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Simple Survival 2: June 28th 2010

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Simple Survival 2: June 28th 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on June 30th 2010, 2:21 pm

Videos from the early days of NLWF start to play. Highlights of Chuck Matthews, Brenton Cyrus, Nick Ridicule, Death Angel, Havoc, showing their debuts in the NLWF and the first couple months of NLWF highlights.

“Five hundred and fifty two days after opening…”

More videos play, such as Brenton Cyrus becoming the World Champion, Chuck Matthews defending the No Limit Championship, Nick Ridicule taking the Junior Heavyweight Championship.

“…The No Limit Wrestling Federation….”

More modern NLWF highlights start to play, the rise of Corey Casey, Jason Hawk, Ryan Apollos shows in different video packages, concluding with each men holding championship gold. Various NLWF video packages and pay per view highlights are shown from this year and last.

“… Presents its final Pay Per View Event…”

The screen goes black then fades in on the Simple Survival logo.

The shot shows the City of Salvation from a sky view showing the set up for the Summer Festival. The camera hovers over the crowd as it moves closer to the Liberation Coliseum. Fireworks begin to shoot from the Coliseum into the night sky, then a ring of fire surrounds the outside of the coliseum roof. The shot moves inside the coliseum showing fir working shooting from the stage, then out of the ring posts.

Cornell - Welcome to the only city that was made for NLWF, the only city that we have to be blindfolded to come to… welcome to the City of Salvation!

Greed - also known as the crater out in the middle of nowhere…

Cornell - This is Simple Survival number 2, the final pay per view in NLWF history! The City of Salvation is much different from the last time we were here at Battle Lines, however I’m sure the matches are going to be just as violent!

Greed - Last time we were here I remember the city being surrounded by a fence, a lot of trees, and this arena wasn’t even close to as bad ass as it is now!

Cornell - Tonight is all about making history, tonight is all about giving it one last show for the fans who have supported us, this is Simple Survival and a lot of fuckers are going to learn that Survival ain’t so simple!

Greed - Prepare for the violent spectacle of fighting that has made you love this company!

Cornell - The main event will feature the tag team champions fighting each other, Nick Ridicule defends the No Limit Wrestling Federation and NLWF Undisputed Universal titles against Jason Hawk who defends the Undisputed World Heavyweight and NLWF North American Titles!

Greed - For the first time ever, one man will hold the three major titles simultaneously! They are a tag team, the tag team champions, they are friends, they were the coaches of Rookie 2 Legend and tonight they will fight!

Cornell - Not only that but in the headlining matches we’ll see Bad Company take on the Hazard’s of NLWF, Chuck Matthews the Freedom Champion against the Rookie 2 Legend winner Chad Mason in a Devastation Match! Then we’ll see Matt Gray replace Brenton Cyrus in a match against Corey Casey, inside God’s Playground!

Greed - When Hazard was revealed by Nick Ridicule last week, we were shocked to find out it was Matt Gray, but when we found out that it was also Chad Mason we were blown away. Funny how things work out, because now they all do battle!

Cornell - We start off the final pay per view with a fatal four way match for the Rated R Championship. We’ve watched Ryan Apollos take back championship gold, one of the many great comeback stories this year.

Greed - The consistency level on the lower card is what’s holding these back and making Ryan Apollos look like such a star! It’s all about who wants to win more, and who will work hardest to do so!

Samantha Praxton - The following match is for the Rated R Championship and it will be contested in a fatal four way elimination match, with no disqualification and falls counting anywhere!

Cornell - It seems as though this match has some added stipulations, that should make things interesting.

Greed - Who will leave Simple Survival as Rated R Champion, probably the last Rated R Champion in NLWF history?

All four men enter the ring from the outside and the referee calls for the bell.Rated R Championship

◄◄ Ryan Apollos ►►vs◄◄ TJ Tilli ►►vs◄◄ Steven Angel ►►vs◄◄ Leon Lonewolf ►►

[Ding Ding Ding]

Steven Angel runs across the ring at Ryan Apollos and dives at him. Ryan Apollos scoots out of the way and Steven Angel hit’s the ring pipe shoulder first, then falls out to the ring apron. Leon Lonewolf runs at Ryan Apollos who drops down to his hands and knees. Leon Lonewolf falls over the top rope, then stands up on the apron with Steven Angel.

Cornell - Ben men going after Ryan Apollos, who just kind of moves out of the way, and avoids them both!

Greed - The old Matador technique!

TJ Tilli runs across the ring, then steps up on the back of Ryan Apollos and jumps off. TJ Tilli kicks Leon Lonewolf to the face, then jumps off his face to kick Steven Angel to the face. TJ Tilli knocks both men off the apron, then lands on the top turnbuckle, read for Ryan Apollos.

Cornell - It was like a wall run to get to the top rope, but instead of a wall or the ropes, he used the faces of his opponents!

Greed - Now he’s set up on the top turnbuckle, just waiting for Ryan Apollos to get to his feet!

Ryan Apollos stands up and turns towards TJ Tilli who pump fakes on the top turnbuckle, pretending to jump off, but holding onto the ropes. Ryan Apollos ducks down and TJ Tilli does a split legged corcscrew moonsault down on Ryan Apollos.

Cornell - Ryan Apollos thought he could dodge another attack, but he only allows TJ Tilli to connect the Phenomenon!

Greed - We’re have a brand new Rated R Champion!

TJ Tilli rolls Ryan Apollos over to his back and he pins him, hooking both legs.


Leon Lonewolf and Steven Angel both pull TJ Tilli by his legs to the ring apron. TJ Tilli grabs onto the middle rope, and pulls himself to a seated position on the ring apron. Using his legs, TJ Tilli pushes both Leon Lonewolf and Steven Angel away from him sending them into the announce table.

Cornell - TJ Tilli is able to create separation.

Greed - Look for him to go for some wild high risk move, he goes for all or nothing on these!

TJ Tilli uses the rope to flip over it back into the ring. He runs towards the corner, then steps up on each turnbuckle before jumping out of the ring towards Steven Angel and Leon Lonewolf with a flipping senton. TJ Tilli takes both men down by the announce table and he quickly stands up, and looks over to the timekeeper table at the Rated R Title.

Cornell - TJ Tilli wants the Rated R Championship badly, he wants to break ahead of the pact as NLWF reaches its end.

Greed - Everyone wants to go out on top, not a single person on the NLWF roster wants to be a loser when it’s all said and done!

TJ Tilli lifts Leon Lonewolf top his feet, then rolls him into the ring. TJ Tilli grabs Steven Angel and he rolls him on top of the announcers table. Inside the ring Leon Lonewolf struggles to get to his feet. Ryan Apollos stands up and runs out of the corner towards the ropes, then charges at Leon Lonewolf and hits him with a massive shoulder block that sends him flying across the ring.

Cornell - Crosscheck from Apollos!

Greed - and TJ Tilli is focusing on Steven Angel, Ryan Apollos might be able to take advantage and defend the Rated R Championship.

Ryan Apollos crawls over and grabs Leon Lonewolf by his arm and leg, then pulls him to the center of the ring. TJ Tilli runs and jumps up on the ring apron, but Ryan Apollos stands up and runs at him, then shoulder blocks him off the apron. TJ Tilli flies back and connects an elbow drop on Steven Angel on the announce table which doesn’t break.

Cornell - Crosscheck sends TJ Tilli flying off the apron to our announce table, onto Steven Angel!

Greed - I love these fucking tables! The only time we have to worry is when Death Angel is around.

Ryan Apollos turns around and he’s hit right to the forehead by a steel chair. A man with a beard stands over Ryan Apollos then holds the chair up. The lights go out in the arena except a signle spotlight that shines down on the bearded man.

Cornell - Is that Carver Ocean?!

Greed - IT IS! What the hell is Carver Ocean doing attacking Ryan Apollos?

The lights in the arena turn back on and Carver Ocean lifts Ryan Apollos up to his feet then he backs up to the corner. He takes the video camera away from the cameraman with a smile on his face. Carver Ocean holds the camera in front of his face and screams into it.

Carver Ocean
Apollos… Only one man is capable of outshining all others!

Carver Ocean adjusts the camera in his hands, showing Ryan Apollos still standing staggered in the center of the ring. The shot quickly moves towards Ryan Apollos, then collides with his head, cracking the screen and sending everything black. The shot switches to a different ringside camera and shows Ryan Apollos busted open and laid out in the center of the ring with Carver Ocean standing over him, holding the busted TV Video Camera.

Cornell - Carver Ocean makes his return to the NLWF and he completely outshines the Rated R Champion to the sound of cheers from this Salvation crowd!

Greed - They love the violence, but I want to know why he targeted Ryan Apollos of all people!

Carver Ocean leaves the ring and walks towards the stage. TJ Tilli stands up on top of the announcers table, then lifts Steven Angel to his feet. TJ Tilli grabs his arms and spins him around before dropping him down with the Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster on top of the table.


Greed - This match is falls count anywhere, and since Carver Ocean took out Apollos, TJ Tilli can get an uninterrupted pin!

TJ Tilli pins Steven Angel on top of the announce table and the referee slides out of the ring and makes the count.


The referee calls for the bell

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, and the NEW Rated R Champion, TJ Tilli!

The referee hands TJ Tilli the Rated R Championship and he stands up on the announcers table. TJ Tilli holds up the Rated R Championship as the crowd cheers.

Cornell - TJ Tilli has done it, he has taken his first championship in the NLWF!

Greed - It’s a real shame he’s taking it with only one NLWF event following this one, but at least he has a piece of history now!

TJ Tilli climbs down from the announcers table, stepping between the announcers.

TJ Tilli

Cornell - Yup, you are the Rated R Champion, congratulations!

Greed - He holds one of the pieces to the Undisputed Championship, it sucks we’ll never get to see those belts reunified!

TJ Tilli walks around the ring slapping hands as he passes by with the Rated R Title on his shoulder.

Cornell - That was arguably the biggest win of TJ’s NLWF career, and what an impressive victory.

Greed - He opens the pay per view by taking a title, doesn’t get much better than that.

The shot cuts backstage to Brenton Cyrus, standing with Shane Bradley.

Shane Bradley
I’m standing by with the owner of the No Limit Wrestling Federation, the best wrestler in the world, the God of Salvation, Brenton Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus nods his head slightly, gazing ahead with an emotionless expression.

Shane Bradley
Tonight is our final pay per view event, it’s the pay per view that truly started your legacy as owner of the NLWF, can I get your thoughts and feelings on the night.

Brenton Cyrus finally breaks his gaze and he looks at Shane Bradley with a smile.

Brenton Cyrus

It’s finally over. After over a year of me breaking my back, breaking myself down until there is practically nothing left, it’s finally going to end. It’s only fitting that me being the reason NLWF is where it’s at right now, is the same reason why it will end. Next week is the final show in NLWF history, and it’s a show that no one will ever forget. Headlined by a Triple Cage main event for the Triple Crown Championship, everyone In the NLWF will compete against each other in one night. When the smoke clears, when it’s all said and done, on the closing shot of the show, the final image you will see is me, holding up all three major titles, ending the NLWF, perfectly.

Brenton Cyrus pats Shane Bradley on the shoulder then walks away from him.

Shane Bradley
Later on tonight I’ll be sure to reveal all the final matches for Revolution XXX!

Then shot cuts back to the ringside area where Death Angel and Havoc are standing by, waiting for the match to begin. The shot shows the announcers sitting at the table, looking up as the Cell is lowered.

Cornell - I’m having mixed feelings for next week. It’s going to be one of the greatest shows ever, but it’s also going to be the last!

Greed - I know what you mean! I can’t wait for it, but by saying that it would mean I can’t wait for the NLWF to end!

Cornell - Nothing we can do now but watch Death Angel and Havoc try to kill each other while Angelica McPherson watches from her Chamber by the stage, attached to the cement truck!

Greed - This is one of the oldest and longest running undecided rivalry in NLWF History, now these two do battle in a sick End Game with Angelica McPherson locked in a chamber!

Cornell -If Death Angel wins, she dies!

Greed - The Cell has been lowered and we are ready for a fight!

Death Angel and Havoc enter the ring, but before the referee can call for the bell, he’s interrupted by Shine Down by Lupe Fiasco over the PA system. Carver Ocean steps out in front of a stage with a smile on his face. He looks over at the chamber and gives Angelica McPherson a wave with his hand. He brings a microphone up to his mouth and he starts to talk.

Carver Ocean
I have been patiently waiting, planning, plotting my vengeance on you Death Angel, on you Angelica. You have walked right into my trap without having even the slightest clue! Without knowing it, you’ve done my dirty work, and now you’ve completely served your purpose to me. It’s payback time!

Cornell - Carver Ocean has set everyone up!

Greed - Look out!

From under the ring two giants come out and slide into the ring. One man wears a knapsack over his head, held on by a rusted chain around his neck. One man attacks Death Angel while the other attacks Havoc.

Cornell - That’s 013 the monster from hell and Brain Savage, the half brother of Death Angel!

Greed - Carver Ocean got some of his Indy connections to come and help him out!

Brain Savage avoids the right hand of Death Angel, then grabs him by his throat and choke slams him. 013 head butts Havoc in the corner over and over again. Havoc collapses and 013 kicks him to the face down in the corner.

Cornell - It was a month ago at the Alison Williams birthday show on the World War Tour, where Death Angel destroyed Carver Ocean, now it’s payback time!

Greed - Carver said Death Angel did all his dirty work and if you think about it, he’s right! Angelica McPherson isn’t GM, Bobby Ocean is gone, Carver Ocean had time off time off to recover and refocus, now he’s back exposing his plan to the world, as we watch the former World Champion be destroyed!

Carver Ocean walks towards the chamber. He knocks on the glass and Angelica McPherson screams at him from the chair inside. Carver Ocean laughs and walks over to the cement truck, putting his hand on a lever. Angelica McPherson shakes her head no, but Carver Ocean pulls the lever and shrugs his shoulders. Cement begins to pour into the chamber, filling it from the floor up.

Cornell - A perfectly executed plan, but I still don’t get the attack on Ryan Apollos.

Greed - Yeah, I understand everything but the attack on Ryan Apollos to start the show, Carver Ocean still has explaining to do!

Carver Ocean walks backwards staring at the chamber that is now filled halfway and still lifting higher. Carver Ocean waves goodbye, then turns and walks towards the ring. Angelica McPherson lets out one final scream as the cement consumes her completely, filling the chamber to the top.

Cornell - Bye, Bye, Ms. McPherson!

Greed - Now how are really ugly giants going to get laid?

Carver Ocean opens the cell door and enters. He closes the door behind him, then slides into the ring. Brain Savage lifts Death Angel up out of the corner and whips him towards Carver Ocean who jumps up and grabs him by the back of the head, then pulls him down for a code breaker.


Greed - It’s great to have Carver Ocean back! OUTSHINED! OUTSHINED!

Carver Ocean stands up and puts his foot on the chest of Death Angel. Carver Ocean brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Carver Ocean
Hey Death Angel, I found out a lot of things about you while putting this plan together.

Carver Ocean points to the corner where 013 is choking the life out of Havoc using his chain.

Carver Ocean
Like about that man and…

Carver Ocean points to Brain Savage who stares down at Death Angel.

Carver Ocean
That man, are your brothers! That’s right Death Angel, Havoc all along has been your brother! While he wasn’t part of my plan, I was able to talk to Brain Savage who’s wanted to destroy you for over ten years! Pretty compelling shit, ain’t it? We’ve had to watch you make this tremendous comeback, we’ve been forced to watch a no good murderer, reach the top of the NLWF!

Carver Ocean backs away from Death Angel to an empty corner.

Carver Ocean
That’s right Death Angel, you’re a common murderer. The problem is, you killed your parents! You almost killed your brother, but he survived and now we’ll lay the mighty Death Angel to rest, once and for all! You started a war that you can’t handle, Death Angel, we will end you.

Brain Savage lifts Death Angel up to his feet, then sets him up for a tombstone piledriver, and quickly drops down, spiking him on his head. 013 lifts Havoc up out of the corner and grabs him by his throat with both hands. 013 lifts Havoc up by his throat then throws him forward, sending him falling backwards landing next to Death Angel.

Cornell - Carver Ocean has sent a huge message to Death Angel, and even Ryan Apollos here tonight!

Greed - He’s back and he’s already outshining!

Carver Ocean leaves the ring and reaches underneath. He pulls out a gas tank and slides it into the ring, then reaches underneath and grabs another. Carver Ocean climbs up to the ring apron with the gas tank, then opens it and pours gasoline into the ring. Carver Ocean walks along the apron, pouring gasoline surrounding Death Angel and Havoc.

Cornell - He’s going to light them up!

Greed - We’ve seen Death Angel come back from being burned alive a few times, but can Havoc no sell Death?

013 leaves the ring and rips the cell door off the hinges. Brain Savage picks up the other gas tank and opens it up. Brain Savage empties the gasoline out on Havoc and death Angel in the middle of the ring, then he leaves the ring and follows 013 towards the stage. Carver Ocean walks out of the cell with a smile of his face, then his lifts his hand giving a thumbs up. The ring apron lights on fire, lighting the gasoline and sending the ring into an inferno.

Cornell - Those flames that were set up for the End Game match are now used to destroy both men who were scheduled to fight!

Greed - Carver Ocean flawlessly executed a master plan! When was the last time we saw that happen?

Carver Ocean backs up towards the stage watching the ring burn. The shot cuts backstage to Jazmine Ortiz who’s smiling wide with Chuck Matthews to her left and Corey Casey to her right.

Jazmine Ortiz
I am backstage now with two of the biggest stars in NLWF history, former enemies turned allies, now known as Bad Company, who tonight will fight the men who have been attacking them for the past month. I’ll start with you…

Chuck Matthews takes the microphone away from Jazmine Ortiz.

Chuck Matthews

Let me just reiterate what you just said, since you seem to have such a shallow minded view of what’s happening here tonight. You see this is the City of Salvation, Brenton’s city where guys like Corey and I are hated more than anywhere else in the entire world. But tonight , what you left out, is that those Hazard’s who have been attacking us, will fight us in our matches.

Corey Casey nods his head while Chuck Matthews smirks

Corey Casey

Chuck Matthews

Corey knows exactly what I’m capable of in a Devastation Match, I’ve never lost! Chad is in for the toughest debut of anyone to enter this company, much like Carver Ocean, his career is going to start off by being outshined, by ME!

Corey Casey is handed the microphone as Chuck Matthews takes a step back.

Corey Casey
He’s right, you don’t fuck with a man in his match! That’s exactly what Matt Gray is trying to do tonight, exactly what Chad Mason wants to do! These guys are in so far over their heads that not even God will be able to save you! After I dominate God’s Playground, I will do exactly what Brenton Cyrus did last year after dominating this match. I’m gonna rename it, and make it my own! You don’t mess with Bad Company in matches that have no rules! Gentlemen, it’s safe to say you’re FUCKED, here tonight.

Clapping is heard and Carver Ocean walks up to Bad Company. He reaches his hand out for the microphone, then pulls his hand away as Corey Casey gives him a death stare. Carver Ocean reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his own mic.

Carver Ocean
It’s alright, I’ve still got this one.

Corey Casey
What do you want?

Carver Ocean smiles a big fake and cheesy smile.

Carver Ocean
Well I heard you talking about Bad Company, so I thought I would come over here and see what you guys thought of my master plan. I mean, considering you two enjoy a good plan as much as any other guy, I thought you would be able to appreciate a plan, that actually went according to plan.

Carver Ocean laughs and Corey Casey quickly grabs him by his throat. Chuck Matthews reaches out and grabs Corey Casey on his shoulder, then takes a step forward to stand next to him.

Chuck Matthews

You want to see a plan go according to plan? Sit back and watch, because once again, I’ll be outshining you in front of millions of people Carver.

Corey Casey releases his throat and Carver Ocean takes in a breath of air, rubbing his neck.

Carver Ocean
Trust me Matthews, you’ve beaten more than enough respect into me for a lifetime. I’ve learned my lesson and know I can’t outshine you.

Carver Ocean looks at Corey Casey.

Carver Ocean
You on the other hand?

Carver Ocean shakes his head and turns his back on Bad Company, then walks away. Chuck Matthews smiles and pats an angry Corey Casey on the back.

Chuck Matthews

Don’t listen to that jackass, he’ll probably get his ass kicked and disappear again, say it was all part of a plan. My match is next.

Corey Casey nods as Chuck Matthews walks away.

Corey Casey
Make Chad Mason regret winning Rookie 2 Legend.

Chuck Matthews turns around and smirks.

Chuck Matthews

I’ll make his regret being born.

The shot fades to ringside where Chad Mason is inside the ring jumping around, warming up.

Cornell - Toughest debut ever for anyone in NLWF history!

Greed - His first match is a Freedom Championship match against Chuck Matthews, in a match he’s never lost in, The Devastation Match!

Cornell - I can smell the ass kicking in the air already…

Greed - Or Chad Mason is so afraid he shit himself!

Cast out the storm in my head I've tripped and fell in
Caught in my conscience again
I try to push it away

World to Burn by Rev Theory plays throughout the arena. The camera focuses on the entrance curtain for a moment. Finally, Chuck Matthews emerges, looking at the ring. He faces the ring, smirking.

In case you forget I'll boldly just let it all fade
Search the silence
I can't believe all the lies that you tell me I break

Chuck stops halfway down the ramp and looks to the booing crowd. He raises his hands in his signature old-style cornas. Fireworks erupt in a line behind him, firing back and forth for a moment. Chuck looks back to the the ring, and continues walking. He runs up the steps and pauses on the apron, flashing a grin at the crowd before stepping between the ropes.

This is the world that you burn.
This is the life that you waste.
How does it feel on your own, now that you're pushing me away?

Chuck climbs up on the turnbuckle. He stares at the crowd, sneering at them, and stretches out his arms, soaking in the crowd's reactions. Finally, he points to the opponent, shakes his head, then motions to himself. He stares at the opponent as he rolls his wrists, getting ready for the bell.


Cornell - The crowd is pumped up for this match, Chuck Matthews destroying Chad Mason!

Greed - Chad Mason looks terrified! He’s gonna get killed!

Devastation Match
Freedom Championship

◄◄ Chuck Matthews ►►vs◄◄ Chad Mason ►►

[Ding Ding Ding]

Chuck Matthews shakes his head with a smile on his face as he stares across the ring at Chad Mason. Chuck Matthews walks to the center of the ring and he holds his hand out. Chad Mason steps out of the corner, walking towards Chuck Matthews cautiously.

Cornell - Chuck Matthews offering a handshake?

Greed - Well, that is his protégé!

Chad Mason starts to extend his hand and Chuck Matthews slaps him across the face, then steps forward and drives a knee into his stomach. Chuck Matthews locks his hands together around the head of Chad Mason, locking in the muay thai clinch. Chuck Matthews drives a knee into the face of Chad Mason, then goes for another one but is lifted up onto his shoulders.

Cornell - Chad Mason has him up!

Greed - He could be going for the Toxic Shock!

Chuck Matthews slips off his shoulders, landing behind him. Chuck Matthews runs forward and takes Chad Mason down with a neck breaker. Chuck Matthews stands up and walks to the corner, staring out at the crowd. Chuck Matthews turns around in the corner and slouches down, then motions for Chad Mason to stand up.

Cornell - Could it be? Already?

Greed - He needs to score three points before he can climb a ladder to get the Freedom Title, if he can spear him that’s a pin fall and a point down.

Chad Mason stands up and turns around. Chuck Matthews shoots out of the corner towards him and dives for the spear. Chad Mason jumps over Chuck Matthews who keeps running and he hit’s the ropes. Chad Mason turns around as Chuck Matthews rebounds at him and dives for another spear. Chad Mason drops down to his stomach and Chuck Matthews jumps over him and hit’s the ropes again. Chad Mason stands up as Chuck Matthews rebounds off the ropes, and is hit with a spear.

Cornell - HOLLYWOOD IMPACT! HOLLYWOOD IMPACT! He tried to avoid it, but was still hit with HOLLYWOOD IMPACT!

Greed - Chad Mason did whatever he could to avoid Hollywood Impact but just couldn’t!

Chuck Matthews pins Chad Mason.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chuck Matthews has met one of the conditions!

Cornell - Now he needs to make Chad Mason bleed to get a point, and put him through a table, knock him out, or light him on fire!

Greed - We’ve already seen Death Angel and Havoc lit on fire here tonight, luckily the ring crew was able to clear the ring.

Chuck Matthews stands up with a arrogant smile on his face. He looks down at Chad Mason and shakes his head disappointed. Chuck Matthews kicks Chad Mason to the face, then leaves the ring. Chuck Matthews reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a duct taped wrapped florescent light tube bundle.

Cornell - That’s gotta have thirty light tubes!

Greed - He needs to make Chad bleed!

Chuck Matthews slides the bundle into the ring, then reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a burlap sack mask.

Cornell - The Original Sin mask! I know what’s inside!

Greed - Chad’s night just went from bad, to much worse!

Chuck Matthews slides into the ring, holding the sack in his hand. Chuck Matthews pulls a Hazard mask from out of the burlap sack and he tosses it on Chad Mason. Chuck Matthews empties out the burlap sack onto the mat, pouring hundreds of thumbtacks down.

Cornell - Not only did the original sin mask have the thumbtacks, it also had the Hazard mask in it.

Greed - I wonder what’s going through the mind of the smartest man in wrestling.

Chuck Matthews puts on the Original Sin mask, then walks over to Chad Mason and forces the Hazard mask over his face. Chuck Matthews lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then sets him up for the tombstone piledriver. Chuck Matthews walks over towards the thumbtack pile and brings Chad Mason down face first into them.

“You sick fuck!” “You sick fuck!” “You sick fuck!” “You sick fuck!”

Cornell - Chad Mason is tombstone piledriven on the thumbtacks!

Greed - Awkward… Fuck his life, so hard!

Chuck Matthews rips the Hazard mask off of Chad Mason’s head, then steps on his face, pushing the back of his head down onto the tacks. Chuck Matthews raises his arms up with his foot still on the face of Chad Mason. Chuck Matthews pulls the burlap sack off his head and throws it down, then walks over to the bundle of light tubes.

Cornell - Chad had a lot of thumbtacks stuck to his face, but luckily Chuck removed them when he ripped the mask off of his face. Ha ha!

Greed - Why didn’t the referee count the tack wounds for blood?

Chuck Matthews lifts the bundle of light tubes up and walks over to Chad Mason, still on top of the thumbtacks. Chuck Matthews lays the bundle of light tubes down over Chad Mason’s face, then he backs up to the corner. Chuck Matthews does the Brenton Cyrus God Pose and the fans go insane with boos then start to chant.


Cornell - Mocking the God of Salvation in his city! That guy has balls!

Greed - Not only that but I think he has Chad Mason set up for the punt kick!

Chuck Matthews runs out of the corner and punt kicks the bundle of light tubes into the face of Chad Mason who falls forward to the mat out cold. Chuck Matthews lifts Chad Mason up to his feet, then runs with him and throws him over the top rope.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chuck Matthews has met two of the conditions!

Cornell - Brutal and Chad Mason has been busted open, the blood is startling the flow!

Greed - DON’T FUCK WITH CHUCK IN DEVASTATION! He’ll never lose the Freedom Title because all the matches he defends the belt in are the Devastation match!

Chuck Matthews orders the referee to count Chad Mason down and he obliges. Chuck Matthews leaves the ring and pulls a ladder out from underneath.

“1” “2” “3”

Cornell - As soon as the referee counts to ten Chuck will have scored all three of the points required to pull down the Freedom Title!

Greed - The master of the amazing comeback in matches has completely destroyed Chad Mason here tonight, no comeback necessary!

Chuck Matthews slides the ladder into the ring and the lights in the arena shut off. The immediately come back on and Chuck Matthews looks around.

“4” “5”

Cornell - What the hell was that?

Greed - Well this is a new massive arena, in a small city, and maybe those football stadium like lights had a surge?

“6” “7”

Chuck Matthews enters the ring and lifts the ladder, then sets it up underneath the Freedom Championship. He lifts his arms in the air and circles around the ladder looking out at the crowd. Outside the ring, Chad Mason lays motionless.

“8” “9” “10”

Cornell - Chuck Matthews has fucked another Devastation Match!

Greed - Welcome to NLWF Chad!

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chuck Matthews has met all three of the conditions!

Chuck Matthews begins climbing the ladder, slowly stepping up each step with an arrogant swagger. Chuck Matthews makes it to the top of the ladder and he holds his arms out. From underneath the ring, someone in a Hazard suit crawls out.

Cornell - you’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

Greed - The question isn’t, “who is Hazard?” it’s “How many fucking Hazard‘s are there?”

Hazard slides into the ring and starts pushing the ladder. Chuck Matthews looks down at Hazard, then he looks to the outside of the ring where Chad Mason is stacking a table on top of two others.

Chuck Matthews


The ladder tips and Chuck Matthews is sent falling from the top of it, clearing the ropes and landing through the stack of tables as Chad Mason watches, flipping him off.

“holy shit!” “holy shit!” “holy shit!” “holy shit!”


Greed - They found Chuck’s only weakness! It’s not razorblade cat-o-nine tails, it’s not Live or Die Matches, it’s not some of the most vicious ass whooping imaginable or even bullets! But those fucking tables get him every time! Chuck Matthews kryptonite!

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chad Mason has met one of the conditions!

Chuck Matthews stumbles towards the ring as Hazard readjusts the ladder underneath the Freedom Championship. Chad Mason reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a wiffle ball bat with light bulbs sticking out of it.

Cornell - … what the fuck is that?

Greed - Just when we thought we’ve seen it all! These guys are giving Corey Casey a run for his money in the weapon of the year department.

Chuck Matthews begins moving on the broken tables. He uses all his might to sit up, then looks at Chad Mason pointing the bat at him. Chad Mason runs forward and hits Chuck Matthews to the face with the wiffle ball bat, shattering light bulbs.

“you sick fuck!” “you sick fuck!” “you sick fuck!” “you sick fuck!” “you sick fuck!”

Cornell - Several females just committed suicide just out of fear that, that fucker in the ring Chad Mason, may have damaged the face of Chuck Matthews!

Greed - I don’t know if they committed suicide, but they sure had to put their orgasms on hold after that one.

Chad Mason throws down the wiffle ball bat and shakes his head. He walks towards the ring and reaches underneath, then pulls out a wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbwire.

Cornell - oh shit…

Greed - He’s awoken a demon inside of Chad Mason that can’t be tamed!

Chad Mason walks over to Chuck Matthews and sits him up. Chad Mason drives his knee into the back of Chuck Matthews, then lays the barbwire baseball bat into his forehead. Chad Mason moves the bat back and forth as Chuck Matthews struggles to get away from him. Blood starts to flow down the face of Chuck Matthews and he finally gets away from Chad Mason.

Cornell - …. Is Chad Mason making a Chuck Matthews-esque comeback?


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chad Mason has met two of the conditions!

Chad Mason holds up the barbwire wrapped baseball bat, the silver barbwire stained red with the blood of Chuck Matthews. The fans cheer wildly for Chad Mason who brings the baseball bat down and licks it.


Cornell - I’ve met Chad Mason a few times… that’s not Chad Mason…

Greed - He’s an awkward little asshole, he’s not a badass who can out devastate the devastation messiah!

Chad Mason jumps the guardrail and gives the baseball bat to a fan. Chad Mason stops and poses as people take pictures of him, then he jumps back over the guardrail and crouches down.

Cornell - ….

Greed - Oh no.. OH NO!

Chad Mason motions for Chuck Matthews to stand up on the other side of the ring. Chuck Matthews uses the ring steps to get up, then he staggers over to the guardrail and leans back on it. Chad Mason runs across the floor at him, then walks up the ring steps and jumps off towards Chuck Matthews. Chad Mason tackles Chuck Matthews and they break the barricade and roll out into the crowd.


Cornell - …


Chad Mason pins Chuck Matthews on top of the broken guardrail and the referee makes the count.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Chad Mason has met two of the conditions!

Cornell - that’s bullshit, it’s not falls count anywhere….

Greed - Someone sounds like they are preparing to make excuses! This would be the biggest upset of the year, outshining Matt Gray versus Nick Ridicule at Trial By Combat!

Chad Mason stands up and smiles as he looks down at Chuck Matthews. Chad Mason turns around slowly and looks towards the ring, up at the Freedom Championship. Chad Mason walks towards the ring, then walks up the steps. He enters the ring and hugs Hazard.

Cornell - F.A.G.S!


Chad Mason walks towards the ladder, then wipes some blood off of his face. Chad Mason climbs the ladder and makes it to the top. Chad Mason puts his hands on his face, then reaches up and grabs onto the belt rope. The ladder is suddenly pushed out from underneath Chad Mason by Tommy Cornell. Chad Mason holds onto the belt rope and hangs above the ring.

Greed - HAHA! NO FUCKING WAY! What the fuck!

Tommy Cornell leans the ladder in the corner then looks towards Chuck Matthews on the broken guardrail.

Tommy Cornell

Greed - I can’t believe this! That’s a man who knows his job is coming to an end anyway, and is willing to say “Fuck it.” This is awesome.

Hazard runs up behind Tommy Cornell and punt kicks him to the balls. Tommy Cornell falls forward and turns around.


Chuck Matthews slides into the ring and grabs Hazard by the throat, then pushes him back into the corner. Chuck Matthews looks over his shoulder up at Chad Mason still hanging from the belt rope and shakes his head.

Greed - PULL DOWN THE FUCKING BELT CHAD! I think he’s afraid of heights, that’s a pretty long fall!

Chuck Matthews yells at Hazard, then grabs the mask and rips it off revealing Kimberly O’Day.

Greed - HOLY FUCK!

Chuck Matthews eyes widen as he backs away slowly. Chad Mason falls from the belt rope down to the ring and lands on his feet behind holding the Freedom Championship. Chuck Matthews turns around and Chad Mason tackles him. The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]


The crowd roars with cheers.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner and the NEW Freedom Champion, CHAD MASON!

Chad Mason stands up with the Freedom Championship in his hands. Kimberly O’Day runs out of the corner and tackles him down.

Greed - Upset of the fucking year! What a match! Kimberly O’Day is alive! Chad Mason defeats Chuck Matthews in a Devastation Match! TOMMY IS HAVING A FUCKING HEART ATTACK IN THE RING!

Chad Mason and Kimberly O’Day stand up and leave the ring. Chad Mason hugs Kimberly O’Day, then holds up the Freedom Championship.

Greed - The hero Chuck Matthews once was for Salvation, Chad Mason has just become! Last month at Trial By Combat we thought Kimberly O’Day was killed inside the cement Chamber, but Chad Mason blows the minds of everyone with this one!

Chad Mason jumps the guardrail and the fans embrace him, lifting him up. Chad Mason holds up the Freedom Championship as the fans hold him overhead.


Greed - Rookie to fucking Legend! Chad Mason! Wow! How the fuck does the show go on after that? I’ve got an idea.


John Greed stands up and walks over to Samantha Praxton.

Samantha Praxton - Once again, here is your winner and the NEW Freedom Champion, CHAD MASON!

Greed - Awesome.

Brenton Cyrus

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Re: Simple Survival 2: June 28th 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on June 30th 2010, 6:24 pm

Revolution cuts backstage to Brenton Cyrus in a referee shirt, he has a big smile on his face. He starts laughing then shakes his head.

Brenton Cyrus

Chad Fucking Mason! How about that? All the credit, obviously goes to Chad Mason. I had nothing to do with that Kimberly O’Day plan. Well, besides the burying her in cement last month, but I really thought he did it. But Chad Mason blows the minds of everyone and out plans, well, everyone. It’s almost scary how unpredictable things are becoming as we approach the black hole, the ending. Let’s talk about what was predictable though.

Brenton Cyrus stops smiling and stares at the camera.

Brenton Cyrus

Corey Casey. You see, The plan I had was for Corey Casey to take the NLWF and Universal Title into a match here tonight, I would bring in the World Title. That clearly didn’t happen, but I predicted that during the contract signing when I put Matt Gray to fight Corey instead of me. I knew Corey Casey would fail, because he always fails. But Corey, if you can beat Matt Gray tonight, if you can conquer God’s Playground tonight, then at Revolution XXX you’ll have earned a match against me. But brother, I don’t think you can beat Matt Gray.

Brenton Cyrus laughs and the shot cuts to God’s Playground set up around the ring.


Cornell - Please…. I don’t want to talk about what just happened. Lets just move on!

Greed - Maybe Matt Gray can pull off an upster against Corey Casey, the only man to hold a pinfall over Matt Gray!

Cornell - How about Corey Casey submits Matt Gray, that way he’ll be the first to pin and submit that Gray Wolf asshole!

Greed - Calm down Tommy, how are your balls?

Cornell - They hurt!

Greed - I bet! Kim O’Hazardous to your balls!

Matt Gray is inside the ring with a confident smile on his face. Brenton Cyrus walks down to the ring, then walks up the steps to enter the God’s Playground structure.

Cornell - What an upsetting pay per view.

Greed - I just realized something that might make you feel better.

Cornell - What’s that?

Greed - Chuck Matthews was right!

Cornell - What do you mean?

Greed - Carver Ocean’s plan was completely outshined tonight! He was just wrong about who would be the guy to outshine him, cause it was CHAD MASON! Ha Ha WOO WOO WOO! CHAD MASON! WOO WOO WOO! FREEDOM CHAMPION!

Cornell - ………

Greed - Come on, that was funny!

The lights in the arena go out and a video begins rolling on the big screen. It shows a man sitting in a padded room rocking back and forth. The man is strapped into a straitjacket and you can hear him laughing to himself. He suddenly lifts his head and you can see Corey Casey's face as he flashes the camera a wicked smile. Suddenly, the opening of "69 Tea" blasts out of the house PA system and blue fireworks erupt from either side of the stage

Lonely in this white room, there are pads everywhere
Chafing straitjacket, I won’t die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don’t care if I’m lost
Don’t tell me that you’re all better
I don’t care if you are Don’t tell me that you’re trendsetters
I don’t care if you are

The camera shows Corey Casey standing on top of the stage, his arms out to either side. As the verse continues Corey turns around, a smirk on his face, as he looks out at the crowd who greet him with boo's.

Lowly with my head bowed, there are rats everywhere
feed me bread and water
I won't die in there
Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross
Hate me screaming masses
I don't care if i'm lost

Corey confidently walks down to the ring as fans continue to rain boo's down on him. He walks up the ring steps and enters God’s Playground. The referees closes the playground wall behind him and he steps in between the middle and top rope.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Don't tell me that you're trendsetters
I don't care if you are

Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill

Corey climbs the nearest turnbuckle and holds his arms out to either side. His smirk on confidence widens as he looks out over the crowd.

Don't tell me that you're all better
I don't care if you are
Say you will take my pills
Say you will faking ill
Say you will (say you will) take my pills (take my pills)
Say you will (say you will) faking ill...

Corey turns and jumps down from the turnbuckle and faces his opponent.

Cornell - I hope Matt Gray beats the hell out of Corey Casey… Just so you know how it feels to have your favorite lose!

Greed - What a hurtful thing to say Tommy! Also, Not gonna happen. Plus, much like Chuck Matthews, you are WRONG, because both Corey Casey and Matt Gray are two of my favorites! It’s win win baby!

Tommy - This match is stupid…

Greed - Nope.

Brenton Cyrus stares at Corey Casey, then calls for the bell.

God’s Playground

◄◄Guest Referee: Brenton Cyrus ►►
◄◄ Matt Gray ►►vs◄◄ Corey Casey ►►

[Ding Ding Ding]

The lights in the arena dim and electrical generators turn on. The inside of God’s Playground is shown, revealing barbwire lining the chain link walls.

Greed - We have a little saying in NLWF, “DON‘T FUCK WITH COREY CASEY IN A MATCH WITH NO RULES!”

Corey Casey runs towards Brenton Cyrus who calmly steps out of the ring. Matt Gay runs up behind Corey Casey and attempts a German Suplex. Corey Casey holds onto the ropes, blocking the suplex attempt, then hits Matt Gray with a back elbow to the face.

Cornell - Matt Gray has to grapple with Corey Casey, avoid his brutal striking and Death Clutch, then ground Corey Casey and attempt submissions.

Greed - See, this match is going to be legendary!

Corey Casey spins around and grabs Matt Gray by the throat. Matt Gray puts both his hands up and blocks Corey Casey’s punches. Corey Casey knees Matt Gray to the stomach, then lifts him up by the throat and choke slams him. Matt Gray wraps himself around the arm of Corey Casey and tries for an armbar. Corey Casey stomps on Matt Gray’s face causing him to let go, then he jumps up and leg drops him.

Cornell - Great action, Matt Gray avoids the Death Clutch but Corey Casey choke slams him.

Greed - Then he went for that armbar but Corey is able to escape fast!

Corey Casey tries to lift Matt Gray up but he’s rolled up for a pin. Brenton Cyrus enters the ring and is quick to make the count.


Corey Casey kicks out.

Cornell - Corey Casey doesn’t want to let Matt Gray grab a hold of him, he needs to brawl and create distance with Matt Gray, get the fight to the outside of the ring, use some weapons, that’s his style.

Greed - I also just want to note, that was a fair count from Cyrus.

Corey Casey stands up while Matt Gray stays down on the mat. Matt Gray puts his feet up, then tries to kick Corey Casey to the stomach. Corey Casey dives up over the legs of Matt Gray and comes down with a massive superman punch into his face. Corey Casey begins unloading punches down into the face of Matt Gray who sticks his legs up and locks Corey Casey in a triangle choke.

Cornell - Matt Gray is a crafty son of a bitch, I’ll give him that. Corey Casey hit him with a punch that should have knocked him out, but instead he locked in a submission hold.

Greed - Can you see why these two are my favorites? This is a great match and fitting since Matt Gray wants to redeem his one pin fall loss.

Corey Casey gets to his feet, still locked in the triangle choke. Corey Casey lifts Matt Gray up off the mat for a power bomb, then brings him down into the mat. Matt Gray leaves the hold locked on, then begins hitting Corey Casey with elbow strikes. Corey Casey gets to his feet and throws wild right hands down at Matt Gray, some hitting him to the face and some hitting the mat.

Cornell - He’s pissing Corey Casey off a lot!

Greed - He wont fucking let go of him! That’s an annoying style for a guy like Corey Casey who wants to fight in a hardcore match.

Corey Casey lands several punches to the face of Matt Gray, then lands a hammer fist that knocks him out. Matt Gray’s legs unlock and Corey Casey stands up fully. Corey Casey hooks the legs of Matt Gray, then spins him over into the elevated boston crab. Matt Gray recovers from the shot he took and reaches out for the ropes.

Greed - Asylum Walls!

Cornell - Matt Gray took a massive punch that separated him from his senses.

Greed - He’s back now, and surrounded by Asylum Walls!

Corey Casey drives his knee into the back of Matt Gray as he leans back, adding pressure to the hold. Matt Gray grabs the foot of Corey Casey and tries to lock in an ankle lock. Corey Casey stomps down on the hands on Matt Gray, then leans back again.

Cornell - Corey Casey has the submission locked on now, and he’s threatening to be the first man to make Matt Gray submit also.

Greed - Corey Casey is doing a great job, but he’s still fighting Matt Gray’s kind of match, this isn’t Corey Casey, WHERE IS THE CAT-O-NINE TAILS?!

Matt Gray is able to turn over escaping the hold. Corey Casey stands over him and throws down punches at him, landing hard. Corey Casey hooks the legs of Matt Gray, then leans back and slingshots him over the top rope to the steel playground floor outside the ring.

Cornell - Here we go, the wrestling portion of this match has just ended, Matt Gray is on the outside of the ring!

Greed - Prepare for a beating Matt!

Corey Casey stands up and looks at Brenton Cyrus who stands in the corner with his arms crossed. Corey Casey leaves the ring and waits for Matt Gray to get up. Matt Gray gets to his hands and knees, and as he does, Corey Casey punt kicks him to the ribs.

Cornell - Here we go!

Greed - Corey is looking at that electric chain link, barbwire wrapped, playground wall and the evil wheels are spinning!

Corey Casey lifts Matt Gray up to his feet, then lifts him up for a military press. Corey Casey steps forward and throws Matt Gray at the playground wall. As Matt Gray hit’s the wall the lights flash throughout the coliseum. Matt Gray bounces off the wall and walks towards Corey Casey who lifts him up for a suplex.

Cornell - He’s got him up for the purifier!

Greed - The brutality level just went up a notch!

Matt Gray kicks his legs rapidly and falls behind Corey Casey, landing inside the ring. Matt Gray spins around with Corey Casey, then lifts him up for a suplex over the ropes. Matt Gray walks to the center of the ring and Corey Casey kicks his legs.

Cornell - Reversal from Matt Gray and now he has Corey Casey up!

Greed - But Corey Casey is fighting to reverse it!

Corey Casey lands behind Matt Gray then spins around and tries for a suplex. Matt Gray hits Corey Casey with an elbow, then a knee to the face. Matt Gray lifts Corey Casey up for a suplex, then spins and turns with him, driving him down with a jackhammer.


Greed - That was a great reversal by Matt Gray. Do you see that Tommy? I’m unbiased!

Matt Gray hooks the leg of Corey Casey and Brenton Cyrus makes the count.


Corey Casey kicks out and as he does Matt Gray rolls him over to his stomach. Matt Gray hooks the arms of Corey Casey then flips over locking in the bridging grounded double chickenwing.

Cornell - The Killer Instinct has been applied on Corey Casey! He’s been in straightjackets before, can he escape this straightjacket like move.

Greed - Brenton is loving this, Matt Gray is avoiding the violence and he’s fighting his kind of match, a technical classic!

Matt Gray bridges up, lifting himself and Corey Casey off the mat, then he falls back down, driving Corey Casey face first into the mat. Corey Casey pushes with his legs and scoots Matt Gray across the ring towards the ropes. Matt Gray alligator rolls with Corey Casey, back and forth, then he bridges up and drives him down.

Cornell - He’s got Corey in a real bad position!

Greed - Matt Gray can avenge his pin fall loss big time if Corey Casey submits!

Corey Casey struggles forward and gets to his knees, lifting Matt Gray up on his back. Corey Casey fights up to his feet and Matt Gray breaks the hold and spins around, hitting him with a elbow, then hooking his head and driving him down with a DDT. Matt Gray rolls Corey Casey over and pins him.


Corey Casey kicks out.

Cornell - You were right, this is a pretty good match.


Matt Gray grabs Corey Casey and is pushed away towards the ropes. Corey Casey stands up and runs at Matt Gray, then clotheslines him over the top rope, sending him to the playground floor. Matt Gray stands up and Corey Casey punches him with a straight right hand. Matt Gray stumbles backwards and Corey Casey springs up to the top rope and bounces off at him. Corey Casey spears Matt Gray through the playground door wall and the two men roll down it towards the stage.



Cornell - Not only that but Corey Casey with a springboard, using the ropes?

Corey Casey stands up, pulling himself off the barbwire wall. He reaches down and grabs the back of Matt Gray’s head, and he pushes it down into the barbwire. Corey Casey lifts Matt Gray up to his feet, then grabs him by the throat.

Cornell - Death Clutch!

Greed - and this time Matt Gray looks delirious, I don’t think he can block it!

Corey Casey hits Matt Gray with several straight right hands to the face, busting him wide open as he pushes him towards the stage. Corey Casey hits another punch and Matt Gray covers up. Corey Casey kicks Matt Gray to the stomach then connects a big boot to his face, sending him staggering backstage.

Cornell - Where are they going?

Greed - I’m not sure but I think Cyrus should follow them.

Brenton Cyrus steps out of the ring, out to the playground floor, then walks towards the opening. Brenton Cyrus walks down the steps, then walks over the playground wall towards the stage.

Cornell - Great! Can we get a fucking camera to follow them?

Greed - Look who’s suddenly interested in this match!

Cornell - Only cause I want it to end.

Greed - Whatever, look at the big screen, there they are!

Corey Casey boots Matt Gray to the face and he stagers through the coliseum exit doors. Corey Casey follows Matt Gray out of the arena and lifts him to his feet. People surround both men and Corey Casey lands a punch that sends Matt Gray staggering towards the NLWF summer festival set up.

Cornell - These guys are leaving the coliseum!

Greed - Corey Casey knows his way around the city, even with all the changes.

The shot switches to Brenton Cyrus walking towards the exit, he pushes through the doors and looks around for Corey Casey and Matt Gray, then walks towards them. Corey Casey brings Matt Gray inside a building and the cameraman doesn’t follow. Brenton Cyrus stops and holds his arms out stopping the crowd of people from following them.

Cornell - Corey and Matt have disappeared into that building and Brenton isn’t going to follow them in.

Greed - Doesn’t look like the cameraman is going to follow them in either, who knows what we might be missing!

Matt Gray is seen staggering towards the edge of the building and the shot switches up to the sky view. Corey Casey runs across the roof of the building and spears Matt Gray off of it sending both men falling three stories down, landing through a festival booth set up below.

Cornell - Holy shit!


Brenton Cyrus walks towards the booth and waves his arm trying to clear the dust throw up from the impact. Brenton Cyrus looks inside the stand and makes the count.


Brenton Cyrus calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

The shot shows Corey Casey on top of Matt Gray inside the booth, pieces of the roof laying beneath them.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Corey Casey!

Cornell - Corey Casey hits one of the most massive spears ever on Matt Gray to record his second pin fall victory over him!

Greed - Some people own others, I’m starting to believe Corey Casey owns Matt Gray!

Brenton Cyrus stares down at Corey Casey.

Brenton Cyrus

I’ll see you next week Corey.

Brenton Cyrus smiles, then turns around and walks away towards the Liberation Coliseum. The shot fades away on the booth as Corey Casey stands up with an evil expression on his face. The next thing you see is Shane Bradley holding a clipboard.

Shane Bradley
Next week is the historic final NLWF show, Revolution XXX! Right now I’ll list the qualifying matches for the Triple Cage main event that will unify all the singles titles! The first match is going to be Death Angel versus Brain Savage!

Cornell - Will Death Angel be able to once again no sell death, and make another return to fight his half brother for a chance at entering the triple cage main event?

Greed - lighting Death Angel on fire hasn’t slowed him down in over a year, why would it stop him now?

Shane Bradley
The next match on the show is going to be the returning Carver Ocean taking on Ryan Apollos, then a title for title match between Chad Mason the new Freedom Champion and TJ Tilli the new Rated R Champion.

Cornell - Both new champions will fight title for title for a chance to go to the Triple Cage main event.

Greed - that’s fucking redic!

Chuck Matthews runs up and grabs Shane Bradley by his throat. He slams him back into the wall and gets close to him, a look of rage on his face.

Chuck Matthews

I was screwed.

Shane Bradley struggles with Chuck Matthews hand around his throat.

Shane Bradley
How so?

Chuck Matthews

Maybe if you would have pulled your head out of Brenton’s ass to see my match against Chad Mason, you would know that he only met two of the conditions before pulling down the belt!

Shane Bradley
No, he put you through tables, pinned you, and busted you open! That’s three amigo, Chad Mason beat you in the Devastation match!

Chuck Matthews

Then I want my rematch!

Shane Bradley
And so does Ryan Apollos! I’m not going to make excuses for Samantha Praxton’s incompetence! You know as well as I do that these titles don’t carry the rematch clause to them! Let me go and I’ll tell you who you are fighting, and I think you might lighten up.

Chuck Matthews releases Shane Bradley.

Chuck Matthews

Go ahead.

Shane Bradley
Next week, you’ll be fighting Jason Hawk!

Cornell - The man who’s girlfriend he boned at the BBQ show.

Greed - That should be a great match, first time they’ll ever meet and the last since it’s the final show.

Chuck Matthews

Why would that make me feel any better?

Shane Bradley
Because if Jason Hawk is the Triple Crown Champion, if he’s the holder of all three major titles, then you’ll be the first challenger for it in that match. Now I suggest you go and watch the main event, it’s a pretty important one.

Chuck Matthews smiles and walks away.

Shane Bradley
The other two major matches will be Brenton Cyrus versus Corey Casey and Nick Ridicule versus Matt Gray in the third and concluding match of the rivalry. If Nick Ridicule is the Triple Crown Champion, then the title will be on the line.

Cornell - The final show is going to be absolutely astonishing!

Greed - It’s going to be amazing and at the same time I don’t want it to happen, cause afterwards it’s all over.

Shane Bradley
The winners of those matches will go to the Triple Cage Main event for all the titles, while all the match losers will go to a Battle Royal, where one will win the chance to be in triple cage anyway. This is it, it’s all coming to an end and only one person can be named the absolute best!

The shot fades from Shane Bradley back to ringside.

Brenton Cyrus

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Re: Simple Survival 2: June 28th 2010

Post by Brenton Cyrus on June 30th 2010, 11:10 pm

Cornell - Now it’s time for the match we’ve all been waiting for, the main event, the World Heavyweight and North American Champion versus the Undisputed Universal and No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion!

Greed - One man will hold all three major titles at once, this is going to be historic, six months from Ultimate Glory the first show where all three belts were on the line in a match.

Lights out!


The lights go out in the arena as the music continues. Then suddenly fireworks exlpode from the titantron in the shape of the faroese flag.

I secretly crave, crave that scent again
Still feel it pressing on me now
Now with the onset, my flesh is weakening
I steel my nerves for temptations at hand again

A spotlight shines onto the stage and Jason Hawk is standing on the stage with his arms spread to the side and a huge smile on his face. He lowers his arms and the lights slowly come back on.

And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear this calling out

Jason Hawk makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He climbs a turnbuckle and spreads his arms to the side with the same cocky and big smile on his face.

No secret deception, for these would tear this down
I'll note the past, spare the pain (spare the pain)
Words match my deeds with brutal honesty
Never forget these choices were made by me

Jason Hawk moonsaults backwards as golden fireworks explode from the turnbuckle. Jason Hawk lands on his feet and spreads his arms to the side again as the fans cheer him on.

And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear this calling
Still you don't seem so far at all
And I hear (and I hear) this calling out

Samantha Praxton - Introducing first, now residing in San Diego, California. Standing at 6’0” and weighing 175 pounds. He is one half of the tag team champions, the reigning and defending North American and World Heavyweight Champion, JASON HAWK!

Cornell - Tag team champion versus tag team champion, I believe that’s also a first in NLWF history.

Greed - You can feel the excitement in the air, you can tell that something amazing is about to happen!

Shark Ethic begins to play getting the crowd pumped up and chanting along with the song. A soon as the chanting stops, Nick Ridicule steps out onto the stage with the NLWF Title on his left shoulder and the Undisputed Universal Championship on his right shoulder. Ashley Ridicule comes out and stands next to him, then they walk towards the ring. Nick Ridicule gives Ashley Ridicule the NLWF and Universal Titles then kisses her before sliding into the ring.

Samantha Praxton - From Miami, Florida. Standing 6’3” and weighing in at 205 pounds. Being accompanied to the ring by his wife Ashley Ridicule. He is one half of the tag team champions, he is the reigning and defending No Limit Wrestling Federation and Undisputed Universal Champion, NICK RIDICULE!

Nick Ridicule puts his hands in prayer former, then takes a step forward and holds a fist up.

Cornell - It’s on! It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Greed - Here we go, the main event for the last pay per view!

The referee calls for the bell.

Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship
No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship
NLWF Undisputed Universal Championship
NLWF North American Championship

◄◄ Nick Ridicule ►►vs
◄◄ Jason Hawk ►►

[Ding Ding Ding]

Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk meet in the center of the ring and shake hands, then hug.

Cornell - The tag team champions fight for all the major gold, for a piece of NLWF History!

Greed - I’m so excited that I’ve got Goosebumps!

Jason Hawk
Do you really think I’m not your friend?

Nick Ridicule shakes his head and Jason Hawk lays down in the middle of the ring.

Nick Ridicule
Come on Hawk, let’s have our match!

Cornell - Hawk is pulling a Cyrus? He’s going to lay down?

Greed - I’m disgusted!

Nick Ridicule reluctantly walks over and pins Jason Hawk, who quickly rolls him up for a pin.


Nick Ridicule kicks out and both men quickly stand up.

Jason Hawk

Cornell - Jason Hawk almost stole the win away, that was close!

Greed - That would have been hilarious, but now the time for games is over, it’s time for a fight!

Nick Ridicule throws a leg kick at Jason Hawk but he jumps up avoiding it. Jason Hawk moves in and sends Nick Ridicule off to the ropes. Nick Ridicule holds onto the ropes, preventing a rebound. Jason Hawk runs at Nick Ridicule and dropkicks him to the face, sending him over the top rope, landing on the ring apron.

Cornell - These two are both very different from when they fought three times to end last year.

Greed - They have both evolved a lot since that time and I believe we’re seeing the best Jason Hawk versus the best Nick Ridicule here tonight in the main event.

Jason Hawk runs up to the corner turnbuckles and jumps off at Nick Ridicule with a cross body. Nick Ridicule catches Jason Hawk on the apron, then tosses him up overhead onto his shoulders. Nick Ridicule turns around and looks at the announcers table.

Cornell - He has Jason Hawk set up for the DVD moment, is he going to launch him our way?

Greed - Looks like it, but Hawk is holding onto that top rope.

Jason Hawk pulls himself off of the shoulders of Nick Ridicule, and he lands inside the ring. Jason Hawk grabs Nick Ridicule by the back of the head and runs with him towards the corner. Jason Hawk throws Nick Ridicule face first into the ring post from inside the ring, causing him to crack into it headfirst and crumbled down the ring steps.

Cornell - Nick hit’s the ring pipe face first and it may have knocked him out!

Greed - Hawk needs to capitalize, attack, attack!

Jason Hawk leaves the ring and dropkicks the ring steps into Nick Ridicule laying beside them. Jason Hawk stands up and walks around the steps, then lifts Nick Ridicule up to his feet.

Cornell - Uh oh, Nick is bleeding from that wound opened last week inside that steel cage match!

Greed - We’re seeing a much more aggressive Jason Hawk so far in this match, not the usual fun loving goofball we’re used to seeing.

Jason Hawk enters the ring and watches Nick Ridicule who stands delirious in front of the announcers table. Nick Ridicule takes a step forward and Jason Hawk runs, then baseball slides dropkicking him under the bottom rope. Nick Ridicule staggers back and hit’s the announcers table.

Cornell - Hawk is really starting to build up momentum with each attack, not only that but he’s building up confidence to go high risk on Nick Ridicule.

Greed - It looks like that’s what he’s thinking now!

Jason Hawk runs and leaps over the ropes, clearing them completely, and doing a corkscrew press. Jason Hawk connects and takes Nick Ridicule down, knocking him back onto the announcers tables. Jason Hawk rolls over the table and lands on his feet between the announcers. He picks up a head set and puts it on.


Cornell - Very nicely done Hawk, that was an awesome high risk move.

Greed - Stay on him!

Jason Hawk takes the headset off, then he steps up on the guardrail and moonsaults off landing on Nick Ridicule, on top of the announce table.

Cornell - This might be the first pay per view in history where our table survives the entire night.

Greed - Death Angel didn’t have a chance to break it, I think at this point we’re safe.

Jason Hawk stands up on the announcers table and looks down at the ringside floor. Jason Hawk jumps down from the table and reaches down grabbing onto the ringside floor matting. Jason Hawk pulls the matting back revealing the cement coliseum floor.

Cornell - Jason Hawk has removed the padding that covers the floor, now the cement is exposed.

Greed - He knows what it takes to beat Nick Ridicule, because he’s never been able to beat Nick Ridicule! He’s going to do whatever it takes here tonight!

Jason Hawk climbs back up on the announcers table with Nick Ridicule and he lifts him up to his feet. Jason Hawk hooks Nick Ridicule for a belly to belly suplex and he moonsaults off the table with him, down to the cement floor.

Cornell - TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE TO THE EXPOSED FLOOR! This show is going to give me a heart attack.

Greed - The damage has been done on Nick Ridicule! Jason Hawk is in complete control!

Jason Hawk stands up slowly, then grabs Nick Ridicule and lifts him up. Jason Hawk drags Nick Ridicule towards the ring, then rolls him inside. Jason Hawk quickly climbs up to the apron, then springboards over the ropes with a 450 splash, landing on Nick Ridicule. Jason Hawk hooks Nick Ridicule leg for the pin.


Nick Ridicule kicks out.

Cornell - That was close! I thought Jason had him finished!

Greed - I think everyone thought it was over after that.

Jason Hawk gets up to his knees and looks at the referee. Jason Hawk smiles and stands up, then backs to the corner. Jason Hawk kneels down in the corner, then starts motioning for Nick Ridicule to stand up. Nick Ridicule slowly starts the get up, blood starting to completely cover his face. Nick Ridicule gets to his feet and Jason Hawk runs out of the corner at him. Nick Ridicule tries a Nick Kick but Jason Hawk ducks underneath it and ends up behind him. Jason Hawk grabs the arms of Nick Ridicule, then spins him down with a spinning double underhook face buster.

Cornell - Wings of time!

Greed - It looked like he was setting up for Hollywood Impact but Nick Ridicule tried to kick him and he was ready with a backup plan.

Jason Hawk crawls over and pins Nick Ridicule.


Jason Hawk holds his arms up with the happiest expression on his face but the referee waves his arms and points at Nick Ridicule’s foot on the bottom rope. Jason Hawk looks at his foot and shakes his head in disbelief.

Cornell - Nick Ridicule puts his foot on the rope and this match continues.

Greed - For a second I thought Ashley may have put his foot on the rope but the replay shows that Nick Ridicule was able to get his foot up.

Jason Hawk pulls Nick Ridicule towards the center of the ring, then he turns and walks towards the corner. Jason Hawk climbs up to the to turnbuckle, and turns around. Jason Hawk stands upright, then jumps off the top rope with the double shooting star press, landing perfectly on Nick Ridicule in the middle of the ring.

Cornell - He’s hit him with everything!

Greed - Wind of changes! it all started with the top of the mountain, then the wings of time, now the wind of changes! Jason Hawk is going to make history!

Jason Hawk hooks both the legs of Nick Ridicule for the pin.


Nick Ridicule kicks out, throwing his arm up, stopping the referee’s hand from hitting the mat. Jason Hawk looks at the referee shocked, then he looks down at Nick Ridicule.

Cornell - He can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!

Greed - Hawk hits Nick Ridicule with everything and it’s not enough!

Jason Hawk lifts Nick Ridicule up and sets him up for a power bomb. Jason Hawk lifts Nick Ridicule up and holds him up in crucifix power bomb position. Jason Hawk runs forward and Nick Ridicule falls behind him, then grabs his arms and lifts him up into crucifix power bomb position.

Cornell - Oh shit! Hawk tried to steal his finisher like we’ve seen him do from time to time to opponents, but now Nick has him up!

Greed - He should have just went for one of his moves, or shot him! Anything to win right?

Nick Ridicule runs and dives forward sending Jason Hawk flying down for the power bomb. Jason Hawk rolls back into the corner from the impact while Nick Ridicule lays in the center of the ring on his stomach.

“Lets go Jason!” “LETS GO NICK!” “Lets go Jason!” “LETS GO NICK!”

Jason Hawk reaches up and grabs hold of the top rope, then flips up to the top turnbuckle. Jason Hawk stands up and Nick Ridicule stands up in the center of the ring. Jason Hawk jumps off the top rope with a cross body block. Nick Ridicule waits, then Nick Kicks Jason Hawk out of mid air, sending him crashing straight down into the mat, and knocking him down in the process.

Cornell - Both men are down after two huge counters from Nick Ridicule!

Greed - This crowd is going insane for both these guys, this is one of the most awesome matches I’ve ever gotten to call.

Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk start to get up at the same time. Nick Ridicule stands up first and tries to Nick Kick Jason Hawk to the face, but he ducks again avoiding it. Nick Ridicule spins around and catches Jason Hawk with a massive spinning back fist that puts him down. Nick Ridicule drops down and pins Jason Hawk.


Jason Hawk kicks out.

Cornell - Jason Hawk avoids a Nick Kick again by ducking underneath, but he made a mistake by once again trying for the wings of Time.

Greed - Yeah, Nick Ridicule caught him with a knock out shot that almost won him the match.

Nick Ridicule stands up, pulling Jason Hawk up with him. Nick Ridicule hits Jason Hawk with a forearm to the face, then he runs him off to the ropes. Nick Ridicule catches Jason Hawk with a massive tilt a whirl backbreaker on the rebound, then he locks in a standing dragon sleeper on him.

Cornell - Lockout is locked on Jason Hawk!

Greed - Nick Ridicule added moves from Frank Hart and Johnny Styles to his move set following their passing, this one was his old mans!

Jason Hawk struggles in the hold but can’t escape as he’s bent backwards by Nick Ridicule. Jason Hawk runs towards the corner, pulling Nick Ridicule with him with the hold still locked on. Jason Hawk runs up the turnbuckles, then tries to moonsault out of the hold. Jason Hawk manages to escape the submission but ends up on the shoulders of Nick Ridicule who turns around and runs out of the corner with him, then drops him with a Death Valley Driver in the center of the ring.

Cornell - The Round Lottery on the submission escape, will that be enough to make Nick Ridicule the Triple Crown champion, holder of all three major titles?

Greed - It could be, he’s got the pin.

Nick Ridicule hooks the leg of Jason Hawk and the referee makes the count.


Jason Hawk manages to kick out.

Cornell - Whoa, this match is going to keep going!

Greed - Neither man will stay down, both have already hit some huge moves on the other!

Nick Ridicule stands up and staggers to the corner, then climbs up to the top rope. Nick Ridicule wipes the blood from his eyes, then turns around to face Jason Hawk laying in the center of the ring. Jason Hawk kips up to his feet and he runs to the ropes and springboards off to the top turnbuckle with Nick Ridicule.

Cornell - Holy shit, Hawk erupts with life and is suddenly with Nick Ridicule on the top turnbuckle!

Greed - He moved light chain lightning!

Jason Hawk hooks Nick Ridicule for a belly to belly suplex. Nick Ridicule starts hitting Jason Hawk with downward elbows into his face, then he shoves him off the top turnbuckle down to the center of the ring. Nick Ridicule keeps his balance, then leaps off the top turnbuckle with a flip senton bomb.

Cornell - Are you kidding me? Nick Ridicule with a senton bomb on Jason Hawk!

Greed - Not the high risk kind of wrestler, but Nick Ridicule is willing to pull out all the stops!

Nick Ridicule pins Jason Hawk.


Jason Hawk kicks out and Nick Ridicule locks him in the Anaconda Crossface. Jason Hawk reaches for the ropes but is in the middle of the ring. He lifts his arm like he’s going to tap out, but then starts to crawl towards the ropes.

Cornell - Can Nick Ridicule make his best friend and tag team partner tap out to the Anaconda Crossface?

Greed - If he can he becomes the first man to hold all three major titles.

Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up, still locked in the Anaconda Crossface. Nick Ridicule sets Jason Hawk up, then takes him down with a front Russian legsweep. Nick Ridicule rolls Jason Hawk over and pins him.


Jason Hawk kicks out.

Cornell - The heart attack isn’t enough to beat Jason Hawk, he has to be wondering what it’s going to take, both these guys have to be wondering that!

Greed - I know I’m wondering, these two are beating the hell out of each other and it’s not enough!

Nick Ridicule stands up slowly, pulling Jason Hawk up with him. Nick Ridicule spins looking for a spinning back fist but Jason Hawk ducks, then jumps and pele kicks Nick Ridicule to the back of the head. Jason Hawk stands up and quickly runs to the ropes while Nick Ridicule staggers. Jason Hawk springboards off the ropes then spins around and hooks the head of Nick Ridicule. Jason Hawk spins around again, then brings Nick Ridicule down head first into the mat.

Cornell - Springboard tornado DDT from Jason Hawk!

Greed - after that awesome jumping soccer kick to the head of Nick Ridicule.

Jason Hawk rolls out of the ring to the apron, then stands up. Jason Hawk springboards up to the top rope and does a corkscrew shooting star press into the ring, before landing on Nick Ridicule.

Cornell - Now he’s making up moves! I’ve never seen anyone do that!

Greed - That was sick, but was it enough to keep Nick Ridicule down and end this main event?

Jason Hawk pins Nick Ridicule.


Nick Ridicule kicks out. Jason Hawk hits his fist against the mat, then stands up. Jason Hawk walks over to the corner and begins removing the turnbuckle padding.

Cornell - Desperation brings out the evil in all of us! Jason Hawk is exposing the steel rope loop!

Greed - Yes! Hawk knows he has to do whatever it takes to end his curse against Nick Ridicule, to take all three major titles and live his dream, realize the goal he set for himself at the beginning of the year when he vowed to hold all three major titles!

Jason Hawk turns around after pulling off the pad and he leans against the corner hiding it from the referee. Jason Hawk waits for Nick Ridicule to stand up, and begins stomping his foot into the mat. Nick Ridicule slowly starts to get to his feet. Nick Ridicule stands up and Jason Hawk runs at him, then throws a Nick Kick. Nick Ridicule runs to the ropes and Jason Hawk kicks the referee to the face. Nick Ridicule rebounds off the ropes and he kicks Jason Hawk to the face with the Nick Kick, sending him to the corner with the exposed steel.

Cornell - Hawk accidentally kicked the referee to the face, he’s out cold!

Greed - The Nick finally kicked Hawk!

Nick Ridicule looks at the referee the turns around and runs at Jason Hawk. Nick Ridicule jumps up for a splash as Jason Hawk lowers down in the corner. Nick Ridicule hit’s the exposed rope loop head first, then he staggers towards the middle of the ring, delirious.

Cornell - Jason Hawk sucked Nick Ridicule into the exposed steel!

Greed - Nick’s bleeding even more after that one!

Jason Hawk runs out of the corner and spears Nick Ridicule. Then pins him hooking both legs.

Cornell - Sorry Hawk, no referee, you kicked him to the face.

Greed - He might have gotten him that time!

Jason Hawk stands up and grabs the referee by his arm, then drags him to the middle of the ring. Jason Hawk pins Nick Ridicule, then forces the unconscious referee to make the count, lifting his arm and slamming it down.


Nick Ridicule kicks out.

Cornell - Even though Hawk forces the referee to make the count, Nick Ridicule STILL kicks out!

Greed - at what point does self doubt set in? He can’t beat him! Jason Hawk is starting to realize that he just can’t beat Nick Ridicule! Some people can’t beat other people no matter how hard they try.

Jason Hawk rolls out of the ring, then grabs the NLWF Championship away from Ashley Ridicule. Jason Hawk enters the ring and holds the belt close to him, then motions for Nick Ridicule to get up. Nick Ridicule sits up, then slowly starts to stand. Ashley Matthews tries to grab the foot of Jason Hawk, but he runs at Nick Ridicule and hits him with the championship belt, laying him out in the center of the ring.

Cornell - Laid him out like an X! Delivering a shot between the eyes with his own belt.

Greed - That fat lady is starting to sing! She’s humming a beautiful hymn designed for Jason Hawk becoming the first man to hold all three major titles!

Jason Hawk tosses the NLWF Championship towards the corner, then walks over and kicks the referee to the back of his head. Jason Hawk lifts the referee trying to wake him up, then he walks over and pins Nick Ridicule. The referee shakes his head then lifts his arm and drops it.


The referee lifts his arm again and drops it.


The referee lifts his arm up again and brings it down.


Greed - YEAH!

Before the referee can bring his hand down completely Nick Ridicule kicks out.

Cornell - NO!

Jason Hawk sits up and runs his hands through his hair.

Cornell - He can’t do it! He just can’t beat Nick Ridicule!

Greed - This is.. I never thought I would be a Jason Hawk fan, but he’s doing anything to win and I love to see that! Why can’t he put Nick Ridicule away? Why can’t he beat him?

Jason Hawk stands up, then rolls the referee out of the ring. Jason Hawk leaves the ring and he walks over to the time keepers table. Jason Hawk grabs a steel chair, then releases it.

Cornell - Change of heart?

Jason Hawk turns his focus to the ring steps and smiles.

Greed -Nope, change of weapon selection!

Jason Hawk walks over and kicks the ring steps. He reaches down and picks up the larger portion of the ring steps, then lifts it up and slides it into the ring. Jason Hawk enters the ring and drags the steps to the middle. Jason Hawk grabs Nick Ridicule and rolls him onto the steps, laying him down on his back on top of them.

Cornell - We’ve seen Nick Ridicule use the ring steps to perfection in some matches, but we’ve also seen ring steps beat Nick Ridicule.

Greed - That’s true, Matt Gray won inside the End Game, second biggest upset in history following CHAD MASON OVER CHUCK MATTHEWS IN DEVASTATION!

Jason Hawk walks to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Jason Hawk holds his arms up, then falls straight down, groin first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Cornell - Ashley shook the ropes and forced Jason to lose his balance!

Greed - All is fair in love and war? He cheated first, Ashley is just evening the odds!

Jason Hawk tries to stand up, favoring his balls. Nick Ridicule stands up and runs towards the corner, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle with Jason Hawk. Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up to his shoulders and holds him up. Nick Ridicule turns around on the top turnbuckle and looks at the steps in the ring.

Cornell - Death Valley driver from the top rope is coming, DVD moment!

Greed - Fight Jason! FIGHT!

Jason Hawk hits Nick Ridicule with an elbow to the face, then lands on his feet, in front of him on the top turnbuckle. Jason Hawk sets Nick Ridicule up for a belly to belly suplex.

Cornell - Top of the mountain coming!

Greed - YES! YES!

Nick Ridicule drops down and lifts Jason Hawk up to his shoulders again. Nick Ridicule jumps off the top tunbuckle and drives Jason Hawk down into the steps with the super Death Valley Driver.

Cornell - DVD MOMENT!

Greed - Holy shit he killed him!

Nick Ridicule immediately lifts Jason Hawk up for the crucifix power bomb. Nick Ridicule steps up on the ring steps, then jumps off and power bombs Jason Hawk down onto the mat. Nick Ridicule shoves the ring steps and they slide out of the ring to the outside. Ashley Matthews rolls the referee into the ring and Nick Ridicule pins Jason Hawk.

Cornell - It’s all over, Nick Ridicule is the man who is first to hold all three titles simultaneously!

Greed - What an amazing match!

The referee makes the count, still hurt and slow.


The referee lifts his arm and lets it drop.


The referee lifts his arm again and drops it.



Jason Hawk barely gets his arm up and shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin fall.


Cornell - I have never seen anything like this before! This is a match that will be remembered for a long time, a match that will give any match a run for it’s money for match of the year!

Greed - These guys refuse to lose!

Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up off the mat for a power bomb, then he brings him down. Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up again and spins around, then brings him down into the mat. Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up again and power bombs him down into the mat.

Cornell - Three wicked power bombs!

Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up for another power bomb, then shifts him down onto his shoulders. Nick Ridicule runs and throws Jason Hawk over with the Death Valley Driver. Nick Ridicule quickly stands up, holding onto Jason Hawk lifting him to his feet as well. Nick Ridicule lifts Jason Hawk up to his shoulders again and holds him in the center of the ring.

Greed - What a vicious combination of moves!

Nick Ridicule throws Jason Hawk over for the Death Valley Driver, then brings him straight down for a tombstone piledriver. Nick Ridicule covers Jason Hawk, hooking both legs.


The referee lifts his arm and lets it drop.


The referee lifts his arm again and drops it.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Cornell - It’s finally over! Nick Ridicule beats Jason Hawk and becomes the first man to win all three major titles at the same time!

Greed - That match was amazing.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, the World Heavyweight Champion, the No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion, the Undisputed Universal champion, and the NLWF North American Champion, NICK RIDICULE!

The referee and Ashley Ridicule hand Nick Ridicule all the titles and he embraces his wife for a huge. Fireworks shoot from the coliseum into the night sky, then confetti cannons shoot off, raining down confetti throughout the entire coliseum.

Cornell - The fourth man to ever hold all the major titles, the first to hold them all at the same time, Nick Fucking Ridicule, that asshole who used to be Alex Mark! Look how far that man has come!

Greed - Only in the NLWF! Moments like these are what this company is made of!

Nick Ridicule watches as Jason Hawk uses the ropes to get to his feet. Jason Hawk takes his tag team title away from the referee and he proudly puts it on his shoulder. Jason Hawk holds out his hand and Nick Ridicule walks towards him and hugs him.

Cornell - Bravo! Thank you all for watching this amazing pay per view, one of NLWF’s premier annual events and final pay per view in history. I hope you enjoyed Simple Survival as much as I did!

Greed - Final show is next week, Nick Ridicule defends the three major titles!

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