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Revolution: God's Playground: 2/8/10

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Revolution: God's Playground: 2/8/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on February 8th 2010, 6:57 pm

Dark Match Result:
Lars Jansen defeats Yoshihiro Blood

A heavily tinted windowed car pulls up outside the All Canada Arena. The doors to the car open, followed by NLWF Champion Nick Ridicule and Undisputed Champion Jason Hawk stepping out of the vehicle. Both men position their titles on their shoulders, and walk towards the arena. Jason Hawk has crutches, due to his broken ankle and he uses them to move towards the arena.

Andrew - We’ve heard rumors all week about this, Genocide.

Tommy - They are going to be the greatest team in NLWF history, I truly believe that.

Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk enter the arena and walk down the hall.

Andrew - It looks like they are coming out here!

Tommy - They are going to start the show by addressing all the people.

Nick Ridicule walks out onto the stage followed by Jason Hawk. They walk down the ramp to the ring. Nick Ridicule helps Jason Hawk up the ring steps and the two men enter the ring. Nick Ridicule walks across the ring and yells at Samantha Praxton. Samantha grabs a steel chair and a microphone. Nick Ridicule sets the chair up in the center of the ring and Jason Hawk sits down.

Nick Ridicule
Listen up.

The crowd quiets down.

Nick Ridicule
About a month ago I had a vision of Salvation dying. I saw the New Dawn, and it was no more. I could brink my fiancé to NLWF shows with me, and get to see her all the time without wondering if she’ll be kidnapped. I could walk around backstage, knowing I wont be attacked from behind.

The crowd cheers and applauds Nick Ridicule

Andrew - That sounds like a damn good NLWF to me!

Tommy - Calm down, Lord Corey Casey would never allow that! In fact, I’m surprised Nick Ridicule hasn’t been attacked already!

Nick Ridicule
That vision of Salvation dying, led me to see a different vision. The vision of just what killed New Dawn. The vision of the force that would stand tall, against any threat to the NLWF. The vision of Genocide!

Nick Ridicule points at the stage big screen.

Andrew - Rumors seem to be true, it looks like Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk have now become Genocide!

Tommy - This could be exactly what’s needed to finish off New Dawn.

Nick Ridicule
Originally, I was going to ask The Notorious K.I.D to join Genocide. But after reviewing some of his performances, and after watching him lose to Demetrius Randall last week. I don’t think he deserves to be part of Genocide, and I don’t think he deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Andrew - These guys have always been pretty close friends, now Nick is saying KID doesn’t deserve the World Title.

Tommy - I wonder how KID will handle this, he’ll have his chance to prove Nick Ridicule wrong later on tonight.

Nick Ridicule
Tonight when I beat The Notorious K.I.D I will show everyone that I deserve a shot at becoming the World Champion at Battle Lines. The only question I have is, will KID fight me like a man at Battle Lines or will he get himself killed.

The crowd cheers as Nick Ridicule hands the microphone to Jason Hawk. Before Jason Hawk can say anything, Dowstait - I came to play plays. Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk look up at the stage.

the lights go off and the arena starts to fill with cheers. Then red and blue flashing lights start going around the arena. Then a countdown appears on the Titantron.

A massive pyro explodes from the Entrance ramp and JX Ryder is standing right there doing his signature pose!

Andrew - It’s one of the newest wrestlers to join the NLWF roster, JX Ryder!

Tommy - Why the hell is he interrupting the Undisputed Champion, does he have a Genocide death wish?

JX Ryder walks down to the ring, then enters, sliding in. He walks up and grabs the microphone out of Jason Hawk’s hand. JX Ryder walks to the corner, then climbs to the top rope.

JX Ryder
This is not a dream this is REALITY!!!

JX ryder jumps down from the top rope and turns around right into the force face claw from Nick Ridicule. JX Ryder freezes in his place as he stares across the ring to the center where Nick Ridicule is holding his hand up. Nick Ridicule puts his hand down and walks towards JX Ryder. Nick Ridicule grabs the microphone and pulls it out of his hands, then turns around and gives the microphone to Jason Hawk.

Jason Hawk
Thanks Nick…

Jason Hawk looks at JX Ryder.

Jason Hawk
Who the hell do you think you are? You can’t just come out here and interrupt the NLWF Champion and Undisputed Champion as they announce Genocide to the wrestling world.

Nick Ridicule grabs the microphone from Jason Hawk.

Nick Ridicule
Who the hell are you!?

JX Ryder walks up and takes the microphone from Nick Ridicule.

JX Ryder
I’m JX Ryder, and I’m going to become the biggest star in the history of the NLWF!

Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk look at each other, then burst into laughter. Nick Ridicule takes the microphone from JX Ryder and looks at him.

Nick Ridicule

Jason Hawk stands up holding his crutches to the side. He hands the crutches to Nick Ridicule in exchange for the microphone. Jason Hawk walks towards JX Ryder, limping with each step. Jason Hawk stops in front of JX Ryder, face to face with him.

Jason Hawk
You remind me of myself when I first started off in the NLWF. That’s why Genocide isn’t going to beat you to death here tonight.

JX Ryder smiles and Jason Hawk slaps him across the face. JX Ryder gets back into the face of Jason Hawk, his face turning red from the slap.

Jason Hawk
But don’t you think for one second that I’m going to sit back and let you disrespect either one of us. Tonight I challenge you to a one on one match.

JX Ryder smiles again, looking at the Undisputed Championship.

Jason Hawk
Non title. Because you have to earn a shot around here. But who knows JX, maybe if you impress me I’ll give you a shot at my title and if you earn my respect, maybe you’ll have a spot in Genocide.

JX Ryder reaches out his hand, and asks for the microphone.

Jason Hawk
That’s more like it. Now you’re learning.

Jason Hawk hands JX Ryder the microphone.

JX Ryder
Wow, you really think I remind you of yourself?

Jason Hawk nods his head, he looks back at Nick Ridicule who nods.

JX Ryder
And… You think I could get a shot at the Undisputed Title if I impress you here tonight?

Jason Hawk pounds his fist into the Undisputed Title on his shoulder while nodding his head.

JX Ryder
Woah… and you said I could have a spot in Genocide if I can earn your respect?

Jason Hawk shakes his head and points at the screen where the Genocide Logo is.

JX Ryder
Well jeez.. I guess this is going to make things a bit harder for me then.

JX Ryder throws the microphone at Nick Ridicule and he spits in the face of Jason Hawk.


Tommy - This guy has a death wish!

Jason Hawk wipes the spit out of his face and turns around into a code breaker from JX Ryder. Nick Ridicule waits for JX Ryder to stand up and he goes for a Nick Kick. JX Ryder ducks underneath it and rolls out of the ring. JX Ryder backpedals up the entrance ramp with a huge smile on his face.

Andrew - JX Ryder has made a huge impact! He has laid out the Undisputed Champion who he will face later tonight!

Tommy - Jason Hawk ahs a broken ankle, the fact that he would take a match against a complete unknown shows the balls on that guy!

Nick Ridicule helps Jason Hawk to his feet and they look up the ramp at JX Ryder. JX Ryder raises his arms into the air, and is ambushed from behind getting hit to the back by a steel chair.

Andrew - Who the hell is that?

Tommy - It’s Delirium!

A man in mask stands over JX Ryder holding a steel chair in his hands. His mask is black with a dutch flag design on it. Hanging from the mask are red, white, and blue ropes that look like dreadlocks.

Andrew - He has a very similar mask to Delirium, but I don’t think that’s him.

Tommy - Well whoever he is, he laid out JX Ryder!

The masked man points the chair towards the ring at Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk.

Fireworks shoot out of the All Canada stage, getting the crowd pumped up for Revolution. The camera shows signs in the crowd.

“Please put NLWF back on TV!” “I LOVE YOU HAWK!” “Where is everyone?”

Andrew - Welcome to, the only place to watch Revolution now that our TV contract with HBO has been terminated.

Tommy - Bullshit! We’ve been with HBO since day one, Direct Hit used to air on HBO, and now that channel has betrayed us!

Andrew - We forgive the HBO for letting us go, it’s there loss.

Tommy - I suppose.

Andrew - We’ve got a stellar night of action here tonight, including… well that!

Andrew points up and the camera shows the God’s Playground structure hanging above the ring.

Tommy - NLWF has come full circle since the last time we saw a God’s Playground match!

Andrew - Tonight Corey Casey takes on Ryan Apollos for one half of the Tag Team Titles and with Brenton Cyrus as the referee.

Tommy - Not only that but we get a possible preview of Battle Lines, as Nick Ridicule takes on The Notorious K.I.D.

Andrew - We’re getting word from backstage.

Tommy - let’s check it out!

Nick Ridicule is backstage with Frank Hart. Frank Hart is taping his hands and wrists and Nick Ridicule talks to him.

Nick Ridicule
You don’t understand, you’re time in the NLWF is up, it’s over.

Frank Hart smiles, shrugging it off.

Frank Hart

What the hell are you talking about Nick? I have a match against Carmine up next.

Nick Ridicule grabs the tape out of the hands of Frank Hart and throws it across the locker room.

Nick Ridicule
You don’t seem to understand me, you aren’t making it past me here tonight. After tonight, should you decide to return to the NLWF, I wont be watching your back. You’ll be completely on your own, and it will lead to the end of you.

Frank Hart

Why are you doing this Nick? I thought things between us were worked out!

Nick Ridicule
Don’t take this personal Frank, please don’t. This has nothing to do with you and I. This has to do with the NLWF, and I can’t sit back and watch you leech off of this company anymore…

Frank Hart interrupts, his voice raised.

Frank Hart


Nick Ridicule raises his voice louder then Frank Hart’s.

Nick Ridicule
That’s right, leech! You wait until you are in a big, high profile match, then you work your hardest and you play spoiler! That’s all you are Frank, an NLWF spoiler! You beat guys who are better and more talented then you, by being weak and defenseless all the time and luring them into a false state of calm.

Frank Hart


Nick Ridicule
You nothing!

Nick Ridicule stares at Frank Hart, who looks disappointed. Nick Ridicule has a look of disgust plastered across his face.

Nick Ridicule
Frank don’t you dare come back. It will be the end of you!

Nick Ridicule turns around and walks out of the locker room, leaving Frank Hart to think about his career.

Andrew - Is tonight the last time we’ll see Frank Hart?

Tommy - I’m sure he’ll come back eventually and try to screw Chuck Matthews or Corey Casey out of a big match.

Brenton Cyrus walks out onto the stage dragging a rope. He pulls the rope and Carmine Vestieri appears from backstage, a bloody and beaten mess. Brenton Cyrus lifts Carmine Vestieri up to his feet, using the rope.

Andrew - What the hell is this?

Tommy - This is the 1 Year Anniversary of Brenton Cyrus in the NLWF, and he’s not booked to compete of the card, once again because of Carmine!

Brenton Cyrus uses the rope to ship Carmine Vestieri towards the stage, then uses the rope the launch Carmine Vestieri off the stage through some tables.

Andrew - Carmine Vestieri is still technically the General Manager of the NLWF, although Brenton Cyrus has received ownership of the company again.

Tommy - I think this is how Brenton Cyrus is telling Carmine Vestieri that he’s fired.

Brenton Cyrus climbs down from the top of the stage. Brenton Cyrus grabs the rope and drags Carmine Vestieri off the broken tables and pulls him towards the ring. Brenton Cyrus drags Carmine Vestieri along the side of the entrance ramp and pulls him ringside.

Andrew - This is one year in the making here tonight!

Tommy - These two have hated each other since day 1 in the NLWF, and now it looks like Brenton Cyrus is removing Carmine Vestieri from the NLWF for good.

Brenton Cyrus lifts Carmine Vestieri to his feet and uses the rope to whip him towards the ring steps. Carmine Vestieri hit’s the ring steps face first and Brenton Cyrus runs and kicks him to the face. Blood pours from the head of Carmine Vestieri as he holds his hands up, begging Brenton Cyrus to stop.


Carmine Vestieri leans against the ring steps and is pulled off by the rope around his neck. Brenton Cyrus gets Carmine Vestieri up to his feet. Brenton Cyrus reaches under the ring and pulls out his sledgehammer sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Andrew - This is not going to be good.

Tommy - It’s going to be great!

Brenton Cyrus steps forward and smashes the head of the sledgehammer directly into the jaw of Carmine Vestieri. Carmine Vestieri crumbles to the ground, unconscious. Brenton Cyrus holds up the sledgehammer and does his God pose.

Andrew - This has been a long time coming.

Tommy - Too long! Carmine Vestieri did whatever it took to stop Salvation on Direct Hit and failed! Carmine Vestieri then traded Brenton Cyrus to Legacy trying to ruin his career and he failed! Now Brenton Cyrus is making Carmine Vestieri pay!

Brenton Cyrus pulls Carmine Vestieri up and rolls him into the ring. Brenton Cyrus looks around, then walks around the ring to the timekeeper table.

Brenton Cyrus
Can I have a referee out here?

A referee runs from the back and Brenton Cyrus slides into the ring. Brenton Cyrus talks to the referee.

Andrew - I think Brenton wants this to be a match.

Tommy - But what kind?

The referee slides out of the ring and talks to Samantha Praxton.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your opening contest for Revolution and it is a No Holds Barred Match!

Andrew - There it is…

Tommy - Carmine is dead.

Samantha Praxton - Introducing…

Brenton Cyrus shakes his head at Samantha Praxton and tells the referee to start the match.No Holds Barred Match

Brenton Cyrus vs Carmine Vestieri

[ding ding ding]

Brenton Cyrus walks to the center of the ring and grabs the rope. Brenton Cyrus pulls the rope closer and closer, dragging Carmine Vestieri until he is at the feet of Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus holds his arms up doing the God pose again.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus has Carmine Vestieri bowing at his feet.

Tommy - He’s embarrassing Carmine here.

Brenton Cyrus lifts Carmine Vestieri using the rope. Brenton Cyrus wraps more of the rope around the neck of Carmine Vestieri. Brenton Cyrus pulls tight on the rope and connects an Epiphany on Carmine Vestieri driving him face first into the mat.

Andrew - That cutter from Brenton Cyrus, that he calls the epiphany!

Tommy - Carmine Vestieri is a bloody mess, he’s going to bleed to death!

Brenton Cyrus lifts Carmine Vestieri to his feet, then up to his shoulders. Brenton Cyrus walks around holding Carmine Vestieri in position. Blood spills from the head of Carmine Vestieri down to the mat.

Andrew - He’s just toying with him, not giving him a single chance to prepare or brace himself for the Vicious Betrayal!

Tommy - This is going to be a face crushing vicious betrayal!

Brenton Cyrus throws Carmine Vestieri up into the air and pulls him back down with the rope, driving a knee into his face. Carmine Vestieri crumbles forward, completely knocked out. Brenton Cyrus holds onto the rope with one hand as he stares down at Carmine Vestieri.

Andrew - He’s finished!

Tommy - If you thought Brenton Cyrus throwing Carmine off the top of Triple Cage was brutal, this no holds barred match is raising the bar.

Brenton Cyrus lifts the rope with one hand, lifting the head and upper body of Carmine Vestieri off the mat. Brenton Cyrus punt kicks Carmine Vestieri to the skull and lets him land face first onto the mat.

Andrew - Re Awakening! The punt kick from Brenton Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus lifts the rope again, pulling Carmine Vestieri off the mat. Brenton Cyrus punt kicks Carmine Vestieri to the face and lets him fall forward to the mat.

Tommy - The first kick was to the side of the head, and kick number two was directly to the face!

Brenton Cyrus stares at Carmine Vestieri on the mat, not moving even slightly. Brenton Cyrus lifts the rope, pulling Carmine Vestieri off the mat again. Blood pours from the forehead of Carmine Vestieri, covering his face so much that no skin can be seen.

Andrew - Just end this Brenton!

Tommy - I agree, Carmine has had more then enough! I think he’s just beating up a dead body in there now!

Brenton Cyrus delivers another punt kick and releases the rope. Brenton Cyrus staggers to the corner from the impact of the kick as Carmine Vestieri lays in the center of the ring on his stomach, a pool of blood forming around his head.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus has made the ring mat look like it belongs in a butcher shop!

Tommy - It’s a mess for sure.

Brenton Cyrus walks toward Carmine Vestieri in the middle of the ring. Brenton Cyrus uses his foot to roll Carmine Vestieri over to his back. Brenton Cyrus puts his foot on the chest of Carmine Vestieri and the referee counts the pin.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Brenton Cyrus!

Brenton Cyrus takes his foot off of the chest of Carmine Vestieri. Brenton Cyrus looks up and a cross begins to lower from the ceiling.

Andrew - Old school! Not that metal cross the New Dawn uses, but an old school wooden cross!

Tommy - Goodbye Carmine! Thanks for sucking so much, you made it easy for Legacy to kick the shit out of Direct Hit!

Brenton Cyrus positions Carmine Vestieri onto the cross. Brenton Cyrus stakes the hands of Carmine Vestieri to the cross. The crucifix lifts part ways, standing Carmine Vestieri up in the center of the ring, dangling from the cross.

Andrew - Carmine Vestieri has finally been crucified!

Tommy - Brenton Cyrus got him.

Brenton Cyrus rolls out of the ring and grabs his sledgehammer. Brenton Cyrus enters the ring with the sledgehammer and he looks at Carmine Vestieri. Brenton Cyrus smashes the sledgehammer into the ribs of Carmine Vestieri, then smashes him to the face. Brenton Cyrus motions for them to lift the cross and they do. Brenton Cyrus stands back and watches as Carmine Vestieri is lifted away.

Andrew - Where the hell is New Dawn?

Tommy - I have no idea, but with Brenton Cyrus and Genocide running around, I don’t blame New Dawn for going MIA.

Backstage Corey Casey and Steven Angel are seen entering the building. Shane Bradley quickly approaches them.

Shane Bradley
I’ve been waiting…

Steven Angel grabs Shane Bradley and shoves him against the wall.

Steven Angel

Is that how you greet a Lord?

Corey Casey puts his hand on the shoulder of Steven Angel, and Steven Angel release Shane Bradley.

Shane Bradley
I apologize. I’ve been waiting for you guys to arrive since the show started…

Steven Angel grabs Shane Bradley again.

Steven Angel

The show hasn’t started yet, it should be starting in 5 minutes!

Shane Bradley
This show has already been on for an hour, and already we’ve had some pretty big things happen.

Steven Angel releases Shane Bradley. Corey Casey reaches out and pulls the microphone out of Shane Bradley’s hand.
Corey Casey

They gave us the wrong show start time…

Corey Casey closes his eyes and bows his head forward. Corey Casey reaches back and grabs the hood of his robe, then tosses it over his head.
Corey Casey
What have we missed?

Shane Bradley grabs the microphone, very timidly.

Shane Bradley
Nick Ridicule and Jason Hawk have created a team called Genocide, they aim to take down the New Dawn. Also Brenton Cyrus just viciously beat and crucified Carmine Vestieri.

Corey Casey doesn’t react to the news. He stands motionless, his hood covering his head and face.
Corey Casey


Corey Casey walks past Shane Bradley. Steven Angel stares at Shane Bradley. He holds both the Dream Championship and the North American Championship on his shoulders. Steven Angel grabs Shane Bradley with one hand and he throws him to the ground. Steven Angel walks away following Corey Casey.

Andrew - Up next is the match that was made at the beginning of the show. Undisputed Champion Jason Hawk, who suffered a broken ankle at the hands of Steven Angel last week against JX Ryder, NLWF’s cocky new signing.

Tommy - He spit in the face of the Undisputed Champion, and now he’ll pay for his actions.

Andrew - Or maybe he’ll get the biggest win of his career!

Tommy - I doubt it.

JX Ryder is already in the ring, awaiting Jason Hawk.
Sound of Madness by Shinedown is heard all over the arena and immediately gets everyone’s attention.
Jason comes out to the stage with a very serious look on his face and wearing a Viking helmet. Jason stands in the middle of the stage and raises his right fist. He punches the air four times with his right fist and each time pyro is fired behind him. First the pyro is whit then blue then changes to red and the last and forth time it is all colors and show the Faroese flag. Jason lowers his fist and the camera zooms in to show Jason face. He expression has changed. He now looks very confident and has a cocky smile. Jason walks down the ramp and high fives fans. He gives the last fan he high fives the Viking helmet and the slides into the ring. Jason does the same move AJ Styles does when in the ring

Andrew - Jason Hawk, even with a broken ankle seems to be pumped up about this match.

Tommy - He wants to shut down this punk kid who disrespected him.

Jason Hawk hands the Undisputed Championship to the referee, not taking his eyes off of JX Ryder for a single second. Jason Hawk walks towards JX Ryder, but the referee stops him and sends him back to his corner.

Andrew - Jason wants this thing to start.

Jason Hawk vs JX Ryder

[Ding Ding Ding]

Jason Hawk moves quickly towards JX Ryder, but JX Ryder slides out of the ring. JX Ryder turns towards the crowd and looks out into the audience with a smile on his face. JX Ryder turns around and Jason Hawk springs over the top rope flying over at JX Ryder. JX Ryder moves out of the way and Jason hawk lands on his feet. Jason Hawk grabs his ankle, hurt from the landing. JX Ryder sees the opportunity and he delivers a spinning wheel kick on Jason Hawk.


Andrew - Jason Hawk tried that high risk move, and was able to land on his feet, but that broken ankle is taking it’s toll.


Tommy - I’m shocked he would take this match, his styles is based on high flying moves and fast paced offense, how can he do that if he can barely walk?

“3” “4”

JX Ryder lifts Jason Hawk to his feet and he whips him into the ring post. Jason Hawk gets up as he was able to block most of the shot with his arms. JX Ryder runs and swings around the ring post, double kicking Jason hawk to the chest and sending him falling backwards.


Andrew - Innovative move by JX Ryder to swing around the ring post.

Tommy - It might have been a mistake for Jason to take this match!


Jason Hawk sits up and leans against the ring steps. JX Ryder climbs up to the ring apron and runs across it. JX Ryder flips off the ring apron at Jason Hawk and connects a dropkick, smashing Jason Hawk into the ring steps.


Andrew - Great dropkick from JX Ryder but these guys need to get into the ring!

Tommy - They are lucky the referee counts so slow, or these guys would have been double counted out!


JX Ryder struggles and gets to his feet. JX Ryder slides into the ring and rolls towards the middle.

Andrew - This could be it, he might win by count out!


Jason Hawk grabs the ring apron and pulls himself up. Jason Hawk grabs the bottom ring rope and quickly pulls himself into the ring just in time to break the count.

Tommy - Hawk makes it in!

JX Ryder stands up and looks at Jason Hawk. JX Ryder hit’s the ropes and runs full speed at Jason Hawk. JX Ryder drops down and baseball slide dropkicks Jason Hawk out of the ring under the bottom rope, sending him to the ringside area.

Andrew - JX Ryder isn’t giving Jason Hawk any breathing room.

Tommy - He knows he needs to stay consistent on the attack against the Undisputed Champion!

JX Ryder waits for Jason Hawk to stand up on the outside of the ring. JX Ryder taunts for the fans getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Jason Hawk stands up and JX Ryder runs to the corner. JX Ryder jumps to the middle turnbuckle, then jumps off spinning around, and flying over the top rope looking for a cross body. Jason Hawk jumps into the air with perfect timing and dropkicks JX Ryder out of mid air. Both Men crash to the ringside floor.

Andrew - Jason Hawk with that great awareness we always see from him.

Tommy - He might have the best reflexes and instinct in all the NLWF, and that’s one of the reasons he’s the best in the company.

Jason Hawk stands up at the same time as JX Ryder. Jason Hawk dropkicks JX Ryder to the back of the head, sending him falling forward into the ring steps. Jason Hawk stands up slowly and enters the ring. JX Ryder crawls up the ring steps to the apron, then uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet.

Andrew - I don’t think anyone expected a match this good from a rookie and the Undisputed Champion.

Tommy - I expected it.

JX Ryder jumps up and springboards off the top rope towards Jason Hawk who stands up. Jason Hawk quickly jumps into the air and grabs JX Ryder, putting his knees into his chest. Both men land on the mat and Jason Hawk connects JX Ryder’s own code breaker on him.

Andrew - We’ve seen Hawk do this so many times before, he takes his opponents finisher and uses it against them!

Tommy - Jason Hawk connects the Chaotic highlight on JX Ryder!

Jason Hawk sits up and grabs his ankle, he’s clearly in a lot of pain. Jason Hawk uses his arms to push himself towards JX Ryder for the pin.


JX Ryder kicks out.

Andrew - The rookie is tough enough to kick out of his own move.

Tommy - But now Jason Hawk can finish him off.

Jason Hawk gets to his knees, then to his feet. Jason Hawk staggers to the corner and pulls himself up to the top rope.

Andrew - could he be looking for the Wind of Changes?

Tommy - That sick double shooting star press? Not with a broken ankle he’s not!

Jason Hawk positions himself on the top rope and stands up, but he quickly crouches back down and grabs the ropes.

Andrew - He doesn’t have enough strength in that ankle.

Tommy - He just needs to get down from the top rope, before he makes a big mistake that loses him this match!

Jason Hawk stands back up and jumps off the top rope, he does one shooting star press and lands on JX Ryder, just as JX Ryder puts his knees up. Jason Hawk bounces off of JX Ryder, holding his ribs.

Andrew - He could only do one shooting star press, but it took too long and JX Ryder got his knees up!

Tommy - That’s what I meant, he should have bailed on the move!

JX Ryder sits up and pins Jason Hawk hooking both legs.


Jason Hawk kicks out

Andrew - Don’t count out the resilience or toughness of Hawk.

Tommy - JX is going to have to finish him off if he wants to win, Why hasn’t he attacked that ankle?

JX Ryder stands up lifting Jason hawk to his feet. JX Ryder turns Jason Hawk around and sets up the Ruff Ryder, grabbing the arms of Jason Hawk and turning him into the move slowly.

Andrew - If he can turn him, and drop down with that move he’ll have Hawk beat.

Tommy - This move is too similar to Hawk’s Wings of Time move, I think he’ll have a counter!

JX Ryder finishes turning Jason Hawk for the move, but Jason Hawk grabs the arms of JX Ryder and sets up the wings of time.

Andrew - Just like you said, and now Jason Hawk is trying to turn JX Ryder into the move.

JX Ryder runs up the ropes and backflips over Jason Hawk, landing behind him. JX Ryder grabs the arms of Jason Hawk, and he quickly turns him around and drops him down.

Tommy - Ruff Ryder from JX Ryder onto the Undisputed Champion Jason Hawk!

JX Ryder raises his arms up and pins Jason Hawk.


The referee goes to call for the bell, but he notices that Jason Hawk has his foot on the bottom rope.

Andrew - I thought that was it!

Tommy - I did too, but Jason Hawk was able to get his good leg over the bottom rope!

JX Ryder can’t believe it. He bangs his fist against the ring mat and stands up. JX Ryder taunts and demands Jason Hawk stand up.

Andrew - JX Ryder wants Hawk to get up so he can finish him off.

Tommy - ATTACK! ATTACK RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait for Hawk recover!

Jason Hawk stands up and JX Ryder jumps up looking for the code breaker. Jason Hawk catching JX Ryder through, and shakes him off, dropping him down to the mat with both of JX Ryder’s legs underneath his arms. Jason Hawk leans back and slingshots JX Ryder towards the corner. JX Ryder leaps and manages to jump to the top rope, landing on his feet.

Andrew - Great action!

Tommy - Great balance by JX Ryder!

Jason Hawk gets to his feet quickly, and grabs the referee.

Andrew - What the hell?

Jason Hawk runs the referee to the ropes. The referee hit’s the ropes and holds on, but the shaking forces JX Ryder to lose his balance and fall on the top rope.

Tommy - Great idea from Hawk!

Jason Hawk limps to the corner with JX Ryder on the top rope and he climbs up behind him. Jason Hawk sets up JX Ryder for a super back suplex.

Andrew - Both these men teetering on the top rope!

Jason Hawk and JX Ryder both stand up on the top rope.

Tommy - This is going to be huge for one of these guys.

JX Ryder back elbows Jason Hawk to the face a few times, but Jason Hawk ducks underneath an elbow and sets him up for the back suplex. Jason Hawk wraps his arms around the waist of JX Ryder and he Moonsaults off the top rope with him connecting an inverted Top of the Mountain. Both men bounce in the center of the ring from the massive impact.


Andrew - Jason Hawk connects a reverse Top of the Mountain on JX Ryder!

Tommy - Game, set, match!

Jason Hawk crawls over and drops his arm across the chest of JX Ryder.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Jason Hawk!

Andrew - After a great war, Jason Hawk beats newcomer JX Ryder, in a damn great match.

Tommy - I agree, that match was great.

The masked man from earlier in the night comes out of the audience with the same dented steel chair from earlier in the night. He slides into the ring and is quick to attack JX Ryder.

Andrew - This guy again, what the hell is he doing?!?

Tommy - It looks like he’s doing whatever he wants to do.

The masked man sets up the steel chair, then lifts JX Ryder to his feet. The masked man lifts JX Ryder up for a piledriver and holds him in position. The masked man walks over to the chair and stands so his back his facing it.

Andrew - He has him set up for an old school piledriver!

Tommy - and he seems to be aiming for the chair!

The masked man jumps backwards and sits down on the steel chair, driving the top of the head of JX Ryder into the chair seat. The masked man release JX Ryder and lets him fall to the mat. Jason Hawk stands up and turns around. The masked man quickly stands up and grabs the steel chair. He swings the chair at Jason Hawn who ducks under it and grabs his belt from the referee. The masked man turns around and Jason Hawk bashes him to the face with the belt. The masked man staggers backwards and falls out of the ring. Jason hawk reaches to try and grab his mask, but the masked man escapes and walks up the stage holding the chair still.

Andrew - Jason Hawk refused to be a victim of this masked man.

Tommy - But JX Ryder hasn’t been so lucky here tonight, two attacks on his from that man.

Jason Hawk turns around and looks at JX Ryder starting to get to his feet. Jason Hawk walks over and helps JX Ryder to his feet. Jason Hawk says a few things to JX Ryder, then walks away. JX Ryder grabs the arm of Jason Hawk and spins him around right into the Chaotic Highlight.

Andrew - Jason Hawk showing some class in helping up his opponent, only to get attacked!

Tommy - JX Ryder clearly isn’t here for friends, he’s here to make a statement!

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Re: Revolution: God's Playground: 2/8/10

Post by Brenton Cyrus on February 9th 2010, 1:10 am

Andrew - Last week was a great show, that no one saw.

Tommy - Yeah, we saw Demetrius Randall defeat The Notorious K.I.D and Jason Hawk defeat Brenton Cyrus, but it wasn’t on TV.

Andrew - Luckily this week we’re broadcasting live on the website, until we can work out this TV deal situation.

Tommy - After a show like this one, we’ve got to be close to someone picking us up!

Andrew - Regardless, up next we will witness a great match for sure. Steven Angel takes on Demetrius Randall in the Steven Angel North American Dream Open.

Tommy - So many rules to this match…

■Must Win by Pinfall, Submission or Time Limit Expiration■
■Winning the Open by Draw makes you the #1 Contender to the North American Championship■
■If you are able to pin or submit Steven Angel in the Open, you will pick the Title Match type for a North American and Dream Championship match■
■Losing the Open means you will never be in line for a North American Title match until Steven Angel loses the belt and Steven Angel will be awarded 1 Dream Title Defense■
■The Open has a 30 Minute time limit■
■The Open has No Disqualifications and No Count Outs for Steven Angel only■

Both men are in the ring prepared for the match. Steven Angel puts in his mouthpiece and bites down on it. He smiles revealing a fang graphic on the mouthpiece. Demetrius Randall smiles and begins doing jumping jacks.

Andrew - His overconfidence in a match against Steven Angel, could be his death.

Tommy - Steven Angel is going to fucking kill him.

Steven Angel’s North American Dream Open
Steven Angel vs Demetrius Randall

[Ding Ding Ding]

Steven Angel runs across the ring firing off a barrage of punches on Demetrius Randall, pushing him back into the ring corner. Steven Angel slows down and fires off more precious shots that catch Demetrius Randall. Demetrius Randall covers up in the corner, and tries to kick Steven Angel off of him.

Andrew - This high aggression styles of Steven Angel is scary.

Tommy - Demetrius Randall may have shit himself!

Steven Angel fires off a body shot that lands knocking the wind out of Demetrius Randall. Steven Angel grabs the back of Demetrius Randall’s head with both hands and pulls him face first into a knee. Demetrius Randall falls forward and Steven Angel wraps his arm around him.

Andrew - Steven Angel with huge punishment early, and now he’s got Demetrius Randall in a bad spot.

Tommy - I think Demetrius Randall is knocked out from that knee to the face!

Steven Angel lifts Demetrius Randall up for a power bomb and he walks across the ring with him. Steven Angel drives Demetrius Randall down into the mat with a power bomb, then lifts him back up. Steven Angel walks to the other side of the ring and power bombs Demetrius Randall again.

Andrew - Double power bomb!

Steven Angel lifts Demetrius Randall back up for another power bomb.

Tommy - He’s going for a triple!

Steven Angel walks towards the corner and power bombs Demetrius Randall onto the top rope. Demetrius Randall’s lower back is driven into the top of the ring post and Steven Angel is quick to climb up to the top rope with Demetrius Randall.

Andrew - Steven Angel is an animal unleashed here tonight, and Demetrius Randall can’t do a damn thing but pray to God that he lasts 30 minutes.

Tommy - Maybe Steven Angel will get so involved, so pumped up by destroying this guy, that he will completely forget he’s in a match and not go for the pin or submission on Demetrius Randall at all…

Steven Angel stands Demetrius Randall up on the top rope and hooks his arm around his neck. Steven Angel lifts Demetrius Randall and jumps off the top rope with the Angel Slam. Steven Angel drives Demetrius Randall down into the mat, landing him practically on top of his head, spiking him.

Andrew - Demetrius Randall might have a broken neck.

Tommy - That was the greatest Angel slam ever!

Steven Angel stands up and removes the straps from his wrestling attire. Steven Angel stares down at Demetrius Randall.


Andrew - Oh my god Tommy, Demetrius Randall still has Twenty Four Minutes in there with Steven Angel!

Tommy - I bet he wishes KID would have killed him now!

Steven Angel rolls out of the ring and orders Samantha Praxton to move. Steven Angel grabs her chair and walks up the ring steps before entering the ring.

Andrew - That’s one of the rules, No Disqualification or Count out for Steven Angel.


Steven Angel hits Demetrius Randall across the back with the steel chair, then brings it up and back down across his back again. Steven Angel turns the chair to the side and spikes the top of it into the ribs of Demetrius Randall. Steven Angel grabs Demetrius Randall by his head and pulls him into a camel clutch. Steven Angel positions Demetrius Randall then lifts the steel chair and spikes it into the back of the neck of Demetrius Randall.

Andrew - He might have just crippled him!

Tommy - He really might have.

Steven Angel tosses the chair to the side and backs up. Steven Angel stops at the ankles of Demetrius Randall and he grabs his right foot. Steven Angel puts Demetrius Randall in a leg vice and locks in the ankle lock completely.

Andrew - He’s going to break his ankle now too!

Tommy - Demetrius Randall might be paralyzed, the ref should end this!

The referee checks the arm of Demetrius Randall and instantly calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]


The referee grabs the arms of Steven Angel and tries to pull him off of Demetrius Randall. Steven Angel breaks the hold and rolls backwards, away from Demetrius Randall, and up to his feet. Steven Angel walks up and screams at the referee.

Andrew - What’s wrong with Steven Angel?

Tommy - I have no idea, he dominated the match, but he’s pissed off.

The referee stops Samantha Praxton before she can announce Steven Angel as the winner. The referee tells Samantha Praxton something, much to the delight of a smiling Steven Angel.

Samantha Praxton - Steven Angel has told the referee that he can’t win the match by submission. Only by pinfall. Therefore this match will continue! Please put twenty minutes and ten seconds up on the clock.

Steven Angel laughs as the referee calls for the bell again.

[Ding Ding Ding]


Steven Angel walks over to Demetrius Randall and lifts him up. Steven Angel wraps one of his arms around Demetrius Randall’s neck, then he rolls with Demetrius Randall to his back. Steven Angel locks in a brutal cross face chicken wing on Demetrius Randall.

Andrew - I haven’t seen a cross face chicken wing executed so viciously in my entire life!

Tommy - He can’t even win like this, he’s just torturing Demetrius Randall.


Steven Angel nods his head and cranks pressure on the hold.

Andrew - The referee can’t do a damn thing..

Tommy - So Steven is just going to hold him in this move for twenty minutes?

Andrew - He can do whatever he wants.

Steven Angel rocks back and forth with Demetrius Randall in the cross face chicken wing.

“Na-Na-Na-Na” “Na-Na-Na-Na” “Hey-Hey-Hey” “He‘s Dead!”
“Na-Na-Na-Na” “Na-Na-Na-Na” “Hey-Hey-Hey” “He‘s Dead!”

Andrew - The fans telling Steven Angel that Demetrius Randall is dead, but Steven Angel is having a good time.

Tommy - These fans in Canada are crazy.

“Show some mercy!” “Show some mercy!”

Steven Angel lets Demetrius Randall go and stands up. Steven Angel looks at the clock.


Steven Angel puts his straps on and rolls out of the ring. Steven Angel grabs the NLWF North American Title and the Dream Championship. Steven Angel walks around the ring, then up the ramp.

Andrew - Where the hell is Steven going?

Tommy - He’s walking out on the North American Dream Open?

Steven Angel walks backstage.

“What the fuck!?” “What the fuck!?” “What the fuck!?” “What the fuck!?”

Andrew - I don’t understand…

Tommy - Can we get a camera to follow him!?

The lights in the arena go out and smoke begins to rise out from under the stage. The only light in the arena is coming from the blood red cross that suddenly appears on the titantron.

Eternal the kiss I breath
Siphon your blood to me
Feel my wounds of your god
Forever rape mortality
I smell of death
I reek of hate
I will live forever
Lost child pay the dead
Bleeding screams of silence
In my veins your eternity

I'll kill you and your dreams tonight
Begin new life
Bleed your death upon me
Let your bloodline feed my youth

An elevator slowly rises up, showing a figure wearing long blood red robes. The only thing you can see is the figure's cocky smile. Red fireworks shoot off and the figure takes his hood down, revealing the smiling face of Steven Angel. Steven looks out over the crowd as the smoke swirls around his legs.

First breath born come alive learn to kill
Bloodfest awaits to feed your hunger
Dark side has no rival test your faith in blood
Night hides the hunting packs a feeding frenzy

Steven Angel lifts the North American and Dream Titles into the air and a massive firework display goes off behind him. Huge fireballs shoot out to each side of him while different colored fireworks shoot up into the air.

I'll kill you and your dreams tonight
Begin new life
Bleed your death upon me
Let your bloodline feed my youth

Steven slowly makes his way down to the ring, the cocky smirk on his face never faltering. He looks into the ring for a moment before walking around to the steps and climbing them slowly.

I am the first not the last
Condemned by a single kiss
Betrayed eternally I'll rip inside your soul
Contaminating the world
Defying god and son
Black heart that brings your death
Living in infamy

Drink the flesh of life itself
Prepare to reign a thousand years

Steven climbs into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. He raises both of his arms over his head. He stares out into the crowd, the red lights in the arena make it seem like the red rings in his eyes are on fire.

I'll kill you and your dreams tonight
Begin new life
Bleed your death upon me
Let your bloodline feed my youth

Blame god chosen children
As you die I'm immortal
Faithless no religion
Stalking prey is my confession
Captive blood enslavement
Pain and hunger drives your madness
Drink flesh life itself
Prepare to reign a thousand years

Steven climbs down from the turnbuckle and turns his attention to Demetrius Randall still not moving in the center of the ring.


Andrew - Steven Angel just did his entrance.

Tommy - Maybe he was pissed that he didn’t get one.

Rap music begins playing and girls in bikini’s run out onto the stage. They begin dancing as the music blares trough the PA system. The music stops and the girls walk to the back.

Andrew - Or maybe he stole Demetrius Randall’s celebration party.

Tommy - That’s possible too.

Steven Angel looks up at the clock.


Steven Angel walks over and puts his foot on the chest of Demetrius Randall.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Steven Angel holds up his Titles.

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Steven Angel!

Andrew - Steven Angel completely dominated that match.

Tommy - Nonstop, from start to finish.

Andrew - Shane Bradley has caught up to the masked man backstage!

Tommy - He found Delirium!

Shane Bradley runs up and grabs the dreadlocks on the mask.

Shane Bradley
Who are you!

The masked man stomps on the foot of Shane Bradley, then grabs him by the throat. The Masked man backs Shane Bradley to the wall, he grabs the microphone and holds it close to his mouth.

Masked Man
All you need to do, is call me Lars Jansen.

Shane Bradley doesn’t move, he just acknowledges.

Shane Bradley

Lars Jansen
Good. Now do me a favor… Go find JX Ryder and tell him he’s been chosen by me.

Shane Bradley stares down at Lars Jansen’s hand around his throat.

Shane Bradley

Lars Jansen
Good. You’re starting to get it. I have a few more things I need you to do.

Shane Bradley
What if I don’t?

Lars Jansen laughs.

Lars Jansen
I’ll rip your throat out, and I’ll go tell JX Ryder myself.

Shane Bradley’s eyes get wide and he begins choking as Lars Jansen tightens the grips around his throat.

Shane Bradley

Lars Jansen lets go of Shane Bradley and he looks down at a table next to them. Lars Jansen grabs a magazine off the table and looks at the cover.

Lars Jansen
Thanks to JX Ryder..

The camera shows the NLWF Magazine with NLWF Undisputed Champion Jason Hawk on the cover holding his Title.

Lars Jansen
I’m going to kill two birds, with one stone.

Lars Jansen grabs Shane Bradley and walks away, pulling him along, telling him things.

Andrew - The new guys are really causing a lot of trouble here tonight.

Tommy - New guys also seem to do that.

Andrew - But up next is not a match with new guys, it’s a match with two NLWF Legends, two NLWF major Champions.

Tommy - It’s the World Champion versus the NLWF Champion, and Nick Ridicule wants this match at Battle Lines, title for title!

Andrew - I can’t wait to see what KID thinks of that match, it would be enormous to say the least.

Tommy - Only Brenton Cyrus has ever held the World Championship and NLWF championship at the same time, and he did it twice!

Both Nick Ridicule and The Notorious K.I.D are in the ring already, waiting for the match to begin. [size=9]

Nick Ridicule vs The Notorious K.I.D

[Ding Ding Ding]

Nick Ridicule runs across the ring and throws a leg kick that catches The Notorious K.I.D on the knee, buckling his leg. Nick Ridicule immediately follows up by Nick Kicking The Notorious K.I.D to the chest, pushing him into the corner.

Andrew - Some really pissed of wrestlers here tonight.

Tommy - The NLWF is not a happy go lucky place right now.

Nick Ridicule runs to the corner and clotheslines The Notorious K.I.D. Nick Ridicule holds The Notorious K.I.D in the corner, then spins and drives an elbow into his face. The Notorious K.I.D drops down in the corner. Nick Ridicule hit’s the top turnbuckle and the crowd claps their hands every time he hits.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule is getting this crowd behind him.

Tommy - And since he has KID dazed already, he’s building up a ton of momentum fast.

Nick Ridicule puts his foot on the face of The Notorious K.I.D. Nick Ridicule slides his foot across the face of The Notorious K.I.D, then pulls it back and slides it across his face again. Nick Ridicule puts his foot on the throat of The Notorious K.I.D and pushes him hard into the bottom turnbuckle. Nick Ridicule grabs the top ropes for leverage. The referee walks over and threatens to DQ Nick Ridicule, then gives him a five count.

“1” “2” “3” “4”

Nick Ridicule waits till the very last second, then lets go and runs to the ropes. Nick Ridicule hit’s the ropes and rebounds fast charging at The Notorious K.I.D. Nick Ridicule jumps and Nick Kick’s The Notorious K.I.D down in the corner. Nick Ridicule sits on the bottom rope, then slides to the outside of the ring.


Nick Ridicule walks around the ringside area looking out at the fans. Nick Ridicule jumps up to the apron and points out to the part of the crowd chanting the loudest. Nick Ridicule reaches over the top rope from the apron and grabs The Notorious K.I.D by his hair. Nick Ridicule lifts him up then sets him up for a suplex.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule is going to suplex him from the apron to the outside of the ring.

Tommy - KID needs to get out of this.

Nick Ridicule lifts The Notorious K.I.D up and holds him in the air on the apron.

Andrew - Look at the power of Nick Ridicule!

Tommy - KID is…. FUCKED!

Nick Ridicule puts The Notorious K.I.D back down in the ring then walks over to the corner. Nick Ridicule climbs the outside turnbuckle with The Notorious K.I.D hooked for a suplex.

Andrew - We thought a suplex from the apron was bad!

Tommy - He’s going to suplex him from the top rope to the outside!

Nick Ridicule climbs up to the top rope and pulls The Notorious K.I.D up. Nick Ridicule lifts The Notorious K.I.D and falls backwards with him. Nick Ridicule superplexes The Notorious K.I.D from the top rope to the outside of the ring. Both men hit the ringside floor hard. The Notorious K.I.D’s leg hits the guardrail on the landing.

“Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!” “Holy Shit!”

Andrew - That was the most brutal superplexes I’ve ever seen!

Tommy - I love the NLWF production crew, how could we lose our TV deal? They’ve already showed the replay of that suplex 12 times, and in several angles, and in different speeds…. Long live the NLWF.

Nick Ridicule starts to get up as the referee starts his count.

“1” “2” “3”

Nick Ridicule stands up and slides into the ring. Nick Ridicule grabs the referee by his shirt, then lets him go.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule able to break the count there.

Tommy - I think he broke KIDs back!

Nick Ridicule rolls out of the ring, and the referee screams at him to bring it back inside. Nick Ridicule reaches down for The Notorious K.I.D, but instead grabs the ringside floor padding. Nick Ridicule pulls the floor mat up, revealing the cement arena floor.


Andrew - Nick Ridicule just exposed the arena floor.

Tommy - He’s got some evil intentions in mind.

“2” “3”

Nick Ridicule lifts The Notorious K.I.D to his feet. Nick Ridicule lifts The Notorious K.I.D up and sets him up for the crucifix power bomb.


Nick Ridicule tosses The Notorious K.I.D forward and sends him crashing down onto the cement. The Notorious K.I.D hits and doesn’t move.


The referee slides out of the ring and goes to check on The Notorious K.I.D. Nick Ridicule stares down at him, then walks over. The referee puts his hands on Nick Ridicule and pleads for him not to do more damage.

Andrew - That power bomb was wicked.

Tommy - KID is out.

Nick Ridicule pushes past the referee and he leans down next to The Notorious K.I.D. Nick Ridicule gets close to his face.

Nick Ridicule
This week, I let you survive KID. But at Battle Lines, I’m going to pin you In the center of the ring and I will become the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion!

The referee enters the ring and starts his count again.


Nick Ridicule stands up looking down at The Notorious K.I.D.

“7” ”8!”

Nick Ridicule turns around and slides into the ring. Nick Ridicule stands up and leans over the top rope looking down at The Notorious K.I.D ringside.


Nick Ridicule raises his arm into the air.


The referee calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, Nick Ridicule.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule leaving KID on the outside to take the count out.

Tommy - He said he wants to beat him at Battle Lines, I think tonight he proved he could.

Andrew - Battles Lines and the NLWF is shaping up to be a very scary place.

Tommy - I just got word where the location is for this next Pay Per View and you’re not going to believe it!

Andrew - Where is it Tommy?

Tommy - The City of Salvation!

Andrew - NLWF returns to the evilest city on earth, for Battle Lines at the Liberation Arena!

Tommy - No matches have been announced yet, or made official! How long are they waiting to announced Nick Ridicule versus The Notorious K.I.D?

Andrew - If that’s even the match, you never know what could happen.

Tommy - Good point, KID might have a broken back, he might not make it to Battle Lines!

Steven Angel slides into the ring behind Nick Ridicule. Steven Angel motions for Nick Ridicule to bring it on, but Nick Ridicule is busy staring down at The Notorious K.I.D.

Andrew - Steven Angel is waiting behind Nick Ridicule!

Tommy - Nick doesn’t suspect a thing!

Nick Ridicule turns around into a stalking Steven Angel who instantly hooks him and lifts him up connecting the Angel Slam. Steven Angel bounces back up to his feet pumped up, but Nick Ridicule is fighting to his feet on the other side of the ring.

Andrew - Nick Ridicule is still pretty fresh, Steven Angel can’t let him fight back.

Tommy - Why not, this would be a legendary match!

Nick Ridicule stands up and Steven Angel runs at him. Nick Ridicule kicks Steven Angel to the knee and ducks underneath a clothesline. Steven Angel and Nick Ridicule both spin around at the same time, but Nick Ridicule is able to Nick Kick Steven Angel to the face and send him over the top rope. Steven Angel lands on his feet ringside, then jumps up to the apron. Nick Ridicule connects another Nick Kick to his face and sends him to the ringside floor.

Andrew - Damn these guys are going at it!

Tommy - We saw this start to form last week when Nick Ridicule came to the aid of Frank Hart to stop Steven Angel!

Security runs out from backstage and stops Steven Angel as he tries to run back into the ring. They pull him back while a few enter the ring and prevent Nick Ridicule from chasing after Steven Angel.

Andrew - Now I’m getting word that Shane Bradley is talking to Undisputed Champion, Jason Hawk backstage right now.

Tommy - Lets check it out!

Jason Hawk has his hand on his face as Shane Bradley talks to him quickly. Jason Hawk holds up his hand locking in the force face claw, and putting a silence to Shane Bradley.

Jason Hawk
Calm down.

Shane Bradley catches his breath.

Shane Bradley
Lars Jansen attacked me and told me to send a message to you and JX Ryder.

Jason Hawk
What’s the message?

Shane Bradley
I already talked to JX Ryder..

Jason Hawk holds up his hand again, and Shane Bradley stops talking.

Jason Hawk
I don’t care about that asshole JX Ryder. Just tell me what this Lars Jansen guy has to say to me.

Shane Bradley
He says that the Undisputed Championship doesn’t belong to you… and at War Games, the rightful owner will take his place.

Jason Hawk
Lars told you that…?

Shane Bradley
He also said that he hopes you survive, he hopes you hold on to the Undisputed Championship until War Games.. Because once the rightful owner returns, he’s going for you whether you are champion or not!

Jason Hawk
How about…

The lights flicker backstage, then shut off.

Jason Hawk
Did NLWF not pay the electric bill now either!?

The lights turn back on, and Shane Bradley is gone. Jason Hawk looks around.

Jason Hawk
Did you run and hide?

Behind Jason Hawk, painted on the wall is

“49 Days Until War Games”

Jason Hawk adjusts his belt on his shoulder and uses his crutches to maneuver away. The camera fades in on the writing.

Jason Hawk
It's not funny to tell me something, then run and hide!

Andrew - God’s Playground has been lowered, referee Brenton Cyrus is in the center of the ring, and both men are in there corner waiting for God’s Playground to get underway.

Tommy - It was at City of Evil that Ryan Apollos found a way to defeat Brenton Cyrus inside God’s Playground for what we believed was the World Title, but Brenton Cyrus forfeited the belt before the show and Corey Casey walked away from City of Evil as World Champion!

Andrew - This is the night where things come full circle.

Tommy - Please start the match!

God's Playground Match

NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Title

Guest Referee: Brenton Cyrus
Corey Casey vs Ryan Apollos

[Ding Ding Ding]

The lights in the arena shut off and the electricity is turned on in the cage. The lights spotlight the cage, glowing only it and the ring. Corey Casey walks across the ring and Brenton Cyrus puts his hand into his chest stopping him.

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus is going to fight Corey Casey!

Tommy - This is going to be a damn handicap match!

Brenton Cyrus backs up and gives both men the go ahead to start. Ryan Apollos runs across the ring and Corey Casey buries a boot into his mid section. Corey Casey runs to the ropes and rebounds at Ryan Apollos at top speed. Corey Casey drives his knee into the face of Ryan Apollos and catches him with a spinning neck breaker.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos tried to get the advantage from the Benton Cyrus distraction, but Corey Casey was ready.

Tommy - Now Corey Casey has Ryan Apollos where he wants him.

Corey Casey delivers a stomp to the face of Ryan Apollos who stands up. Corey Casey grabs Ryan Apollos by the arm and he whips him to the ropes. Ryan Apollos rebounds off the ropes and Corey Casey fires off a big boot. Ryan Apollos ducks under the big boot and hit’s the ropes again. Corey Casey runs and clotheslines Ryan Apollos over the top rope to the steel Playground floor.

Andrew - This is where the match danger gets taken to the next level.

Tommy - Especially with the psychotic Corey Casey!

Corey Casey leaves the ring and watches Ryan Apollos stand up. Corey Casey runs and clotheslines Ryan Apollos to the back of his head, dropping him down to the playground floor. Corey Casey steps on the back of Ryan Apollos head and pushes it down into the floor.

Andrew - Corey Casey grinding the face of Ryan Apollos against the floor!

Tommy - Just wait until Corey Casey begins using the electric chain walls of the playground!

Corey Casey lifts his foot off the back of Ryan Apollos head and he reaches down to pick him up. Corey Casey grabs Ryan Apollos by the throat in the death clutch and he drives a fist into his face.

Andrew - Corey Casey has his fists heavily taped, he does that so he doesn’t break his hand on anyone’s face!

Tommy - He hits people so hard!

Corey Casey punches Ryan Apollos again busting him open. Corey Casey grabs Ryan Apollos by the throat with both hands and he head butts him. Corey Casey runs and throws Ryan Apollos at the electric chain cage wall. The lights in the arena shut off then flash like a strobe light as Ryan Apollos hit’s the wall and bounces off. The lights go back to normal only on the structure and ring.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos is busted open and has just taken a bad electrical shock from hitting that cage wall.

Tommy - This match might be over before we know it.

Corey Casey walks over and grabs Ryan Apollos by the back of his head. Corey Casey lifts Ryan Apollos off the playground floor and blood spills from his forehead. Corey Casey grabs Ryan Apollos by the arm and he whips him towards the cage wall. Ryan Apollos is able to reverse the momentum and he sends Corey Casey head first into the Electric chain wall. The lights in the arena shut off then strobe out of control as Corey Casey bounces off the wall and walks back towards Ryan Apollos.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos reverses the Irish whip and sends Corey Casey into the playground wall!

Ryan Apollos ducks down and back body drops Corey Casey from outside of the ring to the inside of the ring. Ryan Apollos looks around as the fans erupt in cheers. Blood spills into the eyes of Ryan Apollos who turns around and walks to the corner.

Tommy - Ryan Apollos is a tough bastard, I’ll give him credit for that.

Ryan Apollos climbs to the top rope from the outside of the ring and waits for Corey Casey to stand up. Corey Casey lays on his stomach in the middle of the ring, covering his head with his arms.

Andrew - We can’t see what kind of damage the chamber wall did to Corey Casey, cause he’s covering up.

Tommy - It’s safe to say that electric cage wall messed him up big time.

Ryan Apollos waits for Corey Casey to stand up, then he looks behind him at the Chamber. Ryan Apollos looks at Corey Casey, then at the chamber again. Ryan Apollos stands up and puts his hands on the chamber roof. Ryan Apollos lifts himself up to the top of the Chamber and stands up.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos is way up there, and he’s got this entire arena on their feet!

Tommy - What’s he going to do from up there?

Corey Casey pushes up and gets to his feet. Corey Casey checks his head for blood, then looks around. Ryan Apollos jumps off the top of the Chamber and collides with Corey Casey, clotheslining him down. Ryan Apollos crawls over and pin Corey Casey.


Brenton Cyrus counts quickly, but Corey Casey kicks out in time.

Andrew - That count was a bit fast.

Tommy - I agree, Brenton might be letting personal problems make him bias!

Ryan Apollos stands up, blood dripping off of his face and onto his chest. Ryan Apollos does Da X Factor Taunt.

Andrew - Apollos isn’t done fighting yet, he wants to take back his half of the tag team titles and finally end this dilemma!

Tommy - He needs to hit a finisher on Corey Casey to end this!

Ryan Apollos reaches down and grabs Corey Casey. Ryan Apollos hooks Corey Casey for the Syndrome X and Corey Casey elbows Ryan Apollos to the side of the head. Ryan Apollos whips Corey Casey to the rope. Ryan Apollos runs and hit’s the ropes then charges full speed at Corey Casey. Ryan Apollos attempts the crosscheck but Corey Casey ducks down. Ryan Apollos goes over Corey Casey and hit’s the crosscheck on Brenton Cyrus knocking him out of the ring.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos hit’s the crosscheck on Referee Brenton Cyrus!

Tommy - Corey Casey was able to avoid that move, but now the referee is down.

Ryan Apollos stands up and walks to the ropes. Ryan Apollos checks on Brenton Cyrus who motions that he’s fine. Ryan Apollos turns around and walks into a huge spear from Corey Casey.

Andrew - The distraction was enough for Corey to hit that massive spear!

Tommy - Ryan Apollos shouldn’t have worried about the referee!

Corey Casey lifts Ryan Apollos to his feet, set up for the purifier. Corey Casey lifts Ryan Apollos up and holds him up before spinning down with Ryan Apollos in the center of the ring.

Andrew - Purifier from Corey Casey!

Tommy - But the referee is out!

Corey Casey hooks the legs of Ryan Apollos but Brenton Cyrus is sitting down outside the ring. Corey Casey shouts for Brenton Cyrus to turn around and make the count but Brenton Cyrus stands up slowly.

Andrew - Brenton doesn’t realize Corey has Apollos finished inside.

Tommy - Or maybe he does and he’s screwing him out of the tag team title.

Brenton Cyrus turns around and sees the pin. Brenton Cyrus enters the ring quickly and makes the count.


Ryan Apollos kicks out.

Andrew - took way too long and Apollos recovered enough to kick out.

Tommy - Corey is pissed now!

Corey Casey stands up and stands face to face with Brenton Cyrus. The talk back and forth but before anything can happen, Ryan Apollos rolls Corey Casey up for a pin.


Corey Casey kicks out. Both men stand up quickly and Corey Casey grabs Ryan Apollos by the throat. Corey Casey throws a punch but Ryan Apollos sets him up for the Syndrome X. Ryan Apollos lifts Corey Casey up and slams him down with the Syndrome X.

Andrew - Ryan Apollos with a huge move on Corey Casey!

Tommy - This is it, Ryan Apollos is going to win here inside God’s Playground!

Ryan Apollos pins Corey Casey.

Andrew - Why the hell isn’t Brenton counting?

Tommy - I have no idea, but it can’t be a good thing.

Ryan Apollos stands up and turns around right into a dropkick from Brenton Cyrus.

Andrew - What the hell is this?

Brenton Cyrus stands up quickly and follows Ryan Apollos who drags himself to the ring ropes.

Tommy - This is revenge!

Ryan Apollos in a panic pulls himself up using the ring ropes and walks right into an Epiphany from Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus stands up and does the God pose standing over Ryan Apollos.

Andrew - This is… Why?

Tommy - Brenton Cyrus hates Ryan Apollos, that’s not ever going to change!

Andrew - But what about Corey Casey.

Tommy - I didn’t even think about that!

Brenton Cyrus walks over to Corey Casey who is trying to stand up in the corner of the ring. Brenton Cyrus stalks him, then grabs his foot and drags him to the center of the ring. Brenton Cyrus lets Corey Casey go in the middle of the ring and he backs up to the corner.

Andrew - Here comes the punt kick!

Tommy - Looks like Brenton Cyrus is going to be a one man Tag Team champion!

Corey Casey pushes up and Brenton Cyrus runs out of the corner. Brenton Cyrus jumps but he doesn’t punt kick Corey Casey to the skull. Instead Brenton Cyrus passes by him and stops. Brenton Cyrus turns around and reaches out his hand.

Andrew - WHAT!?

Tommy - NO WAY!

Corey Casey reaches up and grabs the hand of Brenton Cyrus. Brenton Cyrus lifts Corey Casey to his feet.

Andrew - I can’t believe this!

Tommy - Brenton Cyrus and Corey Casey have realigned?!

Corey Casey reaches down and grabs Ryan Apollos. Corey Casey lifts Ryan Apollos to his feet and he pushes him towards Brenton Cyrus who lifts him onto his shoulders. Brenton Cyrus throws Ryan Apollos up and drives his knee into his face.


Tommy - This sure was! I watched the SuperBrawl Pay Per View and saw those two work together, I truly believed they had put the past behind them and moved on!

Corey Casey lifts Ryan Apollos to his feet, then lifts him up for the purifier. Corey Casey jumps and slams Ryan Apollos down hard in the center of the ring. Corey Casey pins Ryan Apollos. Brenton Cyrus drops down looking at Ryan Apollos.


Brenton Cyrus screams into the face of Ryan Apollos.


Brenton Cyrus smiles as he holds his arm up and brings it back down.


Brenton Cyrus stands up and calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Samantha Praxton - Here is your winner, and still one half of the Undisputed Tag Team champions, Corey Casey!

Andrew - Brenton Cyrus has.. He has let Corey Casey off the hook.

Tommy - It sure does seem that way.

Corey Casey leaves the ring and opens the weapons chamber, he grabs his razorblade cat o nine tails, but Brenton Cyrus shakes his head no. Corey Casey drops the weapon and enters the ring. Brentron Cyrus grabs Corey Casey’s arm and raises it into the air.

Andrew - Brenton said no to a continued beating of Ryan Apollos.

Tommy - But he’s left so many questions unanswered.

Andrew - We knew the road to War Games was going to be amazing, but we still have a month and a half!

Tommy - I don’t think anyone is going to make it!

Andrew - They screw Apollos in God's Playground again!

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