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NLWF accepts anyone brave enough to take the Walk of Fame, the first steps on the path to Immortality, but warns: Enter at Your Own Risk!

No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits, just the sport the way it should be!

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Legacy 15: Showtime!: 9-6-09

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Legacy 15: Showtime!: 9-6-09

Post by Aaron O'Shea on September 6th 2009, 3:38 pm

Rated R-Xtreme K.I.D [vs] Travis Hawk w/ Adam Williams.

Both men start off the match, trading blows but are interupted by the music of Cotton the Clown. Cotton runs down and tears all three men apart. Rated R-Xtreme K.I.D is knocked unconcious from pain of Cotton's finisher the Cotton Candy Breaker. Travis and Adam are smashed together with multiple meeting of the minds and are left laying on top of each other, crotch to ass.

Nick Ridicule [vs] Bobby Ocean

Nick Ridicule destroys and dominates

Ashtyn Sky [vs] Sarah Angel

Both women came to the ring but only one woman really showed up metally. Ashtyn from the start dominated the match and ended it quickly. Ashtyn was awarded the Women Championship for the first time in her NLWF career.

Brenton Cyrus [vs] Shadow Demon (NLWF Championship)

SD and Brenton were very evenly matched all throught out the match but the reigning champion got the win after an Epiphany from out of no where. Brenton then connected with a swift punt to the head of Shadow lifting off the mat with the power of the kick. Brenton then dropped for a pin and retained his championship.

Suicide Gun K.I.D [vs] Aaron O'Shea- Ladder Match (Undisputed Universal Championship)

Both men put up the fight of there lives. A very athletic and fast match, both men showing their skills and experience. But Aaron was out to prove a point that if Nick Ridicule hadnt have interfered the last time he would have won against KID. Aaron ran up the ladder after Gun climbed it, and connected with a Dublin Dominator from the top and then made his way slowly back up to retaing his Undisputed Universal Championship.

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