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Revolution 32: Legacy 17: Top Ten Showcase: August 3rd, 2010

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Revolution 32: Legacy 17: Top Ten Showcase: August 3rd, 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on August 5th 2010, 9:56 pm

The shot fades in on a packed Showtime arena. Most of them are booing, because inside the ring are Alison Williams with a microphone and Kelsey Daniels holding the Undisputed Women’s World Title. Alison Williams holds her hand up.

Alison Williams
Shut up. K?

The fans boo louder and Alison Williams rolls her eyes. She looks at Kelsey Daniels who tries to shush the crowd, putting her finger to her mouth.

Alison Williams
Please, shut up. K?

The fans continue to boo. They start to chant.


Alison Williams
Not any of you, cause you’re all ugly. Ha! At least I suck the best!

Alison Williams laughs.

Tommy - I’ve been told I’m the best announcer! Very Happy


Alison Williams

The crowd boos more, but then begins to quiet down.

Alison Williams
That’s better. Tonight is the Legacy old school show thingy, and since I was the one who made this show famous with Boo Bear and Aaron, I’ve decided that I’m going to be in charge tonight.

Andrew - Can she do that?

Tommy - Do you want to stop her? Cause I guarantee she’ll kick you in the balls again, just like the night you were fired!

Alison Williams
First, I want to thank Tommy Cornell for giving me this great idea.

Andrew - You told her to take over the show?

Tommy - I’m the man with the plan, this month is going to belong to Bad Company!

Alison Williams
Tommy, like we talked about, John Greed will join you at ringside for calling the show.

Greed by Godsmack hit’s the PA and John Greed walks out onto the Legacy stage. He smiles a cocky smile, then walks down the ramp getting booed by the audience.

Andrew - Oh no… did you get me fired again?

Tommy - That’s not the only thing I did again!

Andrew - What do you mean?

Tommy - Remember when Chuck had you come back for the Return show?

Andrew - Yes.

Tommy - I asked him to do that, so I could fuck your wife… AGAIN! HA HA HA! We met up before the show.. And after the show… and two more times after that!

John Greed makes it to the announcers table and he shoves Andrew Davis over in his chair, letting him fall to the floor. John Greed grabs the chair sits down in it, then kicks Andrew Davis who’s trying to crawl away.

Alison Williams
Andrew, GTFO!

Greed - Did you tell him you fucked his wife again?

Cornell - Yeah! He hates me. But the thing about that is, as much as he hates me, I love screwing his wife!

Greed - So you’re even!

Cornell - EXACTLY! Damn it’s good to be bad.

Greed - Indeed my friend, it’s also good to be back! Thanks for getting me my chair back, can’t wait to call Legacy tonight!

Alison Williams

Alison Williams points at Andrew Davis who’s slowly walking alongside the ring, towards the stage. Kelsey Daniels drops her belt and leaves the ring. She approaches Andrew Davis from behind and punt kicks him to the balls. Andrew Davis falls to the ground, holding his balls. Alison Williams laughs inside the ring and she snaps her fingers. The ME Security Force makes its way down the ramp and lifts Andrew Davis up. They drag him up the ramp.

Greed - Can you believe he really thought he was going to call this show?

Cornell - Just wait my friend, the same way Bad Company is taking over the NLWF, we’ll be taking over the announcing positions at all the shows this month.

Alison Williams
Now that the trash has been taken out, I’ve got some changes I want to make to the show tonight. Firstly, I want to announce that the Chuck Matthews versus Leon Lonewolf match, will now Chuck’s Law! Corey Casey versus TJ Tilli, will be contested in a Submission Match!

The fans boo.

Greed - Why are these idiots booing, those matches are going to be great!

Cornell - I agree, what else does she have in mind… besides dick.. Wait, is she a lesbian now?

Alison Williams
As for the main event, I think Nick Ridicule would want me to make that a steel cage match! Plus, if Nick can’t make it to the match, or isn’t medically cleared from by doctors, because of his match at the pay per view, he’ll be forced to forfeit the Undisputed Championship!

Greed - It’s not going to be easy being champion this month!

Cornell - Being champion in the NLWF is the hardest goal to achieve, staying champion in the NLWF is almost impossible.

Alison Williams
Also, I was told that Ashley Ridicule has a rematch, and yeah, um, not gonna happen. If she wants to fight Kelsey for OUR belt, she’s going to have to earn a shot! Kelsey is not defending tonight, or next week, or the week after that! She’s going to wait until someone who deserves a shot comes along…

The lights in the arena go off and it is pitch black throughout the arena.


The lights in the arena are turned back on. Standing inside the ring behind Alison Williams and Kelsey Daniels is Death-Angel towering over all.

Greed - We have to stop him so they can escape!

Cornell - We don’t actually know he’s going to hurt them… and if he does, he’ll probably hurt Kelsey first, giving me time to save Alison!

Kelsey Daniels turns around to see Death-Angel. She backs up, tripping over her feet, and landing on her ass. Alison Williams stares at Death-Angel who doesn’t move.

Greed - He’s going to eat them both, and not like Dean Diamond did either!

Alison Williams

Alison Williams walks up to Death-Angel and she reaches up to slap him, but he’s too tall. Alison Williams slaps Death-Angel to the stomach and he laughs through his mask. Death-Angel grabs Alison Williams, wrapping his entire hand around her face.


Cornell - I am, I’m crossing Alison off my, “must fuck before either of us die” list…


Brenton Cyrus emerges from backstage, running out onto the stage, then down the ramp. Brenton Cyrus slides into the ring and Death-Angel releases Alison Williams, letting her fall on her ass, beside Kelsey Daniels.

Greed - Cyrus has returned to Legacy to save Alison!

Cornell - and fuck up my list in the meantime! Now I’m going to have to put Alison back on it!

Brenton Cyrus and Death-Angel stare at each other in the center of the ring as the Legacy crowd roars around them. Brenton Cyrus looks around at the crowd, then he looks down at Alison Williams and Kelsey Daniels. Brenton Cyrus helps both girls up, then opens the ropes for them, not taking his eyes off of Death-Angel.

Cornell - Cyrus gets the ladies out of harms way so he can finish what they restarted at Resurrection of Respect.

Greed - This Legacy crowd is going wild, they are going to get to witness the culmination of the best rivalry in Legacy history!

The girls escape the ring and Brenton Cyrus walks towards Death-Angel, who just continues to stand still. Brenton Cyrus lowers down to one knee in front of Death-Angel, then he bows his head.

Cornell - Holy shit… is he bowing in front of Death-Angel!?

Greed - It looks like he is… God has been defeated by the Syco Devil!


Brenton Cyrus stands back up and watches as Death-Angel does the God pose.

Alison Williams

Death-Angel looks towards the ramp where Alison Williams and Kelsey Daniels are backing up towards the stage. Alison Williams has the mic still in her hand.

Alison Williams
DON’T YOU EVER PUT YOUR NASTY HANDS ON ME! Tonight, Death-Angel, your match is going to be, Last Man Standing!

The shot fades away from Death-Angel and Brenton Cyrus in the ring, to the opening videos.

Original videos from the glory days of Legacy play. Almost all of the highlights are after Brenton Cyrus took over the show, and they show the rises of Legacy originals. Shadow Demon, Death-Angel, Aaron O’Shea, Mexican Samurai, The Notorious K.I.D. The guys who put Legacy on the map and vice versa, making it the higher rated brand in the NLWF. The highlights fade to black.
Fireworks explode from the Legacy stage, then travel down the ramp, shooting up sparks. From overhead, sparks begin to rain down on over the ring, before the shot cuts to the announcers at ringside.

Cornell - Welcome to another addition of Revolution, tonight and for the rest of the month, we’re going old school! The original shows make a comeback, leading into two huge pay per view events at the end of the money.

Greed - The Pro Wrestling Summer Classic is sure to catch on, and be around for years to come in the NLWF. We’re going to see major titles defended every single week, leading up to an ultimate showdown between the number 1 and number two rank at the end of the month!

Cornell - If Resurrection of Respect was an indication on how things are going to be for the rest of the summer, we’re in for some of the best shows we’ve ever seen.

Greed - If that opening to Legacy tonight was any indication, we’re in for one hell of a night right here.

Cornell - We have a lot of action packed into this Legacy, including the Rising Star Champion, Ryan Hawk getting an early shot at the Undisputed Championship, against Nick Ridicule.

Greed - I love the ranking system used to book the matches for these shows. Rick Christian made his picks, and it set up Legacy here tonight.

Cornell - I’m done hyping this show up, and am ready to call some action, how about you Johnny?

Greed - I’m ready!

EJ Styles and Matt Biggars are in the ring waiting for the bell to sound. The referee checks to see if both men are ready, then he calls for the bell.Debut Match

Matt BiggarsUnrankedvsUnranked EJ Styles

[Ding Ding Ding]

Matt Biggars runs across the ring at full speed. He throws wild punches that are dodged and ducked under by EJ Styles, who backs into his corner. Matt Biggars moves in and EJ Styles double kicks him to the face, leaning against the turnbuckles. Matt Biggars goes down holding his jaw.

Cornell - This is the most aggressive we’ve seen Biggars since his debut where he KO’ed his opponent in seconds.

Greed - Looks like his aggressiveness has backfired on him.

EJ Styles lifts himself up to the top turnbuckle. He quickly jumps off with a shooting star press and lands perfect on Matt Biggars in the ring. EJ Styles pins Matt Biggars, hooking both legs.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, EJ Styles!

EJ Styles stands up and the referee raises his arm up.

Cornell - What an impressive debut by EJ Styles, making short work of Matt Biggars here tonight.

Greed - EJ Styles looks like he’s one of the starts of the future in the NLWF, but we all know how many start good but end up failing.

The shot fades to backstage on EJ Styles staring down at the fallen Matt Biggars. You see the arena parking lot, where Bad Company has just arrived, and is walking towards the Showtime Arena. Following them, carrying the bags is Ted Anderson.

Ted Anderson
Wait up guys…

Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey keep walking, ignoring him as they enter the arena and the show cuts to commercial.

The show returns with Bad Company talking to Ted Anderson as they walk through the hall.

Chuck Matthews
If you want to be part of Bad Company, if you want to be a member of the NLWF, you have to get that shoe back.

Ted Anderson
So if I can get this shoe back from Shad Moss, I’m in?

Corey Casey
If you can get the shoe back, you’ll be a member of the NLWF roster, being a part of Bad Company takes more time than and effort than just that.

Ted Anderson
I wont let you guys down, I promise!

Ted Anderson puts the bags down and runs down the hall towards the entrance for the stage. Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey watch, then look at each other as the shot cuts back to ringside. Ted Anderson walks out onto the stage, then down the ramp as Shad Moss waits for him in the ring, rubbing Tommy’s shoe against his face.

Cornell - … what the fuck is he doing with my shoe?

Greed - That’s the nigger who spit blood on me at the pay per view, when I was trying to save your shoe!

Cornell - Leave it to the best security on earth to get my shoe back, and keep another nigguh down!

Greed - Show Bad Company what you’re worth Teddy.

Ted Anderson slides into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Debut Match

Ted AndersonUnrankedvsUnranked Shad Moss

[Ding Ding Ding]

Ted Anderson holds out his hand and demands the shoe. Shad Moss licks the shoe, then sticks it into his pants. He motions for Ted Anderson to bring it on, then steps out of the corner, jumping and dancing around like a monkey.

Cornell - … Did he lick my shoe and stick it in his pants?

Greed - Yeah, now he’s dropped down into the drunken dancing monkey stance.

Ted Anderson throws a straight right hand that collides with the face of Shad Moss. Shad Moss stumbles around with his arms limp at his sides.

Cornell - He’s doing the chicken dance!

Greed - He’s out on his feet right now, that was a massive punch from Ted.

Ted Anderson steps forward and boots Shad Moss to the stomach. Ted Anderson sets Shadow Moss up for a power bomb, then he lifts him up. Ted Anderson holds Shad Moss in position, then drops down with a huge sit down power bomb.

Cornell - The best part is, I don’t even care about that shoe.

Greed - Well… at least no one will have to worry about the shoe thief Shad Moss anymore.

Ted Anderson pins Shad Moss off the sit-down power bomb.


Ted Anderson pulls Shad Moss up, shaking his head at the referee. Ted Anderson quickly stands up with Shad Moss, then puts him in power bomb set up again.

Cornell - You’re right, eliminated him from NLWF! It’s already not safe to be part of NLWF, you can make it safer by keeping things white! I mean, right…

Greed - Same thing!

Ted Anderson lifts Shad Moss up for the power bomb again, then falls down with him. Ted Anderson sit-down power bombs Shad Moss into the center of the ring again, bouncing him off the mat.


Greed - Now reach into his pants and get that shoe!

Ted Anderson pins Shad Moss.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Ted Anderson stands up and raises his arms. The referee tries to raise his arm, but Ted Anderson shoves him away, sending him falling out of the ring.

Cornell - Ted Anderson makes an impressive NLWF debut here tonight. Now get my fucking shoe bitch!

Greed - That’s right, get Tommy’s shoe bitch!

Ted Anderson lifts Shad Moss to his feet slowly. He grabs Shad Moss by the back of his head, then runs and throws him over the top rope, sending him landing ringside in front of the announcers table. Ted Anderson leaves the ring and lifts Shad Moss.

Cornell - He’s going to hand deliver my shoe! What a great guy Ted is, I think he should join Bad Company.

Greed - I don’t think he’s getting your shoe Tommy.

Ted Anderson lifts Shad Moss up for a powerbowb, then drives him down onto the announce table. The table doesn’t break and the announcers stare at Shad Moss laying in front of them. Ted Anderson screams “AWESOME” then walks away.

Cornell - John, get my shoe, would ya?

Greed - Sorry Tommy but getting blood spit up on me is where I draw the line helping you get your shoe.

Cornell - Oh well, I’ll buy a new pair, and while I’m at it, I’ll buy Shad’s cardboard house from off the side of the road, where he keeps all the missing shoes in NLWF history!

Greed - AWESOME debut by Ted Anderson!

Legacy fades away on Tommy Cornell using his feet to push Shad Moss off the table, sending him falling down in front of it.

Legacy returns backstage with Chuck Matthews and Jazmine Ortiz. She brings the microphone up to her mouth and speaks.

Jazmine Ortiz
Hola, I’m Jazmine Ortiz, back here with the one, the only, the sex icon himself, Chuck Matthews!

Chuck Matthews smirks as boos fill the arena.

Jazmine Ortiz
Last week, you were involved in the toughest match of your career…

Chuck Matthews
Let me stop you right there. Last week at Resurrection of Respect, Nick Ridicule was in the toughest match of his career, not me. I was in a tough match, but not my toughest, by far.

Jazmine Ortiz
Regardless, you didn’t come out on top in that match, like you did in bed with me. Did whatever Nick Ridicule tell you, halfway into the match, affect your gameplan?

Chuck Matthews
It did, greatly. I walked into that match calm, with the idea of being as methodical as possible. When he said, what he said, the gameplan went right out the window. I looked into his eyes and for the first time ever, I hated him. I hated that stupid fucking mohawk on his head. I hated that stupid little smirk he always does. I hate Nick Ridicule now. I wanted to hurt him, more than I wanted to win. Nick, you are great, you are a tough son of a bitch, but in our match I realized, you are not the best.

Chuck Matthews stares dead into the camera, a look of anger and intensity on his face.

Jazmine Ortiz
Chuck, what did he say to you?

Chuck Matthews breaks his stare and he looks at Jazmine Ortiz. Chuck Matthews moves his lips to speak, but nothing comes out. He backs away from the microphone slowly, then turns his back and walks away. The shot fades back to ringside where Leon Lonewolf is waiting in the ring.

Cornell - I’ve been trying to get Chuck to tell me all week what was said during that match!

Greed - Did he tell you?

Cornell - No, he did exactly what he just did to Jazsmine. As Keith Cunningham would say, “The COLD shoulder.”

Greed - Who?

Cast out the storm in my head I've tripped and fell in
Caught in my conscience again
I try to push it away

World to Burn by Rev Theory plays throughout the arena. The camera focuses on the entrance curtain for a moment. Finally, Chuck Matthews emerges, looking at the ring. He faces the ring, smirking.

In case you forget I'll boldly just let it all fade
Search the silence
I can't believe all the lies that you tell me I break

Chuck stops halfway down the ramp and looks to the booing crowd. He raises his hands in his signature old-style cornas. Fireworks erupt in a line behind him, firing back and forth for a moment. Chuck looks back to the the ring, and continues walking. He runs up the steps and pauses on the apron, flashing a grin at the crowd before stepping between the ropes.

This is the world that you burn.
This is the life that you waste.
How does it feel on your own, now that you're pushing me away?

Chuck climbs up on the turnbuckle. He stares at the crowd, sneering at them, and stretches out his arms, soaking in the crowd's reactions. Finally, he points to the opponent, shakes his head, then motions to himself. He stares at the opponent as he rolls his wrists, getting ready for the bell.

Cornell - I love that Chuck got his full entrance! How intimidating for Leon Lonewolf to have to stand in the ring and watch that display of entrance expertise. While he just walked out during Chuck’s interview, unannounced.

Greed - HA HA HA!

The referee looks at both men, then calls for the bell.
Chuck Matthews #5vs#10 Leon Lonewolf

[Ding Ding Ding]

Chuck Matthews and Leon Lonewolf walk to the center of the ring. Leon Lonewolf holds out his hand, but Chuck Matthews shakes his head.

Cornell - No handshake between Chuck Matthews and, the Elite Death Toll camp member, Leon Lonewolf.

Chuck Matthews and Leon Lone tie up in the middle of the ring. Chuck Matthews drives a knee into the stomach of Leon Lonewolf, then hits him with a knee to the face. Leon Lonewolf staggers back and is sent to the ropes by Chuck Matthews. Leon Lonewolf rebounds off the ropes and Chuck Matthews catches him with a hip toss.

Cornell - Hollywood hip toss!

Greed - I can only imagine how sore Matthews is going into this match against the number one contender for the Rising Star title.

Chuck Matthews reaches down to pick up Leon Lonewolf and he’s rolled up into a pin.


Chuck Matthews kicks out.

Cornell - Lonewolf almost robs the world!

Greed - Tonight is a huge match for the lower ranked guys, they all have chances to pull off big time upsets.

Both men stand up quickly and Chuck Matthews boots Leon Lonewolf to the face. Chuck Matthews drops a knee into the ribs on Leon Lonewolf on the mat, then lifts him up to his feet. Chuck Matthews lifts Leon Lonewolf up by one leg and falls backwards with him, flap jacking him, throat first across the top rope.

Cornell - He hung Leon out to dry with that flapjack! Get him Chuck!

Greed - Leon is still fighting for a match against Chuck’s partner, the other half of the tag team champions, Corey Casey. If he can beat Chuck Matthews, he could easily be ranked against CC!

Chuck Matthews crawls over and pins Leon Lonewolf.


Leon Lonewolf kicks out. Chuck Matthews quickly stands up holding the legs of Leon Lonewolf, then turns him over, locking in the inverted sharpshooter.

Cornell - Cryptic Cross! Tap out you little bitch!

Greed - He’s got it locked on in the center of the ring!

Leon Lonewolf pushes up and tries his best to crawl to the ropes. Leon Lonewolf reaches out and has his arm stomped on. Leon Lonewolf reaches out and dives forward, grabbing the bottom rope. Chuck Matthews smiles and shakes his head.

Cornell - Chuck’s Law says he can’t be disqualified!

Greed - Leon is screwed!

Chuck Matthews breaks the hold and exit’s the ring. He walks towards the timekeepers table and grabs a steel chair and his tag team title.

Cornell - NO DQ! NO DQ! NO DQ!

Greed - Leon is about to have a BAD night! Ha ha!

Chuck Matthews slides into the ring and looks at Leon Lonewolf starting to get up. Chuck Matthews tosses the chair and belt to the side, then crouches down in the corner.

Cornell - This Legacy is about to be made perfect.

Greed - Everyone knows what’s coming next…

Leon Lonewolf stands up and turns around. Chuck Matthews runs at him and dives for the spear. Leon Lonewolf hits Chuck Matthews with a shining wizard, then rotates into a gogoplata submission hold.

Cornell - FUCK YOU LEON! He ruined Hollywood Impact! I HATE COUNTERS!

Greed - Chuck is in a lot of trouble, Leon has won matches with that combo.

Chuck Matthews struggles in the hold as Leon Lonewolf pulls on the back of his head.

Cornell - The shin of Leon Lonewolf is crushing the throat of Chuck Matthews! How is he supposed to pick up the women he fucks?

Greed - He’ll just have to flash his dick at them.

Chuck Matthews drags Leon Lonewolf towards the corner of the ring. Chuck Matthews reaches out with his foot for the ropes, but instead uses his foot to get the tag team belt closer. Chuck Matthews grabs the tag team title in his free hand, then stands up, still locked in the gogoplata.

Cornell - Chuck has his tag title. BASH HIS FUCKING FACE IN!

Greed - I’m not sure Chuck has any gas left, the Wolven Assault has drained him.

Chuck Matthews lowers his arm, then drops to his knees as he begins to fade away. The referee checks on Chuck Matthews, then lifts his free arm, letting it fall down to the mat.


Cornell - NO! Pick the belt up Chuck! Bash his fucking face in?

Greed - He’s out!

Chuck Matthews eyes close completely and his face begins turning purple. The referee lifts his arm again, and Chuck Matthews has the belt in his hand. He swings down wildly and bashes Leon Lonewolf to the face again and again, until he releases the hold.


Greed - I thought it was all over!

Chuck Matthews grabs the legs of Leon Lonewolf, then rolls him backwards, sending him to his knees. Chuck Matthews picks up the steel chair and swings it, smashing Leon Lonewolf to the skull.


Greed - What a sickening chair shot. HIT HIM AGAIN! Ha ha!

Chuck Matthews grabs his throat, then looks at Leon Lonewolf down on the mat in front of him. Chuck Matthews lifts the chair up and smashes Leon Lonewolf to his legs. Chuck Matthews lifts the chair up and smashes Leon Lonewolf to the body with it.

Cornell - He’s furious!

Greed - He’s killing him!

Chuck Matthews lifts the chair up and smashes Leon Lonewolf to the head. Chuck Matthews stomps Leon Lonewolf, then repositions the chair in his hands. Chuck Matthews spikes the chair down into the ribs of Leon Lonewolf, then down into the jaw.

Cornell - Nick, you thought you saw the best Chuck Matthews ever? All you have to do is look at the logo my friend, because the best Chuck Matthews is yet to come!

Greed - All he’s doing is beating Leon with a chair… in a match only he can’t be DQed in… but still, I agree!

Chuck Matthews lifts a limp Leon Lonewolf up and positions the top of the chair into his throat. Chuck Matthews throws Leon Lonewolf and the chair down into the mat. The bottom of the chair hit’s the mat and Leon Lonewolf has his throat smashed by the top.


Greed - Brutal.

Chuck Matthews drops down and pins Leon Lonewolf. The referee drops down and makes the count.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, Ranked number 5, Chuck Matthews! Talk to me after the show…

Cornell - Unprofessional bitch! I hope they cut her mic! Chuck doesn’t do seconds, unless the meals was spectacular!

Greed - A violent Chuck Matthews ends up destroying Leon Lonewolf after a great contest.

Chuck Matthews stands up and the referee raises his arm. He stares down at Leon Lonewolf who’s holding his throat.

Cornell - That is a man determined to get another shot at Nick Ridicule. A man who if they meet again will not stop until he is champion!

Greed - Once you make it to the top of the mountain, you still have to beat the man who’s up there flipping us all off. Beating Nick Ridicule is easier said, than done.

Revolution fades away on Chuck Matthews with an evil look in his eyes, staring dead into the camera.

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Re: Revolution 32: Legacy 17: Top Ten Showcase: August 3rd, 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on August 6th 2010, 3:04 pm

Legacy returns with Nick Ridicule entering the arena by himself. Jazmine Ortiz rushes out of nowhere and walks alongside him.

Jazmine Ortiz
Nick, what’s the news! Everyone is dying to figure out what’s been going on with you lately! As the one holder of all three major titles, I believe you owe it to all the fans to tell us the deal!

Nick Ridicule puts his bags down and stares at Jazmine Ortiz. His face is bashed up, covered in cuts and bruises from last week.

Nick Ridicule
You wanna know what’s going on with me?

Jazmine Ortiz
Yeah! I want to know why you aren’t with your wife, I want to know why you cancelled the rest of the Camp Condemned Tour, I want to know what you said to Chuck at ROR, I want to know…

Jazmine Ortiz stops as Chuck Matthews approaches, getting right into the face of Nick Ridicule. The two men stare at each other, not breaking eye contact for even a split second.

Jazmine Ortiz
One of you tell us what’s going on!

Chuck Matthews
Yeah Nick, go ahead and tell everyone what you told me.

Nick Ridicule shakes his head.

Chuck Matthews
Fine. I have a proposal for you anyway, not like that means anything to you.

The two men continue to stare at each other.

Chuck Matthews
Join Bad Company. I hate you Nick, I want to rip your eyes out and beat the hell out of you, while I force you to watch. Join Bad Company, the hated working together, and with our combined shares of the company, we’ll have majority ownership.

Nick Ridicule shakes his head.

Chuck Matthews
Well, then maybe I’ll just have to tell everyone, exactly what was said in our match last week.

Nick Ridicule

Chuck Matthews
Sounds familiar right? Remember when you blackmailed me last year with a tape of me fucking Alison? You missed your chance to join Bad Company, now I want your share of the company, or else. Get it?

Nick Ridicule nods his head.

Nick Ridicule
Do whatever you have to do.

Nick Ridicule reaches down and lifts his bag. He walks forward, bumping shoulder to shoulder with Chuck Matthews. Nick Ridicule walks away.

Chuck Matthews
I get it, you want me to be the guy who reveals the kind of person you are. You don’t have the balls to say it yourself, because hidden underneath all that tough guy, bad ass, exterior…

Nick Ridicule turns around and stares at Chuck Matthews

Chuck Matthews
You’re just a coward. A self-righteous asshole with an ego he pretends not to have.

Nick Ridicule stares on waiting for Chuck Matthews to finish.

Nick Ridicule
You’re right. But you’re blackmailing the wrong person. I have nothing to give, nothing you want. My share of NLWF belongs to Ashley as of today.

Nick Ridicule turns around and walks away leaving Chuck Matthews with a disgusted look on his face. The look soon becomes a smirk as the shot cuts back to ringside.

Cornell - I have no clue what’s going on. Nick’s got a dirty little secret that only Chuck knows. So he tried to blackmail Nick into joining Bad Company since it makes PERFECT sense, considering all the members of the team hate each other. Nick refused the invitation like an IDIOT, and revealed that his share of the company now belonged to Ashley.


Cornell - So do I, but we’ll just have to wait until later on. Instead, we’ll see a great match up between quickly rising star Knife to Know you and a triple crown winner Jason Hawk.

Greed - If Knife to Know you brings the same intensity he brought to his match with Shadow Demon, I think we’ll be seeing another huge Knife to Know you win!

The lights in the arena go off and fire shoots from the top of the stage. Clowns begins to walk out from the back in Red Triangle Circus military gear. The walk down the ramp, then surround the ring.

Cornell - Knife to Know you Is the new leader of the Red Triangle Circus, taking over where Cotton the Clown left off a year ago.

Greed - I bet this is going to scare Jason so much, he doesn’t even come out and fight! Just like we saw a couple weeks ago against Bad Company.

The clowns surrounding the ring stand perfectly still until on clown steps forward.


All the clown surround the ring pull out t-shirt cannons and aim them high into the air, pointed I nthe direction of the audience.


The clowns shoot the cannons and fire blasts out into the air. The crowd ducks down, some back away, as the flames fly overhead.

Cornell - I get it… fire…

The clowns cease fire and music begins to play.

Knife to Know you and Candy the Clown step out onto the stage together, holding hands. Fire explodes at their sides, then they walk down the ramp. Knife to Know you stops and holds his hand up. He and Candy turn around and look at the stage. A Shadow Demon dummy is dropped from the rafters with a noose around the neck. He hangs above the stage and Knife to Know you laughs.

Cornell - His first victim, the mighty Shadow Demon. Those two men will meet again someday, Knife has a contract

Greed - KNIFE! Get it, instead of “NICE“?

Knife to Know you and Candy the Clown make it to the bottom of the ramp. Knife to Know you kisses her hand, then runs and slides into the ring.

Cornell - Oh where, oh where, can our little Hawk be?


The lights go out in the arena as the music continues. Then suddenly fireworks exlpode from the titantron in the shape of the faroese flag.

I secretly crave, crave that scent again
Still feel it pressing on me now
Now with the onset, my flesh is weakening
I steel my nerves for temptations at hand again

A spotlight shines onto the stage, but no one is there.

Cornell - So he skips out on a tag team title defense, he misses one of the biggest NLWF events of the year last week, and this week he’s not coming out to fight the Every KNIFE new comer?

Greed - I guess not. As soon as I was starting to like Jason, he does this.

Inside the ring Knife to Know you demands the referee start the match. The referee looks around, then calls for the bell.

Jason Hawk #4vs#9 Knife to Know You

[Ding Ding Ding]

Knife to Know you laughs manically as the referee begins his count.

-1- -2- -3-

Cornell - Count out?

-4- -5-

Greed - This is an officially ranked match! We must have a winner.

-6- -7- -8-

Cornell - Knife to Know you is two seconds from beating Jason Hawk!

-9- -10-

The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Greed - He did it!

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, Knife to Know you!

Knife to Know you raises his arms and Candy the Clown slides in with a microphone.

Candy the Clown
Looks like Jason came up a little short, but considering the word around the women’s locker room, that’s not a surprise.

Candy the Clown gives the microphone to Knife to Know you.

Knife to Know you
Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you having a KNIFE evening? Shadow Demon… you look so lonely hanging up there alone… IT’S KNIFE TO HAVE FRIENDS!

A Jason Hawk dummy is dropped from the rafters, a noose wrapped around his neck. He swings beside the Shadow Demon dummy, hanging over then stage.

Knife to Know you
I am undefeated in my NLWF career, beating two of the biggest legends this company has ever had. I’ve devoured these guys, and I’m ready to fight the best. Not washed up clowns or chicken hawk’s. It’s a good thing Jason didn’t come out here tonight, because I would have ended his career. Tonight, you all will be cut… by the Knife! Trust me, the first cut is the deepest.

Cornell - It’s hard to argue with him.. I hate to say it, but I’m becoming a Knife to Know you fan.

Greed - Same.

The shot fades away on Knife to Know you and Candy the clown leaving the ring. They are lifted up by the Red Triangle Circus entourage and carried up the ramp.

Legacy returns backstage on masked Death-Angel looking down at Brenton Cyrus, who stares back at him.

Brenton Cyrus
You are the new God of professional wrestling! You are the most unstoppable, unbeatable monster this company has ever seen! Tonight in your match against Chad Mason, I want to see you rip his limbs off, then use them as weapons against him. I want you to rip his head off, then eat it and chew it like bubblegum.

Death-Angel nods.

Every well, it will be done. The Salvation Uprising is upon the entire world! I will be the one who holds all the titles at the end of the month!

Death-Angel walks away and the shot fades in on Brenton Cyrus watching him. Brenton Cyrus smiles a sinister smile as the shot cuts to ringside where Chad Mason is waiting.

Cornell - The Syco Devil is about to be unleashed, the God who destroyed Brenton Cyrus at Resurrection of Respect!

Greed - Wow Tommy, for the first time ever you don’t have anything bad to say about Death-Angel?

Cornell - He’s amazing!

Greed - That’s what I thought.

Death-Angel comes out and walks to the ring quickly. He climbs into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Last Man Standing

Death Angel #3vs#8 Chad Mason

[Ding Ding Ding]

Death-Angel walks towards Chad Mason who lowers down in his stance and tries to avoid him. Death-Angel grabs Chad Mason as he tries to run by, then he throws him into the corner with one arm. Death-Angel runs in and clotheslines Chad Mason in the corner, then lifts him to the top turnbuckle.

Cornell - The ultimate underdog and upset master Chad Mason, looking to add another big win to his belt.

Greed - After the beating he took from Corey Casey last week, he needs something to get him back on track, but I think he’s screwed tonight.

Death-Angel climbs over the top rope to the apron, then grabs Chad Mason by his throat. Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason off the top turnbuckle and jumps off the apron with him, choke slamming him down to the announcers table. The announcers dive out of the way as Chad Mason bounces off the table and takes out the announcers chairs.

Cornell - I think Death-Angel was aiming to throw him at me!

Greed - Damn it Tommy, what did you have to go pissing off Death-Angel for?

Death-Angel stands in front of the announcers table, looking at the damage done to Chad Mason, who lays motionless on the other side. Death-Angel looks at Tommy Cornell as he stands up, then he walks towards him. Tommy Cornell quickly rolls over the timekeepers table, landing over the barricade, in the audience.

Greed - He was just getting a chair Tommy!

Death-Angel grabs a steel chair and walks over to the announcers table. He reaches down and grabs Chad Mason with one hand, then lifts him up by his face. Death-Angel holds Chad Mason up with one hand, then swings the steel chair at him with the other, smashing him to the head.

Greed - Vicious one handed chair shot from the largest man on earth, more than likely.

Death-Angel grabs Chad Mason by his feet and drags him out from behind the announcers table. Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then up for a military press, holding him overhead. Death-Angel runs with Chad Mason and throws him into the ring post, ribs first. Chad Mason hit’s the post and falls straight down, hitting his face against the ring steps. Tommy Cornell scoots in front of the front row, then jumps the rail landing in his chair.

Cornell - When Alison booked this match… was it supposed to be to punish Death-Angel?

Greed - I think so, she must not have thought it out.

Death-Angel kicks Chad Mason with the point of his toe to the ribs, then lifts him off the steps. Death-Angel military presses Chad Mason again and throws him towards the guardrail. Chad Mason hits chest first and falls to the ground.

Cornell - Alison, next time book Death-Angel in a match where he can’t kick the shit out of his opponent.

Greed - Like?

Cornell - A ladder match. A…

Greed - What match can’t a giant like Death-Angel dominate?

Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then runs him towards the ring post as hard as he can. Chad Mason hit’s the post at top speed. He spins off it after colliding with it and he falls to the ground, rolling towards the ramp.

Cornell - Death-Angel isn’t even trying and he’s fucking Chad Mason up. A lot of people look at Death-Angel’s win over Brenton Cyrus at the pay per view as an upset, but how is it an upset to lose to this monster? No one should be able to beat him!

Greed - He’s had one of the greatest years of anyone in NLWF, it’s time for people to stop underestimating Death-Angel!

Death-Angel walks towards Chad Mason, then stomps him across the back. Death-Angel reaches down and lifts Chad Mason up, easily. Death-Angel punches Chad Mason to the back of his head, sending him staggering up the ramp, before falling down again.

Cornell - Death-Angel is so consistent on his attack, the referee can’t even start the last man standing count.

Death-Angel drops down and puts Chad Mason in the STF. He locks Chad Mason up in the Anaconda Crossface and wrenches back on the hold.

Cornell - DARKNESS! Chad Mason is starting to black out, and soon he’ll be consumed by darkness!

Greed - Sick submission hold, 600 pounds laying across Chad Mason on the ramp!

Death-Angel smashes Chad Mason face first down into the ramp, then wrenches back on the hold again. Death-Angel releases the STF, then stands up with Chad Mason in a cobra clutch. Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason up, spinning him out of the cobra clutch in mid air. Death-Angel hits Chad Mason with a huge uppercut on the way down.

Cornell - Goodnight!

Greed - Anything Death-Angel does to you could kill you! He’s a dangerous monster!

Death-Angel drags Chad Mason to the top of the stage. Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then he grabs him by his throat. Death-Angel lifts Chad Mason up and he choke slams him down in the center of the stage, laying hi out like an X. Death-Angel points at the referee.

Cornell - Death-Angel is ready to end the match now, and he tells the referee to make the count.

Greed - After that massive choke slam, I don’t blame him.

The referee begins to count out the fallen Chad Mason.

-1- -2- -3- -4-

Chad Mason lifts his arm up.

Cornell - Stay down you idiot!

Greed - He must be a masochist.

Death-Angel walks over and grabs Chad Mason’s arm. He lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then lifts him up for a military press. Death-Angel looks down at the stage, then turns around and looks to the side of the stage.

Cornell - He’s going to toss him off!

Greed - Send that asshole to hell!

Death-Angel walks towards the side of the stage then stands at the edge. He looks down at the tables covered in papers and equipment. Death-Angel throws Chad Mason, but he falls out the back landing behind him, staggering back towards the center of the stage.

Cornell - Damn it! That little fuck escaped!

Greed - It’s alright, he’s taken a beating that not even he could come back from.

Death-Angel turns around and Chad Mason runs at him. Chad Mason tackles Death-Angel and both men falls off the stage, landing through tables and electrical equipment.

Cornell - …

Greed - MASON TACKLE! I’m starting to think Chuck Matthews doesn’t have the best spear anymore.


The referee stands at the edge of the stage looking at both men, laid out on the arena floor, broken table pieces and papers covering them. The referee raises his arms and begins to count.

-1- -2- -3-

Cornell - He’s counting both men down?

Greed - They are both down.

-4- -5- -6-

Cornell - I just remembered how people beat Death-Angel! It’s because he’s retarded! Because he’s the stupidest man alive! It’s because, although he could easily destroy everyone, he’s too fucking dumb to dominated!

Greed - Well, he’s not smart.

-7- -8- -9-

Cornell - Draw?

Both men still lay, motionless.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Neither man could answer the count, this match is a Draw!

Cornell - Not a win, not a loss, but a draw.

Greed - Tommy, what if Death-Angel goes back and rewatches this match, sees how you called him stupid.

Cornell - I’m not afraid of Death-Angel, he knows where I am, every week from 9-11! Wink

Greed - I get the feeling we’ll be seeing you running for your life again, every soon!

Legacy fades away to commercials, the final shot showing Death-Angel and Chad Mason trying to get up.

Legacy returns backstage with Death-Angel going ballistic, destroying everything he can get his hands on. He grabs a table and lifts it up, then tosses it into the wall. He smashes his fist into the wall, putting it right through, leaving a massive hole.


Death-Angel kicks over a trash bin, then walks over and flips a dumpster over to its side. Death-Angel turns around and looks at Corey Casey who’s leaning against a wall, watching him.

Corey Casey
Having fun?

Death-Angel doesn’t move of respond.

Corey Casey
I have a proposition for you, and I think you’ll want to hear it.

Death-Angel remains motionless, his mask hides his face.

Corey Casey
How about you join Bad Company, and unleash your full potential.

Death-Angel begins laughing.

Corey Casey
Laugh all you want. At the end of the day, Bad Company has the gold, the company, we’ve got it all. Watch my mat
ch up next against TJ Tilli, then think about joining us. Chuck won tonight, I’ll win tonight, but what about you?

Death-Angel stops laughing and he walks towards Corey Casey who just smiles. Death-Angel smashes his fist into the wall by Corey Casey’s face.

Why would I join you? You’re on my list!

Corey Casey smiles.

Corey Casey
That’s exactly why you should join us. Would want you to end up getting crucified by me, again.

Corey Casey walks past Death-Angel and the shot cuts to ringside where TJ Tilli waits.

Cornell - Corey Casey is the second best in the NLWF currently, he’s ranked number two and with a nice win streak going, he aims to keep it that way.

Greed - Poor TJ Tilli, he’s about to get destroyed by the man who will dethrone Nick Ridicule!

The lights in the arena go out and a video begins rolling on the big screen. It shows a man sitting in a padded room rocking back and forth. The man is strapped into a straitjacket and you can hear him laughing to himself. He suddenly lifts his head and you can see Corey Casey's face as he flashes the camera a wicked smile. Suddenly, the opening of "69 Tea" blasts out of the house PA system and blue fireworks erupt from either side of the stage

Lonely in this white room, there are pads everywhere
Chafing straitjacket, I won’t die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don’t care if I’m lost
Don’t tell me that you’re all better
I don’t care if you are Don’t tell me that you’re trendsetters
I don’t care if you are

The camera shows Corey Casey standing on top of the stage, his arms out to either side. As the verse continues Corey turns around, a smirk on his face, as he looks out at the crowd who greet him with boo's.

Lowly with my head bowed, there are rats everywhere
feed me bread and water
I won't die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don't care if i'm lost

Corey confidently walks down the entrance ramp as fans continue to rain boo's down on him. He walks up the ring steps and steps in between the middle and top rope.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Don't tell me that you're trendsetters
I don't care if you are

Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill

Corey climbs the nearest turnbuckle and holds his arms out to either side. His smirk on confidence widens as he looks out over the crowd.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill
Say you will (say you will) take my pills (take my pills)
Say you will (say you will) faking ill...

Corey turns and jumps down from the turnbuckle and faces his opponent.

Cornell - I wont deny, Corey Casey has been great lately and I would love to see him meet up with Nick Ridicule at some point this month.

Greed - He’ll finally beat Nick Ridicule and NLWF will belong to Bad Company! Who knows, he might even give Chuck the Undisputed Title, to repay him.

The referee calls for the bell.

Submission Match

Corey Casey #2vs#7 TJ Tilli

[Ding Ding Ding]

Corey Casey runs across the ring at top speed. TJ Tilli prepares himself in his corner, as Corey Casey runs in. Corey Casey jumps with a flying knee that hits TJ Tilli to the face, sending him staggering into the corner. Corey Casey grabs TJ Tilli by his throat.

Cornell - Death Clutch!

Greed - I love that flying knee he uses!

Corey Casey hits TJ Tilli with an elbow as he holds him against the turnbuckles by his throat. Corey Casey unloads punches hitting TJ Tilli to the face, battering him up. TJ Tilli lifts his legs up and locks in a triangle choke on Corey Casey.

Cornell - That Triangle counter has ruined the death clutch!

Greed - Until now, watch this!

Corey Casey swings TJ Tilli out of the corner and power bombs him down to the mat. Corey Casey grabs the legs of TJ Tilli, under his arms, then turns him over for a Boston crab.

Cornell - Asylum Walls counter to the Triangle Choke!

Greed - I told him about that! Ha ha!

Corey Casey drops down, putting his knee down on the back of TJ Tilli’s head.

Cornell - Asylum Walls built nice and tall, surrounding TJ Tilli in the center of the ring!

Greed - No escape in this submission match, just tap out TJ.

TJ Tilli lifts his arm up and then drops it down and taps out. Corey Casey leaves the hold locked on as the referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, Corey Casey!

Corey Casey release the hold and the referee raises his arm. Corey Casey grabs the referee by the throat and punches him once, dropping him.

Cornell - That just shows how tough the NLWF wrestlers are. Referee, down in one shot, TJ Tilli down after several shots.

Greed - Corey Casey isn’t finished yet, he wants to send a message to Death-Angel and everyone else who is ranked. If you fuck with Corey Casey, you’re FUCKED!

Corey Casey leaves the ring and reaches underneath. He grabs a straitjacket, then slides into the ring with it. Corey Casey walks over and begins putting it on TJ Tilli. He gets it on him and tightens it, then locks him in the Boston crab again.

Cornell - Asylum walls and now TJ is being broken in half even more so than before.

Greed - How does that feel TJ? How does it feel to not be able to defend yourself or escape? Are you going insane from the pain!? Ha ha!

Corey Casey cranks back, then release him. Corey Casey puts his foot on the back of TJ Tilli’s head as he holds his arms out to the side.

Cornell - Bad Company goes undefeated at Legacy!

Greed - Another great night, to be bad!

The shot fades on Corey Casey looking up with his arms out to the side, boos drowning out the entire arena.

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Re: Revolution 32: Legacy 17: Top Ten Showcase: August 3rd, 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on August 6th 2010, 5:43 pm

The shot shows the arena entrance where Ashley Ridicule is just arriving. She has a dissatisfied look on her face, and she stares at the ground in front of her as she walks I, dragging her bag behind her. Jazmine Ortiz steps in front of her and Ashley Ridicule looks at her, pissed off.

Jazmine Ortiz
Before you go shoving me, like you did last week, I just want an interview with you!

Ashley Ridicule
I am NOT, in the mood to be interviewed by you. Get out of my way.

Jazmine Ortiz
I just want to know how you feel about taking over Nick’s portion of NLWF!

Ashley Ridicule

Jazmine Ortiz
Earlier on he announced that he signed his share over to you!

Ashley Ridicule looks confused. She stares at the ground, seemingly trying to figure things out.

Ashley Ridicule
I need to talk to him.

Ashley Ridicule walks away.

Jazmine Ortiz
When was the last time you did?

Ashley Ridicule ignores her and the shot cuts to ringside.

The arena lights go off as the intro to "Gently" plays. Shadow Demon walks out and pauses. When the intro finishes he raises his hands as pyro's go off on either side of him. He walks slowly down the ramp and climbs in the ring.

Cornell - Shadow Demon versus Brenton Cyrus here tonight should be an amazing co main event, even though both men are coming off losses.

Greed - They fought in an amazing rivalry last year, in some amazing matches, now they look to add another on to the series.

Brenton Cyrus walks out onto the stage and does his God pose at the top of the ramp. Sparks rain down all around him as the fans give him a mixed reaction.

Cornell - We all know Legacy fans hate Salvation, Brenton Cyrus became a hero here when Salvation ended originally and he was traded.

Greed - Now these fans are looking at the Uprising of Salvation and Brenton Cyrus bowing for Death-Angel.

Brenton Cyrus walks down the ramp, then walks up the ring steps. Her walks across the apron, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Brenton Cyrus does his God pose again, then climbs into the ring.

Cornell - Here we go, one more time, these NLWF legends will put on a show!

Greed - The 2009 Resurrection of Respect Main event!

The lights in the arena shut off.

Cornell - Oh shit!

Greed - He’s coming to get you Tommy!

The lights in the arena turn back on and Death-Angel is between Tommy Cornell and John Greed.

Cornell - HOW THE FUCK!

Greed - RUN TOMMY!

Tommy Cornell stands up to run buy Death-Angel doesn’t move. Tommy Cornell walks over and pokes Death-Angel, then sits back down.

Cornell - I think he wants to watch the match.

Greed - Be careful, it’s only one bite to be eaten by Death-Angel!

The referee looks at both men, then calls for the bell.Instant Classic: Legacy Throwback Match

Brenton CyrusUnrankedvsUnranked Shadow Demon

[Ding Ding Ding]

Brenton Cyrus and Shadow Demon walk to the center of the ring and shake hands. They separate and circle around each other. Shadow Demon throws a few jabs that are easily avoided by Brenton Cyrus.

Cornell - Death, what do you think of this co main event for Legacy?

Greed - I don’t think he’s here to talk.

Shadow Demon comes in with a few punches that land. Brenton Cyrus ties up with Shadow Demon. Shadow Demon hits Brenton Cyrus with an uppercut, then sends him to the ropes. Brenton Cyrus hit’s the ropes and rebounds, running right into a back body drop from Shadow Demon.

Cornell - Nice back body drop from Shadow, both of these guys need a win in the worst way.

Greed - Both are unranked in a month where the ranks are more important than ever, they are missing out on the big time action.

Shadow Demon drops down, driving a forearm into the face on Brenton Cyrus on the mat. Shadow Demon pins Brenton Cyrus hooking his leg.


Brenton Cyrus kicks out, then stands up. Shadow Demon hits him with a shot to the ribs, then a right hook that lands on the jaw. Shadow Demon hooks Brenton Cyrus for a suplex, then lifts him up and drops him across the top rope, stomach first.

Cornell - Inverted suplex, leaving Brenton hanging across the top rope.

Greed - Shadow Demon is mixing up his attacks and strikes nicely.

Shadow Demon climbs to the top turnbuckle as Brenton Cyrus teeters across the top rope. Shadow Demon jumps off the top turnbuckle and leg drops Brenton Cyrus to the back of the head, knocking him back into the ring. Shadow Demon rolls over and pins Brenton Cyrus.


Brenton Cyrus kicks out.

Cornell - Another two count, still not enough to put Brenton away here.

Greed - But he’s got a great attack going, he just needs to stay on him.

Shadow Demon lifts Brenton Cyrus to his feet and he pushes him into the corner. Shadow Demon steps in throwing punches, two shots to the body, then two shots to the face, before climbing up to the middle turnbuckle. Shadow Demon stands above Brenton Cyrus and begins to unload punches into the head as the crowd counts along.

“1” “2” “3” “4” “5” “6” “7” “8” “9” “10!”

Shadow Demon jumps down, holding the hand of Brenton Cyrus. Shadow Demon pulls Brenton Cyrus out of the corner and clotheslines him down.

Cornell - Shadow Demon with an offensive onslaught, can he beat Brenton?

Greed - He’s got the pin.

Shadow Demon pins Brenton Cyrus.


Brenton Cyrus kicks out.

Cornell - Not enough to finish Cyrus, what do you think Shadow Demon has to do, DA?

Greed - I’m telling you, he’s not going to answer you, and if he does, it’ll probably be to eat you!

Shadow Demon stands up and walks to the corner. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and Brenton Cyrus stands up. Brenton Cyrus runs and climbs up to the top turnbuckle with Shadow Demon. Brenton Cyrus hits Shadow Demon with a European uppercut, then hooks his head for a cutter.

Cornell - He’s going for a super epiphany on Shadow Demon!

Greed - That would end this match, I’m sure.

Shadow Demon hits Brenton Cyrus to the ribs with a huge right hand. Shadow Demon hooks Brenton Cyrus for a reverse DDT, then jumps off the top turnbuckle. Shadow Demon flips over Brenton Cyrus and brings him down into the ring with a stunner. Brenton Cyrus bounces over the ropes and falls to the ring apron.

Cornell - Flip Shadow Crusher from the top rope!

Greed - But Brenton Cyrus rolls out of the ring from the impact!

Shadow Demon stands up, then runs to the ropes. He rebounds and runs across the ring, then baseball slide dropkicks Brenton Cyrus, sending him falling off the apron, to the ringside floor.

Cornell - Brenton lands a few feet away from our announce table, he’s starting to take a beating.

Greed - Things aren’t looking good for him right now.

Shadow Demon grabs the top rope as he watches Brenton Cyrus try to stand up. Brenton Cyrus stands up and Shadow Demon flips over the ropes at him, taking him down.

Cornell - Death, who do you want to win this match? I would love to get your expert opinion on the happenings of the NLWF…

Greed - It’s like talking to a tree Tommy, just call the match as if he wasn’t even here.

Shadow Demon stands up with Brenton Cyrus, then rolls him into the ring. Shadow Demon climbs up to the apron, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

Cornell - He could be going for that swanton bomb, made famous by the original NLWF Australians.

Greed - Shadow Demon and K.I.D love this move, if he hits, it’s all over.

Shadow Demon stands up, then flips off the top turnbuckle down onto the Brenton Cyrus who puts his knees up. Shadow Demon hit’s the knees of Brenton Cyrus and rolls to his feet. Brenton Cyrus stands up slowly behind him, then hooks him for a back suplex. Brenton Cyrus lifts Shadow Demon up for a back suplex, then clotheslines him out of mid air, down to the mat.

Cornell - Brenton puts his knees up avoiding the swanton, then he hits him with the North Mason Money Maker!

Greed - That move is more valuable than most of the men on the NLWF roster.

Brenton Cyrus drops an arm over the chest of Shadow Demon.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Cornell - The original finisher of Brenton Cyrus, not enough to win tonight.

Greed - But at least he’s not getting his ass kicked anymore.

Brenton Cyrus stands up and jumps up, then falls, driving his knee into the face of Shadow Demon. Brenton Cyrus stands up and does his God pose, then drops another knee down into his face. Brenton Cyrus pins Shadow Demon, driving his forearm across his face.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Cornell - Brenton has the advantage, and once he gets it, he’s a threat to end the match at any moment.

Greed - Very true, not only that, once he gets it, he rarely gives it back.

Brenton Cyrus lifts Shadow Demon to his feet and connects a European uppercut, sending him staggering to the ropes. Shadow Demon rebounds and walks into a dropkick from Brenton Cyrus.

Cornell - Picture perfect dropkick, feet to face!

Greed - No one does the dropkick better.

Brenton Cyrus pins Shadow Demon.


Shadow Demon kicks out and Brenton Cyrus lifts him up. Brenton Cyrus whips Shadow Demon to the corner and he hits it hard. Shadow Demon staggers forward holding his back and Brenton Cyrus runs and clotheslines him down, following it up with a knee to the face.

Cornell - This is the methodical Brenton Cyrus who was the most dominant World Champion ever.

Greed - He never got a chance to take the momentum against Death-Angel last week, tonight is a different story.

Brenton Cyrus lifts Shadow Demon up and sets him up for an STO. Brenton Cyrus wins around with Shadow Demon, whipping him down, face first into the mat.

Cornell - A new day from Brenton Cyrus, his favorite Legacy finishing move!

Greed - Shadow lands on the side of his face, he’s hurt bad!

Brenton Cyrus quickly pins Shadow Demon.


Shadow Demon puts his foot on the bottom rope.

Cornell - Crafty clown!

Greed - Shadow Demon survives.

Brenton Cyrus stands up looking down at Shadow Demon. Brenton Cyrus lifts Shadow Demon up and is lifted to his shoulders immediately.

Cornell - Shadow Demon has Brenton Cyrus up!

Greed - Could be the fireman’s carry into the Shadow Crusher!

Shadow Demon spins Brenton Cyrus around into the Shadow Crusher, but he lands on his feet. Brenton Cyrus spins Shadow Demon around and jumps up, catching him with a cutter of his out.

Cornell - EPIPHANY!

Greed - What a reversal!

Brenton Cyrus pins Shadow Demon, hooking both legs.


Shadow Demon barely kicks out.

Cornell - Now you know why these two are co main eventing! What a match to add to the others!

Greed - Right now it seems like one more big move will be enough for either man after a great match like this one.

Brenton Cyrus stands up and backs up to the corner. Brenton Cyrus grabs onto the ropes, then stomps his right foot once.

Cornell - This would do it, the punt kick!

Greed - We’ve seen so many knocked out by this perfect and precise kick to the temple.

Shadow Demon pushes up on the mat and Brenton Cyrus runs at him. Shadow Demon stands up as Brenton Cyrus fires off the kick, and he lifts him up to his shoulders. Shadow Demon spins Brenton Cyrus around, down into a stunner.


Greed - Cyrus is out on his feet, it connected, but he wont go down!

Shadow Demon stands up and springboards off the ropes with a superman punch. Brenton Cyrus ducks and catches Shadow Demon up on his shoulders. Brenton Cyrus throws Shadow Demon up and brings him down face first into a knee to the face.


Greed - They are going toe to toe with huge moves, Shadow doesn’t go down from the amazing vicious betrayal!

Brenton Cyrus spins around and jumps, catching Shadow Demon with a cutter. Brenton Cyrus rolls over and stands up, then punt kicks Shadow Demon to the skull. Brenton Cyrus rolls Shadow Demon over and pins him.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Cornell - What a match!

Greed - A Legacy Classic!

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, Brenton Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus stands up slowly and backs into the corner. He looks over his shoulder towards the announce table where Death-Angel is now standing.

Cornell - I really hope he doesn’t smash me to the top of the head.

Greed - Yeah, that would probably kill you.

Brenton Cyrus turns around and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, he does his God pose as the fans in the arena take pictures. Legacy fades to commercials.

Legacy returns backstage where Ryan Hawk is surrounded by Bad Company and it’s security force. Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey stand in front of Ryan Hawk, blocking his path. They hold their tag team titles as he holds his Rising Star championship.

Ryan Hawk
What do you guys want? I’m in the biggest match of my life up next.

Chuck Matthews
That’s what we wanted to talk to you about. Corey has already talked with Death-Angel, I tried talking to Nick. Now we’re here to talk to you, about joining Bad Company.

Ryan Hawk
No thanks.

Ryan Hawk tries to walk around them, but Corey Casey puts his hand on his chest.

Corey Casey
All you have to do is go out, and fight Nick Ridicule. After the match, you can make your decision, alright?

Ryan Hawk

Bad Company parts and lets Ryan Hawk walk past. The shot cuts to ringside, where the steel cage is set up.

Cornell - It’s Main Event time finally, Nick Ridicule defends one of the three major titles against Ryan Hawk!

Greed - The Undisputed Championship is going to be on the line, Ryan Hawk will have a shot to become champion without defending the Rising Star title five times.

Shark Ethic by Most Precious Blood begins to play throughout the arena. The fans begin to chant along with the song, before finally Nick Ridicule comes out, carrying a belt on each shoulder, with the Undisputed Championship around his waist.

Christa Dudley - The following match is the Main Event of the evening and it is a Steel Cage Match! Introducing first, from Miami, Florida. Weighing in at 205 poinds and standing 6’3” He is the reigning No Limit Wrestling Federation and World Heavyweight Champion, and is the Reigning and Defending NLWF Undisputed Champion, Nick Ridicule!

Nick Ridicule finishes walking down the ramp, then he walks up the steps and enters the steel cage.

Cornell - Can Ryan Hawk, pull off a huge upset victory here, and become one of the top guys in NLWF?

Greed - We’re about to find out!

*One Step Closer by Linkin Park plays*


Ryan Hawk walks out and stands at the top of the stage. He then slowly raises his arms above his head and points up

I cannot take this anymore
Saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
You'll find that out anyway

Just like before…

Hawk walks down the entrance ramp smiling and looks out at the crowd

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
I'm about to break

Hawk stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp and looks around the arena again.

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Just like before...

Apollos runs to one corner of the apron and jumps on the apron and looks at the crowd.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Apollos climbs to the top turnbuckle and points into the air. He then jumps over the top rope and into the ring as the music dies down.

Christa Dudley - and the opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Standing 6’2” and weighing in at 230 Pounds. He is the reigning Rising Star Champion, Ryan Hawk!

Cornell - Both men coming off impressive wins at Resurrection of Respect, but here tonight only one man can win!

Greed - Nick Ridicule looks fired up, but so does Ryan Hawk!

The referee holds up the NLWF Undisputed Championship, then he calls for the bell.

NLWF Undisputed Championship

Nick Ridicule #1vs#6 Ryan Hawk

[Ding Ding Ding]

Nick Ridicule runs out of his corner and his throws a flurry of punches at Ryan Hawk. Nick Ridicule connects a Nick Kick to the chest of Ryan Hawk, sending him into the corner. Nick Ridicule runs in and hits Ryan Hawk with a forearm to the face.

Cornell - An aggressive Nick Ridicule to start the steel cage main event.

Greed - An aggressive Nick Ridicule, is an easily reversible Nick Ridicule.

Nick Ridicule grabs Ryan Hawk by the back of his head and runs across the ring with him. Nick Ridicule sends Ryan Hawk face first into the cage wall. Nick Ridicule doesn’t let him go, and spins around with him. Nick Ridicule runs with Ryan Hawk and sends him face first into the other cage wall. Ryan Hawk bounces off and falls in the center of the ring.

Cornell - He’s caged with an animal!

Greed - I thought for sure Nick Ridicule would be showing the affects of a war with Chuck Matthews, but he’s looking unstoppable as always.

Nick Ridicule stomps Ryan Hawk to the back then puts him in a camel clutch. Nick Ridicule unloads a punches into the face on Ryan Hawk from the camel clutch position, then lifts him to his feet. Nick Ridicule jumps up, wrapping his hands around the neck of Ryan Hawk, and pulling him down into a a double knee backbreaker.

Cornell - That was brutal! Created by his uncle Frank Hart, Ridicule hits his version of the Hart backbreaker.

Greed - That was an awesome backbreaker, Ryan Hawk is hurt badly.

Nick Ridicule pins Ryan Hawk.


Ryan Hawk kicks out.

Cornell - Last week I called Ryan Hawk, “The resilient one” It’s because the guy can take a beating and keep fighting.

Greed - That’s not a good thing though is it? I mean, no one wants to be the best at getting their ass kicked.

Nick Ridicule lifts Ryan Hawk to his feet and he throws him face first into the cage wall again. Nick Ridicule holds Ryan Hawk against the cage wall, then steps back and Nick Kicks him to the back of the head. Nick Ridicule grabs the ropes, and leaves his foot on the back of Ryan Hawk’s head, pushing him into the cage wall.

Cornell - Ryan Hawk is starting to bleed! He was becoming a guy I could cheer for, but watching Nick kick his ass makes me wonder.

Greed - It’s Nick Ridicule, he’s on another level.

Nick Ridicule pulls his foot off the back of Ryan Hawk’s head, letting him fall down to the mat. Nick Ridicule grabs onto the cage wall and begins to climb up towards the top.

Cornell - The champion is escaping!

Greed - I don’t blame him, easy title defense.

Nick Ridicule stops as he steps across the top rope. Nick Ridicule looks over his shoulder down at Ryan Hawk, blood starting to flow from a cut on his head. Nick Ridicule turns around, then jumps off the top rope and leg drops Ryan Hawk.

Cornell - Guillotine leg drop from the champion. Can you really be considered a rising star, if you’ve been here a year like Ryan has?

Greed - I guess so.. Although it doesn’t make much sense.

Nick Ridicule stands up, lifting Ryan Hawk. Nick Ridicule whips Ryan Hawk to the ropes, then catches him with a power slam on the rebound. Nick Ridicule runs towards the cage wall and slams Ryan Hawk against it, then spins around and power slams him in the center of the ring.

Cornell - Nick Ridicule using his surrounding perfectly. At what point do we just jump on his bandwagon, and make him our favorite wrestler?

Greed - We’re supposed to be hell announcers, but it’s so hard no to like Nick Ridicule.

Nick Ridicule stands up and walks towards the corner. Nick Ridicule climbs to the top turnbuckle and moonsaults off, landing on Ryan Hawk in the center of the ring. Nick Ridicule stands up and walks to the corner again ,then climbs up.

Cornell - What talent shown by Ridicule, perfect moonsault and now he can escape with ease.

Greed - Way to ruin all of Ryan Hawk’s momentum.

Nick Ridicule climbs up the corner of the cage top the top of the walls. He stands up, then looks down at Ryan Hawk. Nick Ridicule moonsaults off the top of the cage out of the corner and he lands on Ryan Hawk down in the ring. Nick Ridicule bounces off of Ryan Hawk upon Impact.

“Holy shit!” “Holy shit!” “Holy shit!” “Holy shit!” “Holy shit!”

Cornell - Moonsault from off of that 15 foot tall cage wall!

Greed - I don’t care how resilient Ryan Hawk is, he’s getting massacred!

Nick Ridicule holds his stomach down on the mat, beside Ryan Hawk who lays motionless. Ashley Ridicule rushes down the ramp and makes it ringside. She grabs onto the cage wall and screams for Nick Ridicule to get up.

Cornell - Things just got a ton worse for Ryan Hawk, now that Ashley is out here.

Greed - We’ve seen Nick destroy people so many times under the influence of his wife, poor Ryan.

Nick Ridicule pushes up to his hands and knees. He looks and sees Ashley Ridicule outside the cage, then he stands up. Nick Ridicule stares at her, then backs into the corner. Ryan Hawk starts to get up and Nick Ridicule stalks him.

Cornell - Ryan has no idea that he’s about to have his bloody head kicked off his shoulders!

Greed - He’s about to.

Ryan Hawk stands up and Nick Ridicule runs at him. Nick Ridicules throws a Nick Kick, but it’s ducked underneath by Ryan Hawk. Ryan Hawk turns around and grabs Nick Ridicule by the back of his head, then sends him into the cage wall.

Cornell - Hawk reverses!

Greed - … Maybe Ashley was a distraction instead.

Ryan Hawk pins Nick Ridicule.


Nick Ridicule kicks out.

Cornell - Nowhere near enough to get even a two count.

Greed - At least he’s not getting his ass kicked anymore.

Ryan Hawk stands up lifting Nick Ridicule to his feet. Nick Ridicule throws a massive uppercut that hits Ryan Hawk under the jaw and sends him falling backwards. Ryan Hawk rebounds and Nick Ridicule kicks him to the stomach. Nick Ridicule sets up the power bomb, then lifts Ryan Hawk up into crucifix position.

Cornell - He’s going to send him into the cage wall!

Greed - Nice try Hawk, but tonight is not your night!

Nick Ridicule runs forward and Ryan Hawk slips out the back. He turns around and locks Nick Ridicule in the cobra clutch.

Cornell - Blackout! The move no one but Brenton Cyrus has escaped from in over a year!

Greed - Nick Ridicule is a submission expert, he’ll get out of it.

Ryan Hawk runs forward, pushing Nick Ridicule. He releases the cobra clutch and sends Nick Ridicule into the cage wall. Ryan Hawk runs to the ropes and hits Nick Ridicule with a massive shoulder block as he rebounds off the cage.


Greed - Holy shit!

Both men lay out on the mat. Ryan Hawk starts to get up and crawl Nick Ridicule. Ryan Hawk stops, then stands up and turns around. Ryan Hawk begins climbing up the steel cage wall. Ryan Hawk makes it to the top rope and starts climbing up the cage.

Cornell - He knew he wouldn’t get the pin on Ridicule, so he goes for the escape.

Greed - Good thinking.

Nick Ridicule kips up to his feet and runs towards the cage wall. Nick Ridicule jumps up to the top rope and turns around. He hooks the arms of Ryan Hawk for the crucifix power bomb.

Cornell - Nick Ridicule is going to power bomb him off the wall!

Greed - Hold on Hawk!

Ryan Haw holds on to the top of the cage wall, trying to escape still. Nick Ridicule throws back elbows to the ribs of Ryan Hawk who releases his grip. Nick Ridicule launches Ryan Hawk off the top rope with the crucifix power bomb, sending him flying over the ring, crashing into the opposite wall.


Cornell - Oh my god! From one side of the ring, power bombed to the other!

Greed - Nick Ridicule is lucky he didn’t send Ryan Hawk through the cage wall, he would have won.

Nick Ridicule stands up and walks towards the cage door. Nick Ridicule touches the door, then looks down at Ryan Hawk.

Cornell - Escape!

Greed - I don’t think he’s done.

Nick Ridicule walks over and lifts Ryan Hawk up off the mat. Nick Ridicule sets Ryan Hawk up for the crucifix power bomb again and he runs with him. Nick Ridicule smashes Ryan Hawk into the cage wall, but doesn’t power bomb him.

Cornell - He’s torturing Ryan Hawk.

Greed - He said he would show everyone the difference between ranked number six and ranked number one!

Nick Ridicule runs and power bombs Ryan Hawk into the other cage wall, still not dropping him. Nick Ridicule turns around and throws Ryan Hawk, letting him crash down in the center of the ring. Nick Ridicule walks over and kicks the door to the cage open.

Cornell - Now he’s ready to escape.

Greed - It’s all over.

Nick Ridicule leaves the ring to the apron, then walks down the ring steps to the ringside floor. The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Christa Dudley - Here is your winner, and STILL the Undisputed Champion, Nick Ridicule.

Cornell - Nick Ridicule with a dominant defense of his Undisputed Title, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Greed - He's the best in the NLWF.

Ashley Ridicule approaches Nick Ridicule, who’s suddenly attacked from behind by Bad Company who jump the guardrail.

Cornell - Sneak attack!

Greed - Bad Company is going to make sure Nick has a bad night.

Ashley Ridicule steps forward and slaps Corey Casey across the face. Corey Casey lifts his fist up and swings at her, but is blocked by Chuck Matthews. The security force makes its way down the ramp and grabs Ashley Ridicule, pulling her away. Chuck Matthews holds his hand up and the stop.

Cornell - Chuck saves Ashley from being punched, and now he wants the security force to make her watch what they do to Nick Ridicule!

Greed - They are going to destroy him!

Chuck Matthews sends Nick Ridicule back inside the steel cage. Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey grabs chairs from under the ring, then they enter the cage, closing the door behind them. Ashley Ridicule struggles to break free but can’t.

Cornell - No one can save Nick Ridicule, he’s all alone, trapped in a cage with Bad Company!

Greed - The perfectly set trap has worked, Nick Ridicule is in a bad position.

Nick Ridicule stands up and takes a chair shot to the ribs from Chuck Matthews, followed by a chair shot to the top of the head from Corey Casey. Bad Company looks at Ryan Hawk who’s using the ropes to get to his feet.

Cornell - I bet Ryan Hawk will take up Bad Companies offer to join now!

Greed - If he doesn’t he’s a fool!

Ryan Hawk looks at Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey, then he looks at Nick Ridicule trying to get up. Corey Casey points at Nick Ridicule, looking at Ryan Hawk, who shakes his head. Ryan Hawk steps forward and hits Corey Casey to the face with a big right hand. Chuck Matthews swings his steel chair and takes Ryan Hawk out.

Cornell - What a chair shot!

Greed - Bad Company now has two guys to destroy!

Corey Casey hits Ryan Hawk across the back with the steel chair, while Chuck Matthews lifts Nick Ridicule up to his feet. Chuck Matthews leans Nick Ridicule against the ropes, then uses them to ties his arms up. Chuck Matthews points at Ashley Ridicule, then hits Nick Ridicule to the head with the chair.

Cornell - Couldn’t even defend himself, trapped In the ropes.

Greed - Bad Company has destroyed everyone tonight!

Chuck Matthews hits Nick Ridicule with the chair again and the lights in the arena shut off.

Cornell - if he’s beside us again, I’m running for my life…

The lights turn back on and Death-Angel is in the ring with his hand around the throat of Ryan Hawk.

Greed - He’s joining Bad Company!

Death-Angel lifts Ryan Hawk, then drops him.

Cornell - wait a second…

Greed - Why didn’t he choke slam him?

Death-Angel rips his mask off revealing Death-Angel.

Cornell - That seemed kind of pointless, don’t you think?


Death-Angel smacks the steel chair out of the hands of Corey Casey, then grabs him by his throat. Death-Angel lifts Corey Casey up and takes a chair shot to the head from Chuck Matthews. Death-Angel drops Corey Casey and smacks the chair out of the hands of Chuck Matthews.

Cornell - That’s not the syco Devil, that’s just regular, old, burnt, ugly, Death-Angel!

Greed - Death Angel isn’t joining bad company, he’s destroying them!

Chuck Matthews takes a punch to the face, then he stands up and climbs the cage wall. Death-Angel helps Ryan Hawk to his feet and looks at Corey Casey who starts to escape. Death-Angel follows Corey Casey, while Ryan Hawk chases after Chuck Matthews.

Cornell - RETREAT!


Bad Company escapes the cage and walks up the ramp. Ryan Hawk and Death-Angel escape the cage and chase after them, fighting with security on the ramp as Bad Company watches from the top of the stage.

Cornell - All hell has broken loose!

Greed - Look inside the ring!

Knife to Know you emerges from the ring mat, and climbs up into the ring. Knife to Know you picks up the steel chair and points it at Nick Ridicule. Knife to Know you runs and smashes Nick Ridicule over the head with the chair.

Cornell - Knife to Know you is cutting up our champion!

Greed - He said he would make an impact, he’s doing what Cotton the Clown couldn’t!

Knife to Know you hits Nick Ridicule with the chair again, then wipes the blood from his forehead with his hand. Knife to Know you smears the blood of Nick Ridicule across his chest, then pulls him off of the ropes.

Cornell - Will he lobotomize Nick Ridicule?

Greed - This would be huge!

The lights in the arena shut off, then the entire arena turns dark green. A figure stands on top of one of the cage walls with his arms up. The lights turn back on and spotlight hits Aaron O’Shea who’s standing tall above the ring.

Cornell - OH NO!


Aaron O’Shea jumps off the cgae wall with a 450 degree cross body block, takinng down both Nick Ridicule and Knife to Know you.

Cornell - Wait, wait! He might be a member of Bad Company!

Greed - You really think so?

Cornell - He took Nick down on that cross body also! Not to mention he hates Nick Ridicule!

Greed - This is true!

Aaron O’Shea picks up the steel chair and motions for both men to stand up. Knife to Know you stands up, lifting Nick Ridicule up with him.

Cornell - Who will O’Shea hit?

Greed - Moment of truth!

Aaron O’Shea swings the steel chair and annihilates Knife to Know you. Nick Ridicule falls forward and Aaron O’Shea catches him, holding him up.


Cornell -These Legacy fans are going crazy, Aaron O’Shea has returned and he saved Nick Ridicule from sure destruction!

Greed - What a show!

Aaron O’Shea sets the steel chair up and sits Nick Ridicule down on it. Aaron O’Shea quickly scales the cage wall to the top and stands up, looking out at the crowd as they chant his name.


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Re: Revolution 32: Legacy 17: Top Ten Showcase: August 3rd, 2010

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