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Lindsey Calaway

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Lindsey Calaway

Post by Lindsey calaway on August 15th 2010, 10:08 pm

* Wrestler Name: Lindsey Calaway

* Nickname: One Of A Kind

* Age:24

* Hometown: Dallas Tx

* House (WHERE SHE LIVES): Orange County, California

* Weight: 135lbs

* Height:5'7"

* Favorite Specialty Match:Cage/ hell in a cell, TLC, first blood, Ultimate X.

* Entrance Music:"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold

* Alignment (face/heel):Neutral

* Years Wrestling: about almost 9 years

* Quote: Optional: I'm Just Simply One Of A Kind

* Finisher:Life Changer

* Finisher Description:Swanton Bomb

* Bio/Backround: She is known as 'One of A Kind' but most call her the female version of Jeff Hardy because of their likeness. Dont let her last name fool you... It may appear different, but she has the last name of Mark Calloway better known to all in the wrestling world as the Undertaker. Even though Lindsey is the Deadman's little girl, she wasn't always known as that.

Lindsey grew up living with her Grandparents because her Mother died shortly after she was born. She was put in a foster home until her Grandparents found her and brought her home.

Growing up Lindsey knew she wanted to become a Rockstar and she figured wrestling was the ticket. She then trained under the watchful eyes of The Hardy Boys, when she got her big brake, signing with TNA. As for being the daughter of the Deadman, she didn't find out she was the Undertaker's daughter until her Grandfather pulled her aside and told her. Surprisingly, Lindsey never let this piece of information get to her. Instead she worked even harder to get were she has. Despite the young age, she has been around the world and back, but there is a lot more to this rocker chick then meets the eye.

* Attire: Its a mix of Angelina love/ Lita / Ashely Massaro. Basically A Rock chick style with a little class to it.

Every Day Attire:

In Ring Attire:

* Fighting style:Daredevil/Extreme/Hardcore

* Move List:
1.Crooked Leg Moonsault
2.Neckbreaker Over the Knee
3.Suicide Dive
4. Top Rope Sidewalk Slam,
5.Upside Down Heel Kick
6.Pele Kick
7 Diving Clothesline
8.Headscissors Takedown
9. Monkey flip
10.Chick Kick
13.Hurricanrana( Standing or from top of the ring post)
14.bull dog
16. power-bomb

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -Angelina Love

Career Accomplishments -To many to name

Entrance -The Lights go out and Lindsey's video comes up on the tron as smoke comes up from the top of the ramp as her theme song "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold plays on the pa system as Lindsey walks out. She walks through the smoke as she flings her hair back and stands on top of the ramp looking into the crowd. She holds both of her hands in the air as she forms them into the rock and roll sign, as the fans stand on their feet for her. The fans continue to cheer as the gorgeous Lindsey strolls down the ramp with a sexy smile on her face. When she gets to the ring, Lindsey slides in and jumps up onto the turnbuckle, gazing out into the crowd, pointing at some of the fans that have home made signs for her. Lindsey then jumps down and pulls her hair out of her face, walking over to the middle of the ring waiting on whoever her opponent is set to be.
Lindsey calaway
Lindsey calaway
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