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Revolution 31: The Return Show: 7/19/10

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Revolution 31: The Return Show: 7/19/10

Post by Chuck Matthews on July 20th 2010, 3:55 am

“Welcome to Revolution XXX….the final show in NLWF.”

The words on the screen fade into highlights from the show, showing the war between Chad Mason and TJ Tilli. Nick Ridicule destroying Matt Gray. Taylor O’Day protecting Chuck Matthews from Jason Hawk. The battle royal. Death-Angel destroying Brain Savage while Carver Ocean watches. The Triple Cage. Chad Mason, Brenton Cyrus, and Jason Hawk holding the three major titles. Nick Ridicule holding all three major titles. Nick and Ashley Ridicule kissing in the ring.


Suddenly, the static stops, and the shot changes, showing the faces of Nick and Ashley. They’re surrounded by darkness, their faces illuminated by an unseen light.

Nick Ridicule
They said there would never be another NLWF show again.

Ashley Ridicule
They said it was the end of the line.

Nick Ridicule
They said the belts…these belts, that we have fought so hard to bring such prestige to…would be worthless.

Ashley Ridicule
They said we would lose our jobs.

Nick Ridicule
That the fans would never see our faces again.

Ashley Ridicule
We said,

Nick Ridicule
Fuck you.

The camera zooms out, showing Nick and Ashley standing in the middle of a dark room with a spotlight shining on them. The lights turn on, showing the thousands of fans in the arena, watching the couple in the ring. As soon as the lights are on, they begin screaming.


Cornell - Nick promised he would keep NLWF running. So far, so good. This place looks great!

Greed - The fans are as appreciative of having some high-quality entertainment as we are to still have our jobs.

Nick Ridicule
The NLWF was built on two things. First is the dedication of the employees. Whether you love them or hate them, whether they’re ego tripping assholes or are as humble as me, whether they win week after week, or can’t wrestle their way out of a paper bag, these guys bust their ass. When they don’t, they’re filtered out, one way or another. Everyone here has a part. Wrestler, cameraman, ring announcer, commentator, timekeeper, hot dog vendor…We all have a role, we all play a part in this great game that keeps NLWF alive and well. And for all the hard work, all the dedication, all the careful planning it takes, I say give these men and women a round of applause. Without them, there would be no NLWF. Without them, there would be no show tonight.

Nick tucks the microphone under his arm and he and Ashley begin clapping, as the audience cheers and applauds the NLWF employees. After a moment, Nick raises the microphone to his lips again.

Nick Ridicule
Now the second part. We have the staff…and we have the fans. At the end of the day, we can put on the best God damn show in the history of great shows, but it doesn’t mean anything without you all watching it. They said NLWF was over and done. I said it would live on, and you people were right there with me, wanting to see it happen. That may be more important than any cameraman, greater than any commentator, and maybe even better than the wrestlers themselves. The only ones who can truly decide when NLWF is dead are you fans, you people here in Chicago, and all of you watching at home.

The fans cheer, if possible, even louder.

Nick Ridicule
Tonight, we attempt what some might say is impossible. We move on, without Brenton Cyrus. Without Chuck Matthews. The two men who came here together, the two remaining NLWF originals, the two men that once claimed that they would stay with NLWF until the end. Instead, they turned their backs on the company, and for the first time since January of 2009, we find ourselves without either one of them. But I say it won’t stop us. NLWF has gone on without Brenton Cyrus. It’s gone on without Chuck Matthews. Now, it’ll go on without either one. I will fight with everything I have to keep this place alive, and to help me is my beautiful wife Ashley, and-

Nick keeps talking for a second, but quickly realizes his microphone has been cut off.

Cornell - What’s going on?

Greed - Maybe Nick forgot to pay the electric bill, and now they’re shutting off the audio?

The fans begin to boo loudly. Nick turns and looks at the screen above the stage, which shows Chuck Matthews sitting with his feet propped up on the desk in front of him. He’s twirling a pen between his fingers, smiling.

Chuck Matthews
Hey, what’s up little Nicky?

Nick crosses his arms across his chest, staring up at the screen.

Chuck Matthews
Contrary to popular belief, I’m still around. And I’ll admit, this is a hell of a show you got set up here, Nick. Unfortunately, we have a little problem. See, as of ten o’clock this morning, the Proving Grounds arena came under new management.

Greed - He didn’t.

Cornell - I think he did!

Chuck Matthews
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Matthews Enterprises newest acquisition. The Enterprise Arena!

Around the arena, the signs reading “Proving Grounds” shut off, the marquees replaced with “Enterprises.”

Chuck Matthews
So here’s the problem, Nick. While it’s true we own equal parts of this company…I don’t ever recall agreeing to a show in my building. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Tonight, the show will go on. But just like the Proving Grounds Arena? Revolution 31 is under new management.

The crowd erupts into boos as Chuck smiles at the camera. He leans across his desk.

Chuck Matthews
Oh. And welcome to Chicago.

Live from the Proving Grounds Enterprise Arena

Fireworks erupt all around the stage, circling the stage twice, then firing on both sides of the ramp, ending with jets of flame firing from each ring post. The camera pans the crowd, taking in their cheering, and some of the signs.

“Revo XXX, The Final Show. LOL WUT?” “RIDICULE FOR PRESIDENT” “I Came to see Chad Mason!” “I Came when I saw Chuck Matthews!” “Hour Long NLWF Champion? BEAT THAT!” “Bad Company: The Good. The Bad. Mostly the Bad.” “TILLI FTW!” “Does it Smell in Here? Cause NLWF is the Shit!” “Hawk Brothers > Ocean Brothers”

Cornell - Welcome to Revolution 31, the rise of NLWF, the huge comeback, the new beginning. NLWF lives on!

Greed - Yeah, and it took a grand total of about two minutes for Chuck Matthews to go fuck it up. Easy for him. Nick does all the work, he takes all the credit. What an asshole.

Cornell - Are you kidding? The man’s been here since the beginning. If anyone can run the show tonight, he’s the man to do it.

Greed - That remains to be seen. In any case, Nick set up a hell of a show tonight. We have two debut matches, followed by the Rising Star Championship tournament.

Cornell - And the main event for the night, Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk put their tag titles on the line against Bad Company in what is sure to be a match for the ages.

Greed - There’s never been so much bad blood in one match. Not only do all these men hate their opponents, their trust in their own teammate is shaky!

“World to Burn” begins to play, and the arena erupts into boos.

Cornell - And here comes our boss for tonight!

Greed - …

Chuck slides into the ring and picks up a microphone, raising it to his lips.

Samantha Praxton - Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the general manager for tonight, Chuck Matthews!

Chuck smiles at her.

Chuck Matthews
Great. Like I said before, welcome to the Enterprise Arena! Now…for those of you who haven’t caught on yet, tonight, I run the show. And I’m thinking we made a few changes.

Greed - Oh, come on!

Chuck Matthews
First of all. Samantha Praxton. Sammie, I love you to death, you’ve been more loyal to this company than anyone else I can name…but you’re getting sloppy. Lately, it’s been one fuck up after another. You know you’re supposed to announce my name BEFORE I’m about to talk, right? But no matter. It’s easily fixed. Samantha Praxton, you’re fired.

The crowd boos. Samantha looks shocked.

Greed - Samantha has done a fine job of announcing! What the fuck, Chuck?

Cornell - So far, Chuck’s doing great. I hate Praxton. Bye bye, bitch!

Chuck looks around at the crowd.

Chuck Matthews
Next up, you’ll notice the lack of security tonight. NLWF security is the shittiest security known to man. I refuse to have their incompetence in charge of keeping order in my building. So, if you didn’t notice, I’ve replaced NLWF security with my own Matthews Enterprise guards.

A number of men, all wearing heavy bulletproof vests and wearing dark helmets walk to the spots where security would normally be. In addition, a small squad of them walk down the ramp and stand at ringside.

Cornell - NLWF security is tough, but these Matthews Enterprise guys look downright intimidating. Are they allowed to be armed?

Greed - This is bullshit! How many people is this asshole going to put out of a job?

Chuck Matthews
Now, for the final change for tonight. John Greed, you really annoy the shit out of me. So tonight, I’d like you to take a vacation. Security, kindly escort Mr. Greed and Miss Praxton out of the arena.

The guards at ringside move to Greed and Praxton, motioning them to the back.

Chuck Matthews
Don’t worry, Tommy. I wouldn’t leave you all alone. I found a man who’s more than capable of commentating with you tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back ANDREW DAVIS!

Andrew walks out onto the stage, waving at the fans, who cheer him on.

Chuck Matthews
Enjoy the show.

He climbs between the ropes and heads up the ramp, nodding at Andrew as he passes.


Andrew takes a seat next to Tommy and puts on a headset.

Andrew - Good to be back in the saddle!

Tommy - …

Andrew extends his hand to Tommy.

Andrew - Good to see you again. How’s it going?

Tommy - …

Andrew shrugs and looks to the ring.

Andrew - Well…Chuck hired me to do a job, so I say let’s get moving. As my colleagues have already mentioned, tonight is looking to be a great show. But first thing’s first. Shad Moss makes his NLWF debut against Leon Lonewolf.

Tommy - Shad Moss is the newest addition to the NLWF roster, while Leon is…well, he’s only a few steps away from being added to the Legends of Fail roster.

Andrew - Oh, you’re talking now?

Tommy - …

Leon Lonewolf vs. Shad Moss

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by Black Mages plays through the arena and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears to a positive reaction. Leon makes his way down
the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Leon makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, posing for the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

Christa Dudley - The following is a one-fall match. Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 285 pounds…LEON LONEWOLF!!!

The cameras view the crowd from the roofs, then the view gradually draws closer as the camera zooms in and then the cameras rest on the ramp focused on the black curtains, then "No Matter What by T.I. blasts through the P.A system, just then the crowd rain boos with their glares fixed on the black curtains, in a few moments the Man who walks with the angels walks out the curtains with cautious steps, his face with a little smirk but then from the top of the ramp he looks at the crowd to his left, he watches some faces carefully as they boo and then sighs and with his eyes fixed on the ramp beneath him he walks down the ramp and then on reaching the ring area he slides into the ring and immediately walks to the closest turnbuckles and rests on it awaiting the beginning of his match up.

Christa Dudley - And the opponent, making his debut in NLWF. Weighing in at 220 pounds, and hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, please welcome SHAD MOSS!!!

Andrew - If you forgot, Christa Dudley, like myself, has previously worked in NLWF. She was the ring announcer on Friday Night Fusion, and it seems that she isn’t any less talented than she was before.

Tommy - Yeah, and also unlike you, Dudley still has a job after tonight. BOOYAH!

[Ding Ding Ding]

Shad charges across the ring and plants Leon down with a cross body. He immediately locks in a Boston crab, planting Lonewolf’s face into the mat.

Andrew - Generally, the rushing tactic doesn’t work too well, but it seems to have paid off for Mr. Moss.

Leon reaches for the ropes, but Shad drags him closer to the center of the ring. Leon reaches desperately. He kicks his legs as Shad tries to keep hold of them. Leon manages to kick Shad square in the jaw, and breaks free of the hold. He turns around only to get knocked back down with a huge clothesline from Shad. Shad places his boot on Leon’s face and scrapes it across his forehead. The crowd boos.

Andrew - Shad really getting the fans against him.

Tommy - Yeah, against Leon. Come on, when was the last time this guy had any success? He could be a top star, but he chooses the lazy route. I hope Shad kicks his ass.

Shad looks down at Leon and smirks. He runs to the ropes and bounces off with a lionsault.

Andrew - We’ve seen Leon use that move a number of times.

Shad drops and goes for a pin. The referee counts.



Leon kicks out. Shad frowns, and gets back to his feet. He lifts Leon up and throws him to the ropes. Leon ducks under Shad’s clothesline attempt and bouces off the opposite ropes. Shad turns around and Leon hts him with a shining wizard. Leon picks Shad up off the ground and onto his shoulders.

Tommy - You know, this is another thing that Leon has going for him. He’s not a very physically imposing man, but he has a lot of power. He doesn’t use it though!

Andrew - He’s using it now!

Leon runs to the corner with Shad on his shoulder. Shad wriggles free, landing behind Leon, and shoving him chest-first into the corner. Shad turns Leon around, and lifts him onto the top rope before planting him down with a huge DDT. Shad quickly covers.




Christa Dudley - Here is your winner…SHAD MOSS!

Andrew - Impressive debut for newcomer Shad Moss.

Tommy - Since when is beating Leon impressive?

Andrew shakes his head as Revolution goes to commercial.

Revolution returns to show a photo of Shadow Demon. A knife suddenly comes from off screen, digging itself dead center in the middle of his forehead. The camera spins to show a clown sitting on a barstool, next to a small end table. He picks up another knife and runs his thumb across the blade.

Knife to Know You
You may remember me…you may not. My name is Knife to Know You.

He throws the knife at the photo, hitting Shadow Demon between the eyes.

Knife to Know You
Shadow Demon is a has-been. People talk about the supposed death of NLWF. Where is your beloved Shadow Demon now?

He picks up another knife and tosses it in the air. It spins a few times, and Knife to Know You catches it, the blade right between his fingers. He takes it by the handle and throws it at the photo, hitting it in the throat.

Knife to Know You
At Resurrection of Respect, I’m throwing out the challenge. Shadow Demon, wherever you may be…You and me. You’ve become half the man you were, and I’ll prove it by destroying whatever’s left.

He picks up the last knife.

Knife to Know You
Oh, and Shadow? It’s been so knife knowing you…

He throws the knife. It twirls as it flies across the room, and buries itself deep into Shadow Demon’s chest, right over his heart.

Tommy - What made him think it was okay to come back?

Andrew - Regardless of his reasons, Knife to Know You seems to have a vendetta against Shadow Demon, and he’s thrown down the gauntlet! Resurrection of Respect might see the return of the clown? That’s awesome!

Tommy - Just call the next match.

Andrew - Well, we got ourselves another debut. Steven Angel takes on newcomer Matt Biggars. Nick hired his bandmate to NLWF, and speaks very highly of him.

Tommy - Supposedly, Biggars is a hell of a prize fighter. We’ll have to see.

Steven Angel vs. Matt Biggars

Christa Dudley - The following is another NLWF debut match. In this corner, STEVEN ANGEL!!!

Steven Angel raises his fist in the air. The crowd is silent.

Christa Dudley - And his opponent, making his NLWF debut…from Aurora, Illinois, weighing in at 245 pounds, please welcome MATT BIGGARS!!!

Matt looks around at the audience, smiling. He stares across the ring at Steven Angel.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Steven and Matt carefully approach each other. Matt extends his fist, which Steven bumps.

Andrew - An interesting matchup here. Steven Angel is a great mat wrestler, while Matt Biggars prefers a ground and pound style.

Tommy - Biggars fought in ASWA, but he’s never had any outstanding success. Nick’s gone out on a limb to get him here.

Matt throws a punch, which connects with Steven’s face. Matt follows up with a right, then a left hook. He punches Steven two more times, then grabs his head and takes him down with a huge cutter. He quickly covers Angel.




Christa Dudley - Here is your winner…MATT BIGGARS!!!

Tommy - Alright. He impressed me.

Andrew - Fast and furious. Matt Biggars with a great debut!

Matt climbs onto the turnbuckle and raises his arms in victory. Behind him, Shad Moss slides into the ring. He lifts Matt onto his shoulders and brings him crashing down with an electric chair drop. He climbs up onto the top rope, looking at Biggars, then jumps off with a shooting star press. He stands, looking down at Biggars.


Andrew - Why would Shad Moss attack Matt Biggars?

Tommy - It’s called making an impact. Shad wants to be noticed, and he refuses to share the spotlight with other new talent. I say good for him!

The scene ends with Shad posing for the fans, with Steven Angel and Matt Biggars laid out in the ring.

Nick is walking backstage, looking angry. He stops at the door marked ‘General Manager’ and pounds on the door.

Nick Ridicule
Chuck, open the door. We need to talk.

Chuck Matthews
How can I help you?

Nick Ridicule
Just open it.

The door slowly opens. Chuck looks at Nick.

Chuck Matthews

Nick Ridicule
Can I come in?

Chuck Matthews
Well, uh…

He slams the door in Nick’s face. Nick pounds his fist on the door again.

Nick Ridicule
Chuck, open the door!

Chuck Matthews
I’m sorry, I’m not here at the moment. Leave a message!

Nick rubs his eyes in frustration.

Nick Ridicule
Listen. I came to your office last week to ask you to help me run the show tonight, not to tell you to be a douche and take the whole thing for yourself.

There’s no answer.

Nick Ridicule
Chuck, every week, I try and tell myself that this is all part of your plan, that you aren’t really a total asshole. And every time, you find a way to outdo yourself, and make it harder and harder to justify.

Chuck remains silent on the other side of the door.

Nick Ridicule
I want to know what your deal is. You were a total dick to Ashley at her wedding, you’ve repeatedly helped Corey Casey over your own friends, you fucked Jason’s girlfriend. What’s going on? I can’t trust you anymore, man…but I guess that’s what you want, right?

Two armed security guards approach Nick, armed with assault rifles. One pokes Nick in the back with the barrel of the gun.

Security Guard
Alright, Mr. Ridicule, let’s move along.

Nick Ridicule
Thefuckisthisshit? What is this, security or a personal army?

Chuck Matthews
You decide.

Nick stares at the door, still locked in front of him.

Nick Ridicule
Fuck you, Chuck.

Nick kicks the door, breaking the lock off. The door swings open, showing Chuck sitting at his desk. The guards quickly grab hold of Nick and drag him off down the hall.

Andrew - We’re back, after some shameless promotional work from Matthews Enterprises.

Tommy - Tomorrow belongs to ME!

Andrew - Really, Tommy? You too?

Tommy - They put us on TV you asshole!

Andrew - Right…anyway, before the break, we saw some confrontation between Chuck and Nick. Chuck seems to be avoiding Nick, but whether he likes it or not, the two will fight in tonight’s main event.

Tommy - Chuck isn’t running, he’s picking his battles. He just stole the show from Nick, and now he’s inside his head. It’s all part of the plan!

Andrew - You really think Chuck actually has a plan?

Tommy - He says he does, and I’m inclined to believe him.

Andrew - Alright…Well, moving on, up next we have the beginning of the new Rising Star Championship Tournament.

Tommy - The Rising Star Championship is pretty simple. You get five defenses, you get a chance to unite the belt with the Universal title.

Andrew - At the very simplest, yes. Tonight, we determine the two men who will fight for the belt at Resurrection of Respect.

Tommy - Yeah, yeah, let’s get to the match.

Andrew - Starting off the tournament we have two men that put on a great battle last week, TJ Tilli and Chad Mason.

Tommy - I hate Chad Mason.

Andrew - You’re still fuming about Simple Survival, aren’t you.

Tommy - Yes.

Andrew - Well, you’re in the minority. These fans have accepted Chad Mason into NLWF with open arms.

Rising Star Championship Tournament

TJ Tilli vs. Chad Mason

Tilli comes in to Falling Down with hooded jacket on, playing to the crowd. when the chorus hits Tilli flips the hood off. He goes into the ring and motions a modified Gunz signal on both hands.

Christa Dudley - The following is the first round match of the Rising Star Championship Tournament. First, from Perth, Australia, weighing 215 pounds…TJ TILLI!!!

“Anthem” begins to play. People look to the entry, waiting for Chad Mason. Chad walks through the curtain, and raises his fists into the air. He lowers his arms and heads towards the ring, stopping only to sign his name and give his number to a few fans in the front row. He looks to the ring and runs up to it, sliding on his knees on the apron. He gets to his feet and walks to the corner, climbing the outside of it. He looks at the crowd, and raises his arms in his Lethal Imperative pose. He vaults himself over the top rope, and into the ring, waiting for the match.

Christa Dudley - And the opponent, from-

Christa is interrupted by “World to Burn” blasting through the speakers. The crowd boos as they look to the stage. Chuck Matthews walks out, holding a microphone.

Chuck Matthews
Chad Mason, the overnight sensation. How are you, bud? I’m just gonna cut right to the chase. You want to be a fighting champion, don’t you? You want to prove to the world that you aren’t just some lucky little bastard? Unfortunately, Chad, that’s exactly what you are, is just a lucky little bastard.

Andrew - What’s he getting at?

Tommy - SHHHH!

Chuck Matthews
Chad, if you want to prove yourself so bad, here’s your chance. As of right now, this match will be contested under Mason’s Law. Have fun.

Chuck drops the mic and walks to the back.

Tommy - Chad Mason’s luck has just run out!

[Ding Ding Ding]

Chad shakes his head, but walks to the middle of the ring and extends his hand. TJ walks up and shakes it. They exchange a few words in the middle of the ring, but are not heard over the cheers of the crowd.


Tommy - A battle of the favorites here. Great.

Andrew - These are two of the fastest rising stars in NLWF. The fans are really getting behind these two, especially after their encounter last week.

TJ and Chad lock up. TJ pushes Chad into the corner, and sends a kick to his gut. The referee pulls TJ back, allowing Chad to get out of the corner. TJ runs forward and takes Chad down with a running swinging neck breaker. He immediately goes for a cover.


Chad kicks out.

Tommy - Chad’s got a lot of heart, and he’s a bitch and a half to put away. I’m expecting another great match from these two.

TJ waits for Chad to get to his feet. They lock up again. TJ tucks Chad’s head under his arm and takes him down with a DDT. He runs to the corner and climbs up.

Andrew - High risk maneuver coming up!

TJ backflips off the turnbuckle and lands on Chad. He hooks the leg for another pin.



Chad kicks out. TJ gets back to his feet, clapping.

Tommy - What the fuck are you clapping for? FINISH HIM!

Andrew - Chad and TJ are class acts. They know a good wrestler when they see one. I think Tilli expected to win with that one, and Chad impressed him by kicking out.

Tommy - I suddenly wish Greed was back…

Chad gets to his feet. TJ grabs his arm and whips him to the ropes. Chad holds on, while TJ goes for a dropkick, landing flat on his back. Chad approaches. TJ kips up, wrapping his legs around Chad’s neck and hitting a modified hurricanrana from the ground.

Andrew - Some impressive athleticism from TJ Tilli!

Chad stumbles towards the ropes, and falls across the middle rope. TJ runs across the ring, stepping on Chad’s back and leaping over the top ropes. He grabs Chad’s head, choking him across the middle rope as he falls. Chad rolls onto the mat, massaging his throat. TJ reaches under the bottom rope and grabs Chad’s right arm and leg, and pulls him out of the ring.

Andrew - Remember, TJ can’t get counted out, but Chad can. The odds are entirely in Tilli’s favor.

Tommy - And it’s not like Mason’s putting up much of a fight.

TJ lifts Chad to his feet and throws him towards the barricade. Chad hits it and flips over it, into the crowd. The fans immediately lift Chad to his feet.

"1" "2" "3"

Chad climbs slowly over the rail. TJ looks around. He climbs onto the apron. He glances behind him, then springboards off. Chad turns around to be hit full force with the moonsault. The two men crash into the barricade, which gives way, spilling them into the crowd.

"4" "5"

TJ tries to stand, but grabs his back, and falls to the ground again.

Andrew - TJ’s spine hit that barricade head on. He’s gotta be hurting right now.


TJ slowly gets to one knee. Chad remains laid out on the floor.


TJ finally manages to get to his feet. He slaps Chad in the face a few times, trying to wake him up. Chad rolls onto his stomach, and attempts to push himself up. TJ grabs Chad under the arms, trying to get him up on his feet.


TJ lifts Chad on his shoulders and stumbles towards the ring. He lifts Chad onto the apron and shoves him under the bottom rope. The referee stops the count.

Tommy - You fucking retard! WHY WON’T YOU FINISH HIM?

Andrew - I don’t think TJ wants to win by countout.

TJ rests for a moment, then slides into the ring. He covers Chad.




Chad kicks out.

Tommy - Wow.

Andrew - You have to wonder, at what point does TJ realize Chad won’t stay down?

TJ stands, looking around. He to the ropes and springboards off, backflipping onto Chad Mason once again.



Chad kicks out. TJ lifts Chad to his feet.

Tommy - TJ’s getting frustrated, you can see it in his eyes.

Andrew - We’ve seen Chad adopt a very similar style to Chuck Matthews. He can take a lot of punishment, only to come back and win the match.

TJ grabs Chad’s head in a side headlock and runs towards the corner. Chad shoves him off, sending TJ speeding towards the turnbuckle. TJ jumps, landing on the top rope, then leaps off with a corkscrew cross body, taking Chad right back down. TJ rolls off of Chad, grabbing his head and locking in a crossface. Chad reaches desperately towards the ropes. He squirms and fights, inching closer and closer. He reaches out again. TJ tries to force him back, away from the ropes.

Tommy - TJ can’t be disqualified. Even if Chad reaches the ropes, TJ doesn’t have to release the hold.

Chad reaches out one more time, his fingers nearly brushing the bottom rope. Suddenly, the rope gets farther away.

Andrew - Oh come on!

Chuck Matthews stands, holding the bottom rope out of Chad’s reach. TJ releases the hold. Chuck frowns, and releases the rope. Chad grabs hold of it, using the ropes to get to his feet. He turns around, but Chuck grabs hold of his ankle. The referee moves towards the ropes, looking down at Chuck and yelling for him to get to the back. Chad stomps on Chuck’s wrist, forcing Chuck to jerk his hand back, releasing Chad’s ankle. Chad turns his attention back to TJ, only to get smacked over the head with a chair.

Tommy - Corey Casey!

Corey smiles at Chad, shaking his head. He slides out of the ring, and drops the chair. He and Chuck retreat up the ramp. TJ looks from Corey to the chair to Chad. He shakes his head, but drops to his knees, hooking Chad’s leg. The referee turns around and sees the pin.




Christa Dudley - Here is your winner…TJ TILLI!!!

Tommy - That means TJ Tilli goes on to fight for the Rising Star Championship at Resurrection of Respect.

Andrew - TJ was very impressive tonight. If he can keep up performances like he’s been doing lately, he could easily be the new champion, and will certainly live up to his title of Rising Star.

Tommy - Is there anyone on this roster that you DON’T kiss up to?

The scene switches to a shot of Chuck and Corey walking backstage.

Chuck Matthews
Good night so far, I think.

Corey Casey
Taking over Revolution? You, my friend, are a genius.

Chuck Matthews
Old news. So, Chad’s out of the tournament. What’s the next order of business?

Corey pulls a sheet of paper from his pocket and unfolds it.

Corey Casey
Fire Samantha Praxton?

Chuck Matthews

Corey Casey
Send security after Nick Ridicule?

Chuck Matthews

Corey Casey
Get revenge on Chad Mason?

Chuck smiles widely.

Chuck Matthews

Corey Casey
Jason hasn’t arrived yet, so we can’t move on to this one…how about we-

Matt Biggars approaches. His eyes are blood red.

Matt Biggars
Dude, you’re in charge tonight?

He bursts out laughing, then takes a sharp intake of breath and holds the back of his head.

Corey Casey
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Chuck Matthews
Are you high?

Matt’s smug grin vanishes instantly.

Matt Biggars
Am I in trouble if I am?

Chuck shakes his head.

Chuck Matthews
Fuck it, there are more important things. What do you want?

Matt Biggars
That new guy. Did you see? He totally attacked me, dude. When my back was turned. That’s like, not cool, man!

Chuck Matthews

Matt Biggars
I want a match man.

Chuck stares at him for a moment.

Chuck Matthews
How many hits did you take?

Matt Biggars
Eight or ni- I mean, none man. I’m not high at all!

Chuck buries his face in his hand.

Chuck Matthews
I’m not dealing with this.

He walks off down the hall. Corey looks up and down Matt Biggars.

Corey Casey
Fucking pothead…

He turns and follows Chuck Matthews down the hall. Nick runs up.

Nick Ridicule
Was that Chuck?

Matt Biggars
Yeah dude. Him and that douche guy. Fuck, I forgot his name.

Nick Ridicule
Corey Casey. Where are they going?

Matt Biggars
Dunno man. They went down that way.

Nick turns and starts heading off in the direction Matt’s pointing to.

Matt Biggars

Nick turns around.

Nick Ridicule

Matt Biggars
I want to fight that new guy.

Nick Ridicule
Fine. Resurrection of Respect, Matt Biggars takes on Shad Moss. Now I really got to go, Matt.

He takes another few steps down the hall.

Matt Biggars

Nick spins around again.

Nick Ridicule

Matt Biggars
Wanna go smoke?

Nick Ridicule
Later. I have things to do right now.

Nick races off down the hallway, leaving Matt standing alone with a smug smile on his face as Revolution goes to commercial.

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Re: Revolution 31: The Return Show: 7/19/10

Post by Chuck Matthews on July 22nd 2010, 1:20 am

Revolution returns to Jazmine Ortiz standing next to Ryan Hawk.

Jazmine Ortiz
Up next, Ryan, you fight in the Rising Star Championship Tournament. If you win, you will go on to Resurrection of Respect to fight TJ Tilli. What are you thinking, knowing your opponents tonight and the potential challenge that lies ahead?

Ryan Hawk
Jazmine, it’s very simple. I’ve won world titles in NLWF. I’ve won tag titles. To win something called the ‘Rising Star Championship’ seems like a bit of a step backwards…However, it also means a chance to make history, and I refuse to let an opportunity like that pass me by. Also, if fighting for the belt means a spot on the Resurrection of Respect show, I’ll take it. Resurrection of Respect is one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year, and I intend to make it a night to remember. If that means having to destroy Ocean and Angel tonight, that’s fine. If it means TJ and I have a rematch for the ages, I’m ready and raring to go.

Jazmine Ortiz
What’s your gameplan going into tonight’s match?

Ryan Hawk
First off, I’m going to make sure Carver knows never to try and come back to NLWF in his miserable life. Carver has this nasty habit of popping up with his ‘master plan’ only to get curb-stomped by the people he’s targeted. Tonight, his teeth are on the curb. All that’s left to do is deal that final blow. As for Death-Angel? He’s proved why he’s still around…but he’s no Ryan Hawk. We may have a common enemy in this match tonight, but don’t think that’s going to stop me from winning this match.

Jazmine Ortiz
Now, as I mentioned, a win tonight puts you against TJ Tilli. What are your thoughts on-

A boot comes from off camera and collides with Jazmine’s face, knocking her out. Death-Angel steps forward, looking down at her. Ryan Hawk backs away. Death-Angel picks up her microphone.

The end is near.

He picks up one of the lights to the side of the interview area and throws it at the backdrop. He tears down the curtains, flips over chairs and tables, before finally turning his attention to the camera.

He is coming.

Death-Angel grabs the camera and throws it across the room. The scene cuts to static as the camera hits the wall and breaks.

Andrew - What was that all about? Who’s coming?

Tommy - How should I know? If I had a nickel for every time Death-Angel said something that didn’t make sense, I wouldn’t have to sit here next to you tonight.

Andrew - Was that really necessary?

Tommy - Yes.

Andrew - Well…up next is the second of two opening round tournament matches. Ryan Hawk, Death-Angel, Carver Ocean. One man will go to Resurrection of Respect to fight TJ Tilli for the Rising Star Championship.

Tommy - Ryan claims to have a good gameplan going into the match. But Death-Angel has gone off the deep end…again. There’s no telling what that man can do.

Rising Star Championship Tournament

Carver Ocean vs. Ryan Apollos vs. Death-Angel

“I’mma Shine” by Youngblood plays. Carver walks down towards the ring. He pauses on the ramp to spit out his gum and swat it into the audience. He heads down and climbs into the ring.

Christa Dudley - The following is a Rising Star Championship Tournament match. Introducing first, weighing 205 pounds and hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia…CARVER OCEAN!!!


Carver picks up a microphone.

Carver Ocean
Oh, shut up! Do you not realize? This tournament was created with me in mind. Because who better fit’s the title of ‘Rising Star’ better than me? TJ Tilli? Chad Mason? Fuck that. The true Rising Star of NLWF is me!

He looks around at the audience.

Carver Ocean
Tonight, two more of NLWF’s overrated superstars join my list. My list of people that have been OUTSHINED! That’s how you do it, Apollos!

Tommy - Good Lord that man is annoying.

Andrew - I have to agree with you there. The guy has only won one match since coming to NLWF. He’s not really in a position to call anyone ‘overrated.’

*One Step Closer by Linkin Park plays*


Ryan Hawk walks out and stands at the top of the stage. He then slowly raises his arms above his head and points up

I cannot take this anymore
Saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
You'll find that out anyway

Just like before…

Hawk walks down the entrance ramp smiling and looks out at the crowd

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
I'm about to break

Hawk stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp and looks around the arena again.

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Just like before...

Apollos runs to one corner of the apron and jumps on the apron and looks at the crowd.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Apollos climbs to the top turnbuckle and and points into the air. He then jumps over the top rope and into the ring as the music dies down.

Christa Dudley - And the opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing 230 pounds, give it up for RYAN HAWK!!!

The fans cheer loudly. Ryan picks up Carver’s microphone. He looks at Carver, opens his mouth to say something, then shakes his head and drops it. Carver smiles arrogantly as Ryan heads to his corner.

“Forsaken” by Disturbed plays. Death-Angel walks down the ramp, paying no attention to the fans. He climbs into the ring.

Christa Dudley - And the final competitor…from parts unknown…He stands at 8 feet, 9 inches, and weighs in tonight at 600 pounds…DEATH-ANGEL!

Death-Angel cocks his head to the side, staring from Ryan to Carver. The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Ryan Hawk immediately runs at Carver Ocean and tackles him to the ground before unloading a series of punches to his face. Death-Angel walks over and lifts Hawk off of Carver. Death-Angel grabs Carver by the throat and lifts him to his feet. With a roar, Death-Angel throws Carver into the corner, then backs away. Ryan Hawk runs forward and drives his shoulder into Carver’s gut. Carver keels over, but Ryan grabs his shoulders and holds him in the corner. Death-Angel runs forward and throws his entire body weight at the two. Ryan moves away just in time, leaving Carver to take the full force of the attack. He crumples to the ground.

Tommy - That’s 600 pounds that just hit Carver Ocean.

Andrew - That’s like getting hit with a freight train.

Tommy - Really? How many freight trains have you been hit by in your life?

Andrew - You know what I mean.

Carver Ocean slowly rolls out of the ring. Death-Angel and Ryan Hawk follow.

Tommy - Carver is so fucked right now.

Carver stands up and turns towards the announcer’s table to see Ryan Hawk standing with his arms crossed. Carver quickly turns and runs in the other direction, into the waiting hand of Death-Angel. Death grabs Carver by the throat, and lifts him high in the air.

“1” “2” “3” “4”

Andrew - An eight foot choke slam, coming up!

Death-Angel plants Carver Ocean down on the hard floor.

Tommy - The ringside area is covered by a thin padding, but there’s no give. That fucking hurts.

Ryan Hawk climbs onto the apron. He runs along it and leaps off, grabbing Death-Angel by the neck and taking his down with a DDT.

“5” “6”

Tommy - And the Hawk-Angel alliance is officially terminated!

Andrew - Those two have been pounding the hell out of Carver Ocean for the first five minutes of the match. Now it’s every man for himself.

Ryan gets on top of Death-Angel and begins unloading punches into his face.

“7” “8”

Death-Angel stands up, despite Ryan Hawk sitting on his chest. He climbs up onto the apron. Ryan drops into the ring.


Death-Angel grabs Ryan’s by the arm and arm drags him over the top rope to the ringside floor.

Andrew - Very smart! Death-Angel restarts the count by taking Ryan right back to the outside.

Tommy - Don’t you mean every smart?

Death-Angel drops off the apron. Ryan Hawk gets to his feet and runs, tackling Death-Angel. Ryan collides with Death-Angel’s waist, and falls to the ground.

Andrew - He didn’t even budge!

“1” “2”

Ryan gets up and starts delivering kicks to the back of Death-Angel’s legs. Death puts his hand in Ryan’s face and shoves him, sending Ryan tumbling backwards.

“3” “4”

Death-Angel turns to the ring and gets up onto the apron. Carver Ocean runs across the ring and baseball slides into Death’s leg. Death-Angel falls to one knee on the apron.

Tommy - Where did he come from?

Andrew - He must have snuck back into the ring while Angel and Hawk were fighting!

Carver runs back to the ropes and bounces off. He charges at Death-Angel and dives between the ropes, dropkicking Death-Angel in the head. Both men fall to the ground.

“5” “6”

Ryan Hawk rolls into the ring. Carver gets to his feet and looks at Death-Angel. He climbs up onto the apron and moves to the corner. He climbs to the top rope.

Andrew - Carver Ocean doesn’t usually do these high flying moves.

Tommy - Carver Ocean usually doesn’t do any moves at all, he just gets his ass kicked!

Ryan races forward, jumping onto the ropes behind Carver. He grabs Ocean by the waist and delivers a super German suplex into the ring. Outside, Death-Angel stands, and heads to the ring.

“7“ “8”

Death-Angel climbs into the ring as Ryan covers Carver.



Death-Angel pulls Ryan off. Ryan quickly gets to his feet. He dropkicks Death-Angel in the gut, causing Death to keel over. Ryan grabs Death-Angel by the neck and DDT’s him to the mat. Carver stands behind Ryan. Ryan turns around and ducks, narrowly avoiding a kick to the head. Ryan grabs Carver’s leg, tripping him to the mat. Ryan turns Carver over, and locks in an STF. Carver reaches for the ropes, but Ryan tightens the hold, pulling Carver’s head back.

Andrew - Ryan Hawk was once known for The Walls of RA, that unstoppable submission hold. We’ve seen him lock in some fantastic submissions before, and now Carver’s been caught in the trap.

Carver reaches again for the ropes. Ryan cranks on the pressure. Death-Angel stands over the two and leg drops both of them, dropping his weight across both of their backs. Ryan breaks the hold.

Andrew - That’s almost cruel.

Tommy - When you weigh as much as he does, you don’t need finesse.

Ryan slowly gets to his feet, grabbing his spine. He turns turns towards Death-Angel, who whips him towards the ropes. Ryan grabs hold of them, stopping himself. Death’Angel charges at him, looking to boot him in the face. Ryan ducks the kick, causing Death-Angel to kick right over the top rope, landing on his groin across the ropes.

Andrew - That’s not a fun place for anyone, no matter how much you weigh.

Tommy - You would think at almost nine feet tall, he could just stand up and get his balls off the rope. Apparently not.

Ryan climbs onto the top rope. He leaps off with a missle dropkick, planting his fet into the side of Death-Angel’s head. Death-Angel falls to the apron. Ryan gets to his feet and runs to the ropes opposite Death-Angel. Death rolls under the bottom rope and stands up as Ryan bounces off the ropes. Death-Angel catches him by the throat. Carver Ocean runs towards Death-Angel, who sees him coming. Death-Angel grabs Carver with him free hand and launches him over the top rope to the floor.

Andrew - What power! One arm!

Death-Angel lifts Ryan high over his head with both arms, holding him there for a moment. Ryan tries to break free of his grasp. Death-Angel brings him crashing back down across his knee.

Tommy - Death-Angel may have just broken Ryan’s spine!

Death-Angel pins Ryan.




Ryan kicks out.

Andrew - Wow!

Tommy - Somehow, Ryan managed to get his shoulder up.

Andrew - But he’s really clutching his back. He’s hurting bad.

Death-Angel stands up, and curls his hand into a massive fist.

Andrew - Ryan’s night is about to become a lot worse.

Tommy - Really? Because I’m predicting a GOODNIGHT! HA HA!

Ryan gets on his knees, and pushes himself to a standing position. Death-Angel steps forward, then suddenly turns around, and throws the punch in the opposite direction, his fist crashing into the face of Carver Ocean.


Andrew - Carver Ocean snuck back into the ring, but Death-Angel just knocked him clear into next week with that one!

Death-Angel quickly drops and locks in The Darkness. Carver doesn’t move.

Andrew - There’s that sick submission maneuver of Death-Angel’s. The Darkness.

Tommy - Fitting, considering Carver just blacked out.

The referee checks on Carver’s condition, though it’s clear he’s been completely knocked out. The referee raises Carver’s fist once, and lets it drop back to the mat. He raises it a second time and again lets it fall. He raises Carver’s hand one last time. Ryan races up and plants his elbow into the back of Death-Angel’s head. Death-Angel releases the hold. The referee crawls to Carver to further examine his condition. Carver slowly starts to move. Death-Angel shoves Ryan, sending him tumbling across the ring. Ryan rolls backwards right back onto his feet, and runs forward again. He runs past Death, bouncing off the ropes, and shoulder blocking Death-Angel in the back of the leg. Death-Angel falls to his knees. Ryan Hawk sets Death-Angel up and drives him down with a Deadshot.

Tommy - Deadshot with Death-Angel in a kneeling position?

Andrew - Death-Angel isn’t much shorter kneeling than Ryan is standing.

Ryan quickly drops to his knees and crawls towards Carver, rolling him onto his back and going for the pin.




Christa Dudley - Here is your winner…RYAN HAWK!!!

Tommy - Ryan Hawk against TJ Tilli at Resurrection of Respect!

Andrew - Those two had a hell of a match in Ryan’s Legend Slayer Tournament a while back. Now we get to see the rematch, and personally, I think it’ll be great!

Death-Angel stands up. Ryan quickly scrambles to his feet, keeping a close eye on him. Death-Angel grabs Carver Ocean by the throat and lifts him to his feet. He looks at Ryan and the two nod. Ryan slides out of the ring and digs under the ring, pulling out one tank of gasoline after another, sliding them into the ring. He grabs a box of matches and climbs back between the ropes. Death-Angel drags Carver to the corner and lifts him onto the top rope. Carver tries to break free. Death-Angel lifts him in the air and brings him crashing down in the middle of the ring with a huge chokeslam. Ryan immediately lifts Carver back to his feet and connects with a Deadshot.

Andrew - Huge slam followed by a Deadshot. Carver Ocean is completely out of it.

Tommy - And here comes the gas!

Death-Angel eyes the small pyramid of gas tanks Ryan has set up in the ring. The two of them begin unscrewing the caps, pouring gas all over Carver. Ryan grabs a tank and begins forming a trail with it, leaving and forming a large circle around the ring before heading up the ramp. Death-Angel sets up four gas tanks in a box around Carver’s body.

Andrew - No night in Chicago is complete without Death-Angel and a whole lot of fire and gasoline!

Tommy - Nobody has been lit or has lit others on fire as much as Death-Angel. I swear, that man is the biggest waste of gas since BP decided to visit the Gulf.

Death-Angel picks up the last tank and empties it over Carver’s body.

Tommy - Someone call the oil company, he’s dumping more gas on the Ocean!

Andrew - Really, Tommy? Another BP joke?

Death-Angel grabs the box of matches and walks up the ramp after Ryan. The two stand at the top, staring down at Carver. Ryan nods at Death Angel. The two of them each light a match and drop it at their feet. The flames shoot down the ramp, following the triail. A ring of fire circles the ring. There’s a moment of silence, except for the crackling of the flames. Finally, the fire reaches the gas soaking the ring mat. The fire engulfs Carver’s body and there is a large explosion as the four gas tanks light up. Emergency crews rush to the ring with fire extinguishers as Revolution goes to commercial.

Revolution returns to Death-Angel storming down the hallway. He stops and upturns a table, sending food and bottles of water flying. He continues down the hall, knocking over chairs, breaking tables, and kicking doors open, sometimes tearing them clean off the hinges. He spots the cameraman and heads over. The camera shakes as it backs up, the cameraman trying to get away. Death-Angel grabs the camera.

Look at this destruction. See how things will fall apart.

Death turns the camera, taking in the scene.

The SYCO has returned. Brenton Cyrus, take note. You and I will fight. We must finish what we started. You cannot run, or hide, or try and close the company. You must fight. And the longer you run, the more destruction I will bring to this world and all who inhabit it.

Death-Angel suddenly stops, looking over the camera. The camera zooms out a bit as Corey Casey approaches.

Corey Casey
You want Brenton Cyrus?

What do you want?

Corey Casey
Talk with me. I have an idea that might interest you…

Corey looks at the camera and puts out his hand, blocking the view.

The scene cuts to Nick Ridicule sitting in his locker room, looking at the tag team titles. Ashley sits next to him.

Ashley Matthews
He still hasn’t arrived.

Nick Ridicule
I know.

Ashley Matthews
So you’re going to forfeit?

Nick looks at her, confused.

Nick Ridicule
Are you kidding me? I’ll never forfeit these titles. I’m going to fight.

Ashley Matthews
They’ll tear you to pieces!

Nick Ridicule
I disagree. If anyone can take those two ego tripping assholes on and win, I think I’m the one that can do it. I need to. Can you imagine NLWF with those two as tag team champions?

Ashley Matthews
I shudder to think.

Nick kisses her.

Nick Ridicule
Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

Revolution cuts to commercial.

Tommy - Almost main event time.

Andrew - It’s been confirmed. Jason Hawk has not arrived at the building. But we’ve gotten word that the show will go on, as planned.

The lights in the arena go out and a video begins rolling on the big screen. It shows a man sitting in a padded room rocking back and forth. The man is strapped into a straitjacket and you can hear him laughing to himself. He suddenly lifts his head and you can see Corey Casey's face as he flashes the camera a wicked smile. Suddenly, the opening of "69 Tea" blasts out of the house PA system and blue fireworks erupt from either side of the stage

Lonely in this white room, there are pads everywhere
Chafing straitjacket, I won’t die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don’t care if I’m lost
Don’t tell me that you’re all better
I don’t care if you are Don’t tell me that you’re trendsetters
I don’t care if you are

The camera shows Corey Casey standing on top of the stage, his arms out to either side. As the verse continues Corey turns around, a smirk on his face, as he looks out at the crowd who greet him with boo's.

Lowly with my head bowed, there are rats everywhere
feed me bread and water
I won't die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don't care if i'm lost

Corey confidently walks down the entrance ramp as fans continue to rain boo's down on him. He walks up the ring steps and steps in between the middle and top rope.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Don't tell me that you're trendsetters
I don't care if you are

Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill

Corey climbs the nearest turnbuckle and holds his arms out to either side. His smirk on confidence widens as he looks out over the crowd.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill
Say you will (say you will) take my pills (take my pills)
Say you will (say you will) faking ill...

Corey turns and jumps down from the turnbuckle and faces the entrance.

Christa Dudley - The following is a standard match, and it is for the NLWF Tag Team Championship. Introducing the challenger, weighing 250 pounds and hailing from Boston, Massachusetts…COREY CASEY!!!

Tommy - Say hello to your future Tag team champion, Andy!

Cast out the storm in my head I've tripped and fell in
Caught in my conscience again
I try to push it away

World to Burn by Rev Theory plays throughout the arena. The camera focuses on the entrance curtain for a moment. Finally, Chuck Matthews emerges, looking at the ring. He faces the ring, smirking. The arena fills with boos, but there are a few handfuls of people scattered throughout the building that make their cheers heard.

In case you forget I'll boldly just let it all fade
Search the silence
I can't believe all the lies that you tell me I break

Chuck stops halfway down the ramp and looks to the booing crowd. He raises his hands in his signature old-style cornas. Fireworks erupt in a line behind him, firing back and forth for a moment. Chuck looks back to the the ring, and continues walking. He runs up the steps and pauses on the apron, flashing a grin at the crowd before stepping between the ropes.

This is the world that you burn.
This is the life that you waste.
How does it feel on your own, now that you're pushing me away?

Chuck climbs up on the turnbuckle. He stares at the crowd, sneering at them, and stretches out his arms, soaking in the crowd's reactions. Finally, he points to the opponent, shakes his head, then motions to himself. He stares at the stage as he rolls his wrists, getting ready for the bell.

Christa Dudley - And his partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 230 pounds…give it up for CHUCK MATTHEWS!!!

Tommy - And there’s the other one!

Andrew - Everywhere we go, people boo Chuck Matthews, but it must be nice for him to see at least a few diehard fans of his here in his hometown.

Tommy - Well, these are the same people that cheer a baseball team that hasn’t won in over a hundred years. Chicago fans aren’t fickle.

Andrew - Or smart, apparently.

Tommy - FUCK YOU!

The arena falls silent for a moment, people staring intently at the stage. Nick’s music hits, and he walks out onto the stage, a multitude of titles hanging on his shoulders, with the NLWF Title around his waist. He heads down to the ring and walks up the steps. He pauses for a moment, looking from Corey to Chuck to the belts that decorate his own body, before finally entering the ring.

Christa Dudley - And the opponent, from Miami Florida, weighing 205 pounds…He is the NLWF Champion, the World Heavyweight Champion, the Universal Champion, the North-

Nick smiles, and gently pulls the microphone from her.

Nick Ridicule
Let’s make it simple, and just say ‘The only Champion in NLWF.’

He hands the microphone back to Christa.

Christa Dudley - He is the defending tag team champion…NICK RIDICULE!!!

Chuck smiles and steps forward, taking the microphone from Christa.

Chuck Matthews
That’s real cute, Nick. The only champion in NLWF.

A crew member hands Nick a microphone.

Nick Ridicule
Jealous, Chuck?

Nick looks at Corey.

Nick Ridicule
I already know you are.

Corey takes the mic from Chuck.

Corey Casey
Laugh it up Nick. It’s only a matter of time.

Nick Ridicule
Before what, you’re able to win a match without somebody holding your hand?

Chuck takes the mic from Corey.

Chuck Matthews
Is comedy hour over, Nick? Here’s the deal, bud. Jason never showed up. So you have a choice. You can either forfeit the titles right here and now, and they’ll go to the number one contenders. Namely, Bad Company. Or, you can fight, hope and pray that Jason gets here and saves you, and you can lose the belts to us in a match. The choice is yours.

Nick shakes his head.

Nick Ridicule
Forgive me for not being a quitter like you, Chuck. I’ll never forfeit, I’ll never give up, not even the tag team titles. I’m going to fight.

Chuck smiles.

Chuck Matthews
So be it.

He makes his way to the corner, Corey following. Nick moves to the opposite side. Chuck suddenly stops.

Chuck Matthews
Oh, and by the way, Nick? I’m officially making this match a No-Disqualifications match.

Nick looks furious, but doesn’t say anything. Chuck looks at Corey, and motions towards Nick.

NLWF Tag Team Championship

Nick Ridicule & Jason Hawk vs. Chuck Matthews & Corey Casey

[Ding Ding Ding]

Corey and Nick meet in the center of the ring and lock up. Corey sends Nick to the corner and runs towards him, driving his boot into Nick’s face. He immediately locks Nick in the Asylum Walls.

Andrew - Already?

Tommy - Those tag belts are as good as theirs.

Corey cranks on the pressure. Nick reaches for the ropes.


Corey releases the hold. He grabs Nick by the neck and drags him across the ring to the corner. He slaps Chuck’s hand and holds Nick to the mat. Chuck vaults over the top rope, driving his elbow into Nick’s spine. He immediately covers.


Nick kicks out.

Andrew - Not even close.

Chuck smirks, and delivers a kick to Nick’s gut. Nick flips onto his back, clutching his ribs. Chuck walks to the corner, smiling at the fans. A few cheer, but they are quickly drowned out by immense boos. Chuck spins around, crouching down and facing Nick. Nick gets to his feet. Chuck charges, but Nick leaps over Chuck’s head. Chuck stops himself before crashing into the corner. He turns around and is greeted by a Nick Kick to the jaw. Chuck stumbles back, into the ropes. Nick races forward and clotheslines Chuck over the top rope onto the ground. Corey runs up behind Nick and hits him with a German suplex.

Tommy - Did you see how Nick bounced off the back of his head?

Andrew - It’s all legal. Corey can’t get disqualified, he can stay in the ring as long as he likes. This is now a handicap match!

Chuck slides into the ring. He motions towards the stage. Several Matthews Enterprises guards emerge from behind the curtain and make their way to the ring. They stand at stations surrounding the ring, each armed with a nightstick.

Andrew - Come on! That’s Chuck’s personal security!

Tommy - As of now, they’re Chuck’s personal insurance policy. As in ‘ensuring Bad Company walks out as tag team champions!’

Chuck slaps Corey’s arm and points to the corner. Corey backs off and steps between the ropes. Chuck tags Corey in, but doesn’t leave the ring. The two men take turns stomping on Nick’s body. They lift him up and throw him to the ropes. Nick bounces off. Corey and Chuck catch him as he rebounds, throwing him over their shoudlers with a back body drop. Nick soars over the top rope and crashis down on the main floor. Almost immediately, the guards take action. They surround Nick and begin beating him with their nightsticks. Nick kicks one away, then another. He tries to get to his feet.

Andrew - This is nine on one!


Chuck motions to the guards. They lift Nick off the ground and into the air. The seven of them throw Nick between the middle and top rope, sending Nick rolling halfway across the ring, to a waiting Corey Casey. Nick gets to his feet, but Corey is too quick. He grabs Nick and lifts him in suplex position.

Tommy - Purifier coming!

Corey walks to Chuck, still holding Nick in suplex position. He tags Chuck, who climbs onto the top rope. Chuck smiles as Cirey back away. Chuck leaps off the corner, hitting the elevated Nick with a spear. The three men go crashing to the mat. Chuck crawls to Nick and throws an arm over his chest.




Nick kicks out.

Tommy - Nick is one of the toughest assholes in NLWF today, and this is why. He just took a Purifier and Hollywood Impact, and he’s still fighting!

Andrew - Not to mention Chuck’s enforcers unloading whenever Nick leaves the ring.

Chuck bounces off the ropes and hits Nick with a baseball slide. Nick falls out under the bottom rope. Chuck holds out his hands as the guards move in to attack. Chuck turns around and tags Corey back in. One guard cracks Nick over the head, sneding him to the floor. Corey and Chuck leave the ring and approach Nick. Corey motions to a guard for a nightstick. He walks towards Nick, who’s trying to get to his feet. Corey smacks Nick across the spine with it. He follows up with another shot to the head. Nick falls back to the ground.

Tommy - No countouts, no disqualifications, no teammate. Nick is taking a beating. Why won’t he just give up?

Andrew - Nick is a fighter. He’ll die before he gives up a title. If Corey and Chuck want the tag titles, they’re going to have to work for them.

Corey slides Nick into the ring. Chuck follows after them and heads to his corner. Corey throws Nick to the ropes. Nick bounces off, and Corey takes him down with a drop toehold. He immediately rolls onto Nick’s back, locking in an STF. Nick reaches for the ropes.


Nick pushes up with his arms and crawls towards the ropes, Corey still keeping his hold locked in. Nick reaches for the ropes again, only inches from them. Corey tightens the hold. Nick reaches one more time. He inches closer to the ropes. Once again, Corey cranks on the hold. Nick falls on his face, but manages to drape his arm across the bottom rope. The referee points it out to Corey, who shakes his head.

Andrew - Corey can’t win with this submission, but he can’t lose either.

Tommy - He’s got Nick beat with this hold. All he’s gotta do is wear Nick down.

Corey finally releases the hold and drags Nick to the center of the ring. Corey goes for the pin.



Nick kicks out. Corey frowns, but stands up. Nick gets to his feet, only to be kicked in the gut by Corey. Corey grabs Nick by the throat and delivers vicious right hands to his face. Nick grabs Corey’s left hand and takes him down with an arm drag. He looks to his own corner, but Jason is nowhere in sight.

Andrew - This must be torturous for him. He knows he needs to make a tag, he knows he can’t fight these two off much longer, but he has no choice. There’s nobody there to tag in.

Tommy - I can’t help but wonder if Bad Company has anything to do with Jason being missing in action tonight?

Andrew - Knowing these two? It wouldn’t be surprising.

Corey gets to his feet. Nick throws Corey to the ropes. Corey bounces off and ducks Nick’s clothesline attempt. On the rebound, Corey jumps in the air, hitting Nick with a spinning heel kick. Nick falls to the ground, but is up almost immediately. Corey punches Nick to the stomach, and tucks his head under his arm. Corey DDT’s Nick into the mat and goes for another cover.



Nick kicks out again. Corey runs his hand through his hair.

Andrew - Frustration beginning to set in for Corey Casey.

Corey slides out of the ring. He digs under the apron and grins. He pulls out a burlap sack.

Andrew - We know very well what Chuck Matthews uses that mask for. But why is Corey Casey using it?

Corey dumps the mask, spilling the thumbtacks onto the mat.

Tommy - I’d like to take this opportunity to say great job to the cleanup crew. These guys are experts at making burned rings usable again within a commercial break. Good job!

Andrew - And you chose now to say this because?

Tommy - Because Corey’s just waiting for Nick to get up, and it caught my attention how beautiful that ring looks, considering it was lit on fire earlier tonight.

Andrew - Alright, then…

Nick stands up. Corey immediately charges. He spears Nick, taking him down into the pile of tacks.

Andrew - What is that called again? Antichrist Impact?

Tommy - Yeah. Greed loves it. Personally, I think there’s no comparison to the Hollyw...Chuck’s move.

Corey grabs Nick’s legs and flips him over, locking in a sharpshooter. Chuck laughs from his spot on the apron.

Tommy - Your tag partner is jacking all your moves, and all you can think to do is laugh? You asshole!

Nick screams in pain as Corey puts more pressure on the hold. Nick gets onto his forearms and tries crawling towards the ropes again. Corey releases the hold and stomps on Nick’s spine. He plants his boot on the back of Nick’s head and pushes down, pressing Nick’s face into the tacks. Chuck reaches for a tag. Corey walks over and slaps his hand. Chuck slides out of the ring and looks under the apron.

Andrew - He isn’t looking for…

Chuck stops searching, looking confused. Corey taps Chuck on the shoulder. Chuck turns to see Corey holding the cat-o’-nine tails. He hands it to Chuck. Chuck slides back into the ring. Nick stirs, trying to push himself back to his feet. Chuck raises the whip. He stares at Nick for a moment. He raises it higher, poising it to lash at Nick with. Chuck shakes his head. He tosses the whip out of the ring, and grabs the discarded nightstick instead. He cracks it across Nick’s back, causing Nick to fall back to the ground. Chuck circles Nick, bringing the stick down on any part of Nick’s body he can find. Chuck sends a particularly hard shot to Nick’s skull before tossing it away. Chuck lifts Nick to his feet. He looks at Corey, smirking.

Chuck Matthews
Check this out!

Chuck lifts Nick in a suplex position and holds it. He stares at Corey, smirking, and extends one arm out to the side.

Tommy - He already does a spear better than Corey, let’s see if Chuck Matthews can pull off a better Purifier!

Andrew - Nick is one of the strongest men in NLWF, but he’s fairly lightweight by wrestler’s standards. Chuck doesn’t often show power like this.

Tommy - Power? Chuck outweighs Ridicule by twenty-five pounds!

Chuck brings Nick crashing down with a Purifier of his own. Corey shrugs, and claps.

Tommy - I don’t think Chuck’s was as good.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule is getting beaten to a bloody pulp, and you’re trying to decide which of these two jackasses can pull off the other’s moves better?

Chuck grabs Nick’s legs and locks in a high-angle boston crab. He pushes down on Nick’s body, pushing Nick right back into the tacks.

Andrew - Of course. Asylum Walls locked in.

Corey shakes his head. Chuck releases the hold. He drags Nick towards the ropes. Chuck walks over and tags Corey in. Corey hops over the top rope and runs towards Nick, baseball sliding into him and kicking him out of the ring. The guards swarm Nick and continue their beating. Chuck leans against the ropes, watching as the guards stomp on Nick’s body. Corey takes a seat on the top rope in Bad Company’s corner, smiling at the violence.

Andrew - What a jerk! Corey’s enjoying watching Nick get brutalized.

Tommy - He’s probably remembering getting his ass kicked at Nick’s hands. Now it’s come around to get Nick!

Andrew - This has to stop!

The fans suddenly start cheering. Chuck and Corey look around, confused. A spotlight shines on the stage, showing Ashley walking towards the ring. Behind her on either side are Matt Biggars and Chad Mason, Chad with a baseball bat, and Matt holding a sledgehammer.

Andrew - Here comes the cavalry! The odds are about to get even!

Chuck shouts for the security to take care of Ashley, Chad, and Matt. Four guards move towards them, leaving Chuck, Corey, and three other guards to continue destroying Nick. Chad and Matt rush the four guards. Matt rams the sledgehammer into a guard’s gut. One guard swings his nightstick at Chad, who lifts his bat. The baton cracks in half as it comes in contact with the bat. Chad swings the bat at the guard’s head. The helmet flies off as the guard crumples to the ground. Matt turns his attention to the third guard. He swings his sledgehammer down. There’s a loud “OOH” from the crowd as the enforcer falls, a massive dent in the top of his helmet. Chad swings his bat into the fourth man’s gut, then wraps the bat around his neck and plants him down with a Russian legsweep on the ramp.

Andrew - Chad Mason and Matt Biggars have dispatched over half of Chuck’s security!

Tommy - Corey and Chuck’s night just got a lot worse.

Chuck sees the three of them coming. He points to the remaining enforcers and they head off towards the three. Corey lifts Nick and rolls him into the ring, then slides in after them. Chuck and the guards charge Matt and Chad. Chuck spears Matt into the ground.


Andrew - Seriously?

Tommy - You didn’t see it?

Andrew - I’m watching the match!

Slowly, Nick gets to his feet. Corey sends a hard kick go Nick’s gut. He jumps up, looking for an enzuigiri, but Nick ducks the shot. Corey falls to the ground, but quickly gets up. Nick sends a hard kick to the back of Corey’s leg. Corey stumbles a bit, but keeps his footing. Nick sends another kick, followed by a third kick to Corey’s head. Corey looks dazed for a moment. Nick sends Corey to the corner.

Andrew - Nick’s making a comeback!

Tommy - Corey’s the only one who could possibly fuck this up! YOU BETTER NOT LOSE!

Nick lifts Corey onto the top rope and climbs up after him. He looks around at the crowd, then leaps off, bringing Corey crashing into the tacks with a DVD Moment.


Nick goes for a pin.




Corey kicks out.

Tommy - The match goes on!

Andrew - And chaos still reigns outside the ring!

Tommy - You mean that shitty fucking wrestler?

Andrew - I said Chaos, not Kaos.

Tommy - Oh.

Chuck stares at Chad, a furious look on his face. Chad is swinging his bat wildly at the three guards, who dodge most of the shots. Chuck charges at Chad, looking for a spear.

Ashley Matthews

Chad turns in time to see Chuck. He swings the bat, driving it into Chuck’s stomach. Chuck keels over and drops to his knees.

Andrew - Chad is embarrassing Chuck yet again!


Chad brings the bat back, ready to crack it across Chuck’s spine. The guards swarm around him, holding his arms back. Chad tries to worm his way free. The enforcers drag Chad to the guard rail and handcuff him to the iron crossbar.

Tommy - Nick’s backup has failed!

Andrew - I don’t think it matters at this point.

In the ring, Nick lifts Corey to his feet. He sends a series of kicks to Corey’s legs and torso. He throws his arm across Corey’s chest and brings him down with an STO. Nick rolls off and immediately locks in the Anaconda Crossface. Corey screams out in pain.

Tommy - Chuck! Get your ass up and help him!

Andrew - This has to be it! Corey Casey is going to tap out!

Outside the ring, Chuck slowly gets to his feet, cradling his stomach. Corey, meanwile, tries to crawl over the tacks, towards the ropes. Nick puts more pressure on.

Andrew - Nick’s face is a bloody mess right now. It’s hard to believe he’s running on anything but adrenaline and pure instinct right now!

Chuck slides into the ring and stomps on Nick’s back, breaking the hold. Nick quickly gets up. Corey grabs the ropes, and uses them to stand. Chuck charges at Nick, looking for a spear. Nick sidesteps it, throwing Chuck towards Corey. Chuck spears Corey. He runs his hand through his hair when he realizes who he’s hit. Nick grabs Chuck’s shoulder and spins him around. He lifts Chuck up in crucifix power bomb position. Chuck fights the hold, and lands behind Nick.

Tommy - Chuck escapes danger for a moment.

Andrew - Wait a minute!

Alison Williams runs down the ramp. Ashley turns around, ready to meet her. Alison stops at the sight of Ashley. They stare each other down. A fan jumps over the rail, and runs towards Ashley, tackling her from the side. Alison smiles at the woman and runs down the ramp.

Andrew - Who is Alison going to help? Who is that woman? Where’s security?!

Tommy - Few people hate the Matthews family more than Alison Williams. She’s here to help Chuck Matthews, or the husband of Ashley Matthews. So to answer your questions…I don’t know, I don’t know, and laid out by Mason and Biggars.

The woman smiles at her handiwork and rushes to the ring after Alison. Chuck sneds Nick to the ropes. Nick bounces off and hits Chuck with a clothesline. He lifts Chuck to his feet, into crucifix power bomb position. He throws Chuck on top of Corey Casey. He quickly drops next to them and pins Chuck and Corey at the same time.




The woman grabs the referee and pulls him out of the ring. The referee turns around, and the woman smacks him over the head with a chair.


Chuck slowly gets to his feet. Nick positions Chuck for the End Result, but stops. Outside the ring, two guards hold Ashley’s arms, while a third stands behind her, brandishing his police baton. Ashley fights to break free, but can’t. Nick releases Chuck, heading towards the enforcers. Chuck nods to them. The third man cracks the nightstick across the back of Ashley’s head. She drops to the ground and doesn’t move. The woman slides two chairs into the ring. Corey stops them with his hand, and stands up. He tosses the other chair to Chuck. Nick turns around. Corey and Chuck swing their chairs at the same time, sandwiching Nick’s head between them. Nick falls to the ground. Chuck slides out of the ring as Corey rolls Nick over for the pin.

Andrew - That woman knocked the referee out! Corey doesn’t know!

Alison rips her shirt off.

Tommy - Shocked

Andrew - She’s wearing a referee shirt!

Alison drops down and counts the pin.




Christa Dudley - Here are your winners, and the NEW NLWF Tag Team Champions…BAD COMPANY!!!

Chuck slides into the ring with the belts and hands one to Corey. They smile widely as they lift the belts high above their heads. Chuck grabs a microphone from a crew member.

Chuck Matthews
Don’t get up to leave quite yet. We got a pay-per-view to discuss.

Andrew - Come on, Chuck! You won the title, just let it be!

Corey picks up his own microphone.

Corey Casey
Death-Angel, your match is official. You will fight Brenton Cyrus at Resurrection of Respect-

There’s a cheer at the mention of Brenton’s name.

Andrew - He retired!

Tommy - I guess he’s coming out of retirement to beat up Death-Angel again.

Corey Casey

Don’t get too excited. Because they will face off in a God’s Graveyard match.

Andrew - A what?

Corey Casey

Remember God’s Playground? Guess what? I’ve revamped it, renamed it, and at Resurrection of Respect, I’ll watch God fall in it.

Chuck smiles.

Chuck Matthews
Oh, but Corey! That means you’re free of plans next week!

Corey nods.

Chuck Matthews
I have an idea! Why don’t you fight…

Chuck points up the ramp, at Chad.

Chuck Matthews
Chad Mason! And to make sure lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice? We’ll make it an NLWF Asylum match.

Andrew - This is bullshit!

Tommy - The Double Cage Horror! Corey’s dominated it, and at Resurrection of Respect, he’ll add Chad to the tally.

Andrew - That is, unless Chad has another DEVASTATION MOMENT!

Tommy - FUCK YOU!

Chuck smiles.

Chuck Matthews
I haven't forgotten about you, my dear. Come on in.

He points at the woman outside the ring. Alison goes to help her climb between the ropes.

Chuck Matthews
You performed magnificently tonight, I’ll give you that. And no service to Bad Company goes unnoticed. At Resurrection of Respect, I want to see you fight again. So why don’t you sign yourself an NLWF contract, and you can fight…oh, I don’t know. Ashley Matthews. For the Women’s World Title.

Andrew - Chuck just booked a match against his own daughter!

Tommy - I’d still like to know who she is…and her number, now that I think of it.

Chuck looks down at Nick, who is still lying in the ring. He holds his hand to his ear.

Chuck Matthews
Any objections, Nick? No? Then let’s continue. Because you still have something I want, buddy. You’ve gone on for weeks about how you’ve never fought me, and how badly you want to? Fine. Your wish is my command, Nicholas. You and me, next week.

Andrew - Wait a minute!

Tommy - Is he allowed to do that?

Corey Casey
Chuck, there’s a problem.

Chuck Matthews
What’s that?

Corey Casey
You don’t own enough of the company to book world title matches.

Chuck slaps his forehead.

Chuck Matthews
Damn! You’re right! If only there was someone who could add their power to mine!

He looks over at Alison, and hands his mic to her.

Alison Williams
Chucky, it just so happens that before he left, Boo bear gave me a portion of his ownership of the company. A little gift, I guess…But while neither of us have enough ownership to make matches that big…together, we do!

Andrew - I'm surprised she was able to do the math.

Tommy - Alison Williams is a beautiful, intelligent young woman!

Andrew - What kind of people do you hang out with that Alison can pass off as 'intelligent?'

Tommy - You, for one.

She looks at Nick.

Alison Williams
Nicky? Next week, you’re going to fight Chuck Matthews. And you WILL be putting your title on the line.

Andrew - No way!

Tommy - I don’t care how, and I don’t care why, but Alison Williams just made the biggest match of Nick and Chuck’s lives!

Andrew - Wow…

Tommy - Four huge matches? Shadow Demon, Brenton Cyrus, and Ashley Matthews, all making possible returns to the ring? The dream match between Nick Ridicule and Chuck Matthews? Resurrection of Respect is going to be fucking awesome!

Revolution ends to a shot of Chuck Matthews, Corey Casey, Alison Williams and the mystery woman standing in the ring with their arms raised.

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