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Revolution: Godless: 12/07/09

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Revolution: Godless: 12/07/09

Post by Brenton Cyrus on December 8th 2009, 1:57 pm

Live from the Empire Arena
New York, New York

This episode of Revolution will not be aired at the final request of Brenton Cyrus, no camera‘s were allowed into the Empire Arena. The show was a special tribute show in memory of Brenton Cyrus and was only for the people in attendance.

Dylan Evans vsAaron O'Shea

Dylan Evans came to the ring and talked about how he’s failed Salvation and his deceased mentor Demetrius Randall since joining the NLWF, then said he was ready to make a run at the Undisputed Championship. He claimed that Shadow Demon would failed against a force like him, and finally lose the championship he holds so dear. Dylan Evans then challenged Aaron O’Shea to come to the ring and fight him, since Aaron O’Shea is a former Universal, and Rated R champion, and has defeated Shadow Demon in the past.

Aaron O’Shea came out, selling the injuries from his match at Majority Rules. Aaron O’Shea went into the ring and talked to Dylan Evans, trying to get him to reconsider. Dylan Evans began mocking Aaron O’Shea, saying he just didn’t have the heart to compete in the NLWF anymore.

Aaron O’Shea threw a right hand, but Dylan Evans ducked it and connected a wicked Dying Wish, driving Aaron O’Shea face first into the mat. Dylan Evans with a sick look in his eyes, stared at Aaron O’Shea then demanded the referee ring the bell.

Dylan Evans bullied the referee into the corner, and finally the referee rang the bell. Dylan Evans climbed to the top rope, then dove off and drove his knee into the back of Aaron O’Shea’s skull, then pinned him, easily winning.

Winner: Dylan Evans

After the match, General Manager Ryan Apollos came out. Ryan Apollos laughed at Dylan Evans for beating up Aaron O’Shea, who he physically destroyed at Majority Rules. Ryan Apollos said he would grant Dylan Evans a chance to prove himself in the NLWF however, by fighting Shadow Demon one on one in a career for #1 Contender match.

If Evans loses he’s done, but if he wins he’ll get a shot at the prestigious Undisputed Championship, which is quickly becoming the best belt in the business. Dylan Evans was extremely happy with the news, and said he would be the man to finally end the amazing reign of Shadow Demon.

No Limit Wrestling Federation Championship #1 Contenders Match
Dave Zombie vs Jason Hawk vs Wayne Morley vs Maddox Li

Four men who’s careers were close to ending at Majority Rules, stepped into a match with a chance to become the NLWF Championship #1 Contender. Before the match Ryan Apollos made another appearance as General Manager, really pissing the fans off.

Ryan Apollos announced that whoever gets pinned in the fatal four way, would be fired on the spot from the NLWF. The match began and all four men began to fight. Dave Zombie fought Wayne Morley smothering him with offense quickly as Jason Hawk attacked his nemesis Maddox Li. The match was a great mixture of Dave’s power and Jason’s speed as they beat the hell out of the other two guys in the match.

The end of the match came when Jason Hawk hit the Top of the Mountain on Maddox Li, both Dave Zombie and Jason Hawk dropped an arm over Maddox Li and got the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jason Hawk and Dave Zombie.

Ryan Apollos came out and said he’s not worried about new owners in the NLWF, and that next week there would be a Triple Threat match for the NLWF championship. Nick Ridicule puts the Title on the line against Jason Hawk and Dave Zombie in a triple threat match, and the winner will fight the man who isn’t pinned at Dangerous by Design.

World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship #1 Contenders Match
Corey Casey vs Chuck Matthews vs Ryan Apollos

In what was the match of the night, The three men to hold the World Championship all in the same night fought to see who would take on the man who left as Champion, The Notorious K.I.D. The match was an absolute war, with Corey Casey and Ryan Apollos teaming up on Chuck Matthews to start the match.

Chuck Matthews was able to fight back like always, going on a run of offense as he fought in what turned into a handicap match.

Towards the end of the match, Chuck Matthews dove off the top rope connecting a huge spear on Ryan Apollos. Before Chuck Matthews could pin Ryan Apollos for the win, Corey Casey ran out of the corner and speared Chuck Matthews through a table.

Corey Casey lifted Ryan Apollos to his feet, then lifted him up for the purifier, which lead to the victory.

Winner: Corey Casey

Ryan Apollos was outraged following the match, he grabbed a microphone, which started a huge “Ryan Sucks Dick” Chant in the crowd. Ryan Apollos said the fans would be punished for there disrespect, and that he’s revered the decision, making himself the World Championship number 1 contender.

Seconds after the announcement Alison Williams came out, and announced that she was given 50% Ownership of the No Limit Wrestling Federation by Brenton Cyrus in his will.

Alison Williams told Ryan Apollos that Corey Casey would fight The Notorious K.I.D at Dangerous by Design, and next week on Revolution, Ryan Apollos would be forced to take on Corey Casey one on one for the first time in NLWF history.

Alison Williams warned Ryan Apollos that if he continued to abuse his power she would fire him as general manager on the spot. Alison Williams left leaving Ryan Apollos enraged.

Championship Unification Match
NLWF No Limit Championship
NLWF North American Championship

The Notorious K.I.D vs Steven Angel

Steven Angel came to fight, and KID didn’t back down. The two men fought in what many were shocked to call a battle. The new World Heavyweight Champion was caught off guard by the less experience Steven Angel several times.

The end of the match came when KID dove off the top with Something to Believe, but Steven Angel moved out of the way. Steven Angel grabbed KID’s ankle and locked in the ankle lock, but KID rolled through and dropped Steven Angel right into the Shut the Fuck Up.

KID pulled back on the hold as Steven Angel tried to reach for the ropes. Right as it looked as if Steven Angel would tap, Corey Casey appeared out of nowhere and punt kicked him to the head.

The referee called for the bell, and KID jumped to his feet, questioning Corey Casey’s motives. Corey Casey left the ring and Samantha Praxton announced Steven Angel as the winner, by outside interference.

Winner: Steven Angel

KID was pissed off, as Corey Casey back tracked up the stage, before being stopped by Megan O’Day at the top of the stage. Megan O’Day announced that she was given the other 50% of the NLWF, and that because of the interference, both men would keep there belts, and KID would be given his 4th Title defense.

KID was very happy with the news, but was attacked from behind by Steven Angel. Steven Angel attacked viciously stomping KID out in the corner, then pulling him to the center of the ring for an ankle lock.

Before Steven Angel could lock in the Ankle lock, Shadow Demon ran down to the ring with a chair, and chased him out. KID got to his feet, standing side by side with the Undisputed Champion, as the two men looked up the stage at Corey Casey.

Corey Casey took the microphone from Megan O’Day and said that just because God had moved on, doesn’t mean Salvation has. He warned everyone that Salvation was not dead, only resting, waiting to make it’s return, waiting to save the NLWF once and for all.

NLWF Champion
vs NLWF Undisputed Champion
Nick Ridicule vs Shadow Demon

In non title matches, Shadow Demon is nowhere as dominant as he is when he defends the Undisputed Title, but Revolution was different. Shadow Demon came out without the Shadow Demon face paint or wrestling attire.

Shadow Demon unleashed a ruthless beating on Nick Ridicule, not holding back even partially. Shadow Demon made sure Nick Ridicule felt each move, and put as much impact as he could on everything he did.

Everyone was shocked to watch Nick Ridicule get beaten so heavily, from beginning to end. Before Shadow Demon finally connected a Shadow Crusher off the top rope. Shadow Demon pinned Nick Ridicule in the center of the ring, picking up the huge win.

Winner: Shadow Demon

After the match Shadow Demon was attacked by Steven Angel and Dylan Evans the new NLWF Undisputed Tag Team Champions, they were followed by Corey Casey who made his way slowly down to the ring.

Before Corey Casey could enter the ring, The Notorious K.I.D passed by him and helped his longtime friend Shadow Demon. The two men fought back against Steven Angel and Dylan Evans, before finally clothes lining them out of the ring.

Corey Casey entered the ring, and leaned against the corner staring at Nick Ridicule, an d setting up the punt kick. Shadow Demon and KID turned around and stared at Corey Casey, who looked back at them, then charged Nick Ridicule.

Corey Casey was ready for the punt kick, but was speared out of nowhere by Chuck Matthews. Chuck Matthews waited for Corey Casey to stand up, the clotheslined him over the top rope.

Ryan Apollos ran out onto the stage, with a microphone and said he was going to book the biggest No Limit Championship match in history for next week. The Notorious K.I.D making his fifth defense against Chuck Matthews!

Chuck Matthews turned to look at K.I.D who connected the KID Cutter immediately. Dylan Evans grabbed the legs of Sahdow Demon and pulled him out of the ring. They fought on the outside of the ring, before Dylan Evans threw Shadow Demon into the crowd.

In the ring alone, Nick Ridicule fought to get to his feet, but was immediately taken back down with the straight to hell from Dave Zombie. Dave Zombie grabbed the NLWF Championship and held it above his head proudly.

Jason Hawk slid into the ring behind him with a chair and smashed it into his back. Jason Hawk hooked the arms of Dave Zombie, and connected the Wings of Time on the big man. Jason Hawk looked around the ring, surrounded by carnage.

Jason Hawk then picked up the NLWF Championship, and with a smile on his face he held it above his end to end the show.

No Limit Wrestling Federation
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