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Revolution: The Road to War Games

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Revolution: The Road to War Games

Post by Brenton Cyrus on February 1st 2010, 7:06 pm

NLWF Revolution was not televised

The show started off with Ultimate Glory winner Brenton Cyrus in the ring with all three major champions, he told each of them that he has interest in there belts, but hasn’t made a decision on who he will headline War Games with. Corey Casey then came out with Carmine Vestieri and they announced the Brenton cheated to win the Ultimate Glory Battle Royal.

Brenton laughed, then made an announcement of his own, telling Carmine and Corey Casey that he has received full ownership of the NLWF once again. Brenton told them that the Board of Directors were so impressed by his Ultimate Glory win, it convinced them he was suitable to run the NLWF.

Carmine tried to say something but Brenton interrupted him and announced that Carmine was fired as General Manager. Brenton laughed at the New Dawn and said that just the thought of Carmine as General Manager again got them pulled from HBO.

Brenton talked about how he has faith in the NLWF’s future, and feels as though NLWF needs a leader to step up and become the top guy in the company. Brenton then said he would be taking on Jason Hawk in the main event to determine if Hawk was the guy he wanted to fight at War Games.

Corey Casey took the microphone and said he felt disrespected by the men in the ring not acknowledging his presence. Corey Casey said that if they refused to pay attention to him, then he would find a way to get their attention.

Keith Cunningham vs Yoshihiro Blood

The scene cut to New Dawn beating the hell out of both men backstage. Corey Casey made sure to lay Keith Cunningham out himself, connecting a DDT into the concrete floor.

Corey Casey grabbed a microphone and said that this was only the beginning, and tonight he would get what he deserves, what was stolen from him.

Street Fight

Carmine Vestieri vs Ryan Apollos

Ryan Apollos showed the world why he is the straightedge warrior of the NLWF future, when he completely destroyed Carmine Vestieri in a street fight. Ryan Apollos put Carmine through the announce table with the Syndrome X, he busted Carmine open, and even let a couple of fans hit Carmine with steel chairs. Ryan Apollos finished Carmine off with the blackout, putting him to sleep.

Winner: Ryan Apollos

Following the match Ryan Apollos grabbed a microphone and said he wanted to use his Tag Team Title rematch, against James Sane right there!

James Sane came out with a huge smile on his face and walked down to the ring. Ryan Apollos told the referee to ring the bell.

NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Title
James Sane vs Ryan Apollos

Ryan Apollos seemed like a man possessed in the ring as he fought to win back his tag team title. James Sane refused to stay down though, kicking out of everything Apollos had to offer. Ryan Apollos locked James Sane in the blackout and despite a great effort, James Sane passed out.

Winner: Ryan Apollos

Ryan Apollos stood up and celebrated, but his celebration was cut short by Corey Casey who was holding James Sane’s tag team title. Corey Casey pulled out a microphone and laughed, saying this feels just like City of Evil to him.

Corey Casey showed video footage from the City of Evil Pay Per View where it was announced Corey Casey was World Champion, due to the forfeiture of the title.

Corey Casey told Ryan Apollos that James Sane had forfeited the Tag Team Title to his lord, and that match didn’t matter. Ryan Apollos said he still had his Tag Title rematch clause, and that he had unfinished business with Corey Casey.

Ryan Apollos challenged Corey Casey to a match next week on Revolution, winner is the other half of the tag team champions. Corey Casey accepted saying Ryan Apollos would never in his life be able to defeat him. Corey Casey walked away but Ryan Apollos told him to wait.

Ryan Apollos laughed and said to make things more interesting, let’s let Brenton Cyrus pick the match stipulation. Corey Casey nodded his head, and accepted again.

Before his first Dream title match, Steven Angel was interviewed. Steven Angel talked about how it’s his Dream to headline War Games, in one of the three major title matches. Steven said he finds it ironic that the only way to achieve that dream, is to defend the Dream Title five times. Steven said that’s exactly what he plans to do, and he wont stop until his dream is realized. Steven Angel also said that because he feels like his North American Title isn’t getting the respect it deserves, he’ll defend it with the Dream Title.
I Quit Match

Dream Championship
NLWF North American Championship
Steven Angel vs Frank Hart

Nothing could stop Steven Angel. Frank Hart looked like a complete jobber against the mighty Dream Champion. Steven Angel reversed a kick from Frank Hart on the outside of the ring, and threw him leg first into the ring post.

From there Steven Angel picked apart the leg of Frank Hart, using the ring steps, a steel chair, and a led pipe. He made sure Frank Hart couldn’t even walk on his right leg, before locking him in the ankle lock in the dead center of the ring.

The referee asked Frank Hart if he wanted to quit and Frank Hart screamed into the microphone “I QUIT! I QUIT!”

Winner: Steven Angel

Steven Angel didn’t even care, he left the ankle lock on until Nick Ridicule ran down to the ring and broke the hold. Nick Ridicule Nick Kicked Steven Angel to the face sending him out of the ring. Steven Angel was handed the Titles as he walked up the stage, smiling at Nick Ridicule in the ring.

Backstage Demetrius Randall was interviewed, he spoke about his last tenure in the NLWF, the had a challenged to make for Steven Angel. Demetrius Randall said that Dream Title would look great around his waste, and the North American Title would look great with the North American Title he won against Alex Mark.

Before Demetrius Randall could say anything else, Steven Angel walked up and got right in his face. Steven Angel said, anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Which made Demetrius Randall smile and back up.

Demetrius Randall told Steven Angel to calm down, his time would come. But for tonight he needed to focus on defeating the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, not mid carding against a washed up has been.

Demetrius Randall walked away, leaving Steven Angel pissed off.

The Notorious K.I.D vs Demetrius Randall

KID seemed to take Demetrius Randall light at first, allowing Demetrius Randall to land big moves, and get a few 2 count near falls. KID bounced back however and hit Randall with a dropkick that changed the momentum.

KID moved faster and smoother then usually, looking better then he has since the ankle injury last month. KID hit a huge cross body, and tried to follow it up with Something to Believe but Randall was able to roll out of the ring.

KID wasn’t done though and he jumped off the top rope with something to believe anyway, crashing into Randall on the outside of the ring. KID jumped back to his feet and screamed, “Fuck Yeah!”

KID rolled Randall into the ring, but as he entered Randall was able to connect the Dying wish on him. The move bought Randall time to recover and he took control of the match.

Randall kept on KID, not giving him a single chance to rest. Hitting moves in combos such as clotheslines, Suplexes, and knees. Randall lifted KID up for a suplex, setting up the Pain Relief. Randall brought KID down, but KID landed on his feet and spun Randall around into a KID cutter.

KID went for the pin and got a near fall, Randall kicking out at the very final second. KID jumped up and climbed to the top rope, setting up something to believe again, but Randall was playing possum and he got up quickly and ran to the top rope.

Randall and KID fought back and forth, ending with KID connecting a huge head butt to the face of Demetrius Randall. Right when it looked like Randall would fall off the top rope, he grabbed KID and leaped off with him connecting Career Chaos.

Andrew - Career Chaos from Randall!

Tommy - That’s Hawk’s move!

Randall pinned KID, but KID managed to kick out. Randall stood up lifting KID to his feet, Randall jumped grabbing KID’s head for the Dying Wish, but KID spun him around. KID hooked his head, and ran up the corner looking for the Double K Switch.

Randall shook KID off, then spun him around into a wicked Dying Wish. Randall followed it up with a pin quickly and got the victory.

Winner: Demetrius Randall

Following the match Steven Angel was quick to enter the ring and attack Demetrius Randall, not letting him celebrate the biggest win of his career.

Steven Angel set Demetrius Randall up and connected a great Angel Slam driving him into the mat. Steven Angel stood up raised his arms as he stared at Demetrius Randall.

Steven angel turned around right into a KID cutter from The Notorious K.I.D. KID stood up, but before he could do anything, Corey Casey slid into the ring and speared him. Corey Casey checked on Steven Angel, then lifted The Notorious K.I.D up to his feet.

Before Corey Casey could do anything to KID, Nick Ridicule hit the ring and Nick Kicked him to the face. Nick Ridicule told the referee to start the match, and he rang the bell.

Nick Ridicule vs Corey Casey

Corey Casey and Nick Ridicule went to war. Corey Casey tried to get the Death Clutch, but Nick Ridicule fired away with Nick Kicks that collided with his knee and kept him at bay. Nick Ridicule went for a Nick Kick aimed at the face of Corey Casey but he ducked it and hit the ropes. With the momentum, Corey ran and speared Nick Ridicule.

Corey Casey locked in the Death Clutch and lifted Nick to his feet, then began connecting punches to his face. Nick Ridicule fought out of his kicking Corey to the stomach several times, then hitting him with a flying knee.

The two men fought back and forth, neither man able to finish the other off. Corey Casey set up the purifier, but Nick Ridicule was able to get out of it and connect a backbreaker. Nick Ridicule set up the crucifix power bomb, but Corey Casey was able to get out of it and hit a neck breaker.

Ryan Apollos ran down to the ring and jumped up to the apron, where he began doing Da X Factor taunt. Corey Casey got up and speared Ryan Apollos off the apron, then turned around to get kicked to the face by Nick Ridicule.

Nick Ridicule picked Corey Casey up and set up the crucifix power bomb. Nick Ridicule launched Corey Casey across the ring, then pinned him getting the win.

Winner: Nick Ridicule

Following the match Corey Casey attacked the referee as Nick Ridicule left the ring grabbing the NLWF title. Brenton Cyrus came out, then announced that next week, live on Revolution, Corey Casey would fight Ryan Apollos one on one to determine his tag team partner, inside God’s Playground!

Ryan Apollos and Corey Casey had a staredown, before Jason Hawk came out for his match against Brenton Cyrus. Corey Casey didn’t leave the ringside area though, instead he joined commentary, but didn’t commentate.

Jason Hawk vs Brenton Cyrus

Brenton was heavily distracted by the presence of Corey Casey ringside, and had no answer at all to Hawk’s fast style of offense. Springboard dropkick, flying cross body, corkscrew press, Brenton Cyrus couldn’t slow Jason Hawk down at all.

Brenton tried to mount some offense, catching Jason Hawk in mid air after a flying clothesline attempt. Brenton tossed Jason to his shoulder, but Jason Hawk fought out the back, and set Brenton Cyrus up for the wings of time.

Jason Hawk connected the wings of time, then climbed to the top rope and leaped off with the Wind of Changes, double shooting star press. Jason Hawk pinned Brenton Cyrus and got the victory, leaving everyone in the arena in shock.

Winner: Jason Hawk

Corey Casey left the announcers table and entered the ring, attacking Jason Hawk from behind. Corey Casey left the ring and grabbed a steel chair, then entered and put the chair in seated position. Corey Casey lifted Jason Hawk to his feet, then DDTed him into the steel chair.

Brenton Cyrus ran and speared Corey Casey through the ropes, then got up and clotheslined him over the guardrail. The two men fought through the crowd.

Steven Angel entered the ring out of nowhere, and grabbed the steel chair. Steven Angel put the chair on the ankle of Jason Hawk, then stomped on it. Jason Hawk screamed out as Steven Angel stomped down into the chair again and again, over and over.

Steven Angel grabbed Jason’s Undisputed Title, and held it above his head, as he stood over Hawk.

Brenton Cyrus

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