The lights dim as helicopter propellers are heard. Sirens wail as Kasabian's- Club foot, begins to blare throughout the arena.]

One...take control of me?
Your messing with the enemy
Said its's another trick
Messin with my mind, I wake up
Chase down an empty street
Blindly snap the broken beats
Said it's cut with a dirty trick
Its taken all these days to find ya

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'LL tell you I want you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I need you

Greed - Where o’where can our NLWF Champion be? Aaron has done the right thing by giving up! He’s chosen to walk away from the NLWF instead of join! That’s the only other option you all have! You can join us or you can leave!

Inside the ring Bad Company and Syndicate laugh as they look toward the stage. Matt Biggars shakes the cage wall.

Greed - They are just waiting to tear apart Ridicule and Casey!

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold starts to play. The lights in the arena go out. When the lights come back on, everyone inside the ring is wearing Death-Angel masks. The all begin to walk around, acting like Death-Angel.

Greed - OH SHIT! IT’S DA DEF ANGLE! Nope, he’s been removed from NLWF! We’ll never have to see that ugly son of bitch again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Revolution! This is your gift!

They all takes the masks off and throw them out of the cage. Tommy Cornell brings a microphone to his mouth.

Tommy Cornell
Well, only two men left on the opposing team. Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey. Now is your last chance, sign the contract to fight at Seven Sins, we’ll make this match a regular match, cut our team down to four, and see what happens. If you don’t sign the contract, then leave the NLWF! Because if you come to this ring, enter this cage, the seven of us are going to beat you two sinners!

Greed - This night has been legendary!

Tommy Cornell
What’s the verdict?

Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey jumps the rails from different parts of the crowd, then jump up onto the cage and begin climbing.

Tommy Cornell

Nick Ridicule makes it over the cage wall and dives into the ring, taking down Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus. Corey Casey makes it over the wall then dives and takes down TJ Tilli and Matt Biggars.

Greed - Get some control in there!

Hawk - Interesting start to this match, wouldn’t you say?

Greed - What the hell are you doing, get the hell up and get in there! You’re supposed to be the referee.

Hawk - When you are the Key to Extraordinary you can multitask! I’m going to referee from here with this microphone, and I’m going to call the match with you, since Tommy Cornell usually carries the show, but is wrestling tonight.

Jason Hawk


The outside official looks at Jason Hawk, then enters the cage.

Steel Cage Match
Guest Referee: Jason Hawk

[ Nick Ridicule and Corey Casey ]
Chuck Matthews, Brenton Cyrus, Tommy Cornell, Ryan Cornell, Ashley Matthews, Matt Biggars and TJ Tilli ]

[Ding Ding Ding]

The referee tries his best to get people to the corners. He goes after Corey Casey first while everyone attacks Nick Ridicule. Corey Casey steps out to the apron and grabs the tag rope, then points for the referee to stop everyone else.

Greed - Seven on two inside a steel cage, this is about to get ugly.

Hawk - So this is what the NLWF is about? Cheaters doing whatever they can to win matches? This is what I signed up for?

Greed - This is the hard part Hawk, this is the part where we remove those who refuse to step in line! We’re removing threats from the NLWF by any means necessary!

Hawk - Yeah… I guess.

The referee clears the ring down to TJ Tilli and Nick Ridicule. TJ Tilli pulls Nick Ridicule out of the corner and is hit with an uppercut. Nick Ridicule throws a back elbow to the face of Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews. TJ Tilli staggers back and Nick Ridicule runs at him, but is tripped by Ashley Matthews on his way out of the corner. Nick Ridicule stumbles into a hurricanrana from TJ Tilli.

Greed - Great teamwork, Ashley helps TJ Tilli.

Hawk - Was it teamwork when she ripped off my brother?

Greed - No it wasn’t, but he’ll still have a chance at winning the Hawk Cup next week!

TJ Tilli stands up and stomps Nick Ridicule to the face. TJ Tilli walks over and tags Matt Biggars, who jumps the ropes and punches Nick Ridicule to the body. Matt Biggars and TJ Tilli whip Nick Ridicule to the ropes and be rebounds back. They grab him by the back of his head and run him face first into the cage wall.

Greed - Double team, perfectly within the rules!

Hawk - It’s still not right, but I guess we’ll see what happens next week in one on one matches!

Greed - Nick and Corey will only make it to next week in order to sign the contract to fight at Seven Sins! They’ll be so beaten after this match that Brenton and Chuck will have easy matches!

Hawk - whatever…

TJ Tilli steps out to the apron and Matt Biggars tags him back in. Matt Biggars lifts Nick Ridicule up, then lifts him up to his shoulders in a seated position. TJ Tilli goes to springboard, but Ashley Matthews stops him and kisses him first.

Nick Ridicule

Greed - Forcing Nick to watch from the doomsday position!

Hawk - GROSS!

TJ Tilli springboards to the top rope, then jumps off and missile dropkicks Nick Ridicule off the shoulders of Matt Biggars. He steps to the ring apron, then TJ Till walks over and tags him in.

Greed - Is anyone on a bigger roll than Matt Biggars?

Hawk - What about Nick Ridicule, he’s won handicap matches, he won the toughest fatal four way match in history last week! Corey Casey just had one of the biggest streaks

Greed - When I asked “Is anyone on a bigger roll than Matt Biggars?” I mean people who matter! People part of the company!

Hawk - I guess that makes sense.

Matt Biggars mounts Nick Ridicule and lands several big right heads to his face, then lifts him up. Matt Biggars runs with Nick Ridicule and sends him face first into the cage wall. Nick Ridicule bounces off and clotheslines Matt Biggars.

Greed - Damn it, he bounced off that wall with a clothesline!

Hawk - Can this team of Ridicule and Casey work together!?

Nick Ridicule stands up and looks to his corner, some blood trickling from his eyebrow. He reaches down and lifts Matt Biggars to his feet, taking a body shot, Matt Biggars uppercuts Nick Ridicule, then hits him with a spinning back fist. Matt Biggars throws a straight left to the heart of Nick Ridicule but it’s blocked. Matt Biggars spins with a back elbow and connects right to the cut of Nick Ridicule.

Greed - That was an awesome combination from our Rising Star Champion! Soon he’ll have enough title defenses to go title for title with the Undisputed Champion!

Hawk - As a THREE time Undisputed Champion, that’s a title match I would love to see. Nick Ridicule ONE ON ONE with Matt Biggars!

Nick Ridicule falls through the ropes to the apron. He grabs onto the cage and tries to get up, blood streaming down the side of his face. Matt Biggars stands up dizzy, then runs forward and hits Nick Ridicule with a forearm to the face. Matt Biggars pushes his hands into the face of Nick Ridicule, grinding the back of his head against the cage wall.

Greed - You sleep with a mans girlfriend, he should have the right to beat the hell out of you in a cage match!

Hawk - THAT’S… true.. I went the other route and am now sort of on his team..

Greed - NO, no, no! You’re part of Syndicate.

Hawk - But we’re on the same team.. Right?

Greed - We’re red!

Hawk - What?

Matt Biggars pulls Nick Ridicule through the ropes and lets his feet stay on the middle rope. He hooks his head for a DDT then holds his position. Matt Biggars looks at Brenton Cyrus. Nick Ridicule punches Matt Biggars to the stomach, then takes a knee to the face. Matt Biggars holds up his hand and tags in Brenton Cyrus. He enters the ring and hooks the head of Nick Ridicule for a DDT, standing on the other side. Brenton Cyrus stops and looks at Ashley Matthews. Brenton Cyrus holds up his hand and Ashley Matthews tags in. She walks over and grabs the legs of Nick Ridicule and holds them up under her arms. They walk to the center of the ring.

Brenton Cyrus

Do it! DO IT!

Ashley Matthews kicks Nick Ridicule between the legs, then lets him go, dropping him into a double DDT from Matt Biggars and Brenton Cyrus.

Greed - KICK TO THE BALLS! That will teach that cheater!

Hawk - She should kicked her dad to the balls, for me.

Greed - Don’t hate! You’re still with Taylor, and believe it or not, you played a huge part in the master plan!

Hawk - What?

Greed - Nothing, forget I said anything! DID YOU SEE THAT TRIPLE TEAM MOVE?

Hawk - yeah.. I did.. HEY PIN FALL!

Ashley Matthews pins Nick Ridicule.

Jason Hawk


Nick Ridicule kicks out.

Greed - Are you serious? Why can’t you let the referee that’s in the match make the count!

Hawk - I WONT LET MY INJURY LIMIT ME! I was made guest referee. That’s how it will stay!

Ashley Matthews stands up, looking down at Nick Ridicule holding his balls. She tries to walk to her corner, but he reaches out and grabs her foot. Nick Ridicule stands up and Ashley Matthews jumps for an enziguri. Nick Ridicule catches her other leg, then lifts her up for a power bomb.

Corey Casey


Nick Ridicule puts Ashley Matthews down gently, then steps back and tags Corey Casey. Ashley Matthews stands up and runs to her corner, then tags Brenton Cyrus.

Corey Casey

What was that?

Nick Ridicule steps out to the apron, wiping blood from his face. Corey Casey enters the ring and points across at Brenton Cyrus. Corey Casey motions for him to bring it on.

Greed - I don’t think Corey Casey knows Tommy Cornell is the legal man!

Hawk - Since when?

Greed - He touched Ashley’s shoulder, before she tagged BC!

Tommy Cornell enters the ring and delivers a chop block to the right leg of Corey Casey. Tommy Cornell stands up and begins to stomp down into the knee of Corey Casey.

Greed - YES! YES! Tommy Cornell delivering some Rough Justice to those outlaw scum!

Tommy Cornell locks Corey Casey in a figure four leg lock in the center of the ring. Corey Casey struggles in the hold but Matt Biggars and TJ Tilli enter the ring and grab the arms of Tommy Cornell. They pull him from the middle of the ring into the corner, then step to the apron. Nick Ridicule tries to enter the ring but the referee stops him.

Greed - Don’t start complaining Hawk, this is a cage match! Sit back and enjoy it, like me and most of the people here!

Hawk - As long as this match is going, Nick and Corey still have a shot at winning!

Tommy Cornell reaches up and tags both Matt Biggars and TJ Tilli. They both start climbing up the cage wall to the top. The stand up slowly looking down at Corey Casey in the ring, trying to pull Tommy Cornell out of the corner. Nick Ridicule enters the ring and runs across. He jumps up to the turnbuckles and shoves Matt Biggars from the top of the cage. TJ Tilli jumps over Nick Ridicule and lands a diving elbow on Corey Casey in the ring. Matt Biggars falls and lands hitting the announcers table face first.

“Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!”

Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus push Nick Ridicule down off the turnbuckles and he falls straight down, hitting his head against the top of the ring post.

Greed - He’s bleeding bad now!

Hawk - That’s a nasty wound on his head!

Tommy Cornell breaks the figure four leg lock on Corey Casey. He watches as Nick Ridicule staggers back out of the corner, trying his best to stay up. Tommy Cornell holds his hand up and Chuck Matthews tosses him a pair of brass knuckles. Tommy Cornell punches Nick Ridicule to the ribs with then brass knuckles, then to the cut on his face.

Greed - Ridicule is out! Now they just have to destroy Corey Casey!

Hawk - Then what? Force them to sign the contract?

Greed - EXACTLY! You’re starting to get it Hawk!

Hawk - No, I’m not.

Tommy Cornell walks over and grabs TJ Tilli, who’s holding his elbow, near Corey Casey. Tommy Cornell drags him and puts him on top of Corey Casey.

Jason Hawk


Corey Casey kicks out.

Greed - Tough son of a bitch! Corey used to be a hero of mine, now look at him! Taking a beating!

Hawk - He did join everyone else leading up to now, why wouldn’t he join Bad Company?

Greed - Because he’s stupid!

Tommy Cornell lifts TJ Tilli to his feet and brings him to the corner. Brenton Cyrus tags in and enters the ring, delivering a stomp to the face of Corey Casey. Brenton Cyrus jumps up and drops a knee down into the face of Corey Casey. He stands up quickly and drops a forearm down into his face, then grinds it back and forth.

Greed - Prepare for the best Brenton Cyrus you’ve ever seen! He works for ME now! Where the best talent in the worst are represented!

Hawk - Neutral

Brenton Cyrus lifts Corey Casey to his feet and hits him with a European uppercut. Brenton Cyrus runs and knees Corey Casey to the stomach against the ropes. Brenton Cyrus runs with Corey Casey and throws him face first into the cage wall. Corey Casey bounces off into a power slam.

Greed - Corey and Nick really screwed each other, didn’t they? Chuck and Brenton are going to destroy them in their own matches!


Brenton Cyrus pins Corey Casey.

Jason Hawk


Corey Casey kicks out. Brenton Cyrus stands up and kicks Corey Casey to the face. Brenton Cyrus lifts Corey Casey up to his feet, then up to his shoulders. Brenton Cyrus runs and throws Corey Casey into the cage wall, then turns around and connects a knee to his face.

Greed - Vicious betrayal! Bouncing Corey Casey’ thick skull into the cage first!

Hawk - That could be the end of the match, I’m ready to count.

Brenton Cyrus pins Corey Casey,

Jason Hawk


Corey Casey kicks out.

Greed - If you were in the damn ring that would have been it!


Brenton Cyrus backs up to the corner. He grabs the ropes and stomps his foot once. Corey Casey starts to stand up and Brenton Cyrus runs over and begins stomping him to the face. Brenton Cyrus stops stomping him, then goes back into the corner.

Greed - Guess he wasn’t ready for Corey to get up.

Hawk -If he delivers a punt kick, this thing is all over! I would be able to count to twenty.

Brenton Cyrus watches as Corey Casey gets to his hands and knees.

Greed - Now he’s going to finish him off!

Hawk - Nick is up on the apron!

Brenton Cyrus goes to run out of the corner but he’s Nick Kicked to the face. Brenton Cyrus staggers out of the corner into a spear from Corey Casey.


Hawk - You still like Corey!

Corey Casey pins Brenton Cyrus.

Jason Hawk


Brenton Cyrus kicks out. Corey Casey stand up, holding the legs of Brenton Cyrus. He slingshots him into his corner where Chuck Matthews tags in. Corey Casey stands up and splashes Brenton Cyrus in the corner. Then elbows Chuck Matthews to the face. Corey Casey grabs Ryan Cornell by his throat and unloads several punches to his face, until he falls.


Hawk - He’s gone berserk!

Corey Casey grabs Tommy Cornell and throws him back into the cage wall. Ashley Matthews watches on standing in the corner. Corey Casey looks at her then walks toward her. Chuck Matthews swings at Corey Casey but he blocks the shot and grabs him by the throat. Ashley Matthews turns around and begins climbing the cage wall. Corey Casey unloads punches into the face of Chuck Matthews.

Greed - Death clutch!

Hawk - DAMN IT! Wish he would have hit Ashley!

Ashley Matthews kicks Corey Casey to the face, and he looks up at her on the cage wall. Corey Casey begins climbing after her. Ashley Matthews climbs over and Corey Casey makes it to the top and has his leg grabbed by TJ Tilli.

Greed - Ashley is almost out, TJ Tilli stopped Corey from getting her.

Hawk - Matt is starting to get up, she should jump on him, since she likes USING people!

TJ Tilli climbs up the cage and Corey Casey slams his head into the metal bars at the top of the wall. Corey Casey climbs up to the top of the wall, then reaches over and grabs a handful of Ashley Matthews hair. TJ Tilli climbs up to the top of the wall and hits Corey Casey to the face. Ashley Matthews jumps off the cage wall and Matt Biggars catches her in his arms.

Greed - GOOD CATCH! Rising Star and hero!

Hawk - DROP HER!

Corey Casey and TJ Tilli trade punches on top of the cage wall. Corey Casey grabs TJ Tilli by his throat and they both stand up on the wall.


Hawk - MOVE NOW! I love that song. Taylor, ROLL ME!

Corey Casey choke slams TJ Tilli off the cage wall, sending him crashing down onto the announce table which doesn’t break. TJ Tilli bounces off the table and hit’s the guardrail. Corey Casey holds his arms out to the side with an evil look on his face.


Matt Biggars puts Ashley Matthews down and they run around the table to check on TJ Tilli. Ryan Cornell makes it to the top of the cage wall, grabbing the ankle of Corey Casey, trying to shake him off the wall. Corey Casey stomps Ryan Cornell to the back of the head, then lifts him to his feet.


Hawk - Corey is awesome now! Wait.. Did I just say that?

Corey Casey lifts Ryan Cornell up for a military press, holding him over head while standing on the cage wall. Corey Casey laughs then throws Ryan Cornell, sending him crashing down onto the announcers table. Matt Biggars tackles Ashley Matthews off of TJ Tilli, and Ryan Cornell comes crashing down onto him.



Tommy Cornell climbs up the cage wall and hits Corey Casey to the knee with his brass knuckles. Corey Casey sits down on the cage wall, and Tommy Cornell climbs up. Tommy Cornell tries to hit Corey Casey, but has his throat grabbed.

Greed - NO!


Matt Biggars and Ashley Matthews pull TJ Tilli out from underneath Ryan Cornell. Corey Casey stands up on the cage wall with Tommy Cornell. Corey Casey choke slams him off, sending him crashing down on the announcers table, then falling down onto Ryan Cornell.

Greed - Another one thrown by the sick on demonic Corey Casey! Wow, that’s a strong table!


Corey Casey holds his arms out to the side again. Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus climb to the top rope, then step up onto the cage and push Corey Casey from behind. He falls off the cage wall and crashes through the announcers table.

Greed - Corey Casey is the man who goes through the invincible table!

Hawk - Only Corey is good enough to go through a table so impressive!

Corey Casey lays motionless on broken table pieces, next to Tommy and Ryan Cornell. Ashley Matthews and Matt Biggars sit near John Greed, looking at TJ Tilli in front of them.

Greed - The saved TJ from getting smashed.


Greed - Hawk, please calm down!

Hawk - I’m trying!

Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus talk as they stand on the top rope, looking through the cage at Corey Casey on the broken table. Nick Ridicule stands in the center of the ring behind them, blood running down his face.


Hawk - Nick is about to kick some ass!

Nick Ridicule runs and kicks the top rope, sending Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews down to straddle it. Nick Ridicule runs to the ropes, then charges across the ring and boots Brenton Cyrus to the face, pushing him into the cage. Nick Ridicule runs to the ropes again, then charges across the ring and boots Chuck Matthews to the face, pushing him into the cage.

Greed - Two Nick Kicks, this has become a two on one inside the cage!

Hawk - Original Salvation members going at it, happy birthday Revolution!

Nick Ridicule hooks Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews for suplexes. He lifts Brenton Cyrus and suplexes him into the ring. Chuck Matthews holds onto the cage wall and stays on the apron.

Greed - Nick Ridicule tries a double suplex, but Chuck is able to prevent it.

Hawk - Nick Is back up!

Nick Ridicule runs and jumps, hitting Chuck Matthews with a flying knee. Nick Ridicule unloads a series of punches, then drops Chuck Matthews on the apron with a clothesline. Nick Ridicule turns around and boots Brenton Cyrus to the face as he stands up.

Greed - Nick Kick!

Hawk - He’s beating up the tag team champions!

Nick Ridicule lifts Brenton Cyrus to his feet. Nick Ridicule lifts Brenton Cyrus up for a crucifix power bomb, then runs and throws him into Chuck Matthews as he stands up on the apron. Brenton Cyrus walks forward in Nick Ridicule who lifts him up to his shoulders, then runs and drives him down into the mat with a death valley driver.

Greed - The round lottery on Brenton Cyrus!

Hawk - Ridicule with the pin!

Jason Hawk


Brenton Cyrus kicks out. Nick Ridicule gets to his feet, then he walks over and begins climbing up the cage wall.

Greed - If Nick can escape they’ll win the match!

Hawk - Bet you guys didn’t think of that when you booked this match!

Chuck Matthews climbs up to the top turnbuckle, then jumps off looking for a spear on Nick Ridicule. He spears Nick Ridicule off the cage wall, but Nick Ridicule hooks his head and connects a DDT down on the mat.

Greed - Hollywood Impact!


Corey Casey stands up, using the guardrail. Matt Biggars walks over and attacks him. Matt Biggars whips Corey Casey towards the steel cage, but he reverses it and sends Matt face first into it. Corey Casey runs and clotheslines both Ryan Cornell and Tommy Cornell over the guardrail.

Greed - Corey Casey is back up and he’s picking up where he left off.

Hawk - I’ve never seen Corey look better!

Corey Casey looks down at Ashley Matthews with TJ Tilli. He walks toward her and she stands up and walks away. Corey Casey lifts TJ Tilli up to his feet, then whips him into the outside of the cage wall. Corey Casey looks at Ashley Matthews.

Greed - This is not good, I think Corey may attack her!

Hawk - He has that evil look on his face that he used to have last year!

Corey Casey walks toward Ashley Matthews but has his foot grabbed by Matt Biggars. Corey Casey lifts Matt Biggars to his feet and pushes him against the cage wall. Corey Casey hits Matt Biggars several times, then throws him into the cage. Corey Casey lifts TJ Tilli to his feet, then throws him face first into the ring steps.

Greed - Corey is taking out any and all threats!

Hawk - Keep kicking TJ’s ass!

Ryan Cornell and Tommy Cornell climb over the guardrail. Corey Casey runs and spears Ryan Cornell into the guardrail, but Tommy Cornell gets out of the way.


Hawk - Have you noticed that Chuck has the worst spear in the NLWF? Unless TJ Tilli does the spear.

Corey Casey stands up and Tommy Cornell jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold. Corey Casey runs back and slams Tommy Cornell into the cage. He turns around then boots Tommy Cornell to the face against the cage.

Greed - Everyone is down again, but Corey and Ashley!

Hawk - He’s going to get her, I just know it!

Corey Casey runs around the cage after Ashley Matthews who runs from him.


Hawk - You saved TJ, who is going to save you?

Ashley Matthews turns the corner and keeps running. Corey Casey turns the corner and chases her, reaching his arm out. She grabs the post and turns the corner again. Corey Casey turns the corner and the cage door opens and hits him to the face.


Hawk - DAMN IT! He almost had her.

Greed - Don’t let the cage door hit you in the face on the way out of NLWF, Corey!

Hawk - That’s not funny! Not only that, they still haven’t signed anything to fight each other!

Chuck Matthews exits the cage through the door, then hugs Ashley Matthews. Chuck Matthews stomps Corey Casey then lifts him to his feet. Ashley Matthews grabs the door and holds it. Chuck Matthews whips Corey Casey towards the door and she slams it shut into his face.

Greed - Corey Casey’s been busted open by the cage door!

Hawk - Matthews doing what they do best, cheat and use the numbers advantage to win.

Chuck Matthews lifts Corey Casey to his feet, then slides him into the ring. Chuck Matthews pulls his head through the door, then Ashley Matthews kicks the door shut on it. Chuck Matthews pushes him into the ring, then slides in. Nick Ridicule stands up and takes a step forward. Brenton Cyrus stands up and hits him with a cutter.

Greed - EPIPHANY! Things are falling apart fast for the two NLWF traitors!

Hawk - They are traitors now? What next? Pirates?

Ashley Matthews reaches under the ring and pulls out a straitjacket and razorblade tipped cat-o-nine tails. She walks over to the door and puts them inside the ring.

Greed - turnabout is fair play!

Hawk - what does that even mean?

Chuck Matthews grabs Corey Casey, while Brenton Cyrus grabs the straitjacket and brings it over. Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus put the straitjacket on Corey Casey. Chuck Matthews grabs the legs of Corey Casey, then puts him in a sharpshooter.

Greed - Corey Casey is locked in the sharpshooter, his back exposed in that straitjacket!

Hawk - This is going to get ugly!

Ashley Matthews enters the cage, grabbing the razorblade tipped cat-o-nine tails. Brenton Cyrus backs into the corner, watching Corey Casey in agonizing pain as Chuck Matthews sits back on the sharpshooter. Ashley Matthews walks over and puts her foot down on his face, then whips him across his back, slicing him open.

Greed - Ashley cracks the whip, slicing layers of skin off the back of Corey Casey!

Hawk - She cracked the whip just like she did when she was with Nick.

Ashley Matthews whips Corey Casey to the back again. She tosses then whip to the side, then puts Corey Casey in a camel clutch.

Greed - Double submission locked on, a father and daughter submission!

Hawk - Look at Brenton in the corner, Corey’s head is ready to be punt kicked!

Brenton Cyrus runs out of the corner and punt kicks Corey Casey to the face. Ashley Matthews releases the camel clutch, letting him fall face first to the mat. Chuck Matthews leaves the sharpshooter locked on. He finally breaks the holds and walks away.

Greed - Corey Casey has been eliminated from this match!

Hawk - That was a pretty vicious kick.

Brenton Cyrus rolls Corey Casey over to his back, then points up to the corner of the cage. Ashley Matthews shakes her head no, but Brenton Cyrus insists. She climbs up the turnbuckles, then climbs up the cage.

Greed - He wants her to jump down onto Corey Casey!

Hawk - …

Ashley Matthews jumps from the corner of the cage and hits Corey Casey with a flying elbow.

Greed - Just like TJ TILLI did earlier!

Hawk - …

Brenton Cyrus rolls Corey Casey out of the way. He and Chuck Matthews look at Nick Ridicule pulling himself up out of the corner. Nick Ridicule shakes his head, sending blood splattering around him. He smiles, then flips them off.

Greed - Some people never learn!

Nick Ridicule runs out of the corner. Brenton Cyrus jumps up and hit’s the picture perfect dropkick, while Chuck Matthews hit’s a spear. They stand up and look at each other and smile.

Greed - You can feel the end coming!

Brenton Cyrus backs into the corner. Chuck Matthews backs into a corner. Ashley Matthews looks down at Nick Ridicule in the middle of the ring on his back, looking up at her. Nick Ridicule reaches up, grabbing her pant leg. He pulls himself up, then gets to his feet. Chuck Matthews runs out of the corner. Corey Casey gets to his feet and runs intercepting the spear.


Hawk - In a straitjacket, busted wide open, he was punt kicked the skull! Yet he still gets up and sacrifices himself for a man he doesn’t like…

Nick Ridicule is kicked and stunnered by Ashley Matthews. Brenton Cyrus spins Nick Ridicule around and hits him with a cutter. Brenton Cyrus points for Ashley Matthews to pin Nick Ridicule and she does.


Hawk - I…

Jason Hawk grabs the microphone.

Jason Hawk

ONE…… TWO! THREE! Ring the bell!

[Ding Ding Ding]

Tommy Cornell enters the ring with two steel chairs. He hands one to Brenton Cyrus, then the other to Chuck Matthews. Tommy Cornell reaches into his tights and pulls out two pairs of handcuffs.

Greed - The match is over, now let the real massacre begin!

Hawk - Isn’t enough, enough?

Tommy Cornell lifts Nick Ridicule to his feet, then drags him over to the cage wall. He lifts his arms up and handcuffs them to the wall.

Greed - He’s being crucified again, in a different way!

Tommy Cornell
So, you don’t want to take orders, you don’t want to sign contracts, you think you can make the rules and break ours? We’re going to break the two of you! You WILL sign this contract to fight! One of you WILL remove the other from NLWF! You have no say! You have no power! We are the kings of the new Federation!

Tommy Cornell lifts Corey Casey up and leans him against the corner. Matt Biggars enters the steel cage and stands with Ashley Matthews near the door.

Tommy Cornell
Corey, you ready to sign the contract?

Corey Casey shows a smile through his bloody face. He spits blood into the face of Tommy Cornell who backs up and hits him to the ribs a few times with brass knuckle shots.

Tommy Cornell

Tommy Cornell walks away from Corey Casey. Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews hit Corey Casey to the skull, taking turns, alternating chair shots. Corey Casey drops in the corner after the eighth shot. Tommy Cornell walks over and stops Corey Casey to the face.

Tommy Cornell
Didn’t hear you Corey, were you saying you would sign the contract?


Hawk - He’ll never do it! Neither will Nick!

Tommy Cornell holds the microphone in the face of Corey Casey.

Corey Casey


Tommy Cornell stands up, then walks away from Corey Casey.

Tommy Cornell
Fine. Nick, you’ll sign the contract! Then when you sign the contract, Corey Casey will be forced to sign it, or he’ll be fired! You know why you’ll sign this contract Nick, because if you don’t, we can strip the belts from you! So what do you say?

Nick Ridicule looks down to the mat, then up at Tommy Cornell who flashes him a smile. Nick Ridicule jumps up and tries to kick Tommy Cornell to the face.

Tommy Cornell

Tommy Cornell hits Nick Ridicule to his wide open ribs with the brass knuckles, then backs away. Brenton Cyrus runs in and hits Nick Ridicule with the steel chair. Chuck Matthews follows up with another chair shot.


Hawk - This is getting hard to watch… JUST SIGN THE CONTRACT!

Brenton Cyrus blasts Nick Ridicule with the steel chair again. Nick Ridicule hangs from the handcuffs on his wrists off the cage wall, blood pouring down his face. Chuck Matthews hits him with the chair again and Ashley Matthews cries out. She takes the microphone from Tommy Cornell.

Ashley Matthews

Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews lift the chairs up, walking past Ashley Matthews toward Nick Ridicule again.

Greed - Double chair shot coming!

Hawk - I can’t look.

Nick Ridicule
I’LL SIGN… i'll sign...

Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews stop. Tommy Cornell takes the microphone.

Tommy Cornell
HE’LL SIGN! That means Corey Casey will be forced to sign next week or lose his career! Nick you made a wise choice for once, I hope you’re starting a new trend! Next week you’ll sign the contract for Seven Sins AND a contract with ME! You’ll join Bad Company, then remove Corey Casey from NLWF forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REVOLUTION! LONG LIVE THE FEDERATION!

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