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'The People's Champ' The Notorious K.I.D

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'The People's Champ' The Notorious K.I.D

Post by The Notorious K.I.D on December 29th 2009, 8:02 pm

* Wrestler Name: The Notorious K.I.D

* Nickname: The Suicide Gun, K.I.D

* Age: Unknown

* Hometown: City of Salvation

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Unknown

* Weight: 175 Pounds

* Height: 5'9"

* Favorite Specialty Match: Any Match with a High Spot

* Entrance Music:

* Alignment (face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 5

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher: Double K-Switch

Something to Believe

Shut the Fuck Up

* Finisher Description: Dudley Dog

Swanton Bomb

Regal Stretch

* Bio/Backround: The Notorious K.I.D started NLWF as a young wrestler named Kid Kill. He was addicted to drugs, and one day came across a role model in Brenton Cyrus. Brenton gave a life changing speech, which transformed Kid Kill to The Notorious K.I.D, He was noticed quickly for high flying Manoeuvres.

He moved to Australia to follow up his great jumping skills joining a crew by the name of Parkour. After a while he was turned into The Suicide Gun K.I.D and was a calm wrestler, with his eye on the match ahead at all times.

KID accepted Brenton Cyrus as God into his life and became a member of Salvation, Nick Ridicule handed him his first titles in the Rated [R] Championship

After the world war tour, KID came close to a Sacrifice Wreslting Superstar Brooklyn Hawk, she lived with him back in Australia. KID and Shadow Demon ran an Independent Federation called ACW, But Brenton Cyrus gave KID an awesome offer. To live in one of his mansions in Los Angeles.

KID wasn't there long as he was sent to prison, But one morning woke up in The City of Salvation. He now runs as mayor.

* Attire: The Notorious K.I.D wears Red and Black pants with a Ripped black singlet shirt.

* Fighting style: Death Denying High Flyer

* Move List:

1. Knee Cap Dropkick
2. Springboard Reverse Hurricanrana
3. Tilt-A-Whirl Hurricanrana
4. Springboard Back Elbow
5. Ropeflip Hurricanrana
6. Flying Dragonrana
7. Tornado DDT
8. Springboard Moonsault DDT
9. Flying Hurricanrana
10. Springboard Dropkick
11. Japanese Armdrag
12. Mexican Armdrag
13. Hurricanrana Armdrag
14. Flying Super Kick
15. Hurricanrana
16. Flying Cross Body
17. Krazy Kid 3.0 [Flying 450 Knee Drop]
18. Original Kill Krazy [360 Moonsault Leg Drop]
19. VAULT [Lionsault]
20. Victory Knees [Flying Double Knee]

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Jeff Hardy

Career Accomplishments - 1x Rated [R] Champion 1x Junior Heavyweight Champion 1x Universal Champion 1x Undisputed Tag Team champion

Entrance -

Ahhhh-hahhhh (YEAH YEAH YEAH..)
Yeahh-ahhhhh (UHH UHH UHH..)
Ahhhh-hahhhh (C'MON C'MON C'MON C'MON)

The camera cuts to a smaller stage next to the main stage.

You can run if you want to, run because you can't hide
So you can run if you want to, run because you can't hide

Fireworks explode out of the stage, then sparks shower down from the top of the stage. The Notorious K.I.D steps out of the entrance, and walks threw the sparks. The Notorious K.I.D does the Suicide dance, then walks towards the ring.

I see you don't know, who you dealin with
But I don't have it all, I'm a lunatic
Cause see society, they labelled me a threat
But I'm just gettin started, I'm not finished yet
Look me in my eyes, I can see your thoughts
All your ups and downs, all your little faults
Keep actin tough, it's gonna get creepy
All of a sudden you're startin to feel sleepy
But in these streets, when you doze off
you wake up wit'cha clothes off, ashamed feelin so lost
Whoa - you see my crew, you know my style
Victory is mine - you're goin down

The Notorious K.I.D enters the ring and runs towards the corner. The Notorious K.I.D throws his arms into the air, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. The Notorious K.I.D does a back flip and lands on his feet.

You can hop over the fence, run under the bed
Get down the block but you can't hide
You can stay at your friend's, sleep in your Benz
Free from the sins but you can't hide
We get it poppin baby (right, right, right)
We give it to 'em daddy (true, true, true)
Yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo, now make noise
Yo, yo, make noise
Yo, yeah, make noise


The Notorious K.I.D
The Notorious K.I.D

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