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Ryan Cornell

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Ryan Cornell

Post by Ryan Apollos on April 22nd 2010, 10:16 am

* Wrestler Name: Ryan Cornell

* Nickname: The Slayer, Rockstar

* Age: 21

* Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Atlanta, Georgia

* Weight: 230 lbs

* Height: 6'2“

* Favorite Specialty Match:
Ryan - Any match
The Slayer - Last Man Standing match

* Entrance Music: “Release Me” by Taproot

* Alignment (face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 4

* Quote: Optional:
I am punishment redefined.
When Slayer gets loose, no one is safe.

* Finisher:
Alternate End

No Leaf Clover

Viral Code


* Finisher Description:
Alternate End-Suplex Stunner
No Leaf Clover-Texas Cloverleaf
Crosscheck-The Pounce
Viral Code- F5

* Bio/Backround:
Ryan Apollos grew up in Milwaukee. Through out his childhood he had numerous times where his actions landed him in major trouble. He was constantly getting arrested by the police for being involved in fighting. He got into wrestling as a result of one of his arrests. Apollos broke into the big time when he signed with NewAgeWrestling. After NAW closed it's doors he signed with the short-lived CWF, where he one his first non-independent singles title. Apollos signed with NLWF to continue his rise to the top of the mountain. Apollos was seemingly killed by Brenton Cyrus back at Battle Lines. But now he comes back, a changed man who is focused on earning his place at the top. Apollos recently found out that he was the twin brother of Jason Hawk, and just decided to accept Hawk as his last name.

* Attire:


* Fighting style: Technical

* Move List:
1. Swinging Corner Clothesline
2. Spinebuster
3. Paydirt
4. Snap Suplex
5. Suplex
6. Impaler DDT
7. Spike DDT
8. Twist of Fate
9. Inverted Facelock Backbreaker into a swing neckbreaker
10. Tiger Bomb
11. Double-Arm Suplex
12. German Suplex
13. Belly to Belly Suplex
14. Inverted Suplex
15. Inverted DDT
16. Flying Clothesline
17. Flying Neckbreaker
18. Superkick
19. Enziguiri
20. Lionsault
21. Samoan Drop
22. Suplex Facebuster
23. Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam
24. Missile Dropkick
25. Spinning Wheel Kick

* Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -Vance Archer

* Career Accomplishments -CWF Extreme Champion, ASWA Golden Crown Champion, 2x NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Champion, ASWA Prestige Tag Team Championship, NLWF World Heavyweight Champion, Rated R Championship

Entrance -

The lights begin flashing and Release Me by Taproot plays. Ryan walks out and stands at the top of the stage. He then stops and looks out into the crowd. Ryan walks down the entrance ramp smiling and looks out at the crowd. Ryan stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp and looks around the arena again. Ryan walks to the apron and jumps up on the apron and enters the ring. Ryan stands in the center of the ring and raises his arms into the air as the music dies down.
Ryan Apollos
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