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"The Mile-High Flyer" Cody Christian

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"The Mile-High Flyer" Cody Christian

Post by Cody Christian on October 6th 2009, 3:47 pm

* Wrestler Name: Cody Christian

* Nickname: “The Mile-High Flyer”

* Age: 22

* Hometown: Denver, Colorado

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Pioneer Log Home

* Weight: 215 lbs

* Height: 5’9”

* Favorite Specialty Match: Ladder, TLC

* Entrance Music: “Downfall” by TRUSTcompany

* Alignment (face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 3

* Quote: “Get ready for some Mile-High action.” / “I’m going to redefine No Limit.”

* Finisher:
Mile-High Press

Denver Demolition

* Finisher Description:
Mile-High Press – Shooting Star Press
Denver Demolition – Styles Clash

* Bio/Background: Cody was born in Denver, Colorado. He got into wrestling as a young kid when his dad took him to a wrestling event for his 13th birthday. When he was in high school he was on his schools basketball team, his coaches were especially impressed with his athletic ability because even though he was short, he was able to dunk the basketball with ease. By the time he graduated he had played 3 years on the varsity Basketball team where he became the only kid in his schools history to be selected 1st team All-State for basketball. Also because of his speed he broke his school’s record in the 100 meter dash as well as state records in Long Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault. He started training for pro wrestling as soon as he graduated from high school. Cody also has training in MMA.

* Attire:
In Ring –

Entrance and Backstage –

(Note-Instead of "Bourne to fly", his shirt say "Mile-High Flyer")

* Fighting style: High-Flying, Fast Pace, & Technical

* Move List:
1. Springboard Spinning Heel Kick
2. Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop
3. Running Dropkick
4. Dropkick
5. Standing Shooting Star Press
6. Running Bulldog
7. Corner Knee Lift into Bulldog
8. Springboard Tornado DDT
9. Whisper in the Wind
10. Shinning Wizard
11. Dropkick (to the back of sitting opponent)
12. Running Neckbreaker
13. Superkick
14. Enziguiri
15. Inverted DDT
16. Running DDT
17. Snap DDT
18. Hurracarana
19. Springboard Hurracarana
20. Diving Hurracarana
21. Springboard Clothesline
22. Baseball Slide
23. Moon Sault
24. Rolling Thunder
25. Double Leg Drop (Similar to Kofi Kingston)

* Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature – Evan Bourne

* Career Accomplishments - None

* Entrance – Hero by Skillet plays and as the when the initial guitar riff ends pyro goes off. After which Cody comes running out to the stage runs around on the stage looking extremely hyped up. Cody runs down the entrance ramp and high-fives fans at ring side. Cody then runs to the side of the ring where the hard camera is set and jumps onto the apron. He then turns around and smiles at the camera before entering the ring and runs over to the turnbuckle. He then climbs to the top rope and poses on the top rope. Cody then jumps down and stands in the ring opposite to the entrance ramp and hops up and down as he waits for his opponent to come out as his music fades.
Cody Christian
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