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Chad Mason

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Chad Mason

Post by Chad Mason on June 24th 2010, 9:48 am

* Wrestler Name: Chad Mason

* Nickname: Lethal Imperative

* Age: 18

* Hometown: New York City

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Chicago, Illinois

* Weight: 235 lbs

* Height: 6’3

* Favorite Specialty Match: N/A

* Entrance Music: “Anthem” - Trivium

* Alignment (face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 2 (Wrestled in High School)

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher:
1. Mason Tackle
2. Toxic Shock

* Finisher Description:
1. A spear, modeled after Chuck Matthews’s Hollywood Impact
2. GTS. After his short stint dressing up as Hazard, Chad has begun using Hazard’s original finisher as his own

* Bio/Backround:
Growing up in New York, Chad came from a ‘tough love’ kind of family. When he was eight, Chad began playing football, and found he had a natural talent for the game. He loved the sport, playing it even into his high school years. One day, however, a friend introduced Chad to wrestling, and Chad caught the bug instantly.

Chad became obsessed with it, especially with Chuck Matthews. Chad likened himself to Chuck, elieving Chuck was an older version of himself: A man coming from humble origins, destined for greatness. Chad began wrestling in high school, and had it not been for a technicality (Chad had suffered a knee sprain that kept him off the mat for two weeks) he would have gone to state. His senior year, Chad neglected his mat wrestling, instead focusing on the professional aspect. Using a body conditioned from years of football, in addition to his newly acquired wrestling skills, Chad began to shape a character for himself, heavily inspired by his hero.

A few months after his graduation. Chad was signed to the All-Star Wrestling Alliance, NLWF’s development branch. Chad took the opportunity immediately, throwing away his original plan of attending Syracuse University. He quickly learned that he wasn’t as prepared for the business as he originally anticipated, as he went on a long losing streak that continued until late 2009.

At that point, Chad met Chuck Matthews himself, and Chuck immediately took him under his wing, training Chad, and leading him to a tag title victory alongside Bobby O’Day. Chad joined Chuck’s Dynasty, becoming the only man to be recognized as a member without actually being related to the team. He considers this an accomplishment.

Chad won Rookie 2 Legend under the guidance and training of Nick Ridicule, becoming the first man to win it, and earning him a spot in the main NLWF roster.

* Attire:
Wears a leather jacket and sunglasses to the ring.
Chad has a tattoo depicting a star with the letters “CM” on his right shoulder. Some argue that it’s simply a mark of his own initials, though many believe it to be a tribute to Chuck Matthews, who has the same star on his own shoulder. Still others believe there may be a completely different meaning behind it.

* Fighting style: Balanced. Chad uses a style relying on the patience and methodology learned from Chuck Matthews. This is paired with the self-control he learned while training for R2L under Nick Ridicule, and the intensity he garnered from his football days.

* Move List:

1. Enzuigiri
2. DDT
3. Belly to belly suplex
4. Elbow drop
5. Middle kick
6. German suplex
7. Belly to back suplex
8. Spike DDT
9. Middle kick
10. Low kick
11. Dropkick
12. Boston Crab
13. Armbar
14. Full nelson
15. Arm drag
16. Running calf kick
17. Turnbuckle punches
18. Stomping
19. Modified spinebuster
20. Piledriver
21. STO
22. Judo holds
23. Judo throws
24. Running neckbreaker
25. Springboard kick

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Zack Ryder

Career Accomplishments -
2010 Rookie 2 Legend Winner

ASWA Tag Team Champion (w/Bobby O’Day)

Entrance -
“Anthem” begins to play. People look to the entry, waiting for Chad Mason. Chad walks through the curtain, and raises his fists into the air. He lowers his arms and heads towards the ring, stopping only to sign his name and give his number to a few fans in the front row. He looks to the ring and runs up to it, sliding on his knees on the apron. He gets to his feet and walks to the corner, climbing the outside of it. He looks at the crowd, and raises his arms in his Lethal Imperative pose. He vaults himself over the top rope, and into the ring, waiting for the match.

Chad Mason
Chad Mason
Proving Ground
Proving Ground

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