NLWF Presents:
The Federation that promises to blow your mind as we lead the golden age of Pro Wrestling into the future! The No Limit Wrestling Federation is like no other, where you will be given limitless opportunities to excel fast as you compete in the Land of No Limits, fighting in the best Blood Sport on Earth!

NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!



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Post by Chuck Matthews on December 3rd 2009, 2:23 pm

★ ★The All-Star Wrestling Alliance★ ★

★ ★Wrestler Name★ ★

★ ★Nickname★ ★

★ ★Age★ ★

★ ★Hometown★ ★

★ ★Place of Residence★ ★

★ ★Weight★ ★
190 pounds

★ ★Height★ ★

★ ★Favorite Specialty Match★ ★
Any Match. He's Vitaman!

★ ★Entrance Music★ ★
"Hero" - Skillet

★ ★Alignment★ ★

★ ★Years Wrestling★ ★

★ ★Quote★ ★
"Vitarain: The Drink of Champions!"
"Here comes the Vita Rainstorm!

★ ★Finisher★ ★
Stinging Rain
Vital Signs

★ ★Finisher Description★ ★
Corkscrew crossbody
Butterfly Suplex

★ ★Bio/Backround★ ★
Nobody is really sure where Vitaman came from, or why he feels the need to save the people of the world on a regular basis. All that's known about Vitaman is that he hates evildoers, he garners power from his "super juice" which he keeps in Vitarain bottles, and he shares a striking resemblance with ASWA's primary benefactor, CEO Vinnie McRain.

★ ★Attire★ ★
Wears his Supersuit, with a big V on the front

★ ★Fighting style★ ★

★ ★Move List★ ★

1. hip toss
2. armbar
3. flying armbar
4. hurricanrana
5. legdrop
6. diving spear
7. missile dropkick
8. moonsault
9. flying clothesline
10. Leglock
11. dragon sleeper
12. springboard dropkick
13. superkick
14. enzigiri
15. calf kick
16. spinning kick
17. springboard ddt
18. top rope ddt
19. top rope arm drag
20. springboard crossbody
21. diving bulldog
22. neckbreaker
23. throwback
24. arm drag takedown
25. ddt

★ ★Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature★ ★

★ ★Career Accomplishments★ ★
Saving the World


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