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The Wolf

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The Wolf

Post by The Wolf on September 28th 2009, 2:49 am

* Wrestler Name: The Wolf

* Nickname: Wolfman

* Age: 21

* Hometown: Hawaii, USA

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Unknown

* Weight: 200 lbs

* Height: 6"3

* Favorite Specialty Match: Extreme Rules

* Entrance Music: All that Remains - This Calling

* Alignment (face/heel): Neutral

* Years Wrestling: All His Life

* Quote: Optional: Howling

* Finisher: Final Breathe

* Finisher Description: The Dominator

* Bio/Backround: He fought for his family as a kid and stole from stores, Many people call him the Wolf kid as he had abnormal fingernails and lots of hair. The Wolf has been in jail since he was 15 for murdering people in and underground fighting ring in Hawaii, He got out recently but hasn't changed much.

* Attire: Long ripped Jeans, With black boots, Not t-shirt showing his abnormal hair.

* Fighting style: Hardcore, Putting his body on the line for anything. Extreme amount of strength

* Move List:

1. 450 Splash
2. Bear Hug
3. Belly to belly suplex
4. Jackhammer
5. Spear
6. Pull-back leg drop
7. Flying Cross Body
8. DDT
9. Punch
10. Kick
11. Big Boot
12. Shove
13. Irish Whip
14. Spine Buster
15. Chop
16. Diving Head-but
17. Superlex
18. Body Slam
19. Chair Shot
20. Flying DDT
21. Hammerlock
22. Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Somersault & Twist)
23. Leglock, Indian (upside-down)
24. Full Nelson
25. Frankensteiner

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Wolverine

Career Accomplishments - None yet

Entrance - Music Starts and The Wolf walks out and raises his fist in the air. He walks down and looks at the mixed reactions from the crowd. He flips over the top rope and runs to the corner and again puts his fist in the air. He awaits his opponent.
The Wolf
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