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Revolution: Direct Hit XXI: The Last Stop before War Games: 3/22/10

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Revolution: Direct Hit XXI: The Last Stop before War Games: 3/22/10

Post by Nick Ridicule on March 23rd 2010, 1:29 am

Nick Ridicule
I promise you, this is going to be great, just like it used to be. I’m back!

The show fades in on Nick Ridicule carrying his and Ashley’s bags into the Empire Arena.

Ashley Matthews
What do you have planned?

They keep walking and Nick Ridicule shrugs his shoulders.

Nick Ridicule
That’s always the best part, I never have anything planned, I’m just going to wing it, and pull a great show out of my ass.

Ashley smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

Nick Ridicule
I’ll tell you what we’re going to do first though, we’re going to go out to the ring, and we’re going to make sure your Dad and Brenton don’t kill each other.

The duo of destruction pass by the camera and continue to walk down the hall, the shot begins fading to black.

Ashley Matthews
I get the strange feeling we’ve tried this before.

Nick Ridicule
Tonight is going to be different Ashley, I just know it is.

The opening video for Revolution finishes and several of the Direct Hit dancers step out onto the stage and begins removing there clothes as they dance around there poles. Fireworks shoot out of the stage behind them and the camera shows each girl then the crowd.

“Chuck is back, prepare to be fucked!” “Direct Hit XXI: Night Off” “Bobby Ocean for President”
“I‘m a card carrying member, of the Deep Sea Union!” “God watches over all” “Hazard > Phoenix Rising”
“If Brenton and Chuck don‘t make up, WE RIOT!” “< Seriously, we‘re fucking crazy!”
“I want to see Hawk, KAKAAAAAAA!”
“Corey Casey can hold onto the belt forever, as long as he doesn‘t defend it”

Andrew - Welcome to Revolution which features the return of our flagship program, Direct Hit. Tommy I’m not sure about you, but I’m excited about calling this show.

Tommy - …

Andrew - Tommy? You ok?

Tommy - Sorry about that, I was distracted by the Direct Hit dancers, what did you say?

Andrew - never mind Tommy, let’s just start the show.

Tommy - Fine by me, just as long as the dancers don’t leave.

Andrew - Last week was the 20th edition of Revolution and that show had all the bang for your buck! It featured qualifying matches for the Championship case at War Games, the crowning of a new North American Champion, match dominance from the World Champion and his #1 Contender, a War Games match come early between Dream Champion Aaron O’Shea and Jason Hawk, The Duo of Destruction returning leading to Nick Ridicule defeating Connor O'Shannon, then it was main evented by Shadow Demon and Corey Casey, inside the Double Cage horror!

Tommy - Then as if that wasn’t enough, there was the TLC Tag Team Battle Royal and although the match didn’t live up to it’s expectations of violence, it did leave us with the shocking return of Chuck Matthews as one half of the Tag Team Champions with Brenton Cyrus.

Shark Ethic by Most Precious Blood begins to play and show General Manager Nick Ridicule walks out onto the stage, accompanied by Ashley Matthews. They walk down to the ring holding hands, then they step up onto the apron. Nick Ridicule holds the ropes open for Ashley Matthews to enter, then he follows her in.

Andrew - We found out that Nick Ridicule was going to be in charge of the show, now he’s starting things off here tonight.

Tommy - Let’s see what he has to say, knowing Nick, he probably can’t wait to sign his NLWF title contract for War Games already!

Nick Ridicule
My road to War Games has carried me through a path of twists and turns, and to be perfectly honest, I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be walking into the biggest event in company history. Headed into the Ultimate Glory Pay Per View, I believed I would walk out with all three major titles, then carry them to War Games. Then at Battle Lines I thought I would walk out as NLWF and World Champion, but I came up short again. Then scheduled to defend my NLWF title against Brenton Cyrus, I was thrown off guard by the challenge of Connor O’Shannon and he was able to beat me, and take my belt, ending the longest reign in NLWF title history.

Andrew - It’s been a hard road to get to War Games for Nick Ridicule.

Tommy - Now he’s just 7 days away from making it!

Nick Ridicule
This year I just haven’t felt like myself, and with the personal problems I’ve been going through, who can blame me? But not anymore, for the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again. Tonight I’ll sign my rematch contract against Connor O’Shannon, but I don’t feel like that is enough. I’m also here to challenge Connor O’Shannon, to The End Game.

Andrew - THE END GAME?!?

Tommy - The Inferno Hell in a Cell Match that is guaranteed to take time off your life, not just your career.

Nick Ridicule looks directly into the camera.

Nick Ridicule
Connor O’Shannon, if you can survive the End Game, you will have, in my eyes, lived up to your hype. But I want to make sure you know that there is no way you’re leaving War Games as the No Limit Wrestling Federation Champion!

Wanted Man by Rev Theory plays and the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Brenton Cyrus comes out in a suit. Brenton Cyrus walks down the ramp, then walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. Brenton Cyrus smiles at Ashley then Nick as he walks by them to the corner of the ring. Brenton Cyrus steps up and holds up his arms doing his God Pose and getting a massive reaction from the crowd.

Andrew - 2/3 of the original Salvation is in the ring now, live on Direct Hit XXI!

Tommy - I think I just jizzed a little.

Brenton Cyrus climbs down from the turnbuckle and asks Nick Ridicule for the microphone. Nick Ridicule hands Brenton Cyrus the microphone and he backs up to the corner.

Brenton Cyrus
Ashley, you look lovely tonight, and Nick it's always good to see you two together. Now to business, I was told, Chuck Matthews would talk down to this ring, hold his hand out, and from there it would all be up to me to decide how things went, I can shake his hand and bury it all and start fresh, or I can slap him across the face, and restart our war. Looks like I beat you out here buddy boy, so why don’t we get this over with?

The fans in the arena get to there feet and look towards the ramp in anticipation of Chuck Matthews. After a short moment, his music begins to play

Heaven will never be a sight for you
What goes on in your crazed mind? Mad man clairvoyant
You were supposed to provide guidance, protection
But it was violation you bestowed

Vengeance by Trivium roars through the speakers. Chuck Matthews walks quickly from behind the curtains, his eyes locked on the ring. He looks at the crowd, then back to the ring, smirking.

Did you tell them it would bring them closer to God?
So that's how you can call this your baptism.

Chuck stops halfway down the ramp and looks to the crowd before raising his hands in his signature old-style cornas. Fireworks erupt on the stage behind him. Chuck looks back to the the ring, and races down the ramp. He slides into the ring and looks out at the crowd.

I'll be the servant who drives purity through the heart
And there's a filter you need, so our sin is all we bring
I'll be the torch to burn it all right down into the ground
And there's a filter you need, so our sin is all we bring

Chuck climbs up on the turnbuckle. He stares at the crowd, sneering at them, and stretches out his arms, soaking in the crowd's reactions. Chuck Matthews steps down from the turnbuckle and turns around slowly, looking across the ring at Brenton Cyrus. Chuck Matthews walks towards the center of the ring, as does Brenton Cyrus and the two meet in the center.

Andrew - This is intense.

Tommy - shut up Andrew, this is one of the most crucial moments in the entire history of this company!

Brenton Cyrus brings the microphone to his mouth, then smiles.

Brenton Cyrus
Good to see you man. It’s been awhile since I looked into your eyes.

Both men continue there stare down, neither one breaking his gaze from the other. Chuck Matthews extends his hand and holds it out for Brenton Cyrus to shake. Brenton Cyrus takes a step back, still staring at Chuck Matthews.

Brenton Cyrus
Hold on.

Chuck Matthews puts his hand down back by his side, then into his pocket.

Andrew - Oh no.


Brenton Cyrus
I told you, that if you wanted to hunt down the members of Salvation, who are in the NLWF, you would have to start with God, and I meant that. The night you were taken by Salvation is the same night I returned to the NLWF from my death and since then I’ve put a majority of my focus on taking back the World Championship. In fact, that’s really all I’m focused on right now when it comes to the NLWF. I’ve come to realization that you wont ever change, and I can’t keep trying to change you. But the same goes for you, with me. I'm not going to change, and I'm not going to be bullied into changing, just for you. If you want to hunt down Salvation, go for it. I’ll help you with your mission, and I’ll book you against whoever you need to go against. But remember Chuck, these guys aren’t pushovers. Now we spent the first half of 2009 becoming the best of friends, then spent the rest of 2009 hating each other. So much so that I’ve completely forgotten about the friendship we had before all of the things that happened, happened. We are both responsible for what happened between us, and I’m done hating you. To say that I'm over it, would be the biggest understatement of my life.

Brenton Cyrus holds out his hand.

Brenton Cyrus
Clean slate. The sins of the sinner are washed away, and we’re back to where we started, when we first broke into this company together. We are equals, we are united, and we are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, driven to accomplish whatever we set our minds too.

Chuck Matthews holds his hand out about to lock hands with Brenton Cyrus, but Brenton Cyrus pulls his hand away at the last second and smiles.

Brenton Cyrus
But… if you screw me over again, I’ll make sure, to make sure, you don’t come back.

Chuck Matthews smiles and the two men finally shake hands, much to the delight of Nick Ridicule who runs to the center of the ring and hugs both men.

Nick Ridicule


Andrew - So it looks like another alliance has been formed.

Tommy - reformed!

The shot fades on Chuck Matthews, Brenton Cyrus, Nick Ridicule, and Ashley Matthews all in the middle of the ring facing the camera with their hands up.

The shows comes back on showing a replay of Brenton Cyrus and Chuck Matthews shaking hands.

Andrew - If that’s the way that Direct Hit is going to start, let’s get to the first match.

Tommy - How about instead, we skip the first match, and just do the main event already!

Andrew - Sorry Tommy, but that’s not how things work.

Tommy - Sometimes it is.

Andrew - Tonight’s Direct Hit action begins with two guys who need a win, or they have to leave.

Tommy - Maybe they’ll both lose and we’ll never have to see them again!

Bobby Ocean and Nate Apollos are in the ring waiting for the match to begin. A casket is wheeled from the backstage area to ringside and put next to the ring in front of the entrance ramp.

Casket Match
Loser Leaves NLWF

Bobby Ocean [versus] Nate Apollos

[Ding Ding Ding]

Bobby Ocean walks out of the corner and he ties up with Nate Apollos in the center of the ring. Bobby Ocean drives his knee into the stomach of Nate Apollos, then he sends him to the ropes. Nate Apollos rebounds off the ropes and runs back at Bobby Ocean who hits him with a double axe handle, dropping him to the mat.

Andrew - Nice start from Ocean.

Tommy - Sleep

Bobby Ocean climbs to the top rope, then jumps off and drives the point of his elbow into the chest of Nate Apollos with a flying elbow drop. Bobby Ocean stands up and points towards the casket. Nate Apollos starts to get up, he rolls to his stomach, then gets to his feet holding onto his chest. Bobby Ocean runs and dropkicks Nate Apollos to the back dropping his down across the middle rope.

Andrew - Bobby Ocean is getting in some damn good moves Tommy, you should wake up!

Tommy - Sleep

Bobby Ocean runs and spins around the ropes, driving his feet into the face of Nate Apollos, and sending him from the middle rope across the ring. Bobby Ocean enters the ring and he runs and baseball slides, dropkicking Nate Apollos out of the ring onto the casket. Bobby Ocean stands up and grabs onto the top rope. Bobby Ocean pulls himself over the rope and springboards to the outside of the ring landing on Nate Apollos with another elbow drop, and knocking him off the casket.

Andrew - Things look to be coming to an end for Nate Apollos in the NLWF.

Tommy - Is this match over?

Bobby Ocean opens the casket and is hit to the head by a led pipe. A man steps out of the casket wearing the Lars Jansen mask, the man holds up the led pipe then removes the mask revealing Carver Ocean.

Andrew - That’s Bobby Ocean’s brother!

Tommy - What an impact!

Carver Ocean stands over Bobby Ocean and watches as the blood starts to pool up on his forehead. Carver Ocean mounts Bobby Ocean and delivers big punches directly to the wound. Carver Ocean stands up and looks down at his bloody brother. Carver Ocean lifts Nate Apollos to his feet and he tosses him into the casket then closes the lid on him.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Bobby Ocean!

Andrew - Carver Ocean attacks his brother again, but helps him win?

Tommy - I want him to explain himself, be right back.

Tommy leaves the announce table and with a microphone he walks around the ring and approaches Carver Ocean who’s staring down at his fallen, bloody, unconscious brother.

Tommy - Carver, why? Why did you attack your brother last week? Why have you attacked him here tonight? And finally, why did you help him win and keep his career?

Carver Ocean smiles and looks at the blood on his hands.

Carver Ocean

My entire life I’ve outshined this asshole, I’ve perfected everything he’s set out to accomplish, and I accomplished it myself. The only thing this douche bag has on me, is that he’s a member of the No Limit Wrestling Federation, while week after week I give my heart and soul for the independent wrestling scene. This idiot doesn’t care about the NLWF, he doesn’t have the drive to shoot for any belts, and the only title he did ever hold, he stole!

Tommy - So are you a member of the NLWF?

Carver Ocean
The door has finally opened for me, and at War Games I start to outshine everyone in the No Limit Wrestling Federation, and it all starts with my own brother. Bobby, you will be outshined again!

The camera fades on Carver Ocean standing over his bloody brother Bobby Ocean.

Carver Ocean is backstage talking with Chuck Matthews who is seemingly ignoring him

Carver Ocean

I’m a really huge fan of yours, especially your early NLWF days. Maybe someday down the line the two of us will go one on one.

Chuck Matthews continues to ignore Carver Ocean, as he makes himself a cup of coffee at the concession table. Carver Ocean shakes his head.

Carver Ocean

The cold shoulder, Ashley is just like her Dad.

Carver Ocean starts to walk away and Chuck Matthews puts his hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Carver Ocean turns around.

Chuck Matthews

What’s that suppose to mean?

Carver Ocean

I gave your daughter my number last week after the show, and she didn’t call, she ignored me. I’m trying to tell you, you’re one of my heroes, an inspiration to my wrestling career, and you ignore me. But whatever, it was good talking to you, and maybe our paths will cross again. I heard NLWF was about friendships and alliances, and I would much rather be on your side, than against you. Keep that in mind.

Carver Ocean walks away and Chuck Matthews smiles an arrogant smile.

Andrew - Carver Ocean is trying to get his name across, he’s trying to gain an ally in Chuck Matthews.

Tommy - He’s a great ally to have, unless he turns his back on you.

Andrew - Up next is the first of the final qualifying matches, which features the NLWF debut of Matt Gray!

Tommy - Looking at him, he kind of looks like Joe Santiago, are you sure that’s not him?

Andrew - It says here his name is Matt Gray, and he’s one of the newest members of the NLWF, what an great start to a career a win here would be, wouldn’t you say so?

Tommy - Yeah, a chance to go to War Games where he’ll have a chance to take the Championship Case that can be cashed in at any time for, any match, anytime, anywhere!

Championship Case Last Chance Qualifier

Tora Takahashi [versus] Matt Gray

[Ding Ding Ding]

Matt Gray hurries out of the corner and delivers a big boot to the face of Tora Takahashi. Matt Gray grabs the arms of Tora Takahashi on the mat and he locks him in the cattle mutilation.

Andrew - Matt Gray calls this move the Killer Instinct and seeing how fast he locked

Tommy - He’s going to rip his arms off!

Tora Takahashi begs for the referee to end the match.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Matt Grab cranks on the hold one more time, then breaks reluctantly.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, headed to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Matt Gray!

Andrew - As impressive of a debut as I’ve ever seen!

Tommy - It’s going to be much different at War Games, I can assure you of that!

Matt Gray leaves the ring, backing up the ramp. He is looking at the War Games logo that hangs from the ceiling of the arena and he points at the logo.

Andrew - Matt Gray is going to War Games.

Tommy - God have mercy on his soul!

The shot fades to commercial on Matt Gray still pointing at the War Games logo, a smile on his face.

Andrew - The final show before War Games is laying the foundation for what’s sure to be a Pay Per View, no one will ever forget!

Tommy - and with so much up in he air still, anything can still happen!

Andrew - That’s true, but by the end of the night, the War Games picture will be revealed. Let’s get to this championship case qualifier!

Tommy - another one…?

Donny Lavine and Louie Louie Lobster are in the ring waiting for the bell.

Championship Case Last Chance Qualifier

Louie Lobster [versus] Donny Lavine

[Ding Ding Ding]

Donny Lavine runs across the ring at Louie Lobster, who calmly lifts himself up with his claws to sit on the top turnbuckle. As soon as Donny Lavine makes it halfway across the ring, Louie Lobster jumps off the top rope and smacks him across the head with his claw.

Andrew - flying clothesline!

Tommy - not really, he just kind of fell off the middle turnbuckle and hit him with his claw.

Louie Lobster pins Donny Lavine.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, headed to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Louie Lobster!

Andrew - That means all of the Deep Sea Union will be in the Championship Case match at War Games!

Tommy - That’s going to be a big advantage in that match for them.

Louie Lobster stays on top of Donny Lavine, not getting back up to his feet. Louie Lobster rolls to the ropes, then out of the ring and walks alongside the ramp.

Andrew - He’s the laziest wrestler in the NLWF, but he’ll be going to War Games with a chance at the Championship Case!

Tommy - With the people in this match, I might join in and try my luck!

Andrew - Sorry Tommy, only one qualifying match left here tonight.


The camera shows the War Games logo and fades to commercials.

Chuck Matthews is with Nick Ridicule inside the General Managers office. Nick Ridicule is behind the desk with his hands behind his head and his legs up on the desk in front of him.

Chuck Matthews


Nick Ridicule
Actually, no, not at all.

Nick Ridicule drops his feet off the desk and sits upright.

Nick Ridicule
So what’s up? Have a seat, and talk to the General Manager of Direct Hit. I have to admit, to seem unusually calm. You didn't even address the fans! are you alright?

Chuck Matthews smiles.

Chuck Matthews
If there is one thing you ever taught me, it's patience. That, and I already searched the arena twice for Corey Casey, after showing up to the arena early, just to wait for him. He's not here, he's not coming, I can be calm.

Nick Ridicule
Fair enough, what did you need?

Chuck Matthews

War Games is in a week and I don’t have any plans, I was hoping you could book me for a match.

Nick Ridicule laughs

Nick Ridicule
Alright, how about Chuck Matthews in the Undisputed Championship match at War Games?

Chuck Matthews

Actually, I had another idea, if I may.

Nick Ridicule
Of course.

Chuck Matthews
I was thinking...

Nick Ridicule holds up his hand, locking in the force face claw.

Nick Ridicule

Hold on..

Nick Ridicule looks at the camera.

Nick Ridicule

Nick Ridicule points at the cameraman and he stands up and walks away. The shot cuts to ringside on the announcers.

Andrew - Up next is the final qualifying match, but what do you think Chuck Matthews has in mind for War Games?

Tommy - and why would he pass on an opportunity at the Undisputed Championship?

Andrew - Just another question added, but we need to focus on this next match.

Tommy - Not necessarily.

Both men are in the ring waiting for the bell.

Championship Case Last Chance Qualifier

Kendrick Dylan [versus] Tha Kid

[Ding Ding Ding]

Tha Kid runs forward, and takes Kendrick down with a head scissors. Kendrick immediately gets to his feet, only to be knocked down with a stiff kick to the back of the head.

Andrew - Kendrick Dylan is very impressive in the independent scene-

Tommy - This isn’t the indy’s though, this is the real deal.

Tha Kid kicks Kendrick in the ribs, flipping Dylan onto his back. Tha Kid drops to the mat and locks Kendrick in an armbar.

Tommy - Break his arm, Kid!

Kendrick reaches for the ropes. Tha Kid kicks him to the face and tightens the grip. Kendrick stretches, trying to grab the ropes. Tha Kid releases the hold.

Andrew - He let it go?


Tha Kid drops next to Kendrick, waiting for him to get up. Kendrick gets to his feet and Tha Kid jumps up and grabs Kendrick’s head, driving it into the mat.

Tommy - Thefuckisthis? He just stole the Epiphany!

Andrew - Actually, he calls it the Hunting RKO.

Tommy - What does RKO stand for?

Andrew - No idea. We’ll have to get Bradley on that right away.

Tha Kid pins Kendrick Dylan.


Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, headed to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Tha Kid!

Andrew - Which means Tha Kid will join the Deep Sea Union, Sweet Cheapshots, and Matt Gray in the Championship Case match.

Tommy - I still like the other KID better…

The show fades to commercials as Tha Kid celebrates his debut win.

The show returns with the Deep Sea Union walking together down the hall.

Matthew Whale
Do you guys remember the plan tonight?

Barry Barracuda
You mean team up and beat down Sweet Cheapshots?

Frankie Dolphin clicks and whistles.

Matthew Whale
That’s exactly what I mean, then we’ll take him and make him just like Xtreme X!

Louie Lobster stops walking and sits down.

Louie Lobster
I’m going to stay back here an rest, you guys go on without me.

Matthew Whale stops and looks at Louie Lobster, then keeps walking.

Matthew Whale
Don’t forget, we beat him down, we pin him, then we kill him.

The camera cuts to the ringside.

Andrew - This is being called a Fatal four way match, but it’s obviously a 3 on 1 handicap match!

Tommy - Sweet Cheapshots is in way over his head here, locked inside a steel cage with angry sea creatures!

Pyro lights up the stage, bright gold in colour. Dancers of both genders saunter out onto the stage, performing a routine with a breakneck pace that'd make B-Boys holla all across the world. During the routine, more pyro explodes, showering the people in flares and sizzly bits as the ceiling opens up, revealing a blinding white light. A platform begins to lower and the silhouette of Sweet Cheapshots is seen. He stands on the platform, posed, hands on hips and surveying the crowd. The platform lowers to the bottom of the stage, and all at once the dancers drop to their knees and bow to the Cheap One.

Sweet Cheapshots then walks down to the ring, ignoring fans and generally being a smarmy dick. He is about to jump onto the apron when he turns and snaps his fingers. Two burly black men trot out from behind the security wall and drop to their knees, forming a staircase. It is a staircase that Cheapness uses to ascend to the apron, to which he rubs his feet on the black man's t-shirt, and steps into the ring. He walks over to his corner, where another of his minions places a stool for Sweet Cheapshots to sit, awaiting his opponent.

Tommy - That was one of the greatest entrances I’ve ever seen!

The Deep Sea Union walk out onto the stage, then down the ramp as the steel cage starts to lower down to the ring. The Deep Sea Union slowly enters the cage and Sweet Cheapshots attacks. Sweet Cheapshots attacks the three members of DSU with punches.

Andrew - Evening up the odds here.

Tommy - Trying too.

Sweet Cheapshots runs with Frankie Dolphin, still on the apron and he throws him into the ring post. Sweet Cheapshots dropkicks Barry Barracuda, sending him into the cage. Matthew Whale enters the ring and the referee closes the cage door and calls for the bell.

Steel Cage Match

Matthew Whale [versus] Barry Barracuda [versus] Frankie Dolphin [versus] Sweet Cheapshots

[Ding Ding Ding]

Sweet Cheapshots grabs Matthew Whale and he sends him to the rope. Sweet Cheapshots follows Matthew Whale to the ropes then runs with him on the rebound and throws him as hard as he can into the cage wall. Sweet Cheapshots stomps Matthew Whale, then turns his focus to Frankie Dolphin climbing to the top rope.

Andrew - Cheap is doing great to start things off, how long can he last?

Tommy - He needs to end this ASAP, if he doesn’t the odds will stack up on him.

Sweet Cheapshots runs to the corner and uppercuts Frankie Dolphin, then climbs up with him. Sweet Cheapshots sets Frankie Dolphin up and lifts him, superplexing him from the top rope to the center of the ring. Sweet Cheapshots stands up and ducks under a clothesline from Barry Barracuda, then catches him with a roundhouse kick.

Andrew - Sweet Cheapshots has all three other men down.

Tommy - The Cheap one seems to be comfortable in there.

Sweet Cheapshots picks Frankie Dolphin up off the mat and sends him across the ring into the corner. Sweet Cheapshots lifts Barry Barracuda to his feet and he runs him to the same corner as Frankie Dolphin. Barry Barracuda splashes Frankie Dolphin in the corner, involuntarily as Sweet Cheapshots grabs Matthews Whale and attempts to run his to the same corner. Matthew Whale reverses the whip sending Sweet Cheapshots to the corner, but he dropkicks Barry Barracuda. Sweet Cheapshots stands up and Matthew Whale runs at him. Sweet Cheapshots rolls through the legs of Matthew Whale, and Matthew Whale splashes Barry Barracuda and Frankie Dolphin in the corner.

Andrew - Sweet Cheapshots is making the Deep Sea Union beat the hell out of each other.

Tommy - I am a huge fan of Sweet Cheapshots. My pick to win the Championship Case, my pick for the next big star in this company, mark my words!

Matthew Whale staggers back out of the corner looking at the damage done by his huge splash on his friends. Barry Barracuda collapse and Frankie Dolphin falls on top of him. Matthew Whale turns around right into a super kick from Sweet Cheapshots.

Andrew - WHAM!

Tommy - Sweet Cheapshots has taken down all of his opponents!

Sweet Cheapshots pins Matthew Whale.


Barry Barracuda tugs the legs of Sweet Cheapshots pulling him off of the cover.

Andrew - Barry just saved this match for his team!

Tommy - This is supposed to be a fatal 4 way match, not a handicap match, these guys shouldn’t be teaming up!

Sweet Cheapshots kicks Barry Barracuda to the face, then stands up. Sweet Cheapshots walks over to the steel cage wall and begins climbing. Barry Barracuda stands up and follows Sweet Cheapshots, climbing up alongside him. Sweet Cheapshots makes it to the top of the cage wall and he straddles it as Barry Barracuda catches up to him. Sweet Cheapshots looks down to the ringside floor, then back into the ring. Barry Barracuda makes it to the top of the cage wall and he reaches for Sweet Cheapshots. Sweet Cheapshots stands up, looking into the ring and he jumps off into the ring with a 450 splash, landing on Frankie Dolphin with an elbow drop.


Andrew - Sweet Cheapshots jumps over Barry Barracuda who was trying to stop him from escaping, and he lands on Frankie Dolphin with the move he calls ‘Christ Can't Top This‘!

Tommy - Watch out Andrew, he has that trademarked, wouldn’t want you to get sued.

Sweet Cheapshots stands up and Barry Barracuda jumps off the ropes and clotheslines him down. Sweet Cheapshots is quick to his feet, but Barry Barracuda grabs the back of his head and runs him towards the cage. Barry Barracuda throws Sweet Cheapshots and he bounces off the steel.

Andrew - This is what Cheap didn’t want to happen, he didn’t want to lose control of this match.

Tommy - Yeah, these sea critters are violent.

Barry Barracuda lifts Sweet Cheapshots to his feet and he head butts him sending him staggering into the corner. Barry Barracuda rushes in at Sweet Cheapshots but he puts his feet up and kicks him to the face. Sweet Cheapshots hurries to the top rope and jumps up looking for a hurricanrana. Sweet Cheapshots snaps it off but Barry Barracuda lifts him up for a power bomb and runs towards the cage. Barry Barracuda power bombs Sweet Cheapshots into the cage wall then turns around and sitdown power bombs him.

Andrew - Barrabomb counter to the hurricanrana attempt!

Tommy - Things just got really bad for the cheap one!

Barry Barracuda stands up and raises his fins into the air. Barry Barracuda drops down and pins Sweet Cheapshots.


Matthew Whale pulls Barry Barracuda off of Sweet Cheapshots.

Andrew - What the hell?


Barry Barracuda stands up looking at Matthew Whale.

Tommy - Andrew, why do they look so happy? I thought Barry would be pissed off, but he’s smiling at him!

Andrew - They are wearing uniforms you dumb shit..

Tommy - what? I don’t get it.

Barry Barracuda pushes Matthew Whale and the two men yell at each other back and forth until Frankie Dolphin walks up trying to separate them. Matthew Whale shoves Frankie Dolphin and he falls on his ass. Barry Barracuda clotheslines Matthew Whale.

Andrew - Things are starting to break down between the DSU.

Tommy - The Deep Sea Union is falling apart faster than Genocide!

Matthew Whale stands up and points at Sweet Cheapshots.

Andrew - Do you hear what they are saying?

Tommy - I think Matthew said he pulled Barry off so they could beat on Sweet Cheapshots some more.

Barry Barracuda lifts Sweet Cheapshots to his feet and he holds his arms behind his back, exposing him for Matthew Whale to deliver punches to his open face and body. Matthew Whale hits one last shot to his face, then Barry Barracuda runs with Sweet Cheapshots and sends him face first into the cage.

Andrew - Only one man can win this match, not the entire team.

Tommy - I think that’s the real reason why Whale pulled off Barracuda, I think he wants this win to himself and he’s manipulating Barry!

Barry Barracuda lifts Sweet Cheapshots to his feet and he whips him towards Matthew Whale who shoulder blocks him, then runs to the rope. Matthew Whale hit’s the ropes shaking the cage, then runs towards Sweet Cheapshots and jumps with a splash.

Andrew - That’s a lot of weight on Cheap.

Tommy - They are trying to eliminate him from the Case match a week early.

Matthew Whale pins Sweet Cheapshots.


Barry Barracuda drags Matthew Whale off of him breaking the count.

Andrew - turnabout is fair play.

Tommy - Hey, maybe Barry feels like they should beat up Cheap some more.

Matthew Whale stands up and he shoves Barry Barracuda and screams at him “I‘m the boss!” Barry Barracuda turns around begins climbing the cage as Frankie Dolphin makes it to the top rope. Frankie Dolphin jumps off looking for a 450 splash on Sweet Cheapshots, but he rolls out of the way at the last second.

Andrew - Cheap was able to avoid that move from Frankie!

Tommy - Come on Cheap, come on!

Barry Barracuda continues climbing the cage as Matthew Whale turns around to see Frankie Dolphin laid out in the center of the ring with Sweet Cheapshots starting to stand up using the ropes. Matthew Whale takes a step towards Sweet Cheapshots and he explodes off the ropes with a super kick. Sweet Cheapshots drops down and rolls Frankie Dolphin over for the pin.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, by escape, Barry Barracuda!

Tommy - Sweet Cheapshots against all odds… WHAT?!

Andrew - Barry Barracuda escaped the cage before the referee counting the pin could call for the bell!


Andrew - and thanks to the NLWF rule that states a steel cage match must have an inside and outside referee, Barry Barracuda wins the Fatal Four Way Cage match!

Tommy - Damn it, The Nick Ridicule Cage Match rule!

Barry Barracuda opens the cage door and enters the steel cage. Sweet Cheapshots stands up and Barry Barracuda boots him to the face.

Andrew - Looks like the DSU isn’t finished yet.

Tommy - A win isn’t enough for these evil fish bastards!

Barry Barracuda lifts Sweet Cheapshots up to his feet, then lifts him to his shoulder. Barry Barracuda runs with Sweet Cheapshots and spikes him face first into the cage wall. From backstage, Louie Lobster comes out with a steel chair in one of his claws.

Andrew - Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, it’ll be a four on one inside the cage.

Tommy - I need to go help him, that guy is the future!

Louie Lobster enters the cage and closes the door behind him. Barry Barracuda lifts Sweet Cheapshots up for a power bomb, then he release him in mid air and lets he free fall down to the mat.

Andrew - Jackknife Barra Bomb!

Tommy - Wait a second, here comes THA KID, and not the Notorious one!

The Kid runs down the ramp and jumps onto the cage wall, quickly scaling to the top of it. Tha Kid jumps off the cage wall without any warning doing a shooting star press into the ring and taking down Barry Barracuda and Matthew Whale.

Andrew - Tha Kid just dropped two members of the DSU!

Tommy - But watch out for the lazy lobster with that chair!

Louie Lobster swings the steel chair at Tha Kid and it collides with his skull.

Andrew - A vicious chair shot, and now the DSU has two members of that case match inside a steel cage with them!

Tommy - Matt Gray just jumped the guardrail!

Matt Gray opens the cage door and slides into the ring. Louie Lobster turns around a lazily swings the chair at Matt Gray and he ducks under it. Matt Gray grabs the Dorsal fin of Frankie Dolphin and he runs him to the cage and throws him into it.

Andrew - Matt Gray has saved the day!

Tommy - You’re a douche!

Andrew - Says the guy who thinks the DSU are real.


Matt Gray kicks Louie Lobster to the chest as he turns around, then he picks up the steel chair. Louie Lobster bounces off the ropes from the kick impact and Matt Gray smashes the chair over his head. Matthew Whale stands up and Matt Gray hits him with the steel chair dropping him as well.

Andrew - Matt Gray is destroying the DSU!

Matt Gray demands Barry Barracuda to get up as he uses the ropes for support. Barry Barracuda stands up and turns around into a chair shot. Barry Barracuda staggers backwards and hit’s the ropes, then bounces back towards Matt Gray and another chair shot, this time dropping him.

Andrew - The DSU has been defeated!

Tommy - All these guys need to remember that there are no teams at the PPV, only one man is leaving with the championship case!

Tha Kid and Sweet Cheapshots both stand up, looking at Matt Gray. Matt Gray doesn’t hesitate and he smashes the steel chair over the head of Tha Kid. Sweet Cheapshots takes a step forward and Matt Gray hits him with the steel chair as well.

Andrew - I think Matt Gray remembers!

Tommy - He has laid out all of his opponents for the Championship Case Match, what a debut.

The show fades to commercial on Matt Gray standing in the center of the ring, surrounded by the steel cage, and surrounded by bodies.

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Re: Revolution: Direct Hit XXI: The Last Stop before War Games: 3/22/10

Post by Nick Ridicule on March 23rd 2010, 3:54 pm

The show comes back on with Nick Ridicule and Connor O’Shannon on opposite sides of a table. The ring has the red carpet set over it and the contract to the NLWF championship contract sits on the table in front of both men. Nick Ridicule smiles as he looks at Connor O’Shannon and puts his hand on the contract. Connor O’Shannon adjusts the NLWF Championship on his shoulder and Nick Ridicule brings a microphone to his mouth.

Nick Ridicule
Don’t think for a single second that I underestimate you. I’m not an idiot, and I know talent when I see it O’Shannon, and you are indeed talented. But when I look across this table, the only thing separating me from you, and see the NLWF Championship resting on your shoulder, I can’t help but want you dead.

“Fuck Em‘ Up Nicky Fuck Em‘ Up” “Fuck Em‘ Up Nicky Fuck Em‘ Up”

Nick Ridicule
You don’t deserve the NLWF Title you little prick! You know it, I know it, and all these people know it! You took me on at my lowest of lows at a show I wasn’t booked to fight you at, and you got a lucky win. But tell me something, what happened last week when the match was official? I handed you your first loss in the NLWF, and showed you what I’m capable off when at my highest of highs.

Nick Ridicule grabs the pen and signs his name on the contract, he turns it around and slides it across the table. Connor O’Shannon stops the contract with his hand and looks across the table at Nick Ridicule.

Nick Ridicule
The End Game stipulation is optional, I don’t want you to have any excuses following this match, so if you’re too afraid to fight me, you can…

Connor O’Shannon smashes his fist down on the table and stands up. Nick Ridicule laughs, then stands up, his expression going dead serious. Connor O’Shannon grabs his microphone and brings it up to his mouth.

Connor O’Shannon
Whether y’like it or not, I am th’NLWF Champion…

Nick Ridicule interrupts, holding up the force face claw.

Nick Ridicule
What I would like is for y’t’sign th’fucking contract!

Andrew - Nick Ridicule mocking the NLWF Champion.

Tommy- I thought that was Connor who said that at first.

Connor O’Shannon signs the contract, putting an X in the match option box.

Connor O’Shannon
I accept th’match Ridicule!

Connor O’Shannon tosses the contract towards the corner of the ring, then tosses the NLWF Championship to the same corner. Connor O’Shannon flips the table over and steps towards Nick Ridicule who reacts with only a smile.

Connor O’Shannon
But ya get somethin’ straight! I’m not going to be embarrassed by y’or anyone else! You think this belt STILL belongs to you, but in the long run you were bound t’expire some day. I just threw you out in th’garbage before you stank up the place. You're going to get this through your head, through whatever you wanna call it. I plan to impress everyone at War Games, and here tonight in th‘main event! I plan to show them I'm worth ALL the hype. Worth all the attention if so. Now y’can either help me take th’tag team titles, or I’ll take them alone.

Nick Ridicule starts laughing hysterically.

Nick Ridicule
I didn’t understand a thing you just said.

Connor O’Shannon punches Nick Ridicule to the face, then backs him into the corner and drives his knee into his stomach. Nick Ridicule shoves Connor O’Shannon off of him and he fires off a Nick Kick at the same time Connor O’Shannon attempts a big boot. Both men connecting, knocking each other down.

Andrew - We knew this was going to get physical.

The Strike Force run down to the ring and all go after Nick Ridicule. They lift him to his feet and hold him as a few help Connor O’Shannon to his feet.

Tommy - Aaron O’Shea’s strike force security team is here to, make sure Connor O’Shannon has the upper hand.

Connor O’Shannon stands up and gets in some open shots to the body of Nick Ridicule, then he runs to the ropes. Connor O’Shannon charges and shoulders blocks Nick Ridicule, dropping him and a few security guards. Connor O’Shannon grabs the table and repositions It, then lifts Nick Ridicule up.

Andrew - He’s going to put him through the table.

Tommy - No he’s not, here comes Chuck fucking Matthews!

Chuck Matthews slides into the ring and spears two of the members of Aaron O’Shea’s strike force security team. Connor O’Shannon drops Nick Ridicule and tries to boot Chuck Matthews to the face but he ducks under it and connects a reverse DDT on Connor O’Shannon. Chuck Matthews stands up and attacks the other Strike Force members.

Andrew - Chuck is hunting down the guys who are in Salvation, even though the wrestling group was disbanded last week.

Tommy - He wants Salvation dead and gone, he doesn’t even want a possible return,

Connor O’Shannon rolls out of the ring grabbing the NLWF Championship, then backing up the stage watching the ring. Nick Ridicule stands up and joins Chuck Matthews in beating on the strike force. Nick Ridicule lifts the final security guard up for the crucifix power bomb and he turns and looks out to the stage at Connor O’Shannon. Chuck Matthews climbs to the top rope and jumps off, spearing the security guard right into the power bomb. Nick Ridicule throws the man through the table as Chuck Matthews spears him.

Andrew - O’Shea is not going to be happy about his strike force going down.

Tommy - Did you see that double team move?

Nick Ridicule picks up the contract and he points at Connor O’Shannon. Connor O’Shannon steps backstage and Chuck Matthews grabs a microphone. Chuck Matthews gives the microphone to Nick Ridicule.

Nick Ridicule
Thanks Chuck.

Nick Ridicule brushes himself off.

Nick Ridicule
I have an announcement for War Games 2! This year will feature the return of the Chuck Matthews No Limit Invitational, where the winner will receive the final spot in the Championship Case Match!

Andrew - If Chuck Matthews, or anyone who challenges him can win the Invitational, they’ll go to the Championship Case match later in the night!

Tommy - Who can beat Chuck Matthews in the invitational? As a matter of fact, is there anyone who could beat him in the Championship Case match.

Nick Ridicule
Since we’re on the subject of the Championship Case match, I’ve decided the match type to that match, and it’s one you know very well Chuck, considering you won the first one. The Championship Case match will be a Triple Cage escape match!

Andrew - There are going to be eight men inside Triple Cage at War Games.

Tommy - All looking to take that Briefcase that almost guarantees you a major championship!

The shot cuts backstage to Shane Bradley who’s standing with the North American Champion, Derek Wallace.

Shane Bradley

Derek Wallace, you’ve come into the NLWF, and much like Connor O’Shannon you’ve achieved success very early on. You are undefeated, and you are the North American Champion, what are your thoughts on your opponent RAWRLURB?

Derek Wallace
I like RAWRLURB, a lot, really I do. But I don’t understand why she want’s to come into the NLWF and compete with men. She should be in Sacrifice Wrestling, with all the other lovely ladies, not here where only the strong survive. Tonight I’m going to defeat RAWRLURB, I’m going to retain the North American Championship, and when I do, she won’t be entitled to another shot at the North American Title as long as I so choose. Please excuse me Shane, I have a match to go win.

Derek Wallace walks away.

Shane Bradley

Up next, Derek Wallace defends the North American Title against RAWRLURB!

Andrew - Rawr was the first female in NLWF history to win a male title, but she lost that title to Derek Wallace last week, after an amazing modified Glasgow drop.

Tommy - That move is hard to kick out of normally, the way he did it last week was unbeatable!

“Cryin Like A Bitch" by Godsmack plays. Derek Wallace walks out he stands at the top of the entrance stage for a second before making his way to the ring. He walks very slowly down the entrance ramp. He climbs the steps and enters the ring. He makes his way over to the turnbuckle before climbing it and staring out into the crowd. He then gets off and walks over to the opposite side of the ring and stands by the ropes before walking over to the corner to await the start of the match as the music dies down.

Samantha Praxton - Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland. Standing 6’5” and weighing 250 pounds. He is the Reigning and Defending NLWF North American Champion, Derek Wallace!

'' Through The Struggle" by As I Lay Dying blasts threw the PA systems, as the lights go pitch black dark, leaving Derek Wallace standing in the ring, wondering were the fuck she is. Just then the lights start to flicker on and off in the arena. The lights then stop flickering, and then her theme comes to a sudden stop. The lights come back on, and her Derek Wallace is still standing. Rawrlurb is still no were to be seen. And so that leaves Derek Wallace and fans looking around, until the lights go pitch black dark again. Then suddenly, they come back on and standing right behind Derek Wallace, is Rawrlurb. Planning a sneak attack.

Samantha Praxton - '' From New Britian, Connecticut, weighing in at 120 pounds and standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall! RAWR..LURB!

RAWRLURB attacks Derek Wallace from behind and the referee calls for the bell.

NLWF North American Championship

Derek Wallace [versus] RAWRLURB

[Ding Ding Ding]

RAWRLURB attempts to whip Derek Wallace to the ropes but he reverses it and sends her to the ropes instead. Derek Wallace ducks looking for a back body drop but RAWRLURB kicks him to the face, then clotheslines him.

Andrew - Wallace went for the move to early and Rawr counters.

Tommy - I’ve got a good feeling about tonight, I think Rawr is taking her belt back!

Derek Wallace stands up and runs into another clothesline from RAWRLURB. Derek Wallace is quick to his feet again and this time he throws a clothesline. RAWRLURB ducks underneath it and school girls Derek Wallace.


Derek Wallace kicks out.

Andrew - Rawr almost gets a sneaky win!

Tommy - Can she catch the champ off guard?

RAWRLURB stands up and kicks Derek Wallace to the ribs, then grabs his legs and sets up a sharpshooter. RAWRLURB tries to turn Derek Wallace over to his stomach to lock in the hold but he fights it, trying to escape. RAWRLURB stomps on the face of Derek Wallace then turns him over, locking in the sharpshooter.

Andrew - Submission applied by Rawrlurb!


Derek Wallace pushes up, in the dead center of the ring. Derek Wallace crawls towards the ropes, reaching his hand out to try to grab it. Derek Wallace crawls closer but RAWRLURB breaks the hold and runs to the ropes. RAWRLURB rebounds back towards Derek Wallace then baseball slide dropkicks him, sending him out of the ring.

Andrew - Rawr is all over him, nonstop!

Tommy - She wants that belt back, she feels like he stole it from her!

Andrew - How do you know all this.

Tommy - I JUST DO!

RAWRLURB steps out to the apron and waits for Derek Wallace to stand up. Derek Wallace uses the ring steps to pulls himself up and RAWRLURB jumps off the apron and dropkicks him, sending him back first into the steps.

Andrew - Rawr has been in control of this match since she attacked Derek from behind…

Tommy - Don’t make excuses for him getting his ass kicked by a girl!

RAWRLURB kicks Derek Wallace then pulls him to his feet and rolls him into the ring. RAWRLURB climbs up to the apron and goes to enter the ring but Derek Wallace gets up quickly and drops her with the double underhook DDT. RAWRLURB falls out of the ring.

Andrew - Just like last week! Rawr tried to get into the ring and Derek Wallace hits her with the Glasgow drop!

Tommy - Luckily for her she fell outside the ring, so Derek Wallace can’t pin her!

Derek Wallace starts to get up and he slides out of the ring. Derek Wallace lifts RAWRLURB to her feet and he shoves her sending her back first into the ring steps. Derek Wallace laughs and puts his foot on the face of RAWRLURB, then pushes her down to the floor.

Andrew - Knowing he has the match where he wants it because of that Glasgow drop, Derek Wallace is starting to rub it in!

Tommy - I don’t blame him, after getting owned by Rawr, he needs to save face.

Derek Wallace picks RAWRLURB up and tosses her into the ring. Derek Wallace follows RAWRLURB in and pins her.


RAWRLURB kicks out, making Derek Wallace laugh.

Andrew - near fall, and you have to wonder if Rawr has anything left to make a comeback in this match.

Tommy - Sure she does!

Derek Wallace picks RAWRLURB up and sets her up for a power bomb. Derek Wallace lifts RAWRLURB up and holds her up. Derek Wallace stands in the center of the ring holding RAWRLURB up for the power bomb, but he doesn’t do anything.

Andrew - Why hasn’t he power bombed her?


Derek Wallace takes a few steps towards the corner and power bombs RAWRLURB into the turnbuckles. RAWRLURB crumbles down in the corner and Derek Wallace doesn’t give her a chance to rest. Derek Wallace lifts RAWRLURB to her feet, then turns her around and lifts her to the top turnbuckle. Derek Wallace pulls RAWRLURB back and kisses her.

Andrew - What the hell!?!

Tommy - RAPE!!!!

Derek Wallace lets RAWRLURB go and she falls down into the tree of woe position. Derek Wallace backs away from her to the other corner, not taking his eyes off of her. Derek Wallace runs across the ring and jumps with both of his knees up. Derek Wallace drives both of his knees into the exposed body of RAWRLURB into the corner.

Andrew - Renegade Express from Wallace!

Tommy - Things are starting to look bad!

RAWRLURB falls out of the corner and Derek Wallace drags her to the center of the ring. Derek Wallace holds up his arm and puts his foot on the chest of RAWRLURB for the pin.


RAWRLURB kicks out.


Tommy - FUCK YEAH!!!

Derek Wallace looks down at RAWRLURB and shakes his head. RAWRLURB tries to get up, grabbing onto the knee pads of Derek Wallace. Derek Wallace allows RAWRLURB to use him to get up, he holds his arms out to the side, taunting her.

Andrew - Derek Wallace thinks he has this one in the bag.

Tommy - I should go and kick his ass!

RAWRLURB gets to her knees in front of Derek Wallace who smiles wide. Derek Wallace places his hand on the back of RAWRLURB head and the smile gets even wider. RAWRLURB head butts Derek Wallace to the balls.

Derek Wallace

RAWRLURB uppercuts Derek Wallace to the balls several times, then stands up and super kicks him to the face.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Andrew - The referee has Dqed Rawrlurb!

Tommy - Who cares, she won the battle here tonight.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, as a result of a Disqualification, and STILL the NLWF North American Champion, Derek Wallace!

Andrew - Wallace may have retained the belt, but I highly doubt things are over between these two.

Tommy - RAWRLURB has a microphone!


RAWRLURB wipes her mouth.

Next week is War Games, and I’ve got a challenge for you Derek! One final battle, for the North American Championship, in Three Stages of Hell! I’ll pick the first match, you pick the second match, and if a third match is needed, we’ll let the NLWF choose!

RAWRLURB kicks Derek Wallace to the stomach then grabs the North American Championship from the referee and shoves him.

This is mine!

RAWRLURB leaves the ring and jumps the guardrail, headed through the crowd as she leaves with the North American Title.

Andrew - Will Derek Wallace accept a final match against…

Derek Wallace


Tommy - I think we’ll find out right now!

Derek Wallace

Ahhh, my balls! I don’t owe you another shot at the North American Championship, so if I’m going to accept, it’s going to be on one condition.

Andrew - What does he want?

Tommy - why don’t you shut up and let him tell us.

Derek Wallace

If you win, you take back the North American Title, but when I win, you’ll be my girlfriend, and to make sure I have enough time to make you fall in love with me, you wont be able to break up with me, until after April, if you choose to do so.

Andrew - Did Derek Wallace just use a match to possibly get a girlfriend?

Tommy - Looks that way.

The shot fades on Derek Wallace in the ring, looking around for the North American Title.

Nick Ridicule is in the ring, which is set up for the Undisputed Championship contract signing. Nick Ridicule sits mid table with Shadow Demon at one end and Aaron O’Shea on the other side, at the heads of
the table.

Nick Ridicule
And joining us via satellite, Jason Hawk and the Undisputed Champion, Corey Casey.

The titantron shows a split screen. On one side, live from the City of Salvation, is Corey Casey who stares into the camera, not blinking, the Undisputed Championship on display behind him in the background. The other side, live from San Diego, California, is Jason Hawk who sits in a wheel chair, his dog by his side.

Nick Ridicule
Glad you guys could join us, although I wish you would have been here live.

Shadow Demon begins laughing, he falls out of his seat from laughing so hard.

Nick Ridicule
What’s so funny?

Shadow Demon stands up and sits back down in his chair, he reaches out and grabs the microphone off the table in front of him and brings it to his mouth, holding back laughter.

Shadow Demon

I know why Corey isn’t here!

Aaron O’Shea starts to chuckle on the other side of the table, he reaches out and grabs his microphone.

Aaron O’Shea

And I know why Hawk isn’t here! He’s trying his hardest to recover from the ass whooping I delivered last week at Revolution XX!

Nick Ridicule
One at a time guys, you’ll all have a chance to say what you want. Shadow, what are you talking about?

Shadow Demon points at the titantron screen and it cuts from the two wrestlers, live via satellite, to a video. The Video shows Shadow Demon and Corey Casey being wheeled away from the Double Cage horror on stretchers. Shadow Demon starts moving then struggles until the stretcher tips over and he escapes. Shadow Demon stands up, shoving paramedics out of the way and he runs backstage. The video continues to play, Shadow Demon attacks the paramedics helping Corey Casey then he grabs hold of his stretcher.

Shadow Demon

Hi Corey, remember me?

Shadow Demon runs, rolling the stretcher with Corey Casey on it in front of him. Shadow Demon lets the stretcher go sending it into a wall. Shadow Demon grabs a steel chair and he throws it at Corey Casey, still stuck to the stretcher on the ground. Shadow Demon stands over Corey Casey.

Shadow Demon

I’m going to have some fun with you now.

Shadow Demon reaches down and pulls up a razorblade cat-o-nine tails, made out of barbwire. The video cuts to static, then goes back to Corey Casey and Jason Hawk.

Shadow Demon

How do you feel Corey? You know I “M”aim to please

Corey Casey claps his hands.

Corey Casey
You done? Because trust me, I can wait. I can be as patient as anyone.

Shadow Demon laughs.

Shadow Demon

By all means, go right ahead.

Corey Casey
You attacked me following our Double Cage Horror match last week, a match I beat you in! You didn’t do anything but….

Corey Casey keeps talking but the word ‘MUTE’ appears on his screen.

Nick Ridicule
Corey Casey already signed the contract, and now that he’s done talking, it’s your turn.

Nick Ridicule slides the contract across the table with his hand to Shadow Demon who signs it without hesitation. Shadow Demon slides the contract to Nick Ridicule, who slides it to Aaron O’Shea.

Nick Ridicule
Let’s make this official.

Aaron O’Shea signs the contract.

Jason Hawk
I have something I would like to say.

Nick Ridicule
Go ahead Hawk.

Jason Hawk doesn’t react to what Nick says, then speaks.

Jason Hawk
Last week Aaron, you tried to not only removed me from this company, but from existence. I was barely able to roll out of the way when you sent that car speeding towards me, and I’m not at Revolution tonight because of you! At War Games I’m going to get my revenge on you. For costing me my title at Batte Lines, again at Legacy, and for embarrassing me last week.

Jason Hawk starts laughing.

Jason Hawk
Hey Scott, do you think they bought it?

Jason Hawk starts petting his dog when suddenly Jason Hawk jumps the guardrail and slides into the ring with a steel chair. Jason Hawk smashes Aaron O’Shea over the head with the chair and jumps on top of his landing big punches.

Andrew - What the hell!? Jason Hawk is still on the screen!

Tommy - That’s not live, that’s a damn video! Jason Hawk has outsmarted us all!

Jason Hawk lifts Aaron O’Shea to his feet and he rolls him onto the table. Jason Hawk climbs to the top rope and jumps off with the double shooting star press and lands on Aaron O’Shea putting him through the table. Jason Hawk stands up and Nick Ridicule hands him the contract. Jason Hawk signs the contract and hands it back to Nick Ridicule.

Andrew - Jason Hawk is able to get some revenge going into War Games!

Tommy - This is going to be one of the greatest Undisputed Title matches ever!

Jason Hawk is spun around by Shadow Demon, who quickly lifts him up to his shoulders. Shadow Demon drops Jason Hawk down into a cutter then stands over him. Shadow Demon points at the screen where Corey Casey is smiling.

Andrew - Shadow Demon just hit Hawk with the Shadow Crusher!

Tommy - You can’t trust anybody!

Andrew - We need to take our final break of the night, when we return, the Tag Team Title main Event!

Tommy - I can’t wait!

Andrew - All of the men for the Tag Team match are ready for this to begin, let’s send it to Samantha Praxton for the intros.

Tommy - We know who all these guys are, can’t we just start the match?

Samantha Praxton - The following match is the Triple Threat Tag Team Title Main Event! Introducing first, they are the reigning and defending NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Brenton Cyrus and Chuck

Andrew - The fans are going the blow the roof off this arena!

Tommy - These guys deserve that kind of ovation, this tag team match has some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the NLWF!

Samantha Praxton - and there opponents, first the team of the reigning World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, The Notorious K.I.D and Shadow Demon, The Carnival of Violence!

Andrew - You know KID and Shadow Demon would love to go into War Games as Tag champs.

Tommy - Especially KID who’s fighting God at War Games.

Samantha Praxton - introducing the final team, consisting of the Reigning NLWF Champion, Connor O’Shannon and Nick Ridicule!

Andrew - Worst team ever in my opinion.

Tommy - Unless they can work on the same page, Then this could be a great team!

Each team goes to there corner. Brenton Cyrus and The Notorious K.I.D decide to start things off.

Andrew - Rules are you can tag in anyone from any team, and the first fall wins the match.

Tommy - Sounds good, ring the damn bell!

NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Titles

Brenton Cyrus -and- Chuck Matthews [versus] The Notorious K.I.D -and- Shadow Demon
Connor O’Shannon -and- Nick Ridicule

[Ding Ding Ding]

Brenton Cyrus and The Notorious K.I.D stare at each other from across the ring. The Notorious K.I.D motions to move in on him, but thinks against it and the two circle each other before locking up. Brenton Cyrus adjusts the move putting The Notorious K.I.D in a side headlock and The Notorious K.I.D sends Brenton Cyrus off to the ropes. The Notorious K.I.D ducks down and Brenton Cyrus jumps over him on the rebound. Brenton Cyrus stops and both he and The Notorious K.I.D throws dropkicks at the same time, cancelling each other out.

Andrew - These guys are going to have an epic encounter at War Games.

Tommy - No doubt about that, we’re getting a free preview here tonight!

The Notorious K.I.D and Brenton Cyrus both stand up. Brenton Cyrus throws a right hand, but The Notorious K.I.D hooks his arm and arm drags him down. The Notorious K.I.D dropkicks Brenton Cyrus to the back of the head following the arm drag, then goes for the pin.


Brenton Cyrus kicks out.

Andrew - Chuck Matthews and Connor O’Shannon both motioned to enter the ring until they saw the kick out.

Tommy - Had Brenton been more hurt one of them might have had to break up the pin attempt.

The Notorious K.I.D lifts Brenton Cyrus to his feet and guts hit with a European uppercut. The Notorious K.I.D jumps and kicks Brenton Cyrus to the side of the head with a step up enziguri. The Notorious K.I.D grabs the leg of Brenton Cyrus and drops down looking to lock in his STF.

Andrew - The Notorious K.I.D is looking for the Shut the fuck up on Brenton Cyrus!

Tommy - He’s almost got it.

Brenton Cyrus struggles towards the ropes before The Notorious K.I.D can lock in the hold. The Notorious K.I.D grabs the back of the head of Brenton Cyrus and he smashes him face first into the mat, then locks in the hold.

Andrew - The Notorious K.I.D has the shut the fuck up locked on!

Tommy - What if he can make Brenton Cyrus shut the fuck up at War Games?

Chuck Matthews drops down and reaches into the ring grabbing the hand of Brenton Cyrus. Chuck Matthews pulls Brenton Cyrus to the ropes and he drops his hand across the bottom rope.

Andrew - Referee can’t really do anything about it, it’s a triple threat match.

Tommy - Great teamwork by the 2009 tag team champions of the year!

The Notorious K.I.D breaks the holds and drags Brenton Cyrus across the ring to his corner. The Notorious K.I.D tags in Shadow Demon, then lifts Brenton Cyrus to his feet. The Notorious K.I.D backs up and Shadow Demon enters the ruing and drops down to his hands and knees. The Notorious K.I.D runs across the ring and jumps off of Shadow Demon’s back, and flips into Brenton Cyrus in the corner.

Andrew - The carnival of violence is coming up with some double team moves.

Tommy - Cyrus needs a tag early, things are not going his way here tonight!

Shadow Demon stands up and chops Brenton Cyrus across the chest in the corner. Shadow Demon whips Brenton Cyrus out of the corner, towards the corner with Chuck Matthews, but he stops and pulls Brenton Cyrus back towards him and clotheslines him.

Andrew - It looked like Shadow Demon would help Brenton Cyrus out and send him to his corner.

Tommy - But he fooled him.

Shadow Demon tags The Notorious K.I.D and he climbs to the top rope. Shadow Demon lifts Brenton Cyrus to his feet and connects a backbreaker, dropping him down across his knee. The Notorious K.I.D jumps off the top rope and connects victory knees on Brenton Cyrus while Shadow Demon still holds him over his knee.

Andrew - Backbreaker victory knee double team move!

Tommy - The carnival of violence is starting to steal all the momentum in this match.

The Notorious K.I.D pins Brenton Cyrus.


Connor O’Shannon drops and elbow across the back of The Notorious K.I.D, breaking the count.

Andrew - O’Shannon keeps this match going.

Tommy - I wonder if he wants to win the Tag Team titles, even though his partner is Nick Ridicule.

The Notorious K.I.D stands up holding the legs of Brenton Cyrus. The Notorious K.I.D leans back and slingshots Brenton Cyrus into then the corner. Shadow Demon punches Brenton Cyrus to the face, dropping him down in the corner. The Notorious K.I.D runs and dropkicks Brenton Cyrus in the corner, then tags in Shadow Demon.

Andrew - Excellent Tag Team wrestling from the Carnival of Violence!

Tommy - They have fought this match perfectly so far!

Shadow Demon drops down and reaches under the ring. Shadow Demon pulls out a table and sets it up in front of the entrance ramp, ringside. Shadow Demon slides into the ring and stomps Brenton Cyrus in the

Andrew - The psychotic Shadow Demon has set up a table and is now stomping the life out of Brenton Cyrus.

Tommy - He needs to get a tag badly!

Shadow Demon lifts Brenton Cyrus up in the corner, then lifts him to the top rope. Shadow Demon follows him up setting him up for a superplex. Shadow Demon tries to lift Brenton Cyrus, but he connects punches to his body. Brenton Cyrus lifts Shadow Demon and jumps off the top rope with a super front layout suplex on him.

Andrew - What a reversal!

Tommy - Now can he make the tag to Chuck Matthews, bringing him in to his first official return match!?

Brenton Cyrus starts to crawl towards the ropes as Shadow Demon crawls towards his corner. Brenton Cyrus tries to stand and stumbles forward. Brenton Cyrus dives and tags in Connor O’Shannon, then rolls out of the ring. Shadow Demon makes it to his corner and tags in The Notorious K.I.D.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus making the tag to Connor O’Shannon?

Tommy - He just needed to get out of the ring, he was getting beat up!

Connor O’Shannon enters the ring and runs across to body splash Shadow Demon in the corner. The Notorious K.I.D hits Connor O’Shannon with a forearm to the face then uses the ropes to springboard into the ring. The Notorious K.I.D catches Connor O’Shannon with a tornado DDT, spiking him right off the top of his head. The Notorious K.I.D stands up and hurries to the corner.

Andrew - Amazing springboard DDT from KID!

Tommy - Now he’s looking for something to believe!

The Notorious K.I.D jumps off the top rope with the swanton bomb and crashes down onto Connor O’Shannon. The Notorious K.I.D pins Connor O’Shannon hooking both legs.


Chuck Matthews pulls Connor O’Shannon out from under The Notorious K.I.D, and out of the ring. Chuck Matthews spears Connor O’Shannon ringside, then climbs back up to the apron.

Andrew - KID connects something to believe but it’s Chuck Matthews who stops the fall!

Tommy - Not only that, but he took O’Shannon out on the outside, so KID can’t pin him.

The Notorious K.I.D stands up and runs at Chuck Matthews. The Notorious K.I.D dropkicks Chuck Matthews to the knee and he falls off the ring apron. The Notorious K.I.D leaves the ring and reaches underneath,
pulling out a ladder.

Andrew - KID has something in mind.

Tommy - Something big judging by the size of that ladder!

The Notorious K.I.D sets the ladder up, then grabs Connor O’Shannon and puts him on the table. The Notorious K.I.D slides into the ring and he tags in Shadow Demon who climbs to the top rope. The Notorious K.I.D runs and climbs the other turnbuckle to the top rope and he points a Shadow Demon and the two men count before jumping off at the same time. Shadow Demon lands on Connor O’Shannon first with a swanton putting him through the table. The Notorious K.I.D flipped over the ladder, then crashes down onto Connor O’Shannon after Shadow Demon.

“HOLY SHIT!” “That was awesome!” “HOLY SHIT!” “That was awesome!”

Andrew - Shadow Demon connects his swanton first, rolled out of the way just in time, then The Notorious K.I.D landed his swanton.

Tommy - That’s fine a good, they fucked O’Shannon up, but at what cost to themselves? Chuck Matthews and Nick Ridicule are fresh!

Shadow Demon stands up on the entrance ramp. Shadow Demon pulls The Notorious K.I.D off of Connor O’Shannon, then drags Connor O’Shannon to the ring. Shadow Demon lifts Connor O’Shannon up and rolls him in. Brenton Cyrus runs out of nowhere and delivers a punt kick to the skull of The Notorious K.I.D, right behind Shadow Demon’s back.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus was positioned behind the ring steps, waiting for his chance to strike!

Tommy - and he sure did strike, Re-Awakening on his War Games opponent!

Shadow Demon pins Connor O’Shannon.


Brenton Cyrus pulls Shadow Demon out of the ring. Brenton Cyrus throws a punch but Shadow Demon blocks it and delivers a big right hand, dropping Brenton Cyrus down. Chuck Matthews slides into the ring and drags Connor O’Shannon to the corner, then tags him. Chuck Matthews drags Connor O’Shannon back to the middle of the ring, then he slides out.

Andrew - What the hell?

Tommy - The old possum trick!

Shadow Demon turns around and enters the ring. Shadow Demon pins Connor O’Shannon, hooking both legs and Chuck Matthews slides into the ring, crouching down in the corner. The referee tells Shadow Demon that Connor O’Shannon isn’t the legal man. Shadow Demon stands up and is speared by Chuck Matthews.

Andrew - Panic Attack from Chuck Matthews on Shadow Demon!

Tommy - YES! Still tag team champions!

Chuck Matthews pins Shadow Demon.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Andrew - Chuck Matthews is shocked!

Tommy - I thought it was all over right there!

Chuck Matthews grabs the legs of Shadow Demon and he sets him up for a sharpshooter. Chuck Matthews turns the hold locking in the cryptic cross on Shadow Demon in the middle of the ring. Nick Ridicule enters the ring and drops down, putting Shadow Demon in the anaconda crossface.

Andrew - Nick is helping?

Tommy - Double submission applied!

Shadow Demon holds up his free arm as both men crank their submissions on him. Brenton Cyrus slides into the ring and he hooks the arm of Shadow Demon and he puts him in the Koji clutch.


Tommy - The God Lock, The Cryptic Cross and The Anaconda Crossface all locked in on Shadow Demon!

Andrew - He couldn’t tap if he wanted to!

Tommy - They have him like a pretzel!

Connor O’Shannon slowly enters the ring, with a steel chair in hand. Connor O’Shannon hits Chuck Matthews to the back with the steel chair, then hits Nick Ridicule with it. Brenton Cyrus breaks his hold and stand up. Connor O’Shannon have a stare down and Connor O’Shannon tosses the chair to the side. Brenton Cyrus nods then Connor O’Shannon boots him to the face.

Andrew - No more Salvation is NLWF!

Tommy - O’Shannon is ok with that.

Connor O’Shannon grabs Shadow Demon and drags him to the corner, then tags himself in. Connor O’Shannon attack Chuck Matthews then lifts him to his feet and boots him to the face. Connor O’Shannon stomps Chuck Matthews on the mat, until he’s speared by Nick Ridicule.

Andrew - These guys are a tag team damn it!

Tommy - No they aren’t they are opponents at War Games!

Nick Ridicule sends Connor O’Shannon to the corner, then follows in in but Connor O’Shannon clotheslines him. Nick Ridicule is up quickly and he answers with a Nick Kick that sends Connor O’Shannon over the top rope. Brenton Cyrus slides under the ring and he lays down next to Chuck Matthews. Brenton Cyrus puts Chuck Matthews arm over him and the referee counts.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus tagged himself in while Connor O’Shannon was in the corner!

Tommy - So he was the legal man? and he can let his partner pin him?

Samantha Praxton - Here are your winners, and STILL the NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Chuck Matthews and Brenton Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus stands up and does his god pose as the referee hands him his tag team title. Outside the ring Nick Ridicule and Connor O’Shannon keep fighting. Nick Ridicule tries another Nick Kick but Connor O’Shannon ducks it and clotheslines Nick Ridicule over the announcers

Andrew - Not again!

Tommy - I’m still hurt from the double cage horror last week!

Shadow Demon stands up ringside, using the guardrail as support. On the other side, a fan jumps the rail and runs at Shadow Demon. The fan spears Shadow Demon, breaking through the barricade with the impact. The fan stands up holding his arms to the side revealing Corey Casey.

Andrew - He wasn’t even supposed to be here tonight!

Tommy - He said he was patient, and he waited until the very last seconds of the shot to strike.

Chuck Matthews sees Corey Casey from inside the ring and he slides out and runs at him. Corey Casey runs through the crowd, Chuck Matthews quickly following behind him.

Andrew - This is how we will say goodbye to the month of March on free TV, next week is War Games!

Tommy - We’ll see you then!

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