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The Federation that promises to blow your mind as we lead the golden age of Pro Wrestling into the future! The No Limit Wrestling Federation is like no other, where you will be given limitless opportunities to excel fast as you compete in the Land of No Limits, fighting in the best Blood Sport on Earth!

NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!


Revolution: Casey versus Hawk 2: 3/1/10

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Revolution: Casey versus Hawk 2: 3/1/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on March 1st 2010, 5:11 pm

The camera shows the Original NLWF Arena in Seattle, Washington. Cheering can be heard, followed by the sounds of in ring action. The camera moves towards the arena, then cuts to static. From the static different highlights of Battle Lines begin playing.

Xtreme X defeating Frank Hart with his sickening submission finisher followed by RAWRLURB becoming the North American Champion.

‘They put it all on the line…’

The static fades in and out as different Battle Lines moments play. Aaron O’Shea defeating Steven Angel in a Ladder Match to become the Dream Champion, saving his career in the process.

‘For a chance at greatness…’

The best parts of the Ladder match show, ending with Aaron O’Shea holding the dream championship. Then begins the chants of


‘The affects from Battle Lines, have left war scars on us all…’

Highlights of Brenton Cyrus destroying Ryan Apollos inside God’s Playground begin to play, then the screen goes blank.

‘…and now all that is seen ahead in the distance.’

A spotlight shines down on the center of the ring where Brenton Cyrus is standing with his head down. Brenton Cyrus looks to the sky slowly then lifts his arms doing his god pose. As he does, The God’s Playground structure bursts into flames above him. Then from inside the structure, a War Games Logo is lowered through. Fireworks shoot out of the ring and out of the Logo followed by sparks that rain down on the ring. The scene fades to static once again.

‘…Is War Games.’

The rest of the show quickly zooms by, showing Nick Ridicule versus The Notorious K.I.D highlights, then Corey Casey versus Jason Hawk highlights. The end of the double title match plays.

A fan slides into the ring and punt kicks The Notorious K.I.D. The fan waits for Nick Ridicule to turn around and when he does he lifts him up to his shoulders. The fan tosses Nick Ridicule up, then brings him down into a wicked knee to the face. The fan takes off his hat and shirt, revealing Brenton Cyrus. The referee calls for the bell.

Following that the end of the Undisputed Championship match plays.

Jason Hawk jumps off the ladder and does the double shooting star press, then lands on Corey Casey in the middle of the ring and bounces up.

Andrew - Wind of changes! and I believe the biggest change of them all is coming, NLWF without Salvation!

Tommy - What a performance by Jason Hawk.

Jason Hawk

Aaron O’Shea smashes the steel chair over the head of Jason Hawk

Andrew - What the hell?!?

Tommy - OH!

Aaron O’Shea

Aaron O’Shea stares at Jason Hawk out cold. Aaron O’Shea rolls Corey Casey over dropping him on top of Jason Hawk.


Aaron O’Shea makes the count.


Aaron O’Shea calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, and the NEW NLWF Undisputed Champion, Corey Casey!

Samantha’s voice echoes and the camera fades back to the outside of the Original NLWF arena. The camera moves forward and enters the building as “Conflict” by Disturbed, begins playing.