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NLWF Pro Wrestling Summer Classic: Event I

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NLWF Pro Wrestling Summer Classic: Event I

Post by Tommy Cornell on August 25th 2010, 3:19 pm

Junior Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Match

] Jake Hawk [vs] Ted Anderson [vs] Chad Mason [vs] Eric Blake [

Eric Blake looked dominant in the match from beginning to end. Jake Hawk was eliminated first from the match when he connected a 450 splash on Ted Anderson. Before he could get the pin, Eric Blake was in to connect the Wycked End brain buster on him. Quickly following the pinfall, Eric Blake pinned Ted Anderson to eliminate him. Chad Mason would come in and try to fight back, only to be brainbustered on a Mason Tackle counter.

Winner: Eric Blake

Backstage Nick Ridicule is approached by Jason Hawk. Jason Hawk confronts Nick Ridicule about using the tag team rematch clause last week without him. Nick Ridicule reveals that the only reason he did that, was because he needed Death-Angel taken out, that way he could beat him in the end game and that he had no intentions of winning the belts, only taking them away afterward. Jason Hawk tries to say something but Nick Ridicule interrupts him saying he doesn’t want to speak to a man who runs away from his problems, instead of facing them like a man. Nick Ridicule walks away, leaving Jason Hawk alone.

30-Minute Ironman Handicap Match

] TJ Tilli & Leon Lonewolf [vs] Matt Douglas [
TJ Tilli started off the match great, unleashing a series of high risk moves on Matt Douglas, taking him off balance. The match would change quickly though as Leon Lonewolf was tagged in. Matt Douglass caught Leon Lonewolf with a spinning back elbow to the face, and cracked his head open, spilling his blood. Matt Douglas would quickly go on to hit his Stick and Stones, shooting star knee drop on Leon Lonewolf to score a fall. Matt Douglas continued to beat on Leon Lonewolf, running out the clock, until he managed to tag TJ Tilli back in. TJ Tilli tried to rally back, and even hit the Breaking Point, but time ran out before he could get a pinfall.

Winner: Matt Douglas

Following the match, TJ Tilli attacked Leon Lonewolf. He ran him into the ring steps over and over again, sending him into the stares four times. TJ Tilli pounded his fists into the bloody face of Leon Lonewolf, then stared at the blood on his hands. Ashley Matthews came out onto the stage and announced she is the new General Manager of Revolution. Not only that, but she’ll be returning to the ring next week as TJ Tilli’s manager against Leon Lonewolf

Ambulance Match

] Shadow Demon [vs] Alexander Cage [

Before the match, Rob Langdon said he wont be fighting as Shadow Demon tonight. Alexander Cage refused to let such a huge match slip by him, so he attacked. Alexander Cage out struck Shadow Demon greater than anyone in NLWF history, hitting combos of fours and fives. He countered each punch perfectly, the speared Shadow Demon through the ropes. Alexander Cage lifted the ring steps and waited for Shadow Demon to stand up, then threw them at him, sending them colliding into his skull. Alexander Cage stood over a bloodied Shadow Demon, then dragged him to the ambulance parked next to the stage and out him in the back.

Winner: Alexander Cage

Backstage Eric Blake and Matt Douglas celebrate while Randy Fields tapes his wrists and fists. Soon Alexander Cage enters the locker room. He head butts the door, leaving a dent in it, then screams, “OUT WITH THE OLD! IN WITH THE NEW BREED!” Randy Fields stands up shaking his head. He tells them that the night isn’t over yet, and even when it is, they still aren’t main eventing like they should be. The guys wish Randy Fields luck and he smiles.

Undisputed Women’s World Championship

] Kelsey Daniels [vs] Lindsey Calaway [

Kelsey Daniels seemed nervous stepping into the ring with Lindsey Calaway . She attempted a clothesline and was countered with neck breaker. Lindsey Calaway quickly got up and climbed to the top turnbuckle, then jumped off with a swanton bomb, landing on her perfectly. Alison Williams tried to climb up to the apron to stop the pin, but couldn’t.

Winner: Lindsey Calaway

After the match, Alison Williams grabbed a microphone and told Lindsey Calaway that she was stripping her of the Women’s World Title because, “Whatevs..” Ashley Matthews came out and told Alison Williams that she didn’t have enough authority to do the things she’s been doing. Alison Williams says Kelsey Daniels has a rematch clause in her contract and Ashley Matthews books a Steel Cage rematch for next week.

Rising Star Championship

Guest Referee: Tommy Cornell

] Ryan Apollos [vs] Randy Fields [

The best and most intense match of the night by far. Randy Fields started off the match dominantly, completely destroying Ryan Apollos. Tommy Cornell made slow counts each time Randy Fields would go for a pin and count slightly faster for Ryan Apollos whenever he managed to get a cover.

Randy Fields hit the jumping DDT on Ryan Apollos then pinned him with one foot. Tommy Cornell made a normal count and Ryan Apollos managed to kick out. Ryan Apollos shoved Randy Fields into Tommy Cornell, knocking them both out of the ring.

Ryan Apollos left the ring and grabbed a steel chair, then brutally attacked Randy Fields with it. He sent him into the ring and connected the crosscheck, then locked Randy Fields in the no leaf clover. Tommy Cornell entered the ring and hit Ryan Apollos with a fame asser.

Randy Fields got up and pinned Ryan Apollos who kicked out of a fast count. Randy Fields would use the steel chair to bust Ryan Apollos open, without Tommy Cornell Dqing him. Randy Fields climbed to the top rope, but was stopped by Ryan Apollos who shoved Tommy Cornell into the ropes.

Ryan Apollos climbed up to the top rope with Randy Fields and turned him around. Ryan Apollos reverse superplexed Randy Fields from the top rope, dropping him down into a stunner. Ryan Apollos pinned Randy Fields following the super alternate end, but Tommy Cornell was laid out ringside.

Ryan Apollos left the ring and slid Tommy Cornell in, then entered to be hit with a jumping spike DDT onto the steel chair, with his legs caught up in the ropes. Randy Fields pinned Ryan Apollos and Tommy Cornell came to life with a three count.

Winner: Randy Fields

Tommy Cornell announced that next week, he would fight Ryan Apollos one on one. Backstage Brenton Cyrus is making his way down the hall. He stops and turns around to see Death-Angel staring back at him. Death-Angel tells Brenton Cyrus that he missed a chance to be a part of the Uprising, and that now he’ll be destroyed for it. Death-Angel goes on to say that Lindsey Calaway is only the first member of Uprising to capture gold, with many more to come. Brenton Cyrus starts laughing, then walks away.

Red Triangle Circus Championship

] Knife to Know you [vs] Brenton Cyrus [

Knife to Know you becomes the man to beat Brenton Cyrus faster than anyone in NLWF hi\story. Brenton Cyrus started the match off by going for a cutter but it was immediately reversed into the tilt-a-whirl tombstone piledriver known as the Lobotomy.

Winner: Knife to Know you

The attack didn’t end there, as Knife to Know you and a man revealed by the announcers as Red Mosier continued the beat down on Brenton Cyrus. Knife to Know you and Red Mosier hit Brenton Cyrus with steel chairs, then put one in seated position. Red Mosier tombstone piledrivered Brenton Cyrus on the open chair, then the lights shut off. When they came back on, masked Death-Angel and Lindsey Calaway are in the ring. Death-Angel announced his new team, Uprising. He also announced that following his match with Knife to Know you, he was able to get the Red Triangle Circus to align with Uprising. He pointed at Tommy Cornell and warned that The Syndicate would soon be destroyed, along with Bad Company and any other evil in the NLWF, because Uprising is the only true evil.

Hawk’s Nest
Junior Heavyweight Championship
No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship Rematch Clause

] EJ Styles [vs] Jason Hawk [

The match started with EJ Styles slapping Jason Hawk to the face, then maneuvering away from him. Jason Hawk chased EJ Styles around the ring, Hawk’s Nest structure, the Hawk’s nest ropes, but couldn’t catch the fast young EJ Styles. Jason Hawk shrugged it off and climbed for the belt and that’s when the fight began.

The men fought some great rope battles, each guy knocking the other off or hitting a big move. But the major impact of the match was EJ Styles missing his shooting star press from the top of the structure. Jason Hawk capitalized with the wings of time, then an amazing wind of changes DOUBLE shooting star press from the top of the structure.

Jason Hawk climbed up and grabbed the Junior Title and Contract.

Winner: Jason Hawk

Following the match Eric Blake was quick to attack Jason Hawk. He hit a brain buster, landing him on the Junior Heavyweight Championship, then turned his focus to EJ Styles. He got up and shook his head, then pointed at Jason Hawk. EJ Styles climbed to the top rope and hit his shooting star press, then was immediately hit with a brain buster from Eric Blake. Eric Blake picked up the Junior Championship and put it on his shoulder, holding it close.

NLWF Asylum: Double Cage Horror

] Corey Casey [vs] Death-Angel [

Corey Casey started the match by brutalizing the injured shoulder of an unmasked Death-Angel. He sent him into the cage walls over and over again, eventually sending him crashing right through the wall, to the ringside floor. Corey Casey moved on to use the Cell to his advantage, working on the injured arm so more.

Death-Angel would move out of the way of a spear though, causing Corey Casey to burst through the Cell door. Death-Angel and Corey Casey fought outside the Cell. Death-Angel threw Corey Casey into the outside of the cell wall, and he started to climb to the top. Death-Angel followed behind him slowly, making it up shortly after him.

Corey Casey tried to spear Death-Angel off the cell but was stopped by a throat thrust. Death-Angel ran forward and connected a sick flip piledriver that dented the roof, then went for a pin fall. The referee told him he had to pin him in the ring.

Death-Angel lifted Corey Casey to his feet and grabbed him by his throat. Death-Angel lifted Corey Casey up, but he fell behind him. Death-Angel turned around to be kicked to the stomach. Corey Casey lifted Death-Angel up and jack hammered him down, breaking through the roof of the cell, sending both men crashing down to the mat. Corey Casey puts Death-Angel in The Asylum walls, and forced Death-Angel to tap out.

Winner: Corey Casey

Following the match, Corey Casey climbed up the cage wall, then through the hole. He celebrated and taunted on the cell roof until the lights went out. When they came back on, a masked Death-Angel stood on the other side of the roof. He lifted his arms and fire shot from each corner, before the lights went off again. When the lights came back on Death-Angel was gone, and Corey Casey was still on the roof.

World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
NLWF Undisputed Championship
No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship

] Nick Ridicule [vs] Aaron O'Shea [

Aaron O’Shea came to fight. He managed to hit Nick Ridicule with everything he threw at him, fighting a close to flawless victory. Nick Ridicule couldn’t get anything going, and every time he tried something, Aaron O’Shea was quick to shut him down with something else. Nick Ridicule managed to stop Aaron O’Shea at the top turnbuckle.

Nick Ridicule set Aaron O’Shea up for a death valley driver, but he shoved him off. Aaron O’Shea jumped off the top turnbuckle with the double moonsault and landed on Nick Ridicule, getting the pin.

Winner: Aaron O'Shea

Confetti and balloons filled the arena, along with fireworks going off. The referee hands Aaron O’Shea all three of the major titles and he hugs them close, tears filling his eyes. The fans cheer him and give him a standing ovation. Aaron O’Shea holds up the belts in the center of the ring, while Nick Ridicule stands up behind him.

Aaron O’Shea turned around and offered a handshake to Nick Ridicule. Before he could do anything, The new breed came from each corner of the ringside area, jumping the guardrails. They enter the ring and stand at each corner, staring at Aaron O’Shea and Nick Ridicule.

Ashley Matthews walks out onto the stage and congratulates Aaron O’Shea on his win. She then orders Nick Ridicule to leave the ring, so that the new breed can congratulate him properly. Nick Ridicule looks at the four men, then at Aaron O’Shea. Nick Ridicule walks away and leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp then stops to look at Ashley Matthews on the top of the stage. He looks away then walks to the back.

Inside the ring all four men attack Aaron O’Shea. Each man hits his finisher, and they stand over Aaron O’Shea, the three major titles laid around him, as the show ends.
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