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Revolution XX: A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: 3/15/10

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Revolution XX: A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: 3/15/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on March 16th 2010, 7:17 pm

The camera fades in from black on Phoenix Rising and Shadow Demon backstage at Revolution. As the camera pans out, it shows that both men are completely surrounded by the Strike Force, and after a few seconds Aaron O’Shea pushes through his team, and makes it to the center of the circle with both men.

Aaron O’Shea

I know you guys are both booked here tonight, and I know I can’t change that. But there is one thing I can do, I can make both your matches, Non-Title matches.

Shadow Demon begins laughing as Phoenix Rising takes a step forward and grabs Aaron O’Shea by the throat.

Phoenix Rising

Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now?

Aaron O’Shea smiles, even with the hand of Phoenix Rising on his throat.

Aaron O’Shea

Because if you don’t I’ll make sure neither of you have a damn thing to do with War Games this year. You two will never get a shot at the belts you love so much.

Phoenix Rising releases Aaron O’Shea.

Aaron O’Shea

That’s more like it.

Aaron O’Shea turns and walks away. Before leaving the circle, he stops and turns around with a cocky smile.

Aaron O’Shea

Your matches tonight are non-title, with a match type of my choosing! Phoenix you’ll fight in No Holds Barred against the man who has destroyed you twice since joining the NLWF, the NLWF Champion, Connor O’Shannon. Shadow Demon, you will step into the Double Cage Horror against Corey Casey!

Aaron O’Shea pushes past the strike force, then stops.

Aaron O’Shea

I doubt either of you will even make it to War Games.

The camera fades to the opening video as O’Shea’s voice continues to repeat itself.

Fireworks shoot out of the stage, signaling the start of the show for all the fans in attendance at the sin city arena, in Las Vegas. The camera pans out and shows the crowd which holds up signs, trying to get on TV.

“KID, PLEASE WIN!” “Shadow Demon & Phoenix Rising > Batman & Robin” “Welcome Home!”
“Corey Casey fears Title Defenses!” “Frankie Dolphin is Ryan Apollos!” “Hawk is in ETA's anonymous”

Andrew - This is the arena that hosted the first ever episode of Revolution, now have returned to celebrate the special 20th episode of the show!

Tommy - and what a stacked card we’ve got here tonight!

Andrew - Three matches we thought we would witness at War Games, will take place here tonight!

Tommy - Shadow Demon versus Corey Casey, Jason Hawk versus Aaron O’Shea, and Phoenix Rising versus Connor O’Shannon!

Andrew - Not only that, but tonight we’ll find out some of the participants for the Championship Case match for War Games.

Tommy - War Games is shaping up to be one of the most spectacular shows ever, can it live up to the hype?

Andrew - Tonights action starts with two of the participants from that 4 on 4 war match that broke down last week.

Tommy - Shut up Andrew, all the matches are like that, let’s just get these DSU matches over with!

Championship Case Qualifying Match

Matthew Whale (Versus) Kendrick Dylan

[Ding Ding Ding]

Matthew Whale head butts Kendrick Dylan as he runs towards him, dropping him to the mat. Matthew Whale slowly runs to the ropes, then jumps up and lands on Kendrick Dylan with a splash.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Andrew - That’s it?

Tommy - What an upset!

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, advancing to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Matthew Whale!

Andrew - That can be considered a huge win for Whale!

Tommy - Kendrick Dylan is a very accomplished Indy star, losing to a Whale sucks.

Matthew Whale drags Kendrick Dylan to the corner. Matthew Whale climbs over the top rope, then down to the ringside floor.

Andrew - Is Matthew Whale going for a microphone?

Tommy - Looks that way.

Matthew Whale
Tonight is Revolution XX A Night of Violence! So I think it’s time everyone see a more violent side of the Deep Sea Union! It’s come to my attention that people think this is some kind of a joke, that we are just some flavor of the month. Tonight we’re going to show everyone, we can be the best in the NLWF too!

Matthew Whale drops the microphone and grabs a steel chair. Matthew Whale walks up the ring steps and climbs over the rope. Matthew Whale puts the steel chair on the chest of Kendrick Dylan. Matthew Whale climbs the turnbuckle to the middle rope and begins bouncing. Matthew Whale jumps off holding onto the top rope and he sits down on the steel chair, crushing Kendrick Dylan with his weight.

Andrew - Banzai drop!

Tommy - The Deep Sea Union, Boss has declared his team will bring violence tonight, so far so good.

The camera fades on Matthew Whale as he gets off Kendrick Dylan.

Revolution XX returns with Shane Bradley and Jason Hawk at the interview station backstage.

Shane Bradley

Jason Hawk, following your Undisputed Championship loss last week, and the announcement that your War Games Match would take place here tonight, how are you feeling?

Jason Hawk
Well I…

Jason Hawk stops talking as he is joined by several members of the Strike Force, and Aaron O’Shea who has his Dream Championship on his shoulder.

Aaron O’Shea

Shane, let me tell you a secret. No one cares about Jason Hawk anymore. He’s just like Steven Angel, and tonight his reign at the top comes to a dramatic end.

Jason Hawk
We’ll see about that…

Aaron O’Shea tackles Jason Hawk and unloads several punches at his face. Aaron O’Shea stands up and stomps Jason Hawk to the ribs and face.

Andrew - Aaron O’Shea has attacked Jason Hawk, and the strike force aren’t separating it, they are keeping people away!

Tommy - These guys were going to fight at the biggest pay per view in history, there is legitimate hatred between these guys.

One of the strike force members throw Aaron O’Shea a nightstick and he catches it. Jason Hawk stands up and Aaron O’Shea hits him to the side of the leg with the stick. Aaron O’Shea stomps the right leg of Jason Hawk then lifts him to his feet.

Andrew - O’Shea is targeting the knee of Jason Hawk.

Tommy - He’s getting an advantage way before there match here tonight!

Aaron O’Shea runs with Jason Hawk and he throws him through the interview station, knocking it down.

Andrew - I wish we could follow the action between these two, but we have the next qualifiers in the ring waiting to fight.

Tommy - So we’re leaving Aaron O’Shea versus Jason Hawk, for Barry Barracuda versus Xtreme X?

Andrew - Yeah…

Tommy - …

Championship Case Qualifying Match

Barry Barracuda (Versus) Xtreme X

[Ding Ding Ding]

Xtreme X
F.A.G.S! F.A.G.S! F.A.G.S! F.A.G.S!

Andrew - Looks like Xtreme X is trying to get a chant going.

“You‘re a Fag!” “You‘re a Fag!” “You‘re a Fag!” “You‘re a Fag!”

Barry Barracuda runs and clotheslines Xtreme X dropping him down to the mat hard. Barry Barracuda runs through the clothesline and hit’s the ropes, then follows up by dropping a leg on Xtreme X.

Andrew - Huge clothesline and leg drop from Barry Barracuda!

Tommy - DSU is trying to make it 2 for 2 here tonight!

Barry Barracuda pins Xtreme X.


Xtreme X kicks out and Barry Barracuda lifts him to his feet.

Andrew - near fall on Xtreme X.

Tommy - What a fag!

Barry Barracuda sends Xtreme X to the ropes and catches him with a big boot to the face on the rebound. Xtreme X stands up and staggers into the corner. Barry Barracuda doesn’t allow Xtreme X a chance to rest and he runs at him. Barry Barracuda body splashes Xtreme X in the corner and backs up to the center of the ring.

Andrew - Barry Barracuda is starting to destroy the last man to fight for the World Title!

Tommy - It looks like he wants to choke slam him!

Barry Barracuda holds up his fin and grabs Xtreme X by the throat as he staggers out of the corner. Barry Barracuda lifts Xtreme X and choke slams him in the center of the ring and drops down on his for the pin.


Barry Barracuda stands up, breaking his count. He looks at the referee and shakes his head.

Andrew - Barry Barracuda isn’t done!

Tommy - Yeah, and he has a really sick look on his face!

Barry Barracuda lifts Xtreme X up, and sets him up for a power bomb. Barry Barracuda lifts Xtreme X up for the power bomb and quickly releases him, letting him drop down on the back of his head and neck.

Andrew - Jackknife Barracuda bomb!

Tommy - The Barry Bomb?

Barry Barracuda pins Xtreme X hooking both legs.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, advancing to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Barry Barracuda!

Barry Barracuda stands up and puts his foot on the chest of Xtreme X.

Andrew - Barry Barracuda will be headed to War Games with a shot at taking the Championship Case!

Tommy - Can you imagine if one of these DSU guys were to win the case at War Games, then cash it in at War Games and leave as champion?

Andrew - As we’ve seen throughout our time here, anything is possible in the No Limit Wrestling Federation!

Tommy - That’s the truth.

Barry Barracuda leaves the ring and reaches underneath.

Andrew - Wait, what’s he doing?

Tommy - Maybe he’s grabbing a DSU post to give to one of our fans. Haha

Barry Barracuda pulls a table covered in fishhooks out from underneath the ring.

Barry Barracuda

Who the fuck wants to see me put this loser through a table!

Andrew - Whoa!

Tommy - I think that fish has gone crazy!

Barry Barracuda sets up the table in front of the ramp, then rolls back into the ring. Barry Barracuda points at Xtreme X and walks over to him. Barry Barracuda lifts Xtreme X up into power bomb formation and lifts him up. Barry Barracuda runs and power bombs Xtreme X over the top rope. Xtreme X falls and crashes down on the fish hook table.

Andrew - Hundreds of fish hooks now pierce the flesh of Xtreme X!

Tommy - Sickest Barracuda Bomb ever!

Barry Barracuda steps out to the ring apron, then folds up his fins as the fans cheer him. Barry Barracuda jumps down off the apron, landing by Xtreme X. Barry Barracuda reaches under the ring and grabs a net, he begins waiving his fin, and suddenly the rest of the DSU run down to the ring.

Andrew - The Deep Sea Union is coming to join in on the beating!

Tommy - But what’s up with the net?

The DSU pull Xtreme X off the fish hook table and Barry Barracuda tosses the net on him. The Deep Sea Union drags Xtreme X up the ramp.

Andrew - Hey, where are they taking The Dean of Xtreme, Xtreme X?

Tommy - thefuckwasupwiththatnicknameduded?

Revolution fades to commercial, the last scene showing Xtreme X getting dragged backstage.

As the show returns, a limousine is pulling up in the arena parking garage. The driver gets out and walks to the back of the limo and opens the door. The driver reaches his hand out and helps Ashley Matthews out of the limousine. Ashley Matthews walks into the arena.

Andrew - What is she doing here?

Tommy - Who knows, but she looked happy.

Andrew - Which is weird considering what happened last week between O’Shannon and Phoenix Rising!

Tommy - Maybe she knows something, we don’t know. We saw Phoenix Rising earlier tonight and he seemed to be ok.

Andrew - He’ll need to be against the undefeated NLWF Champion, later tonight.

Tommy - Definitely.

Andrew - Well, in the ring are the next qualifiers. Frankie Dolphin who’s undefeated against Tora Takahashi who went the distance against Steven Angel a couple weeks ago.

Tommy - Can the DSU win another one?

Championship Case Qualifying Match

Frankie Dolphin (Versus) Tora Takahashi

[Ding Ding Ding]

Frankie Dolphin sneaks up on Tora Takahashi in the corner and begins humping him.

Andrew - What the hell?!?!?

Tommy - WHOA!

Tora Takahashi panics and rolls forward, reaching for an ankle. Frankie Dolphin jumps to the corner and corkscrew Moonsaults off and lands on Tora Takahashi.

Andrew - That was a great move!

Tommy - But what the hell was up with the humping?

Frankie Dolphin stands up and lets out a few clicks.

Andrew - The deep sea union is the most bizarre team I’ve ever seen in the NLWF.

Tommy - Yeah, but two of them are undefeated, and even Matthew Whale picked up a HUGE win. Haha, because he’s fat.

Frankie Dolphin climbs to the top rope and jumps off as Tora Takahashi is standing up. Frankie Dolphin connects a huge missile dropkick that sends Tora Takahashi into the corner. Frankie Dolphin stands up and runs at Tora Takahashi who’s in the corner. Frankie Dolphin jumps and bronco busters Tora Takahashi.

Andrew - How do you even call that?


Frankie Dolphin pulls Tora Takahashi out of the corner and pins him.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, advancing to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Frankie Dolphin!

Andrew - The DSU takes another win!

Tommy - Are they going to take another wrestler?

Frankie Dolphin stands up and celebrates his win in the corner as the fans cheer him.

Andrew - One more qualifying match, can the DSU go undefeated on the night?


Frankie Dolphin leaves the ring and reaches underneath. Frankie Dolphin pulls out a costume and enters the ring. Frankie Dolphin grabs Tora Takahashi and begins putting the costume on him. The camera shows Tora Takahashi in a large Douche costume that reads “Such a Douche” on the front. Frankie Dolphin leaves Tora Takahashi in the center of the ring and he runs to the corner.

Andrew - Frankie Dolphin is embarrassing Tora Takahashi.

Tommy - He is a douche!

The camera begins to fade to commercial, the final shot showing Frankie Dolphin connect a 450 splash on Tora Takahashi.

The show comes back on and it shows Aaron O’Shea and Jason Hawk standing on top of a car. Jason Hawk is busted open and Aaron O’Shea has him set up for a power bomb. Aaron O’Shea jumps off the roof of the car, tossing Jason Hawk forward, and dropping down across the hood with an X-Factor.

Andrew - These guys are still fighting! Aaron O’Shea connects a power bomb into a face buster!

Tommy - No, Aaron O’Shea is still beating the holy high hell out of Mr. Hawk!

Jason Hawk slides off the car and Aaron O’Shea stands up on the hood. Aaron O’Shea jumps off the hood of the car and comes down onto the chest of Jason Hawk with a double foot drop.

Andrew - Aaron O’Shea spikes his feet into the chest of Jason Hawk!

Tommy - It doesn’t help that Hawk is on the concrete either.

Aaron O’Shea lifts Jason Hawk to his feet and lifts him up to his shoulders. Aaron O’Shea runs and throws Jason Hawk into a wall with a cradle shock. Jason Hawk hit’s the wall and falls down into a pile of garbage and boxes.

Aaron O’Shea

I’m going to finish this once and for all.

Andrew - What did he mean by that?

Tommy - We’re about to find out.

Aaron O’Shea hurries away and enters a nearby car. Aaron O’Shea takes a wooden block and he jams it down across the pedal, while holding the break.

Aaron O’Shea

Fuck you Jason!

Aaron O’Shea releases the break with his hand and jumps back as the car speeds down the parking garage towards Jason Hawk.



The car crashes into and through the wall, but gets stuck. The tires spin and a large number of backstage personnel rush over the crash scene. The camera immediately cuts to the announcers at ringside.

Andrew - We may have just seen the end of Jason Hawk….

Tommy - We can only hope he moved out of the way.

Andrew - How do we even move on to the next match after that?

Tommy - A lobster versus a former porn star? We’ll find a way.

Championship Case Qualifying Match

Louie Lobster (Versus) Sweet Cheapshots

[Ding Ding Ding]

Sweet Cheapshots and Louie Lobster come to the center of the ring. Sweet Cheapshots removes his sunglasses and tosses them up. Louie Lobster looks up at the glasses and Sweet Cheapshots delivers a super kick directly to his face. Sweet Cheapshots catches his glasses and puts them back on, then runs to the corner.

Andrew - Sweet Cheapshots looking to be the first to break the DSU string of luck.

Tommy - This guy is awesome! What a cool dude.

Sweet Cheapshots jumps up to the top rope and leaps off with a 450 Elbow drop that he connects perfectly on Louie Lobster. Sweet Cheapshots pins Louie Lobster and begins doing pushups.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, advancing to the Championship Case Match at War Games, Sweet Cheapshots!

Andrew - The Cheap One will have a shot at making his mark on the NLWF at War Games 2, when he’ll be in the Championship Case Match!

Tommy - But he’ll be in there with almost all of the Deep Sea Union, and we’ve seen a more aggressive side of them, here tonight.

Sweet Cheapshots lifts Louie Lobster to his feet and sets him up his Sweet Cheapshots finishing move. Sweet Cheapshots lifts Louie Lobster in a styles clash form, then spikes him down onto his head.

Andrew - That was one of the best finishers I’ve seen in a long time!

The Deep Sea Union run out and down to the ring. Frankie Dolphin makes it to the ring first and he slides inside. Sweet Cheapshots meets him immediately with a super kick that drops him. Sweet Cheapshots runs and jumps with a standing shooting star press. Sweet Cheapshots lands on Frankie Dolphin as Barry Barracuda climbs up to the apron.

Tommy - Sweet Cheapshots is doing great against the DSU!

Sweet Cheapshots runs at Barry Barracuda. Sweet Cheapshots gets shoved into the corner by Barry Barracuda and he enters the ring. Sweet Cheapshots climbs to the top rope and jumps out of the ring. Sweet Cheapshots comes down on Matthew Whale and pimp slaps him, dropping both men to the floor ringside.


Andrew - Sweat Cheapshots has escaped the Deep Sea Union.

Tommy - But those are some pissed off sea creatures, you know they’ll be looking for vengeance on the grand daddy of sweetness!

Revolution fades away to commercials, with Sweat Cheapshots standing at the top of the stage putting his glasses on.

Andrew - So, we’ve seen Aaron O’Shea viciously attack Jason Hawk, we’ve watched the DSU reign down terror on the opening card, we’ve seen Aaron O’Shea possibly kill Jason Hawk, and we still have so much more left!

Tommy - This thing has only just begun!

Backstage Ashley Matthews is with Phoenix Rising who is taping up his fists inside his lock room.

Ashley Matthews
Nick, I need you to snap out of whatever this is. I need you back, not Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising

Nick Ridicule is gone, he couldn’t come back even if he wanted to, I’m sorry you’ve wasted your time by coming here tonight.

Ashley Matthews
I know you’re in there Nick. Somewhere inside is the man I fell in love with, the man I want to marry, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Here, I found this.

Ashley drops the picture into the lap of Phoenix Rising who continue taping his fists.

Ashley Matthews
I’m going to go now. I love you Nick.

Ashley walks out of the locker room and Phoenix Rising stops taping his fists. He looks down at the picture in his lap and stares at it for a moment.

Andrew - Tonight is not a good night for Phoenix Rising or Nick Ridicule to be distracted!

Tommy - Connor O’Shannon is a dangerous man, I completely agree with you Andrew.

Andrew - Just like we can’t focus on that right now, because up next the North American Championship will be on the line!

Tommy - Over the past couple of months the North American Title has really been revived.

Derek Wallace is in the ring awaiting RAWRLURB, he looks in each direction.

Andrew - Derek Wallace is making sure not get caught from behind.

Tommy - RAWRLURB is sneaky.

Derek Wallace walks to each corner, looking over the ropes.

Andrew - Where is RAWRLURB?

Tommy - There she is!!!

RAWRLURB crawls out from under the ring and Derek Wallace is read, he leans through the ropes and grabs a handful of her hair. RAWRLURB throws up a white cloud of dust into the eyes of Derek Wallace. RAWRLURB grabs his head and drops down, dropping Derek Wallace across the ring rope and dropping him inside the ring. RAWRLURB stands up and slides inside the ring. She takes off the North American Title and hands it to the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

North American Championship

RAWRLURB (Versus) Derek Wallace

[Ding Ding Ding]

RAWRLURB pins Derek Wallace.


Derek Wallace kicks out.

Andrew - RAWRLURB was looking for an easy Title defense.

Tommy - No such thing, the North American Title is one that has been passed around a lot for that reason.

RAWRLURB stands up and kicks Derek Wallace to the ribs. Derek Wallace stands up and RAWRLURB runs at him and connects a rolling neck snap. RAWRLURB stands up quickly and leg drops Derek Wallace, then pins him.


Derek Wallace kicks out.

Andrew - I don’t think Derek Wallace can even see still.

Tommy - Maybe that’s why the Psycho bitch from hell is beating the crap out of him, or maybe it’s because she’s just better.

RAWRLURB stands up and Derek Wallace grabs her legs and trips her down. Both competitors stand up, and Derek Wallace wraps his arms around the waist of RAWRLURB who grabs onto the ropes..

Andrew - Derek Wallace is looking for a German Suplex it looks like.

Tommy - But RAWRLURB has the ropes!

RAWRLURB grabs the referee and pulls him close, then kicks her foot back and low blows Derek Wallace. RAWRLURB turns around and grabs the head of Derek Wallace, then jumps and drives him down into a jawbreaker. Derek Wallace staggers back holding his jaw and RAWRLURB connects a super kick on him that sends him into the corner.

Andrew - RAWRLURB with an awesome comb of moves that stun Derek Wallace!

Tommy - She topped that combo off with the Unknown super kick.

Derek Wallace stagger into the corner and grabs the ropes to hold him up. RAWRLURB runs across the ring at Derek Wallace and screams like a psycho bitch from hell. RAWRLURB jumps up to the middle turnbuckle then leans back and monkey flips Derek Wallace to the center of the ring.

Andrew - Great monkey flip from RAWRLURB.

Tommy - I wish she would do that move to me. Ha ha! Seriously.

RAWRLURB pins Derek Wallace.


Derek Wallace kicks out.

Andrew - Again Derek Wallace kicks out, avoiding a missed opportunity to become a champion.

Tommy - But RAWRLURB is in complete control!

RAWRLURB stands up and walks to the ring corner. RAWRLURB quickly climbs to the top rope and waits for Derek Wallace to get to his feet. Derek Wallace stands up and turns around to see RAWRLURB jumps off the top rope at him. Derek Wallace jumps and dropkicks RAWRLURB out of mid air and both competitors hit the mat hard.

Andrew - RAWRLURB was going for bitchalicious but Derek Wallace had her scouted.

Tommy - Did he, or did he just get lucky?

RAWRLURB holds her stomach and Derek Wallace stands up. Derek Wallace quickly rushes to RAWRLURB and pulls her up to her feet by her arm. Derek Wallace sets RAWRLURB up for a suplex and he lifts her up. Derek Wallace spins around in the center of the ring, still holding RAWRLURB up and he drops her down into a cutter. Derek Wallace quickly pins RAWRLURB.


RAWRLURB kicks out.

Andrew - That was a sickening suplex into a cutter, but RAWRLURB somehow found a way to kick out.

Tommy - RAWRLURB is tough, she’s the first woman to hold a male title in the NLWF!

Derek Wallace stands up pulling RAWRLURB to her feet as well. Derek Wallace hits RAWRLURB with a European uppercut that sends her into the corner. Derek Wallace runs at RAWRLURB and jumps looking for a splash but RAWRLURB lifts her feet and double kicks him to the chest.

Andrew - RAWRLURB drops Derek Wallace, reversing his corner cross body attempt.

Tommy - Can RAWRLURB take advantage of her reversal?

RAWRLURB lifts herself up to the top rope and jumps off at the same time Derek Wallace stands up. RAWRLURB connects a cross body on Derek Wallace taking him down to the mat for the pin.


Derek Wallace rolls back out of the pin to his knees and lifts RAWRLURB up. Derek Wallace jumps and drives RAWRLURB down across his knee with a backbreaker.

Andrew - RAWRLURB got Derek with Bitchalicious but Derek Wallace rolled through and connects a big backbreaker!

Tommy - Will we have a new North American Champion?

Derek Wallace pins RAWRLURB hooking both legs.


RAWRLURB kicks out.

Andrew - Again the North American Champion finds a way to kick out.

Tommy - Can this rookie Derek Wallace stay focused enough to win this belt?

Derek Wallace lifts RAWRLURB to her feet and sets her up for the Glasgow drop. RAWRLURB drops down to the knees and crawls through the legs of Derek Wallace. RAWRLURB stands up and Derek Wallace turns around. Both competitiors throw super kicks, and both connect. RAWRLURB goes through the ropes and lays on the apron while Derek Wallace falls to the middle of the ring.

Andrew - Double super kicks!

Tommy - This might end in a double KO!

The referee begins to count as both competitors are laid out.

“1” “2” “3” “4”

RAWRLURB pulls herself up on the apron using the ropes. RAWRLURB begins entering the ring and Derek Wallace attacks with a running knee lift. Derek Wallace double underhooks the arms of RAWRLURB and pulls her over the rope so her feet are hung. Derek Wallace jumps and drives RAWRLURB straight down with a ropehung Snap Double Underhook DDT.


Tommy - That was the sickest Glasdow drop ever!

Derek Wallace pulls RAWRLURB towards the center of the ring and pins her.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Andrew - We have a new champion!

Tommy - Unbelievable!

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, and the NEW North American Champion, Derek Wallace!

Derek Wallace stands up, a look of happiness and surprise on his face as the referee hands him the North American Championship. Derek Wallace holds up the title looking up at it as his music plays over the PA.

Andrew - Derek Wallace much like his clansmen Connor O’Shannon is an undefeated champion in the NLWF!

Tommy - Aaron O’Shea found the future of the NLWF and he brought them to the company, now all three men have championship gold!

The camera fades to commercial on Derek Wallace still holding up the North American Title.

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Re: Revolution XX: A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: 3/15/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on March 17th 2010, 11:58 pm

The shot fades in on Shane Bradley who has a huge smile on his face.

Shane Bradley

I am proud to announce that I am backstage now with the #1 Contender for the World Championship, the best ever, the owner of the NLWF, and God amongst men, Brenton Cyrus! Thanks you so much for doing this interview with me.

Brenton Cyrus
No problem.

Shane Bradley

Brenton, you said that the NLWF was becoming about Friendships and Alliances and not stables anymore, can you elaborate what you meant?

Brenton Cyrus
Look around Shane. The wars are over in the NLWF, and the winner standing above everything after all was said an done is me. The NLWF is mine, and not a damn person can say or do a damn thing about that fact. I am the God over all, and just because I’m calm now, doesn’t mean that I can’t snap, and crucify anyone who tries to defy me. NLWF has been united under God, the way Salvation and all it’s members fought for. Now the fight is finally over, and NLWF can move on in peace.

Shane Bradley

What do you mean?

Brenton Cyrus
Salvation left the NLWF twice before. It was when I was traded to Legacy, and took full control. Salvation wasn’t needed because the mission was accomplished. Then Nick Ridicule brought Salvation back although people felt it wasn’t needed, and at God of War Salvation helped me take full control of the NLWF. Now is exactly like then. Now I own the NLWF and Salvation is no longer needed, because the fight is over and I won, we won.

Shane Bradley

What does that mean for the fate of Salvation?

Brenton Cyrus
Salvation will live on forever, through me. If there comes a time the NLWF needs to be saved, Salvation will be ready. The religion of Salvation has never had anything to do with the NLWF, unless I decided it to be that way. I tried to make a believer out of Chuck Matthews, Mexican Samurai, Jake Stunner, Tapido Delevega, everyone, and all that led to was death at the hands of God and crucifixions for those who I felt sinned in my eyes. Now that my son has been born, everyone has a clean slate, and I wont force Salvation upon anyone. Tonight is a truly historic night, tonight marks the end of Salvation in the NLWF, and the start of a brand new era.

Brenton Cyrus smiles and walks away.

Shane Bradley

I can’t wait to see what happens! Guys back to you!

The shot fades in on Bobby Ocean is inside the ring and Wanted Man by Rev Theory begins to play throughout the arena.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus is undefeated inside this arena, he’s one of the only guys who is.

Tommy - Now he looks to avenge his loss to Bobby Ocean here tonight, and if Bobby Ocean can repeat his success he’ll be headed to the Championship Case match at War Games!

An Elevator appears from the center of the stage and the doors open revealing Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus makes his way down the ramp looking into the ring and staring at his opponent. Brenton Cyrus slides into the ring and gets to his feet slowly, finishing with his God pose in the center of the ring.

Championship Case Qualifying Match

[If Bobby Ocean wins, he Qualifies]
Brenton Cyrus (Versus) Bobby Ocean

[Ding Ding Ding]

Bobby Ocean runs in and throws several punches that connect to the face of Brenton Cyrus but he shakes them off. Bobby Ocean grabs the arm of Brenton Cyrus and he shoots him off to the ropes. Brenton Cyrus hit’s the ropes and runs back at Bobby Ocean who jumps and dropkicks him to the face.

Andrew - Bobby Ocean with a great dropkick on Brenton Cyrus, the number 1 contender to the World Title.

Tommy - This would improve Bobby Ocean’s rank big time, and give him a massive amount of momentum headed into War Games!!

Bobby Ocean stands up quickly followed by Brenton Cyrus. Bobby Ocean turns around and walks right into a picture perfect dropkick from Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus stands up and does his god pose, then he backs up into the corner.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus with an even better dropkick on Bobby Ocean!

Tommy - Now he’s looking for the punt kick!

Brenton Cyrus runs out of the corner and launches a punt kick at the skull of Bobby Ocean. Bobby Ocean barely pulls his head out of the way and he rolls Brenton Cyrus up for a pin.


Brenton Cyrus kicks out and stands up. Brenton Cyrus kicks Bobby Ocean to the ribs.

Andrew - Ocean almost pulls a fast one over Brenton Cyrus, but he paid for his effort.

Tommy - I get the feeling he has a lot more paying to do!

Brenton Cyrus kicks Bobby Ocean to the ribs again, then lifts him to his feet. Brenton Cyrus lifts Bobby Ocean up to his shoulders then throws him up and drives a knee into his face.

Andrew - Vicious Betrayal on Bobby Ocean!

Brenton Cyrus doesn’t allow Bobby Ocean to fall after the vicious betrayal, instead he jumps and connects the epiphany on Bobby Ocean.

Tommy - Vicious betrayal and epiphany combo!

Brenton Cyrus stands up and backs up to the corner, a psychotic look plastered across his face. Brenton Cyrus runs out of the corner and punt kicks Bobby Ocean to the skull, then drops down and ins him.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Brenton Cyrus.

Andrew - Bobby Ocean’s claim to fame in the NLWF is that he beat Brenton Cyrus. Tonight however Brenton Cyrus beat Bobby Ocean.

Tommy - Destroyed him.

Andrew - Is anyone looking better going into War Games, then World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Brenton Cyrus?

Tommy - I can’t think of anyone who is, he wants the belt back!

Brenton Cyrus climbs up one of the corners and does the God pose as the fans cheer him and the show fades to commercials.

“The #1 Independent Wrestling Organization, Every Saturday Night.”

Andrew - As we were on commercial break, we witnessed something we never thought we would ever see.

Tommy - This was following the Brenton Cyrus versus Bobby Ocean match.

The replay shows Brenton Cyrus leave the ring. Through the audience a man jumps the rail and slides into the ring. He’s wearing the same mask that Lars Jansen wore. The masked man lifts Bobby Ocean to his feet and kicks him to the stomach. The masked man lifts Bobby Ocean up for a power bomb then drops him down into a code breaker.

Andrew - The man then grabbed a microphone and said that he’ll be at CZW next week to challenge Bobby Ocean to a match at War Games 2!

Tommy - Who the hell is this guy, and why would he go after Bobby Ocean!?

The show cuts backstage where all that can be heard are screams.

“HELP! Someone please help me! So crazy assholes in fish suits have taken me hostage!”


The camera rushes through the halls and finally makes it to a dark area backstage. The camera zooms in on Xtreme X hanging upside down by his ankles, surrounded by the Deep Sea Union. Barry Barracuda hits Xtreme X with a backfin, then Matthews Whale kicks Xtreme X to the face.

Matthew Whale
You came into the NLWF and you talked about how you would take the World Title from The Notorious K.I.D. Because of that, you managed to get a World Championship match…

Xtreme X

Barry Barracuda steps forwards and backfins him across the face.

Barry Barracuda

Xtreme X stops screaming and begins crying.

Matthew Whale
Xtreme X, you have disgraced this world, and this company for the last time, and the DSU has assembled to eliminate you once and for all here tonight!

Frankie Dolphin begins clicking and whistling, he runs towards the camera and pushes the cameraman down.

Frankie Dolphin

The camera cuts back to ringside

Andrew - I guess we know what happened to Xtreme X now.

Tommy - They had hi hung up like a fish! He was the catch of the day!

Andrew - Up next will we add another member to the Championship Case match at War Games

Tommy - or will KID make another Apollos his bitch!

Both men are already in the ring, The Notorious K.I.D points across the ring at Nate Apollos and begins doing the suicide dance.

Championship Case Qualifying Match

[If Nate Apollos wins, he Qualifies]
The Notorious K.I.D (Versus) Nate Apollos

[Ding Ding Ding]

The Notorious K.I.D runs at Nate Apollos who tries a clothesline. The Notorious K.I.D ducks the clothesline and spins Nate Apollos into a KIDcutter.

Andrew - KIDcutter already?

Tommy - He’s about to own Nate worse then he owned Ryan!

The Notorious K.I.D climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a swanton, landing perfectly on Nate Apollos.

Andrew - Something to believe from the World Champion!

Tommy - Now he’s going to make another Apollos Shut the fuck up!

The Notorious K.I.D drops down and locks Nate Apollos in the Shut the fuck up. Nate Apollos immediately taps out but The Notorious K.I.D doesn’t release the hold.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, The Notorious K.I.D!

The Notorious K.I.D finally releases the hold and stands up.

Andrew - We haven’t seen KID this ruthless in awhile, do you think the pressure is starting to get to him?

Tommy - No way, he still looks pretty damn calm.

The Notorious K.I.D is handed the World Heavyweight Championship and he looks at it as he holds it in his hands. The Notorious K.I.D shakes his head and puts the belt down. The Notorious K.I.D lifts Nate Apollos and pushes him into the corner.

Andrew - Still looks pretty calm?

Tommy - So far…

The Notorious K.I.D runs and dropkicks Nate Apollos to the face and he crumbles down in the corner. The Notorious K.I.D stands up and dropkicks Nate Apollos again. The Notorious K.I.D stomps down on Nate Apollos then leaves the ring and grabs a chair.

Andrew - How about now.

Tommy - RUN NATE RUN !

The Notorious K.I.D enters the ring and places the chair into the face of Nate Apollos. The Notorious K.I.D climbs to the opposite turnbuckle, then leaps off the top rope across the ring. The Notorious K.I.D dropkicks the steel chair into the face of Nate Apollos. The Notorious K.I.D stands up and picks the World Championship up and holds it up as the fans cheer him.

Andrew - Before tonight KID had never won in this arena, now he’s finally off that list!

Tommy - Nate should just leave.

The camera fades with The Notorious K.I.D receiving a “FUCK YEAH” chant while holding up the World Title.

“The #1 Independent Wrestling Organization, Every Saturday Night.”

Samantha Praxton - The following match, is NO HOLDS BARRED!

The drums burst off to “Loyal to No One” by Dropkick Murphy as the lights throb dark green.

I first met this man at the Cammen street Tracks
In no shape for success headed nowhere too fast

Connor steps out and stands on the apron. He smirks at the crowd.

He may have been someone once by the sound of his call
Now he answers to no one

He takes his right arm and savagely beats the Celtic cross on his chest and raises his arms and walks down the ramp.

We all die alone, he shouted as he passed
with no sense of regret, see he never looked back

For his pride was wounded, his ego was strong
Yeah that was his Trouble and this is his Song

You said we die alone, in this case you were right
No friends by your side or family in sight
There'll be no talking your way out this time
So don't count the cash cause you leave it behind

Connor slaps some of the hands of the fans. As he makes his way down looking at the ring.

His friends come and go like the seasons and tide
He can't keep a women they all realize
He loves them, leaves them, takes what he needs
He's loyal to no one, no one at all

You were brought up well still in spite of it all
You're touched by nothing, watch a man fall
Put a foot on his back to get a better view
Cause your loyal to No-one. NO-ONE BUT YOU!

He climbs up on the apron. He turns to the ramp and then raises his arms in the air. He then enters the ring.

You said we die alone, in this case you were right
No friends by your side or family in sight
There'll be no talking your way out this time
So don't count the cash cause you leave it behind

He climbs up on the nearest turnbuckle to him and beats his chest again and raises his arms slowly.

He was broken and tired wouldn't take a hand
Their kindness was simple but he couldn't understand

See it's hard to have faith in something so new
When your loyal to no one, NO-ONE BUT YOU!!

He hops down and goes to the opposite corner and does the same routine. He hops down and goes to the center.

You said we die alone, in this case you were right
No friends by your side or family in sight
There'll be no talking your way out this time
So don't count the cash cause you leave it behind

He raises his right arm in the air and drops it and then looks at the ramp waiting for his opponent.

You said we die alone, in this case you were right
No friends by your side or family in sight!

Samantha Praxton - From Boston, Massachusetts. Standing 6’7” and weighing in at 275 Pounds. He is the reigning NLWF Champion, Connor O’Shannon!

Shark Ethic by Most Precious Blood begins to play and Nick Ridicule walks out onto the stage, his makeup smeared across his face. He stops, after a few seconds he turns his head and looks towards the curtain. Ashley Matthews pushes past the curtain and she grabs the hand of Nick Ridicule. They walk down the ramp together and Nick Ridicule slides into the ring.

Samantha Praxton - From Miami, Florida. Standing 6’3” and weighing 205 pounds. Accompanied by Ashley Matthews, this is Nick Ridicule!

Nick Ridicule runs across the ring and spears Connor O’Shannon as soon as his introduction is done. Nick Ridicule pounds away with several shots and the referee calls for the bell.

No Holds Barred

Connor O’Shannon (Versus)Nick Ridicule w/Ashley Matthews

[Ding Ding Ding]

Nick Ridicule stands up and Connor O’Shannon gets up to his feet quickly. Nick Ridicule runs and connects a Nick Kick to his face in the corner. Nick Ridicule lifts Connor O’Shannon up to the top rope, then sets him up for a muscle buster. Nick Ridicule lifts Connor O’Shannon out of the corner and runs to the center of the ring with him. Nick Ridicule jumps and drives Connor O’Shannon down into the mat.

Andrew - This is the kick ass Nick Ridicule we’re use to seeing!

Tommy - The Duo of Destruction are back!

Nick Ridicule leaves the ring and grabs the ring steps. Nick Ridicule lifts the steps above his head and he tosses them over the top rope and into the ring.

Andrew - We’ve seen Nick Ridicule do some serious damage to people using the ring steps!

Tommy - O’Shannon needs to do something and quick!

Nick Ridicule enters the ring and positions the steps. Nick Ridicule lifts Connor O’Shannon to his feet, then lifts him up for a crucifix power bomb. Nick Ridicule throws Connor O’Shannon and he crashes down on the ring steps.

Andrew - Pass of Judgment by Nick Ridicule!

Tommy - We have never seen O’Shannon really even hurt!

Nick Ridicule pulls Connor O’Shannon off the ring steps and pins him.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Andrew - He beat him!

Tommy - O’Shannon is undefeated no more!

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Nick Ridicule!

Nick Ridicule has his arm lifted by the referee and Ashley Matthews enters the ring with a tank of gasoline.

Andrew - Good god!

Tommy - I’m having Mexican Samurai flashbacks, looks like they are going to have an O’Shannon bon fire!

Derek Wallace rushes down to the ring and grabs the feet of Connor O’Shannon. Derek Wallace pulls Connor O’Shannon out of the ring and both men back up the ramp.

Andrew - Derek Wallace saves his partner from disaster.

Tommy - The Duo was ready to end there Connor O’Shannon problem here tonight, but now with the score being 1-1 going into there match at War Games, anything can happen!

The shot begins to fade showing Ashley Matthews and Nick Ridicule in the ring hugging. The shot moves up the stage to Connor O’Shannon and Derek Wallace holding there titles as the show fades to commercials.

“The #1 Independent Wrestling Organization, Every Saturday Night.”

Aaron O’Shea is standing over a badly bloody Jason Hawk.

Aaron O’Shea

You’re a lucky loser Jason, I’ll give you that. You might have avoided death here tonight, but at War Games I plan to finish what I started at Battle Lines. I will remove you from this company, and take my rightful place as one of the greatest wrestlers in the entire World once again. You stole my spotlight Jason, now I’m taking it back.

Aaron O’Shea reaches down and grabs the legs of Jason Hawk. Aaron O’Shea drags Jason Hawk down the hall and the camera cuts back to the announcers.

Andrew - Looks like Jason Hawk was able to avoid that Car that Aaron sent at him earlier.

Tommy - But now O’Shea is dragging him out here for the Dream title match, a Last Man standing match! Can Hawk even walk?

Andrew - I don’t like his chances here tonight, something about losing the Undisputed Title last week to Corey Casey must have thrown him off his game badly.

Tommy - Or maybe, he’s just not good enough for the guys in NLWF who have stepped up, and want to be the greatest.

Aaron O’Shea drags Jason Hawk out alongside the stage and pulls him towards the ring. Aaron O’Shea drags Jason Hawk by the ramp then to ringside. Aaron O’Shea lifts Jason Hawk and slides him into the ring. Aaron O’Shea enters the ring and tells the referee to ring the bell.

DREAM Championship
Last Man Standing

Aaron O’Shea (Versus) Jason Hawk

[Ding Ding Ding]

Aaron O’Shea tells the referee to start counting. Aaron O’Shea leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair, he enters the ring and sits down staring at Jason Hawk on the mat.

“1” “2” “3”

Andrew - This should be an easy win for Aaron O’Shea as he defends the Dream Title for the first time.

Tommy - O’Shea could win at War Games, then defend the Dream Title several more times and cash in for another Major Title.

“4” “5” “6” “7”

Aaron O’Shea stands up and grabs the steel chair. Aaron O’Shea hits Jason Hawk with the steel chair repeatedly to the back with it. Aaron O’Shea drops the steel chair and rolls Jason Hawk over. Aaron O’Shea climbs to the top rope and jumps off with a double moonsault. Aaron O’Shea crashes down on Jason Hawk, and quickly stands up, hovering over Jason Hawk.

Andrew - Aaron O’My God on Jason Hawk!

Tommy - Hawk is a bloody mess, and he’s been getting his ass kicked since this show began.

“1” “2” “3”

Aaron O’Shea shakes his head and shoves the referee away. Aaron O’Shea grabs the steel chair and closes it around the neck of Jason Hawk. Aaron O’Shea backs up to the corner, then lifts himself up and sits on the top turnbuckle.

“1” “2”

Andrew - Aaron has evil intentions on his mind!

Tommy - No doubt about that, and no one can help Hawk!

Aaron O’Shea stands up and turns around. Aaron O’Shea jumps off with his double moonsault, but this time drops a leg drop on across the steel chair.

Andrew - Aaron O’My God with a guillotine leg drop finish!

Tommy - and that chair was closed across the throat of Jason Hawk!

“1” “2” “3” “4” “5”

Aaron O’Shea moves towards Jason Hawk but the referee pleads with him to just end it. Aaron O’Shea backs into the corner.

“6” “7” “8” “9” “10!”

The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, and STILL the Dream Champion, Aaron O’Shea!

Andrew - Aaron O’Shea came into this show with a strategy, and he executed it to perfection!

Tommy - He’s still completely fresh for the Tag Team title TLC open later tonight!

Aaron O’Shea is handed the Dream Championship and he tosses it over his shoulder.

Andrew - Each member of the Clan O’Violence has championship gold

Tommy - Clan O’Violence?

The camera fades on Aaron O’Shea as he puts his foot on the chest of Jason Hawk and holds up the Dream Championship.
“The #1 Independent Wrestling Organization, Every Saturday Night.”

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Re: Revolution XX: A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: 3/15/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on March 19th 2010, 1:58 pm

The shot fades back in on Revolution with Corey Casey dragging his bags into the Sin City Arena. He is immediately approached by Shane Bradley.

Shane Bradley

Corey Casey are you just arriving here tonight at Revolution?

Corey Casey doesn’t answer, he just stares at Shane Bradley.

Shane Bradley

Did you hear about Salvation in the NLWF?

Corey Casey still doesn’t react, he just continues to stare at Shane Bradley.

Shane Bradley

Tonight is the last night Salvation will be in the NLWF, God has decided Salvation isn’t needed anymore!

Shane Bradley raises his voice, trying to get a reaction out of Corey Casey. Corey Casey stares at Shane Bradley, then smiles and walks past him. The camera fades in on the announcers who look confused.

Andrew - A smile? I thought Corey Casey would have the biggest outburst ever!

Tommy - I have to admit that his reaction has shocked me too.

Andrew - Maybe he understands Salvation has control over the NLWF, and as Undisputed Champion knows he’ll be treated highly for his service as a member of salvation.

Tommy - Whoa..

Andrew - What?

Tommy - That sounds exactly why he would be smiling!

Andrew - What the hell is this?

Tommy - Looks like we’re going to have a cage match!

The shot shows several men around the ring position cage walls on each side of the ring. Spotlights shine up to the roof of the arena and a Hell in a Cell structure can be seen. The structure begins to lower.

Andrew - Look! There is a Cell lowering down!

Tommy - A steel cage surrounded by a Cell! Double Cage Horror!

Andrew - This would be just the 2nd Double Cage Horror in NLWF history.

Tommy - and the first one was over a year ago!

Andrew - Is this the match type for Corey Casey versus Shadow Demon?

Tommy - FUCK YEAH!

lights go out and smoke begins to rise from under the stage grating...

Drones since the dawn of time
Compelled to live your sheltered lives
Not once has anyone ever seen
Such a rise of pure hypocracy
I'll instigate I'll free your mind
I'll show you what I've known all this time

God HATES Us All, God HATES Us All
You know it's true God hates this place
You know it's true he hates this race

Corey Casey walks out from behind the curtain, a cocky smirk on his face. His blonde and black dreadlocks fall down around his face and his all white eyes are filled with an unnatural fire. He stands for a moment, looking out over the crowd as they boo him viciously.

Hate heals, you should try it sometime
Strive for Peace with acts of war
The beauty of death we all adore
I have no faith distracting me
I know why your prayers will never be answered

God HATES Us All; God HATES Us All
He Fuckin' hates me

Suddenly, he throws his arms straight out to his sides. A blood red explosion of fireworks in the form of a cross explodes just above Corey's head. Corey holds the pose as the red fireworks fall down around his head. He then starts heading towards the ring.

Pessimist, Terrorist targeting the next mark
Global chaos feeding on hysteria
Cut throat, slit your wrist, shoot you in the back fair game
Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high
Sounds a lot like hell is spreading all the time
I'm waiting for the day the whole world fucking dies

I never said I wanted to be God's disciple
I'll never be the one to blindly follow

Corey rolls into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. He climbs to the second rope and, once again, holds his arms out to either side of his body. The crowd rains boos down upon him, but the cocky smile doesn't fade off his face.

Man made virus infecting the world
Self-destruct human time bomb
What if there is no God would you think the fuckin' same
Wasting your life in a leap of blind faith
Wake the fuck up can't ignore what I say
I got my own philosophy

I hate everyone equally
You can't tear that out of me
No segregation -separation
Just me in my world of enemies

I never said I wanted to be God's disciple
I'll never be the one to blindly follow
I'll never be the one to bear the cross-disciple

I reject this fuckin' race
I despise this fuckin' place

Corey climbs down off the turnbuckle and turns and faces the entrance ramp...awaiting his opponent.

Samantha Praxton - From the City of Salvation. Standing 6’5” and weighing 250 Pounds. He is the reigning NLWF Undisputed Champion, Corey Casey!

The arena lights go off as the intro to "Gently" plays. Shadow Demon walks out and pauses. When the intro finishes he raises his hands as pyro's go off on either side of him. He walks slowly down the ramp and climbs in the ring.

Samantha Praxton - and the opponent from South Australia, Australia. Standing 6’ and weighing in at 245 Pounds, Shadow Demon!

Non Title
Double Cage Horror

Corey Casey (Versus) Shadow Demon

[Ding Ding Ding]

Corey Casey runs at Shadow Demon and Shadow Demon runs at Corey Casey. The two men meet into the center of the ring and trade strikes. Shadow Demon hits some solid punches but Corey Casey grabs him by the throat, and pushes him into the corner.

Andrew - Death Clutch!

Tommy - These guys are going at it!

Corey Casey pushes Shadow Demon’s face into the steel cage wall then throws several punches that smash into the forehead of Shadow Demon. Shadow Demon throws a punch that lands and staggers Corey Casey backwards breaking the death clutch.

Andrew - Great shot from Shadow Demon!

Tommy - Corey might be out on his feet.

Shadow Demon runs at Corey Casey and he gets hit with a huge uppercut. Shadow Demon staggers backwards and Corey Casey runs at him and spears him through the ropes and into the steel cage. Corey Casey grabs Shadow Demon by the throat and connects several punches to his face, busting him open.

Andrew - The death clutch has busted Shadow Demon open!

Tommy - Corey Casey dawns the crimson mask on Shadow Demon and now he’s going to try to finish.

Corey Casey releases the throat of Shadow Demon and grabs his arm with both hands. Corey Casey whips Shadow Demon towards the steel cage and he meets the wall face first. Shadow Demon falls to the ring apron trapped against the cage wall.

Andrew - Corey Casey sees blood and he’s like a piranha!

Tommy - Maybe he should join the DSU. Haha

Shadow Demon stands up on the apron, between the ropes and cage wall. Corey Casey runs at him and connects a big boot to his face, slamming him into the cage wall. Corey Casey hooks Shadow Demon for a suplex them lifts him over the rope and drops him down with a brain buster. Corey Casey stands up and places his foot on the chest of Shadow Demon for the pin.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Andrew - This is Shadow Demon’s first match in the NLWF since he lost the Undisputed Title to Steven Angel, do you think maybe he’s in over his head?

Tommy - Yes, Corey Casey is as good now, as he’s ever been, and maybe even better than that!

Corey Casey lifts Shadow Demon to his feet, then up with a military press. Corey Casey runs across the ring with Shadow Demon above his head and he throws him into the steel cage wall. Shadow Demon bounces back off the wall and Corey Casey spears him. Corey Casey pins Shadow Demon hooking both legs.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Andrew - No one will ever doubt the toughness of Shadow Demon.

Tommy - He’s legendarily tough!

Corey Casey lifts Shadow Demon to his feet and he uppercuts him sending him staggering to the corner. Corey Casey runs and clotheslines Shadow Demon in the corner, then runs out with him and bulldogs him into the middle of the ring.

Andrew - Great combination by Corey Casey!

Tommy - Yeah, he’s got a great set of offense and he loves to inflict pain on people

Corey Casey grabs the legs of Shadow Demon and he sets him up for a slingshot. Corey Casey leans back and launches Shadow Demon towards the steel cage door. Shadow Demon hit’s the door face first and gets stuck on the top rope.

Andrew - Brutal shot into the cage.

Tommy - He’s all over Shadow.

Corey Casey climbs to the top rope and sets Shadow Demon up for a body slam. Corey Casey jumps backwards off the top rope and throws Shadow Demon over his head with a fall away slam from the top rope. Both men crash down hard into the mat and Corey Casey drops and arm over Shadow Demon.


Shadow Demon kicks out.

Andrew - SD able to kick out of the super fall away slam, but he has to be running on empty now.

Tommy - He may have been running on empty already, I’m surprised this match is still happening.

Corey Casey stands up and holds his arms out to the side, he turns and looks at the cage door then walks over. Corey Casey boots the cage door and it opens.

Andrew - Corey Casey breaks out of the first cage with one kick!

Tommy - Now Corey Casey can leave the cage, only to be surrounded by the cell!

Corey Casey walks to the center of the ring and grabs Shadow Demon by the arm. Corey Casey drags Shadow Demon to the cage door, then he exit’s the ring. Corey Casey pulls Shadow Demon halfway out the door so he’s hanging out of the ring. Corey Casey climbs the cell wall, then jumps off and leg drops Shadow Demon, dropping him out of the ring.

Andrew - Innovative leg drop from Corey Casey.

Tommy - Now these two men are in a very dangerous place, between the Cage and the Cell!

Corey Casey backs up until he hit’s the cell wall. Shadow Demon drags himself over to the cell door and uses it to pull himself up. Shadow Demon turns around and leans against the door and Corey Casey sprints at him. Corey Casey dives and spears Shadow Demon through the cell door.

Andrew - OH MY GOD! Corey Casey speared Shadow Demon out of the Double Cage!

Tommy - They have escaped the steel cage and the cell, is this finally over?

Corey Casey pins Shadow Demon on top of the door. The referee tells Corey Casey that he wont count.

Andrew - He’s saying pinfall and submission, but only in the ring!

Tommy - All that work, and Shadow Demon is still in the match.

Corey Casey grabs the referee by his shirt and he shoves him with one hand back into the cell. Corey Casey enters the cell and reaches under the ring. Corey Casey pulls out a straitjacket and razorblade cat-o-nine tails.

Andrew - On no…

Tommy - That’s what happens when you tell Corey Casey he can’t do something… He kills you.

Corey Casey walks towards Shadow Demon and he exit’s the cell. Shadow Demon rolls backwards and picks up the cell door. Shadow Demon throws the door at Corey Casey and knocks him back into the cell. Corey Casey stands at the cell doorway, holding the door. Shadow demon runs up the door and jumps up grabbing onto the outside of the cell.

Andrew - Is he going to climb to the top?!?

Tommy - I don’t know, but he just ran up the door to get there.

Corey Casey throws the door out of the cell, then exits. Corey Casey drops the razorblade cat-o-nine tails and he climbs the outside of the cell with the straitjacket. Shadow Demon makes it to the top of the cell, and turns to wait for Corey Casey.

“This is awesome!” “This is awesome!” “This is awesome!”

Corey Casey climbs up to the top of the cell and Shadow Demon stomps him viciously. Shadow Demon lifts Corey Casey to his feet and quickly executes a snap suplex.

Andrew - You can see the cell roof dent from the impact, this is no going to end well.

Tommy - When the match has either of these psychos it’s not going to end well.

Shadow Demon grabs the straitjacket and walks over to Corey Casey. Shadow Demon lifts Corey Casey up to his feet, then picks him up to his shoulders. Shadow Demon runs and drops Corey Casey into a cutter, in the center of the cell roof.

Andrew - Shadow Crusher!

Tommy - Shadow has lost a lot of blood in this match, but no matter what has happened, he has fought back!

Shadow Demon pins Corey Casey, then looks down into the ring at the referee. Shadow Demon stands up and points to the crowd. Shadow Demon lifts Corey Casey up by his dreadlocks, then runs with him. Shadow Demon throws Corey Casey off the cell and he falls down and crashes through the announce table.


Both announcers are hurt badly as they lay next to Corey Casey, buried in the wreckage. Shadow Demon steps to the edge of the cell looking down at the damage done. Shadow Demon begins laughing.


Corey Casey pushes up and gets to his feet. Corey Casey holds his arms out to the side then climbs the outside of the cell. Shadow Demon backs up shocked as Corey Casey rolls onto the roof. Shadow Demon grabs the straitjacket and runs across the roof at Corey Casey.
Corey Casey stands up and spears Shadow Demon. Corey Casey stands up with the straightjacket in his hands. Corey Casey turns Shadow Demon over and puts him in a camel clutch. Corey Casey begins putting the straightjacket on Shadow Demon.

Andrew - I need some help out here…

Corey Casey gets the straightjacket on Shadow Demon and he backs away from him. Corey Casey runs and punt kicks Shadow Demon to the skull. Corey Casey stares at Shadow Demon, then lifts him up to his feet. Corey Casey holds Shadow Demon in front of him by his throat. Corey Casey says something to Shadow Demon then kicks him to the stomach and lifts him up for a suplex. Corey Casey jumps and spins, driving Shadow Demon down into the center of the cell roof with the jackhammer. The cell roof gives way from the massive impact and breaks sending both wrestlers crashing down through the ring, Corey Casey landing on top of Shadow Demon.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Corey Casey!

Corey Casey and Shadow Demon lay in a large hole in the center of the ring. Neither man moves, and the referee holds up an X with his arms, but the paramedics are already ringside, helping Andrew and Tommy.

“The #1 Independent Wrestling Organization, Every Saturday Night.”

The show returns with Brenton Cyrus in the middle of the ring, which is set up for the contract signing for the Main Event of War Games.

:During Commercial Break:

Andrew and Tommy get wheeled up the ramp on stretchers and the cell lifts back to the roof. The ring crew hurries to bring down the steel cage walls so that the medics can help Corey Casey and Shadow Demon. The ring crew brings down the cage walls and put them underneath the ring and the paramedics rush in and help Corey Casey and Shadow Demon.
The next shot shows Corey Casey getting wheeled backstage on a stretcher, with Shadow Demon being wheeled behind him. At the top of the stage Shadow Demon begins struggling and kicking his legs. The stretcher tips over and Shadow Demon stands up. Shadow Demon staggers and shoves the paramedics away from him then he runs backstage.

:Back to live action:

Brenton Cyrus brings the microphone to his mouth.
Brenton Cyrus
KID, it’s time.

Brenton Cyrus sits down in his chair and puts his arms on the table in front of him as he looks towards the stage.

Ahhhh-hahhhh (YEAH YEAH YEAH..)
Yeahh-ahhhhh (UHH UHH UHH..)
Ahhhh-hahhhh (C'MON C'MON C'MON C'MON)

The camera cuts to a smaller stage next to the main stage.

You can run if you want to, run because you can't hide
So you can run if you want to, run because you can't hide

Fireworks explode out of the stage, then sparks shower down from the top of the stage. The Notorious K.I.D steps out of the entrance, and walks threw the sparks. The Notorious K.I.D does the Suicide dance, then walks towards the ring.

I see you don't know, who you dealin with
But I don't have it all, I'm a lunatic
Cause see society, they labelled me a threat
But I'm just gettin started, I'm not finished yet
Look me in my eyes, I can see your thoughts
All your ups and downs, all your little faults
Keep actin tough, it's gonna get creepy
All of a sudden you're startin to feel sleepy
But in these streets, when you doze off
you wake up wit'cha clothes off, ashamed feelin so lost
Whoa - you see my crew, you know my style
Victory is mine - you're goin down

The Notorious K.I.D enters the ring and runs towards the corner. The Notorious K.I.D throws his arms into the air, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. The Notorious K.I.D does a back flip and lands on his feet.

You can hop over the fence, run under the bed
Get down the block but you can't hide
You can stay at your friend's, sleep in your Benz
Free from the sins but you can't hide
We get it poppin baby (right, right, right)
We give it to 'em daddy (true, true, true)
Yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo, now make noise
Yo, yo, make noise
Yo, yeah, make noise

Brenton Cyrus
Did you really have to do your entire entrance?

The Notorious K.I.D shrugs and sits down. The Notorious K.I.D puts the World Championship on the table and Brenton Cyrus stares at it, then at KID. The Notorious K.I.D grabs the pen and contract and flips to the final page.

Brenton Cyrus
KID, let me explain something to you before you sign that contract. At War Games, I’m willing to kill you in order to achieve my destiny of becoming World Champion again. Now, there are two ways we can do this, two sides to our coin so to speak. You had the chance to take side A when I demanded you forfeit the World Championship to me.

The Notorious K.I.D looks at the World Championship and shakes his head.

Brenton Cyrus
Then there is side B, which is what happened with the forklift. KID, I hated doing that to you, but you have to understand, I’m obsessed with being the World Champion and am willing to do anything to take the belt from you. Since we’ve already seen both sides of the coin, I’m going to give you another chance.

Brenton Cyrus reaches into his suit and pulls out a coin. Brenton Cyrus puts the coin on top of the contract.

Brenton Cyrus
Tonight, there is a TLC Battle Royal for the Tag Team Titles, but KID, in the last match they destroyed this ring. In fact, the only thing covering the hole Corey Casey and Shadow Demon made, is just a board. The ring crew put a fancy red covering over it, but this ring can’t handle anymore action tonight.

Brenton Cyrus looks up, then points for The Notorious K.I.D to look.

Brenton Cyrus
Those are the Undisputed Tag Team Titles, and I planned on winning them tonight. So here’s what we’re going to do.

Brenton Cyrus stands up and walks towards the ropes. Brenton Cyrus leaves the ring and grabs a ladder. Brenton Cyrus slides the ladder into the ring, then enters.

Brenton Cyrus
I’m going to climb this ladder, and I’m going to grab my belt. Then, Aaron O’Shea is going to come out, and he’s going to grab his belt. That’s side A, that’ll lead us away from a match of hatred at War Games, and just make this match about the World Championship. I’m sure you can guess what side B is.

Brenton Cyrus puts his microphone down and picks up the ladder. Brenton Cyrus calls for the bell.

NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Titles

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IV


[Ding Ding Ding]

Brenton Cyrus sets up the ladder then climbs it. Brenton Cyrus makes it to the top of the ladder and grabs his Tag Team Title. Brenton Cyrus removes the belt and climbs down the ladder as The Notorious K.I.D sits and watches. Brenton Cyrus grabs the microphone.

Brenton Cyrus
Side A is always best.

Brenton Cyrus grabs his coin and puts it in his pocket. Brenton Cyrus grabs the contract and pen, then signs it.

Brenton Cyrus
I look forward to our match at War Games.

Brenton Cyrus holds out his hand and The Notorious K.I.D shakes it. The Notorious K.I.D grabs the pen and contract then signs it and hands it to Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus leaves the ring with his tag team title and the War Games contract as The Notorious K.I.D stays seated in the ring. Brenton Cyrus makes it to the top of the stage and stops.
[The lights dim as helicopter propellers are heard. Sirens wail as Kasabian's- Club foot, begins to blare throughout the arena.]

control of me?
Yer messing with the enemy
Said its's another trick
Messin with my mind, I wake up
Chase down an empty street
Blindly snap the broken beats
Said it's cut with a dirty trick
Its taken all these days to find ya

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'LL tell you I want you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I need you

[Aaron sprints out from the back all the way to the edge of stage and swings his arms to get the crowd pumping.]

Friends, take control of me
Stalking cross' the gallery
All these pills got to operate
The colour quits and all invade us
There he goes again
Takin' me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasin down the wolves to save ya

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I want you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I need you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... the blood aint on my face

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... Just wanted you near me

[Aaron walks backwards to the centre of the stage and bows his head as Green , white and orange sparks shower down from about the titan tron. He raises his head grins at the crowd looking around the whole arena with his palm on his brow looking into the distance. Aaron sprints towards the ring still swinging his arms for the crowd to get pumped up.]

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I want you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I need you
(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... The blood aint on my hands

(Uuh! ah ah ah aha)
I... Just wanted you near me
(ah ah ah aha)
I... I'LL tell you I want you
(ah ah ah aha)
I... I'll tell you I need you
(ah ah ah aha)
I... The blood aint on my face
(ah ah ah aha)
Just wanted you near me

[When Aaron reaches the ring he slides and looks at The Notorious K.I.D]

Aaron O’Shea walks around The Notorious K.I.D and begins climbing the ladder. The Notorious K.I.D stands up and jumps up on the table. The Notorious K.I.D jumps and KIDCutters Aaron O’Shea off the ladder through the table. Brenton Cyrus smiles and shrugs his shoulders, then walks backstage. The Notorious K.I.D stands up and climbs the ladder, but Aaron O’Shea grabs his leg and pulls him off.

Barry Barracuda jumps the barricade and enters the ring. Barry Barracuda climbs the ladder and reaches up. Barry Barracuda slaps the tag team title. Aaron O’Shea and The Notorious K.I.D stand up and look at Barry Barracuda on top of the ladder slapping the belt. Aaron O’Shea and The Notorious K.I.D shove the ladder and it tips sending Barry Barracuda over the top rope to ringside.
Aaron O’Shea lifts The Notorious K.I.D to his shoulders. The Notorious K.I.D falls out the back and lands on the ring apron. The Notorious K.I.D sets Aaron O’Shea up for a suplex and he lifts him up. Aaron O’Shea struggles and lands on the apron next to The Notorious K.I.D. Aaron O’Shea and The Notorious K.I.D trade punches on the apron when a fan slides into the ring and runs across at the two men. The fan spears both The Notorious K.I.D and Aaron O’Shea launching them off the apron and sending them into the barricade. The fan holds his arms up and forms two cornas then turns around to the camera revealing Chuck Matthews. Chuck Matthews repositions the ladder and climbs to the top. Chuck Matthews removes the Tag Team Title and drops it on his shoulder.


The show ends with Chuck Matthews smiling on top of the ladder and nodding his head. He mouths the words “I‘m Back!”

No Limit Wrestling Federation
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Re: Revolution XX: A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: 3/15/10

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