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The Federation that promises to blow your mind as we lead the golden age of Pro Wrestling into the future! The No Limit Wrestling Federation is like no other, where you will be given limitless opportunities to excel fast as you compete in the Land of No Limits, fighting in the best Blood Sport on Earth!

NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

Welcome and allow me to introduce you to four letters that will change your life, NLWF!


"The Darkest Burning Star" Joe Santiago

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"The Darkest Burning Star" Joe Santiago

Post by Guest on March 1st 2009, 1:25 pm

Wrestler Name
Joe Santiago

The Thriller
The Darkest Burning Star


Bronx, New York

Miami, Florida



Favorite Specialty Match
War Games Cage

Entrance Music
Cypress Hill, Trouble


Years Wrestling

The Thriller
Santiago Ankle Lock
IT HD [I Think He‘s Dead]

Finisher Description
Rock Bottom
Ankle Lock
Reverse Death Valley (Torture Rack) FU release, Go To Sleep finish.

It started with a dream, the Joe Wrestling Federation, the dream became a reality, the reality of the dream became a nightmare. Quickly becoming the most hated man in wrestling because of his ruthless business ethic, Joe Santiago had the world in his hands several times.

Fighting style

Move List

1) Diving Headbutt
2) Diving Elbow
3) Flowing DDT
4) DDT Bulldog
5) Stalling Suplex
6) Spinebuster
7) Powerbomb
8) Figure 4
9) Sharpshooter
10) Piledriver
11) Cobra Clutch
12) Dragon Sleeper
13) Rope Elbow Drop
14) Clown Driver (Brainbuster on shoulder)
15) South Bronx Cutter
16) Missile Dropkick
17) Superplex
18) Tigerbomb Backbreaker
19) Super Kick
20) Side Backbreaker
21) Back Drop
22) German Suplex
23) Reverse DDT
24) Spinning Neckbreaker
25) T-Bone Suplex
26) Crossface
27) Top Rope Spinning Neckbreaker
28) Top Rope Thriller (Only In Desperate Situations)
29) The Stage Dive (Only In Desperate Situations) (Diving Headbutt off the Stage threw a Table)
30) Top Rope South Bronx Cutter (Only In Desperate Situations)

Career Accomplishments
(1X) JWF World Champion
(2x) JWF Undisputed Champion
(1x) JWF intercontinental Champion
(Unified with World Title)
(1x) JWF Tag-Team Champion

AWB Tournament Winner
Johnny Stylez
Crimson Skull
All in the same night
Defeated Johnny Stylez at Boston Bash
Defeated Barelai Von'Vicious at People's Choice with Ownership of the JWF on the line
Defeated Crimson Skull at Gang Wars 2
Defeated Kaos in the AWB Tournament
Defeated Mark Wilder to remove his dumb ass from the JWF
Defeated "Hot Stuff" Steven to remove him from the JWF
Won the Main Event at War Games against Freddy Blue Finger
Was actually the 1st guy to beat DXLatin in a Parking Lot Brawl
Won the 1st JWF Chamber of Doom Match
Formed The New DX
Formed DX Affliction
Formed The Powers That Be


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